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Issue 730 - August 15, 2011

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By T.A. Tafoya

There is no shortage of lawsuits. Lawyers keep busy defending weird and wacky cases. Tidbits looks at a few frivolous lawsuits for a laugh, but don’t try them yourself! Frivolous lawsuits rarely make it through the courts and usually end up costing the plaintiff. Come see us at our new location in August

 Richard Overton took the advertising message of Anheuser-Busch a bit too literally. In 1991, he sued the company for $10,000 claiming to have suffered emotional distress, mental injury and financial loss because drinking Anheuser-Busch beer did not bring to life the beautiful women in tropical settings as was advertised. The supposed false advertising led him to buy and drink more Bud Light. The case was dismissed.

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 An episode of “Fear Factor” prompted Austin Aitken to sue NBC for $2.5 million in 2005. Aitken claimed to have suffered injury and great pain after watching contestants on the television eat rats. This caused him to become light-headed and dizzy, which resulted in him vomiting and running into a doorway. The judge threw out the lawsuit.

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LAWSUITS (continued):

25+ Years Experience

 In 2006, Allen Heckard sued Michael Jordan and Nike founder Phil Knight for $832 million. In the suit he claimed to suffer defamation, permanent injury and emotional pain and suffering because he was often mistaken for Michael Jordan. He said that continual public harassment because of the alleged resemblance “has troubled his nerves.” Heckard dropped the lawsuit later that year.  After eating Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries over a period of four years, Janine Sugawara realized that the “Crunch Berries” in the cereal were not real fruit. She filed a class-action suit against Quaker’s parent company PepsiCo in 2009 for fraud and breech of warranty, seeking full restitution of all money gained through misleading labeling and a court order forcing Quaker to disclose to the public the true composition of Crunch Berries. The case was dismissed.  In 1910, Olaf Olverson was desperate for cash, so he sold his body to the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, for medical research after his death. A year later, he inherited a fortune. He tried to “buy himself back” from the institute, but they wouldn’t cooperate. When Olverson refused to donate his body, the institute sued him for breach of contract. Olverson lost the case. The judge ruled that he not only owed his body to the Institute, he owed them money for the two teeth he had removed without the Institute’s permission, saying Olverson had illegally tampered with their property.  Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder, Kentucky, was sued by J.R. Costigan in 1993. He claimed a ghost “punched and kicked him” while he was using the bar’s restroom one night. He sued the bar for $1,000 in damages and demanded that a warning sign of the ghost’s presence be put up in the restroom. The club’s lawyer filed a motion to dismiss the case, citing the difficulty of getting the ghost into court to testify for the defense. The case was dismissed.

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 In 1976, at the University of California Los Angeles Medical Center, doctors removed John Moore’s spleen in a successful effort to cure his cancer. Doctors later found that the spleen possessed unique cancer-fighting cells. Experiments with the cells led to a new discovery worth an estimated $3 billion. Moore tried to sue the University of California, claiming his spleen was pirated. The spleen had belonged to him so he should share in the commercial value. He sued for part of the Continued on page 5

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Cat Q & A

Is Your Cat Protected? FELINE LEUKEMIA VIRUS (FeLV) – Feline leukemia virus adversely affects the cat’s body in many ways. It is the most common cause of cancer in cats, it may cause various blood disorders and it may lead to a state of immune deficiency that hinders the cat’s ability to protect itself against other infections

Dr. James Olson - The Meow Doc

You can protect your “best friend” - We offer an accurate and fast screening test for feline leukemia. We recommend outdoor cats with a negative test result be routinely vaccinated and retested annually for this deadly disease. Please call our hospital to learn more how we can protect your cat from feline leukemia.

