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Central Florida by Helen Chappell

I was really looking forward to getting out of the cold, gray, dead Chesapeake country and getting on the blue and orange bird headed for Florida. I’ve covered the waterfront here on the Eastern Shore for on to forty years now, sometimes passionately, sometimes with the great detachment of a really good anthropologist. I’d like to say I know my beat pretty well, but a chance to visit my family in Florida is a great opportunity to take a look at another culture entirely. I love, and feel so grateful for going to see them, because they

treat me like visiting royalty. It’s a chance to cement the family bond, and when we’re together, we eat at all their favorite restaurants. I gain a ton of weight, and I get to watch local TV. As a serious student of TV, I’m fascinated by what local TV shows a visitor about the region. It seems Daytona and Orange County are on the news a lot. And, you know, if it bleeds, it leads! When you’re up north, bouncing against the Smith and Wesson Line, Florida sounds as if it’s all tropical beaches and palm trees, and parts of it are, but it was just

Spanish moss gives the area an almost haunted look. 9

April 2015 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times April 2015

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