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Food Allergies and Your Gut!

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By Dr. Greg Fors, DC Board-certified Neurologist

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Allergies have become widespread in developed countries: asthma, hay fever, eczema, hives and food allergies are all increasingly prevalent. A generation ago only 10 percent of the Western population suffered from allergies, but now it has tripled to over 30 percent and one out of 10 children are asthmatic. Not only are allergies becoming much more prevalent but also their severity is increasing, the mortality rate for asthma increased 28% between 1980 and 1994. Many individuals have one or more foods that they are allergic or sensitive to and their body does not function well when they eat these foods. Food allergies and sensitivities occur when your immune system mistakenly identifies a normally harmless substance and tags it as an invader, as it does to bacteria or viruses. Your immune system then attacks this substance the same way it would attack any invader. When your immune system chronically attacks an invader, it has side effects. It can cause aches, pains, fatigue, brain fog, mood and behavioral problems. Think about the symptoms you experienced when you last had the flu. Many of the symptoms were caused by your own immune system and not the bacteria or virus. Symptoms of food allergies and sensitivities are varied. Conditions very commonly caused by food allergies and sensitivities are chronic muscle ache and pains, chronic fatigue, low energy, mood disorders, premenstrual syndrome, chronic and recurrent infections. Research is now connecting food allergies and sensitivities even to behavioral and learning disorders, ADHD and even autism. With food allergies and sensitivities gastrointestinal symptoms are quite common. The primary GI symptoms of food allergies and food sensitivities are bloating, gas, abdominal pain and discomfort, nausea and heartburn. I find in my practice that the vast majority of individuals being treated with medications for gastrointestinal problems such as reflux, GERD, IBS, IBD have undiagnosed food allergies or food sensitivities. Primarily there are two types of immune system reactions which can cause typical food allergy reactions, IgE and IgG. IgE reactions are very quick usually in 2 hours or less and therefore easier to identify. If you eat a strawberry and your throat swells up from an IgE reaction it's easy to identify your allergy. On the other hand IgG food allergic reactions can take up to 48 to 72 hours to occur and are known as the ‘hidden food allergies’. Therefore, IgG food allergy reactions are more difficult to figure out on your own. For example you may have no symptoms from an IgG food allergy reaction for about 12 hours, followed by a full day of pain, fatigue and depression. Undiagnosed food sensitivities are also a common trigger for a wide range of physical and emotional disorders. Instead of IgE or IgG antibody reactions, food sensitivities are usually mediated by physiological responses to the offending foods and are usually undetectable by lab tests. Some experts have estimated that as many as 60% of the population suffers from undetected food sensitivities. When a food is not properly digested, the intestines can become irritated or even inflamed. Because of this, the lining of the gastrointestinal tract can eventually develop little openings that partially digested food can pass through. This is referred to as "leaky gut syndrome." When these particles enter the bloodstream, the body's immune system recognizes them as foreign and attacks them. Thus, a complex immune response is initiated at this point that may not involve IgE or IgG antibodies. In my upcoming seminars I will explain why many individuals food allergies and food sensitivities go undiagnosed causing them to continue to suffer with multiple health problems. I will discuss the various means utilized in functional medicine to properly diagnose food allergies and sensitivities. I will also explain how food allergies affect your overall health as well as your thyroid function. Due the high demand and sensitivity of this information, seating for these thyroid seminars is limited. It will be held on Monday September 30th 7 to 8 PM at the Pain and Brain Healing Center in Blaine and Wednesday October 2nd 6:30 to 7:30 PM at the Northtown library in Blaine. Please call 763-862-7100 to reserve a seat today and directions for each location! Dr. Greg Fors, D.C. is a Board-certified Neurologist (IBCN), certified in Applied Herbal Sciences (NWHSU) and acupuncture. Trained through the Autism Research Institute he is a registered Defeat Autism Now! Doctor. As the clinic director of the Pain and Brain Healing Center in Blaine Minnesota he specializes in a functional medicine approach to fibromyalgia, fatigue, food allergies, hypothyroidism, depression, autism and ADHD. If you have any questions or comments regarding this article you can contact Dr. Fors at 763-862-7100 He is a sought after international lecturer for various post graduate departments and state associations. Dr. Fors is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “Why We Hurt” available through booksellers everywhere.

