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as Day is ary 29th

United Nations Day is October 24th


October 17, 2012

Issue 61

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TIDBITS® DELIVERS INFO ABOUT OCTOBER CELEBRATIONS by Kathy Wolfe There is something for just about everyone during the month of October. Take a look at several things to celebrate this month. • October was officially declared National Popcorn Poppin’ Month in 1999 by thenSecretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman. Popcorn is a member of the maize family along with five other types of corn – pod, sweet, flour, dent, and flint. However, only popcorn pops. A kernel has the potential to pop up to 3 feet (.9 meter) in the air. A cup of air-popped popcorn is definitely your best choice – this snack has just 31 calories,


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oil. Lightly butter that cup of popcorn and the count zooms up to 133 calories. • Undomesticated feral hogs have made such a name for themselves that October has been proclaimed Feral Hog Month, also called Hog

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Out Month. Feral hogs are much meaner than farmyard hogs and are well-adapted to living in the wild. These tusked pests destroy millions and are also carriers of cholera, tuberculosis, salmonella, and anthrax. There are more than 500,000 wild hogs in Florida, and a staggering 2.6 million in the state of Texas. Many states

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Tidbits® of Salina OCTOBER CELEBRATIONS (continued): • Since there are more than 1,200 species of bats, perhaps they deserve some recognition. October is Bat Appreciation Month, honoring this group that comprises one-fifth of all mammals. Although to many, bats seem scary and creepy, they are vital to the ecosystem in controlling pests and participating in pollination. The bumblebee bat, the world’s smallest mammal, weighs less than a penny, while the largest bat has a six-foot (1.8-m) wingspan. Most bats feed on insects, with the average brown bat consuming up to 1,000 bugs in one hour. A very small percentage dine on fish, mice, and frogs. Out of the 1,200 species, just three are vampires, and all three are native only to Latin America. Although these blood drinkers are perceived as frightful, their saliva contains an enzyme that dissolves

1. ART: Where is the world-famous Prado museum located? 2. ANATOMY: Where are muscles known as triceps found in the body? 3. ADVERTISEMENTS: What breakfast cereal did Sonny the Cuckoo Bird promote? 4. NATURAL WORLD: Where would stalagmites be found in a natural cave formation? 5. GEOGRAPHY: Where was the ancient city of Persepolis located? 6. SCIENCE: What was the first elementary particle to be discovered? 7. MUSIC: What is the national anthem of Canada? 8. COMPUTERS: What does the acronym DOS stand for? 9. FAMOUS QUOTES: Who once said, “I worked my way up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.” 10. LANGUAGE: What is an atelier?

blood clots, beneficial in treating human stroke victims. Many people associate bats with rabies, but in the U.S., an average of only two people die per year from rabies from a bat. • It’s estimated that more than 20 million Americans are philatelists, that is, they collect stamps! Because it’s one of the world’s most popular hobbies, October is National Stamp Collecting Month. It’s unlikely there are many collectors who own any of the first two U.S. stamps ever printed, stamps featuring Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, in 1847. However, there were 120 million copies made of the most popular stamp, a 1993 stamp of Elvis Presley. Famous folks who have enjoyed this hobby include Franklin Roosevelt, Warren Buffet, James Earl Jones, James Michener, and John Lennon. • In 1983, President Ronald Reagan declared October as National Roller Skating Month. Although the first known roller skates were invented in the 1760s with a single line of wheels, James Plimpton is considered the “father of modern roller skating” due to his 1863 invention of a fourwheel skate. In 1935, a Chicago restaurant owner devised a scheme for a roller derby marathon. Fifty skaters teamed up in 25 male/female teams and took their starting positions in front of 20,000 fans

PHOTO: Bellamy Young Q: I watched the season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” and saw that Mark Sloan died. Did the person who played him die in real life? I noticed at the end they gave a birth year and a death year. -- Wayne M., via e-mail A: Eric Dane, who played the medical drama’s Dr. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan since the show’s second season, is alive and well, unlike his character. He currently is in preproduction on the feature film “Sweet Spot,” which also stars Salma Hayek and Kurt Russell. The film is about a former New York Yankees pitcher past his prime who tries to revive his career in the Mexican Baseball League, and will be released in 2013.

*** Q: I am so happy that “Scandal” was renewed and has started its second season. Can you please give me any spoilers for what’s coming up? -- Tina A., Hartford, Conn. A: If you’re familiar with Shonda Rimes’ other shows (“Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice”), you know you’re in for drama, for sure. I spoke with series star Bellamy Young (who plays first lady Mellie Grant), and she gave me a little tease of what to expect this year. “We’ll have government agents gone rogue, college students gone missing and sex scandals. Olivia will get more complicated this season, which is fun to watch because Kerry (Washington) does it so well. And it’s just so human. Mellie will get up to no good at all. But Shonda plays it very close to the vest with the story line. Getting the script for the next episode is a big deal. And we’re all texting each other: ?What page are you on?’ And it’s all so shocking! We all just can’t wait to see what’s next.” *** Q: I really like Sean Bean, especially in “Troy” and “Game of Thrones.” What else can I see him in? -- Helen S., Virginia Beach, Va. A: The British thespian, 53, first entered my radar when he played Bond bad guy Alec Trevelyan in 1995’s “GoldenEye.” He’s done tons of stuff before and since, but nowadays he is best known as the doomed Eddard Stark. Last season, he co-starred with Ashley Judd in “Missing,” and in 2010 he played Zeus in “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief,” and will reprise that role in next year’s “Sea of Monsters.” From 2008-2010, Sean played the title character in “Crusoe,” he tried to foil Nicolas Cage’s treasure hunt in 2004’s “National Treasure,” and he played Boromir in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The list goes on and on. *** Q: I think that Jimmy Kimmel did a bang-up job hosting the Emmy Awards. Any chance he’ll host the next Academy Awards ceremony? -- Bob K., via e-mail A: While Jimmy might have an Oscar-hosting gig in his future, the 85th annual Academy Awards ceremony, which will take place Feb. 24, will be hosted by “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or e-mail her at (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Steak With Relish Blasted with blazing-high heat and basted in butter, this aged, succulent strip steak brings chophouse authenticity to the table in 15 minutes. 2 tablespoons prepared horseradish, drained 1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon maple syrup Salt and pepper 1 Golden Delicious apple 1 Granny Smith apple 2 (each 12 ounces and 1 1/2-inch thick) strip loin steaks, preferably dry-aged 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 tablespoon butter or margarine 2 sprigs fresh thyme 1. Arrange oven rack in lowest position. Preheat oven to 450 F. 2. In medium bowl, combine horseradish, vinegar, lemon juice, syrup, 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper. Using large holes of box grater, grate apples; discard cores. Immediately stir apples into horseradish mixture. Set relish aside. 3. Heat 12-inch ovenproof skillet on high. Pat steaks dry with paper towels. Sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper to season both sides. Add oil to pan; swirl to coat bottom evenly. When oil shimmers and is almost smoking, add steaks. 4. Cook 2 minutes. With tongs, lift each steak from pan and put back down on same side. Cook 1 minute longer, then turn steaks over. Transfer to lowest rack of oven. Roast 4 minutes. 5. Carefully add butter and thyme to skillet. Baste steak with melted butter. Roast 2 to 3 minutes longer for medium-rare, or until desired doneness. 6. Remove pan from oven and baste again. Transfer steaks to cutting board and let rest 5 minutes. 7. Slice steaks against the grain at an angle. Spoon steak juices on top and serve with apple relish. Serves 4. Each serving: About 505 calories, 32g total fat (13g saturated), 102mg cholesterol, 585mg sodium, 17g total carbs, 3g dietary fiber, 35g protein. For thousands of triple-tested recipes, visit our website at

