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ICY INFO by Kathy Wolfe

There’s more to know about ice than just the fact that it’s frozen water. Here are the cold hard facts about cold hard ice!

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• About 10% of the Earth’s land mass and 7% of its oceans are covered by ice. Close to 98% of Antarctica, located at the Earth’s South Pole, is covered by ice averaging at least a mile (1.6 km) in thickness. Its ice sheet holds about 90% of the planet’s fresh water. • An ice sheet forms when snow that falls in winter does not melt entirely over the summer months. After thousands of years of this process, the layers pile up and compress into thick, dense sheets of ice. In order to be classified as an ice sheet, it must extend more than 20,000 sq. miles (50,000 sq. km). Antarctica’s ice sheet covers almost 5.4 million sq. miles (14 million sq. km), which is about the size of the U.S. and Mexico combined. At one spot the ice is 2.96 miles (4.76 km) thick. Greenland, the world’s largest island, has an ice sheet extending 656,000 sq. miles (1.7 million sq. km), about three times the size of Texas. •

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The size of an iceberg varies between 3.3 ft. and 246 ft. (1 to 75 m) above the sea, weighing between 100,000 and 200,000 tons. About one-ninth of an iceberg’s volume is above water. It’s very challenging to determine the shape of that portion that lies underwater.

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ICY INFO (continued): • Icebergs are composed of freshwater ice that has broken off a glacier or an ice shelf, causing them to float freely in the open water. During the warmer weather of spring and summer, the formation of icebergs increases as they separate from the Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets and from other outlying glaciers. About 15,000 icebergs separate from Greenland every year, but most melt long before entering the Atlantic Ocean. Less than 400 will flow south of Newfoundland into the North Atlantic. • Iceberg Alley is the area about 250 miles (402 km) southeast of Newfoundland, Canada. This is where the Titanic struck an iceberg and sank in April of 1912. Prior to that disaster, which caused 1,500 deaths, there was no system to track icebergs and protect ships from collision. Immediately, the U.S. Navy began patrolling the waters, and the following year a permanent international system was created. • About 93% of the world’s icebergs are found in the Antarctic, and they are much larger than their northern counterparts. The largest iceberg on record was sighted in the Pacific Ocean in 1956 and measured 60 x 208 miles (97 x 335 km), with over 12,000 sq. miles (31,000 sq. km) of area, larger than the country of Belgium. In the Northern Atlantic, a 551-ft-tall (168-m) iceberg was reported in 1958, the equivalent of a 55-story building. • If all the ice in the world were to melt at the same time, the volume of all the oceans would increase by 1.7%, with a rise in sea level of 1180 feet (55 m). This would be the equivalent of the Empire State Building standing in water up to the 20th floor. • Water freezes from the outside in, expanding as it freezes. Tiny air bubbles are trapped in the water as it freezes, and the air is pushed to the center of an ice cube, which is shy cubes have cloudy, opaque centers. Ice cubes made from tap water have more air content, making them cloudier. If you want your ice cubes to be perfectly clear, start off with hot water, which has less air than cold water from the faucet. Or use bottled water, boiling it briefly before freezing. • When can you trust walking on ice? Ice with a thickness of two inches (5.1 cm) will support the weight of a man. Ice that is four inches (10.2 cm) thick will support that man on horseback. • Hail forms inside strong thunderstorm clouds when those clouds with updrafts pick up water droplets and carry them above the freezing level. Hailstones measure between .2 inch (5 mm) and 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter. In North America, “Hail Alley” is where hail is most common, that area where Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming meet. Cheyenne, Wyoming is the continent’s most hail-prone city, with about 9 to 10 hailstorms during the time from May to September. Vivian, South Dakota recorded the U.S.’s largest hailstone in July, 2010, with a diameter of 8 inches (20 cm) and a weight of 1.93 lbs. (0.88 kg). The world’s largest fell in 1986 in Bangladesh and weighed 2.25 lbs. (1 kg), and was about the size of a cantaloupe. That deadly storm killed 92 people. • What’s the difference between ice and dry ice? Regular ice is frozen water, while dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. Dry ice is much colder, with temps below -108 degrees F (-78 C). Carbon dioxide does not go through a liquid state as it cools from gas to a solid state, and it also doesn’t Continued on page 5

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Sound of the Rockies Chorus Announces

Open Auditions Current Openings Available for 3 Tenor and 4 Bass Singers Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. 7691 S. University Blvd. in Centennial.

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Seasonal Wellness Hints – Winter!