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near Houston as it prepares to land, killing 14 people. Short of workers, an inspector had been drafted to assist the afternoon maintenance crew. The inspector worked on putting the screws on the plane’s horizontal stabilizer, but did not finish the job.

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BIRDS AND THE BEES (continued) • To safeguard your home from woodpeckers, consider the reasons these creatures peck. The fast drumming by the male is an attempt to attract a mate and announce to other males in the area that this is his territory. He usually chooses a hollow branch for this purpose, but will opt for a house’s gutter or loose siding. They also peck searching for insects. If you see holes in your siding, you could very well have insects living in the boards that the bird found. Your siding is also an attractive place for a nest, and it’s nothing for the woodpecker to drill a hole large enough for entry. It can be beneficial to install a nest box on the side of your house or fence to keep them from pecking into the siding. • The woodpecker has a very thick skull and a builtin “shock-absorber systemâ€? in its neck and rib cage to withstand the constant pounding. • Filling up your birdbath today? The Audubon Society recommends a depth of about 2 ½ inches (6.3 cm). Any less makes it too difficult for the bird, and deeper water frightens them. • Not every group of birds is called a flock. A group of pelicans is known as a squadron. Other unusual group names include a charm of hummingbirds, a tiding of magpies, a muster of peacocks, a conspiracy of ravens, a bouquet of pheasants, a murmuration of starlings, and a murder of crows. • It’s a long trip south every year for the North American Black Warbler, a small bird about 6 in. (14 cm) long, weighing only 0.39 oz. (11 g). Every year, it migrates a distance of nearly 2,500 miles (4,023 km) that is covered in a non-stop flight that takes close to 90 hours. They accomplish this by doubling their body mass as migration time nears. The warbler’s average speed on the journey is 27 mph (43 km/hr). • West Baden Springs, Indiana was the birthplace

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â–ş On Sept. 14, 1901, U.S. President William McKinley dies after being shot twice by a deranged anarchist. One bullet deflected off a suit button, but the other entered his stomach, passed through the kidneys and lodged in his back. When he was operated on, doctors failed to find the bullet, and gangrene soon spread throughout his body.

â–ş On Sept. 22, 1554, Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez Coronado, his health badly deteriorated from injuries and the toll of his strenuous travels, dies. Coronado explored much of the southwestern United States, but never found the fabled Seven Cities of Gold he had sought for decades, and died believing that he had been a shameful â–ş On Sept. 15, 1935, German Jews are failure. stripped of their citizenship, reducing them to mere “subjectsâ€? of the state. â–ş On Sept. 16, 1893, the largest German Jews were excluded from a land run in history begins with more host of high-profile vocations, from than 100,000 people pouring into the public office to journalism, radio, Cherokee Strip of Oklahoma to claim theater, film and teaching -- even valuable land that had once belonged farming. Jews found it difficult to buy to Native Americans. With a single shot food, as stores would not admit Jewish from a pistol, the mad dash began. customers. â–ş On Sept. 20, 1960, California hot â–ş On Sept. 9, 1942, in the first and rodder Mickey Thompson takes another only air attack on the U.S. mainland shot at the world land-speed record. in the war, a Japanese floatplane drops Although he only managed to coax his incendiary bombs on Oregon’s Mount streamlined Challenger up to about 378 Emily, setting fire to a state forest. The mph on his first run and 368 mph on president immediately called for a news the second, his speedy trips across the Bonneville Salt Flats won worldwide blackout for the sake of morale. fame for the car and its driver. â–ş On Sept. 10, 1977, at Baumetes Prison in Marseille, France, Hamida â–ş On Sept. 18, 1974, actress Doris Djandoubi, a Tunisian immigrant Day, one of the biggest box office draws convicted of murder, becomes the of the 1950s and ‘60s, wins a $22.8 last person executed by guillotine. In million malpractice suit against her 1981, France abandoned the guillotine former lawyer. After the death of her third husband, Martin Melcher, in 1968, forever. she discovered that her $20 million in â–ş On Sept. 11, 1991, a Continental life savings had disappeared. Express commuter plane crashes (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