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For Advertising Call (785) 404-1000 CELEBRATIONS (continued): at the Chicago Coliseum. They were prepared for a 3,000-mile (4,828-km) jaunt around the track, the distance equivalent between San Diego and New York City. The marathon began on August 13 and wrapped up on September 22, with just nine teams finishing. Roller derbies became a craze, and before long, 50 major cities were hosting them before five million spectators. When World War II began, the majority of the skaters enlisted and the fad died down. •

It’s Spinach Lovers’ Month! This would be a

good time to reap the health benefits of this ironand nutrient-rich vegetable. This member of the goosefoot family (along with beets and Swiss chard) is a powerhouse of daily requirements, aiding in red blood cell production, bone strength, prevention of anemia, and slowing down damage to neurons in the brain. And because there are only seven calories in a cup of raw spinach, it’s also a

1. Hotel Transylvania (PG) animated 2. Looper (R) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis 3. End of Watch (R) Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena 4. Trouble With the Curve (PG-13) Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams 5. House at the End of the Street (PG-13) JenWANTnifer TO RUN YOUR OWN BUSI Lawrence, Elizabeth ShueNESS? Publish a Paper in YourBrittany Area 6. Pitch Perfect (PG-13) Anna Kendrick, If You Can Provide: Sales Experience · A Computer · Snow Desktop Publishing Software · A Reasonable Financial Investment 7. Finding Nemo (G) animated We provide the opportunity for success! 8. Resident Evil: Retribution (R) Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez 9. The Master (R) Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix 10. Won’t Back Down (PG) Viola Davis, Maggie Gyllenhaal

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great contribution to weight loss programs. Most of America’s spinach is grown in California and Texas. Crystal City, Texas makes the claim as the spinach capital of the world. In 1936, the community (present-day population 7,200) established its first annual spinach festival, and erected a statue of famous spinach consumer Popeye the Sailor Man across from City Hall the following year. Back in the 1930s, the Crystal City Cannery was producing 10,000 cans of spinach every day •

The Food and Agriculture Organization of

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the United Nations was founded on October 16, 1945, and to commemorate the date, World Food Day is now celebrated every year on that day.

By Samantha Mazzotta

It’s a worldwide event that aims to increase the public’s awareness of world hunger. National Food Bank Week is observed October 14-20 in correspondence with World Food Day, with all citizens urged to contribute to their local food banks. •

Nothing is more devastating than the death

of an infant, and many organizations have been formed to educate parents and caregivers on how to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. October is National SIDS Awareness Month, a time to learn more about the leading

“Giving Up the Ghost” By Eric Nuzum (Dial Press, $15) Reviewed by Rose M. Croke There are many kinds of ghost stories. “Giving Up the Ghost” is one about second chances, the power of friendship and what it means to be haunted. In his memoir, Eric Nuzum reflects on his troubled adolescence -- a time in his life when he felt lost and weighed down by an omnipresent sense of isolation and disconnection. Depression and substance abuse finally lead him to hit rock bottom, and a brief stint in a psychiatric ward forces him to face his demons -- both real and imagined. One source of stress is the presence of a ghost. Throughout his teen years, Nuzum had recurring dreams involving a little girl who appeared wet with blond curly hair and wearing a blue dress. He remembers that she tried to speak to him in a language he couldn’t understand, and each time he tried to touch her, he would wake up. He and his family lived in a creaky old house in Canton, Ohio, and he believed she resided in his attic bedroom, where he often heard sounds. During his downward spiral, his beautiful friend Laura kept him from completely losing control. Through a mutual love of music and emo-rock, they became friends in high school. He describes her as the one “stabilizing force” in his life. Then in a tragic twist of fate, Laura dies after being struck by a car. The memory of her and a mystery poem written on a lost scrap of paper she gave to him haunts Nuzum for years. Determined to make peace with his past and confront his fears, Nuzum sets out on a journey to investigate the most notorious haunted locations throughout the United States. In his travels, he doesn’t discover any tangible proof that the places are haunted, but he encounters many people who are haunted by the ghosts of their pasts, the people they’ve known and the world they’ve experienced.

Lawn Will Thank You for Raking Leaves

Q: I’m not thrilled with all the leaves piling up in my yard. Do you have any tips to make fall cleanup easier? Why can’t I just leave them where they lie? -- Barbara in Dover, N.H. A: Raking leaves can be a tedious task, and gets exhausting when dealing with a large yard with lots of trees. During the fall season, a homeowner could wind up raking the yard at least once a week. Unfortunately, leaving those leaves to pile up will wreak havoc on your lawn. First, the coating of leaves prevents air and sun from reaching grass directly, but lets rainwater trickle down, creating a harsh environment for grass. Second, leaves are filled with alkaline compounds that can damage the grass. These factors make leaves a great mulch in-

PHOTO: Alex Hafner HOLLYWOOD -- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have found the perfect way to keep their family together while they're working in different films in London. Brad is filming Ridley Scott's "The Counselor," and Angelina is shooting "Maleficent," in which she plays the witch from "Snow White." Rumors are everywhere that they'll soon have a very secret, private wedding. Pitt is starring with Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz and John Leguizamo. I ran into hot new actor Alex Hafner as he was leaving for Spain to shoot a few scenes in the film. He admitted, "I didn't have scenes with Brad or Penelope, but Javier and Cameron were on set with me. All my acting classes and endless interviews were worth it to get to work with a legendary director like Ridley Scott!" "The Counselor" comes out in November 2013, but "Maleficent" won't hit screens until March 2014.

gredient, because you typically put mulch where you don’t want grass or weeds to grow. You don’t want a heavy coating of leaf mulch on your lawn, though. So, you’ve got to clean up those fallen leaves eventually. Here’s a few ideas to make the task somewhat easier. Pick up the first light coating of leaves while mowing the lawn, with the bag attached. Borrow or rent a leaf blower to tackle larger areas with a moderate to heavy coating of leaves. Carefully blow the leaves into rough piles around the lawn. Use your rake to finish a large leaf cleanup job: pile the leaves closer together, or use the rake to shift leaves into a bag or wheelbarrow for disposal elsewhere. Add leaves to your compost pile. Fall is a favorite time for homeowners who keep compost piles because leaves add bulk to their compost and can help balance nutrients and acidity or alkalinity if used in the right amounts. HOME TIP: Watch out for that noisy leaf blower. Be aware of any local noise ordinances before using a leaf blower and try to avoid using it before 10 a.m. most days. Your neighbors will thank you. Send your questions or comments to, or write This Is a Hammer, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475.