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Seasonal Hazards: Indoors Holiday trees & plants, tree water, lights & electrical cords, tinsel, string, ribbon, rubber bands, decorations, potpourri dry & liquid, etc. can harm your cat. Household cleaners and bleach are very toxic to cats (poisoning and/or chemical burns). Holiday stress can affect cats so protect your cats from parties and too many people. Open ducts, woodstoves, fireplaces, and indoor air pollution can be deadly. (Carbon monoxide) Family prescription medications, dental floss, string, and cleaning supplies can be deadly to cats. Holiday foods, candy, alcoholic beverages, & treats can be dangerous. Computer cords/mice, electronics, loud sounds & bright lights are dangers. Hot stoves, grills and appliances (cats sleeping in clothes dryers & washers) can burn or kill cats. Survey your house for any other potential dangers and “cat-proof” your house! Outdoors Winter damp, cold, snow, frostbite, high winds & no shelter can be deadly to your cats. Garages have antifreeze, motor oil & grease, warm cars/engines & poisonous chemicals. Cats being hit by a car or truck are common. Cat fights with diseased cats can make your cat sick – FeLV & FIV. Being hurt or killed by coyotes, foxes, owls, hawks, & mountain lions are common in Colorado. Hunting and ingesting a ‘bad meal’ are common. Diseases like Rabies, Bubonic Plague, West Nile Fever, etc. are possible with outdoor exposure.


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Ways to Stay Well: (“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”) Your cat needs to eat a balanced, healthy diet and have access to fresh, clean water. Provide some bathroom privacy! Put the litter box in a quiet, easy to access place and clean it twice daily. In multiple cat households, provide one more litter box than cats. Play with your cat and have cat friendly toys – play reduces cat stress so play with your cat! Groom your cat often: daily if possible. Watch for skin problems, dandruff, bumps, sores and painful hair mats. These may require professional removal. Create cat friendly safe havens in your house – add cat towers, kitty cups and window perches. Keep your cat healthy with annual adult health exams and senior cats (>8 years of age) need health exams every 6 months (1 human year is 4 years to your cat). Keep all cats inside for safety or build a safe outdoor atrium (a fenced run in the backyard). The most dangerous time for a cat to be outside is from dusk until dawn. Do quarterly health reviews on your cat – ask ‘early warning’ health questions. Educate yourself to Cat Illnesses – read the book “Cats for Dummies”. Use Revolution to prevent parasitic/vector borne diseases. Microchip your cat . . . >90% of microchipped cats lost in hurricanes were returned! Check your cat’s weight – a loss or gain could have important health consequences.

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Dr. James K. Olson is "The Meow Doc", a nationally recognized veterinarian specializing exclusively in cats. Dr. Olson holds the title of Diplomate, Feline Specialty, from the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. He is certified to practice nuclear medicine by the State of Colorado Department of Radiaton Safety. His practice is located in Castle Rock, Colorado. For more information please visit his comprehensive website:

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Pet of the Week

Name: COCO ID# A654873

I’m Coco, a cuddly, 6-year-old, miniature pinscher mix who wants to steal your heart. I’m just about 10 pounds

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Twenty Questions

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20 QUESTIONS 1. Where would you find the airport referred to as DFW? 2. Who killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy? 3. What was the name of the building from which Kennedy’s assassin fired the fatal shot? 4. What was the name of the commission set up to study the assassination? 5. Where is John Kennedy buried? 6. What newspaper is referred to as the “Gray Lady”? 7. What do you call the ejection of food and other matter from the stomach through the mouth, often preceded by nausea? 8. Tripoli is the capital of what Arab country? 9. If you were in Trinidad and Tobago where would you be? 1. In the South Pacific, 2. The West Indies, or 3. The Caspian Sea? 10. What do you call the musical instrument that has a sliding section that lengthens or shortens it and thus regulates the pitch? 11. If you were a tsetse would you be: 1. A bloodsucking fly, 2. A part of the male reproductive organ, or 3. The currency of Belize? 12. If you deliberately use exceptional exaggeration in your speech for emphasis rather than deception you are using _______________. 13. What government department is called HUD? 14. The humps in camels are storage places for which one: 1. Water, 2. Bile, or 3. Fat? 15. Name a South American animal that is a member of the camel family? 16. What ocean borders the Republic of South Africa? 17. What is the capital city of South Africa? 18. If you were in Junction City, would you be in Arkansas, Kansas or Oregon? 19. What is the name of the ocean at the North Pole? 20. What is Azerbaijan? Answers: 1. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas 2. Lee Harvey Oswald 3. Texas Book Depository 4. Warren Commission 5. Arlington National Cemetery 6. New York Times 7. Vomiting 8. Libya 9. The West Indies 10. Trombone 11. A blood sucking (African) fly 12. Hyperbole 13. Department of Housing and Urban Development 14. Fat 15. Alpaca or Llama 16. Atlantic 17. Pretoria 18. Any one 19. Arctic Ocean 20. A country north of Iran

Tidbits® of Douglas & Elbert Counties

• A glacier forms when multiple snowfalls occur over many years, even centuries in mountainous or polar regions. Glaciers form only on land, and flow very slowly across the land, powered by gravity, altering the shape of the Earth, creating valleys, morasses, crevasses, and changing landforms. Not surprisingly, the world’s largest glacier, Lambert Glacier is located in Antarctica. FAMOUS WOMEN OF THE WORLD:


As one of the world’s favorite columnists, Erma Bombeck caused us all to laugh at the humdrum routine of our daily lives. Here’s how she got her start and achieved her success.