Please call 303.663.2287 (CATS) for more information or visit

Cat Specialist Dr. James Olson, Dipl ABVP (Feline) Dr. Jennifer Olson 612 Atchison Way • Castle Rock CO 80109 303.663.2287 (CATS)

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Do a Quarterly Home Health Review (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) “Cats are the Masters at Hiding Illness!” Feline Well Care requires you to be part of the health care team. Quarterly Home Health Reviews identify problems in their earliest stages when they are most treatable. Important Questions to Answer at the Beginning of Each Season:  1. Is my cat acting normally – active and in good spirits?  2. Is my cat eating and drinking normal amounts?  3. My cat’s weight last quarter was:__________ this quarter __________  4. Has there been a change – weight loss or weight gain?

• • • • •

The Buddy Center Needs Your Help

Pet of the Week

Name: SAMMY #A0589175 8 year old Neutered male, black & white shorthair mix cat looking for a good home.

4556 Castleton Court, Castle Rock, CO 80109 (303)751-5772 * www.DDFL.ORG



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 5. Are my cat’s eyes clear and free of discharge?

30 Years experience Owner/Operator Ron Howard

 6. Are my cat’s ears clean and normal smelling? (No scratching at ears or shaking head?)

10270 S Dransfeldt Rd Parker, CO 80134

 7. Are my cat’s haircoat and skin normal – sleek, shiny, and beautiful?

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 8. Is my cat itchy? (Any fleas, ticks, or mosquito bites?)  9. Does my cat walk and jump normally without stiffness, pain, or difficulty?  10. Does my cat have bad breath? Are the teeth and gums healthy?  11. Is my cat breathing normally – no coughing, wheezing, or sneezing?  12. Does my cat urinate in the litter box normally? (2-3 times a day/large egg sized)  13. Does my cat have a normal, formed bowel movement at least once a day?  14. Does my cat have any bouts of vomiting or diarrhea? (more than once every 2 weeks?)  15. Are there any behavioral problems?  16. Run you hands over your cat’s entire body – if there are any lumps, bumps, or sore areas your cat needs to visit your veterinarian.

Finding problems early and treating them early is the key to having a healthy cat. If you find problems make an appointment to this checked out. Dr. James K. Olson is "The Meow Doc", a nationally recognized veterinarian specializing exclusively in cats. Dr. Olson holds the title of Diplomate, Feline Specialty, from the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. He is certified to practice nuclear medicine by the State of Colorado Department of Radiaton Safety. His practice is located in Castle Rock, Colorado. For more information please visit his comprehensive website:

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Residential Replacement & Repairs

Dave Vaughn, Project Manager

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1. What kind of chair no longer worries death-row inmates because it’s use has been outlawed? &REE)NSPECTIONSAND1UOTES 2. Beryllium, magnesium, calcium, barium, and radium are all what? 3. What is the world’s largest and most powerful living land mammal? 4. Name the Old Testament prophet whose life dramatically ended with a ride in a chariot of fire as he went up into heaven in a whirlwind? 5. Who is the queen of England (you must get the number right for it to count)? 6. Name the most important immigration station in the United States that was located in upper New York Bay, about one mile from the southern tip of Manhattan Island, now a National Monument. 7. If the Oak Ridge Boys were singing, “Giddy Up Oom ,iÂŤ Poppa Omm Poppa Mow Mowâ€? what

œ““iÂ˜ĂŒ song would 9+"GGGGGGGGG ˆVÂ…iÂ?Â?iĂŠ* *vĂŠĂŽĂŠ they  be singing?