*** While most actors are busy making headlines, Ryan Gosling is busy making movies. His film "The Place Beyond the Pines," with Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes and Ray Liotta, received raves at The Toronto Film Festival and will get a 2013 release. "Gangster Squad," with Josh Brolin, Sean Penn and Emma Stone, will be out January 2013. "Only God Forgives," with Kristin Scott Thomas, is due March 2013. Gosling is currently shooting an untitled film with "The Girl with the Dragon TattooÓ Oscar-nominee Rooney Mara for director Terrance Malick. The movie had been titled ÒLawless," but Malick let Shia LaBouf and Tom Hardy's recent film have it. Small wonder that rates Gosling's net worth at $50 million! Meanwhile, Malick's "King of Cups," with Oscar-winners Christian Bale, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett, also boasts sexy "Magic Mike" star Joe Manganiello, Antonio Banderas, Frieda Pinto and "Love Story" and "Peyton Place" star Ryan O'Neal. No release date yet. *** A&E plans to breathe new life into the Alfred Hitchcock classic "Psycho," which had unforgettable performances from Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh and Vera Miles. Wisely, the series "Bates Motel" is not a remake, but a prequel that will tell the backstory of Norman Bates and show how he became a serial killer. The young Norman will be played by "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" star Freddie Highmore. "House at the End of the Street" and the Alexander Skarsgard/Jason Bateman film "Disconnect" co-star Max Thieriot will play his older brother, and Oscar-nominee Vera Farmiga ("Up in the Air," 2009) will play his mother, Norma. I saw "Psycho" when I was 7 years old and had nightmares for years because of it ... this is one family reunion I might have to miss! Send letters to Tony Rizzo’s Hollywood, 8306 Wilshire Blvd., No. 362, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

® of Tidbits Tidbits® of Salina Salina

Page 4 SALINA SENIOR CENTER LUNCH MENU * Lunches served on Weekdays from 11:15 am to 1 p.m. * All ages welcome * For information or Carry-Out Meals, call the Senior Center

Wednesday, October 17th: Birthday Party. Baked Steak, Baked Potato, Mixed Vegetables, Fresh Fruit Salad, Wheat Bread. Thursday, October 18th: Bacon Cheeseburger, Baked Beans, Cauliflower, Chocolate Cupcakes, Bun Friday, October 19th: Lemon Pepper Tilapia or Reuben Sandwich, Wild Rice, Peas and Carrots, Peach Crisp, Wheat Bread/Rye Bread. Monday, October 22nd: Ham and Beans, Scandinavian Blend Veggies, Fruit Cocktail, Magic Cookie Bar, Cornbread Tuesday, October 23rd: BBQ Ribbette Sandwich or Bierock, Scalloped Potatoes, Fruit Cocktail, Wheat Bun

Gout Diet Not Too Restrictive DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Will you give me information on the low-purine diet for gout? -- C.J. ANSWER: Years ago, before effective gout medicines were available, diet was the major treatment for gout. Now, with modern medicines, diet doesn’t play such a big role. Elevated blood uric acid sets the stage for a gout attack. Uric acid infiltrates joints as needle-shaped crystals. Most uric acid comes from the recycling of body cells, a daily process. Only a small amount comes from food. It’s still wise for gout patients to take it easy on foods that are high in purines, but they don’t have to be as strict about diet as former patients had to be. Purines are the substances that produce uric acid. Gout patients ought to scale back a bit on meat and fish. Anchovies, organ meats like liver and sweetbreads, and gravies have lots of purines in them, and should be taken only once in a while, if at all. Patients need to watch the amount of alcohol they drink. Beer, in particular, often triggers a gout attack. High-fructose corn syrup and table sugar ought to be used in moderation. Soft drinks have a large amount of high-fructose corn syrup in them. These are the only foods that bear some watching. Milk and other dairy products lessen the chance of gout attacks. All fruits and vegetables can be eaten without any restriction. Weight loss is important for overweight gout patients. That’s about all you need to know about the low-purine diet for gout. The gout pamphlet explains this quite common and often misunderstood

illness. Readers can obtain a copy by writing: Dr. Donohue -- No. 302W, Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Enclose a check or money order (no cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6 Canada with the printed name and address of the recipient. Please allow four weeks for delivery. *** DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I have gotten my weight to a point where I am happy with it. I still have fat bulging at my sides. I think these are called love handles. I don’t love them. I don’t think that losing more weight will rid me of them. What do you think of liposuction? Is it risky? -- A.S. ANSWER: Liposuction removes fat from fat deposits beneath the skin. It doesn’t remove deep deposits of fat, the fat that surrounds organs in the abdomen, the fat that creates most metabolic troubles. It’s the deep fat that’s associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Your dieting should have taken care of that fat. Liposuction surgery is cosmetic surgery, so you’d better check with your insurance if you need it to cover the procedure. All surgical procedures, including liposuction, carry a risk. Complications from it, however, are not frequent. *** DEAR DR. DONOHUE: As I understand it, drinking coffee makes a person’s blood sugar rise, and then insulin has to be released by the body. Does drinking coffee overstimulate insulin production and contribute to diabetes, especially if a person is prone to diabetes? -- T.F. ANSWER: Coffee has turned into a health drink. It’s believed to prevent diabetes. It’s also said to prevent heart attacks and strokes. *** Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his column whenever possible. Readers may write him or request an order form of available health newsletters at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475.

