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An Easter Celebration The daffodils are up! As warm spring days emerge after this cold winter, the Eastern Shore comes to life with an array of enchanting flowers. For an early spring Easter celebration, fill your table with brightly colored daffodils or lilies in clay pots. If you have some small porcelain bunnies, squirrels or birds, you can make a beautiful centerpiece for your table. This Easter brunch menu could also work for a christening, or even a baby shower. Make sure you make two lists while planning your party. This may appear elementary, but it is born of sad experience. I have been known to get halfway through a special dinner before realizing that one of the courses was still in the refrigerator! A party requires at least two lists and schedules. Make a daily battle plan, made simultaneously with your selection of menu. This way, as you plan what you want to serve, you can coordinate a schedule of

when each thing should be accomplished. You can make an hourly plan that specifies what can be done ahead, and what needs to be done the day of the party. You can even separate the steps down to minor things like toasting bread crumbs, chopping nuts or mincing herbs. Your second timetable is the real countdown. It stipulates the time to remove the appetizers and main course from the refrigerator or freezer; when to drain the celery sticks; the time to plug in the coffee, etc. It is a good idea to leave this timetable somewhat loose. 67

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