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New Horizons by Gary D. Crawford

Some years ago I produced a modest weekly “newspaper” for the Tilghman community. It was a simple one-pager, front and back, that we called the Island Flyer. Three hundred free copies appeared around the island every Friday morning. Over the years we received unsolicited donations for the ink and paper from 83 different individuals, mostly Tilghman residents, many of whom made multiple gifts. Together, we kept it going for 326 weeks.

It was nothing fancy: the usual calendar of upcoming events and reports on recent happenings. To keep costs down it was printed at home with black ink only, but on yellow paper to help brighten it up. Vol. 3 No. 24 was the sole exception. That issue had color photos of the Tilghman boys who won the Home Run Baker League Championship in 2006. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that occasionally the Island


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