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Studies have shown that dancing reduces stress and tension and can also help prevent heart disease. Come along with Tidbits as we look at different kinds of dancing! THE HULA • ‘Hula’ is a Hawaiian word meaning simply, ‘dance.’ Originally, only men were allowed to dance the hula. It originated as a method of passing history down, with every single movement carrying a meaning that helped tell the story. The movements were accompanied by drumming and chanting. (Modern hula is more commonly accompanied by ukeleles and guitars.) Hula dances also honored and appeased the gods in religious ceremonies (particularly the volcano gods) and paid homage to leaders. The hula was once outlawed by missionaries who considered it sinful. But David Kalakaua, King of Hawaii from 1874 through 1891, reinstated the tradition of hula dancing, thereby earning his nickname, the ‘Merrie Monarch.’ Each year, the Merrie Monarch Festival is held in his honor. The peak of the festival is the hula competition, with both men and women dancing. An authentic hula skirt requires the leaves of about 60 ti plants, takes about four hours to weave, and wears out in 3 to 5 days of use. (Continued next page)

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• In the 1800s people were fascinated with Native Americans, so P.T. Barnum imported a band of Sioux from Iowa to perform in his New York museum. He hired them to perform their ritualistic dances on stage in front of an audience. Their favorite was the war dance, but they performed it so convincingly that Barnum was afraid someone would get hurt. So he asked them to perform the more sedate wedding dance instead. They agreed, as long as Barnum agreed to provide a new red woolen blanket so the bridegroom would have a gift to give the bride’s father. Barnum agreed, since the blanket cost only $10 and his box-office receipts were very good. But then they informed him that he must buy a new wedding blanket for every performance. Since the show was performed twice a day, six days a week, Barnum was spending $120 a week on blankets. Soon the tribe got homesick for their native land. Barnum paid their passage back to Iowa. • In 1942, the impresarios for Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus decided they wanted to teach their circus elephants to dance. They contacted choreographer George Balanchine and told him to find a composer to help him. He chose Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, and the telephone conversation went like this: “I need you to compose a piece of music for me.” “What kind of music?” “A polka.” “For whom?” “Elephants.” “How old?” “Young!” “OK, if they are very young, I’ll do it!” The result was “Circus Polka” and it was performed 425 times. • Aristotle told the story of the city of Sybaris, where the horses were taught to dance to the music of a pipe. When the Sybarites went to war against the Crotonians, the Crotonians brought along a lot of pipes. On the battlefield, the pipers began to play, the Sybarian horses began to dance, and the riders were easily slaughtered.

Tidbits® of Northern Colorado

1. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a group of owls called? 2. U.S. STATES: In which state is the Adirondack Park located? 3. LANGUAGE: What is a pangram? 4. MOVIES: What movie contained the line “They’re here”? 5. MEDICAL: What was Viagra originally developed to treat before it was used to combat erectile dysfunction? 6. GEOGRAPHY: In which country is the region of Lombardy located? 7. GAMES: The game of skittles closely represents what other game? 8. LITERATURE: How many stories are contained in “The Canterbury Tales”? 9. TELEVISION: On which show did the phrase “Sock it to me!” originate? 10. ADVERTISING SLOGANS: What company’s advertising slogan is “Can you hear me now”? (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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“My gosh you guys are twins!” declared a young lady who entered a retail store as my brother and I walked out. To be honest, I had never thought my brother was that good looking, but who was I to argue with the absolutely unsolicited and unbiased opinion of a rather lovely young lady? It’s true we do look a bit alike and there are many areas where we think alike as well. After all, we have similar DNA, grew up in the same home, slept in the same bedroom growing up, were raised by the same two parents, attended the same schools, and even graduated from the same college. Today we both attend churches in the same denomination, have stayed married to our first wives, always get our hair cut about the same way, vote the same way, have similar opinions on many matters, sound alike when talking on the phone, and even play the piano in a similar manner (not very well). All those external similarities, however, mask some very significant differences. He likes the hard sciences such as math and physics. I like the softer subjects like philosophy and theology. As a young man he joined the Navy to fly jets while I went to Africa to preach the gospel. Now he flies airplanes, I write paragraphs. For most of his life he has worked within a corporation, I have always worked for myself. If we were raised in the same environment why are we so different from one another? After all, we saw the same things, heard the same messages from our parents, attended the same schools, and experienced life in the same culture. Here’s the difference: We saw the same things but through different eyes. We heard the same messages but processed them through our

