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May 4th, 2012

Issue #00075

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THE 1970’s

#3-1471 Prairie Ave. Port Coquitlam BC


by Kathy Wolfe Botox Readings By Angela What do you remember most about the 1970s? Special It was a decade of progress, celebration and political scandal. Let’s take a leap back in time $ /Unit and remember these monumental events. Angela is a world renowned Psychic Are you tired of being in the dark? Alone? Sick? Are you having problems in marriage? Family? Drugs? Reunite loved ones. One visit will convince you of Angela’s true amazing gift Take control of the set backs in your life Need answers? See Angela for a better tomorrow

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• The twin towers of New York City’s World Trade Center were completed in 1972 and became the world’s tallest buildings, surpassing the Empire State Building, the record-holder for the previous 40 years. The towers didn’t hold on to the honor for very long, as Chicago’s Sears Tower outdid them in 1973.

• America celebrated its 200th birthday in 1976, commemorating the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Many of off the festivities were centered in Philadelphia, ALL ADS! the nation’s first capital and home of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The city’s Let Tidbits show you how you can get effective celebrations were tragically marred, however, advertising without breaking the bank... by an epidemic of a respiratory disease that New Directory struck 231 people, killing 34. Because most CALL US TODAY Ad Special of the dead were members of the American 13 weeks 778-895-7795 $125 Legion attending a convention, the ailment was dubbed Legionnaire’s Disease. It was later identified as the result of a bacteria found in the air-conditioning pipes of the Bellevue Stratford Hotel. The air conditioning was quickly replaced, but the damage had been done to the hotel’s reputation, and it went bankrupt shortly for Every Budget! afterward. Residential & Commercial Turn the page for more! Interior & Exterior 17 years combined experience

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Tidbits of Tri-Cities 6. RELIGION: Which book of the Bible describes the Israelites’ deliverance from slavery in Egypt?

1. GEOGRAPHY: Where are the Faroe Islands located? 2. TELEVISION: Which TV sitcom’s theme was the song “I’ll Be There for You”? 3. ASTRONOMY: What planet is named for the Roman god of trade, thieves and travel? 4. HISTORY: When did the United States repeal Prohibition, which forebade sales of alcohol? 5. LEGAL: What is an affidavit?

7. MONEY: What European country’s basic monetary unit was the escudo -- prior to the euro? 8. POLITICS: What was the nickname for Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive Party? 9. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is the purpose of gills in fish? 10. MUSIC: What kind of bird was featured in the Disney song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah”? (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

7. Portugal 8. The Bull Moose Party 9. To take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide 10. A bluebird 1. Between Scotland and Iceland 2. “Friends” 3. Mercury 4. 1933 5. A written statement made under oath 6. Exodus

