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Tidbits of Port Coquitlam

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of Port Coquitlam

February 25, 2011

Daryl Aikin Entertainment

Issue #00021

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by Patricia L. Cook If you see things 20/20, you have good eyes to observe Let’s see! what R Oour Y world A L and C AbeRamazed! IBBE AN we can learn about our amazing human eyes and some“Don’t other eyes well. Waitas‘Till Spring” Cruise Sale! Onboard Credits or Reduced Deposits • Seeing things commonly Call NOW to with find 20/20 your vision dreamiscruise! considered good vision in the States. In #105 - 2310 Ottawa St. PoCo (by United White Spot) Canada and the rest of the world that uses the metric system, normal vision is 6/6 (6 meters as 604-472-1212 opposed to 20 feet.) This term basically means that you have “good visual acuity at 20 feet” (6 m), which is normal distance vision.

true colors


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• The Snellen chart was developed by Dr. Getting Married? Hermann Snellen, Dutch ophthalmologist, ROYA L C Aa R IBB EAN! in 1862. This “eye” chart has 11 lines of block Let V&G Music letters, beginning with a single letterSale! at the top, provide the perfect “Don’t Wait ‘Till Spring” Cruise musical ambience usually E. The size or ofReduced the letters gets smaller true colors Onboard Credits Deposits Ensembles of any shape from the top of the chart to the bottom, so there & size for weddings & Call NOW to find your dream cruise! corporate events are more letters on the bottom row than on the #105 - 2310 Ottawa St. PoCo (by White Spot) top. The eighth row of letters is usually the line for 20/20 (6/6) vision. Sixty-one percent live music for any occasion of Americans604-472-1212 wear corrective lenses to get to “normal” vision. T (604) 255-6603 C




true c





• So, are all letters of the alphabet on the chart? No. The letters used are only C, D, H, K, N, O, R, S, V and Z. These are the Sloan letters, which were designed by Louise Sloan in 1959. These letters are called “optotypes.”

V & G Music

hair & ta

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Tidbits of Port Coquitlam

EYES (continued): • Babies’ eyes are about 75 percent of the size of adult eyes at birth. The optic nerve, internal eye structures and visual function continue to develop in the first two years of life. • Each component of the eye has a special function, and together the components are necessary for good vision. Eye professionals have to spend a lot of time figuring out all of the ways to “fix” vision problems. Imagine the days before eyeglasses, contacts and surgeries were available! Today, we are able to see well into old age. • The Chinese claim to be the inventors of eyeglasses but apparently used them initially only to ward off evil spirits. These eyeglasses were for protection and probably lacked the ability to improve vision. Historians are unsure who invented the first eyeglasses used to improve vision. •The first known artistic representation of eyeglasses was a painting by Tommaso da Modena in 1352. The glasses in his painting were perched on the nose of his subject even though most known early glasses for improving sight were not. Monocles, scissors-glasses and lorgnettes used for improving vision were either worn around the neck on ribbons or chains, clipped to clothing or just hand-held. • Monocles were framed lenses attached to a chain or ribbon and used for one eye when needed. Lorgnettes were two lenses in a

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frame that the user would hold up to the eyes. They were somewhat of a fashion statement, especially for ladies. They were popular at the opera and masquerade parties. Scissors-glasses were two lenses on a Y-shaped frame that, like a monocle, were hung on a ribbon or chain.

1. Matt Stairs tied a record in 2010 by playing for his 12th major-league team. Name either of the two pitchers to hold the mark.

nose in order to stay on. The name comes from French: pincer, to pinch, and nez, which means nose. They too were in frames and attached to a cord, ribbon or chain.

3. At the end of the 2010 college football season, how many schools in the Big 12 had won at least one national title in football?

2. Hank Aaron was one of three major-leaguers who played for both the Mil• Have you ever heard the term “pince-nez?” waukee Braves and Milwaukee Brewers. These were two-lens glasses that “pinched” the Name either of the other two to do it.

4. Name the last team before the 2006-08 Detroit Pistons to lose in the round before • London optician Edward Scarlett perfected the NBA Finals three years in a row. the use of sidepieces or arms that attached to lenses in 1730. His new style eyeglasses that slipped over a person’s ears, eliminating the need for chains, also freed the hands. They were popular and rapidly spread worldwide.

