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by Patricia L. Cook Home gardeners are busy this time of year in all areas of North America, and even where the growing season is very short, “squash” plants are often a favorite because they thrive. Let’s take a good look at the group of plants called askutasquash by the Massachuset Indians. • Early colonists on the East Coast learned a lot from the Massachuset Indians. Askutasquash means “eaten raw or uncooked” and is the tribe’s term referring to the collection of vegetables we now know as squash. Early colonists were taught by the Massachusets to grow the “three sisters” to sustain life. The three sisters refer to beans, corn and squash grown together in a “family” hill. • The three sisters were a vital part of sustaining many civilizations. The beans and corn made a complete protein, and the squash supplied potassium, omega 3s and beta carotene. If meat and other foods were scarce, these plants fed many families. This was one of the first examples of “companion plantings” where each plant helps the other. The corn stalks supply climbing support for the beans and shade for the squash during the hottest parts of the day. The large leaves of the squash shade the ground to help keep the weed populations in check and deter wildlife. The beans enrich the soil with nitrogen, helping the corn and squash to grow well. • All squash types — and there are many — are members of the Cucurbitaceae or the gourd family. There are two subdivisions of the genus Cucurbita, to which squash belong: tender-skinned summer squash and hard-skinned winter squash. Pumpkins, from the tiniest to giants, belong to the winter squash family. • Most North Americans have grown up with summer squash, including zucchini and yellow squash, and eaten it raw, sautéed, stir-fried, grilled or breaded and fried. These tender, easy-to-grow vegetables are staples in most home gardens. • While summer squash have been favorites for years with gardeners, winter squash have suffered a popularity slump in the past several decades. Winter squash was very important to early settlers and on the American fronTurn The Page For More!

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¥ On July 26, 1775, the U.S. postal system is established by the Second Continental Congress, with Benjamin Franklin as its first postmaster general. Until then there were no post offices in the colonies, so mail was typically left at inns and taverns. ¥ On July 25, 1832, the first recorded railroad accident in U.S. history occurs when four people are thrown off a vacant car near Quincy, Mass. A cable on a vacant car snapped them off the train and over a 34-foot cliff. ¥ On July 31, 1916, future racing legend Louise Smith, who will become the first woman inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, is born in Barnesville, Ga. In her first race, unaware that a checkered flag meant the finish line, Smith kept going when the race ended until someone threw out a red flag. ¥ On July 28, 1932, President Hoover orders the U.S. Army under Gen. Douglas MacArthur to evict Bonus Marchers -- a group of World War I veterans seeking cash payments for their veterans’ bonus certificates -- from Washington, D.C. MacArthur’s men set their camps on fire, and the veterans were driven from the city. 1. PHILOSOPHY: “Moderation in all things” is attributed to which Roman dramatist? 2. HISTORY: The Russo-German Non-Aggression Pact of 1939 helped pave the way for what major historical event? 3. ASTRONOMY: Ganymede is the largest moon of what planet? 4. WORLD LEADERS: A prince or king called a “maharajah” likely would be found in which country? 5. GEOGRAPHY: What country is nearest to the Gulf of Carpentaria? 6. LITERATURE: Where do most of the Hobbits live? 7. MUSIC: What singing duo originally called themselves Tom and Jerry? 8. ARCHITECTURE: Who designed the Jefferson Memorial? 9. LANGUAGE: What does the term “noblesse oblige” mean? 10 RELIGION: Who was a founding influence in the Presbyterian Church?