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You’re Something Special #4 You Think Differently than Others By Dr. Ron Ross own unique channels. We were taught the same lessons but learned them in our own distinctive ways. Hence, we are poles apart in some ways and quite similar in others. You too are the only person who experiences life the way you do. You sort out each thing that happens to you in your very own way. Every person you meet, every event you attend, every book you read, every sermon you hear, every mistake you make, every challenge you face, every victory you win, every failure you endure, every love you feel, every path you walk is completely and uniquely your own. You are something special because of the exclusive way you see your world! It’s what makes you - you! It’s what makes you special! If you would like a FREE compilation of this series of Dr. Ross’ columns please send him an email requesting the “You’re Something Special Compilation” and a PDF E-book file will be emailed to you. Email: Dr.Ross@ Read more by Dr. Ross at ©2013 Dr. Ronald D. Ross

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DANCE WORD ORIGINS • The old English word ‘jouk’ means to dance, and from that we get our juke box. • Thespis was a poet, dancer, and theatrical manager around 500 BC. He did so much to promote theater that he is still honored today in the word ‘thespian.’ • The word ‘carol’ comes from the Middle English word ‘carolen’ meaning to sing joyously. That word originates with the Greek word ‘choraulein,’ which was a ring dance accompanied by flutes. • ‘Polak’ means Polish man, and ‘polka’ means Polish woman. In addition, the Czeck word ‘pulka’ means ‘half-step.’ When a new dance originating in Bohemia took the world by storm, it was called the Polka. The polka was very popular and many different items were named after the dance. When a new fabric was invented, the manufacturer decided to name the new design ‘polka dots.’ FAST FACTS ABOUT DANCE • It is illegal to dance to the Star Spangled Banner in several states. • President James Polk banned dancing and drinking in the White House. At his inaugural ball, these illicit activities stopped— until the president and his wife left the ball. • In 1865, somcone sprinkled cayenne pepper on the dance floor in Virginia City, Montana during a dance, causing a sneezing uproar. • Russian ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky was RUN YOURhis OWN BUSI able toWANT crossTO and uncross legs tenNESS? times in a Publish a Pa per in Your Area single leap. If You Can Provide: Sales Experience · A Computer · Desktop Publishing and Software · A Reasonable Financial Investment • Barnum Bailey Circus once had a We provide the opportunity for success! troupe of dancing cows. Call 1.800.523.3096 • Choreographer Paul Taylor once performed a solo dance on stage in which he simply stood motionless for four minutes. The critic for “Dance Observer” magazine reviewed his work by giving him four inches of blank white space.


• In France in 1960 a new disco opened up called Chez Régine. For weeks everyone who showed up at the door was turned away. A sign out front perpetually announced that the disco was full. Finally the sign was removed, and customers flooded in. It was an instant success. The ‘Disco Full’ sign was a gimmick designed to get people’s curiosity up. • In 1971 jazz composer Roger Kellaway wrote a modern ballet entitled mysteriously “PAMTGG.” Audiences soon realized the acronym stood for the TV commercial jingle, “Pan Am Makes the Going Great.” The entire ballet was based on airport life, including takeoff, landing, and baggage scramble. • Dancer Marie Guimard was famous for her style of dancing which mostly involved graceful movements of the arms as she struck poses. When a piece of falling scenery broke her arm, French opera singer Sohie Arnould remarked, “What a pity it wasn’t her leg; then it wouldn’t have interfered with her dancing!” • British ballerina Dame Margot Fonteyn went to see a troupe of black ballet dancers. One of the male performers invited her to join him on stage and she gamely tried to keep up with the rhythm and movement of the vigorous dance as he guided her through the steps. He took her back to her seat saying, “You’re an attractive girl; it’s too bad you can’t dance!” CANADIAN DANCE FACTS • In Canada, the number of people who report earning a living from dance grew from less than 400 in 1971 to over 6,000 in 2001. • Over a million Canadians adults take dance classes or perform in their community. • Over one-quarter of a million Canadian citizens take ballet lessons. • Throughout Canada, dancers earn lower incomes than all other culture workers, and rank among the bottom 5% of all occupations.

