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Amazingly Asian Asians believe that a plate of well prepared healthy food rules the day. If you can’t stand the taste of bland, overcooked vegetables, try cooking the same vegetable with a little sesame oil, ginger and green onion, and you will ask for seconds. This age-old cuisine presents wonderful flavors along with ease of cooking. I love to cook Asian food because you can easily create unique dishes just by having the basic ingredients of the Asian pantry on hand. The basics are soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, ginger, rice noodles and basmati rice. These staples will allow you to expand your repertoire of fun and flavorful meals. Heart disease, cancer and obesity are more rare in Asian societies. Their diets are a model for healthy eating. What is it about the Asian diet that accounts for these healthy advantages? There is usually more emphasis on the starch than on the meat or fish. Rice or noodles usually make up nearly half of the meal. Rice is a common staple, and

Asian diets, overall, are plant based. Fish is commonly eaten in the island countries with extensive coastlines. Meat is less common. Spices, herbs, beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts and healthy fats are most common. Asians don’t live to eat, they eat to live. If you are looking for some recipes with Asian flair, here are some tantalizing ways to spice up your menu. Chop, Chop! 63

Tidewater Times April 2013  

April 2013 Tidewater Times

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