5. Who was the last New York Ranger before Derek Stepan in 2010 to begin a season with a hat trick?

6. Who ended Russian Alexander Karelin’s winning streak of 13 years at the 2000 • Contact lenses are not as “new” as you may Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling finals? think. The idea goes back to the late 1800s when 7. Name the golfer who came from behind glassblower F.E. Muller, a German known for in the final round to beat Tiger Woods in the making glass eyes, blew a protective lens for 2009 PGA Championship. a man who had cancer. The patient wore the (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. lens for 20 years until his death, without losing his vision. The term “contact lens” actually is attributed to a Swiss physician, Dr. A. Eugen Fick, who published the results of experiments with the lenses in 1887. • Sometimes there is confusion over which eye professional to see for eye problems. Opticians manufacture and dispense glasses and contacts. They often deal with patients after they have

story account of Aron Ralston (James Franco, in his best performance to date), a young canyoneer trapped in the Utah desert. In 2003, while climbing a remote canyon in Utah, Ralston tries to cross a gap that is bridged by a boulder. As he crosses, the boulder comes loose and Ralson -- still holding onto the massive stone -- falls PICKS OF THE WEEK “Bambi: Two-Disc Diamond Edition” (G) -- about 20 feet to the canyon floor and finds that his Disney’s 1942 tale of one year in the life of hand is inextricably wedged between the boulder and an orphaned fawn is not only one of the best the canyon wall. animated films from Disney’s Golden Age, it is without a doubt a timeless classic that has enthralled audiences for generations -- and will continue to do so for generations to come. Like all children, Bambi is a bit gangly, uncoordinated and innocent. But following the tragic death of his mother, the young fawn must quickly learn to survive in a forest fraught with peril. Thankfully, he is befriended by Thumper the bunny and Flower the skunk. Together, they learn valuable lessons (often with the help of a wise old Owl) as they take their first tenta- For five days, Ralston tries to free himself from the rock, but to no avail. He has flashbacks and hallucinative steps into young adulthood. tions. Severely dehydrated, he drinks his own urine. “127 Hours” (R) -- Director Danny Boyle He uses the small blade from a multi-tool to carve (“Slumdog Millionaire,” “Trainspotting”) out his birth and death dates into the canyon wall. pulls out all the stops in this based-on-a-true- Finally, he summons the courage to do the only thing

he can if he wants to survive: use the blunted, tiny knife to cut off his arm, and muster what little strength he has left to hike the tens of miles to safety. “Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde: 35th Anniversary Edition” (R) -- Awww yeah ... If you’re in the mood for some funky, low-budget ’70s blacksploitation, then look no further, my little possums. Bernie Casey stars as Dr. Henry Pryde, a famous research scientist developing a serum that will reverse liver damage. When he tests the potion on himself, things get totally messed up: Dr. Pryde becomes Mr. Hyde, a white-skinned, hooker-killin’ psychopath! TV SERIES “Pioneers of Television” Season 2 “Cake Boss” Season 3 “Scooby Doo: Curse of the Lake Monster” “Nova Science Now: Can We Make It to Mars” “The Norman Conquests” “Leave It to Beaver” Season 6 “Murder Investigation Team” Series One “In Loving Memory” Series One (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Tidbits of Port Coquitlam

enjoy that work a lot. “I’m writing my first children’s book, which comes out in February 2012. I’m just creatively starting that ball roll-

ARIES (March 21 to April 19)

Whatever decisions you’re faced with this week, rely on your strong Aries instincts, and base them on your honest feelings, not necessarily on what others might expect you to do.

TAURUS (April 30 to May 20)

Your sensitive Taurean spirit is pained by what you feel is an unwarranted attack by a miffed colleague. But your sensible self should see it as proof that you must be doing something right.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20)

More fine-tuning might be in order before you can be absolutely certain that you’re on the right track. Someone close to you might offer to help. The weekend favors family get-togethers.

CANCER (June 21 to July 22)

The week continues to be a balancing act ’twixt dreaming and doing. But by week’s end, you should have a much better idea of what you actually plan to do and how you plan to do it.

LEO (July 23 to August 22)

Changing your plans can be risky, but it can also be a necessary move. Recheck your facts before you act. Tense encounters should ease by midweek, and all should be well by the weekend.

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22)

You might still be trying to adjust to recent changes. But things should improve considerably as you get to see some positive results. An uneasy personal matter calls for more patience.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22)

Congratulations. Your good intentions are finally recognized, and long-overdue appreciation should follow. Keep working toward improvements wherever you think they’re necessary.