¥ On July 29, 1958, the U.S. Congress passes legislation establishing the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, a civilian agency responsible for coordinating America’s activities in space. NASA was created in response to the Soviet Union’s Oct. 4, 1957 launch of its first satellite, Sputnik I. ¥ On July 30, 1971, a mid-air collision between a Boeing 727 and a fighter jet in Japan kills 162 people. At 28,000 feet the Boeing suddenly encountered two military jets. One was flown by a student who had only a few hours of flying experience. Neither jet was equipped with radar. ¥ On July 27, 1993, Boston Celtics star Reggie Lewis collapses and dies after suffering cardiac arrest while shooting baskets at Brandeis University in Boston. After previous cardiac arrhythmias, doctors had incorrectly assured him that he could continue to play.

tier. It has an excellent “keeping” quality and was a staple for root cellars. Winter squash would be harvested in late summer and fall and kept for months, allowing families to eat vitamin-rich vegetables during the cold winter months. • Today, with more emphasis on sustainability, winter squash are becoming very popular again. With more interest in purchasing local produce, farmers’ markets and home gardens are helping to reignite the appeal of eating vitamin-rich winter squash. Beta-carotene with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids all come with the addition of squash to our diets. • So think squash are only available in yellow, green and orange? Think again! Visit local markets and fairs in the summer; you are sure to see some strange looking squash that are not only oddly shaped but also oddly colored. • Squash come in tan, orange, blue, green, even pink. They can be striped or solid colors and smooth or dimpled. • Summer squash are fragile, bruise easily and don’t keep very long. They are at their peak from July until September. Winter squash ripen with hard shells; some so hard that an ax or cleaver is required to get to the edible insides. They are at their prime from September until February. • Australian blue pumpkins and squash are rarely seen in North America but are the “norm” for the vegetable family “Down Under.” These “Blue Belt” plants are natives of Uruguay and Argentina and are also grown in South Africa. • Blue Hubbards and blue bananas as well as Queensland blue and other pumpkins are enjoyed in Australia. A couple of popular treats for Aussies are Queensland blue scones at teatime and the rather odd “Grabben Gullen Pie.” The pie is made by hollowing out a pumpkin, filling it with possum joints and baking it in a bed of hot coals. Doesn’t that sound appetizing?! • The tasty blue banana squash and the pink banana squash originated in Peru. Popular on the North American West Coast, these specialty products are starting to get more recognition, and their seeds are being requested by gardeners. While they are usually 5 to 6 pounds (2-3 kg), jumbo pink banana squash can grow to be a monstrous 130 pounds (59 kg)! • Squash that are common in North America are yellow crookneck, yellow straightneck, Patty pan and zucchini as well as hard squash like acorn, butternut, buttercup, Hubbard, delicious and banana. • Spaghetti squash is a more unusual variety. Cooked spaghetti squash forms strands that pull apart and resemble pasta. This squash is delicious when covered with your favorite sauce or simply with butter and salt. Kids really think it is cool to pull the “spaghetti” strands from the squash! • Did you know that you can eat the flowers of some squash? Try zucchini flowers stuffed with ground meat and braised — yummy and different. The seeds, tender shoots and even leaves can be eaten on many types of squash. • Many people make harvest centerpieces and front porch and door decorations from squash in the fall. Some of the interesting varieties to include in these are carnival, fairytale and turban squash. • Carnival squash are a type of acorn squash with interesting colorations: cream colored with orange spots, pale green with dark green spots and even vertical stripes. • The fairytale squash is, as you may guess, shaped like Cinderella’s pumpkin coach. • Turban squash looks like a turban (or hat) on top. As an interesting replacement for an ordinary bowl, the top can be removed and soup served from inside this squash. • While this Tidbits addresses some interesting members of the squash family, much more information is available to squash growers and eaters. An excellent book for “cucurbitaceans” (defined by the book author as “a person who regards pumpkins or squash with deep, often rapturous love”) is “The Compleat Squash” by Amy Goldman. It’s an interesting read for gardeners and those who love to cook and eat squash!

