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Issue 836 - September 9, 2013 “The Automotive Experts”

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THE BIRDS & THE BEES by Kathy Wolfe


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8900 S BROMPTON WAY PARKER CO 80134 Repair cracks before winter hits! Help prevent the spread of cracks cover concrete stains protect aging concrete Enhance curb appeal crack repair and protection

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Back in 1965, Jewel Akens had a Billboard top hit and gold record with “Let Me Tell You about the Birds and the Bees.” This week, Tidbits brings you a variety of facts about these creatures. • Out of close to 10,000 varieties of birds, the largest is the African ostrich, with an average height of 8 ft. (2.44 m). This flightless bird weighs between 220 and 350 lbs. (100 to 160 kg.). It has the largest eye of any land animal, measuring almost 2 inches (5 cm) across. An ostrich egg measures nearly 7 inches (17.8 cm) across and weighs around 4 lbs. (1.8 kg), enough to make about 11 omelets. • A cheetah can run at speeds up to 70 mph (113 km/hr), but it’s not the fastest animal on Earth. A spine-tailed swift can fly at speeds of 106 mph (171 km/hr), but one bird is even faster. The peregrine falcon can reach 200 mph (320 km/hr) as it dives down while hunting prey. The fastest bird on land is the ostrich, who can hustle along at 43 mph (69 km/hr). • The world’s smallest bird is the bee hummingbird, just a bit more than 2 inches (5 cm) in size, and weighing .07 of an ounce (1.8 g), about as much as a lump of sugar. Native to Cuba, this tiny creature can flap its wings between 50 and 80 times per second. Turn the page for more...


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Diesel Repair & Performance

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Bankruptcy (303) 525-9531 email:

Hill law OffiCe, P.C.

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Interesting Stuff

BIRDS AND THE BEES (continued): • To safeguard your home from woodpeckers, consider the reasons these creatures peck. The fast drumming by the male is an attempt to attract a mate and announce to other males in the area that this is his territory. He usually chooses a hollow branch for this purpose, but will opt for a house’s gutter or loose siding. They also peck searching for insects. If you see holes in your siding, you could very well have insects living in the boards that the bird found. Your siding is also an attractive place for a nest, and it’s nothing for the woodpecker to drill a hole large enough for entry. It can be beneficial to install a nest box on the side of your house or fence to keep them from pecking into the siding. • The woodpecker has a very thick skull and a builtin “shock-absorber system” in its neck and rib cage to withstand the constant pounding. •

Filling up your birdbath today? The Audubon Society recommends a depth of about 2 ½ inches (6.3 cm). Any less makes it too difficult for the bird, and deeper water frightens them.

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• Not every group of birds is called a flock. A group of pelicans is known as a squadron. Other unusual group names include a charm of hummingbirds, a tiding of magpies, a muster of peacocks, a conspiracy of ravens, a bouquet of pheasants, a murmuration of starlings, and a murder of crows. • It’s a long trip south every year for the North American Black Warbler, a small bird about 6 in. (14 cm) long, weighing only 0.39 oz. (11 g). Every year, it migrates a distance of nearly 2,500 miles (4,023 km) that is covered in a nonstop flight that takes close to 90 hours. They accomplish this by doubling their body mass as migration time nears. The warbler’s average speed on the journey is 27 mph (43 km/hr). • West Baden Springs, Indiana was the birthplace of a very famous Bird who migrated to Boston, Massachusetts in 1979. The 6’ 9” tall (2.1 m) Bird, also called a Larry Bird, played his entire basketball career with the Boston Celtics, leading them to three NBA championships. He was also a 12-time NBA All-Star and league MVP three times. After participating on the 1992 Olympic “Dream Team,” the Bird retired as a player and entered into coaching. • There are about 20,000 different species of bees in the world. Bumblebees pollinate crops and plants, while honeybees produce honey from the pollen and nectar of the plants they pollinate. A honeybee’s wings flap at the rate of 11,000 times per minute, producing that familiar buzzing sound.