Â?Â&#x2C6;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152; -Â&#x2C6;âi :-8"GGGGGGGGG Â&#x153;Â?`Ă&#x160;-ÂŤÂ&#x2C6;Â&#x17D;iĂ&#x160;,Â&#x153;Â&#x153;vÂ&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} Ă&#x201C;Ă?{ 8. What US city lies due north of Juarez Mexico? 9. What do you call the practice of preserving dead bodies? *>ÂŤiĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x192; *Ă&#x2022;LĂ&#x160;`>Ă&#x152;i -8;rL"GGGGGGGG - did President Abraham Lincoln sign that Ă&#x2021;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x201C;nÂ&#x2021;ÂŁÂŁ 10. What declared free all slaves held in parts of the United .)@"!!! States not in Sudoku Made Possible By possession of the Union Armies? 80"!` , What  Ă&#x160; Â&#x20AC; Ă&#x160; do " you /call Ă&#x160; Â&#x20AC; Ă&#x160;  a blood , Ă&#x160; Â&#x20AC; Ă&#x160;  clot, 6 11. a gas bubble, or a fat TaVM\\MI(UQTMPQOPVM_[KWU globule that becomes free in the circulation and lodges <PQ[XZWWNU][\JMZM\]ZVML\WaW]ZILZMXI\5QTM0QOP6M_[XIXMZ[_Q\PQV[\I\MLLMILTQVM\QUMWZ\PM 8]JTQ[PMZ_QTTI[[]UM\PMILQ[KWZZMK\I[WZQOQVITTaXZWL]KML8TMI[MKWV\IK\][I\! in some vital organ such as the lungs, the heart, the liver, Neighborhood the brain, or the kidneys? Exclusive Agent 12. What branch of medicine focuses on the development of the reproduced organism in its earliest stages of development? 13. Ralph Waldo ___________ (1803-1882) was an American essayist, poet, philosopher, and lecturer. Auto-Home-Business-Life 14. In law, what word do they use to refer to the right of the state to acquire private property for public use? Allstate Insurance Company 15. Name the building at the corner of 34th Street & 5th 201 S Wilcox St. #2A Avenue in New York City that was, for many years, the Castle Rock tallest building in the world. 16. Name the large flightless bird of Australia that is found in almost every crossword puzzle? 17. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t sell it anywhere else you might as well put King Crossword Puzzle Brought to you by: it up for sale on ___________ and see what you can get.â&#x20AC;? 18. What is the common word for a machine that converts heat energy to mechanical energy? 19. What starship did Captain Kirk command? 20. What do they call business done over the Internet?



Answers: 1. Electric 2. Elements 3. Elephant 4. Elijah 5. Elizabeth II 6. Ellis Island 7. Elvira, Elvira, My Hearts on Fire Elvira 8. El Paso 9. Embalming 10. Emancipation Proclamation 11. Embolism 12. Embryology 13. Emerson 14. Eminent domain 15. Empire State Building 16. Emu 17. E-bay 18. Engine 19. Enterprise 20. E-commerce

Made Possible by: Come see what your kids will learn... A + Athletics 7104 S Dillon Ct, Centennial, CO 80112 303-953-7320 SPORTS QUIZ By Chris Richcreek 1. In 2009, Michael Wuertz became the third Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reliever to have 100 strikeouts in a season. Name either of the first two to do it. 2. Two pitchers in the 1990s had seasons with at least 200 innings pitched and 20 or fewer walks. Name either one. 3. Who was the last college football coach to win back-to-back consensus national titles? 4. True or false: LeBron James has had more seasons of tallying at least 2,000 points, 500 rebounds and 500 assists than Oscar Robertson did? 5. In 2007, Coloradoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Karlis Skrastins set an NHL record for most consecutive regular-season games played by a defenseman (495). Who broke the mark in 2011? 6. When was the last time an English player won the Golden Ball award for the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s soccer player? 7. Who was the first bowler to record two consecutive perfect 300 games? Answers 1. Rollie Fingers (1972-73, 1975-76) and Dennis Eckersley (1987). 2. Atlantaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Greg Maddux (1997) and St. Louisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Bob Tewksbury (1992, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;93). 3. Nebraskaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tom Osborne (1994, 95). 4. False. Each player has done it in six seasons. 5. Calgaryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Jay Bouwmeester. 6. In 2001, Michael Owen won the award. 7. Frank Carauna of Buffalo, N.Y., in 1924.

