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of some old program on archeology or rural law enforcement, or a New York City shop that specializes in the weird, the unusual and the downright macabre can keep me entertained for hours and hours. There are some shows that are just not for me, like the Kardashians, the talent shows and housewives stuff. That kind of media-whoredom bores me senseless. If I want to see rich people behaving stupidly I can watch the political debates. No, my tastes are more subtle ~ even subversive. I am a student of television, not a junkie. I can hold my Simpsons. That said, there are few things better on an open weekend than sitting down in front of the tube, folding

ily. This is, of course, their choice. Maybe they just watch a lot of movies on Netf lix ... I don’t know. I do know that being ignorant of a lot of the cultural currency of your fellow humans can make you dull company, and leave you out in the cold when we all start talking about how much we hate Barry Krepke. Not that I don’t watch movies, because I do. And I can even watch them on my Kindle Fire, on that tiny screen while I’m lying in bed. As far as I’m concerned, if it’s on a screen, it’s TV. For something as cluttered as television, it has an oddly soothing effect on me. The white noise


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