Collecting by Larry Cox is brought to you by CELEBRATIONS (continued):

Forgotten Forgotten Treasures Treasures

We have new hours for Spring and Summer! THURS. 10-6, FRI. 10-7 SAT. 9-7 & SUN. 1-6 800 N. 9th Salina, KS 67401

California Faience Bowl Cigarette Lighter Q: I recently received a California Faience bowl from a relative who me lighter it wasmade fromby the 1920s. Q: I have an old told cigarette Auto IgniterI can't Company of findYork. anything about company inworth? any of--my New How can I findthe out how much it’s Vincent, De reference books. Can you help me? -- Laura, Earth Leon Springs, Fla. City, Mo. A:A:Cigarette lighters havewas always been popular withstarted collectors, California Faience a brand that was in about 1920 William V. Bragdon andas Chauncy especially onesby made by such manufacturers Ronson, R. Zippo, Thomas at their tile shop in Berkeley, Calif.on Pieces Colibri, Dunhill and Evans. Prices vary, depending both of their pottery are generally marked "California condition and rarity. One of the better clubs is “On the Lighter Faience" with a die stamp and are quite collectible. Side,” which was are founded in 1983 andstylized has members who collect Typical prices ashtray with dog design in ashtrays, stands andburgundy tobacco memorabilia, in addition orange smoking matt, $225; and gloss bowl, $250. to *** lighters. Contact the group at P.O. Box 1733, Quitman, TX 75783; Q: I have a set of Elsie and Elmer coffee cups that; and were given away as premiums by the Borden *** Company. They are mint. -- Milton, Albuquerque, Q: I inherited a rocking chair and would like to have it appraised. I N.M. A: enclosing Elsie wasaintroduced as a mascot am picture of it. --during James,the Sun1930s City, Ariz. thechair Borden Company. 1940 she A:for Your in handsome and In probably from "married" the early years of Elmer, who began promoting Borden's glue. the past century. It appears to be constructed of tiger oak and is Together they had Beulah. Elmer and Elsie appeared inon good condition, consideringincluding, the fact thatofitcourse, has provided dozens of products, yourcomfort coffee cups. I suspect yoursuggests set of four in from for at least a century. The style to meare it isworth probably the $12 toThere $20 range. about 1915. are several excellent appraisers in your area. *** One I highly recommend is Corinne Cain, a senior member of the Q: I have a set of cuff links that originally belonged to American Society of Appraisers. Contacton herthe c/oOhio Savvyand Collector a riverboat captain who worked Online Gallery,Rivers. 326 West Harmont Drive, Phoenix, AZ stamped 85021Mississippi The set is in a leather case "Currier & Ives by Squire" and are elaborate. Do 5643;; andquite 602-906-1633. you have any idea of what they might be worth? -*** Michael, Ormond Beach, Fla. Q: have two Klompus tools I would likeexpert to find out values about. His My upright A:I Eugene is an and collector. drill press was made by the Buffalo Forge Company, myNJ contact information is P.O. Box 5970, Vernonand Hills, 60061; corn; and cast-iron grinder was made by the Southern Plow Company. I have tried looking them up on the Internet but can’t find much. *** --Q:Starla, Coffeeville, Ala. I have a pocket watch that is marked "I.W. Co., ASpringfield, I suggest youILL." takeThe pictures of your drill press andand corn grinder watch is quite heavy requires keyantiques to engage theinspring. What can you and consultawith dealers your area. tell me about it? -- Dean, Brutus, Mich. *** A: The Illinois Watch Company was founded in 1872 Q: I have the 1967 yearbook of the New York Yankees with a few in Springfield, Ill. In 1928, the company was autographs. canHamilton I contact about it?Company -- Bergen, Hudson, Fla. purchasedWhom by the Watch of A:Lancaster, David Hall Pa. hasTo an determine auction company that specializes the value of your in sports timepiece, and youhe should show a competent memorabilia, might be ableittoto help you. Contact him c/o jeweler. Halls Nostalgia, P.O. Box 408, Arlington, MA 02476; and halls- Write to Larry Cox in care of King Features Weekly

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sendtoe-mail to to the Write Larry Cox in care of King Features WeeklyDue Service, P.O. large volume of mail he receives,orMr. Cox is unable Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, send e-mail to ques-to personally answer all reader questions. Do not send Due to the large volume of mail he receives, any materials requiring return mail. Questions of Mr. Cox is interest unable to will personally answer all reader Do general be incorporated intoquestions. his column not send any possible. materials requiring return mail. whenever (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

cause of death in children between the ages of one Wednesday, October 17 Prescription Drug Plan appointments with SHICK counselors, Salina Senior Center, 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m. Call the Salina Senior Center at 827-9818 to make your appointment. Open Computer Lab: 9 a.m.-4p.m., Salina Senior Center. RSVP Sewing Ladies: 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Salina Senior Center. Senior Fitness Class with instructor Marian Frank: 10 a.m., Senior Center fitness room. $8/month for three class sessions per week. Birthday Party and Music: Abilene pianist Alice Thomas will perform at the monthly birthday party which begins at 10:45 a.m. in the Senior Center dining room. Refreshments furnished by Smoky Hill Rehabilitation Center, Salina. Computer “Guided Learning Session” provided by Maurice Kerr of The Computer Helper: 11a.m.–1p.m., Salina Senior Center Computer Lab. Meeting: Saline County Commission on Aging Board of Directors, 1 p.m., Salina Senior Center. Texas Hold ’em: 1 p.m., Salina Senior Center dining room. Thursday, October 18 Prescription Drug Plan appointments with SHICK counselors, Salina Senior Center, 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m. Call the Salina Senior Center at 827-9818 to make your appointment. Open Computer Lab: 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Salina Senior Center. Foot care clinic: 8 a.m.-noon, Salina Senior Center. Please call 827-9818 for an appointment. Bingo: 9:30 a.m., Salina Senior Center. Writing class: 10 a.m., Salina Senior Center. Strong People Exercise Class with instructor Leah Robinson, 10:30–11:15 a.m., Salina Senior Center. This class will meet from October 2 through December 13, and is for beginners as well as seasoned exercisers. Sign up through Central Kansas Extension District Office at 309-5850, $10 per person, weights are provided. Computer “Guided Learning Session” provided by Maurice Kerr of The Computer Helper: 11a.m.–1p.m., Salina Senior Center Computer Lab. Lunch meeting: Caregiver’s Education and Self-Help Group, 11:30 a.m., Western Sizzlin, 1708 W. Crawford, Salina. Card Game: “Hand and Foot,” 1 p.m., Senior Center dining room. Salina Twirlers Square Dance Club, dance lessons, 7-10 p.m., $4 a person each time, contact Jim or Sue Dellere, phone number 825-0702 for more information. Friday, October 19 Open Computer Lab: 9 a.m.-4p.m., Salina Senior Center. Bingo: 9:30 a.m., Salina Senior Center. Senior Fitness Class with instructor Marian Frank: 10 a.m., Salina Senior Center fitness room. $8/month for three class sessions per week. Computer “Guided Learning Session” provided by Maurice Kerr of The Computer Helper: 11a.m.– 1p.m., Salina Senior Center Computer Lab. Cards: Pitch, Pinochle and Joker Board (marbles), 1 p.m., Salina Senior Center dining room. Monday, October 22 Painting classes with Barb Culley: 9 a.m., 1 p.m., and 6:45 p.m., Salina Senior Center. $10 Open Computer Lab: 9 a.m.-4p.m., Salina Senior Center. Senior Fitness Class with instructor Marian Frank: 10 a.m., Salina Senior Center fitness room. $8/month for three class sessions per week. Singing: Sing with the RSVP Mixed Chorus, 10:30 a.m. in the Senior Center. Computer “Guided Learning Session” provided by Maurice Kerr of The Computer Helper: 11 a.m.– 1p.m., Salina Senior Center Computer Lab. Beginners Pinochle: 1 p.m., Salina Senior Center. Come learn andKS play. 157 N. 7th, Salina, Tuesday, October 23 Painting classes with Barb Culley: 9 a.m., 1 Hungry? Try the 1/2 lb buffalo burger! p.m., Salina Senior Center. $10 fee. Open Computer Lab: 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Salina Center.Cheese Bingo: 9:30 a.m., Salina Hamburgers, Senior Center. Strong DeliSenior Sandwiches, Steaks, Gourmet People Exercise instructor Cinnamon Leah Robinson, Fresh Baked Class Bread,with Cheesecake, Rolls, 10:30–11:15 Etc. a.m., Salina SeniorSANDWICH Center. ThisCLAMPS class willTO meet fromUSE! October 2 through PUT YOUR GOOD December 13, and is for beginners as well as seasoned exercisers. Sign up through Central Office at 309-5850, $10 ALSOKansas DAILY Extension SPECIALS District OFFERED per person, weights are provided. Computer Dine In or Carry Out “Guided Learning Session” provided by Maurice Kerr of The Computer Helper: 11a.m.–1p.m., Salina (785) 404-6058 Senior Center Computer Lab. Cards: Dominoes, Pinochle and Joker Mon thru Sat, 7 AM to 3 PM Board (marbles), 1 p.m., Salina Senior Center dining room.