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• Three types of bees occupy each colony – the queen, the worker bee, and the drone. All drones are male and their only job is to mate with the queen. Female bees are the only ones that work, collecting pollen and nectar and cleaning the hive. The queen’s only job is to lay eggs, and she can lay about 3,000 eggs in one day. Only the queen bee can reproduce and all worker bees are sterile.


• One tablespoon of honey requires the nectar of about 2,000 flowers. One pound of honey is produced by 550 bees collecting nectar from 2.5 million flowers. A typical honeybee can carry the pollen from 500 flowers in one trip. • If you think poisonous snakes are deadly, consider the fact that bees kill more people annually than snakes. Of all deaths caused by animals, bee stings rank highest, causing 75% of those deaths compared to about 5% for snakes.


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September 30, 2013


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Cat Q & A Dr. James Olson - The Meow Doc

Understanding Your Cat – Part 1 To many people cats are a mystery because they are like no other domestic animal. People train dogs, people train horses, people train other people but cats train people. It is amazing how cats in a household tend to control the social environment and teach others to serve them. Cats do not respond to negatives. Understanding your cat will enhance the human/feline bond. The domestic cat is social and they form matriarchal groups in their territory. Households with a few cats differ from groups of outdoor barn cats and still larger differences exist from large feral colonies of cats. Population pressures affect each group. Household cats (1-5 in number) are social but interaction with humans many times causes a lot of stress and the physical environment can create many behavioral issues. Barn cats have the best of both worlds – to be free in a protected area, to hunt, to have free choice food, to have human interaction if they want it and to have a territory of their own – noting the risk from other predators. A good barn cat has a pleasurable job for life. Feral cats whether free living or in colonies continue to give us insights into pure feline social behavior. Mothers and daughters in a colony develop kitten rearing duties teaching cat hygiene, hunting, and social interaction. Surrounding the matriarchal core are related males, befriended unrelated males from outside the colony but rarely is an unrelated female ever accepted in the family group. Housing unrelated females in a household can be difficult, whereas neutered males tend to socialize much better. Social groups can be as little as a one cat group. Three cats in a household could have 3 social groups of one cat each, 2 social groups of a one cat group and 2 cats in the other group. Cats in the same group tend to interact together well – sleeping together, playing together, communicating together (meows, chirps, body posturing and eye language) and grooming each other. Groups have a common characteristic in that grooming amongst cats usually defines members of that group. Dr. James K. Olson is "The Meow Doc", a nationally recognized veterinarian specializing exclusively in cats. Dr. Olson holds the title of Diplomate, Feline Specialty, from the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. He is certified to practice nuclear medicine by the State of Colorado Department of Radiaton Safety. His practice is located in Castle Rock, Colorado. For more information please visit his comprehensive website:

Is Your Cat Protected? We're a full service CATS ONLY clinic with a big difference. We feature the only practicing Board Certified Feline Specialist in Colorado.

Cat Specialist

Dr. James Olson, Dipl ABVP (Feline) 612 Atchison Way • Castle Rock CO 80109


Tidbits® of Douglas & Elbert Counties

303.663.2287 (CATS)

Excellent Quality Hay and Straw. Call For ALL Your Livestock and Reclamation Needs. ----------------------------

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Mon - Sat 10 - 5

All your protection under one roof.

Timothy G Brown, Agent

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The Buddy Center Needs Your Help

Pet of the Week

Name: MC JAGGER ID# A653705

McJagger here and I’m a handsome, 6-year-old, Australian shepherd mix

4556 Castleton Court, Castle Rock, CO 80109 (303)751-5772 * www.DDFL.ORG

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PALMER LAKE WELLNESS CENTER 850 Commercial Lane, Palmer Lake, CO

(I-25 south to Hwy 105, Monument Exit#161, then north 1.1 miles)

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COME VISIT US FOR ALL OF YOUR MEDICAL MARIJUANA NEEDS. Large Selection of Top Shelf Medicine & Edibles Circ le R

New & Improved! We have re-designed the Palmer Lake Wellness Center to provide our clients with the very best!

$10 Grams $30 1/8 $55 1/4 $100 1/2 $185 ozs Buy 2oz $170/oz

10. 11. 12.