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 2)

Try to look at your options without prejudging any of them. Learn the facts, and then make your assessments. Spend the weekend enjoying films, plays and musical events.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Someone might want to take advantage of the Sagittarian’s sense of fair play. But before you ride off to right what you’ve been told is a wrong, be sure of your facts.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19)

You might be surprised to learn that not everyone agrees with your ideas. But this can prove to be a good thing. Go over them and see where improvements can be made.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18)

After taking advice on a number of matters in recent months, expect to be called on to return the gesture. And, by the way, you might be surprised at who makes the request.

PISCES (February 19 to March 20)

Reassure everyone concerned that a change of mind isn’t necessarily a change of heart. You might still want to pursue a specific goal, but feel a need to change the way you’ll get there.

BORN THIS WEEK: You are able to make room in your heart for others, and that makes you a very special person in their lives. (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.

Q: I heard that Will Ferrell is coming to “The Office.” Is that true? -- Katrina E., via e-mail A: You heard correctly! Hot on the heels of Ricky Gervais’ cameo on the Jan. 27 episode of “The Office” comes the news that Will Ferrell will guest-star over a four-episode arc on the hit NBC comedy (Thursdays, 9 p.m. ET). Will plays a branch manager who arrives from the home office and proves to be just as inappropriate as Michael Scott, Steve Carell’s character. *** Q: I was so happy to see Jennie Garth starring in the new Hallmark Channel movie “Accidentally in Love,” and wondered what else she has been up to since leaving “90210.” -- Isabella W., via e-mail A: I recently caught up with Jennie, who was thrilled to star in a movie (“Accidentally in Love”) written by her husband, actor/writer Peter Facinelli. She gave me the scoop: “I do a lot of literacy campaigns for young kids. It’s something that is really important to me, which was passed on by my father. Also, I work a lot for the American Heart Association as a national spokesperson, and I

ing. I’m enjoying that very much. I’ve moved out of L.A. to give the girls a little bit more of a safer environment to be young in. So, whatever work comes to me or works around their schedule, I’m open to doing at this point, but if it doesn’t work for that, then forget it.” *** Q: With the financial trouble that MGM has been having, does this mean no more James Bond films? -- Frankie R. in Florida A: Bond’s future was looking pretty grim; however, it now seems that things are back on track for the as-yet-untitled Bond 23 film. Daniel Craig will return as 007, with rumors running rampant that Javier Bardem has been offered the role of “Bond Villain.” Shooting begins later this year with a release date of Nov. 9, 2012. *** Q: Not much has been said about how Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reacted to “The Social Network,” the movie based on the founding of Facebook. Is he mad about the movie, or did he like it? -- Gigi R., Fresno, Calif. A: “The Social Network” star Jesse Eisenberg recently told “Access Hollywood” that Mark congratulated him on his Oscar nomination when the two starred together in a recent “Saturday Night Live” skit. Jesse was relieved that Mark was so good-natured about everything, revealing: “He has such a wonderful sense of humor about the whole thing. The fact that he would agree to come on ‘Saturday Night Live’ was a testament to his good feelings about (it). We were both so thankful that the other one was so open to working in that way under very unique circumstances.” (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

Cineplex Odeon Movie Listings Showtimes for Friday February 25, 2011 to Thursday March 3, 2011

