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Tidewater Traveler by George W. Sellers, CTC

Cruising from Baltimore Over the past few years, I have booked and serviced nearly 300 travelers on cruises that have departed from the Port of Baltimore, yet I had never taken advantage of the opportunity myself until just a few weeks ago. On the last morning of February, when the temperature at sunrise was 10°, we met some friends and headed toward the Maryland Cruise Terminal. Traveling I-95 north from the Baltimore Beltway, our driver took exit 55 directly to the drop-off and parking area of the cruise passenger terminal. Not far from the gate entrance, our pre-tagged luggage was taken from the car and loaded

onto cargo carts, and we entered the guest reception area to begin a relaxing 8-night voyage. Relaxing? Well, not yet. Many dozens of employees from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and the Maryland Port Authority had been engaged to make our arrival and check-in safe, efficient and pleasant. However, smiling welcoming faces were not in abundance. My impression was that the shore-side staff was there to perform the necessary task of moving the large crowd of people from land to ship as quickly as possible. I did not sense a spirit of “We are so glad you are here. What can we do to

The Maryland Cruise Terminal drop-off area. 163

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Tidewater Times April 2014

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