Answers 1. Terence 2. World War II 3. Jupiter 4. India 5. Australia 6. The Shire 7. Simon and Garfunkel 8. John Russell Pope 9. Those of high rank or birth are obligated to be honorable, generous and responsible. 10. John Calvin

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Summertime Corn Chowder 6 ears corn; husks and silk removed 4 slices bacon, cut into 1/2-inch pieces 1 medium red onion, chopped 1 jalapeno chile, seeded and finely chopped 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 pound (6 medium) red potatoes, cut into 1/2-inch pieces 2 cans (14 1/2 ounces each) chicken broth 2 cups half-and-half or light cream 2 small (8 ounces ) ripe tomatoes, peeled, seeded and chopped Thinly sliced basil leaves 1. Cut kernels from corncobs (about 3 cups), reserving 3 corncobs; discard remaining corncobs. 2. In 5-quart Dutch oven, cook bacon over medium heat until browned. With slotted spoon, transfer bacon to paper towels to drain; crumble. 3. To bacon drippings in Dutch oven, add onion and jalapeno and cook, stirring, until onion is tender, about 5 minutes. Add garlic; cook 1 minute longer. Stir in flour, salt, and pepper; cook, stirring, 1 minute. 4. Stir in potatoes, reserved corncobs, broth, and half-and-half; heat to boiling over high heat. Reduce heat; cover and simmer until potatoes are tender, 10 to 15 minutes. 5. Discard corncobs; stir in reserved corn kernels and heat through. Transfer chowder to warm tureen. Stir in tomatoes and sprinkle with bacon and basil. Makes about 9 1/2 cups or 8 firstcourse servings. ¥ Each serving: About 272 calories, 15g total fat (7g saturated), 30mg cholesterol, 693mg sodium, 29g total carbohydrate, 7g protein.

Q: I keep reading about there being a remake of “Red Dawn” in the works (with no release date in sight), and I wondered how stars of the original 1984 version felt about this? I have my doubts they’ll be able to pull it off -- the original is such a cult classic. -- Brandi R., Erie, Pa. A: I spoke with Lea Thompson, who played Erica in the original movie, and she also is a little iffy about the remake. “I have my doubts, clearly,” she said, “because they haven’t released it yet although it’s supposedly been done for ages. I’ll be really interested to see it. One of the really amazing things about the original ‘Red Dawn’ is that there were no special effects in terms of computer-generated effects. Everything that happened really happened, which makes it more of a visceral nightmare. Sometimes some things left to the imagination are actually more haunting.” You can catch Lea starting July 30 in Hallmark Movie Channel’s “The Cabin,” where she plays a single mom

who brings her kids to Scotland for fun and games, and for her, a little unexpected romance. She also stars in ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth,” and is featured in December’s Oscar contender “J. Edgar,” which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh Lucas, Judi Dench and Naomi Watts. *** Q: I can’t believe Chris Meloni left “Law and Order: SVU”! Who will they get to replace him? -- Anna F., Fresno, Calif. A: “Cold Case” alum Danny Pino is set to fill Detective Stabler’s absence. As “SVU” enters its 13th season, Mariska Hargitay has opted for a reduced role, having signed on for only the first 13 episodes of the new season. So, to help fill that void, actress Kelli Giddish (“Chase” and “Past Life”) has been cast as a new detective as well. *** Q: Are there are plans to bring Stephenie Meyers’ sci-fi novel “The Host” to the big screen? -- Selena F., via e-mail A: Open Road films announced that the big-screen adaptation of Stephenie’s apocalyptic book will be released March 29, 2013. The movie stars Saoirse Ronan (“The Lovely Bones” and “Atonement”) as Melanie Stryder, and it is scheduled to begin shooting this February in Louisiana and New Mexico. *** Q: Who is going to be the new boss on “The Office”? --

Janie P., via e-mail A: As of this writing, reports say James Spader is in negotiations to pick up where Steve Carell left off. This got me to thinking: Who would be a perfect foil to play James’ wife? None other than Beth Littleford. I asked Beth what she thought of the idea, and she is on board, stating: “I’d love to play his wife. I’ve had a thing for James Spader for 25-plus years. Blame ‘Tuff Turf’ (and also Steff, the sexy, arrogant yuppie from “Pretty in Pink”). Then again, I’d happily play Dwight Schrute’s wife, Stanley Hudson’s wife or Phyllis Vance’s life partner.

