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How to select the best golf cart How to choose a Gullah restaurant by Coastal Custom Carts...............Pg. 5 by Kinfolks Gullah Grubs & Seafood Restaurant.......................Pg. 15 How to choose a carpet cleaner by Evergreen Natural......................Pg. 6 How to gauge the future of real estate by The Alliance Group Realty.....Pg. 16 How to successfully rent your home b y Equitable Property How to choose an appliance repair Management....................................Pg. 7 service by Williams Appliance Repair.....Pg. 17 How to pair wine with food by Vineyard 55................................Pg. 8 How to choose an in-home health care provider How to choose an auto repair center by Turn 1 Auto Care.......................Pg. 9 by Comforcare Senior Services...Pg. 18 How to save money on How to market your business by Tidbits of HHBB......................Pg. 10 telecommunications services by Schooley Mitchell ...................Pg. 19 How to find a good salon How to generate more leads... by Jocelyn’s Nexx Faze Salon & Spa....................................Pg. 11 and more sales! by E.G. Performance Solutions...Pg. 20 How to know when to choose an architect by James Ogden Architect...........Pg. 12 How to choose a great gift by Scentsy......................................Pg. 21 How to hire an audio/visual professional How to choose a wedding planner by Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC.................................Pg. 13 by Lisa Kenward Events...............Pg. 22 How to eliminate cancer from your body naturally by Circle of Health........................Pg. 14

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A Promise of a never-ending paycheck for all your retirement days.

For more than 165 years, New York Life has brought peace of mind to millions of Americans. We would like to do the same for you in retirement. Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuities from New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation offer a promise of a regular paycheck for the rest of your life. For more information about our products and services, contact me: Mike Tripka Agent New York Life Insurance Company 142 Pinecrest Circle, Bluffton, SC P. 843.540.9022 F. 877.289.0215

Guaranteed Lifetime Income refers to annuity contracts issued by New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation (A Delaware Corporation), a wholly-owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company. The guarantee is backed by the claims-paying ability of the issue. c 2011 New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010 In most jurisdictions the policy form numbers for the Lifetime Income Annuity are: Life Only: 203-169, Primary and Secondary Joint Life Annuity: 203-170, Life w Percent of Premium Death Benefit: 203-171, Life w Cash Refund: 203-172, Life w Guaranteed Period: 203-173, Primary and Secondary Joint Life Annuity w Guaranteed Period: 203-174. State variants may apply. SMRU00398966CV (Exp. 02/01/13)

How to

select the best golf cart


• MARINE GRADE ELECTRONICS are impervious to humidity and moisture, helping to ensure the extra-long life of all

electronic components. This is a feature exclusive to Yamaha! • Yamaha’s exclusive TRU-TRACK SUSPENSION SYSTEM provides for superior, safer handling and the most comfortable ride of any cart made. • Yamaha’s exclusive HALOGEN HEADLIGHTS provide for greater driver visibility, very similar to the headlights on your automobile. This is unmatched by any other brand of golf cart. • The HEAVY DUTY PARTS in the SUSPENSION, STEERING, TRANSAXLE, and FRAME mean the Yamaha golf cart will still be providing daily trouble-free use long after the other brands of carts are no longer in use. This is exclusive to Yamaha! • The Yamaha FRAME is the strongest of any golf cart made. The frame is powder-coated, which prevents it from rust permanently. Here again, the research and development from Yamaha’s Marine Division provides the technology for this very valuable benefit to the owner. These are only a few of the exclusive features found on every Yamaha Golf Cart! By: Margie Donley, Owner of Coastal Custom Carts Laurie Reiners, Certified Golf Cart Specialist Tony Bernardo, Showroom Associate

How to

choose a carpet cleaner

Do you like the smell and feel of freshly cleaned carpet on your bare feet but hate the waiting time from when it was completed to when you can walk on it? How often do you have guests arriving in two hours and all of a sudden realize you should have cleaned your carpets and now are on your hands and knees spot cleaning? Do you wish you could get your carpets cleaned more often but worry about health hazards due to the chemicals used? Evergreen Natural provides a healthy, safe alternative using a dry carpet cleaning process.

Q: A:

What is dry carpet cleaning and do you use dry cleaning chemicals? We actually use a process called VLM (very low moisture) and an organic compound which is machine brushed into the carpet and extracted using the same machine. It is the drying time that is important. We can have your carpet dry in less than 45 minutes. We do not use dry cleaning chemicals. The chemical used in the process is bio-degradable, neutral ph safe, non toxic, people friendly, pet friendly and environmentally safe. I have been having my carpets steam cleaned for years. Why


should I change? That is a good question. First, did you know that your carpet will remain wet for six (6) hours or more and that some chemicals, soaps and surfactants will remain in the carpet which encourage re-soiling. Secondly, many carpet cleaning companies market their services as steam cleaning while no steam is involved at all. You may see some water vapor, but water temperatures are far below what would be classified as steam. After the dry out period, many spots and traffic areas appear soiled again. This is called wicking. Our VLM process prevents wicking


as well as the breeding ground for dust mites and mold. It also helps improve indoor air quality and provides noticeable improvement in smoky rooms or rooms with poor air circulation. A process that is safe with minimal inconvenience, no sticky residue, quick drying and smells fresh = One Happy Customer.