of a very famous Bird muscles to accomplish this task. Contrary to popular who migrated to Boston, belief, not every bee dies when it stings. Honeybees, Massachusetts in 1979. The whose stingers have barbs or hooks, die after stinging 6’ 9â€? tall (2.1 m) Bird, also because as the bee tries to fly away, part of the abdomen called a Larry Bird, played gets caught and is ripped away. Bumblebees have his entire basketball career smooth stingers that do not get caught in the victim’s with the Boston Celtics, skin, enabling them to fly away and sting again. leading them to three NBA • Back in 1985, a Virginia man named Jed Shaner set championships. He was also a world record by piling 42 lbs. (19 kg.) of bees on his a 12-time NBA All-Star and body. But that wasn’t enough for this third-generation league MVP three times. After participating on the 1992 Olympic “Dream Team,â€? beekeeper. Two months later, he upped the amount to the Bird retired as a player and entered into coaching. 48 lbs. (21.8 kg.), then followed up six years later with • There are about 20,000 different species of bees in the an astounding 80 lbs. (36.3 kg.) – about 640,000 bees world. Bumblebees pollinate crops and plants, while – several inches thick covering his body. He missed his honeybees produce honey from the pollen and nectar of goal of 100 lbs. (45.4 kg.), and although he endured the plants they pollinate. A honeybee’s wings flap at the several stings, said, “It’s not as bad as you think.â€? That’s rate of 11,000 times per minute, producing that familiar what he thinks! buzzing sound. • Three types of bees occupy each colony – the queen, the worker bee, and the drone. All drones are male in Ham Lake and their only job is to mate with the queen. Female bees are the only ones that work, collecting pollen and nectar and cleaning the hive. The queen’s only job is to lay eggs, and she can lay about 3,000 eggs in one day. Only the queen bee can reproduce and all worker bees are sterile. • One tablespoon of honey requires the nectar of about 2,000 flowers. One pound of honey is produced by 550 bees collecting nectar from 2.5 million flowers. A typical honeybee can carry the pollen from 500 flowers in one trip. Fully Equipped Electric Kitchen w/self Cleaning Oven • Washer • If you think poisonous snakes & Dryer • Cable TV and Computer Hook-ups • Individually are deadly, consider the fact that Controlled Central Heating & Air • Community Gathering bees kill more people annually than snakes. Of all deaths caused by Room with a Golf Course Patio • Exercise Room & Library animals, bee stings rank highest, causing 75% of those deaths compared to about 5% for snakes. • The stinger on the average bumblebee is .3125 of an inch (7.9 mm) long. Bees store their venom in a sac attached to the stinger. Only Independent Living for Seniors the female bee stings, and uses 21

Ages 55 +

13633 Van Buren Street NE

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The Beginner A retiree was given a set of golf clubs by his co-workers. Thinking he'd try the game, he asked the local pro for lessons, explaining that he knew nothing whatever of the game. The pro showed him the stance and swing, then said, "Just hit the ball toward the flag on the first green." The novice teed up and smacked the ball straight down the fairway and onto the green, where it stopped inches from the hole. "Now what?" the fellow asked the speechless pro. After he was able to speak again the pro finally said, "Uh... you're supposed to hit the ball into the cup." "Oh great! NOW you tell me," said the beginner in a disgusted tone.