PHOTO: Lea Thompson

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1. Where did the hit song “Skokiaan” originate? 2. Name the musician who ran over and killed his chauffeur. 3. Name the band that released “For Whom the Bell Tolls” in 1984. Bonus for knowing the album name. 4. Name the group that had hits with “She’s Not There” and “Tell Her No.” What was the year? 5. Fontella Bass is known for what No. 1 hit? 6. ABBA had two worldwide hits in 1977. Name them. Answers 1. “Skokiaan” originated in Southern Rhodesia in Africa. First recorded in 1947, it has been covered by dozens of artists, including Bill Haley, Louis Armstrong, the Four Lads and Herb Alpert. 2. Keith Moon, drummer for the Who, was at the wheel of his Bentley and trying to flee from fans when he backed over and killed his chauffeur in 1970 in England. 3. Metallica, on its “Ride the Lightning” album. 4. The Zombies. The songs hit No. 2 and No. 6, respectively, on the charts in 1964, but the group never did have a U.S. No. 1 hit. 5. “Rescue Me,” in 1965. It went to No. 1 on the R&B charts. 6. “Knowing Me, Knowing You” and “The Name of the Game.”

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My name is Alafair and I was found as a stray. I had been attacked by another animal and had nasty puncture wounds and bruises on both sides of my abdomen. I am all better now. I am lucky to be alive. I am sweet and just want to feel safe and loved. I am 3 years old, heartworm positive and a mere 14 pounds. Call 633-3531 if you’d like to meet me! I am a happy girl! All Mobile SPCA pets are fixed, up to date on shots, microchipped, vet checked and come with training information and a bag food!

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HOLLYWOOD -- We’ve received mail from devoted “All My Children” fans who don’t know how they’ll manage without the long-running soap. Cheer up! Word is that the wonderful Carol Burnett, a devoted “AMC” fan herself who appeared as Verla Grubbs in ‘83, ‘95 and 2005, will be in several episodes in September. In ‘83, Carol made the TV movie “Between Friends” with Elizabeth Taylor, and they arranged their shooting schedule around their favorite soaps (Carol’s was “AMC”; Liz’s was “General Hospital), and they watched them together. Liz appeared in “GH” leading up to and including the marriage of Luke and Laura, which was the highest-rated show in daytime TV history. In ‘84, when Carol appeared as Verla Grubbs, she found herself in a scene in a restaurant. During the scene, a charwoman, dressed like Carol’s famous charwoman from “The Carol Burnett Show,” became overly intrusive, cleaning, in the scene. When the unsuspecting Carol looked into the face of the charwoman, she saw it was Elizabeth Taylor! Carol stayed completely in character, but they had gales of laughter for many years thereafter. When Carol shoots those new shows for “AMC,” you can be sure she’ll be remembering that first shoot with the late, great Elizabeth Taylor! *** Chatted with Gena Rowlands, who’s leaving soon to make “Last Dance” in Australia, about her longtime friend Peter Falk, who passed away a few weeks ago. Gina guest-starred on an episode of “Columbo” in l975, and her late husband, John Cassavetes, cast Peter in “Husbands” and as Gena’s husband in “A Woman Under the Influence,” for which she was nominated for a best actress Oscar, won that year by Sophia Loren for “Two Women.” Peter also did a cameo in Gena’s “Opening Night” film, directed by Cassavetes as well. “Peter was so wonderful to work with,” she told me. “We had such a great time with him on and off the screen. I will really miss him a lot.” Those Hemsworth brothers are on fire, career-wise. Chris Hemsworth made a big splash with “Thor” and shot two films for MGM, which were delayed by money problems. Now, “Cabin in the Woods” is slated for Halloween, and the remake of “Red Dawn” has been delayed so MGM can update the film to the tune of $1 million. Hemsworth also will star in “The Avengers” with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo, due out in May 2012. Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus’ love interest on and off the screen in “The Last Song,” has “The Hunger Games” due out in March 2012 and is set to star in “AWOL.” These guys may come from Down Under, but they sure are PHOTO: Gregory Booth on top now!