THE 1970s (continued): months prior to the King’s death, his physician had prescribed more than 10,000 doses of • On October 1, 1971, the 107-acre Walt Disney sedatives, amphetamines and narcotics. The world resort officially opened, seven years after autopsy revealed 14 different drugs in Presley’s Walt Disney had procured 27,443 acres of land system at the time of his death. As thousands in central Florida. Unfortunately, Disney had lined up outside Graceland’s gates during the passed away five years earlier and never saw funeral, a car swerved into a group of fans, his dream fulfilled. It is now the world’s mostkilling two. More than 80,000 people lined the visited entertainment resort and welcomes procession route to his Forest Hill Cemetery about 17 million visitors per year. burial site. • Does the name Louise Brown ring a bell? She was a five-pound, 12-ounce baby girl delivered • In 1972, burglars broke into the Democratic Party’s National Committee office at the in July 1978, the world’s first test-tube baby, Watergate Hotel. In the coming months it born as a result of the experimental in vitro was revealed that President Richard Nixon fertilization process. Although called a testwas involved in covering up the burglary and tube baby, her conception actually took place possessed a number of stolen tapes. When he in a petri dish. Brown became a mother herself refused to surrender the tapes, a judge ordered in 2006. the chief executive to hand them over. In • After scoring 1590 out of a possible 1600 on the 1974, impeachment proceedings were initiated SAT, 17-year-old Bill Gates enrolled at Harvard against the president. In August of that year, in 1973. He stayed in contact with his boyhood Nixon resigned and Gerald Ford became chum Paul Allen, and after dropping out of president. A month later, Ford issued a full Harvard, Gates teamed up with Allen in 1975 pardon to Nixon for “all offenses against the to form Microsoft, a combined abbreviation of United States.” “microcomputer” and “software.” • The big news of 1977 was the death of Elvis • What were folks wearing in the 1970s? Bellbottomed pants paired with either a turtleneck Presley, declared by the medical examiner as the sweater or flower-print shirt was a popular result of “coronary arrhythmia.” Over the eight look. After the premiere of the movie “Saturday Night Fever” in 1977, John Travolta’s threepiece suit and wide-collared shirt inspired the disco fashion. For women, hot pants and thigh-high boots were all the rage, as were fringed leather mini-skirts and platform shoes. Guys sported sideburns, and the large “Afro” hairstyle became fashionable. • In the sports world, Hank Aaron beat Babe Ruth’s home run record when he hit his 715th career home run in April 1974. By the time

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Tidbits of Tri-Cities PHOTO: Genie Francis

Q: While I don’t want “Desperate Housewives” to end, I am excited to see what’s in store for the series finale. Can you give me any hints? -- Tina D., via e-mail A: A familiar face will return to Wisteria Lane for the

by: Samantha Weaver

It was Canadian author Saul Bellow who made the following sage observation: “You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.” The U.S. military has created self-cleaning underwear. Yep. It seems they wanted skivvies that soldiers could wear for several weeks without changing. Nanoparticles and chemicals in the fabric repel liquids and bacteria. More books have been written about Abraham Lincoln than about any other American president -more than 15,000 to date. It is only to be assumed that Arabella Young, a Massachusetts woman who died in 1771, was considered to be a bit too talkative. Otherwise there would have been no need for the following epitaph: “Here lies as silent clay / Miss Arabella Young, / Who on the 21st of May / Began to hold her tongue.” Be glad that you did not have the misfortune to be in Bangladesh during record storms in 1985. You might have been brained by the record hailstones, some weighing more than 2 pounds each. You might not be surprised to learn that among his Hollywood friends, screen legend and notorious drinker Humphrey Bogart was nicknamed Whiskey Straight. The founders of the Arby’s chain were a pair of brothers, Forest and Leroy Raffel. They wanted to name the original restaurant Big Tex, but found that the name was already owned by someone else. They settled on Arby’s to represent the initials R.B.’s for Raffel Brothers. *** Thought for the Day: “I never blame myself when I’m not hitting. I just blame the bat, and if it keeps up, I change bats. After all, if I know it isn’t my fault that I’m not hitting, how can I get mad at myself?” -- Yogi Berra (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

