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October 3, 2012

Issue 59

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TIDBITS® SAYS, “GET A LONG LITTLE DOGGIE!” by Patricia L. Cook This Tidbits looks at the noble, fierce little dogs bred to hunt badgers. Dachshund means “badger hound” in German. Affectionately called “wiener dogs,” they can be very comical. • Dachshunds are good watchdogs because of their loud fierce barks, which, of course, can be annoying at times! They are loved by children because of

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their size and distinctive cuteness. Even though dachshunds are not known for their ease of training, they are very popular. Some say they are low-slung

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hounds with big attitudes!

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• Dachshunds are exceedingly loyal, protecting their


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owners in all circumstances, even when confronted

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by dogs five or more times their size. They are known to be tough, sweet, cuddly, affectionate, courageous, curious and lively and are always ready to make you laugh. • Illustrations from as far back as the 1500s depict

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dogs similar to dachshunds. Some historians believe that dachshunds have been around since

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ancient Egypt. However, the most widely held story of the funny little “hot dogs” origins is that they were developed in Germany in the 18th and 19th centuries. They were bred to be dogs with excellent digging skills and the ability to chase rabbits, foxes and even more formidable animals such as boars and badgers.

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Tidbits® of Salina A LONG LITTLE DOGGIE (continued): • Traditionally, dachshunds have been seen as a symbol of Germany. During World War I, they were not wanted by the people of England or the United States. Americans began calling the dogs “liberty pups,” and political cartoonists drew dachshunds to ridicule the Germans. Some dislike for the dogs lingered during World War II but was not as widespread. Their popularity from 1930 to 1940, before and during World War II, actually advanced from 28th to sixth. After the big wars, love for dachshunds became the predominant emotion. •

Dachshunds have been recognized as a breed

by the American Kennel Club (AKC) since 1885. Today, they consistently rank in the top 10 breeds for popularity. • While the most popular dachshunds are black

1. MONEY: Who was the first president to appear on a U.S. coin? 2. GEOGRAPHY: What three states border on the state of Louisiana? 3. MUSIC: Which rock star had a hit song with “Papa Don’t Preach”? 4. GAMES: The properties in the U.S. version of “Monopoly” are based on streets in which city? 5. TELEVISION: On what sketch comedy show did Jim Carrey make a name for himself in the 1990s? 6. LANGUAGE: What does the word “torpid” mean? 7. MOVIES: Who were the three actors in “Three Men and a Little Lady”? 8. BIBLE: What kind of wood was Noah’s ark made of? 9. PHOBIAS: What fear is represented in the condition called “glossophobia”? 10. ENTERTAINERS: Who was Paul McCartney’s first wife?

and tan or solid tan (red) in color, many different colors for the breed exist. The reds can vary from strawberry blonde to deep auburn; there are chocolate, crème and gray coats as well. Some interesting colorations are brindles, dapple and piebalds. There are three varieties of dachshund that can be any of the colors: wire-haired, smooth and long-haired. • The following story has never been confirmed, but it makes for great reading about hot dogs: In 1852, the butcher’s guild in Frankfurt, Germany, developed a smoked, spicy sausage in a casing that resembled the low-riding German Dachshund. It was dubbed the “little-dog” or “dachshund sausage.” Legend says that cartoonist Tad Dorgan was inspired by vendors at a 1901 polo match in New York who offered “red-hot dachshund sausages” to fans in the grandstands. Dorgan drew a smiling dachshund in a long bun for one of his cartoons. He couldn’t spell dachshund, so his caption read “hot dog!” • There are many famous people who have loved their pet dachshunds. The first (and maybe only) dachshunds to live in the White House belonged to U.S. President Grover Cleveland. Actually, according the New York Times, September 26, 1893 edition, the dogs were a gift for Mrs. Cleveland from the Unites States Consul in Bremen, Germany.

PHOTO: Adam Ant

Q: I’ve loved Tim Matheson since I first saw him in “Animal House”

all those years ago. Can you tell me what he’s doing now? -- Tracey P., Allentown, Pa. A: You and me both, Tracey. Tim is as busy as ever, directing and co-starring in the CW’s “Hart of Dixie” (airing Tuesday nights at 8/7c), and he couldn’t be happier in this latest gig. He told me recently what he likes so much about the show: “We’re this crazy, totally disparate group of people in this small Southern town -- kind of a magical town -- and despite all our differences and conflicts and strong feelings, we all somehow manage to get along. “Our characters have tremendous flaws and failings. Nobody’s perfect. But we somehow manage to get through our day -- and life --

without crashing and burning. That’s what we all kind of hope for, and I think there’s a little bit of those flaws and failings in everyone. And the show takes you someplace that you don’t expect and in ways that you don’t expect. It’s tremendous fun, and it’s very sincere.” *** Q: Is it true that Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green are leaving “The Voice”? -- Gian W., via e-mail A: Yes, but only temporarily. Usher and Shakira are coming to the show this spring as coaches, with Christina and Cee Lo returning next fall. The decision was made to offer contestants varied coaching styles and to accommodate the coaches’ tour schedules. *** Q: I saw Adam Ant on an entertainment television show recently, but I only caught the tail end of it. Can you tell me what he’s doing? -- Dale W., Atlantic City, N.J. A: Adam has a new album, “Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter,” which is due to hit stores this January, and he is touring the U.S. for the first time in 17 years. I spoke with Adam recently, and he is thrilled to play for American audiences again -- this time, on HIS terms. “I think when you are able to do something that you’re getting paid for, it only becomes a job when it’s work, when you’re working on someone else’s terms, and you don’t enjoy it as much as you should. And you become exhausted, which sort of happened to me,” Ant said. “But now I find I really appreciate the fact that there’s the opportunity to do it under my own terms. I do what is right for me and my work. I don’t even think about it; I just get out there and do it.” For a rare look into the musical genius, go to to read my full interview with Adam. *** Q: What’s your favorite new show of the fall so far? -- Hillary R., via e-mail A: Hands-down, my favorite new show is “The Mindy Project,” which airs Tuesday nights at 9:30/8:30c. It’s funny, sweet, quirky and a little bit edgy, like the show’s namesake. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or e-mail her at (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Walnut Triangles Mothers wanted a quicker way to make treats for their kids. Baking a bar in a pan, then cutting it into individual servings, was a lot easier than rolling, cutting, and baking multiple batches of cookies. 1 cup (plus 2 tablespoons) all-purpose flour 5 tablespoons margarine or butter, cold 1 1/2 cups (packed) light brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 2 large eggs 1 cup walnuts, chopped 1/2 cup sweetened shredded coconut 1. Preheat oven to 375 F. Grease 9- by 9-inch metal baking pan. Line pan with foil; grease foil. 2. Into medium bowl, measure 1 cup flour. With pastry blender or 2 knives used scissor-fashion, cut in margarine or butter until mixture resembles fine crumbs. Firmly press crumbs onto bottom of pan to form crust. Bake 10 to 12 minutes, until golden. Remove pan from oven. 3. Meanwhile, in another medium bowl, with wire whisk or fork, mix brown sugar, vanilla, salt, baking soda, eggs and remaining 2 tablespoons flour until blended. With spoon, stir in walnuts and coconut. 4. Spread walnut filling over warm crust. Bake 20 minutes or until filling is set and knife inserted 1 inch from edge comes out clean. Cool in pan on wire rack until filling is firm to the touch. 5. When cool, invert onto wire rack and remove foil. Invert again immediately onto cutting board. Cut into 4 strips, then cut each strip crosswise into 4 squares. Cut each square into 2 triangles. Store triangles in tightly covered container up to 1 week. Each serving: About 105 calories, 5g total fat (1g saturated), 13mg cholesterol, 80mg sodium, 14g carbohydrate, 1g protein.