Mc Donalds

Exit 161

HOURS: Monday through Sunday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Don’t beat around the bush…get to the crux of the matter. The origin of the word crux is in Latin. What does it mean in Latin? 1. Foundation, 2. Cross, 3. Bread crust If you are “voluble” and “garrulous” are you 1. Kind and considerate, 2. Finicky and meticulous, 3. Talkative and boring If you’re in Zion are you in 1. The City of David, 3. A city in Illinois, or 3. A National Park in Utah? Nacogdoches is a city and county in what state? In 1973 the Supreme Court ruled that material that appealed to prurient interest in sex and that did not have serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value could be banned as _________. What is the term used by Americans generally in reference to a native of New England and by non-Americans, especially the British, in reference to an American? It is a kind of journalism, a river in China, a wasp, and a bright color. What is it? If a disease affects fewer than 200,000 people in the United States what is it called? It consists of an asymmetrically shaped object, e.g., an arrow or a rooster, mounted at its center of gravity so it can move freely about a vertical axis to indicate the direction of the wind. What is it? What is the capital and largest city of Austria? In politics, what is a PAC? Who was the German composer and organist who wrote the oft-recorded and performed work for the organ, Canon in D Major? If you were to attend vespers at your church, what time of day would you have to be there? Who was vice president under George H. W. Bush? What are commas, periods, exclamation points, and question marks? Another way for the government to collect taxes is a VAT. What is a VAT? What part did Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer have in the conflict with Afghanistan in 2001? Who is Waylon Jennings? Hirohito was the emperor of what country? What sport did Tom Seaver and Rollie Fingers play?

Answers: 1. In Latin it means both cross and torment as crosses were used for punishment. 2. Talkative and boring 3. All three are Zion 4. Texas 5. Obscene 6. Yankee 7. Yellow. Yellow journalism, the Yellow River, yellow jacket. 8. Orphan disease 9. Weather vane 10. Vienna 11. Political Action Committee 12. Johann Pachelbel 13. Evening 14. Dan Quayle 15. Punctuation 16. Value Added Tax 17. Two Christian ladies captured by the Taliban and later released 18. A country and western singer 19. Japan 20. Baseball

LARKSPUR PIZZARIA & CAFE Best Pizza, Calzones, Italian Food, Panini Sandwiches and Much More!

WORLD CLASS FREE MUSIC September 12 Paul Glover September 19 Don Coenen September 26 Jack Hadley



Sudoku Made Possible By

Bob Lowry Neighborhood Exclusive Agent



Allstate Insurance Company 201 S Wilcox St. #2A Castle Rock

Fresh Red Lake Minnesota WALLEYE



48 oz. Pitcher of Bud or 4 Sodas with purchase of an 18” Pizza One coupon per table or group. Not valid with any other offer. Offer Expires 9/30/13

10 Minutes from Castle Rock Exit 173 going South Follow Sign Monday thru Wednesday open 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

303-681-2090 Dine In/Take Out

Thursday open 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday open 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Sunday open 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Tidbits® of Douglas & Elbert Counties

The Gem Advisor

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The Gem Advisor Andalusite


Registration! Scott McQueen This week’s gem may introduce a new word to your vocabulary: pleochroic. Pleochroic is gemstonespeak for “shows different colors in different directions.” Andalusite is pleochroic – so the goal of the gem-cutter is to shape a stone so it gains a pleasing mix of colors: orange-brown and a yellowish green or gold. When successful, andalusite takes on a unique look dissimilar to any other gemstone. A well-cut andalusite will reveal patterns of dancing colors through the facets. It seems to work best when the gem is cut into a

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AGES 6 MONTHS THROUGH ADULT Parent-Tot Classes Group Lessons Individualized Attention No more than four students per class! Preschool Classes Private Lessons

Swim School


Dolphinz Swim School 720-851-1524


18920 E Plaza Dr., Parker

Making medications that fit our patients...

rectangular shape – like a cushion; then the color play is wonderful. If you like earth tones you’ll love andalusite. If you prefer affordable gemstones, that’s another reason to consider andalusite. It is a gemstone that seems to attract the attention

Hours: Mon - Fri 10a - 6p And by Appointmennt


of men. Perhaps because it is durable and affordable! Andalusite was first discovered in Andalusia, a province of Spain, that’s how it got its unusual name. Today andalusite can

“Bio-identical” Hormone Replacement Hormone Consultations with Saliva Testing Pain Management • Dermatologic Preparations • Dental Preparations Pediatric Formulations • Nutritional Supplements Veterinary Preparations

be found in Brazil and Sri Lanka and maybe even at YOUR local jewelry store.