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LAWSUITS (continued): profits, but in 1990, 14 years after the operation, Moore lost the case.  Computer designers at Apple codenamed a new computer model Sagan in 1993. Traditionally, this is an honor. “You pick a name of someone you respect,” an employee explained, “and the code is only used while the computer is being developed. It never makes it out of the company.” This didn’t matter to Carl Sagan; his lawyers complained that the code was “an illegal usurpation of his name for commercial purposes” and demanded that it be changed. The designers changed it to BHA, which stood for “Butt-Head Astronomer.” Sagan sued again, contending “Butt-Head” is “defamatory on its face.” Apple won.  Chicago lawyer Frank Zaffere sued his exfiancé Maria Dillon when she broke off their engagement in 1992. Zaffere filed a suit for $40,310.48 to cover his “lost courting expenses.” He did send a letter along with court papers to his ex stating: “I am still willing to marry you on the conditions herein below set forth: 1) We proceed with our marriage within 45 days of the date of this letter; 2) You confirm [that you] . . . will forever be faithful to me; 3) You promise . . . that you will never lie to me again about anything.” He closed with: “Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the matters discussed herein. Sincerely, Frank.” The case was dismissed and so was the wedding.  Andrea Pizzo, a former student of the University of Maine, sued her alma mater for failing to protect her from a cow with a “dangerous disposition.” While taking a class in livestock management, a 400-plus-pound Bovine headbutted her into the wall of its pen. Pizzo suffered knee and wrist injuries, so she sued the college for an unspecified amount. In her suit she claims the school “should have known that the heifer had a personality problem.” Verdict unknown.  Cynthia Economou was sued by Karl Lambert in Florida court; he claimed that Economou stole his foot. Lambert’s foot was severed in a car accident, and Economu, the paramedic on site, took his mangled limb to help in the training of her body recovery dog. In her defense, Economu said, “It was an unrecognizable mass of flesh ... It wasn’t a clean cut. You couldn’t even recognize it as a foot ... If I had thought it was somehow re-attachable and usable, I would have gone to my commander.” She was charged with second-degree petty theft and received six months of probation.

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Attorneys Morse & Associates...........................303-300-6684 Churches Center for Spiritual Living.................720-851-0265 2301 Woodlands Blvd, Castle Rock Faith Life Fellowship.........................303-688-1888 17 S. Gilbert St, Castle Rock Clothing Bee’s Boutique Consignments...........303-688-7430 927 Park St, Castle Rock Diesel Repair Shop Douglas County Diesel.......................303-660-9986 1221 Caprice Dr, Castle Rock Environmental Services AAMREX..........................................303-883-3750 Farm & Ranch Supply Circle B Farm & Ranch......................719-481-6161 773-B Hwy 105 Palmer Lake HayCo................................................719-339-3525 Flooring Davinci Flooring................................720-232-4498 Gutters JPE Contractors..................................303-663-8118 200 S Wilcox St., Castle Rock Hydroponics Stores Big Bloomz Hydro.............................303-688-0599 1011 Caprice Dr, Castle Rock Natural Wellness Pharmacies ITC Compounding.............................303-663-4224 651 Topeka Way #600, Castle Rock Sporting Equipment Play It Again Sports...........................720-479-8245 4760 Castleton Way, Castle Rock Trailer sales Topar Trailers.....................................719-749-2393 14185 US Hwy 24, Peyton