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‘Parity’ Is Buzzword of 2011 Season In 2010, 13 drivers won Sprint Cup races. David Ragan became 2011’s 12th. The Coke Zero 400 was the 17th race of the season, one shy of the halfway point. They are Kevin Harvick (3), Kyle Busch (2), Matt Kenseth (2), Jeff Gordon (2), Carl Edwards, Kurt Busch, Jimmie Johnson, Denny Hamlin, Ragan, Brad Keselowski, Regan Smith and Trevor Bayne. Just as surprising are some of the drivers who still haven’t won races: among them Dale Earnhardt Jr., Clint Bowyer, Ryan Newman, Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle, Juan Pablo Montoya, Mark Martin, Kasey Kahne, Jeff Burton and Jamie McMurray. To cite one example, Stewart has won at least once in every season of his career, dating all the way back to 1999. As such, it appears possible that NASCAR’s alltime record for winning drivers within a single season will be exceeded. Nineteen drivers visited victory lane in 2001, 1961, 1958 and 1956. Earnhardt, while congratulating Ragan, also said of Daytona, “I don’t know. It’s weird racing. “What kind of move can you make? ... There ain’t no move you can make. You just hold it on the mat and try not to wreck into each other. You see how good we are at that.” Sure, both Daytona victories this year, by Bayne and

Ragan, were monumental upsets, but the trend goes deeper than just restrictor-plate tracks. In Harvick’s three victories, he led a combined total of nine laps. Victories by drivers who actually dominated races have been few and far between, most notably Kurt Busch’s Infineon Raceway triumph and Kenseth’s win at Texas Motor Speedway. Track position has become exceedingly important at most tracks. Fuel mileage seems at least as crucial as speed. The ranks of adept road racers has thickened. The past five Sonoma (Infineon) races have been won by drivers who had never previously won on road courses. A few weeks back, it seemed as if the season was developing a pattern and that familiar stars were taking control. Perhaps that was the impression that was fleeting.

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U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Men’s Boxing

PHOTO CUTLINE: David Ragan celebrates his first win of the Sprint Cup season at the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona on July 2. He is the 13th driver to win one of the 17 races so far in the season.

July 31st-August 6th Mobile Civic Center For more information: 720-542-9690

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¥ It was Danish author, philosopher and theologian Soren Kierkegaard who made the following sage observation: “People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.” ¥ After the release of Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic film “The Birds,” pet stores all over the country saw a sharp decline in the sales of pet birds. ¥ You might be surprised to learn that during the first airing of the original “Star Trek” series, no episode ranked higher than No. 52 in the ratings. ¥ According to the Guinness Book of Records, it was poor Donna Griffiths who suffered the longest sneezing fit ever recorded. On Jan. 13, 1981, the 12-year-old girl started sneezing, and she continued sneezing every day for more than two and a half years. ¥ If you’re like the average American, you eat 20 quarts of ice cream every year. ¥ I’m sure you’ve heard the term “dimwit” used as an insult, but, as it turns out, the word is more descriptive than derogatory. The human brain actually uses less power than a 100-watt light bulb. ¥ A man named Patrick Hooligan lived in London in the mid-1800s. He was such a notorious troublemaker that his name is still used today to refer to ruffians and hoodlums. ¥ In 1909, in England, one Lord Barbazon took a pig up for a ride in an airplane. Bovines seemingly got short shrift; the first cow didn’t take to the air until 1930. It was in February of that year that a cow was loaded into an airplane in St. Louis. It was milked during the flight, and the milk was parachuted to earth. *** Thought for the Day: “He’s turned his life around. He used to be depressed and miserable. Now he’s miserable and depressed.” -- David Frost