Tidbits continues its examination of the 1956 Jewel Akens song by moving on to “the flowers and the trees.” • Of the more than 250,000 species of flowering plants in the world, 15,000 of them are roses. About 10% of flowering plants in the United States are considered endangered, including the state flower of Minnesota, the pink and white lady slipper. This rare wildflower can take up to 16 years to produce its first flower, and it’s illegal to pick them. • The world’s largest flower, the titan arums, has blossoms 10 feet high (3.0 m) and 3 feet (0.9 m) across that weigh nearly 36 lbs. (16.3 kg). What a shame its nickname is the “stinking corpse lily,” because its flowers smell of rotten meat and decaying flesh! This is to attract flies, which are the flower’s pollinators. • Beware of outward appearances! The lovely Venus Fly Trap is really a carnivorous plant that receives nutrition from eating insects. Its thick leaves are covered with small hairs that snap together less than one second after an insect lands on the hairs. Likewise, the beautiful foxglove produces a toxin that can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, and even death. Yet it is also used for medicinal purposes in the drug Digitalis for the treatment of certain heart diseases. • If you want something done, do it yourself! According to a survey conducted among florists, 15% of American women send flowers to themselves for Valentine’s Day. It’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day is the number one holiday for florists, representing one-third of all fresh flower

purchases and 40% of dollar volume for the entire year. • The Redwood National Park is home to some real giants, including the world’s largest living tree, nicknamed Hyperion, which stands 378.1 feet (115 m) tall. Just a bit shorter is Helios at 376.3 feet (114.7 m), and third tallest, Icarus, at 371.2 feet (113 m). The General Sherman, another giant redwood sequoia, reaches a height of 275 feet (84 m), but its girth is the amazing figure. It measures 25 ft. (8 m) and has an estimated weight of 4 million lbs. (1,814,369 kg.) • A Bristlecone pine tree named Methuselah located in California’s White Mountains is thought to be the world’s oldest tree, estimated to be 4,650 years old. • A tree’s age can be accurately determined to the exact calendar year by its number of growth rings. The size of the ring can be affected by environmental events, such as temperature, water availability, nutrition in the soil, and even volcanic eruptions. • Did you know that you can increase your property value just by planting trees? Realtors tell us that houses surrounded by trees typically sell for 1825% higher than those houses with no trees. Shade trees can make a building up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer, and heating and air conditioning costs can be reduced by 30% by having trees around a building. Trees are also beneficial by acting as sound barriers to cut down on noise pollution. • Studies indicate that hospital patients whose window faces trees heal faster, use fewer painkillers, and leave the hospital sooner than those whose window faces a brick wall. Research also suggests that workers are more productive when they can see trees from their office window.

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▲ “Old suitcases (hard-sided ones) are really fun holders for craft supplies. You can use hook and loop tape to secure smaller containers to the inside lining. This has worked well for my scrapbooking supplies. They are easy to carry from room to room.” -- L.A. in Georgia ▲ If you have too many suds in the sink (or the tub), try pouring salt on the suds. They die down and can be washed away without creating more suds. ▲ “We attached an over-the-door plastic shoe organizer to the back of our pantry door. The slots that are reachable by the kids hold healthy, single-serving snacks for the morning, to include in lunches or for after-school snacking. It’s easy and the kids have choices!” -- M.M. in West Virginia

