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by Kathy Wolfe No, we’re not sad or downhearted – Tidbits is just bringing you some quick facts about the color blue, everything from royal and powder to indigo, cerulean, azure and cobalt. • Whether or not we realize it, color can affect our emotions, mood and well-being. Blue is the color of calmness, tranquility and relaxation. It’s believed by many that just seeing the color causes the brain to secrete calming hormones. For this reason, many doctors and dentists have their offices painted blue. • Back in 1903, Crayola offered one blue crayon, simply called blue. Cornflower and periwinkle were made available in 1949, aquamarine in 1957 and midnight blue in 1958. According to Crayola, seven out of the top 10 of America’s favorite colors are in the blue family. That plain old blue is number one, with cerulean in the number two spot, midnight at number four, aquamarine at five, followed by periwinkle in slot seven, denim at eight and blizzard blue at 10. • The intensely blue lapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone that has been mined in Afghanistan for 6,000 years. Ancient Egyptians used it in amulets, and it has been found in their excavation sites dating back to 3300 B.C. Cleopatra used powdered lapis as eye shadow. • The entertainment industry’s Blue Man Group has been performing together since 1987. These anonymous “mute” artists dress in black clothing and wear blue grease paint over latex caps. Their percussive instruments include the electric zither, hammered dulcimer, the “drum wall” (a two-story structure with seven percussion stations) and a mixture of varied PVC pipes. It is their habit not to speak with members of the audience, and if you ask for an autograph, expect a smear of blue paint. • According to folklore, if you dream of the color blue, you will be free from worry or will receive help from an outside source. • The word “blue” has found its way into many terms in the English language. Of course, if you’re feeling blue, you’re unhappy or downcast. Yet, conversely, if blue skies are coming your way, it means that happy times are Turn The Page For More!

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¥ On June 15, 1215, King John puts his royal seal on the Magna Carta, or “Great Charter,” a peace treaty between John and his barons, guaranteeing that the king would respect feudal rights and privileges, uphold the freedom of the church and maintain the nation’s laws. Four original copies of the Magna Carta of 1215 exist today. ¥ On June 16, 1738, printer, publisher, postmistress and patriot Mary Katharine Goddard is born in New London, Conn. In 1777, when Congress decided to print the Declaration of Independence, including a complete list of signatures, it chose Mary Goddard as printer. ¥ On June 17, 1885, The Statue of Liberty, a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States, arrives in New York City’s harbor. The dismantled statue was enclosed in more than 200 packing cases. Its copper sheets were reassembled, and the last rivet of the monument was fitted on Oct. 28, 1886. ¥ On June 19, 1905, some 450 people attend the opening day of the world’s first nickelodeon, located in Pittsburgh. The storefront theater boasted 96 seats and charged each patron 5 cents. Its usual offerings included live vaudeville acts as well as short films. 1. LANGUAGE: What is the indentation at the bottom of a wine bottle called? 2. HISTORY: In what city’s harbor was the U.S.S. Maine sunk, one of the precipitating events of the Spanish-American War? 3. MOVIES: Actor James Dean was a leading man in how many movies before he died in a traffic accident? 4. ANIMAL KINGDOM: Chinchillas are native to what continent? 5. TELEVISION: What was name of the lead character on the “The Flying Nun” television series? 6. FAMOUS QUOTATIONS: Who once said, “Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil”? 7. INVENTION: What invention made Cyrus McCormick famous? 8. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: The famous Native American Crazy Horse was a chief of what tribe? 9. CRIME: By what nickname is Albert DeSalvo better known? 10. GEOGRAPHY: What modern city is built on the site of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan?

¥ On June 14, 1968, Dr. Benjamin Spock is convicted in Federal District Court of conspiring to aid, abet and counsel draft registrants to violate the Selective Service Act. Spock, a physician, was the famous author of “The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care.” ¥ On June 13, 1971, The New York Times begins publishing portions of the 47-volume Pentagon analysis of how the U.S. commitment in Southeast Asia grew over a period of three decades. The publication of the “Pentagon Papers” precipitated a crucial legal battle over “the people’s right to know.” ¥ On June 18, 1984, radio talk-show host Alan Berg, the self-described “man you love to hate,” is gunned down in the driveway of his home in Denver. Berg’s story provided the loose inspiration for the 1988 film “Talk Radio.”