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For Advertising Call (785) 404-1000 LITTLE DOGGIE (continued): They were sent on a 4,000-mile (6,437-km) journey to live at the nation’s capital. Surely that was an entertaining trip for the crew. • Pablo Picasso painted many canvases and even

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a lunch plate with the likeness of his dachshund,

Lump. Picasso actually painted a copy of a famous painting by Velazquez, called “Las Meninas.” In Picasso’s version, a large mastiff is replaced by a much smaller dog, Lump! (Lump is pronounced loomp in German and means “rascal,” appropriate for a dachshund!) • John Wayne’s family had a dachshund named Blackie who became a hero when he awakened Wayne’s wife during a house fire in 1958 with his tenacious bark. • The first dachshund in England was owned by Queen Victoria in 1839. Her husband, German Prince Albert, gave her the dog as a gift and soon brought more of the puppies to the country.

1. Resident Evil: Retribution (R) Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez 2. Finding Nemo (G) animated 3. The Possession (PG-13) Natasha Calis, Jeffrey Dean WANT TO RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS? Morgan 4. Lawless (R) Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy Publish a Paper in Your Area 5.Provide: ParaNorman (PG) animated If You Can Sales Experience · A Computer · Desktop Software A Reasonable Invest ment 6. ThePublishing Expendables 2 ·(R) SylvesterFinancial Stallone, Arnold We provide the opportunity for success! Schwarzenegger 7. The Words (PG-13) Bradley Cooper, Dennis Quaid 8. The Bourne Legacy (PG-13) Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz 9. The Odd Life of Timothy Green (PG) Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton 10. The Campaign (R) Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis

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The breed quickly gained popularity and was recognized by the English Kennel Club in 1877. • Gergweis, Germany, the "Dachshund Capital of the World,” once had so many dachshunds that they outnumbered people two to one. They were used as a tourist attraction! • All three “Toy Story” movies have had a “Slinky” dachshund in them who has been a big hit with kids and adults alike. The second movie actually had a real dachshund puppy in it, Buster, who helped save a toy taken to a yard sale. • There are some exciting “wiener dog” events

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around the world that draw crowds for fun and laughter as the popular little dogs entertain. Even when dachshunds don’t intend to entertain, they

By Samantha Mazzotta

are entertaining! • The 20th Annual Weiner Walk and Dachshund Picnic was held at Winskill Park in Tsawwassen,

Lawn Care Safety

British Columbia in August. Some years have seen as many as 300 dog lovers and their canines. The event is put on by the Western Dachshund Club and includes walks around the park, a costume parade and contest, contests for best trick, longest dog, oldest dog and more. As could be expected, there are drinks and snacks for sale, including hot dogs! • Dachshund Races are fun events that can be found in numerous places. Dachshund lovers as well as those who just want to enjoy the comedy of the sight gather to watch the large races that are part of the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals in Buda, Texas; Los Alamitos, California; Findlay, Ohio; and San Diego, California. If you missed these big

Q: I was working in my yard and noticed my neighbor’s landscaper using a weed trimmer without any protection from flying debris. Gas-powered professional weed trimmers can be quite powerful and sure enough, almost as soon as I saw him, he struck an area that contained a bit of gravel. A stone flew up and hit him in the eye, resulting in a trip to the hospital and several days out of work. Please remind your readers to wear safety equipment when using power tools and lawncare equipment. -- Josh G., Indianapolis A: That’s a good point, and one well worth paying attention to. Often, we’re in a hurry to just finish up with the yard work. Or, it’s too hot or too aggravating to put on safety gear like impactresistant goggles and sturdy gloves. But spending a couple extra dollars to purchase the right equipment and safety gear, and taking a few extra seconds to put it on, can prevent injuries and even save your life. In fact, there are a number of preventive measures to take

“The Mean Season” by Heather Cochran (Red Dress Ink, $6.99) Reviewed by Ealish Waddell Leanne Gitlin is fairly content with her mundane life in tiny Pinecob, W.Va., working at an unexciting government job, looking after of her mother and brother, and engineering ways to run into her longtime crush around town. At least she has an out-of-the-ordinary hobby to keep her busy: running the national fan club for heartthrob actor Joshua Reed. Still, after seven years cranking out newsletters for the rising star’s evergrowing following, her heart isn’t really in it anymore. One day, she gets some exciting news: Joshua is finally coming to her neck of the woods. But little did Leanne expect that when she finally met Joshua Reed, he would be such a colossal jerk. And she never could have predicted that, a stolen limousine and one massive DUI later, he’d be living under house arrest in her very own house for the next 90 days. What seems like a fan’s dream come true is a nightmare for Leanne, stuck night and day with the hostile Joshua’s arrogance, entitlement and mocking attitude toward everything and everyone around him. But as the summer wears on, secrets begin to emerge not only from the closed-up Joshua, but also from friends and family Leanne has known her entire life. Lives seem to be transforming all around her in Pinecob, and Leanne is forced has to question what she really wants out of hers, and whether she’s really satisfied with the one she’s been leading. After all, if a creep like Joshua Reed can change, perhaps Leanne Gitlin can too. Light and breezy but with a heartfelt emotional core, “The Mean Season,” new to ebook format, is a delightful read. The “country” characters and setting feel realistic, not corny, and its silly-sweet plot doesn’t necessarily go in the way you’d expect, and is even more pleasing for that.