show’s finale on May 13 at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. Dana Delany -- who currently stars in her own hit ABC show “Body of Proof” -- will reprise her role as Katherine Mayfair. The story behind her return has been kept hush-hush, so we’ll just have to wait and see what she’s up to. *** Q: Genie Francis is one of my all-time favorite actresses, and I just love her in the Hallmark Channel’s “The Note” series. Will there be a third movie? -- Catherine F., Harrisburg, Pa. A: Just in time for Mother’s Day, Genie Francis and Ted McGinley are back as newlyweds Peyton MacGruder and King Danville in “Notes from the Heart Healer,” premiering Sunday, May 13, on the Hallmark Channel. The couple is celebrating their first anniversary when they are surprised by an abandoned baby on their doorstep. I spoke with Genie recently, and she was excited to explore the mothering aspect of the character, since Peyton gave up a child for adoption 20-some years earlier. “What I love most about Peyton is that she gets involved and she brings everything up as if it were a spiritual question like, ’Why did I get this baby on my doorstep?’ She wants to help prevent the mother of this abandoned baby from ending up like her. Throughout this, there’s a healing for Peyton in that she knows that she’s got in her to be a good mother.” *** Q: My husband heard that Ryan O’Neal has cancer. Is that true? -- Hannah F., via e-mail A: Ryan, 70, recently announced that he is battling Stage 2 prostate cancer, and that he’s expected to make a full recovery. While he was “shocked and stunned” by the news, he is hopeful about his prognosis. *** Q: I can’t get enough “GCB,” and I especially love Heather Cruz. What can you tell me about the actress who plays her? -- Deena A., Norfolk, Va. A: Marisol Nichols plays feisty and independent real-estate agent Heather Cruz. Marisol told me recently why she loves her character so much: “I could understand what she had to do to survive in this community, and I felt like she was the most grounded out of everybody. She worked her butt off to get to where she is: She didn’t inherit a business; she wasn’t born into money; she didn’t marry into it. She had to make it on her own, and that I can completely relate to. I’ve been working odd jobs since I was 12. I think I forged my ID when I was a kid so that I could work at 14. I wanted to work; I didn’t want to have to ask people for money.” (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Tidbits of Tri-Cities

Daryl Aikin Owner/Publisher Tidbits of Tri-Cities


Readings By Angela Angela is a world renowned Psychic Are you tired of being in the dark? Alone? Sick? Are you having problems in marriage? Family? Drugs? Reunite loved ones. One visit will convince you of Angela’s true amazing gift Take control of the set backs in your life Need answers? See Angela for a better tomorrow

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Discover the power of spiritual readings. Angela specializes in Palm, Tarot cards and Crystal ball readings. Angela’s readings can help you with all of life’s problems. She will read you like an open book. Don’t let time & distance stand in your way. Readings By Angela has many products that you can purchase during your reading visit. Call Angela today for a better tomorrow.

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The movie sticks to a few notes. Everything is black with blue lighting. All fights are superhuman gunfights with bits of kung fu. All dialog is horrible and pointless. Sure, these movies are about the skintight black-costumed shootouts, but who says there can’t be character development or an interesting plot to go with the full automatics?

DailyÊLunchÊ&ÊDinnerÊFeatures;ÊTakeoutÊ&ÊDelivery;Ê Open for lunch Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm FreshlyÊMadeÊSoup;Ê&ÊExtensiveÊLiquorÊMenuÊ Offering daily lunch features & delicious soup TryÊourÊsignatureÊChickenÊSouvlakiÊ&ÊRoastÊLambÊ creations. Check out our unique lunch menu at

THE 1970s (continued): Aaron retired in 1976, his record was 755 homers, one that held until 2006. ABC began broadcasting Monday Night Football in 1970, and ESPN, an acronym for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, was launched in September 1979 as a cable network devoted strictly to sports broadcasting. • In 1975, powerful Teamsters Union leader Jimmy Hoffa vanished from a restaurant parking lot in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He was allegedly tied to organized crime, and it was assumed he was killed by the Mafia. His body has never been found. • On television, our favorite Westerns “Gunsmoke” and “The Virginian” were phased out, as were sitcoms “Bewitched” and “I Dream of Jeannie.” The Sci-Fi era was ushered in with hits such as “The Six-Million Dollar Man,” “The Bionic Woman” and “Battlestar Galactica.” The controversial sitcom “All in the Family” had its run from 1971 to 1979, featuring the fictional Archie Bunker’s frequently inappropriate remarks about religious, political and social issues of the day. Game shows gained in popularity, including “Wheel of Fortune,” “Family Feud” and “The Price is Right,” first hosted by Bob Barker in 1972. NBC debuted “Saturday Night Live” in 1975; George Carlin was the first host with musical guests Janis Ian and Billy Preston. HBO was inaugurated as the first pay-TV channel in 1972. • Hard rockers were listening to the likes of Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple, while Southern rockers tuned into The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Disco lovers listened to the Bee Gees and danced the Hustle, and soft rock folks enjoyed the crooning of the Carpenters, Barry Manilow and