People friendly, pet-friendly, child friendly. Environmentally safer and more efficient than most hot water extraction cleaners. Low moisture cleaning prevents the breeding ground for dust mites and mold. Our purpose is to provide you with a safe, effective way to clean your carpet using environmentally friendly products. Your carpet will look cleaner, smell fresher and dry in 45 minutes or less while improving your indoor air quality of your home or business. A natural way to clean carpets using a combination of natural products with very little moisture involved (VLM).

Carpet, Upholstery, Tile & House Cleaning Serving the Low Country from Hilton Head, to Sun City and Beyond Homes, Condos, Apartments, Businesses, RV’s “Do it Natural or Don’t Do it At All.”

Member LMCCA Licensed, Insured




IICRC Certified


Call For Free Estimate & Further Information References Available

Jim Collard • Owner 843-715-0886 office • 843-415-6336 cell • •

Q: A:

How to

Why do I need a professional property management company? Property management companies like Equitable are essential in order to maximize your revenue and minimize your expenses. The selection of a qualified tenant is an involved process that should include background and reference checks, and that’s only the beginning. Once a tenant is secured and a lease is signed, all issues that arise need to be handled expeditiously and professionally. Additionally, the South Carolina Residential LandlordTenant Act must be carefully adhered to. Individuals who manage their own property and have limited experience with this law risk exposure to legal ramifications.

Q: A:

successfully rent your home

How will I know that my property is being cared for if I choose Equitable? We care for your property as if it were our own. We guarantee that on-site inspections of your property at move-in, during tenancy, and at move-out will contribute to maintaining its integrity. We select vendors that are held to the highest of standards in partnering with us to care for your home. In addition, we recognize efficiency, cost effectiveness, and continuous communication as crucial elements in exceeding the expectations of owners and tenants. Our philosophy is “if we take great care of our tenants, they will take excellent care of your property.”

Q: A:

Why should I choose Equitable over another company? Equitable Property Management, LLC is a successful property management company licensed in the state of South Carolina.. Founded in 2003 with only three clients, we now manage over 160 investment properties. Our sterling reputation precedes us. With one of the lowest fee structures in the area and no “nickeling and diming,” we provide true partnership, protecting you from potential pitfalls that can occur in the rental process. The right property management company can guide you through the rental processes seamlessly. From choosing the right tenant to protecting the integrity of your property, you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

Our company name, EQUITABLE, is the driving force behind our company’s culture. Equitable is defined as “fair to all parties as dictated by reason and conscience.” My team and I take great pride in our commitment to this philosophy along with our dedication to exceptional communication and personal attention. Let us show you the true meaning of property management. We look forward to partnering with you. — Geri Colucci ~ Principal/Property Manager-in-Charge

Q: A:

How to

I’ve heard that drinking wine, especially red wine, is good for me. Is this true? My degree is in Health and Fitness so I feel obligated to answer this question first. Wine is full of healthy compounds that range from tannins and polyphenols to alcohol and that so-called magic bullet: resveratrol. Studies Show that moderate wine consumption, that’s a glass or two a day can lower the risk of heart attack for middle-aged people by some 30% to 50%. Red wine has also been known to raise your good cholesterol while lowering the bad. Some of these benefits are attributed to the resveratrol found in wine. Wines with the highest levels of resveratrol include Tannat and Pinot Noir, especially Pinot Noir grown in cooler climates. It seems that resveratrol, much like acid, can easily be cooked out of grapes. Good news for those lovers of

pair wine with food

Oregon, Austrian, and German Pinot Noir!

But to answer your question I would like to focus on cheese and wine pairings since the duo are what we specialize in at Can you tell us some of the Vineyard 55. We are coming into the basics when it comes to pairing season of parties and entertaining so I wines with food? will share three things with you and two In my experience as a wine of them are rules of thumb to be drinker you don’t always have to successful at hosting any get together. stick with the rule of thumb that we all The first thing in pairing wine and cheese know which is, red wine with steak and is stick to regions, such as you can pair a white wine with seafood. Everyone’s delicious chevre from France with a pallets are different and we all seem to bottle of French Champagne from the drink the wine varietal we enjoy the Champagne region of France. Second most no matter what we are having. I rule of thumb is to pair red wines with believe one should drink what they like hard cheeses and white wines with soft and not feel they have to drink a wine cheeses. The third thing I have for you is just based on what they are having to don’t be afraid to break the rules. As long eat. Don’t get me wrong, there are as you are surrounded by family and definitely wines that when paired with friends, eat and drink what YOU like food can bring out the true flavors and and others will enjoy them as well. enhance your meal. I am merely saying Cheers, don’t be afraid to explore different wines Joey Rinaldi or stick with your favorite. Manager Vineyard 55

Q: A:

55 Calhoun Street Bluffton, SC 29910

843-757-9463 (WINE)

Wine, Beer, Cheese, and Tapas from around the World!