Women in History VIRGINIA McMATH • When Virginia Katherine McMath was born in Missouri in 191, her young cousin had trouble pronouncing the name ‘Virginia,’ saying ‘Ginga’ instead, so Virginia became Ginger. Her mother divorced her father, and later married John Rogers, turning Virginia McMath into Ginger Rogers. Ginger’s mother was very actively involved in theater, writing Hollywood scripts for a living and touring with theatrical troupes, so Ginger grew up backstage. She got her first taste of the limelight when she won a Charleston dance contest, which allowed her to tour the Vaudeville circuit extensively. Her mother went along on the tour, acting as her manager. • Upon arriving in New York City, she landed a role in a Broadway play called “Top Speed,” and then immediately landed the leading role in the Gershwin play “Girl Crazy,” which made a star out of both herself and Ethyl Merman. One of the crew members hired to help with choreography was a young dancer named Fred Astaire. In 1930, Ginger signed a 7-year contract with Paramount Pictures. She was 19 years old. In the decades to come, she would make over 70 films. • In 1933, she teamed up with Fred Astaire for the first time, making a film called “Flying Down to Rio” which turned out to be the first of ten films they made together. Although they played supporting characters in the film, their dance chemistry was so remarkable that audiences clamored for more. A string of feature films followed, including such hits as “Top Hat” and “The Gay Divorcee.” Although the two worked well together, they were never close off-stage. However, as Astaire later reflected, “All the girls I ever danced with thought they couldn’t do it, but of course they could. So they always cried. All except Ginger. No no, Ginger never cried.”

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Making Your Home Safe for Winter Like it or not, winter is coming. Depending on where you live, you’ve likely already felt the chill winds preceding the even colder weather ahead. Two key elements of winter safety at home are warmth and adequate lighting. Are you ready? Staying Warm: If you live in your own home, when is the last time you had your furnace inspected? If you can’t say it was this season, it’s time to call for an appointment. These system checks should be done once a year and generally include a new furnace filter. Carrying a big blanket from room to room can be a tripping danger. Instead, keep personalsize comforters in various places in your home, especially your favorite chair. Check the bottoms of your slippers to make sure they aren’t worn and slippery. Wear a favorite hat for additional warmth, and consider a padded vest to keep your body’s trunk warm. Adequate Lighting: Fading daylight can creep up on us. One of my friends took a yard light and put it in the kitchen window to recharge in the sun each day. When it becomes dark

outside, the little light automatically goes on. Another has put tiny automatic nightlights in a few electric outlets. When the lighting is low, the lights automatically come on. These serve as reminders to turn on more lights in the house. Do you have candles handy for the times when the power goes out? If so, throw them away! It’s too easy for lighted candles to fall over or catch clothing on fire. Instead invest in a few flashlights or “dome” lights that you can leave at various places in your home. Don’t forget a small one for your pocket. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Send email to (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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By Samantha Mazzotta Someone Kicked Hole in Bathroom Door Q: My youngest brother stayed at my house for the weekend and at some point, somebody kicked a hole through the bathroom door. All the way through! Is there any way to repair it? -- Stacy in Hampton Beach, N.H. A: On a temporary basis, just for privacy and safety, you can patch the damaged door by attaching a piece of plywood to either side using wood screws. The plywood should overlap the hole by at least an inch on all sides. However, you’ll need to replace the door completely, once you have the time and the finances. That your brother’s friends managed to knock a hole through it means the door was probably hollow, which is common for interior doors. It will be less expensive to replace than a solid wood door. Also on the plus side, you can replace it with the door of your choice. Another option is to replace the entire frame, allowing you to purchase a prehung door. Replacing the door properly will take a little bit of skill. If you’ve done some basic carpentry before (using power tools, etc.) you can handle a door replacement. Otherwise, you may want to hire a contractor to do the entire door replacement. Ask for a written quote before agreeing to any work. Before heading to the home-improvement store for a replacement, measure the height and width of the door and take those measurements with you. You’ll need the new door plus -- if you want to completely replace the hardware -- new hinges and a lockset (which includes the doorknob and latch). You also can use the old hardware to save money. If you plan to replace the door yourself, plan ahead. Online videos can give a great visual overview of the task. HOME TIP: If your door scrapes the floor slightly on opening and closing, place a piece of sandpaper on floor where it rubs and open/ close the door across the sandpaper a few times. Send your questions or home tips to ask@ My new e-book, “101 Best Home Tips,” is available to download on Amazon Kindle! Pick it up it today for just 99 cents. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