Q: I’m renting an apartment in a 100-year-old building, and the apartment itself hasn’t been updated much in the past 20 years or more. One annoying factor is that all of the windows are stuck shut. The landlord told me I’m welcome to make minor repairs or renovations and take the cost out of my rent. But I’m a little worried about breaking these very old windows in trying to open them. Any suggestions? -- Daniel T., Brockton, Mass. A: Because of the age of the windows, a number of factors could be in play that are keeping those windows lodged shut. Previous tenants or owners may have tried to seal the windows shut, for whatever reason; layers and layers of paint on the surrounding frame may have inadvertently sealed them; or the wood of either the frame or the sash may have swollen due to water damage or age. Many century-old homes in your area still have the old weight-and-rope-pulley system which assists in smooth lifting of the windows; if the pulley and rope are disconnected, the window is that much harder to lift. With all of these factors in mind, closely survey all of the stuck windows from the inside and outside. Look at the gap between the window and the frame; is there material like paint or silicone caulk joining the two? Insert a wide-bladed putty knife into the sealed section and gently wiggle back and forth to loosen the connection. You may need to do this around the entire window where it meets the frame. If the material is silicone-based caulk, removing it can be difficult. Check at your local home improvement store for a caulk remover, rather than trying to cut or chip it away from the wood. Once you’ve loosened up all the visibly sealed areas, if the window still won’t open, bring in the muscle. From the outside of the window (if possible), insert a pry bar under the sash. Place a small block of wood on the window ledge to use as leverage and to protect the window surface. Slowly apply pressure to the pry bar to lift the window, being careful not to damage the sash. Another method to try is to place a two-by-four against the sash, then tap the board with a hammer to try and loosen the window. Once the window is unstuck, lift it and remove or fold out the lower window to inspect it. Check for swollen or weak wood in the window and the frame, which indicates the window may need replacement. Built-up paint layers should be scraped down a layer or two and sanded (wear a filter mask and goggles for this). If the windows simply need a bit of TLC and not replacement, once you’re done sanding and cleaning them, add weatherstripping along the sides of the frame and the bottom of the sash. In older homes, this inexpensive touch can noticeably lower your heating and cooling bills. HOME TIP: Got a tiny puncture in a window screen? Use an awl or pick to straighten out the screen strands, then dab a few coats of clear nail polish over the repair.

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Many foods can be pickled, including eggs, pigs feet, fish and numerous vegetables. Of course, the “pickle” most of us think of is the cucumber, whether it is a sweet gherkin, bread & butter, dill or other variety. • Pickles have been around for over 4,000 years. Cucumbers were brought to the Tigris Valley of Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) from India. We don’t know who actually came up with the idea to put cucumbers in a brine, which is the pickling liquid used to preserve and “pickle” the cucumbers. Evidence has been found by archaeologists and anthropologists that the ancient Mesopotamians pickled cucumbers. • The brine originally was salt water only, but later vinegar was added. Subsequently, herbs and spices have been added to get the flavors that create different varieties of pickles. Different pickle makers use different varieties of pickling brines to get their desired tastes. • Ancient sources refer to nutritional benefits of pickles, claiming they give physical as well as spiritual strength. Julius Caesar and other Roman emperors made them available to their troops, and it is said that Cleopatra considered them an important beauty aid for her diet. • According to Rabbi Gil Marks, author of “Olive Trees and Honey: A Treasury of Vegetarian Recipes from Jewish Communities Around the World”: “Pickled cucumbers achieved great popularity in many parts of Europe and the Middle East, but arguably nowhere more than among Eastern European Jews, who ate them with black bread and later potatoes as the bulk of their diet.” • An astonishing number of pickles are packed in the United States each year: over 20 billion! That is about 9 pounds (4 kg) per person. More than 50 percent of the cucumbers grown in the United States are made into pickles. • Have you heard of the “Fighting Pickles?” The mascot of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) in Winston-Salem, N.C., is certainly unique. The school doesn’t have any sports teams but has had the mascot since it was chosen in the early 1970s for a touch football game. Students can be found eating fried pickles and other foods in the “Pickle Jar” area of the school’s Student Union building. • America’s connection with pickles goes way back. Explorer Amerigo Vespucci, for whom America was named, was a pickle merchant before he became an explorer. Pickled vegetables, rich in vitamin C, were important in the diet of sailors to prevent scurvy. • International Pickle Week, one of the country’s longest running promotions, has been observed for more than 50 years. It is held for 10 days during the last two weeks of May. Michigan and North Carolina are the top pickleproducing states. • So, do you prefer your pickles sweet or sour? Dill pickles are the most popular. All fresh, crisp pickles have the distinctive pickle “crunch,” that is, the sound made when one bites into a pickle. The sound of a good pickle crunch is audible at 10 paces. • Whether you are enjoying sandwiches, tuna salad or grilled burgers this summer, you are sure to have some crunchy pickles on the picnic table as well. Feel free to crunch away! They are a healthy treat with very few calories and zero fat.