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Banks Champion Bank.................................303-840-8484 16790 Centre Ct, Parker Cash for Cars & Trucks Chunky’s Towing...............................720-560-6763 Concrete Concrete Mike...................................303-840-7347 Diesel Repair Shop Diesel Repair and Performance..........303-841-6527 6250 E Pine Lane, Parker Field Mowing Almar Farms......................................303-805-9469 Firewood Franktown Firewood..........................303-660-0072 Gymnastics A+ Athletics.......................................303-953-7320 7104 S Dillon Ct, Centennial Horse Riding Lessons Pony Play...........................................720-851-4925 Jewelry Stores Pinetree Jewelers...............................303-841-2666 11028 S Pikes Peak Dr, Parker Natural Wellness Pharmacies Brown’s Compounding.....................303-805-9543 10259 S Parker Rd., Parker Real Estate Keller Williams, Pius Schenker..........303-921-1749 Remax, Jace Glick..............................303-805-4333 Restaurants Heidi’s Deli.......................................720-851-9986 10233 S Parker Rd #101, Parker Tanning Executive Tans..................................303-841-9070 13097 S Parker Rd., Parker Transmissions All Seasons Discount Transmission..720-353-0274


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Scott McQueen In 1991 the first mandarin garnets were discovered along the winding Kunene River on the border between Namibia and Angola in southwest Africa. It wasn’t long until the mines were depleted and though gemologists thought there was more to be found, the costs of mining forbade any further exploration in the area. Previous to their discovery in Namibia mandarin garnets had been found in Sri Lanka, Upper Burma, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, Kenya and Tanzania, and yet they were seldom used in jewelry, though gemstone lovers and collectors appreciated them. Jewelry designers ignored them because specimens with superior color and quality were seldom found. The fantastic crystals from Namibia, on the other hand, were of an unusually fine, intensely radiant orange. Then in 1994 more mandarin garnets with brilliance comparable to the Namibian stones appeared in the marketplace. This time they came from Nigeria and only a true specialist could discern the differences. A sparkling rich reddishorange, a matchless luminosity, an exceptional hardness, and great rarity makes the mandarin garnet a preferred stone for free spirited individuals with a flare for style. Scott McQueen is the owner of Pinetree Jewelers, Parker’s oldest jewelry store established in 1976. It is located at 11028 S. Pikes Peak Drive in Parker. For more information on gemstones or jewelry of any kind call 303.841.2666

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Steve & Robin From Douglas County, CO Each Week, Tidbits of Douglas County readers with our paper. We will take a picture of them and place them in our Reader of the Week. Could you be our next prospect?


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PHOTO: Max Irons Q: I have been hearing rumors that ÒDesperate HousewivesÓ has been canceled. Is that true? I hope not, as itÕs my Ryan Harris favorite show! -- Emmy President & Founder R., via e-mail A: ÒDesperate HousewivesÓ has not been canceled; however, creator Marc Cherry recently announced that this upcoming eighth season will be the showÕs last. While the news was bittersweet for everyone involved, cast and crew agree that the time has come to wrap things up on Wisteria Lane. Marc teased at ABCÕs Television Critics Association party last month that this final season will return to the basics and revisit the mystery that launched the show: Mary AliceÕs death. Teri Hatcher and company will return on Sunday, Sept. 25, at 9 p.m. EDT. *** Q: I was so happy to read in your column that Leeza Gibbons would be returning to daily syndicated television in ÒAmerica Now.Ó What made her decide to return to the daily grind? -- Rita E., Omaha, Neb. A: Leeza, 54, has never been one to rest on her laurels. In fact, she prides herself on remaining busy, be it with her PBS weekly show ÒMy Generation,Ó her work with the Home Shopping Network and Guthy-Renker on her Sheer Cover beauty-product empire, or her tireless work as an advocate for those affected by AlzheimerÕs disease. Regarding her signing on with ÒAmerica Now,Ó which premieres Monday, Sept. 12 (check your local listings for time), Leeza told me: ÒIÕm so excited, because this is a real change of pace for me going back to daily television. IÕm crazy about Bill Rancic (her co-host), and weÕre very excited about working together on this. “IÕve already hit the ground running and started looking at some segments that I want to make my own, including interviewing leaders and newsmakers and celebrities about success and living without limits. ThereÕs also consumer news, lifestyle and fitness, and things for children -- weÕre going to tackle all of it.Ó *** Q: Last night I rented ÒRed Riding HoodÓ and noticed one of the stars is Max Irons. Any relation to Jeremy Irons? -- Hillary G., via e-mail A: Max Irons, 25, is the son of Academy Awardwinning English actor Jeremy Irons. Next up, Max is set to star as the title character in the feature film ÒVivaldi,Ó along with Alfred Molina, Elle Fanning and Tom Wilkinson. It is due for release in 2013. *** Q: With all the talk of Amy WinehouseÕs recent death, the death of football great Bubba Smith was overlooked. Can you give me any information on him? Ñ Harold T. in Florida A: Charles Aaron ÒBubbaÓ Smith passed away on Aug. 3 of apparent natural causes (as of this writing, the final coronerÕs report had not been released). The former defensive end for the Baltimore Colts, Oakland Raiders and Houston Oilers -- who some consider even more famous for his work as Moses Hightower in the ÒPolice AcademyÓ films -- was 66 at the time of his passing. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or email her at (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