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PHOTO: Riley Keough HOLLYWOOD -- Steven Spielberg will give us the definitive lesson in American history with his upcoming film, “Lincoln.” Spielberg admits, “Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book about Lincoln’s presidency is MUCH TOO BIG for (one) film, and ÔLincoln’ will focus on the last few months of Lincoln’s life, the ending of slavery and the Union victory in the Civil War.” In 2005, Liam Neeson was cast as Lincoln. Screenwriter Tony Kushner began work on the script in 2006. In 2010, Neeson bowed out, saying he was “too old to play the former commander-in-chief.” It took six years to complete the script and find Neeson’s replacement, Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis. Two-time Oscar winner Sally Field is Mary Todd Lincoln, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is their oldest son, Robert Todd Lincoln. It also has Oscar winner Tommy Lee Jones, David Strathairn, James Spader and Hal Holbrook. The Oscar buzz has already started. “Lincoln” will be out Nov. 9. ***

before starting yard work. The folks at Topical Biomedics (which, handily, sells a pain relief and healing cream for those post-yard work sore muscles) offer a few additional tips: --Before doing any heavy yard work, warm up for at least 10 minutes with some lighter tasks. --Cover any exposed skin with sunscreen to prevent sunburn. --Sturdy gloves will protect your hands from blisters, scratches, insect bites, poison ivy, the heat from gas-powered, handheld lawn-care tools, and flying debris. --Sturdy boots with slip-resistant soles are critical safety gear when working around any power tool. --Eye protection -- goggles specifically made to resist highimpact strikes -- will protect you from flying debris, accidental chemical spills, and many eye irritants and allergens. --Face protection: a dust or filter mask should be worn when spreading fertilizer or spraying yard chemicals, and can be a big help to those with seasonal allergies while doing yard work. --Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to protect skin from scratches caused by low-hanging tree branches and other plants. --Wear noise-reducing earmuffs, a hard hat and a steel mesh face visor when using a chainsaw. HOME TIP: Always give your lawn a quick walk through before mowing, and remove debris like fallen limbs, toys and rocks that could damage your equipment or injure you. Send your questions or comments to, or write This Is a Hammer, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc. I chatted with Gena Rowlands, enroute to the Toronto Film Festival to view “Yellow,” written and directed by her son, Nick Cassavetes. It stars Gena, Ray Liotta, Sienna Miller, Melanie Griffith, David Morse and Riley Keough. Cassavetes hopes to land a distributor based on the reviews in Toronto. Which brings us to Riley Keough. Her mother’s name is Lisa Marie, her grandmother’s name is Priscilla and her grandfather’s name is Elvis! Yes, Presley! Nick Cassavetes’ sister Xan cast Riley in her film “Kiss of the Damned,” with Milo Ventimiglia, which just screened at The Venice Film Festival. It’s a tongue-in-cheek tribute to old-school horror films. She’s currently filming the sequel “Mad Max: Fury Road,” with Tom Hardy as Max and Oscar-winner Charlize Theron. On Nov. 2, Riley hits screens in the controversial film “Jack & Diane,” about two teenage girls who meet in New York City and spend the night kissing ferociously. Did I mention that Riley has one of the title roles ... Jack! *** BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Marla Gibbs, of “The Jefferson’s” and “222” and recently in “Medea’s Witness Protection,” will star opposite 17-year-old “Wizards of Waverly Place” star Jake T. Austin in the film “Grantham and Rose”. Ryan Gosling must be bored with only acting! He’ll soon direct his own script, “How to Catch a Monster,” the story of a single mother whose teenage son uncovers a frightening and mysterious underwater town. “Mad Men’s” Christina Hendricks stars, but no word if Gosling also will direct himself. Not bad for a guy who started on “The Mickey Mouse Club” (Ô93-Ô95), then went on to “Frankenstein and Me” (Ô97) and “Lars and the Real Girl” (Ô07), in which he was a guy having a romantic relationship with an anatomically correct sex doll. No punch line needed here! Send letters to Tony Rizzo’s Hollywood, 8306 Wilshire Blvd., No. 362, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Tidbits® of Salina

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Shaky Hands Not Due to Nervousness DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Will you please provide information on essential tremor? Thanks. -- D.C. ANSWER: When people unfamiliar with essential tremor see a person with it, they immediately assume that the person is quite nervous. The shaky hands are a giveaway. It’s not “nerves” that are causing the shakiness; it’s essential tremor. A glitch in one of the brain’s movement-control centers has occurred. Katharine Hepburn suffered from essential tremor. Not only did her hands shake, but so did her head and her voice. Essential tremor is a common condition. Its other name is familial tremor, indicating that it runs in families. Most affected people can find other relatives who have it. Trembling hands make it near impossible to bring a spoonful of soup to the mouth. Handwriting often degenerates into a scrawl. Buttoning a shirt or coat becomes a herculean task. Alcohol abolishes the tremor for a short time. Alcohol can’t be used as a treatment. Other medicines, like propranolol (Inderal) and primidone (Mysoline), offer effective control. For seriously disabling tremors, deepbrain stimulation can put an end to them. People can help control shaking hands by holding their elbows firmly against the body when using their hands for a fine task. Everyone with essential tremor needs to make the acquaintance of the

International Essential Tremor Foundation at 888-387-3667 (toll-free) or online at The foundation is a reliable source of information and can keep you up to date on new treatments. *** DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Many years ago, we moved to a small community next to the ocean. We have eaten large quantities of fish ever since. I have developed a parasite called pinworms, which I believe came from partly uncooked fish. I used to see them when they exited from my colon (backside). They are fewer now that I take Oregano Leaf Oil. Can they cause other ailments or infiltrate other organs? How does one get rid of them once and for all? -- J.D. ANSWER: Pinworms are an extremely common infection, especially in children. During the night, the female pinworm crawls out of the rectum to lay eggs on the nearby skin. She is tiny, 0.4 inches (1 cm) long. You must have good eyes to see these worms. A magnifying glass is a big help. Pinworms rarely make their way to other organs. Some speculate that they might be a cause of appendicitis. Eggs on the skin cause intense itching. Your doctor is best equipped to make the diagnosis. Doctors have the instruments to clearly see the worm or its eggs. Mebendazole (Vermox), albendazole (Albenza) and pyrantel pamoate (Pin-X) have a good track record of getting rid of pinworms. They are not found in fish. Undercooked freshwater fish can harbor the fish tapeworm, which grows to a length of 39 feet. It produces few, if any, symptoms. Prolonged infection with it can lead to vitamin B-12 deficiency. For diagnosis, a stool specimen should be sent to a lab experienced in identifying the eggs and the worm segments. Praziquantel (Biltricide) is the treatment. *** Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his column whenever possible. Readers may write him or request an order form of available health newsletters at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475.