Nightly Specials:

Monday 4 p.m. till Close Tuesday 4 p.m. till Close Wednesday through Saturday 11 a.m. till Close

Bluffton’s first and only growler station.

Monday Captains Night:

Starting at 4pm till close. Half off drinks and appetizers for anybody with a boat! Tuesday Retail Night: 15% off bottles of wine and no in-house corkage fees. Specialty wine and food pairings. Wednesday Ladies Night: 15% off drinks and appetizers, and no in-house corkage fees for ladies from 4pm until close. Live music featuring Ken Kolbe 6pm-9pm. Thursday Farmers Market: Happy hour starting at 4pm–7pm. Specialty wine tasting 2pm-5pm. Friday Night: Happy hour starting at 4pm-7pm. Live music from 8 till 11pm with Alan Stockard. Saturday Night: Happy hour starting at 4pm–7pm. Live music featuring Harry Santana 8pm–11pm.


How to

choose an auto repair center


and repair the concerns on your vehicles? We suggest looking into the certifications the facility and its technicians have. Are they ASE certified and/or have Reputation What kind of reputation does the facility you are they acquired any manufacture specific training? considering have? The reputation of a company should You may find that some repair facilities are known to always be a factor when choosing a repair shop. We specialize in a certain make of vehicle providing you suggest reading the company’s reviews left by past with an option other than a dealership. customers and consider the following: Were they Testimonials: “Thank you so much for your fast and friendly service!! satisfied? Was the staff professional? And most of all Reasonable and reliable what more could you ask did the vehicle get repaired correctly? for. Thank you again!!” — Gahagan Patterson, G & J Cost Equipment Rental In today’s economy no one wants to over pay for their “Excellent work, timely, and at a fair price. That’s a lot to repairs; however, finding the best deal may not be the ask for in a repair shop, but Ryan Morgan and Turn 1 Auto best decision. We suggest finding a facility the will deliver. I would highly recommend using their services.” provide reliable parts and service that are backed by a — Todd Hoke nationwide warranty. The last thing you want is to pay “Turn 1 Auto Care has friendly staff and amazing customer more than once for the same repair. service! Their service is great and reliable; they care about their customers and their needs. I would highly recommend Qualifications them to everyone! — Tonya Chittum Is the shop you are considering qualified to diagnose

FOR FRIENDLY SERVICE & GREAT PRICES Ford Factory Trained Domestc & Foreign Cars Fleet Discounts Family Friendly Waiting Room FREE Tire Rotation and Brake Inspection with An Oil Change* w/Tidbits Ad

Oil Changes Electrical Scheduled Maintenance Overhauls & Repairs ... And more!

*Some exclusions apply.



Open Mon.-Fri. 8-5 • Sat. 8-2

21C Kittie’s Landing Road, Bluffton (Behind Montana’s)

How to

market your business

Do you own your own business? Promoting your business is one of the most important things you can do to be successful, whether you own a salon or a restaurant franchise, and everything in between! Here are a few tips to help you get started: 1. Determining Your Market Position What makes your business special? Are you the only one in town who offers a particular product or service? Are you the most affordable in town? Do you offer years of experience and expertise that can benefit your customer? Whatever it is, there is something that makes your business unique. Once you have determined what that factor is, you can then promote your business in a manner that will make you stand out! 2. Sizing Up the Competition Do you know who your competition is? Now that you know what your unique selling position is, are there other businesses in town that share the same position? If not, you have a corner on the market! If there is, you may have to compete on another aspect such as price. Studying your

competitor’s business will keep you informed on market conditions, and may affect the direction you take your business. Print advertising is an affordable way to stand out amongst your competitors. 3. Recognizing Your Target Customer So you now know your position in the marketplace and have determined your competition. Now it is time to establish your target consumer. Is there a particular demographic such as sex or age that your product or service resonates with? Perhaps there is a demographic that you can target in order to grow your business. Once you know who you are talking to, you can then, and only then, choose affective media outlets to effectively reach that target. Print advertising is a great way to reach specific demographics. Tidbits of Hilton Head, Bluffton and

Beaufort reaches both the military and local communities with a broad readership from kids to senior citizens due to our unique blend of content. Tidbits of Hilton Head, Bluffton and Beaufort has marketing experts who will help you determine what makes your business unique and promote it in a way that will make you stand out. We even offer little extras such as logo design, free of charge! We go out of our way to help local businesses prosper, because your success is our success. Advertising in Tidbits is affordable, effective, and has mass reach. People love Tidbits so much they bring it home and share it with their families, unlike a radio or TV ad which lasts 30 seconds and is gone forever. Call us and find out how we can help market your business!