SILVERCITY COQUITLAM 170 Schoolhouse Street, Coquitlam 604-523-6001 DRIVE ANGRY 3D (18A) (SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE SCENES,EXPLICIT VIOLENCE) DIGITAL 3D, NO PASSES FRI-THURS 1:20, 4:25, 7:30, 10:25 HALL PASS (14A) (COA LANG,NUD,SEXU SUGG SCENES) NO PASSES FRI-TUE,THURS 1:15, 4:15, 7:05, 10:15; WED 4:15, 7:05, 10:15 HALL PASS (14A) (COA, LANG,NUD,SEXU SC) STA & STR, NP WED 1:00 JUSTIN BIEBER: NEVER SAY NEVER - DIRECTOR'S FAN CUT 3D () DIGITAL 3D, NO PASSES FRI-THURS 1:00, 3:50, 6:40, 9:30 I AM NUMBER FOUR (PG) (COARSE LANGUAGE,VIOLENCE) FRI-SUN 12:45, 1:30, 3:30, 4:30, 6:35, 7:25, 9:25, 10:10; MON-TUE,THURS 1:05, 1:30, 4:10, 4:30, 7:05, 7:25, 9:50, 10:10; WED 1:30, 4:10, 4:30, 7:05, 7:25, 9:50, 10:10 I AM NUMBER FOUR (PG) (COA LANG,VIO) STAR & STRO SC WED 1:00 BIG MOMMAS: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON (PG) (VIOLENCE) FRI-THURS 1:55, 4:40, 7:15, 9:55 UNKNOWN (PG) (COARSE LANGUAGE,VIOLENCE) FRI-SUN 1:15, 4:00, 6:50, 9:45; MON-THURS 1:20, 4:00, 6:50, 9:45 JUST GO WITH IT (PG) RW®C/DVS® FRI-SUN 12:40, 3:25, 7:20, 10:05; MON-THURS 1:50, 4:30, 7:25, 10:05 THE EAGLE (PG) (VIOLENCE) FRI-SUN 1:35, 4:15, 7:25, 10:15; MONTHURS 1:35, 4:15, 7:30, 10:15 GNOMEO AND JULIET (G) FRI-THURS 1:40, 4:15, 7:30 GNOMEO AND JULIET 3D (G) DIGITAL 3D FRI-SUN 12:30, 2:50, 5:00, 7:10, 9:35; MON-THURS 1:25, 3:40, 6:45, 9:15

THE ROOMMATE (PG) (VIOLENCE,COARSE LANG) FRI-THURS 9:45 SANCTUM (14A) (VIOLENCE) FRI-THURS 1:25, 4:05, 6:50, 9:35 THE MECHANIC (14A) (SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE SCENES,VIOLENCE) FRITHURS 1:35, 4:25, 7:35, 10:00 NO STRINGS ATTACHED (14A) (COARSE AND SEXUAL LANGUAGE) FRITHURS 1:20, 4:00, 6:55, 9:25 THE GREEN HORNET 3D (14A) (FREQUENT VIOLENCE) DIGITAL 3D FRISAT 12:35, 3:20, 7:00, 10:05; SUN 4:20, 7:00, 10:05; MON-THURS 1:45, 4:35, 7:20, 10:05 BARNEY'S VERSION () FRI-SUN 12:30, 3:45, 7:00, 9:55; MON-THURS 1:00, 4:05, 7:00, 9:55 THE FIGHTER (14A) (COARSE LANGUAGE) FRI-THURS 1:10, 3:55, 6:55, 10:10 THE KING'S SPEECH (PG) (COARSE LANGUAGE) FRI-THURS 1:05, 3:50, 6:35, 9:40 BLACK SWAN (14A) (SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE SCENES,VIOLENCE) FRITHURS 1:40, 4:20, 7:35, 10:20 127 HOURS (14A) (GORY SCENES) FRI-THURS 1:10, 3:35, 6:40, 9:20 THE METROPOLITAN OPERA: IPHIGéNIE EN TAURIDE () SAT 10:00 DOCTOR ZHIVAGO () SUN 12:30


CINEPLEX ODEON MEADOWTOWN CENTRE CINEMAS 410-19800 Lougheed Hwy. Pitt Meadows 604-460-6455 DRIVE ANGRY 3D (18A) (SEX SUG SCE,EXP,VIO) DIGIT, NO PASS FRI 4:10, 7:10, 10:00; SAT 1:20, 4:10, 7:10, 10:00; SUN 1:20, 4:10, 7:10; MON-THURS 4:45, 7:30 HALL PASS (14A) (COARSE LANGUAGE,NUDITY,SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE SCENES) NO PASSES FRI 4:20, 7:05, 9:50; SAT 1:45, 4:20, 7:05, 9:50; SUN 1:45, 4:20, 7:05; MON-THURS 4:20, 7:20 HALL PASS (14A) (COAR, LANG,NUD,SEX SUGG SCENES) STAR & STROLLERS SCREENING, NO PASSES THURS 1:00 JUSTIN BIEBER: NEVER SAY NEVER - DIRECTOR'S FAN CUT 3D () DIGITAL 3D, NO PASSES FRI 3:50, 6:40, 9:30; SAT 1:00, 3:50, 6:40, 9:30; SUN 1:00, 3:50, 6:40; MON-THURS 4:30, 7:15 I AM NUMBER FOUR (PG) (COA, LANG,VIOL) FRI 4:00, 7:30, 10:15; SAT 1:15, 4:00, 7:30, 10:15; SUN 1:15, 4:00, 7:30; MO-TH 4:55, 7:45 I AM NUMBER FOUR (PG) (COAR,LAN,VIO) STAR & STR SCR THUR 1:00