Collecting by Larry Cox is brought to you by

Forgotten ForgottenTreasures Treasures

We have new hours for Spring and Summer! THURS. 10-6, FRI. 10-7 SAT. 9-7 & SUN. 1-6

events this year, don’t worry, the finals are held prior to the Port of San Diego Big Bay Balloon Parade in December before the Holiday Bowl. The finalists

800 N. 9th Salina, KS 67401

get to be in the parade on the Wienerschnitzel float. (Wienerschnitzel is a chain of hot dog restaurants that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011.)

Butter Dish

• The Dachshund Club of America opposes “wiener

Brass Bed

Q: I have an antique butter dish that I suspect was my

grandmother’s giftbeen in 1882. is a pedestal Q: I have a brasswedding bed that I've told isIt more than a style, with top that when rolled down century old. round Any information you can provide me exposes would be the butter. I have not seen another appreciated. -- Susan, Danville, quite like it. How A: I examined picture sent,--and your brass bed Fla. much do youthe think it is you worth? L.B.G., DeBary, appears be fromsuch the Victorian era. Ityou washave probably A: Buttertodishes as the one often sell manufactured between 1890 1915. Most beds of in antique shops in the $45and to about $75 range, depending this type generally sell in the $350 to $650 range, depending on condition and whether the piece is sterling or plate. on condition and demand. The picture you sent does square with your opinion that *** is from 1880s, since it has handsome Victorian Q: I havethe a Springfield Model 1863arifle that was used by a design. family member during the Civil War. Can you tell me more *** this firearm? -- Steve, Cottonwood, Ariz. about A: percussion made by the Q:ItI was wasafortunate torifle be musket in the audience of National “Phantom of Armory in Springfield, Ill. By 1863, Springfield was the about only the Opera” at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London, government under Union control, since Harper's three weeksarsenal after the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Ferry had been destroyed by a Confederate raid in 1861. opened. I have a program from that night signed by MiAccording to Warman's Civil War Weapons by Graham chael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, the stars Smith, the Model 1861 was such a successtwo that of both of the original production. I would like to to produce find outas what it Springfield and private contractors rushed is worth. Susan, Spring Branch, Texas many rifles--as they could. Since the Union couldn't interrupt production new design, they slightly A: I spoketotointroduce several aautograph dealers, and modified they seem it, it was as program a Springfield Modelin 1863. to and agree thatsold your is worth the This $100istoa highly desirable Civil War weapon. To determine its value, $200 range, depending on condition and clarity of the you should consult a competent arms dealer. signatures. *** If you enjoyed that production (as much as I did), you Q: I have an umbrella stand that was made by the Roseville might want to purchase “The ItPhantom of the Opera: Pottery Company in about 1915. is in the Mostique pattern. 25th Anniversary Edition” by Michael Heatley and -Ron, Alton, Ill. published by Pavilion Books. withcommon wonderful A: The Mostique pattern is one ofFilled the most Roseville patterns Pine Cone. According Warman's illustrations, this after fascinating book tells thetohistory of the Roseville Mark F. how Moran, piecescame had to be novel by Pottery GastonbyLeroux, themost musical textured glazes of gray or tan, and many are notis, marked. I and even the complete libretto. “Phantom” without could not find an umbrella stand in this guide, but typical a doubt, one of the most famous and long-running prices for this pattern are $350 to $450 for a wall pocket; a musicals $110 $140; and a matched pair of vases, $325 jardiniere, ***$350. to Q: Since we are in the middle of another political elec*** Q: late sister bought some rose-colored dishes. I would tionMyseason, I have become curious about three items: like to know how much they are Russellville, a John Kennedy tapestry withworth. JFK --inBobby, a PT boat, floor Ala. tickets to the Democratic Convention in 1964, and a A: Yourpass question impossible to answer since you did not press for ais Barry Goldwater rally in Phoenix in provide me with the name of the pattern and other pertinent 1964. -Marvin, West Palm Beach, Fla. information. A: The JFK tapestries generally sell in the $25 to $45

range,to the floor probably worth about $25, Write Larry Coxtickets in care are of King Features Weekly Service, and Box the press pass, $20.FLThese values or aresend based onto P.O. 536475, Orlando, 32853-6475, e-mail Due to the large volume of mail similar items sold on eBay. he receives, Mr. Cox is unable to personally answer all reader questions. Do in notcare sendofany materials requiring return Write to Larry Cox King Features Weekly mail.

Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or

send e-mail Due to the (c) 2012 King to Features Synd., Inc.

large volume of mail he receives, Mr. Cox is unable to personally answer all reader questions. Do not send any materials requiring return mail.

racing,” because many of the events precede Take Hike to Enjoy Change of Seasons Enjoy the changing of seasons from summer to fall by hiking and walking after school, after work and on Saturday mornings. And do it as a family. When you get moving together, you’ll not only feel better, but you’ll make special memories as you discover the fascinating world that is in constant motion right out your front door. Lace up your most comfortable shoes and put an extra kick in your step with these ideas:

greyhound races, which are abusive to greyhounds. Also, racing can lead to back injuries in dachshunds.

FAMOUS LANDMARKS OF THE WORLD: THE EVERGLADES Usually when thinking of “wilderness,” we have

Hike for ABCs Before your first outing, find a medium-size spiral notebook your family can use as a nature journal. Let your kids decorate the cover and mark one letter of the alphabet at the top of every left-hand page. The space leaves two pages for your family to enter sights, sounds and observations you encounter on your walk that start with a specific letter. You’ll soon discover that the ABCs exist just about everywhere. For example, you might spot a round “O” shaped bird nest tucked in a “Y” shaped tree branch. A cattail in a swamp looks like a dotted “I” and a root protruding through your path might look like a gnarly “D.” For a hard-to-find letter, search for it on license plates, ask permission and then help your child make a rubbing, using a piece of paper and a dark crayon. When you get back home, glue or tape flat finds and sketches to the pages, and compose a poem or a little story about what you saw.

visions of thick green forests with tall trees, but

Park and Walk A friend once gave me this advice: “When going on an errand, take a child!” So this fall, include your child often when you do Saturday errands to the hardware store, dry cleaners, farmer’s market and wherever else your to-do list takes you. These mini “family errand” field trips provide natural opportunities for learning, communicating and sharing about how things work in a community. If these destinations are near your home, walk there together. If they are far from home, park in a spot farther away from where you are headed. You’ll get your extra walking in, avoid congestion and enjoy the benefit of driving out of the lot easily when you leave. *** Donna Erickson’s award-winning series “Donna’s Day” is airing on public television nationwide. To find more of her creative family recipes and activities, visit and link to the NEW Donna’s Day Facebook fan page. Her latest book is “Donna Erickson’s Fabulous Funstuff for Families.”

and helped the public to recognize that the area

(c) 2012 Donna Erickson Distributed by King Features Synd.