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STRANGE BUT TRUE by Samantha Weaver ¥ It was the 37th president of the United States, Richard M. Nixon, who made the following sage -- and somehow appropriate -- observation: ÒSure there are dishonest men in local government. But there are dishonest men in national government too.Ó ¥ Pasta has been around since 5,000 B.C., and it was invented in China, not Italy. ¥ If youÕre planning a visit to the United Kingdom, you might want to keep in mind this rather obscure statute: ItÕs illegal to stand within 100 yards of the reigning monarch if you donÕt have socks on. ¥ A groundhog can move 700 pounds of dirt in a single day. ¥ When the two-and-one-half-hour finale of the groundbreaking television show ÒM*A*S*HÓ aired on Feb. 28, 1983, advertisers paid a hefty $450,000 for a single 30-second spot. That was $50,000 more than the same spot cost at the Super Bowl that year. ¥ We all know what a disaster is, but did you know where the word came from? The base of the word is Òaster,Ó which is Latin for Òstar.Ó The word ÒdisasterÓ originally meant Òan unfavorable aspect of a star,Ó reflecting the ancient notion that the motions of heavenly bodies affected terrestrial events. ¥ Baseball players didnÕt have numbers on their uniforms until 1929, and it was the New York Yankees that were the first to adopt the practice. ¥ In the early 18th century, newspapers were not cheap, but the stories published therein were often peopleÕs only link to the events of the day. Since they were so coveted, newspapers were often brought as a gift when a gentleman was calling on a lady friend, much as candy or flowers might be brought in a different era. *** Thought for the Day: ÒNo one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for a while you’ll see why.Ó -- Mignon McLaughlin (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.


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Some Misconceptions About Renter’s Insurance Approximately 60% of Americans that rent their home, don’t

Of Douglas County Colorado

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of the common ones: Like homeowners insurance, it’s expensive. Renters

estimates are even lower. That price includes coverage for your belongings and $100,000 in liability protection. Don’t forget, a renter’s policy will normally get you extra savings on your auto insurance too!

My landlord has insurance, so I don’t need it. While your landlord probably has insurance to cover the building, your possessions aren’t the landlord’s problem and aren’t covered by the landlord’s policy. Not to mention, if there’s a loss at your

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house and you aren’t able to live there while it’s renovated,


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common myths about renter’s insurance. Let’s review some

standard renter’s policy is around $120 per year and some

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have renter’s insurance. Why? It might be because of some

insurance is much cheaper than homeowners insurance. The

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a renter’s policy will cover your new place until you can get back in your home. My roommate has renters insurance, so I don’t need it. Some policies cover roommates, but most don’t. So you better ask your roomie to make sure. Even still, how are you going to split the deductible? What if your stuff is more valuable or if only your stuff gets damaged and he doesn’t want to file a claim? Having your own policy simplifies a lot of things.   I don’t have enough stuff worth insuring. Do you own a new laptop computer? Or a flat-screen TV? When we think of valuables in a home, we often look no further than furniture and major appliances. We often forget about all the little things that add up like clothes, shoes, jackets, kitchen supplies, etc.