KANZA YAN Z A! Deli & Bakery

month and one year. About 2,500 SIDS deaths occur per year in the United States. Research indicates that African-American babies are more than twice as likely to die of SIDS than Caucasian babies, while American Indian and Alaska Native babies are nearly three times as likely. Studies show that infants who sleep on their stomach have a much higher risk, as do those whose mothers smoked during pregnancy. An elevated body temperature contributes to the danger, as does sleeping on a soft mattress. Some scientists think that defects in an infant’s nervous system, where breathing and heart rate are regulated, contribute to the likelihood, as do less-developed brain stems, where respiratory functions are controlled. The good news is that since physicians began instructing parents to put babies to sleep on their backs around 1994, the number of

(continued on Pg. 9)

Home Sweet Home Gentle care for your loved one with dignity . Bathing . Exercise . Dressing . Medication Assistance . Incontinence Care

. Meal Preperation . Feeding . Companionship . Light Housekeeping . Transportation

Hourly Rate and 24 hour care . Salina and 60 mile radius . Reasonable References . Call Carol Clark (785) 309-6081

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Senior Living For Advertising CallSupplement (785) 404-1000

Are You Depressed? Depression in seniors is a lot more common than we let on. We point to aging as a reason for how we feel, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are any number of reasons why we might feel depressed: if we’ve recently lost someone in our life, if our health isn’t what it used to be, if we’re taking multiple prescriptions, if we’re alone or if we’ve retired and no longer feel vital. Depression can impact all areas of our lives: our appetite, interest in activities, how we sleep and so much more. The key is to recognize the symptoms and get treated, because depression is treatable. If you can point to at least one item on the following list as being true, it’s time to talk to your doctor. --Having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much. --Losing interest in activities or hobbies you used to enjoy. --Feeling isolated, or excluding yourself from activities with friends. --Thinking about death. --Skipping your medications, meals or baths. --Feeling anxious, hopeless, guilty or irritable. --Experiencing new aches and pains, or a worsening of existing ones. --Having trouble concentrating. Your doctor might ask a lot of questions and make a number of suggestions. He might recommend (as a place to start) that you get enough sleep or volunteer at a charity agency, make regular visits to friends or visit a nutritionist to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients in your diet. The key might be as simple as scheduling regular exercise and taking your medications on time all the time. If you don’t feel like your normal self, there’s help for you. Please go to your doctor and ask for it.

.. .

Independent Retirement Living One and Two Bedroom Appartments Daily Security Checks


Meals, Housekeeping and Linen Service Recreation and Transportation

626 S. 3rd (785) 825-8183 McCall Manor is locally owned and operated since 1986 Ann McCall, Owner/Director Stop by for a tour and & ask about our move-in special!

Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to

1. Which group had their biggest success with “I Can See for Miles”? 2. Name the group that had hits with “Sloop John B,” “Fun, Fun, Fun” and “In My Room.” 3. Eric Clapton, The Strangeloves, Cliff Richard, George Thorogood and The Grateful Dead have all covered this 1958 hit. Name the song. 4. “We Just Disagree” was popularized by what artist? 5. Name the two duos, 15 years apart, who released “If This World Were Mine.” 6. Finish this lyric and identify the song: “At first I was afraid I was petrified ...”

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Tidbits® of Salina

PHONE: 785-823-8142


res Fo r g o t t e n TreasuOwners Indoor Flea Market 800 N. 9th Salina, Kansas 67401

@sportingview Ah, yes ... Twitter ... the proverbial “game changer.” The website that lets anybody and everybody broadcast their sudden mental nugget in 140 characters or less to as many people as they can get to prove they care about what they have to say. Personally, I’ve never been impressed by the supposed concept, but I’m impressed by the company itself. They’ve done a masterful job of seizing the day, marketing themselves and, along with Facebook, they have most of the civilized world’s mind share (or at least their attention) in that sector. But if you break it down to the primordial ooze level, it’s basically nothing more than a bunch of people shouting. It’s a lot of noise and fanfare. Sports fans should readily recognize that as the overall soundtrack they hear at a typical stadium or arena.