Affordable Advertising Options

KPA Office Outsource, LLC • 843-368-2997 • Fax: 866-920-3888 •

Find us on


How to

find a good salon with the best service value and satisfaction

Finding a salon Ask a friend or stranger whose hair you admire. Do not be afraid to ask. If you are lucky, they just might have a business card with a phone number and address. Walk in to a salon. Sit and watch how the stylists are with their customers and other co-workers. Google different salons in your area. Ask questions on products. Do the stylists use the same products on the customers as they sell up front? How long have they worked and trained with the products they use? Look for a stylist with similar hair to yours — curly, straight, fine, or thin. They will probably have the same issues that you have with your hair. Ask for the price list. Ask if the prices are ala cart, etc. Combining services will sometimes save you money. After you find your salon look for two stylists in the same salon so you will not be lost when one stylist cannot be there

when you need your hair service. Is the salon community friendly? Do they participate in local fundraisers and charities? Getting the most from your new stylist. Bring in pictures of cuts, colors and types of hair. Listen to your stylist on their opinion. Ask for a quote before the service. If you can’t afford the price, ask for any suggestion to cut costs. You are at the salon for expert advice and service. Do not overwhelm your stylist by telling him or her how to cut each hair. If the cut was not perfect, go back and let the stylist know your concerns and review what you wanted and let the stylist get to know you and your personality. I bet you will have a good experience. If not, then change to another stylist in the salon or to another salon.

Try to build a relationship with a salon. They might be pricey but if you are a loyal customer, I know you will get breaks on products and services without asking or producing a coupon. All salons are different. If your stylist keeps up on his or her education, they should be confident in all aspects of hair styling. How much should you tip and should you tip the owner or manager? Typically 15-20% tip is provided to your stylists. As for tipping the owner/manager, it used to be that the owner charged 10 to 20% more than other stylists. So then you would not tip. But if the owner does not charge any different then tip what you feel is appropriate. Most new customers want the owner because of the chance they are more experienced or simply because they don’t have to tip the owner. — Yours truly, Jocelyn Corwin

Jocelyn’s Nexx Faze Salon & Spa

15% Discount on All Services* Walk-in Customers & Ask the Expert Readers

(843) 645-4247 59 D Riverwalk Business Park . (843) 705-2050) Bluffton/Okatie, SC

Stylists and and Barbers Barbers wanted. wanted. Students Students Welcome. Welcome. Stylists

Gift Certificates available at

*Does not apply to retail merchandise. Cannot be combined with other offers.

How to

know when to choose an architect

Why do you need an Architect? The largest single investment for most people is their home — an investment that needs to be maintained, nurtured and cared for to ensure that its value and livability continue to keep up with the homeowner’s expectations and the market place. The best way to do this is consult with an architect before initiating any home improvement projects or new home construction. Architects are first and foremost problem solvers in home and building design. They possess a unique blend of knowledge and skill sets comprising design talent, building code and by-law expertise, the latest building product and technology information, and construction process oversight experience. State licensing boards require architects to constantly update and enhance this knowledge and these skill sets by completing continuing education courses relating to recent building product/technology developments, environmental/sustainable design issues and Health, Safety and Welfare. If the minimum annual number of course credits is not maintained, an architect’s licensure (registration) will be

revoked and he/she can no longer claim to be an architect. As with the selection of any professional, it is important for the home owner to verify an architect’s references and reputation; view completed projects and most importantly interview the architect. There needs to be a meeting of the minds as it is the architect who will guide the homeowner through the design process, prepare the construction documents, solicit bids from reputable general contractors on behalf of the homeowner, compare those bids and help the homeowner select the best general contractor to undertake the project. Remember that the least expensive bid is not necessarily the best bid!

The presence of the architect on site during construction will help ensure that the project being built for the home owner by the general contractor is consistent with the construction documents. The architect is also a resource for the general contractor to aid in understanding all elements of the design and construction documents. At its best, home construction/ renovation is a team sport with the client as team owner, the architect as coach and the general contractor as captain. All team owners know that to build a winning team, the first selection is the coach. In the case of home improvement projects or new home construction, this is an architect.


James Ogden, Architect is a boutique architectural practice that emphasizes personal attention to our clients design goals and budget. We work closely with our client’s to understand their dreams, desires and needs, to create a final successful architectural solution that they will be proud of.


