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Through the Eyes of a Waterman The Art of William E. Cummings by Kathi Ferguson

An easel stands in the corner of Bill Cummings’ sunroom displaying a detailed sketch of several fishermen who appear to be going up against some pretty rough water. “Believe it or not,” Cummings explains, “this picture still has a ways to go. Takes me awhile before I get everything the way I want it, but it will turn out to be a nice painting.” Working entirely from memory, this talented, yet humble, Tilghman, Maryland, native has cap-

tured history and life as a waterman through his art for more than 45 years. “It’s all up here, in my head. I don’t work with photographs. If I get a picture, it will come from somebody else. Most of the things I paint are from my life.” Like most young boys who were raised on Tilghman’s Island during the 1930s, William E. Cummings pretty much grew up on the water. Times were simpler then. The roads were mapped with oyster shells,

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Tidewater Times April 2015

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