UNKNOWN (PG) (COARSE LANGUAGE,VIOL) FRI 4:40, 7:20, 10:10; SAT 1:50, 4:40, 7:20, 10:10; SUN 1:50, 4:40, 7:20; MON-THURS 4:40, 7:20 JUST GO WITH IT (PG) FRI 4:05, 6:55, 9:40; SAT 1:10, 4:05, 6:55, 9:40; SUN 1:10, 4:05, 6:55; MON-THURS 4:25, 7:25 THE EAGLE (PG) (VIOLENCE) FRI 4:30, 7:25, 10:05; SAT 1:35, 4:30, 7:25, 10:05; SUN 1:35, 4:30, 7:25; MON-THURS 4:40, 7:40 GNOMEO AND JULIET 3D (G) DIGITAL 3D FRI 4:25, 6:50, 9:35; SAT 1:05, 3:15, 5:25, 7:35, 9:45; SUN 1:05, 3:15, 5:25, 7:35; MON-THURS 4:15, 6:45 NO STRINGS ATTACHED (14A) (COARSE AND SEXUAL LANGUAGE) FRI 4:35, 7:15, 9:55; SAT 1:40, 4:35, 7:15, 9:55; SUN 1:40, 4:35, 7:15; MON-THURS 4:50, 7:35 THE KING'S SPEECH (PG) (COARSE LANG) FRI 4:15, 7:00, 9:45; SAT 1:25, 4:15, 7:00, 9:45; SUN 1:25, 4:15, 7:00; MON-THURS 4:35, 7:35

HOLLYWOOD 3 CINEMAS PITT MEADOWS 19190 Lougheed Hwy. Pitt Meadows 604-459-6004: $4.75 Adults; $3.75 Child/Seniors/Matinee/Tues TANGLED 101 Min G viol 5:00, 7:00 DAILY 12:30, 2:45, 5:00, 7:00, / SAT & SUN THE FIGHTER 116 Min 14A coar language 9:00 DAILY YOGI BEAR 85 Min G (includes 4 min Rabid Rider short) 5:40, 7:15 DAILY12:30, 2:15, 4:00, 5:40, 7:15, / SAT & SUN

THE GREEN HORNET 119 Min 14A frequent violence 4:45, 7:00, 9:15 / DAILY NO 9:15 SHOW ON FRIDAY NIGHT GULLIVERS TRAVEL 85 Min G viol12:30, 2:45, SAT & SUN TRUE GRIT 111 MIN 14A 8:55 DAILY

DOLPHIN THEATRES BURNABY 4555 Hastings St. Burnaby 604-569-3369: $6.95 Adults; $5.95 Child/Seniors/Matinee/Tues All Movies $2 GNOMEO AND JULIET 85 Min G 5:20, 7:00 DAILY 12:15, 2:00,3:40, 5:20, 7:00 / FRI, SAT & SUN BLACK SWAN 109 Min 14A sex sugg sce 9:15 DAILY

THE KINGS SPEECH 119 Min PG coar lang 4:45, 7:00 DAILY 12:15, 2:30, 4:45, 7:00, / FRI, SAT & SUN TRUE GRIT 111 Min 14A violence 9:15 DAILY

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Page 6 EYES (continued): seen an optometrist or ophthalmologist. An optometrist is a vision professional who can diagnose vision problems, prescribe contacts and eyeglasses, provide treatment before and after eye surgery and prescribe drugs for various eye problems. Ophthalmologists are licensed medical doctors and can do everything performed by optometrists plus they can perform eye surgery. An ophthalmologist must complete four years of medical school following a college degree and an internship that focuses on their desired specialty. • Animal eyes are varied in their placement, size and acuity. Many animals have vision that is far superior to humans. Maybe that is why we never see animals with eyeglasses! Do you know which animal has the largest eyeballs on earth? That would be the giant squid, whose eyes are about the size of beach balls (about 18 inches, 45.7 cm). Imagine meeting those underwater! Ostriches have the largest eyes of any land animal, measuring about two inches (5 cm) across. Ostrich eyes are bigger than their brains, which are about the size of a walnut.