Visit our gallery at: James Ogden, Architect, AIA, NCARB Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (843) 368-2851 •


How to

hire an audio/visual professional

Helpful tips on seeking and working with an Electronics Installation Company There is nothing complicated about connecting a DVD player to a TV. Nor is there anything difficult about hanging a flat panel TV on a wall. With the help of a manual, some people might even be able to program a universal remote control to operate the system they just installed. But, before you get started, you might ask yourself, “Are you going to install and hook up all your new electronic equipment yourself?” If it’s a basic entertainment system, you might just be able to manage. Anything more complicated such as a quality home theater system, whole house audio or automated control system then you might be best to leave the job to a trained professional.

Q: Who Are the Pros? A:

throughout the year to expand their knowledge on all things electronic for the Known as an Electronic home. These activities are essential to Systems Contractors (ESC), these understanding the types of technologies individuals or companies function just like that will be best for each client’s home and any contractor you might hire to work on how to design and install them properly. your home. The ESC knows how to make Have you ever looked at the specs on a big your house perform, look and sound better. screen TV and tried to compare? Go ahead; For many people, looking for a good custom you’ll soon realize just how difficult it is to electronics company is like being plunked comparison shop. down in a foreign land. There is no need to feel intimidated, but where do you start. How do I Know Who to Hire? Most ESCs, such as Ambrosic Home Theater Check their credentials. Look at Designs, LLC, live and breathe technology. what types of systems the company It’s their passion. They understand specialize in, and what licenses and technology and take hands-on training certifications they have. CEDIA (Custom

Q: A:

Electronic Design and Installation Association) is a trade organization of thousands of custom electronics professionals. Look for CEDIA certification as a sign of a professional electronic systems contractor. Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC, is both CEDIA and ISF certified. In the End Electronic systems are not perfect even when they are professionally installed. An Electronics Systems Contractor can offer the assurance that if and when you encounter problems, there’s somebody there who can help you. Ambrosic Home Theater Designs, LLC offers its clients 24/7 customer service.

Combining the latest technology with our customer-focused approach.

How to

Q: A:

eliminate cancer from your body naturally!

Is cancer merely a vitamin deficiency disease? There is mounting evidence that cancer is a vitamin deficiency. Centuries ago we used to eat millet and linseed bread rich in B17, but now we eat wheat bread which has none at all. Our ancestors used to carefully crush the seeds of plums, loquats, cherries, apples, and apricots, and mix the kernels in with their home made recipes. The kernels of all these fruits contain some of the most potent sources of B17 in the world.


There are so many things we can do nutritionally to kill cancer cells, and rebuild our immune systems: in addition to B17: Vitamins like C, and D, Teas like Loquat and Essiac Teas, and herbs like Graviola, Astragalus and Astaxanthin to name a few.

Q: A:

Any other suggestions? Yes, replace all body products that would introduce chemicals into your lymph system, such as SLS shampoos, toothpaste, deodorants, body How can I get vitamin B17 into my diet? lotions and perfumes, and replace them with coconut The most concentrated levels of vitamin B17 oil, and other natural, chemical-free options. are in apricot kernels and apple seeds. The Where can I get more information on vitamin easiest and most nutritious way is to get the B17 B17 and cancer? Chocolate Bars or B17 Spice Brownies available at the For more information see the video “World Circle of Health in Bluffton, SC. Also available are the Without Cancer� in a six-part video at YouTube. apricot kernels by themselves. com, and scan the barcode below with your smart What else can I do to heal my body from phone to visit the Circle of Health video. You will be cancer? amazed!

Q: A: Q:

Q: A:

Q: A:

How to

What’s the unique difference between Geechee, Gullah and Soul Food cooking? The natural, geographic, and climatic advantages of different sections of the Southern Coast have played an important part of the Geechee/Gullah cookery. All three have unique European, African and Native American blend of ingredients that are used in each cultural dish. Even though most of the Cajun and Creole flavors are used in Geechee/ Gullah foods, they are individual and distinctive in its technique of cooking to give a superb “down South” taste. Geechee food has more of a robust taste with a flare of Georgia and Florida’s southern cooking techniques of a one-pot cooked meal. For instance the rice pot “Prioleau” is rice, meat with peas or beans all cooked together.