Cindy (785) 819-4790 & Kayla (785) 829-0778

It’s the Internet version of the guy who had too many beers, stands up, cones his hands to his mouth and yells “YOU SUCK!” to the wide receiver out of Michigan making $5 million a year because he dropped a ball. In a stadium, maybe 30 people hear his rant. If he’s able to meet his goal of catching the ear of the wide receiver that just failed to meet his goal of catching a ball? Maybe then he’s got 31 listeners. Maybe one of the 31 people in earshot is impressed, influenced or drunkenly mistaken enough to repeat what he just heard. On Twitter, that phenomenon happens all the time in a form of a “retweet.” So at the genetic level it’s not anything new, folks -it’s just humans being human. A good tweet is akin to flaunting our opposing thumbs and linguistic abilities to an ape -- an ape with a poor Internet connection sitting in the section above you and to the right. By default, all you can hope for is for them to ape what you had to say and/or buy you a banana. (And yes ... that’s why they call it “ape.”) Twitter can, however, bring the average fan closer to the player in ways never before accessible. Maybe you’re online when you get the chance to spar with one of your favorite players, like I did the other night from my personal twitter account with noted

game-show host Chuck Woolery. After Bob Barker, Monty Hall, Richard Dawson and Alex Trebeck, Woolery is one of the top 10 gameshow hosts in history. He’s a real player. Here’s how our game went down: @chuckwoolery: “I’m amazed with the stark difference between right and left. One group asking for prayer for someone the other side is slinging insults.” My reply: “Right, Chuck. You keep praying and pretending that posts like this aren’t veiled attempts at insults.” Chuck: “You have not seen me call names or use toilet humor to tear someone down.” Retort: “No ... but I’ve seen you play plenty of games.” That was enough fun for me to want to get into the game. Shoot me a message or shoot me down, but please do follow this column on Twitter and keep advancing the discussion. Follow me and I’ll follow you ... @sportingview. I’m game. Mark Vasto is a veteran sportswriter who lives in Kansas City. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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res Fo r g o t t e n TreasuOwners Bring this in to recieve 15% off one visit!!!

Indoor Flea Market 800 N. 9th Salina, Kansas 67401

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Corner of 9th & Belmont

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TOP OF THE CHARTS as of Oct. 8, 2012

PHOTO: Pink Top 10 Pop Singles This Week Last Week 1. Maroon 5 No. 1 “One More Night” 2. PSY No. 11 “Gangnam Style” 3. fun. No. 3 “Some Nights” 4. Taylor Swift No. 2 “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” 5. Pink No. 5 “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” 6. Flo Rida No. 4 “Whistle” 7. Justin Bieber feat. Big Sean No. 6 “As Long As You Love Me” 8. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen No. 9 “Good Time” 9. Alex Clare No. 8 “Too Close” 10. Ellie Goulding No. 7 “Lights” Top 10 Albums 1. Pink new entry “The Truth About Love” 2. Various Artists new entry “Kanye West Presents GOOD Music: Cruel Summer” 3. The Killers new entry “Battle Born” 4. Dave Matthews Band No. 1 “Away From the World” 5. Little Big Town No. 2 “Tornado” 6. Carly Rae Jepsen new entry “Kiss” 7. Grizzly Bear new entry “Shields” 8. Bob Dylan No. 3 “Tempest” 9. The Avett Brothers No. 4 “The Carpenter” 10. Ben Folds Five new entry “The Sound of the Life of the Mind” Top 10 Hot Country Singles 1. Jason Aldean No. 3 “Take a Little Ride” 2. Hunter Hayes No. 1 “Wanted” 3. Dustin Lynch No. 6 “Cowboys and Angels” 4. Jana Kramer No. 5 “Why Ya Wanna” 5. Carrie Underwood No. 7 “Blown Away” 6. Josh Turner No. 2 “Time Is Love” 7. Little Big Town No. 4 “Pontoon” 8. Easton Corbin No. 9 “Lovin’ You Is Fun” 9. Hard 2 Love No. 10 “Hard To Love” 10. Miranda Lambert No. 11 “Fastest Girl In Town” (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

EDITOR’S NOTE: DVDs reviewed in this column will be available in stores the week of Oct. 22, 2012.

PHOTO: Channing Tatum PICKS OF THE WEEK “Magic Mike” (R) -- The male-stripper drama genre apparently has arrived. Channing Tatum plays Mike, a nice guy who lives in

Tampa, Fla., and dances for money. Mike works at an all-dude strip club run by Matthew McConaughy; he makes good money, and he’s never at a loss for company. Mike also is aware that he won’t be young and chiseled forever, and this is where the drama comes in. Beyond the indulgence, Mike knows he has other dreams to follow. The movie straddles the line between bachelorette party and mainstream character drama. Just when you get used to the story moving forward a bit, there’s a break for some more dancing. The story is drawn from Tatum’s own story; the Hollywood actor paid his bills by stripping before he hit it big. “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” (R) -- A meteor is headed for the Earth and mankind’s destruction is assured. Dodge (Steve Carell) wants to see a long-lost love one more time. His neighbor, Penny (Keira Knightley), wants to get on a plane to see her family in the UK. That’s the premise for this heartwarming comedy about two people who meet and go on a road trip together just before the end of the world. There’s all kinds of odd and funny characters to meet when the apocalypse looms. While some of jokes seem obligatory, the relationship between the two main characters is rather unique. Maybe Carell wallows too much, and Knightley might be too cute, but the story that brings their characters together is less predictable.

“Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection” (PG-13) -- Eugene Levy is a Wall Street CFO who discovers that his company is actually a Ponzi scheme set up by the mob, and that he’s the fall guy. The prosecutor for the case, Brian (Tyler Perry), puts the quirky mogul and his overprivileged family where he thinks they’ll be safest -- his aunt Madea’s house (Madea being Perry’s best-known character). The rest fills in as these things typically do. Madea’s one-liners are read loud and enthusiastically. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” (R) -Based on a satirical history novel of the same name, this movie delivers just what it promises. A young Abe Lincoln loses his mother to vampires. When he grows up, not only is he the 16th president of the United States, he’s also the nation’s most vigilant slayer of the undead. The movie takes itself a bit seriously, but not seriously enough to have anything to say. The action is over-the-top. The visual style is cool. Still, this one probably won’t stick with you long after it’s over. TV RELEASES “Star Wars: The Clone Wars -- Season Four” “Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman: Season 3” “Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Year Eight” “In The Heat of The Night TV Series (24 Hour Marathon Collection)” (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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For Advertising Call (785) 404-1000 CELEBRATIONS (continued from pg.4): SIDS deaths has declined by more than half. FAMOUS LANDMARKS OF THE WORLD: THE LOUVRE On the right bank of the Seine in the heart of Paris stands the majestic Louvre, the most visited art museum in the world. But it wasn’t always a museum, as you’ll soon learn! • About 15,000 visitors tour the Louvre every day! Its 652,000 square feet (60,600 square meters) are filled with more than 380,000 objects, including 35,000 works of art, sculptures, and archaeological finds. There are more than 7,500 paintings dating from the 13th century up to 1848.

