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Lost to the Bay mation will send it along. Corrections, especially, would be appreciated []. Many people have assisted with this task, including Mr. Stanley Covington, Mr. Larry Gowe, Capt. S t a n le y L a r r i more, Mr. C a lv i n Lewis, Mr. David McQuay, Capt. Wade Murphy II, and Judge John C. North. (The three drawings are by the late Bill Cummings, a waterman-artist who many years ago permitted me to photograph some of his working sketches.) Everyone’s help is much appreciated. The mistakes, omissions and misunderstandings are mine alone, of course. One of the primary written sourc-

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es was a pamphlet prepared for the dedication ceremony in October of 1980; happily, this “Program” provides the dates as well as the names. Another source is a list compiled by the late Antoinette Covington, a local teacher, historian and author. This “List,” in her own hand, was loaned to me by her brother-in-law Stanley Covington. She provides the same names and dates (nearly so), but also a brief note about each incident. For many incidents, these notes are all we have. In addition to the Program and the List, I also consulted a record kept by the late Ada Jane Ridgeway Harrison. She made notes of local events for over forty years, beginning on June 9, 1938. Her “Journal” helped to pin down dates and other information. Taken together, the record consists of 26 incidents involving 33 men. The most common mishap was falling overboard (13), followed by capsizing (10). Three dropped dead in their boats, one was run over by another boat, two were asphyxiated, one was electrocuted in a boat, one drowned while swimming ashore for help, and two died from unknown causes. Every village around the Chesapeake Bay has stories of its men lost to her waters. These are ours. The first name is Robert Thomas (1891). Miss Antoinette’s List reads simply “fell overboard,” but Stanley Covington recalls this tale. Capt. Jim Duncan and his crew were


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