imminent. If you use blue language, it is characterized by profanity or cursing. Were you born into the nobility or aristocracy? You might be described as a blue-blood. Has something hit you out of the blue? It seemingly came from nowhere at an unexpected time. Someone who’s done a blue-ribbon job has put in a top-notch, first-place performance. If an event is considered rare, it comes along “once in a blue moon.” A true-blue friend has proven himself to be loyal and faithful. • There are about 700 different species of flowering plants in the Indigofera genus, which are plants that produce indigo dye. The ancients in Tibet and India used this color to make their prayer shawls, as they believed the color strengthened their concentration and spirituality. Most indigo dye used today in the coloring of denim is synthetic. • If you’re eating a Lactarius indigo, you’re munching on an unusual blue-colored mushroom, commonly known as the indigo milk cap. Grown along the U.S. Gulf Coast and in Mexico, it’s an edible mushroom (although there are a very few poisonous varieties) with a cap between 2 and 6 inches (5 and 15 cm) across. Its blue hue disappears as soon as it is cooked, and the mushroom turns a gray color. • The musical form “the blues” had its beginnings in the deep South in African-American communities at the end of the 1800s. The genre originated from spirituals, field songs, shouts, chants and rhythmic dance tunes and followed a specific chord progression, most commonly the “twelve-bar blues” progression. Lyrics typically tell of bad luck, troubles and sorrow. • At the close of World War II, to keep the public interested in Naval Aviation, Chief of Naval Operations Chester Nimitz called for the development of a flight demonstration team. The team performed its first demonstration in June 1946 in Jacksonville, Florida. As they planned an upcoming show in New York City that year, one of the pilots saw a magazine ad for the Blue Angel nightclub there, and from then on the team became the Blue Angels. About 15 million people watch the squadron every year at various air shows, where they reach speeds of up to 700 miles per hour (1,126 km/hr). Since 1946, more than 460 million spectators have witnessed their performances. The average age of a Blue Angel pilot is 33. • The lyrics of the official song of the U.S. Air Force begin, “Off we go into the wild blue yonder.” Although the music and lyrics were composed in 1939, it didn’t become the official song until 1979. • Blue is the color of mourning in Hong Kong, Mexico and Iran. In China, it’s associated with immortality. To the Jewish people, blue is the symbol of holiness. The United Nations uses a light shade of blue to symbolize peace. The Cherokee Indians of old considered blue the color of failure or disappointment. Their prayers were for the enemy to become blue and “walk in a blue path.” While blue is connected to baby boys in the Western Hemisphere, in China, blue is for baby girls. • National Public Radio has included the 1956 hit “Blue Suede Shoes” in its list of the 100 most important American musical works. Composed by Carl Perkins, it’s been called the first true rock and roll hit. While playing a gig in December 1955, Perkins overheard one of the dancers beg his girlfriend, “Don’t step on my suedes!” Perkins noticed the shoes were blue, and one already had a scuff mark. He ran home and jotted down lyrics on an empty potato bag. Two months later it was No. 1 on the charts. • The very dark shade of navy blue took its name from the uniform worn by British Royal Navy officers beginning in 1748. Prior to 1840, the color was referred to as “marine blue,” and the first recorded use of “navy blue” was that year. • In the world of politics, U.S. states that favor Democratic candidates are called “blue states,” with red as the color for Republican states. A group of conservative Democrats in the U.S. Congress is known as the Blue Dog Coalition. • Mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue twice as much as any other. Similarly, honeybees like blue flowers the best.

Answers 1. Punt 2. Havana 3. Three 4. South America 5. Sister Bertrille 6. J. Paul Getty 7. The mechanical harvest reaper 8. Lakota 9. The Boston Strangler 10. Mexico City

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Peasant Salad In Italy, it’s called panzanella -- but we just call it delicious ... every time we serve it! Our bread and vegetable salad, with a robust caper and basil dressing, takes only minutes to make. 2/3 cup olive oil 1/4 cup red wine vinegar 1/4 cup lightly packed fresh basil leaves, chopped 2 tablespoons capers, drained 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1 garlic clove, crushed with garlic press or chopped very fine 4 medium-size tomatoes 2 medium-size cucumbers (about 10 ounces each) 1 large yellow pepper 1 medium-size red onion 1 (12-ounce) loaf Italian bread 1/2 cup Kalamata olives Fresh basil sprig for garnish 1. In large bowl, with wire whisk or fork, mix olive oil, red wine vinegar, basil, capers, salt, pepper and garlic. 2. Cut tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow pepper and red onion into bite-size pieces. Add vegetables to bowl with dressing; toss well. 3. Cut bread into 1-inch chunks. Add bread to vegetable mixture; toss gently to coat with dressing. Top salad with olives. Garnish with basil sprig. Serves 12. ¥ Each serving: About 220 calories, 14g total fat, 0mg cholesterol, 680mg sodium.