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ALL MY CHILDREN Griffin and Kendall kissed after he admitted that he came back to Pine Valley to be with her. Later, Kendall found herself missing Zach as she stared at his photo. Greenlee slapped David after catching him and Jane in a hotel room together. Dixie slowly regained her memory but was stuck in the past when JR was still a baby. Jesse had mixed feelings about Angie getting her sight back someday. Wait to See: Kathy spots Dixie. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Ridge and Taylor’s wedding ceremony was interrupted with the news that Thomas had lied about what happened on the island. Bill felt a connection with Steffy and asked her to meet him at the cliff house. With Eric’s help, Stephanie came up with a plan to redeem herself in Brooke’s eyes. Dayzee broke up with Thomas after learning the full extent of his lies. Steffy put herself in danger. Wait to See: Taylor catches Bill and Steffy in a compromising position. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Taylor quit deluding herself and broke up with EJ. Vivian discovered that Carly had a drug habit. Adrienne encouraged Jennifer to quit putting other people’s happiness before her own. Brady told Taylor that he was the one who put beat up EJ. Sami called Lucas and asked him to bring their daughter home. Hope was sworn in as a member of the police force after she was pardoned. Wait to See: Jennifer decides to follow her heart. GENERAL HOSPITAL Robin was named the new chief of staff at the hospital, making her Patrick’s boss. Sonny discovered that Jax had blackmailed the mediator for Josslyn’s custody hearing. Spinelli confronted Anthony with a gun. At the bordello, Lupe discovered that Dante was really a cop. Jason asked Maxie to help him plan his proposal to Sam. Brenda was horrified to learn that Sonny framed Jax for drug possession. Wait to See: Robin makes Patrick’s job a nightmare. ONE LIFE TO LIVE Rex planned to get even with Todd by hitting him where it hurts -- his wallet. Starr became concerned after hearing about Sam’s imaginary friend, a man with a scar on his face much like their father used to have. Jessica’s hostility toward Ford eased up as they discussed Tess’s good qualities. Rick tried to blackmail Deanna by telling her that he found her mother. Dorian realized that Echo was trying to sabotage her relationship with David. Wait to See: Both Todds meet face-to-face. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Victoria made a surprise appearance at Delia’s custody hearing and spoke on Billy’s behalf. Sam was shocked to learn that Sharon was wanted for murder. Adam was willing to forgive Sharon for faking her death until he realized that there was something going on between her and Sam. Malcolm and Neil anxiously awaited the DNA results of Sofia’s baby. Victor framed Billy for soliciting prostitution, causing Billy to lose custody of Delia. Wait to See: Sharon learns her fate. PHOTO: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood stars as Steffy on “The Bold and The Beautiful”

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