Everglades National Park is a bit different. It is the largest wilderness area in the United States east of the Mississippi River. • Everglades National Park, established in 1947, protects over 1.5 million acres (607,028 ha) of land and water. It is the third largest national park in the continental United States, behind Yellowstone (2nd) and Death Valley (1st). •

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas came up with the

phrase “river of grass” in a publication that she authored in 1947. “The Everglades: River of Grass” was a guide that raised awareness of the Everglades was not just the “proverbial swamp” that many

Continued on pg. 9

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Health in Aging The American Geriatrics Society Foundation has created a new website just for seniors: Health in Aging. Everything on the site has been written by experts in senior health. That’s good to know, because half of us over the age of 65 have at least three chronic medical conditions. Here are a few highlights: --The A-to-Z glossary gives easy-to-understand information on a whole alphabet of health conditions. --You’ll find information about problems that come with aging, news on the latest information about aging and a link on finding a geriatrics health care professional. --One of the most important sections is on preventing drug interactions. Drugs work differently on seniors, and it’s not always possible to know exactly how an individual will respond to a drug, because most clinical trials are done on healthy, young adults. We seniors have a different metabolism, less muscle mass, and age-related variables that can change the rate of absorption. Often, we have multiple medical conditions that can change how a drug will work, especially in combination. --When it comes to exploring the different types of living arrangements open to us when we need help with daily living, the site outlines assisted living, home care, nursing homes and community-based help, such as adult day care. --Guidelines for making our wishes known are written in easy-to-understand language with all the legal terms explained for advance directives (living wills, durable power of attorney for health care and Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment), end-of-life care, guardianship and informed consent. Health in Aging ( is worth exploring and saving for future reference. Reminder: Have you had your flu shot yet? Ask your doctor if you should have one, and the pneumonia shot as well. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

1. What was Jimi Hendrix’s first electric guitar? What happened to it? 2. Who was Pete Best? 3. Name the British band that released “She’s Not There” and “Tell Her No.” 4. Which group had its first hit with “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)?” 5. Billy Swan is best known for what single? 6. Name the band that had a No. 1 hit with “”Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.”

SOUTH [S] K94 [H] 75 [D] A9862 [C] AK7 The bidding: North East South West 1 [H] Pass 2 [D] Pass 3 [D] Pass 3 NT Opening lead -- queen of clubs.

FIRST THINGS FIRST North dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH [S] A82 [H] AQJ93 [D] Q J 10 [C] 94 WEST [S] J 10 5 [H] 6 [D] K 7 5 4 [C] Q J 10 8 3 EAST [S] Q763 [H] K 10 8 4 2 [D] 3 [C] 652

When there is a sure way to make the contract, declarer should not adopt any approach that might jeopardize it. This principle is self-evident, but the fact is that players occasionally violate it without intending to do so. Take this case where West led a club against three notrump. Declarer took the queen with the king and tried a heart finesse, losing the jack to East’s king. Back came a club, won by West with the ten, and another club forced out the ace. South led a heart to the queen, and West showed out. Forced by the bad heart split to turn his attention to diamonds, declarer played the queen from dummy and finessed, whereupon West took the king and cashed two club tricks to put the contract down one. South was certainly unlucky, but, even so, the outcome was entirely his own fault. He could have ensured nine tricks at the start by attacking diamonds instead of hearts, and he should not have allowed himself to be distracted by an alternative, but uncertain, line of play. All declarer had to do was to lead a spade to the ace at trick two, return the queen of diamonds and finesse. Win or lose, he would make at least nine tricks against any distribution. The early heart finesse opened the door to defeat if East had the king and the suit was unfavorably divided, and therefore should have been avoided. In effect, South allowed himself to be diverted from his goal because he happened to be in his hand at trick one, making it more convenient to take a heart finesse than a diamond finesse. Declarers must learn to reject such luxuries. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Tidbits® of Salina

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Manning Up Watching the Broncos take on the Falcons the other night reminded me of the first time I stood face to face with Peyton Manning. It was his rookie season out of Tennessee, and it was my rookie year as a beat reporter for the Atlanta Falcons. I didn’t like spending the games in the press box at the Georgia Dome -a poorly lighted, decorated shed in a town that

Indoor Flea Market 800 N. 9th Salina, Kansas 67401

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didn’t need a dome with a field of painted-over concrete famous for ending careers. Nobody would have guessed that the 1998 Falcons were going to the Super Bowl that year, and I cannot stress this to you enough. There was a considerable lack of faith in head coach Dan Reeves and the sketchy track record of Chris Chandler, the team’s quarterback. Chandler wasn’t really considered to be a very tough guy. He typically missed a few games every season due to injuries, and he ran a lot, which made sense on both accounts because he was constantly being chased out of the pocket during his football journeys. Chandler was 33, and he had done a tour of the NFL’s bottom rung for the past decade. Drafted by Indianapolis, sent to Tampa, shuffled to Phoenix in a mid-season trade, passed to the Rams for a season, then a deuce in Houston before touching down in Atlanta. With the exception of his rookie year, he hadn’t put together a winning season for any of those teams. Reeves remains infamous for losing three Super Bowls in a row during his time at Denver. One of the last guys to wear a suit on the sidelines, his play calling was drearily conservative. And the Falcons roster looked like a list of rejects and also-rans. The backup quarterback was 44-year-old Steve Deberg, a guy who had


Corner of 9th & Belmont

been out of the league for five years. Each week the “Falconies” (as the newsroom called them, for whatever reason) kept improving, and my photography got better, too. I seemed to have a knack for snagging really emotional candid shots from behind the bench. And then one week, there was Manning, on his way to a 3-13 season, getting hounded by the Falcons en route to a 28-21 loss, on the phone with the folks upstairs, looking distressed until SNAP! Full on Minolta with red-eye reduction flash in your face! He squinted, put the phone to the side and looked up at me -? one rookie to another -- and uttered these five words of advice I’ll never forget: “Dude ... you can’t do that.” I recognized that same look on his face during this season’s game. The Falcons are looking like a Super Bowl team again, and Manning is on the phone looking distressed again. Three interceptions on your first three drives, Peyton? Dude ... you can’t do that. Mark Vasto is a veteran sportswriter who lives in Kansas City. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Page 8 TOP OF THE CHARTS as of Sept. 24, 2012