ELMORE CENTER Across the street from Central High School

• The Louvre began as a towered fortress and arsenal to protect Paris, Europe’s largest city, from Anglo-Norman threat around the year 1200. In the mid-1300s, King Charles V ordered the transformation of the fortress into a royal

Your Logo Here “your slogan here”

residence. Its interior was filled with tapestries, ornate paneling, and art, while elaborate gardens were created in the courtyard. Two kings called it home until 1422, when it was abandoned for over Steve Sprinkle, Agent Office: 785-827-0447 645 E. CRAWFORD, STE E3 Fax: 785-827-2841 SALINA, KS 67401 E-Mail:

134 W. Smith, Salina 645 E. CRAWFORD (555)555-5555 SALINA, KS 67401

1-800-MYAMFAM (800-692-6326) Website:

PHONE: 785-823-8142

100 years.

Modern Woodmen

• The Louvre once again became home to royalty


in the mid-1500s, when more wings were added

Touching lives. Securing Futures.

as well as a corridor connecting the structure

Pamela J. Schneider, CFP, FIC Registered Representative

with the Tuileries, a newer palace that had been


built nearby. Further construction was completed by Louis XIII, and the Louvre was dramatically enlarged. •

Securities offered through MWA Financial Services Inc. A wholly owned subsidiary of Modern Woodmen of America, 1701 1st Ave, Rock Island, IL 61201 309-558-3100 Memer: FINRA, SIPC

When Louis XIV decided to build a permanent

home at Versailles, all work was halted at the Louvre for another 100 years. The King made the decision for a gallery of sculptures to be housed in


its permanent function as a monument to science

Glen A. Riedel, C.O. Certified Orthotist

and the arts. Many of the Louvre’s masterpieces were the spoils of Napoleon I’s war conquests. works of art were returned to their original owners. • When World War II broke out in 1939, the majority of the art was evacuated, hidden across France in various sites, and moved several times for security purposes. In early 1945, the masterpieces began their journey back to their permanent home. •

In 1986, the art collection was divided, with all

pieces completed after 1848 moved to the Musee d’Orsay, a converted train station.

645 E. Crawford E-6 Salina, KS 67401 Phone: Bus. 785-825-8836


the abandoned palace. In 1793, the Louvre began

After Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, many of the

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“Neatest Little Paper Ever Read!”

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Tidbits® of Salina THE LOUVRE (continued): • It should be no surprise that the Louvre’s most popular attraction is the Mona Lisa. Painted by Leonardo da Vinci sometime between 1503 and 1506, the subject is thought to be Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a Florentine cloth merchant. It’s believed that da Vinci was invited by King Francois I to work near the king’s castle around 1516, and that da Vinci took the painting with him. The artwork was eventually returned to Italy when da Vinci bequeathed it to his assistant, who possibly sold it to the king around 1518. Before taking up

General Election - November 6, 2012 Vote at the Polls on Election Day

The polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. *To vote, Kansas law requires all voters to show approved photo ID. *Photo ID must include the name and photo of the registered voter. ___________________________________________ Vote in Advance - In Person Advance Voting In Person Begins - Monday, October 22nd Advance Voting In Person Ends at the Election Office (12 noon) November 5th Saline County Election Office, 300 W Ash St, Rm 215, Salina, KS 67402-5040, (785) 309-5820 Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday *You will need to show a valid photo ID in order to vote in each election.

permanent residence in the Louvre, the Mona Lisa hung in Francois I’s Palace of Fontainebleau, the Palace of Versailles, and in Napoleon’s bedroom in the Tuileries Palace. •

The Louvre is also home to the armless Venus

de Milo, a marble statue discovered in 1820 on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. It was presented to Louis XVIII, who donated it to the museum. •

There is a small remnant of the original fortress

walls still standing in the basement of the current structure, dating back to the late 12th century. •

When the Da Vinci Code was produced in 2006,

many of its scenes were filmed in the Louvre. The museum was paid $2.5 million for allowing the filming to take place in its galleries. IT’S A SWEET MONTH! October is filled with tributes to cake decorating. It’s been dubbed National Bake and Decorate Month, National Angel Food Cake Day is October 10, National Cake Decorating Day is October 15, and National Chocolate Cupcake Day is October 18. Tidbits brings you some sweet facts about these confections. •

The first known written reference to

a cupcake was in a 1796 recipe in American Cookery, where the treat was referred to as “a cake to be baked in small cups.” It was actually called a “cupcake” in the 1828 publication Seventy-Five Recipes for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats.

Bank Pile On Fees Because of the new banking laws that limit how much banks can charge retailers, user fees have continued to rise as banks have hustled to find other ways to prop up their income. The recent 15th annual survey by Bankrate shows that the average monthly fee is now in the range of $5.50 -- up 25 percent in a year -- for accounts that don’t pay interest. For accounts that do pay interest (averaging 0.05 percent), that amount is more than $14. ATM fees also are up, averaging $1.57 (charged by your own bank) if you make a withdrawal at a bank not your own. The bank that you withdraw from will charge an average of $3.50 if you don’t have an account there. Overdraft charges now average $31. Non-sufficient funds charges are all in the $30 range across the country, except for two states. Free checking is on its way out: Only 39 percent of checking accounts today free, as opposed to 76 percent of banks offering free checking back in 2009. “Free” not only means free of a charge for having the account, but being free of the responsibility of meeting the bank’s requirements, such as

keeping a minimum balance. There are ways to get around being charged fees, but they aren’t for everyone. Setting up direct deposit is one way, but not everyone works for a company that offers to pay electronically. Another way is to agree to keep a higher minimum balance at all times, although those minimums have continued to rise, in many cases to more than $6,000. Banks are betting that you won’t abandon them despite higher fees, that you’ll decide it’s just easier to stay and hand over the money, no matter how high the charges go. They have a point: If you change banks you might need to deal with new routines, the inconvenience of changing a direct deposit, new tellers who don’t know you, and more. Perhaps you have a loan with an interest rate that’s directly tied to having an account (not a good idea, for obvious reasons). Best bet: Per Bankrate, more than 70 percent of credit unions still have free checking. If your bank’s fees are continuing to climb, investigate a credit union near you. The “pain” of switching banks is only temporary. For more information, see David Uffington regrets that he cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into his column whenever possible. Write to him in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send email to (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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TOP TEN VIDEO, DVD as of Oct. 8, 2012 Top 10 Video Rentals 1. Snow White and the Huntsman (PG-13) Kristen Stewart 2. The Cabin in the Woods (R) Kristen Connelly 3. Battleship (PG-13) Taylor Kitsch 4. What to Expect When You’re Expecting (PG-13) Cameron Diaz 5. Safe (R) Denzel Washington 6. The Five-Year Engagement (R) Jason Segel 7. The Hunger Games (PG-13) Jennifer Lawrence 8. The Lucky One (PG-13) Zac Efron 9. The Dictator (R) Sacha Baron Cohen 10. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG-13 Judy Dench Top 10 DVD Sales 1. Snow White and the Huntsman (PG-13) (Universal) 2. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta! (G) (Disney) 3. The Cabin in the Woods (R) (Lionsgate) 4. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG-13) (Fox) 5. Indiana Jones -- The Complete Adventures (PG-13) (Paramount) 6. Supernatural: The Complete Seventh Season (NR) (Warner Bros.) 7. The Hunger Games (PG-13) (Lionsgate) 8. Titanic (PG-13) (Paramount) 9. Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar (NR) (Universal) 10. Katy Perry: Part of Me (PG) (Paramount) Source: Rentrak Corp.