PHOTO: Rebecca De Mornay in “Mother’s Day”

“The Vow” (PG-13) -- After a car accident takes away his wife’s memory of the past five years, Leo (Channing Tatum) is determined to make Paige (Rachel McAdams) fall in love with him again. This is not another adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, but you could have fooled me by the way the posters, previews and plot seem familiar. However, “The Vow” still has something to offer for the lover of sappy romcoms and seeker of movies for date night. Paige’s struggle is mostly about finding a life that makes sense to her -- a lot has changed for her in the five years that she doesn’t remember. Leo’s struggle is bringing her back to the person it took her years to grow into. Tatum has the charm and the abs to be a romantic-movie star, but he can’t quite carry the dramatic weight of the story. “Underworld: Awakening” (R) -- One can’t be certain how many films there are in this particular action-horror series, but this is certainly one of them. Kate Beckinsale takes up her role as Selene, a vampire lady who is frequently called upon to flip around and shoot things. The twist this time is that the human world has caught on to the existence of vampires and werewolves in the present day.

“Mother’s Day” (R) -- This remake of a bizarre 1980 horror film misses the mark for suspense and winds up with tedium instead. Three violent brothers break out of prison to find that their home has been foreclosed on and sold to a young couple. The fugitives turn a gathering of friends into a hostage situation that escalates when they call in the head honcho: their mom. Rebecca De Mornay plays the mother with as much straight-laced menace as she can. The film is directed by a fellow who did some of the “Saw” sequels, and the overall tone and torture aspect land in that region. “Front Line” (NR) -- Set during the last days of combat during the Korean War, this film examines the horrors of war from a slightly different perspective. For a South Korean production, there are quite a few Hollywood tropes, but the film ultimately holds its own by looking at the final, brutal battles for the last hills up for grabs before the ceasefire. A South Korean bullet in one of the commanding officers prompts a murder investigation of a hardened company. The film knows that there is a grim absurdity in a murder investigation on the front lines of war. TV RELEASES “Chuck: The Complete Fifth Season” “The Big C: The Complete Second Season” “Fantasy Island: The Complete Second Season” “Vegas: The Third Season, Volume 1”

(c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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ARIES (March 21 to April 19) The often skeptical Aries might find that an answer to a question is hard to believe. But check it out before you chuck it out. You might well be surprised at what you could learn. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Your resolute determination to stick by a position might make some people uncomfortable. But if you’re proved right (as I expect you to be), a lot of changes will tilt in your favor.

THE 1970s (continued): the Osmonds. Billboard magazine declared Elton John the best artist of the decade. We started listening to our music on the Sony Walkman, a portable cassette player, in 1979. • At the theaters we were viewing “The Godfather,” “Rocky” and “Dirty Harry.” We were scared out of our seats by “The Exorcist,” “Jaws” and “Carrie” and laughed uproariously at “Animal House,” “Young Frankenstein” and “Monty Python.” George Lucas’ career took off with “American Graffiti” in 1973, followed by “Star Wars” in 1977, which quickly became the highest-grossing film of all time, an honor it maintained for the next five years.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) You might feel conflicted between what you want to do and what you should do. Best advice: Honor your obligations first. Then go ahead and enjoy your well-earned rewards.

Book your

CANCER (June 21 to July 22) That financial matter still needs to be sorted out before you can consider any major monetary moves. Pressures ease midweek, with news about a potential career change.