▲ “I purchased a medium-size colander with a handle at the dollar store. I have it ▲ Dirty candles can be cleaned up quickly with a leg of pantyhose. Slip the candle hanging on a hook in the kids’ bathtub. It’s much easier for them to scoop toys out of the water, and more fun, too, I think.” -- A.C. in Nebraska in the hose, rub the outside of the candle and release. ▲ “Rub banana on CDs with scratches. Wipe excess off with a soft towel, and make ▲ Need to clean your iron? Scrub the face with salt. Then heat it and run the iron sure all of the banana is gone before you put it in your player. It usually does the over the salt. I pour the salt on foil for even more heat effect. trick for me.” -- E. in Maine Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box ▲ You can use a coffee filter to clean the screen of your television. It’s not scratchy, 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 or e-mail JoAnn at and it’s non-static. Be sure not to press down hard into today’s screens. And use only approved cleaners for your flat-screen and plasma television sets. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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age 17. By 24, she had founded her own school. A few years later, she temporarily left the field to pursue writing and language CLARA BARTON classes at a New York college. The name of Clara Barton might not be • After completion of her further familiar to some, but her accomplishments education, Clara opened another school, live on throughout the world today. The which rapidly grew to 600 attendees American Red Cross has provided under her leadership. When the school compassionate care to millions around board chose a man over her to head the the world during times of disaster, as well school, her career took another route. as support to the families of the members Clara accepted a job in Washington, D.C. of our armed services. Follow the life of as a clerk in the U.S. Patent Office, the first this courageous woman who founded this woman to receive a significant clerkship with the federal government. organization. • Born in 1821, by the age of four, • It was during her time in Washington Clara was reading and spelling complicated that the Civil War broke out. Troops poured words. It was no surprise that she was into the capital city, and Clara began already a Massachusetts school teacher at offering assistance to hungry and wounded servicemen. She campaigned Created Local - Buy Local for donations for bedding, Italian Fountains clothing, LLC and medical “Custom & Unique Concrete Products ” supplies. Visit Having always had Planters Fountains an instinctual Statues Urns feel for Bird Baths Lighting nursing, having cared for her seriously-ill brother for two years Outdoor Showroom Come Visit & Explore! 8-4:30pm M-F when she 11840 243rd Ave NW Call 763-856-0760 was just 11, Zimmerman or 612-839-6540 she began After Hours South Hwy 169 caring for A premier supplier of concrete water fountains, urns, planters, statues, bird baths, landscape lighting, or other outdoor sculptures for your landscaping needs. Custom design and manufacturing is done at our facilities in Zimmerman. the wounded, traveling o s e Al ailabl Great Indoor and Outdoor Products to the battlefields. Av GREAT • As the PRODUCTS battles raged, Campfire Rings - Here you will find the best campfire rings. she drove Handicap height and large ring sizes available. Add our Storage Cutting Boards wagons to cast iron grates & covers too. the sites Fish Cutting Boards - Easy to clean up with this unique Fire Rings loaded with product. The Clean Covers & Big Game Cleaning Boards fit supplies, various size storage containers and most kitchen sinks. earning her Picnic Tables - Our tables are Kids Play Houses the name designed with extended table top ends for additional seat“Angel of the More Products & Descriptions ing for wheelchairs. online at Handicap Fire Rings Too Battlefield.” Docks - Aluminium docks with cedar decking that have She was a wheels for easy roll in to your lake. Custom sections are nurse, a cook, available as well. and source Kids Play House - Quality build for your child. of comfort, Storage Sheds - Hand made in reading to Zimmerman and feature quality through out. Stop by soldiers, and check them out! writing Shop local online at Custom or letters for Modular Dock Questions? Contact us! Sections modular aluminum docks them, and 612-803-4153 Available with wood decking offering a FAMOUS WOMEN OF THE WORLD:

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sympathetic ear. • As the war drew to a close, Clara began working diligently to identify 13,000 of the prisoners who had died in the legendary Andersonville Confederate prison camp and marking their graves. Following her efforts, thousands of letters began pouring in asking for her help in locating missing loved ones. Over the next four years, Clara operated the Office of Correspondence with Friends of the Missing Men of the U.S. Army, answering over 63,000 letters, and identifying more than 22,000 men. The Red Cross’ tracing service had its roots in Clara’s activity, helping million locate missing loved ones over the decades. • Visiting Switzerland after the war, Clara learned of the European Red Cross effort, and upon her return to the States, rallied supporters to establish an American organization. She led the group for the next 23 years, expanding the function to disaster relief, assisting victims of a destructive Michigan forest fire as the first official project. She and 50 volunteers were the first relief workers at the site of the devastating 1889 Johnstown, Pennsylvania flood, which claimed over 2,000 lives. Her final project was providing relief to survivors of a hurricane and tidal wave that struck Galveston, Texas in 1900, causing more than 6,000 deaths. Clara was 79 years old. She retired from the Red Cross in 1904, and passed away eight years later. Born on Christmas Day, 1821, she died on Good Friday, 1912.