Scott McQueen is the owner of Pinetree Jewelers, Parker’s oldest jewelry store established in 1976. 2 store locations: 11028 S. Pikes Peak Drive in Parker and 190 S Wilcox in Castle Rock. For more call 303.841.2666 or 303-660-2696

10259 S Parker Rd #105 • Parker CO 80134

24 HouR EmERgEnCy CARE 7 Days A Week 365 Days A year n

General Practice


Weekend & Walk in Appointments


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Boarding & Grooming

24/7 RCF

VCA DouglAs County AnimAl HospitAl 7 Days A Week 365 Days A year

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Computer Repair 303-841-5690 * Troubleshooting * Software Installation & Removal * Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal * Setup & Maintenance Ask for Ted

The Internet is a wonderful place to explore. You can get information, catch up with friends, buy goods, play games and do amazing things. However there is a dark side of which one has to be aware viruses, adware, spyware, malware, bloatware, and a host of malicious software that can make your computer experience less than enjoyable. There is a plethora of applications that can help protect your computer against unwanted, malicious software. Some are stand-alone and others are total security suits that contain antiviurs, anti spyware, antimalware, email protection, firewalls, etc. Many stand alone protection software products are free, but may not offer full protection and may not be actively protecting your computer. Good ones exist and vary in effectiveness, do a search on the net and get your information from a reliable, independent source, not the developer’s website. Keep in mind that, for example, an antivirus application may only protect against viruses and not other forms of malware. Total security suits, such as Bitdefender and Norton, on the other hand usually provide protection against most, if not all, forms of malware and are actively working in the background to protect your computer. Effectiveness of these suits range from excellent to moderate, so before you purchase a suite search the web for independent reviews keeping in mind that a good suite in one year may loose its ranking in another year. Remember the first line of defense for your computer is the user. Computer Repair 303-841-5690


$6 per club (includes new grip)

Some restrictions apply. Must present Tidbits’ Coupon at time of sale. Offer Expires 9/30/13


Of Of Douglas Douglas County County Colorado Colorado

Home Improvement

THIS IS A HAMMER By Samantha Mazzotta Storing a Window Air Conditioner Q: This is our first year renting an apartment. I’m from the South, where air conditioning is used almost year-round. But my mother recommended that we put away our window air conditioner for the winter to save on bills. Do you have any tips for doing this? -- Janice in Mystic, Conn.


“Engineered To Last”


JP Litter Construction Residential Remodeling Specialists

970-596-4087 • • • •

Basements Remodels Decks Flooring

• Fences • Carpentry (Built-in & Custom)