Come check out our

LEO (July 23 to August 22) A workplace problem threatens to derail your well-planned project. But your quick mind should lead you to a solution and get you back on track without too much delay. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) An opportunity opens up but could quickly close down if you allow pessimism to override enthusiasm. A trusted friend can offer the encouragement you need. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) You’ve come through a difficult period of helping others deal with their problems. Now you can concentrate on putting your energy to work on your own projects. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Forget about who’s to blame and, instead, make the first move toward patching up a misunderstanding before it creates a rift that you’ll never be able to cross. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Good news for the travel-loving Sagittarian who enjoys galloping off to new places: That trip you put off will soon be back on your schedule. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) A mood change could make the gregarious Goat seek the company of just a few friends. But you charge back into the crowd for weekend fun and games. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) A decision you made in good faith could come under fire. Best advice: Open your mind to other possibilities by listening to your challenger’s point of view. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) You can avoid being swamped by all those tasks dangling from your line this week by tackling them one by one, according to priority. The weekend brings good news. BORN THIS WEEK: You have a fine business sense and a love of the arts. You enjoy living life to its fullest. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Tidbits of Tri-Cities

Reservations now for Mother’s Day Brunch seats are limited Full Menu Online at

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Dentures over 5 years can: - Cause damage to the oral tissues - Make you avoid foods you like, because you have difficulty chewing them with ease - Increase mealtimes because of worn flattened teeth - Be unsightly because of stains, chipped or even lost teeth - Lower self esteem & confidence

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TOP OF THE CHARTS as of May 2, 2012

Top 10 Pop Singles “My best friend recently had her first child. For her baby shower, we decided to get together and cook her several meals that could be frozen and go right from the freezer to the oven. This way, she has many meals to grab in the first few sleepless weeks.” -E.S. in Mississippi

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“I was making cookies last week and needed to roll out the dough, but I couldn’t find my rolling pin anywhere. In a pinch, I pulled a bottle of wine off my wine rack and wrapped it tightly in plastic wrap. 1. Name the first center fielder It did the trick. I’m thinking I just might save the to lead the American League next empty bottle, clean the label off and use it as in home runs for three con- a rolling pin. I can store it right there in my rack!” secutive years. -- O.V. in Oregon

1. Lionel Richie “Tuskegee” 2. Adele “21” 3. Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” 4. Monica “New Life” 5. One Direction “Up All Night” 6. Bonnie Raitt “Slipstream” 7. Gotye “Making Mirrors” 8. Alabama Shakes “Boys and Girls” 9. Rascal Flatts “Changed” 10. Hoodie Allen “All American (EP)”

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2. Who played the most major-league games with only Add shredded veggies to tomato sauce to up the one team: Stan Musial, Cal veggie quotient. Many vegetables can be included without adding many calories and will not change Ripken Jr. or Carl Yastrzemski?

Photo: Lionel Richie (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

the taste that much. Try carrots, squash or sweet

3. When was the last time before 2010 that San potatoes. You can even add a tablespoon or two of Diego State’s football team won a bowl game? canned, pureed pumpkin. 4. How many head coaches have won an NBA “I like the smaller size of kids’ meals at the drivechampionship in the past 25 seasons (1987- thru. I save the toys in a box, then I drop them off 2011)? with a teacher friend to use as rewards in her classroom.” -- A Reader, via email

Pepperoni Pasta Salad Pack this in your lunch box and see if you don’t get an “attitude adjustment” with the first bite!

5. Who was the last goaltender before St. Louis’ Brian Elliott in the 2011-12 season to allow two “I found a bunch of guttering at a garage sale su- 1 (15-ounce) can stewed tomatoes, chopped and undor fewer goals in each of his first 12 games? per-cheap, and was inspired to bring it INSIDE my rained 1/4 cup finely chopped onion 6. What team holds the Major League Soccer house. I purchased end pieces at my local hardware 1/4 cup fat-free Italian dressing store and cut the gutters to fit inside my closet. They 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning record for best goal differential for a season?