Q: I have seen previews for a new movie called “Meet Monica Velour,” and I couldn’t believe that the main character was the usually glamorous Kim Cattrall! She looked like a completely different person. Why did she decide to take it on? -- Trina R., via email A: I talked with Kim recently and asked her what most appealed to her about the role. Kim said she was attracted to the part of Monica Velour because it was so against-type for her. “It was an uncompromising, multidimensional role, and not a hooker with a heart of gold, which I was just so sick of,” she said. “Where do these women go when they are done, and they’re not so pretty anymore and not so perky? The same thing happens in Hollywood. It’s just a bigger version, a dramatized version, of what happens to women -- not just in show business, but many businesses. “This woman is in the gutter, and I wanted to get inside of that, because I always play such a strong, powerful woman. What about a woman who doesn’t have

any of those choices or any of those opportunities? Where does she go? I’ve never been given a role like that. Until now, I had never fought for a role like that.” *** Q: Will “Blue Bloods” on CBS be back for a second season? I really hope so, because it’s one of my favorite shows of the season. -- George F., Sacramento A: The Tom Selleck-starring police drama will be back for a second season on CBS this fall. In fact, you can see the entire CBS line-up, as well as many other networks’ shows, at Just click “Fall 2011 Network Line-Ups” for the scoop on the new and renewed shows that will be back this fall. *** Q: I can’t wait for the new “X-Men” movie to come out this summer. What can you tell me about it? -- Frank S., Atlanta A: I spoke with “X-Men: First Class” star (and “Twilight” alumnus) Edi Gathegi about the movie, and this is what he revealed: “’X-Men’ is definitely the thinking-man’s action movie, which in my opinion makes the best kind of action movie. We’ve got a fiercely talented cast. “Kevin Bacon: He’s Hollywood royalty. He’s a brilliant actor and the nicest guy. He’s the most noncelebrity celebrity you’ll ever meet. And then James McAvoy, he’s just got crazy skill. We did a read-through on one of the first days,

and I was just in awe of him. Michael Fassbender is a real actor -- he’s a man’s man; he’s got a lot of talent.” *** Q: Is it true that Gwyneth Paltrow is pursuing a music career? -- Barbara W., via email A: Since her roles in “Country Strong” and “Glee,” Gwyneth certainly has been veering in that direction. Her representative told the New York Post, “[Gwyneth] still has not decided if she wants to record an album ... [it] is still something she is considering.

PHOTO: Edi Gathegi

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NASCAR Hall Enshrines Second Class

adapt to a corporate template that pushed all the pure racers out of the business. As Moore once said of one of his drivers with whom he had differences, “I can hire me a PR man. What I need is a ... race car driver.”

CHARLOTTE -- By definition, a Hall of Fame can have only one inaugural class. The exclusivity of the NASCAR Hall of Fame displeases some, but the rules guarantee blockbuster classes and breathless excitement for years to come. It was only a year ago that Richard Petty, William H.G. France, William C. France, Dale Earnhardt and Junior Johnson became the downtown Charlotte shrine’s first inductees. On May 23, the membership doubled as David Pearson, Bobby Allison, Ned Jarrett, Lee Petty and Bud Moore joined the ranks. Only five are to be inducted each year, and these particular gates to immortality will have a long queue for years to come.

RACER’S RACER The most glaring omission from the inaugural class is the most famous Spartanburg native, David Pearson, whose numbers match up with anyone who ever drove a stock car. Pearson won 105 races, second only to Petty, but his career total of starts, 574, is only 23rd. Ken Schrader, for instance, has competed in 164 more Cup races than Pearson. Pearson matched Petty in skill but not charisma. “I did my racing on the track, not in the media center,” he once said. Pearson is one of few drivers of his time never to be seriously injured in a race car. His three championships were very nearly the only times he made bids. In only one other year did he run a full schedule.