¥ Candy, candy and more candy. Halloween is just around the corner, and some of us like to offer a non-candy alternative to our doorknocking ghouls and goblins. Here are three that I have been successful with: pencils, erasers and glow sticks/bracelets. -- JoAnn ¥ Post-Halloween sales are a great time to pick up imagination-stimulating accessories and outfits for the dress-up bin. ¥ “Young children often love the act of pumpkin carving, but apart from letting them scoop out the seeds (which is fun!), there’s not a safe way to let them help with the cutting. I recommend purchasing a small pumpkin for the little ones to decorate with markers or paint.” -- W.F. in South Carolina ¥ “Baby lotion is great to have around on

CELEBRITY EXTRA By Cindy Elavsky PHOTO: Jennie Garth Q: Now that “Breaking Bad” is over, what’s next for Bryan Cranston? -- Donald F., via e-mail A: The in-demand actor has loaned his voice to the H2 original series “Big History.” H2 -- an offshoot of the History Channel -- will premiere the 10-hour series on Saturday, Nov. 2, at 10 p.m. ET. “Big History” will dare to reveal one grand unified theory for how every event throughout history is connected. Each episode will begin with an iconic topic from the pages of traditional history, such as the Great Pyramids, Titanic or the American Revolution, but then will spin into surprising journeys through other fields, weaving together insights and evidence from various disciplines such as astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, anthropology, history and economics. “Big History” will pull together the puzzle pieces from all 16 half-hour episodes into an epic two-hour finale, revealing the unifying link among all events. “I was asked to be the voice of 13.7 billion years of history,” said Bryan Cranston, “Sure, I’ve got the time -- give or take a billion years. As I read the material, I realized that this new

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Halloween, because it can be used to remove face paint. Masks can restrict children’s vision when trick-or-treating, so face paint is a better way to go. Use a washcloth and baby lotion to get that paint off quick.” -- A.V. in Oregon ¥ Choose a battery-powered candle for your carved Jack-o-lanterns. You can leave it on longer, even when you aren’t home. And it’s much safer than a true flame. ¥ “Give any costume that your kid wants to wear for Halloween the “dance test.” Have him or her put on the costume and dance around. If the child is tripping over the hems or the accessories are cumbersome, a change is in order.” -- M. in Michigan Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 or e-mail JoAnn at (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc. series gives a surprising and unique look at our world. I’m excited to be a part of it.” *** Q: I was surprised to see Peter Facinelli gueststarring on “Glee” this fall. It got me to wondering what his ex-wife, Jennie Garth, is up to now? -- Holly U., Tampa, Fla. A: Jennie is in talks to co-star in a new sitcom for ABC Family with former “Beverly Hills, 90210” co-star Tori Spelling. The pilot is called “Mystery Girls,” and it’s based on a story that Tori co-wrote with screenwriter Shepard Boucher. According to Us Weekly magazine: “ÔMystery Girls’ is a comedy about a former starlet (Tori) who starts solving crimes with her former mystery-TV-show costar (Jennie) after a witness to a crime refuses to talk to anyone except the infamous Mystery Girls.” And although I think “Us” meant to use the word “notorious” and not “infamous,” I think you get the idea of what the sitcom is about. *** Q: What’s next for Christian Bale? -- Barry T., Minneapolis A: Of Christian’s current projects, the one I am most eager to see is the gritty thriller called “Out of the Furnace,” which opens Dec. 6. Boasting an all-star cast of Christian, Woody Harrelson, Forest Whitaker, Casey Affleck, Willem Dafoe, Zoe Saldana and Sam Shepard, the story centers on Russell Baze (Christian), whose younger brother, Rodney (Casey), mysteriously disappears. When law enforcement fails to (or is too afraid to) follow through, Russell decides to search for justice himself. *** Q: I was wondering if you have any news on “Body of Proof”? Is it coming back? -- Robin W., via email A: I’m sorry to report that the Dana Delanystarring medical drama was canceled by ABC after three seasons. All three seasons are available on DVD, if that is any consolation. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 328536475; or e-mail her at letters@cindyelavsky. com.