King Kong

is a giant ape, the last member of his species (Megaprimatus Kong). They are not native to Skull Island, but it is presumed that the species Gigantopithecus, a prehistoric gorilla that was bigger than modern apes, came to the island via an ancient land bridge linked to Asia. This of course happened many thousands of years


Megaprimatus' appearance was like that of an ordinary gorilla, except they were much larger and stronger, regularly growing to heights of over 18-25 feet. As in most gorillas, their fur was a dark black, with the hair on the heads and backs of the older males turning greyish-silver, hence the term 'silverback'. As do all gorillas, these creatures also walk when their knuckles are assisting them. Since they are required to support weight worth tons, these knuckles are extremely durable and thick, having the ability to stand almost any pressure. Behavior: Based on the habits of other apes, it can be presumed that Megaprimatus lived in small family groups, with females and their young guarded by the much larger males. They would live where food was plentiful, venturing down from the uplands and entering the jungles, to feed on the wide range of lush plants. Megaprimatus would feed on fruit, shoots and leaves of all kinds. Their communication was like that of smaller gorillas, using vocalizations such as grunts and roars. Posturing and body language were used as well, as to intimidate rivals and frighten enemies. Predators: Megaprimatus had many foes. Vastatosaurus rex was a mortal enemy, as were Venatosaurs, Foetodon and Terapusmordax. These were a constant threat to the young. Full-grown male Megaprimatus were equal matches for any V-rex, though the largest V-rexes would have been determined to kill the young. While the V-rex had the advantage of massive-bone crushing jaws and armored skin, Megaprimatus had the advantage of their intelligence, massive strength and grasping hands. They could use primitive tools such as logs and boulders against threats, and could grapple, render and bite, and, if given the option, even break necks and skulls. The young of both species were in constant danger from the adults, as the killing of a young Megaprimatus or young V-rex would eliminate future threats. Neither would allow the other on their territory under any circumstances, and fights were usually brief since they used intimidation. If the stakes got high enough, it would be a bloodbath. The smaller predators, Venatosaurus and Foetodon, were not as large but were just as dangerous, even though Venatosaurs packs and groups of Foetodon were much easier to fend off and kill. Like other gorillas, Megaprimatus also had to fight off other Megaprimatus, especially the males.

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Hong Kong --

is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China, the other being Macau. It is situated on China's south coast and, enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea. It is known for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbour. With a land mass of 1,104 km2 (426 sq mi) and a population of seven million people, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. It's population is 93.6% ethnic (the Han Chinese majority originate mainly from the cities of Guangzhou and Taishan in the neighbouring Guangdong province.) Hong Kong became a colony of the British Empire after the First Opium War (1839–42). Originally confined to Hong Kong Island, the colony's boundaries were extended in stages to the Kowloon Peninsula in 1860 and then the New Territories in 1898. It was occupied by Japan during the Pacific War (1941–45), after which the British resumed control until 1997, when China regained sovereignty. The region espoused minimum government intervention under the ethos of positive non-interventionism during the colonial era and this time period greatly influenced the current culture of Hong Kong, often described as "East meets West" as well as the the educational system, which used to loosely follow the system in England until reforms were implemented in 2009. Under the principle of "one country, two systems", Hong Kong has a different political system from mainland China. It's independent judiciary functions under the common law framework. Hong Kong Basic Law and constitution stipulates that it shall have a "high degree of autonomy" in all matters except foreign relations and military defence and it governs its political system. Although it has a burgeoning multi-party system, a small-circle electorate controls half of its legislature. The head of the government, Chief Executive of Hong Kong is chosen by an Election Committee of 400 to 1,200 members, a situation that will be in effect during the first 20 years of Chinese rule. As one of the world's leading international financial centres, Hong Kong has a major capitalist service economy characterised by low taxation, and free trade. The Hong Kong dollar is the eighth most traded currency in the world.