PHOTO: Cat Power Top 10 Pop Singles This Week Last Week 1. Taylor Swift No. 2 “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” 2. Maroon 5 No. 3 “One More Night” 3. Flo Rida No. 1 “Whistle” 4. fun. No. 5 “Some Nights” 5. Ellie Goulding No. 38 “Lights” 6. Pink No. 11 “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” 7. Justin Bieber feat. Big Sean No. 9 “As Long As You Love Me” 8. Neon Trees No. 6 “Everybody Talks” 9. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen No. 8 “Good Time” 10. Alex Clare No. 15 “Too Close” Top 10 Albums 1. matchbox twenty new entry “North” 2. Imagine Dragons new entry “Night Visions” 3. Lecrae new entry “Gravity” 4. Various Artists No. 4 “NOW 43” 5. Carrie Underwood No. 8 “Blown Away” 6. Maroon 5 No. 6 “Overexposed” 7. Chainz No. 7 “Based on a T.R.U. Story” 8. tobyMac No. 1 “Eye On It” 9. Trey Songz No. 3 “Chapter V” 10. Cat Power new entry “Sun” Top 10 Hot Country Singles 1. Little Big Town No. 1 “Pontoon” 2. Hunter Hayes No. 3 “Wanted” 3. Josh Turner No. 2 “Time Is Love” 4. Jason Aldean No. 7 “Take a Little Ride” 5. Jana Kramer No. 5 “Why Ya Wanna” 6. Keith Urban No. 6 “For You” 7. Dustin Lynch No. 8 “Cowboys and Angels” 8. Blake Shelton No. 4 “Over” 9. Carrie Underwood No. 10 “Blown Away” 10. Easton Corbin No. 9 “Lovin’ You Is Fun”

EDITOR’S NOTE: DVDs reviewed in this column will be available in stores the week of Oct. 8, 2012.

PHOTO: Tom Cruise in “Rock of Ages” PICKS OF THE WEEK “Prometheus” (R) -- Ridley Scott directs this (kinda) prequel to “Alien,” wherein a bunch of planet-jumping archaeologists explore the ruins of an alien civilization and discover all kinds of bad stuff there in

the dark: alien monsters, ancient doomsday technology, bone-chilling revelations. Really, they were asking for it. Charlize Theron is the captain of the ship, and Michael Fassbender plays the erudite android. Fassbender’s performance holds up the film pretty well: He’s detached an awkward enough to be a mixed-up android, but he’s observant and curious enough to be a dangerous intellect. Like many of its peers, the movie shifts from spooky sci-fi exploration to all-out terror near the end. “The Raven” (R) -- John Cusack stars as the horror-mystery author Edgar Allen Poe in this Gothic thriller. Somebody is imitating the brutal murders described in Poe’s crime stories, so the Baltimore police detectives bring in the writer to help solve the case. While it’s wellresearched, the film isn’t quite on Poe’s level with its by-the-book storyline and enormous plot holes. But really, how many well-researched Gothic murder mysteries are coming out these days? “The Raven” is spooky and interesting enough to keep you along for the ride. “A Cat in Paris” (PG) -- Dino is an adorable house cat in a colorful and stylistic animated version of Paris. By day, he lives with a little girl who doesn’t speak; at night, he works with an agile human thief who climbs into buildings -- a cat burglar, if you will. One night, the little girl follows Dino and gets caught by some gangsters

planning a heist. Dino and the burglar have to team up and go on a scenic adventure to rescue her. DOG OF THE WEEK “Rock of Ages” (PG-13) -- It’s exactly what all the posters promised: a big cheesy musical full of ‘80s hair metal. A pretty young girl from Oklahoma decides to follow her dreams to the glamorous Sunset Strip in LA. She meets some handsome guy who plays guitar, and then they sing as if their relationship is just so incredibly unbelievable. Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand and Paul Giamatti are there to be funny. Musical numbers are all drawn from late ‘80s rock, including Journey, Bon Jovi and Night Ranger. All of the music is sung by the actors themselves. No matter how goofy the songs might sound to us today, you’ll always notice that the actors just can’t come close the vocal abilities of the original performers. You’ll be sick of this movie well before the final number. TV RELEASES “Bones: The Complete Seventh Season” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 7” “The League: Season Three” “Yancy Derringer -- The Complete Series” “Fireman Sam: Holiday Heroes” “Care Bears: The Original Series Collection” (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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For Advertising Call (785) 404-1000 THE EVERGLADES (continued from pg. 4): considered it to be. It technically is a river, flowing southwest through Florida at the slow pace of about a quarter mile per day. She was a leader in promoting the Everglades to national park status. Twenty-two years later, she helped to found the “Friends of the Everglades” conservation organization. • The elevation in the Everglades ranges from sea level to 20 feet (6 m) above sea level. The top spot is on a shell mound made by Native Americans located on the Gulf Coast side of the park. • The original size of the Everglades was much larger than the area protected by the National Park Service today. Years ago it spanned form Lake Okeechobee in central Florida all the way south to Florida Bay. Only 25 percent of the historic Everglades is in the park. • There are 15 endangered species within the park boundaries. Sea turtles, crocodiles and West Indian

Floyd Ha

Manatees are among the protected animals.

“Always Dress to the Nines!”

• Deeply interwoven in the park are towering palm trees, endless marshes, tropical fauna, dense mangrove stands, alligator holes and much more. All of these are important in maintaining the integrity of

Also Big & Tall

the Everglades.

825-0689 In Kraft Manor

• The mangrove forests cover an estimated 469,000

Open Mon. thru Thurs. 9-8 Fri . & Sat. 9-6 Find us on

acres (189798 ha) in the state of Florida, with much of that within the protected Everglades. Mangrove roots and branches are essential for the marine animals of the region. The roots provide protection for fish, crustaceans and shellfish to raise their young. The branches are nesting areas for many beautiful coastal birds such as roseate spoonbills and brown pelicans. • Everglades National Park is a wonderful place to

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explore, but a knowledgeable guide is a great person to have along for unfamiliar tourists. As reported in recent years, there are not only animals that have been there for centuries that can be dangerous, but there are also some invasive species that are wreaking havoc on the area. •

For years there have been stories of people

spotting Burmese pythons in the Everglades. The

edible images-classes 1807 S. Ninth St. Kraft Manor Salina, Kansas 67401 785-643-1661 785-404-2300

largest snake species on earth, these giant pythons are not only living in the park, they’re also breeding and spreading to the surrounding environs of south Florida. Since 2002, more than 1,800 pythons have been removed from the park and surrounding areas. • For the health of the Everglades and all of south Florida, it is imperative that invasive species like pythons, which have been accidentally or intentionally released into the wild, be controlled. BADGERS Known for being incredibly strong for their size and the world’s fastest diggers, badgers are small but fierce animals.