COPING WITH TRAGEDY NASCAR has never seen a more combative, determined driver than Bobby Allison, whose remarkable successes were marred by tragedies that were almost insurmountable. Allison won 84 times but only once was champion. He nearly lost his life in a 1988 crash at Pocono and lost two sons, Davey and Clifford, to crashes. The former was in a helicopter, the latter in a stock car. The long-suffering champion recalled his sons in a haunting observation, delivered many times, to the effect that the son who loved to play, Clifford, died working, and the son who loved to work, Davey, died playing. On a lighter note, Allison famously described the fight at the 1979 Daytona 500 as a case of Cale Yarborough “hitting me in the fist with his nose.” GENTLEMAN NED Ned Jarrett won two championships (1961, ‘65) and 50 races, all in the 1959-65 time frame, but is just as remembered as a radio announcer and pioneer analyst of CBS telecasts. One of the more memorable television moments in NASCAR history was Jarrett’s call of his son’s victory in the 1993 Daytona 500. Dale Jarrett outdueled Dale Earnhardt in that race, and Ned later apologized to Earnhardt because he was a bit embarrassed at getting carried away (“... and Dale Jarrett is going to win the Daytona 500!”). Earnhardt’s famous reply? “I understand. I’m a daddy, too.” LAST OF THE RED-HOT OWNERS Bud Moore was an owner and mechanic, not a driver. The World War II hero returned to Spartanburg, S.C., and won 63 races with a wide variety of NASCAR’s greatest, including Bobby Allison. If Moore was “old school,” few have attended it since he bowed out in 2000, and part of the reason he left was his inability to

THE PATRIARCH Lee Petty had the same endearing smile as his son, Richard, and grandson Kyle, but was much less fond of smiling. He was the sport’s all-time leader in victories with 54 until Richard came along and surpassed that mark in 1967. When a Goodyear executive chided Petty about his 1959 Daytona 500 victory -- Johnny Beauchamp was originally declared the winner -- by asking if he’d ever gotten the trophy, Petty smiled and said, “No, I reckon Beauchamp took that trophy to hell with him.” Then he flashed those pearly whites and added, “Uh ... heaven.” The founder of Petty Enterprises, who died in 2000, was a man who started racing to put bread on his family’s table. Never a moonshiner, Petty scorned those who were and took advantage of their excesses. As such, he was never particularly well-liked among his peers, partly for cultural reasons and partly because he beat them so often.

The pack makes another turn at Dover’s Monster Mile at the FedEx 400. Pit strategy made all the difference for Matt Kenseth in the May 15 race. (U.S. Presswire photo)

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The search for the new “Lone Ranger” is over. Not long ago we reported that Johnny Depp was set to play Tonto, the trusted companion of the most famous Ranger ever. Now, the title role belongs to Armie Hammer, who played both Winkelvoss twins in “The Social Network” and will soon be seen in “Snow White” with Julia Roberts, and Clint Eastwood’s “J. Edger.” “The Lone Ranger” began as a radio show in l933, spawned movie serials and a TV series starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. A l981 film version starring Klinton Spilsbury was a bust. It seems odd that the 47-year-old Depp aspired to be Tonto and not the Lone Ranger, but he’s known for his off-beat role choices. Depp and the films’ producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, have been very successful with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies and could be planning this as a new franchise. Shooting will begin when Depp completes the new “Dark Shadows” movie, set for a fall 2012 release. *** Agatha Christie fans, rejoice! Her favorite novel, “Crooked House,” never produced as a telefilm or movie, will start shooting in London this summer. The great Julie Andrews will star with Gemma Atherton, Matthew Goode and Gabriel Byrne. “Crooked House” is budgeted at $20 million, not a lot for a film these days, but then Agatha Christie was the best at creating one-set drawing room mysteries. Kiefer Sutherland, currently starring in “That Championship Season” on Broadway, will soon be shooting in Northern Ireland and New York for the film “Fairytale of New York,” with Kate Bosworth as his leading lady. It’s about a cynical but charming Irish standup comic who, while in New York, connects with an intriguing American woman. Kiefer’s pilot for a new series will have to wait in the wings as a midseason replacement while he completes this film and “Melancholia.” As we predicted, the four TV networks have moved away from new reality shows in favor of new dramas and sitcoms. While “Charlie’s Angels” made the ABC lineup, “Wonder Woman” did not make NBC’s fall schedule. “Law & Order: SVU” was unable to convince Christopher Meloni to return, and has added Jennifer Love Hewett to fill the void. Also, NBC won’t restart “30 Rock” until midseason due to Tina Fey’s pregnancy. If Tina, who created, writes, co-produces and stars in “30 Rock,” wanted time off, all she had to do was ask for it. Maternity leave is an extreme way to get a vacation!