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• If someone says you are “blind as a bat,” consider this: Bats are not blind, but they don’t use their eyes to see. They use sound waves instead. They make high-pitched sounds and listen for the echoes when the sounds bounce off objects. This is called echolocation. To clean artificial flowers, place the arrangement flow- Whales, dolphins, some shrews and a few ers first into a paper bag. Add a cup of salt and gather species of birds also use echolocation. the opening of the bag around the stems of the flowers. Twist closed and hold tightly at the stems. Shake • Horned toads (short-horned lizards) are the arrangement vigorously. The salt beats the dust off interesting little reptiles that have a couple the flowers. Hold the bag upside down for a second and of very odd talents to help them ward off shake lightly to make sure all the salt granules fall off predators. They can inflate their bodies up into the bag, and then remove the arrangement. to twice their size, looking like little spiny balloons, and some of the species have the Ink stains can sometimes be removed from clothing or furniture upholstery by using rubbing alcohol or hair- most bizarre ability to shoot blood from spray. Using a clean paper towel or white cloth, spray their eyes. The blood comes from ducts in the ink, and immediately dab and press several times. the corners of their eyes and can travel up to Repeat using a clean portion of the cloth until the stain three feet (one meter). This “talent” is used is removed. to confuse predators and contains a chemical that is noxious to coyotes, wolves and dogs. “I purchase large pieces of cheese from my bulk retailer. I keep it fresh and mold-free by wrapping it in cheese- • Have you ever been told you have “eagle cloth that I have sprayed with plain white vinegar.” -- eyes?” If so, you must have great vision. An E.C. in Indiana average person can see a rabbit at about 550 yards (503 m), while an eagle can see it at “I use an old hairbrush to remove the lint from the trap about a mile (1,760 yards or 1,609 m). So, on my dryer. My hands and my grip aren’t what they protect your vision and enjoy what you see! used to be, and sometimes it would be hard to get the lint started. The brush is easy to use, and I just swipe it over the screen and knock the lint off into a small trash can.” -- A.L. in Ontario, Canada


“I purchased a car-washing kit several years ago, and forgot about it. I have gotten rid of my car, and didn’t have any use for it. I removed the washing mitt before I gave it away, and I found an excellent use for it -- as a dusting mitt. It has a texture that picks up dust and holds it, and to me, it’s worth the price of the kit itself.” -- V.H. in Texas Send your tips to (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

1. Who had a hit with “Big Yellow Taxi”? 2. How long was the original “Time Has Come Today”? 3. Name the Eagles’ first three No. 1 hits. 4. Who released “Give Me Just a Little More Time” and when? 5. What do these songs have in common: “409” (1962) by The Beach Boys, “I’m Happy Just to Dance With You (1964) by the Beatles, “I Will Survive” (1978) by Gloria Gaynor, and “We Will Rock You” (1978) by Queen. 6. In the 1961 version of “Goodbye Cruel World,” where is the singer going? (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.

By Samantha Weaver

¥ It was British author and publisher Ernest Benn who made the following observation: “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”

¥ A flea can jump 13 inches in a single leap. That may not seem like much, but to achieve a comparable feat, you would have to make a 700-foot jump.

¥ If you live in Michigan, make sure you keep this in mind: If you want to hunt with a slingshot, you’ll need a special license.

¥ Those who wish to cut federal spending today might want to take note of this historical fact: In 1790, United States senators earned a grand total of $6 per day -- and only when Congress was in session.

¥ If you took all the other planets in our solar system and rolled them into one big ball, that ball would fit inside the gas giant Jupiter.

¥ The ancient Romans appreciated smooth, hairless skin -- but to get that look they used pumice stones to sand off the hair. Ouch.

¥ The next time you’re heading to Chicago, plan a stop in the nearby town of Niles. While there you can visit the Leaning Tower of Niles, a recently renovated half-size replica of the somewhat more famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. The attraction was built in 1934 by industrialist Robert Ilg as part of a recreation park for employees of his Hot Air Electric Ventilating Company of Chicago. ¥ Although Billy the Kid was a notorious 19thcentury outlaw, he never robbed a store, a stagecoach, a bank or a train.

Thought of the week “It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.” -- Oscar Wilde

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Houghton, Michigan, and two in Northern Ontario. Dr. Libbrecht also has published a number of books about snowflakes. Look for them at a bookstore or your local library for much more fascinating snowflake information.