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Tidbits® of Salina BADGERS (continued): • Badgers are nocturnal omnivores, meaning they are active mainly at night and eat both plants and animals. They are known to eat insects, grubs, earthworms, birds, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, reptiles, amphibians, porcupines, honey, roots, snakes and fruit. After badgers eat rotten fruit, they appear to be intoxicated. • There are seven species of badgers that are found on four continents: North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Most species of badger weigh 17-26 pounds (8-12 kg). •

Badgers have a shovel-shaped head, sharp,

strong claws and low-slung bodies. They have short legs, short necks and short bushy tails. Most species are black or gray and have white stripes down their faces and sides. •

The burrows that badgers dig for their living

quarters, called setts, are usually in sandy, porous soil. They dig extensive tunnel systems to their setts. An interesting fact about badgers is that they really get into their digging — with all four feet! They can dig faster than very fit humans with a shovel. • Badgers have poor eyesight but excellent senses of hearing and smell. In fact, it is believed that the badger’s sense of smell is 700-800 times better than humans! They smell many things that humans do not and can even recognize each other by smell. •

The name “badger” is probably derived from

the French word bêcheur, which means digger, or maybe from the word badge as a reference to the white mark badgers have on their foreheads. In the English language the word “badger” has a meaning as a verb as well as a noun. To “badger” someone is “to pester or worry them or to persecute them relentlessly.” •

Badgers can mate at any time of year. An

interesting and unusual mating fact is that they have delayed implantation. The female can choose when she wants her baby badger to start developing! This allows the mother to choose a time when she feels her offspring has the best chance for survival. • Ferret badgers are the smallest species of badger, and like ferrets, they are long and short. Ferret badgers live in Southeast Asia and are known for occasionally sleeping in trees. These little creatures usually weigh between 2 and 6.5 pounds (1-3 kg).

How to Avoid Buying Defective Products When it comes to your family’s safety, it’s important to try and investigate products you plan to buy. For example, 12 models of a popular coffee maker have been recalled after more than 60 reports of the water heating chamber releasing hot water and grounds -- causing burn injuries to hands, faces and torsos. These models were sold over the past two years, and therefore might have made it to the discount-store level as newer models came on the market. Two million baby bath seats have been recalled due to sudden collapse that spills the baby out of the seat. Reported injuries so far include skull fractures and bleeding on the brain as a result of the falls. The manufacturer has offered a free repair kit that will lock the seat in position. Twenty-one thousand gas dryers have been recalled because the gas valve doesn’t shut off, which causes the temperatures to rise even after the dry cycle is finished. Go the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( for the latest recall informa-

tion and to report unsafe products. The most recent recall information is on the front page. Or call its toll-free consumer hotline: 1-800- 638-2772. If there’s a malfunction with an item, report it. Only after a number of people report malfunctions and injuries from consumer products will recalls be issued. Never assume you’re the only one with a problem. Be sure to report your safety problem to the manufacturer as well. Many of them will do a voluntary recall to catch the problem quickly, before it shows up at the Consumer Product Safety Commission level. If your gift buying for the coming holiday season includes making purchases at discount stores, consider that the models available there might not be current. It’s important to check for recalls on any models of appliances before you buy them. Search for product information at saferproducts. gov. Purchasing an online subscription to Consumer Reports magazine is well worth the small cost. You get even more information than the print edition alone. Online, by signing in with your ID and password, you can access comments made by other consumers and expanded information on the products you want to buy. Additionally, you can sign up to receive monthly email information about product safety and recalls. David Uffington regrets that he cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into his column whenever possible. Write to him in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send email to

• One food that all badgers love is earthworms. They can eat more than 200 in a day. Badgers can get all of the water they need from eating earthworms

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Top 10 Pop Singles Top 10 Video Rentals 1. Battleship (PG-13) Taylor Kitsch 2. The Hunger Games (PG-13) Jennifer Lawrence 3. Safe (R) Denzel Washington 4. The Five-Year Engagement (R) Jason Segel 5. The Lucky One (PG-13) Zac Efron 6. The Dictator (R) Sacha Baron Cohen 7. Think Like a Man (PG-13) Michael Ealy 8. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (PG) (animated) 9. Pirates! The Band of Misfits (PG) Hugh Grant 10. Bernie (PG-13) Jack Black Top 10 DVD Sales 1. The Hunger Games (PG-13) (Lionsgate) 2. Battleship (PG-13) (Universal) 3. The Walking Dead: Season Two (TV-MA (Anchor Bay) 4. Sons of Anarchy: Season Four (TV-MA) (Fox) 5. Safe (R) (Lionsgate) 6. Think Like a Man (PG-13) (Sony) 7. The Lucky One (PG-13) (Warner Bros.) 8. The Five-Year Engagement (R) (Universal) 9. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (PG) (Universal) 10. Fringe: The Complete Fourth Season (NR) (Warner Bros.) Source: Rentrak Corp.

1. In 2011, St. Louis’ David Freese became the sixth player to win MVP awards in the league championship series and World Series in the same year. Name three of the first five. 2. Alan Ashby caught three nohitters during his 17-year majorleague career. Name two of the

pitchers. 3. Name the last football team other than Oklahoma or Texas to win the Big 12 Conference championship game. 4. Which two players have won the most NBA AllStar Game MVP awards? 5. True or false: The New Jersey Devils have never been swept in a playoff series. 6. When was the last time before 2012 (Andy Murray) that a British tennis player won the gold medal in men’s Olympic singles? 7. Fred Couples set a record in 2012 as the oldest golfer (52) to hold the overnight lead at the Masters. Who had held the record?