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1. Is the book of 3 Kings in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. From Revelation 12:9, what was the name of the old serpent? The Devil, Aster, Nehushtan, Lucifer 3. Which book begins, “Now David was old and stricken in years”? Numbers, 1 Kings, Psalms, Joel 4. From Psalms 114:4, what did the mountains skip like? Rams, Lambs, Waves, Children 5. Written around 45 A.D. (C.E.), what’s the oldest book of the New Testament? Titus, Hebrews, James, Jude 6. Of these who was a son of Da-

vid? Job, Isaiah, Solomon, Amos

Are You Spending More Than You Make? If you constantly run out of money and have to scramble before the next paycheck arrives, chances are you’re not using a budget to manage your finances. Here are six easy steps to create a simple budget and put it to work: 1. If you have a computer, go online to and search for creating a budget. You’ll find a number of articles with basic charts and forms you can print out. If you don’t have a computer, pencil and paper will do just fine. 2. Write down your regular expenses. This will include

mortgage payment, auto insurance and payment, creditcard payments, tuition -- anything that’s an expense every month. 3. Make a list of expenses that vary from month to month, such as food, utilities (this is where being on a payment plan for utilities can come in handy), shoes and car repair. Estimate the likely cost if necessary. Don’t forget periodic expenses, such as yearly fees for vehicles. Calculate how much you need to set aside each month to meet that expense. 4. Track your spending for a month. You need to know exactly where every dollar has gone. This is not the time to pretend you didn’t really spend all that money on lattes and lunches out. Save every receipt and write down your expenses in a small notebook when you’re out. 5. Consider your long-term financial goals, such as knowing you’ll need another vehicle next year and will need a down payment. Again, calculate how much you’ll need to save each month. While considering this goal of a new vehicle (or another large item), consider

whether you’ll be able to afford the payment. 6. At the end of the month, total up your figures and compare your outgo with your income. If you’ve had to put things on credit cards, chances are your outgo exceeded the money that came in. If so, you need to identify areas where you can cut back expenses. Start by looking at what you put on credit cards and anything you labeled as miscellaneous expenses, such as snacks and coffee out, and impulse items. The hard part of budgeting comes the following month when you need to make those cutbacks to your spending. But chances are, if you follow your budget, you won’t run out of money before the next check comes in. David Uffington regrets that he cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into his column whenever possible. Send email to (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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By Sam Mazzotta AKC, USDA at Odds Over Breeder Rules DEAR PAW’S CORNER: Is it true that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is banning professional dog breeding? -- Concerned Owner in Iowa DEAR CONCERNED: Nope, it’s not true. However, the USDA has implemented some new rules that will bring Internet-based pet breeders and sellers under the regulation of the Animal Welfare Act. The rules narrow the definition of a retail pet store and expand the agency’s oversight of pet breeders. On the plus side, the new rules could make it harder for notorious “puppy mills” to exist, because breeders with four or more breeding females, and those who sell puppies “sight unseen,” now have to be licensed through the USDA. On the negative side, argues the American Kennel Club, the rules are nebulous in certain areas. For example, determining which females are truly “breeding females” can make things harder for small breeders and hobbyists. “The AKC remains