PHOTO: Woody Allen

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1. Name the female singer who released “The Way We Were.” 2. Which one-hit-wonder group recorded “Nobody But Me” in 1968? 3. What was the original name of the group B.T. Express? Name its 1974 hit. 4. Which group was Peter Cetera in before going out on his own? 5. Name the singer who released “Undercover Angel.” 6. Who was the original drummer for the Eagles? What year did he start?

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Answers 1. Barbra Streisand. The song was on the soundtrack of the 1973 film by the same name and won multiple awards. 2. The Human Beinz. 3. Brooklyn Trucking Express. “Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied)” rose to No. 2 on the Billboard charts and No. 1 on R&B. 4. Chicago. His first solo, “Glory of Love,” was the theme song to the film “Karate Kid Part 2” in 1986. 5. Alan O’Day, in 1977. While he’s not especially wellknown for his singing, he’s written a wealth of material for other artists, as well as National Geographic and “Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies.” 6. Don Henley started when the Eagles formed in 1971 and stayed until 1980, when the band broke up. He came back when they regrouped in 1994.

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¥ It was British novelist and playwright Somerset Maugham who made the following sage observation: “I made up my mind long ago that life was too short to do anything for myself that I could pay others to do for me.” ¥ You may not be surprised to learn that, according to a poll conducted by The Associated Press, Americans hate math twice as much as any other subject. ¥ If you’re planning a trip to Wisconsin this summer, be sure to stop in the town of Middleton. This is where you’ll find the Mustard Museum, billed as “home to the world’s largest collection of mustards and mustard memorabilia.” The museum is the brainchild of Barry Levinson, a former assistant attorney general for the state of Wisconsin, who says that in October of 1986, after his favorite baseball team lost the World Series, he was wandering the aisles of a grocery store in the wee hours of the morning looking, as he puts it, for “the meaning of life.” He says that as he passed the mustards he heard a voice saying, “If you collect us, they will come.” And so he did. This summer is a good time to visit, since Aug. 6 is the 20th annual Mustard Day. ¥ Do animals grieve their own? Perhaps so -- at least, some animals. When an elephant dies, other elephants in the herd will cover the body with leaves and branches and often will stay with the body for days. ¥ If you own a sport utility vehicle, beware: Statistics show that they roll over three times more often than other passenger cars. *** Thought for the Day: “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” -- Groucho Marx