Nature provides us with a plethora of beautiful things to observe. Snowflakes falling from the sky on a cold winter’s day are an amazing sight. • Is it really true that it can be too cold to snow? • Another physicist, Ukichiro Nakaya, who is According to “Farmers’ Almanac,” that is false. actually a nuclear physicist, has studied snow The better statement is: “It can be too cold to crystals (or snowflakes) for many years and was snow heavily.” As long as there is a source of the first person to make artificial snow in 1936. moisture and some way to cool the air, it can His development made it possible to extend ski snow. Most heavy snow events happen when air seasons all over the world. The Ukichiro Nakaya temperature near the ground is at or above 15º Museum of Snow and Ice in Katayamazu in F (-9.4ºC). Kaga City, Japan, is about 311 miles (500 • Wilson A. Bentley of Jericho, Vermont, was an km) west of Tokyo. Another snow museum in early pioneer in the study and photography of Japan is located at Hokkaido, the northernmost snowflakes. An exhibit of the “Bentley Snow island of Japan. The Snow Crystals Museum of Crystal Collection” at the Buffalo Museum of Asahikawa looks like an Austrian castle. Science at the University of Buffalo in Buffalo, • Snowflake, Arizona, is a place you might expect New York, shows the deep interest in snow of to be covered with a large amount of snow in the the man known as “Snowflake” Bentley. A farm winter. The town, the northernmost community boy who was mostly home-schooled, Bentley in Arizona’s White Mountains, actually receives had a great interest in nature, and being in one less than a foot (30.5 c) of precipitation per of the snowiest areas of the country, he spent year. Snowflake was not named for the winter a lot of time studying snow. He photographed flakes that fall but after two Mormon settlers, snowflakes using photomicrography, which is Erastus Snow and William Flake, who started photography through a microscope. the community in 1878. • The Jericho Historical Society has mementos of “Snowflake” Bentley in its Museum opened in the lower level of the Old Red Mill in Jericho. Bentley captured 5,000-plus snow crystal photomicrographic images during his lifetime. More than 2,000 of his images are in his book, “Snow Crystals,” published in 1931. • The first research grant ever awarded by the American Meteorological Society was given to “Snowflake” Bentley in 1924 for his 40 years of “extremely patient work.” He had articles published in National Geographic, Country Life, Popular Mechanics, Monthly Weather Review and The New York Times.

On March 6, 1899, the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin registers Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) on behalf of the German pharmaceutical company Friedrich Bayer & Co. The brand name came from “a” for acetyl, “spir” from the spirea plant (a source of salicin) and the suffix “in,” commonly used for medications. On March 2, 1904, Theodor Geisel, better known to the world as Dr. Seuss, is born in Springfield, Mass. Geisel’s first book, “And to Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street,” was rejected by more than two dozen publishers before making it into print in 1937. On March 1, 1932, Charles Lindbergh III, the 20-month-old son of aviation hero Charles Lindbergh, is kidnapped from the family’s new mansion in Hopewell, N.J. Days later the baby’s lifeless body was discovered near the Lindbergh home. On Feb. 28, 1940, Mario Andretti, whose name will become synonymous with American auto racing, is born in Montona, Italy. His long list of achievements includes a Formula One World Championship and wins at the Indianapolis 500, Daytona 500 and Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

On March 5, 1977, the Dial-a-President radio program, featuring President Jimmy Carter and CBS news anchorman Walter Cronkite, airs for the first time. Carter answered calls from all over the country from his desk in the Oval Office. Some 9 million calls flooded the CBS radio studio during the two-hour broadcast.

• You may recall a set of four commemorative snowflake stamps in 2006. The four stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Service used four original photographs taken by Dr. Libbrecht. The photos were taken in Fairbanks, Alaska,

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1. Joni Mitchell, in 1970. The song has been covered by dozens of others, and was in the soundtrack of the movie “Two Weeks Notice” in 2002. 2. Released by the Chambers Brothers in 1968, the song was 11 minutes long. 3. “Best of My Love” (1974), “One of These Nights” (1975) and “New Kid in Town” (1976). 4. The song was first released in 1970 by The Chairmen of the Board, a Detroit soul group. More recently Kylie Minogue covered the song for a watch commercial. 5. All were B-side songs, throwaways, not expected to do well. 6. Off to join the circus.

On March 3, 1887, Anne Sullivan begins teaching 6-year-old Helen Keller, who lost her sight and hearing after a severe illness at the age of 19 months. Under Sullivan’s tutelage, Keller flourished, eventually graduating from college and becoming an international lecturer and activist.