choose a Gullah restaurant

The Gumbo Pot “Soup Pot” cooks your tomatoes, vegetables, and meats all together. In the Greens Pots or “mess of greens” we put collards, mustard or turnip greens with water and meat, let it cook tenderly then add rice, to make a full delicious meal. Gullah foods are mostly stewed, grilled or roasted — very little is fried. Because the Gullahians are mostly located on the water coast of the Sea Islands a lot of the dishes include seafood and whole grains. Three great well known tasty traditional dishes are grits served up with sumptuous, freshly caught stewed shrimps and gravy, stewed fish with savory brown gravy, and also Seafood Gumbo! Soul food is a combination of Geechee and Gullah creating savory, appetizing dishes from plain, every day ingredients. It’s called Soul food

because food was often used to celebrate and bring families together. It was time of happiness and thanksgiving. It is also said that the women who cooked the food put their hearts and soul into it. Another ol’ saying is “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Come to Kinfolks Gullah Grubs & Seafood Restaurant to taste FREE samples of a magnificent array of southern homestyle cooking that will give you an experience of Lowcountry cooking. Geechee: Fried grits with deep brown savory gravy and shrimps Gullah: Taste of Lowcountry Seafood Gumbo Soul food: Mouth-watering taste of skillet fried buttermilk cornbread 

Kinfolks Gullah grubs & seafood Restaurant Authentic Gullah Cuisine and Dining Experience Fish, pork, chicken and beef dishes

(complimented with traditional Gullah sides!)

Daily specials Separate party room available Gullah artwork on display!


70 Pennington Drive . Sheridan Park . Bluffton

“We welcome you to our table. Our food is prepared to order using the freshest, local ingredients whenever possible. Thank you and enjoy!”

How to

gauge the future of real estate

Will the real estate market re-bound? We’re optimistic! Let’s look at what has changed: Interest rates are at historic lows, sellers are desperate, and attractive properties are in abundance at greatly reduced prices. Now, let’s look at what has not changed: People love homes, ownership is preferred over renting, Hilton Head is paradise, and you can’t raise a family in a mutual fund.

Q: A:

Where are the REAL bargains? Some buyers believe its foreclosures, others say short sales. The real answer is deals are everywhere. Usually the best bargains are snapped up very quickly when they first hit the market because they are priced correctly. Occasionally, we see properties deeply negotiated after being on the market for a long time, becoming stale, and the seller becoming desperate. Realtors are really your best source because they watch it daily and know it when they see it. Find a good Realtor who will work hard for you. They will find you what you’re looking for.

Q: A:

Why buy verses rent? When the housing market slumps rents go up. Rents are up and getting harder to find. As a tenant, you’re paying the landlord’s mortgage without owning the home. With today’s prices, many tenants could own their home for what they’re paying in rent. Plus, there’s nothing like owning your own home. You can fix it, change it, improve it, or pass it onto your kids. Also, when you own, your mortgage interest is tax deductible. Every month you are paying down the principle on that mortgage, and any appreciation is your gain.

Q: A:

How can I get my property sold? Buyers remain in the driver’s seat and they’re doing their homework; this is because technology makes it easy to see all properties. In today’s market, people can fall in love with a house, but there’s plenty to choose from including many that are available through foreclosures. So, if the price isn’t right, buyers move onto the next one until they find the bargain they’re looking for. If you want to sell your house, be sure it’s clean, appealing, and priced aggressively. The good news is your property “will” sell. But, unfortunately, it may not be at the price you’d like.



How to

choose an appliance repair service

It can be difficult to know which appliance repair service to call when one of your appliances break down. There are some things you should look for and watch out for, when deciding. If you’ve ever felt that you were overcharged, or taken advantage of, by an appliance repair service, you need to read this. Tips • Consider the value of the appliance you are repairing. It may be more economical to replace an appliance than to repair it, when cost, life expectancy, and efficiency are considered. • Before replacing an appliance, it’s worth a service call to find out exactly what’s wrong. Many times people will buy a new appliance without even checking out what it would take to fix the one they have. They assume it’s going to cost too much when sometimes it’s a quick, minor, inexpensive repair. Where do I look when I need an appliance repair service? A Ask your friends for a referral. The very best way to find an appliance repair service is by “Referral”. When someone you know recommends a company they were

completely happy with (which includes service, price, professionalism, etc.) then you already know you’re getting a good company. Just be sure you trust this person’s opinion! B Look for license and insurance. The ad you’re looking at should say “Licensed & Insured” and then check to make sure their license number is valid and their insurance is current. C Check how long the company’s been in business at the same location, under the same name. A company with a long local history is a better bet than a recent startup with no history in the area. Carl Williams, owner of Williams Appliance Repair has been servicing appliances for over 15 years. D Weigh the benefits of the personal attention you will receive from a familyowned business vs. the unknown technician

a larger company will send. A local person has a reputation to uphold locally. A representative of a large national chain, however, may or may not be concerned about giving you the best deals or service. E Ask a specific question. For example: “Hi, I have a Kenmore gas dryer that was working fine until today. It still runs fine but there’s no heat at all. If all I need is a new igniter replaced, how much would the total repair cost me? I understand that you may find other things wrong and the estimate you give me over the phone could change, but all I’m asking is how much would it cost me if all you had to do was replace the igniter?” If they won’t answer that question, it should be a red flag to you. See our weekly ad in Tidbits’ Here’s My Card section.