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Locks, tresses, curls, mane —— no matter what you call it, it’s all about hair! How much do you really know about that mass of protein that adorns your head? Follow along as Tidbits “combs” through a few details about your crowning glory. • Hair is made up almost entirely of the protein keratin, the same ingredient that composes your fingernails. Hair color has its source in the cortex of each hair, which contains the pigment melanin. If your hair is dark blond, brown or black, eumelanin is the dominant pigment, while pheomelanin is the dominant pigment in red hair. Light blond hair results from having very little pigment in hair strands. As we age, melanocyte cells decay, the hair receives less pigment, and we turn gray or white. • Hair is the second-fastest growing tissue in the human body. Only bone marrow grows at a faster rate. We have hair on every surface of our bodies except the soles of our feet, the inside of our hands, and our lips. It also doesn’t grow on mucus membranes. • Folks with black or brown hair have about 110,000 hairs on their head. Blonds average about 140,000, and redheads are in the 90,000 range. • The part of the hair below the skin is called the follicle, while the part you see is the shaft. One follicle grows many hairs over a lifetime, typically about 20 times. You are born with about 1,000 follicles per 0.16 square inch (1.0 square cm). By the time you’re 25, that figure has dropped to around 600. By 40, it’s about 300 or less. • It’s the shape of the follicle that determines how straight or curly your hair is. Straight hair has a round fiber. Oval and irregularly shaped follicles create wavier or curlier hair. • It takes between 20 and 50 strands of hair for 0.04 inch (1 mm) of thickness. The average person’s hair grows about 4.7 inches (12 cm) a year. • Don’t panic immediately if you think your hair is falling out. It’s perfectly normal to lose about 100 hairs per day. However, a thyroid imbalance or iron deficiency can cause extreme hair loss, but the good news is that these two conditions are reversible. You’ll have to lose about 50 percent of your hair before it’s noticeable to others. • If you think that you can make your hair grow faster by cutting it, you’re mistaken. Cutting your hair has no effect on the rate of its growth. It does, however, grow faster in warm weather. And no matter what your expensive shampoo advertises, split ends cannot be repaired, but must be cut off. • Your hair will be healthier if your diet includes an abundance of eggs, liver, kidneys, herring, salmon, carrots, green vegetables and all foods rich in vitamins C and D. • We use the word “hair” in a multitude of ways in the English language. If we “let our hair down,” we behave in a more relaxed manner than normal. Giving excessive attention to or arguing about the finest details is known as “splitting hairs.” When we’re very irritated or frustrated, we might want to “tear our hair out,” and if we can remain perfectly calm in a stressful situation, we’re able to “not turn a hair.” Folks who over-imbibed and are suffering from a hangover might consume a little “hair of the dog” that bit them as a remedy.

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ALL MY CHILDREN Madison and Ryan’s baby didn’t survive, leaving the parents grief-stricken. Scott told JR that Marissa was too good for him. David became suspicious of Erica after he found her carrying a bottle of pills with someone else’s name on it. Kendall admitted that she had feelings for Griffin. Tad kissed Cara after she thanked him for helping her brother. Marissa and Bianca’s friendship showed signs of developing into something more. Wait to See: David gets closer to the truth. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Taylor made sure to be there emotionally for Ridge as his marriage began to crumble. Stephanie assured Thomas that he did the right thing by lying about sleeping with Brooke. Liam and Hope realized that Tawny had been intercepting their text messages. Whip turned to his co-workers to help him cope with the end of his marriage. Steffy gave Brooke a piece of her mind. Liam told Amber that it was over between them. Wait to See: Brooke makes a surprising offer. DAYS OF OUR LIVES EJ’s plan to murder Rafe’s imposter was derailed when Taylor arrived at the pier instead. Daniel was surprised by Jennifer’s seductive new look. Dario admitted to Melanie that he had feelings for her. EJ and Taylor finally made love. Sami found herself trapped alone with the imposter. Daniel told Jennifer that he liked her just the way she is. Chloe was excited about her date with Quinn, unaware of his dark side. Wait to See: Quinn is revealed to be Vivian’s son. GENERAL HOSPITAL Jason tried to reason with Michael about Johnny’s job offer. Sonny and Brenda continued to butt heads over his chosen profession. Johnny walked in on Anthony killing the female assassin. Later, Brenda found the woman’s body inside Sonny’s office. Jason told Sam that he didn’t know if he would make a good father. Tracy planned to sell Luke’s bar before he got back from rehab. Shawn hit Jax after Carly fired him. Wait to See: Ethan and Kristina rush off to get married. ONE LIFE TO LIVE Matthew suffered a major complication from his surgery. Cutter kicked Aubrey out of the mansion but allowed Rama to stay. Kelly told Joey that she didn’t want to be his consolation prize. Brody rescued Natalie before Marty could kill her. Feeling guilty for moving on so quickly, Starr went to visit Cole in prison. A man who looked just like Todd before he had plastic surgery was seen escaping his captors. Wait to See: Rama and Cristian kiss. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Chance said goodbye to his family at a special Memorial Day barbecue. Adam visited a county fair in New Mexico, but was spotted by Sharon before he could see her first. Nick found himself drawn to Diane again. Lily checked herself into a hospital. Colin and Genevieve moved forward with their mysterious plan. A drunken Nikki crashed Deacon’s AA meeting. Wait to See: Phyllis joins forces with Daisy. PHOTO: Rick Hearst stars as “Whip” on “The Bold and The Beautiful”

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Tidbits of Mobilw Vol1 Iss16  

"The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read"

Tidbits of Mobilw Vol1 Iss16  

"The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read"