line the wall all the way up in horizontal rows. I use 3 cups cold cooked penne or rotini pasta, rinsed and 7. Who was the first president of the Pro Bowl- them to keep shoes, purses, even small baskets of drained 1/3 cup sliced ripe olives ers Association? accessories. It’s wonderful.” -- T. in Tennessee 1 (3.5 ounce) package Hormel reduced-fat pepperoni, diced (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc. 1/2 cup shredded reduced-fat mozzarella cheese 1/4 cup grated reduced-fat Parmesan cheese In a large bowl, combine undrained stewed tomatoes, onion, Italian dressing and Italian seasoning. Stir in pasta, olives, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. Add Parmesan cheese. Mix gently to combine. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Gently stir again just before serving. Makes 6 (1 cup each) servings. ¥ Each serving equals: About 205 calories, 5g fat, 13g protein, 27g carb., 729mg sodium, 2g fiber; Diabetic Exchanges: 1 1/2 Starch, 1 Meat, 1/2 Vegetable. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Tidbits of Tri-Cities


By: Sam Mazzotta

On May 10, 1869, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads meet up in Promontory, Utah, making transcontinental railroad travel possible for the first time in U.S. history. Journeys that had taken months by wagon train or weeks by boat now took only days. On May 7, 1915, the British ocean liner Lusitania is torpedoed without warning by a German submarine off the coast of Ireland, with 1,198 people drowned. It was later revealed that the Lusitania was carrying about 173 tons of war munitions for Britain, which the Germans cited as justification for the attack. On May 12, 1925, a Philadelphia radio station broadcasts the first all-star radio program featuring film actors and actresses. Sound films had not yet debuted, and the broadcast marked the first time that most listeners had heard the voices of film stars like Lillian Gish and Marion Davies. On May 8, 1933, the first police radio system, connecting headquarters to patrol cars and patrol cars to one another, is installed in Eastchester Township, N.Y. The system consisted of one transmitter of 20 watts for the headquarters and two transmitters of 4.5 volts each for the two patrol cars. On May 13, 1956, Gene Autry’s musical variety show, “Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch,” airs its final broadcast, after 16 years. The show featured 10- to 15-minute skits about cowboys and rustlers, along with musical numbers by Autry, “America’s singing cowboy.” On May 9, 1960, the Food and Drug Administration approves the world’s first commercially produced birth-control bill. Development of “the pill” was commissioned by birth-control pioneer Margaret Sanger and funded by heiress Katherine McCormick. On May 11, 1981, reggae legend Bob Marley dies of cancer in Miami Beach, Fla. Marley, born in Jamaica in 1945, formed his band, the Wailers, in 1963. In the early 1970s, the band’s records began to catch on outside Jamaica, assisted by Eric Clapton’s cover of “I Shot the Sheriff.” (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

ANSWERS Sports Quiz Answers 1. Ken Griffey Jr., 1997-99. 2. Yastrzemski (3,308) tops Musial (3,026) and Ripken (3,001). 3. It was 1969 (the Pasadena Bowl). 4. Eight -- Phil Jackson (11), Gregg Popovich (four), Pat Riley (three), Chuck Daly (two), Rudy Tomjanovich (two), Larry Brown (one), Rick Carlisle (one) and Doc Rivers (one). 5. Boston’s Frank Brimsek in 1938-39. 6. The Los Angeles Galaxy had a plus-41 goal differential in 1998. 7. Don Carter, in 1958.