Licensed & Insured References available upon request

A: Storing the air conditioner is one of the less-celebrated fall rituals in the Northeast. Sometime in between leaf-peeping, apple-picking, autumn fairs and trick-or-treating, people must face up to the fact that they need to come home and drag the A/C unit out of the window. Here’s how to make it less painful. --Recruit a friend or three. Even a small 5,000 BTU unit should be tandem lifted. And if you’re hoisting a larger unit, you’ll need two lifters and a puller to make sure the unit is safely lifted into the apartment. (I’ll spare you the heartstopping tale of the time I tried to do this by myself and was discovered by my boyfriend struggling to stop the unit from flipping out of the window to the car roof three stories below.) --Prepare a storage box ahead of time. If you don’t have the original unit’s box, get a sturdy box that will fit the dimensions of the unit, with a little room to store its expander panels. --Turn off the unit a few days ahead of time. This allows for the condensed water in the unit to evaporate. --At the same time, remove and clean the air filter. Use a vacuum to get rid of dirt and debris. Soak a really dirty filter in warm water and dish soap, rinse and dry completely, and put back into the unit. --Clear a space to set down the unit after you’ve lifted it inside, and line the space with old towels. Place the air conditioner upright on the towels in case water from condensation is still in the unit. --Remove the expander panels and brackets from both sides of the unit. Put the screws into a small plastic bag and tape to the side of the air conditioner. --Wipe down the exterior of the unit with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. --With your friends, tandem lift the unit into the prepared storage box. Place the panels and brackets into the box and pad the sides with dry towels or bubble wrap. --Tandem lift the unit to a storage area that’s protected from the weather. --Buy your friends dinner, and be available to help lift their air conditioner out. HOME TIP: Clean a window unit’s air filter every two weeks during the cooling season to keep the air conditioner working efficiently. Send your questions or home tips to ask@thisisahammer. com. My new e-book, “101 Best Home Tips,” is available to download on Amazon Kindle! Pick it up it today for just 99 cents. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.


Windows Starting at


We We also also do do Repairs Repairs & & Cleaning! Cleaning!

JPE Contractors 303-663-8118 200 S Wilcox St #416 Castle Rock, CO 80104

We install quality vinyl replacement window products 52 weeks a year! Locally owned and operated.

Don’t go all winter long with faulty windows!

Call Orlando (Oly) Pino


Tidbits Church/Community

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Classified Education


THE OCEAN Corp. 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, Texas 77099 Train for a new Career. *Underwater Welder. Commercial Driver. *NDT/Weld Inspector. Job placement assistance. Financial Aid available for those who qualify 1-800-321-0298

UNPLANNED PREGNANCY? THINKING OF ADOPTION? Open or closed adoption. YOU choose the family. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Abbys One True Gift Adoptions. Call 24/7. 866-413-6294.


CASH FOR CARS. Any make, model and year! Free pick-up or tow. Call us at 1-800-318-9942

Misc WANTS TO purchase minerals and other oil & gas interests. Send details P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co 80201



FEMALE CHIHUAHUA Puppies. 8 weeks old and ready for new loving forever homes. First set of shots and shot record. For more info text or call 719-229-4675. In Colorado Springs near Union and Academy. $350

Beautiful, like new 1998 Four Winds Windstar Class A 34' Motor Home THOR. 7.4 L Vortec engine Only 21,ooo miles. New oil change, batteries and tires. Sleeps 8; Private rear bedroom with Queen pillow top 2 fold out sofas, fold out dinette. 3 way fridge. Generator with 203 hours. Thermostat controlled A/C units (2) and ducted heat. Separate toilet and shower. Leather captain seats. 19" TV wired to play through sound system or tv; plays in bedroom. Call/ text: 719-252-7564

Hunting & Fishing PHEASANT SPECIAL first 200 hunts booked 6 ring neck roosters 130.00 Colorado Blue Cliff Pheasants Karval Colorado. 719-446-5350

Tidbits® of Douglas & Elbert Counties

The 4th ANNUAL ELKTOBERFEST is coming your way! Saturday, September 21st, come join ELK MOUNTAIN BREWING to help them celebrate with some truly great Microbrews German Style. The Celebration starts at 12noon with catered German style food from Rice Catering. Elk Mountain will also be tapping their Elktoberfest beer at 1pm, be the first to tap into this. Bring Family and Friends and come join the fun with great Beer, Food, Games on the patio, Prizes, Music, and the Masskrugstemmen competition; see if you can defeat last year’s champion! Wear your Lederhosen or Dirndl and receive something favorable to your taste. Take a Brewery tour and meet the Brewers, Tom and Duane. Check out their website for details on this event and future events at: HYPERLINK "http://"


MOMENTS IN TIME The History Channel • On Sept. 27, 1540, in Rome, the Society of Jesus -- a Roman Catholic missionary organization -- receives its charter from Pope Paul III. The first Jesuits took vows of poverty and chastity, and made plans for the conversion of millions to Catholicism. • On Sept. 23, 1875, Billy the Kid, born William Henry McCarty, is arrested for the first time after stealing a basket of laundry. He broke out of jail and roamed the American West, eventually earning a reputation as an outlaw and murderer, with a rap sheet that allegedly included 21 murders.

