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Paul Reed Smith Blows Against the Empire by Cliff Rhys James

In this highly refracted world, Carlos Santana and Ted Nugent probably don’t see eye to eye on much when it comes to life, religion or politics, but these two famous guitar slingers do agree on one thing: Paul Reed Smith designs and builds the slickest playing, best sounding, most aesthetically pleasing guitars money can buy. Terrible Teddy (one of Nugent’s many sobriquets) may have been one of the first of the high profile string benders to embrace Smith’s creations, and Carlos Santana is perhaps the most universally acclaimed guitarist to do so, but the play list of legendary ax men who insist on PRS as their main ride is long and illustrious, and one that grows over time. From the classical arpeggios of formally trained acoustic musicians, to the cool sizzle of jazz guitarists or the signature rock riffs that turn listeners into writhing air guitarists, PRS guitars deliver the kind of sonic effect sought out by virtuosos and journeymen alike. “People get ready, there’s a train a comin’…”

Paul Reed Smith Stick a pin in Yorba Linda on a wall map of Southern California. Draw a straight line out from that point for a scaled distance of twenty miles and swing it 360 degrees so it scribes a circle. For twenty-one years I spent a lot of time inside that circle, living in the community’s rolling hills amidst the spangles of an incandescent sun and the ever-present rustle of palm trees. There, on silky smooth summer nights saturated by the sweet 57

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