1. Name the last time teams with the best-regular season records in each league met in the World Series. 2. When Al Lopez was manager of the White Sox between 1957 and 1965, how many seasons did Chicago win at least 90 games? 3. In 2010, Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson set the record for rushing yards for a quarterback (1,702). Who had held the mark? 4. Name the last NBA rookie before John Wall in 2010 to have at least seven assists in each of his first five games. 5. In 2012, the Los Angeles Kings set a record with 10 consecutive road playoff victories in the same year. Who had held the mark? 6. Who was the only player to record a hat trick (three goals) in a men’s World Cup soccer final? 7. How many Olympic gold medals did Cuban heavyweight boxer Teofilo Stevenson win?

It’s been reported that the last words of famed composer Ludwig van Beethoven were “Friends, applaud; the comedy is over.”

It was inventor Thomas Edison who made the following sage observation: “We don’t know a millionth of 1 percent about anything.” Those who study such things say that chewing gum will reduce your recall ability by 10 percent. As ostrich can run just as fast as a racehorse. In 1972, an extraordinary birth occurred. On July 22 of that year, a woman in Rome gave birth a whopping 15 babies -- five boys and 10 girls. The siblings were quindecaplets, though, obviously, that term doesn’t see much use. You probably know that J. Edgar Hoover was the first director of the FBI, helping to found the bureau in 1935 and serving until his death in 1972. You might not realize, though, that in his career he never made an arrest or even personally conducted an investigation.

The Rubik’s Cube, that ubiquitous 1980s toy, was invented by a mathematician in Hungary to help teach math to his students. The device was first marketed as a toy in Hungary -- where one in five citizens owned one -- then was brought to the U.S., from whence it became an international sensation. The success of his cube made Erno Rubik the first self-made millionaire in a communist country. The next time you’re visiting Washington, D.C., keep in mind that in our nation’s capital, it is illegal to throw a bull in any way. A queen honeybee can live for up to seven years. On a per capita basis, Switzerland consumes more chocolate than any other country. No. 2 and No. 3 are Norway and Great Britain, respectively. *** Thought for the Day: “Don’t let your opinions sway your judgment.” -- Samuel Goldwyn (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

On Oct. 27, 1659, William Robinson and Marmaduke Stevenson, two Quakers who came from England in 1656 to escape religious persecution, are executed in the Massachusetts Bay Colony for their religious beliefs. The Massachusetts General Court had banned Quakers from the colony under penalty of death. On Oct. 26, 1825, the Erie Canal opens, connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean via the Hudson River. Teams of oxen plowed the ground, but for the most part the work was done by Irish diggers who had to rely on primitive tools. On Oct. 24, 1861, workers of the Western Union Telegraph Company link the eastern and western telegraph networks of the nation at Salt Lake City, Utah, completing a transcontinental line that for the first time allows instantaneous communication between Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. On Oct. 28, 1919, Congress passes the Volstead Act, providing for the enforcement of the 18th Amendment, which banned the “manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors for beverage purposes.” Despite a vigorous effort by law-enforcement, the Volstead Act failed to prevent the large-scale distribution of alcoholic beverages. On Oct. 25, 1929, during the Teapot Dome scandal, Albert B. Fall, secretary of the interior, is found guilty of accepting a bribe while in office. Fall was the first individual to be convicted of a crime committed while a presidential cabinet member. The Teapot Dome was a naval oil reserve in Wyoming. On Oct. 23, 1942, Michael Crichton is born in Chicago. During his final year of medical school, the 6-foot, 9-inch Crichton published “The Andromeda Strain” (1969) and decided to write full time instead of practicing medicine. On Oct. 22, 1975, Air Force Sgt. Leonard Matlovich, a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, is given a “general” discharge by the Air Force after publicly declaring his homosexuality. His tombstone reads, “A gay Vietnam Veteran. When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.”

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Tidbits® of Salina

Optimistic Despite Down Year

PHOTO CUTLINE: Carl Edwards has the best average Chase finish of all time -- but he’s never won a championship, and won’t this season as he failed to qualify. Still, Edwards says, he remains an optimist. (Getty Images for NASCAR photo)Edwards

What a difference a year makes. In 2011, Carl Edwards compiled the best average finish in Chase history, 4.9. Yet still it wasn’t enough to win the Sprint Cup championship. Tony Stewart, who won five of the 10 Chase races, won by a tiebreaker. In the AAA 400, Edwards finished fifth, which would have been fine if it didn’t match his best finish all year. This year Edwards didn’t even make the Chase, and his Cup career has a certain pattern to it. Three times the Columbia, Mo., native and resident has had big years, and each time he has struggled the following season. In 2005, Edwards finished third. The following year he was 12th. In 2008, Edwards finished second. The following year he was 11th. In 2011, he finished second. This year he currently ranks 14th. Edwards, 33, can’t come up with a reason why. “I could sit here, and we could go through every race and how they went,” he said recently. “I don’t know if you want to do that or not, but a lot of the races have been bad luck, where we got caught up in wrecks or we had trouble at Indy, where I

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thought we had a pretty decent car. “We haven’t run as well as we need to run, but that’s the only way I know how to be is an optimist. That’s the only reason I’m sitting here in this suit driving for Jack Roush, because you always have to go out and give it your best. You’ve got to do everything you can, and at the end of the day, if you don’t get the result you want, that’s very frustrating. But I don’t look back, I try to look forward ...” Edwards wasn’t particularly placated by the AAA 400 performance, but he had finished 22nd, 36th, 17th, 19th and 19th in the previous five races. “It was a decent finish,” he said. “We didn’t deserve to finish that far forward, but we had some lucky breaks and my guys did a good job on pit road. “We’ll go back and work on it and figure out what we were missing there, because it seemed like all of us (meaning Edwards and teammates Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth) struggled a little bit.” *** Monte Dutton covers motorsports for The Gaston (N.C.) Gazette. E-mail Monte at (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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