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How to

choose an in-home health care provider

ComForcare Home Care is a leading non-medical, home health care provider that delivers the highest quality personal and homemaking services through reliable and experienced caregivers. We take pride in our rigorous, 10-step hiring process, the most thorough in the home health care industry. The Office for the Study of Aging, Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina, recommends interviewing home care providers to make better choices about the care you will receive. ComForcare agrees and encourages individuals and families to do their homework, ask tough questions and make informed decisions.

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How are the client’s home health care needs assessed? Before sending a caregiver into a client’s home, a qualified professional should assess the individual’s needs. With ComForcare, a registered nurse performs a comprehensive assessment, including a home safety check and fall risk evaluation. The RN then develops a personalized care plan that is followed by the caregiver at every visit.

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Who takes care of scheduling? What if I need assistance after hours? A first-rate home health care provider will make certain the right caregiver is What is the home care provider’s chosen for your particular needs and is available hiring process for caregivers? to you around the clock. The agency will handle When talking to home care employers, scheduling your caregiver, finding a replacement ask if they perform background and if your usual caregiver is ill or on vacation. reference checks. Running criminal, sex ComForcare begins by matching you and your offender and driver’s background checks help loved one with a compatible caregiver, takes care protect the client against physical, of all scheduling and is available 24/7, 365 days a What is included in the hourly cost psychological or financial abuse, and reference year for all your home care needs. Regular follow of home care services? checks verify a caregiver’s work history and up calls to the client and family guarantee Much more than caregiver salary goes experience. concerns are addressed in a timely manner. into the cost of home care services. ComForcare utilizes an RN to further test a Call ComForcare today for a FREE, no Employers are required by law to pay federal, caregiver’s healthcare knowledge and skills. In obligation, in-home visit! Our representative state and Social Security taxes of their employees addition, in-home “spot” checks are done to will answer all your questions about the care — a task that falls to the consumer if a caregiver ensure dependability and care plan follow we can provide you or your loved one. is not employed by an agency. Worker’s through. compensation insurance must be paid by the employer as well, shielding the consumer from substantial liability.

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How to

get the best deal for my communications dollar

Telecommunications and reliable services are a key part of any business operations. We will often get our monthly bills, and as long as they are similar to what we paid last month, we write the check and move on. But are you sure that you know what you are paying for? Paul McMenamin works with businesses across North America saving them money on their monthly spending. Often companies are paying for services they stopped using a long time ago. Sometimes there are billing errors that can be claimed for refunds. If you use wireless services in your business you are probably paying more than you need to.

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How do I know if my communications charges are correct? It is always a healthy step to conduct an audit of your services. This means understanding what you are using versus what you are paying for. As part of my service I look at your bills, contact your providers, and find out what your contract status is. The cost of communications is dropping across the board. Your current service provider may also have some special offers available. Competition for services usually means that there is another provider who may offer the same, or better, for less. I can help you identify the opportunities.

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Why would I need you to look at my services? 30 years in the telecom business has allowed me to understand the process from the ground up. I look at what you are using, and sometimes ask your provider to provide details and traffic usage on lines. You may have more of them than you need. If you have several locations or moved your business you may still be charged for service at the old location, REALLY! The providers tell me “It is the client’s responsibility to understand their telecommunications needs.” I can help you be sure you are doing that!

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My wireless bills just keep getting bigger. How can you help? Wireless service providers have a number of plans designed to meet the needs of their “typical” clients. Your business is not “typical”. Sometimes a personal family plan is best, sometimes the offers for a business are better. Your usage changes over time, and plan adjustments can save you money on costly overages. Here in the lowcountry wireless coverage is an issue for cell phones, and I understand where the carriers have good and not so good coverage. I can help you get the service quality you need.

Telecom Causing a PAIN in your wallet? WeWe are are the Telecom Experts and...We Can Help! the telecom experts!  We understand your services inside and out! We Know Your Telecom Services Inside and Out  We “GET” your telecom needs and then match red icine secu rs in Med ooley Mitchell e te n lu o “V rked es of Sch the servicof ‘09. Paul M. wo rform e r p te to in win with our staff e diligently nd evaluation of th had a e it w d s u e a ic n rv a eir ation se communicing for. Through thed y lv a a p h n arly bee ith no e have ne efforts, w ly telecom cost w faster th d our mon on in service an ” degradati onnection as well. dical internet c Bowen, M.D., Me Frank W. Director

your services  You could be spending less and getting more!