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These are just some of the benefits that a renter’s policy

Sharpening with Tune-up

offers. Renter’s policies are the best “bang for your buck”

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policies out there.


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Free Woman’s Hormone Seminar Remarriage May Require Refocus on Financial Goals If you’re planning to get remarried, you have plenty of company: More than 40% of all U.S. weddings are second marriages Cindy Rose for at least one of the participants, according to an estimate by the National Stepfamily Resource Center. Naturally, a second marriage will bring many changes to your life — not the least of which may be changes in your financial strategy and goals.

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In fact, your remarriage should cause you to take a close look at these areas: Past financial obligations — Before even discussing your investments, you and your new spouse should decide how to handle past financial obligations such as child support, alimony and debts. Consider temporarily managing three accounts – his, hers and ours – to keep track of these various payments. Retirement accounts — You and your new spouse may want to examine your respective retirement accounts — such as your 401(k)s and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) — to determine if there are areas of duplication that you may wish to avoid. If you both have the same types of investments, you may be more susceptible to downturns that primarily affect one industry or economic sector. By diversifying your holdings, you can reduce the effects of volatility on your portfolios. Keep in mind, though, that diversification cannot guarantee a profit or protect against loss. Insurance — Evaluate your medical insurance plans to decide which policy is more economical and comprehensive for you, your spouse and any dependents. You may also want to review disability insurance to ensure appropriate coverage is in place. Also, review life insurance policies and update beneficiaries and coverage. Income taxes — When you consult with your tax professional to discuss the tax implications related to your marriage, be sure to adjust your tax withholding on Form W 4 to reflect your marital status. You may also want to discuss whether your Social Security benefits will be impacted if you remarry and are under age 60. Estate considerations — Remarriage almost certainly will require you to work with a legal advisor to make changes to the following: will, living will, durable power of attorney, health care power of attorney and trust. If you have children, this step is critical toward ensuring your wishes will be carried out. You can also speak with your legal advisor if you are considering a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

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  

The Steering Wheel of Life! Proverbs 18:20 (NLT) says, “Wise words satisfy like a good meal; the right words bring satisfaction”. Are you dissatisfied with your life, with the things that have come against you, with what is happening at work or in your marriage, or in your children? It could be the result of what you have been speaking in your life. The Bible clearly tells us that we shall eat the fruit of our mouth. If we speak lack and insufficiency, and sickness and such, then that is the fruit we can expect in our life. On the other hand if you speak increase, you speak success, you speak abundance, it won’t be long before you have it. Again, the produce of what your mouth speaks. It goes on to say in verse 21, “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.” Again Life or death is the fruit of what you speak with your mouth. When a situation arises you have two choices, you can remark, you can criticize, you can reinforce, or you can remake, you can create, with words of life! The Lord gave us words for more than just a tool to communicate to someone how we feel or what we need or want, or what we expect. God gave us words so that we can create, so that we can produce, because that is how God is. And after all we are made in His image and in His likeness. That means we were created to be and do like Him. Of course not to the extent that we create planets, but we can change and direct our life with what comes out of our mouths! James 3:2 in the God’s Word translation says it like this,   “All of us make a lot of mistakes. If someone doesn’t make any mistakes when he speaks, he would be perfect. He would be able to control everything he does.” James goes on to say that just like a bit in a horse’s mouth controls where it goes, just like a tiny rudder on a great ship directs its path, your tongue directs the direction of your life. I think if James were alive today he would say just like the steering wheel of your car or truck determines the direction of that vehicle, so is the tongue to your life! Many of us would benefit by putting a guard over our mouths. We would benefit greatly by stopping instead of speaking, think about what we are going to say, and then say what God would have us say. If we did that we would avoid a lot of heart ache in this life! Well, I am just the sort of person that tells it like it is, I just give people a piece of my mind. Yeah and the Bible calls you a fool too! Anyone can just open their mouth and let death come out. It takes self control to slow down and speak only words of life. Try it this week, you may surprise yourself!