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Lack of space caused demand for denser constructions, which developed the city to a centre for modern architecture and the world's most vertical city.The dense space also led to a highly developed transportation network with the public transport travelling rate exceeding 90 percent, the highest in the world. Hong Kong has numerous high international rankings in various aspects. For instance, it has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, along with economic freedom, financial and economic competitiveness, and a high quality of life. Human Development Index are all ranked highly. Hong Kong also had the longest life expectancy of any region in the world in 2012 and boasts the highest average IQ score in 81 countries around the world.

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Pretty Clever Signage

************************** In a Veterinarian's waiting room: "Be back in 5 minutes. Sit! Stay!" Sign over a Gynecologist's Office: ************************** "Dr. Jones, at your cervix." At the Electric Company ************************** "We would be delighted if you send in your In a Podiatrist's office: payment. "Time wounds all heels." However, if you don't, you will be." ************************** ************************** On a Septic Tank Truck: In a Restaurant window: Yesterday's Meals on Wheels "Don't stand there and be hungry; ************************** come on in and get fed up." At an Optometrist's Office: ************************** "If you don't see what you're looking for, In the front yard of a Funeral Home: you've come to the right place." "Drive carefully. We'll wait." ************************** ************************** On a Plumber's truck: At a Propane Filling Station: "We repair what your husband fixed." "Thank heaven for little grills." ************************** ************************** On another Plumber's truck: And don't forget the sign at a "Don't sleep with a drip. Call your plumber." CHICAGO RADIATOR SHOP: ************************** "Best place in town to take a leak." At a Tire Shop in Milwaukee : ************************** "Invite us to your next blowout." And the best one for last............ ************************** Sign on the back of another Septic Tank Truck: At a Towing company: "We don't charge an arm and a leg. We want tows." "Caution - This Truck is full of Political Promises" ************************** "Do not regret growing older. On an Electrician's truck: It is a privilege denied to many." "Let us remove your shorts." ************************** In a Non-smoking Area: "If we see smoke, we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action." ************************** "It's just too hot to wear clothes today," On a Maternity Room door: A wife, one evening, drew her husband's "Push. Push. Push." Jack says as he stepped out of the attention to the couple next door and ************************** shower. "Honey, what do you think the said, "Do you see that couple and how At a Car Dealership: neighbors would think if I mowed the devoted they are? He kisses her every "The best way to get back on your feet -miss a car lawn like this?" time they meet. Why don't you do that?" payment." ************************** "I would love to," replied the husband. "Probably that I married you for your Outside a Muffler Shop: "But, I don't know her well enough." money," she replied. "No appointment necessary. We hear you coming."

of Him

and Her

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************************ Thought for the Day: “For centuries, theologians have been explaining the unknowable in terms of the-notworth-knowing.” -- Henry Louis Mencken

● It’s traditional in Germany to shatter lots of dishes before a couple gets married. The couple, of course, has to work together to clean up the mess.


Old Comic Books, Hunting & Fishing

Silver Coins 1964 & Older, Kennedy Clad Half Dollars (1965-1970), Silver Dollars - Morgan & Peace Dollars, Certified Coins: PCGS,ANC,NGC

Buying All Types of Coins

Assisted Living, Inc.


Established in 1995

Whispering Pines

Private Pay & Accepting Long Term Care Insurance No minimum stay required.

Includes all services of our full time clients.

Evenings, Weekends & Holidays

Respite Care Available


Visit our website at

For more information or to set up a tour, please call:

• Laundry • Bathing • Dressing • Grooming • Special Diets & Diabetic Management • Bathroom Assistance • Beautician Available

• Three Meals a Day • 24 Hour Emergency Service • Medication Set-up & Reminders • Full-time Activity Program • Medical Appt. Set-up & Follow-up • Transportation Set-up & Assistance • Housekeeping • Cable TV

The Cypress Manor “Professional Care in a Family Like Environment”

Give yourselves a break this year. Let Your loved ones become part of our family.

● Those who study such things say that whale songs rhyme.

