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Tidewater Review by Anne Stinson

Running Silver: Restoring Rivers and Their Great Fish Migrations by John Waldman. Lyons Press. 304 pp. $20.18. Attention, local anglers! I’ve got a book for you that you won’t want to miss. Running Silver will make you eager to finish it before you pick up your rod and reel again. If you’re a certain age, you are aware of how fishing has changed since you were young. If you have ever made a living crabbing or oystering, you probably wouldn’t advise your kids to get in the business, would you? Waldman goes a bit further back in time, and he scarcely mentions crabs and oysters. His focus is on the near extinction of fish that are born in freshwater lakes, creeks and rivers on the East Coast, and then migrate to the ocean for their mature years. Some only spawn once in their lives, and they swim back into their birth water to do it. The author concentrates on five species in particular, all of them interesting in that they require both fresh water and salt water in their life cycles. But f irst, Waldman takes the

reader into a quick encapsulation of Ichthyology 101. The species he concentrates on are called anadromous, all of which leave freshwater to spend their adult life at sea, only to return to the freshwater stream or river where they hatched. Some in the list spawn yearly, but they all prefer home base. Atlantic salmon, striped bass, A merican shad, alew ife and Atlantic sturgeon are the five fish


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