Dr. Jennifer Olson

Like us on Facebook and get details when they are happening at: HYPERLINK "" or follow us on twitter at 8921 Plaza Drive, Unit 104 P

• On Sept. 29, 1907, Gene Autry, perhaps the greatest “singing cowboy” of all time, is born in Tioga, Texas. While Autry was no cowboy, he was a genuine Westerner who had lived on a ranch. His lasting fame came from films and his first movie, “In Old Santa Fe,” eventually was followed by nearly 100 other films. • On Sept. 28, 1918, a Liberty Loan parade in Philadelphia prompts a huge outbreak of the flu epidemic in the city. By the time the epidemic ended, an estimated 30 million people were dead worldwide. The most likely origin of the 1918 flu pandemic was a bird or farm animal in the American Midwest. • On Sept. 26, 1928, work begins at Chicago’s new Galvin Manufacturing Corp. In 1930, Galvin would introduce the Motorola radio, the first mass-produced commercial car radio. (The name had two parts: “motor” evoked cars and motion, while “ola” derived from “Victrola” record players.) • On Sept. 25, 1965, the Kansas City Athletics ageless wonder Satchel Paige started a game against the Boston Red Sox. The 59-year-old Paige, a Negro League legend, proved his greatness by giving up only one hit in his three innings of play. He was the oldest pitcher ever to play a game in the major leagues. • On Sept. 24, 1988, Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson runs the 100-meter dash in 9.79 seconds to win gold at the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Johnson’s triumph, however, was short-lived: He tested positive for steroids three days later and was stripped of the medal.

New Beginning Community Church 10550 S Progress Way, Suite 100 Parker, CO 80134-4029

Looking for a New Beginning? YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US A Friendly Place to Worship Sunday School for all ages 9:00AM Coffee and Fellowship 10:00AM Praise and Worship 10:30AM Wed Eve Youth Group 7:00PM Small Groups Meeting throughout the week AWANA for the Children during school year E-mail: - Phone (303)495-2919 - Web Site:

10431 Park Glenn Way - Parker S. Parker Road & Plaza Drive


Laugh Lines

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The "Old Golfer" A circus owner runs an ad for a lion tamer and two people show up. One is a good looking, older retired golfer in his late sixties and the other is a gorgeous blond in her mid-twenties. The circus owner tells them, "I'm not going to sugar coat it. This is one ferocious lion. He ate my last tamer so you two had better be good or you're history. Here's your equipment -- chair, whip and a gun. Who wants to try out first?" The girl says, "I'll go first." She walks past the chair, the whip and the gun and steps right into the lion's cage. The lion starts to snarl and pant and begins to charge her. About halfway there, she throws open her coat revealing her beautiful body.

Top Soil Compost Sand Mulches Rip Rap Decorative Rock Moss Rock Cobblestone Gravel Fill Dirt Recycled Asphalt Flagstone Roadbase Edging & Fabric Planters Mix

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Celebrating 20 YEARS!!!

303-688-4946 Ask about volume discounts!

Excluding Hardware & Delivery

Not good with any other offer or quote Offer Expires September 30, 2013 Firewood Not Included

One Mile North of Franktown on Highway 83 - west side

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The lion stops dead in his tracks, sheepishly crawls up to her and starts licking her feet and ankles. He continues to lick and kiss her entire body for several minutes and then rests his head at her feet.


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He then turns to the retired golfer and asks, "Can you top that?"

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The circus owner's jaw is on the floor. He says, "I've never seen a display like that in my life."

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The tough old golfer replies, "No problem, just get that lion out of there."

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18921 Plaza Drive, Unit 104, Parker, CO 80134 • 303-805-BREW (2739)

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Issue 837  

Tidbits of Douglas & Elbert Counties

Issue 837  

Tidbits of Douglas & Elbert Counties