● The next time you make a family trip to Yellowstone National Park, keep in mind that as you walk through the seemingly peaceful scenery and view the iconic geysers, you’re actually walking on top of a supervolcano. Just 5 miles beneath the surface is a giant magma chamber, 37 miles long and 25 miles wide.

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Linda Hopkins, Atty. 651-481-0177


20 yrs experience as an attoney in disability claims, and a former decision writer for the SSA Office of Disability Appeals.

Caregivers -


elp an H


...should not be another hardship

Basic Services:

● If you’re like 98 percent of Americans, you think you’re a better driver than everyone else on the road.


We Also Specialize in


13838 Aberdeen St. Ham Lake


Carppett • Lux Carp Ca Lux uxur uryy Vi ur Viny nyyl • Wo Woodd • Po Porcelelilin Porc in • Til Tililee Mohawk Smartstrand, Shaw Anso-Caress, & More


● The last country in the world to get telephones was the South Asian nation of Bhutan, and both television and the Internet were banned there until 1999. Incidentally, Bhutan also is the only nation in the world in which the well-being of the citizens is so important that the government measures the country’s Gross National Happiness.

● You might be surprised to learn that Spanish moss is not actually a moss; it’s a cousin of the pineapple.

● Food trucks are rapidly gaining popularity all over the country, both at fairs and at stand-alone food-truck bazaars. You might be surprised to learn that the origin of the food truck goes all the way back to 1872. At that time, in Providence, R.I., all the restaurants closed at 8 every night, leaving factory workers who got off late without a place to eat. At the time, a man named Walter Scott (obviously not Sir Walter Scott) was working as a pushcart peddler, selling odds and ends out of a glorified wheelbarrow. Like a true American entrepreneur, Scott saw a need and moved to fill it. He put a small stove in a horse-drawn wagon and began roaming the streets late at night, selling sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs and coffee. His success spurred imitators, and soon the city was teeming with the “after-hours lunchwagons.”

● You might be surprised to learn that there is a world record for the tallest recorded hairdo. Even more surprising is the fact that the record-holder’s beehive measured a whopping 6 feet, 6 inches tall.

● Did you ever wonder why pirates often had pierced ears? It seems that the belief at the time was that wearing an earring improved eyesight.

by Samantha Weaver


email resume to: or Call: 763-421-2219 EOE

Initial Basic Requirements ● No bus driving experience necessary, we will train you to get a CDL ● Valid drivers license, minimum of 3 yrs driving experience, be at least 21 years of age. ● Be able to pass a background screening and drug test

Up to $18.50 + Available Bonuses*

Competitive Hourly Wages

11 Metro Locations

Now Hiring School Bus Drivers


Befor Be oree iti’s ’ go gonne!!

For More Info

Cal Ca a l Now ow

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Back in 1965, Jewel Akens had a Billboard top hit and gold record with “Let Me Tell You about the Birds and the Bees.” This week, Tidbits brings you a variety of facts about these creatures. • Out of close to 10,000 varieties of birds, the largest is the African ostrich, with an average height of 8 ft. (2.44 m). This flightless bird weighs between 220 and 350 lbs. (100 to 160 kg.). It has the largest eye of any land animal, measuring almost 2 inches (5 cm) across. An ostrich egg measures nearly 7 inches (17.8 cm) across and weighs around 4 lbs. (1.8 kg), enough to make about 11 omelets. • A cheetah can run at speeds up to 70 mph (113 km/hr), but it’s not the fastest animal on Earth. A spine-tailed swift can fly at speeds of 106 mph (171 km/hr), but one bird is even faster. The peregrine falcon can reach 200 mph (320 km/hr) as it dives down while hunting prey. The fastest bird on land is the ostrich, who can hustle along at 43 mph (69 km/hr). • The world’s smallest bird is the bee hummingbird, just a bit more than 2 inches (5 cm) in size, and weighing .07 of an ounce (1.8 g), about as much as a lump of sugar. Native to Cuba, this tiny creature can flap its wings between 50 and 80 times per second.

by Kathy Wolfe


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