It was Canadian American educator Laurence J. Peter who made the following sage observation: “You can always tell a real friend: When you’ve made a fool of yourself, he doesn’t feel you’ve done a permanent job.” In Murfreesboro, Tenn., it is illegal to keep indoor furniture outdoors. Mike Edwards, one of the founding members of the British band Electric Light Orchestra, met with an untimely death decades after he left the group. In 2010, as Edwards was driving in the rural southwest of England, a farmer lost control of a 1,300-pound bale of hay. This wheel-shaped bale rolled down a hill and over a hedge, and just happened to smash into the van that Edwards was driving. The humble honeybee is the official insect of 17 states. Those who study such things say that there is a 1 million to 1 chance that, within the next century, an asteroid will crash into the Earth and destroy most

life on the planet. In 2008 a company called Defense Devices, based in Jackson, Tenn., introduced a new item: a stun gun disguised as a tube of lipstick. The same company offers a ring that will shoot pepper spray. You might be surprised to learn that the giant bullfrogs of South Africa have sometimes been known to attack lions. Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but it has the longest name: It’s officially known as the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation. The tuatara is a lizard that can be found in New Zealand. Its claim to fame? It has a third eye, on the top of its head. *** Thought for the Day: “The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.” -Alfred Hitchcock (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

On Oct. 13, 1775, the Continental Congress authorizes construction and administration of the first American naval force. Esek Hopkins was appointed the first commander-inchief of the Continental Navy. His first fleet consisted of seven ships: two 24-gun frigates, two 14-gun brigs and three schooners. On Oct. 12, 1786, a lovesick Thomas Jefferson composes the first of many romantic letters to a married woman named Maria Cosway. In 1789, his letters grew less frequent. She continued to write to him and vented her frustration at his growing aloofness. After her husband died, Cosway moved to a village in Italy to open a convent school for girls. On Oct. 11, 1793, the death toll from a yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia hits 100. By the time it ended, 5,000 people were dead. A vaccine prevents yellow fever in much of the world, though 20,000 people still die every year from the disease. On Oct. 14, 1944, German Gen. Erwin Rommel, nicknamed “the Desert Fox,” is given the option of facing a public trial for treason, as a co-conspirator in the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, or taking cyanide. He chose the latter. The German government gave Rommel a state funeral. His death was attributed to war wounds. On Oct. 8, 1956, New York Yankees righthander Don Larsen pitches the first no-hitter in the history of the World Series. Even better, it was a perfect game -- that is, there were no runs, no hits and no errors, and no batter reached first base. On Oct. 10, 1985, the hijacking of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro reaches a dramatic climax when U.S. Navy F-14 fighters intercept an Egyptian airliner attempting to fly the Palestinian hijackers to freedom. On Oct. 7, four heavily armed terrorists had hijacked the Achille Lauro and 320 crewmembers and 80 passengers. On Oct. 9, 1992, a 28-pound bowling-ballsized meteorite lands on an orange 1980 Chevy Malibu in Peekskill, N.Y. Scientists have determined that it came from the inner edge of the main asteroid belt in space, between Jupiter and Mars.

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Keselowski Curbs His Enthusiasm

PHOTO CUTLINE: Brad Keselowski, driver of the No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge, celebrates with a burn out after winning the GEICO 400 at Chicagoland Speedway -- the first race of the Chase. (Getty Images for NASCAR photo)

Brad Keselowski doesn’t miss a trick. Chicagoland Speedway is wholly nestled in the Central time zone. For 90 percent of Sunday’s Geico 400, it only looked like Jimmie Johnson was in a different one. Then, all of a sudden, Keseleski’s Dodge was. He didn’t just take the lead. He pulled away. Johnson’s Chevy pitted one lap, Keselowski’s Dodge the next. When Keselowski left pit road, Johnson was crossing the start-finish line. Johnson admitted he was a bit miffed when Keselowski moved over into the fast lane a bit hastily on the back straight. Johnson led 64 percent of the race. What was Keselowski supposed to do? Say bye-bye? Johnson pulled ahead briefly, and most watching said bye-bye, or whispered it, or thought it. But by the time another lap was over, the blue Dodge was decisively ahead of the black Chevy. By the time the checkered flag cut the turbulent air of trackside, Keselowski’s edge was more than three seconds. To borrow from the words of the late Jim Croce, Keselowski “pulled the mask off the old Lone Ranger,” but what was most impressive was that he knew better than to “tug on Superman’s cape,” which would’ve been about as effective as spitting into the wind. Johnson has won five championships. He’s the favorite for a sixth. He might lose to a faster driver

Flash Back Answers 1. Jimi Hendrix got his first electric guitar in 1959 from his father: a white single-pickup Supro Ozark. The guitar was stolen from the bandstand at a Seattle nightclub in 1960 and has never been recovered. 2. Best was an original drummer for the Beatles. He was fired and replaced with Ringo Starr in 1962. Rumor has it that to this day, Best doesn’t know the reason he was let go. 3. The Zombies, in 1964. They still tour and in 2011 released a studio album “Breathe Out, Breathe In.” 4. The Delfonics, in 1970. Many others have covered the song since then, including Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin. 5. “I Can Help,” released in 1974, went to No. 1 on charts worldwide. Despite a long career, he never saw that kind of success again. 6. The Police, in 1981. It was their first No. 1 on the U.S. rock chart.

1. Willie Stargell (1979), Darrell Porter (‘82), Orel Hershiser (‘88), Livan Hernandez (‘97) and Cole Hamels (2008). 2. Ken Forsch (1979), Nolan Ryan (‘81) and Mike Scott (‘86), all with Houston. 3. Kansas State, in 2003. 4. Kobe Bryant and Bob Pettit, with four each. 5. True. 6. It was 1908. 7. Lee Trevino did it in 1989 at the age of 49.

in a faster car, but he’s not going to succumb to gamesmanship. Keselowski knew better than to talk smack afterward. Lots of 28-year-olds would’ve said, “Yeah! I beat Jimmie Johnson. He ain’t Superman! He’s just another driver, man, flesh and blood.” In point of fact, Johnson may be Superman, or at least Batman in that he may not draw special strength from a yellow sun. He may not have super powers, but his mastery of normal human impulses is superb. Keselowski was appropriately respectful, which, like almost every other move he makes, was smart. It was way too early. One race does not a Chase make, nor one victory a champion. “It’s not for me to speak about a mental edge,” he said. “That’s for you guys to speculate. If you want to ask him about that, that’s fine, but it’s not for me to speculate. When you’re winning races and running up front like we did today, it means a lot to everybody. It means a lot for your own team, and it means a lot to others sometimes. I know that watching the ‘48’ (Johnson) win quite often, that has -- that does have an effect over time, a psychological advantage -- but it’s not for me to speak.” Johnson’s going to bounce back with a vengeance. He always does. Keselowski might win this championship, but it doesn’t behoove him to get the beast all riled up. *** Monte Dutton covers motorsports for The Gaston (N.C.) Gazette. E-mail Monte at nascarthisweek@

Trivia Quiz

1. Abraham Lincoln 2. Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas. 3. Madonna 4. Atlantic City, N.J. 5. “In Living Color” 6. Sluggish 7. Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson 8. Gopher wood (cypress) 9. Fear of public speaking

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