On March 4, 1966, a John Lennon quotation that was ignored in England sets off a media frenzy in America: “We’re more popular than Jesus now.” Bible Belt disc jockeys declared Lennon’s remarks blasphemous and vowed an eternal ban on all Beatles music, past, present and future.

• Kenneth Libbrecht, professor of physics at Caltech in Pasadena, California, has a website that shows diagrams of the 35 most common types of snowflakes. The website, snowcrystals. com, has some interesting facts and figures and even information on some great places for snowflake touring.

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Tidbits of Port Coquitlam

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Sports Quiz Answers 1. Mike Morgan and Ron Villone. 2. Felipe Alou and Phil Roof. 3. Five -- Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, Colorado and Texas A&M. 4. The Boston Celtics, 195355. 5. Ron Murphy, in 1955. 6. American Rulon Gardner. 7. Y.E. Yang.

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Tidbits of Port Coquitlam

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top ten Top 10 Pop Singles

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1. Wiz Khalifa “Black and Yellow” 2. Bruno Mars “Grenade” 3. Katy Perry “Firework” 4. Pink “Perfect” 5. Dr. Dre ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey “I Need a Doctor” 6. Enrique Iglesias ft. Ludacris & DJ Frank E “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)” 7. FarEast Movement ft. Ryan Tedder “Rocketeer” 8. Rihanna feat. Drake “What’s My Name?” 9. Pitbull feat. T-Pain “Hey Baby (Drop It to The Floor)” 10. Britney Spears “Hold It Against Me”

Top 10 Albums

1. Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday” 2. Red “Until We Have Faces” 3. Ricky Martin “Musica + Alma + Sexo” 4. Bruno Mars “Doo-Wops & Hooligans” 5. Rihanna “Loud” 6. Kidz Bop Kids “Kids Bop 19” 7. Jason Aldean “My Kinda Party” 8. Taylor Swift “Speak Now” 9. P!nk “Greatest Hits ... So Far!!!” 10. Eminem “Recovery”

Top 10 Hot Country Singles

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1. Chris Young “Voices” 2. Kenny Chesney “Somewhere With You” 3. Luke Bryan “Someone Else Calling You Baby” 4. Blake Shelton “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking” 5. Keith Urban “Put You In a Song” 6. Brad Paisley “This Is Country Music” 7. Taylor Swift “Back To December” 8. Jason Aldean with Kelly Clarkson “Don’t You Wanna Stay” 9. Billy Currington “Let Me Down Easy” 10. Tim McGraw “Felt Good On My Lips”

Top 10 DVD Rentals


What s Happening!

1. Red (PG-13) Bruce Willis 2. Secretariat (PG) Diane Lane 3. The Social Network (PG-13) Jesse Eisenberg 4. Takers (PG-13) Chris Brown 5. Let Me In (R) Kodi-Smit McPhee 6. Conviction (R) Hilary Swank 7. Dinner for Schmucks (PG-13) Steve Carrell 8. The Town (R) Ben Affleck 9. Inception (PG-13) Leonardo Di Caprio 10. Open Season 3 (PG-13) (animated)

Top 10 Movies

The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre Jan 7 - Mar 6, 2011 Viva Las Vegas 2616 Shaughnessy Street Ph 604-944-4453

Jelly Bean Dance Feb 25,6:15-9:15pm Hyde Creek Rec Ctr, 1379 Laurier Ave 604.927.7946

Smart Growth Committee

Sunday Coffee Concert

4:30pm, February 24, 2011 Heritage Room, 3rd Floor, City Hall 604.927.5442

The Gospel Experience Feb 27 1:30pm Terry Fox Theatre 604.927.8440

2011 Inline Hockey - Register Now! Games : May 6, 20, 27, June 3, 10, 24 REGISTER 12-16yrs: Phone 604 927 7970

Social Inclusion Committee Tuesday, March 1 3:30 PM Heritage Room, City Hall 604.927.5442

1. Just Go With It (PG-13) Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston 2. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (G) Justin Bieber, Usher 3. Gnomeo & Juliet (G) animated 4. The Eagle (PG-13) Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell 5. The Roommate (PG-13) Leighton Mester, Minka Kelly 6. The King’s Speech (R) Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter 7. No Strings Attached (R) Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher 8. Sanctum (R) Alice Parkinson, Richard Roxburgh 9. True Grit (PG-13) Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld 10. The Green Hornet (PG-13) Seth Rogen, Jay Chou (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

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