extremely concerned that the rule will make it difficult for individuals to self-report, as they would not be able to know -- without an APHIS inspection ... before applying for a license -- whether they would be required to obtain a license.” And new standards for facilities could make it much harder for hobbyists and small breeders to raise dogs in their homes. “It is not reasonable to expect small breeders, who keep a handful of dogs and make a choice to raise dogs in their homes, to be able to meet exacting USDA kennel engineering standards that are designed for large commercial wholesale or research kennels,” the AKC said. So, dog breeders still will be in business when the new rules take effect in November, but they may have more work cut out for them. Cat and rabbit breeders also are affected. Send your questions or comments to Did you know mosquitos can transmit heartworm larvae to dogs, but fleas don’t? Find out more in my new book, “Fighting Fleas,” available now. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.



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by Samantha Weaver ¥ It was American writer Gore Vidal who made the following sage observation: “The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity -- much less dissent.” ¥ If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never encountered a tziganologist. That is, unless you consort with those who study Hungarian gypsies. ¥ When someone mentions the rock band ZZ Top, you probably think of a group of musicians with beards. They don’t all have beards, though; the drummer is clean-shaven as a matter of safety (imagine being in the middle of a drum solo and getting a stick caught in a long beard -- ouch!). Interestingly, the unbearded drummer’s name is Frank Beard.

GINGER ROGERS (cont’d) • By the mid-1940s, Ginger Rogers was ¥ Squirrels are wonderful foresters. Every year, thousands of trees grow from caches of nuts and acorns that squirrels Hollywood’s highest paid performer. She won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1940 forgot about. for her role in “Kitty Foyle.” In the 1942 film ¥ If you see a group of pugs together, know that they’re “The Major and the Minor,” she played the collectively called a grumble. part of a woman who disguises herself as a 12-year-old. In the movie, her real mother ¥ One anagram of “William Shakespeare” is “I am a weak- played the role of her film mother. She starred ish speller.” Incidentally, a person who comes up with with Ronald Reagan in the 1951 anti-Ku Klux anagrams is known as an “anagrammatist.” Klan thriller, “Storm Warning.” • By the 1950s as her film popular¥ If you’re planning a trip to Japan, you might want to add the island of Okunoshima to your itinerary. It’s often called ity began to fade, she returned to the stage Usagi Jima, or “Rabbit Island,” by locals because the bun- for long successful runs in plays such as “Hello, Dolly!” and “Mame.” Her final film nies there are tame and approach humans without fear. was the 1965 biopic “Harlow” in which she ¥ Those who study such things have discovered that if you played the mother of actress Jean Harlow. In put a sea sponge in a blender and leave the resulting mess 1985, she fulfilled a lifelong dream when she overnight, the remaining cells will find each other and start directed the off-Broadway musical “Babes forming a new sponge. in Arms.” She was 74 years old at the time. *** Along the way, she married and divorced five Thought for the Day: “An inconvenience is only an adventimes but never had any children. Her autobiture wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience ography, “Ginger: My Story” was published rightly considered.” -- Gilbert Keith Chesterton in 1991. • Her final appearance in a TV role was . in 1987 when she appeared in the series “Hotel.” Bible Trivia • She continued making public appearANSWERS: 1) Neither; 2) The ances until a stroke left her partially paraDevil; 3) 1 Kings; 4) Rams; 6) lyzed and dependent upon a wheelchair. In James; 7) Solomon spite of the stroke, she never saw a doctor. • Ginger Rogers died of a heart attack in 1995 at the age of 83. Her ashes, interred next to her mother’s, are in the same cemetery where Fred Astaire is buried. • Garson Kanin wrote of them, “The Answers magic of Astaire and Rogers cannot be 1. A parliament 2. New York explained; it can only be felt. They created 3. A sentence that contains all 26 letters of a language’s alphabet a style, a mood, a happening. They flirted, 4. “Poltergeist” 5. Angina chased, courted, slid, caressed, hopped, 6. Italy 7. Bowling skipped, jumped, bent, swayed, clasped, 8. 24 9. “Rowan and Martin’s wafted, undulated, nestled, leapt, quivered, Laugh-In” 10. Verizon Wireless glided, spun - in sum, made love before our eyes. We have not seen their like since.”

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