Paul McMenamin, Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultant

How to

generate more leads...and more sales

As a small business owner — or solo professional — what are some of the most effective strategies to generate more leads…and ultimately more sales? The key to running a prosperous business is to think of yourself first of all as marketer and secondly as a business owner. As a small business owner, you often find yourself doing your own marketing which can backfire if you don’t take the time to get acquainted with the basic principles of marketing. Here are a few Lead-Generation and Client-Attraction strategies that will ensure plenty of customers for your business: The More Quality Leads You Generate, the More You’ll Sell There are 2 steps to making a sale: 1) First you have a lead who walks into your store, or picks up the phone and calls you… 2) Then you earn their trust enough that they decide to buy from you. And it all starts with that lead; the more leads you can generate and earn their trust, the more $$$s you bring to the bank at the end of the day. What are Your Top 3 Most Effective Lead-Generation Strategies? When I ask my clients this question, many will say “Advertising, word of mouth, networking, Yellow Pages…”

Some even say “I don’t know…” To keep generating quality leads, it is important to understand the source of your most qualified leads, that way you can spend more of your advertising dollars — or more of your efforts (networking, blogging, etc.) — in that direction. Visit to access dozens of lead-generation strategies (Full Access; No-Strings-Attached — FREE for 30-Days!) Advertising as Lead-Generation “Tool” When done correctly, advertising can be a great lead-generation tool; done incorrectly, can be a great drain on your marketing dollars. To ensure your ads are

producing results, keep in mind the following: 1) Know who you are targeting (target market) and what are their main challenges or desires (what keeps them up at night?), 2) offer a solution in your ad AND a FREE irresistible offer, e.g. “Visit to get your 7-Tips to …(solution to their problem or desire)”, 3) use Powerful Headlines that will capture the eye of your prospects Visit to access 350 of the Greatest Headlines that can jumpstart your marketing and advertising (Full Access; No-StringsAttached — FREE for 30-Days!)

How to

choose a great gift

Choosing a gift for that hard to buy for person or the person who has everything can sometimes be difficult. Let Scentsy help! Scentsy has a wide variety of products, from different size warmers and plug-ins to room sprays, scents circles and more. Are you looking for a nice teacher gift? How about an alcohol free hand sanitizer? Our fragrance foam comes in 15 fragrances and works great in the classroom. Need a gift for a wedding, Father’s Day or Christmas? We have something for everyone and all occasions. Any new baby or child would love one of our soft and cuddly Scentsy Buddies filled with a fresh smelling Scent Pak. And give Mom one of our new solid perfumes for Mother’s Day.

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What is Scentsy? Scentsy is a direct selling, wickless candle company headquartered in Meridian, Idaho. The company is owned by Orville and Heidi Thompson and sells its products through a field sales force of more than 200,000 independent sales representatives known as Independent Scentsy Consultants, who market and sell Scentsy products through home parties.

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What are wickless candles? A wickless candle, called a Scentsy Bar or a Scentsy Brick, is a highly fragrant wax bar that is warmed to release fragrance into the air. Because the wax is gently warmed rather than burned, it can hold more fragrance oil than a traditional candle. And, because there is no flame, there is no smoke, soot, or lead. Scentsy wickless candles are a safer alternative to traditional candles.

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How is the wax warmed? Scentsy’s beautiful ceramic warmers house a low-watt light bulb that slowly melts the Scentsy Bar or Scentsy Brick, filling your home with one of more than 80 distinctive, long-lasting scents. The combination of a Scentsy Warmer with a Scentsy Bar is known as a Scentsy System. Julie Moniot Independent Scentsy Star Director

How to

choose a wedding planner

Getting married? Congratulations! Once you’ve said “Yes,” hire a Professional Bridal Consultant that will help you ENJOY YOUR DAY WITHOUT WORRY. When selecting a Professional Bridal Consultant (PBC), choose one that listens to your dreams and finds ways to incorporate your ideas, theme, or family traditions into your ceremony or reception. A PBC has earned the designation and has the knowledge plus experience to ensure your day is as perfect as possible. A PBC should ask lots of questions pertaining to how you envision your day. Be sure to note the specific items you want your PBC to take care of — invitations, hotel accommodations, flowers/decorations for ceremony and reception, guest table seating, ceremony program, organize breakfast or lunch for wedding party prior to ceremony, music coordination, and wedding day timeline. It’s your choice!

It’s your day! Day-of Coordination versus Eight Months of Planning — Don’t wait until the month before your wedding

day to ask for help. Seek professional guidance from a PBC before you select your date and location. Hiring a PBC will save you money, as a PBC will help you use your budget as a tool to guide your planning decisions.

Location, Location, Location — Spend the money for the venue you want. Your venue selection reflects your style and personality. Rely on the knowledge of your PBC to know about all the benefits of the venue. Wedding Reception Menu — Did you know that 30% to 40% of your budget is spent on the menu? Your PBC has extensive knowledge and experience with menu selection, caterers and chefs. Plan to enjoy every moment by preplanning! Now you’re ready to say “I do.” By: Lisa Kenward, Professional Bridal Consultant (PBC) Lisa Kenward Events — Sophisticated. Creative. Memorable.



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