Is My Dog Allergic To Fleas? DEAR PAW’S CORNER: My dog is possibly allergic to fleas. What herbal remedy is out there for me to use? My vet has tested her for food allergies, but I don’t think that’s the problem. She’s 8 years old and has eaten the foods the tests say she is allergic to, but she has developed the itching only recently. I use flea drops, shampoos, even predisone. The predisone seems to help the most, although you cannot use it for prolonged times. Could it be stress-related? -- Ora M., via email DEAR ORA: Stress is one possibility in the puzzle that makes up pet allergies. But reducing your dog’s stress might not be the only way to stop her itching and irritation. You’ve worked with your vet to learn that her food is not likely the cause of her allergic reaction. That’s a good start. And you’re right: prednisone is not a long-term solution to the itching problem, although it does help alleviate symptoms. Fleas are another possibility. Have you observed fleas on your dog’s coat or skin, or found the tiny black or brown specks known as flea dust? Even if you don’t see evidence of fleas, treat her to prevent the pests and reduce the likelihood of fleas around the house by vacuuming twice a week -- carpet and furniture -and washing linens, pillows, curtains and other items that are tempting flea residences. Stress could be a byproduct of the allergic itching. You can try a homeopathic treatment such as Rescue Remedy, usually adding five drops to her water dish once per day. But talk to her vet as well about other ways to reduce her stress levels to see if that helps clear the itchy irritation. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Court Ordered Sale - “Strictly As Is, Where Is” basis with no representations or warranties from the seller whatsoever. A 3 bedroom 2 bathroom rancher on a private cul-de-sac where it’s safe for your kids to play. The home needs updating & TLC but it’s in a nice location and has a quiet private yard. Home includes fixtures only - appliances are not guaranteed to be there upon possession. What a terrific opportunity - come see for yourself!

A 55+ park that allows small pets! In Cedar Creek Estates, this is a lovely and spacious 2 bedroom home that has been tastefully updated. Most of the windows have been replaced with vinyl windows plus new laminate flooring in 2010. Newer appliances which includes a gas stove! The roof is 4 years young c/w a new skylight in the living room, HW tank & bathroom faucets were replaced in 2011, plus the furnace is serviced every 2nd year. Long private covered porch that looks out over an amazing garden. Wiring to shed & workshop. Pad rent is currently only $482/ month. You have to see it for yourself -don’t hesitate to call.

Re/max Results Realty (MPLRDG)


Royal LePage Brookside Realty Cell: 604-308-5088

MLS# F1208073

This double mobile is centrally located in Aldergrove which is a family park that also allows your pets. A great place for a hobbyist or car person with the attached side garage/workshop. This very open floor plan has 2 bedrooms, newer laminate flooring, updated bathroom, new lino in kitchen, updated kitchen countertops & a really good size island! There is also a private backyard - plus it has lots of parking!! It is definitely priced to sell - call for more information...

20842 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge V2X 2R3

11933-224th St

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Maple Ridge, BC V2X0H8

MLS® V934837

MLS® V926515

MLS® V936046

Great opportunity to rise and shine. Beautifully appointed home in a very desirable location, close to school, transit and shopping, 3 bedrooms up and 1 down. Could easily be suited. New everything! This home needs a new owner. Come and impress yourself. BTW - 2 tier semi private rear deck oasis!

Look no further, lovely end unit rancher style townhouse move in ready. New highend flooring, heat pump, A/C, convection stove. Ideal location. Well run complex with low maintenance fee. 55+ residences. Everyone wants to live here. Seldom do they come for sale. Quick possession possible



The best of both worlds. Own your own 4 bedroom home and have a low maintenance yard. Enjoy the private rear deck. Accented with a custom water feature. Lovely open floor plan on the main floor. Freshly painted. Stainless steel appliances, river view from living room and dining room. Downstairs enjoy the full size family room and the 4th bedroom. Also this home has 3 full bathrooms.

Remember Miele

because anything else would be a compromise made in Germany


MLS# V943604

Cute & cozy rancher with fully finished basement. Walking distance to schools, parks, shopping and transit. Note the HUGE 8631 square foot lot, fully fenced & sunny southern exposed back yard with covered patio & gas BBQ outlet, Nicely updated upper floor with 3 bedrooms, new carpeting, laminate, updated kitchen & bath (approx 10 yrs), 4th bedroom down with separate entry & full bath, ideal for the in-laws! Plenty of room for all of your “toys”/ RV with drive through access to the backyard.


Buy a Miele

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21-2755 Lougheed Hwy., Port Coquitlam, next to Michael’s

April 13 & May 13 and receive a

10 Year Warranty Come and see us for personal service and huge savings!

604.941.7633 • Hours: Mon - Sat open 10-5 Closed Sundays & Holidays •

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