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   

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BIBLE TRIVIA by Wilson Casey 1. Is the Book of Lydia in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. From 1 Corinthians 11, because of “what” did Paul say women should have a “symbol of authority”? Life, Trust, Love, Angels 3. Whose four daughters were considered prophetesses? Gad, Philip, Jonah, Noah 4. From Hebrews 7, who was the only king said to have neither mother nor father? Solomon, David, Melchizedek, Sargon 5. Whose biblical name meant, “God has helped”? Solomon, Paul, Lazarus, Amos 6. From Acts 10, who said, “Not so, Lord, for I have never eaten anything that is common or unclean”? Herod, Peter, Thomas, John the Baptist ANSWERS: 1) Neither; 2) Angels; 3) Philip; 4) Melchizedek; 5) Lazarus; 6) Peter

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IT’S BETTER TO REVIEW YOUR ANNUITY THAN RETHINK YOUR RETIREMENT. Call your financial advisor today for details.

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Making your life ... More affordable! MOMENTS IN TIME The History Channel

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¥ On Sept. 1, 1836, Narcissa Whitman, a missionary, arrives in Walla Walla, Wash., becoming one of the first Anglo women to settle west of the Rocky Mountains. In 1847, a measles epidemic killed many of the Cayuse Indians. In retaliation, a band of Cayuse killed 14 people, including Narcissa and her husband.

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¥ On Sept. 4, 1886, Geronimo, the wiliest and most dangerous Apache warrior of his time, finally surrenders in Skeleton Canyon, Ariz. Geronimo never learned to use a gun, yet he armed his men with the best modern rifles he could obtain and even used field glasses to aid reconnaissance during his campaigns. ¥ On Sept. 2, 1923, aftershocks and out-of-control fires rock Tokyo, Japan, and the surrounding area following an 8.3-magnitude earthquake. In total, 143,000 people died in the disaster. The Imperial Hotel, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, sank 2 feet into the ground but still managed to stand. ¥ On Sept. 3, 1939, Britain and France declare war on Germany. The first casualty of that declaration was the British ocean liner Athenia, which was sunk that evening by a German submarine. ¥ On Aug. 31, 1955, William G. Cobb of the General Motors Corp. demonstrates his 15-inch-long “Sunmobile,” the world’s first solar-powered automobile. When sunlight hit 12 photoelectric cells made of selenium (a nonmetal substance with conducting properties) built into the Sunmobile, an electric current was produced that in turn powered a tiny motor.

37 Yrs Old Brown Hair, Green Eyes 5’5” - 155 lbs. Last Known Address: Sterling, CO Charges: M1, ASSAULT 3, ACT OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, FAILURE TO COMPLY

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¥ On Aug. 30, 1963, a “hot line” between Moscow and Washington goes into effect to speed communication between the governments of the United States and the Soviet Union and help prevent the possibility of an accidental war. The hot line was never really necessary to prevent war, but it did provide a useful prop for movies about nuclear disaster, such as “Fail Safe” and “Dr. Strangelove.” ¥ On Aug. 29, 1982, the Swedish-born actress and three-time Academy Award winner Ingrid Bergman dies of cancer in London on her 67th birthday. Bergman was best known for her role as Ilsa Lund in “Casablanca.”

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The economy is so bad, Brad and Angelina have fired their nannies and are trying to learn the names of their own children.

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The economy is so bad, a truckload of Americans were caught sneaking into Mexico.

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The economy is so bad, CEO’s are now playing miniature golf.

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The economy is so bad, Exoon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen.

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The economy is so bad, I ordered a burger at McDonald’s and the kid behind the counter asked, “can you afford fries with that?”

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The economy is so bad, if the bank returns your check marked “insuficient funds”, you call and ask if they meant you or them...


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