• In 1949, Erma married Bill Bombeck, and when they adopted a child in 1953, she put her journalism career on hold to become a full-time wife and mother. In 1964, with three children, she resumed her writing, penning weekly columns for a small local paper, the Ketterling-Oakwood Times, for $3 each, writing from her small bedroom at home. The following year, the Dayton Journal Herald asked for two columns a week, paying $50 apiece. Within three weeks, the articles went into national syndication, appearing in 36 major U.S. papers under the title “At Wit’s End.” Her columns drew inspiration from the humorous side of her life as an ordinary suburban housewife. • Just two years later, Erma was popular nationwide and began giving lectures across the country. In 1967, her columns were compiled into a book published by Doubleday. During the 1970s, 30 million people in the U.S. and Canada were reading her columns in 900 newspapers. She was also writing for several popular magazines. Erma then branched out into television, appearing on Good Morning America for more than 10 years. She was the author of 15 books, most of which were bestsellers, and one that was turned into a television move, The Grass is Always Greener

Over the Septic Tank.


Scott McQueen Coral gemstones come from some of the most beautiful miracles of Nature – the reefs, banks and atolls found in a variety of places around the world. Specially trained divers go into the ocean depths between three and 300 meters to carefully harvest coral. Once brought up the branches are cleaned, sorted and processed using saws, knives, files or drills. It is very seldom cut or ground on a wheel. In its raw form coral has a matt finish, but once it is polished it has a beautiful shine that looks marvelous in a variety of jewelry settings. The fewer the cracks, blotches, striations and holes, the higher the quality and the higher the price. Like pearls, corals are organic and are closely related chemically; both consist of more than 90 percent calcium carbonate. Corals come in a variety of colors: red, white, blue, brown and black. The most popular are the red hues of pale pink and salmon. Corals have a hardness of only 3.5 which makes them softer than any other gemstone material. If you wear a coral be careful with cosmetics, hot water or bright light. Keep your coral pieces clean with a soft, damp towel being careful not to scratch the surface.

11028 S Pikes Peak Dr. Parker, CO 80138



Scott McQueen is the owner of Pinetree Jewelers, Parker’s oldest jewelry store established in 1976. 2 store locations: 11028 S. Pikes Peak Drive in Parker and 190 S Wilcox in Castle Rock. For more call 303.841.2666 or 303-660-2696

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• Following high school graduation, Erma joined the Herald full-time, writing obituaries and other minor assignments. Then it was on to the university and an English degree.

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• After losing her father when she was nine, Erma and her mother moved in with relatives and her mother went to work to support them. While in junior high, Erma was already showing her gift for humorous writing, with a column in the school newspaper. Her column in her high school paper two years later was a serious column, with a mix of wit. At 15, she landed a job at the Dayton Herald as a part-time copygirl, and at 16, she published her first journalistic effort. This came when Shirley Temple was visiting Dayton in 1943, and Erma’s interview with the child star became a newspaper feature.


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• The word “ice” doesn’t always refer to water that has frozen into a solid form. It can also refer to an air of unfriendliness or animosity, when the atmosphere turns to ice. It can be a snack of shaved ice flavored with sweetened juice. The term can also mean flashy diamond jewelry or a smokable form of an illegal methamphetamine. As a verb, to a hired assassin, it’s slang for killing their victim and to a baker, it’s what they do to a cake. To a hockey player, it’s their skating surface as well as the act of shooting the puck out of defensive territory and far into the opposing team’s territory. If you’re too busy at work to take any time off, you put your vacation on ice when you postpone it. If you’re in an awkward social situation and no one is speaking, you might break the ice by offering the first remarks. But be careful about offensive remarks – they might put you on thin ice, meaning you’re in a difficult situation.

The Gem Advisor

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ICY INFO Continued melt. Rather, it changes directly from a solid into a vapor.


The Gem Advisor

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glas C


THIS IS A HAMMER By Samantha Mazzotta Broken Windowpane Is Easy to Replace Q: During a recent party, there was a bit of an incident in the kitchen, and one of the panes in the window above the sink was shattered. I removed the bits of glass and covered the empty space with cardboard, held in place with duct tape. How easy is it to replace just the pane of glass? -- Candace G., Ithaca, N.Y.

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A: Replacing a single glass pane is a pretty straightforward job, one that can be accomplished quickly once you have the supplies and tools at hand. You’ll need, of course, a replacement pane of glass. Because the original pane was shattered, the exact dimensions need to be figured out. Do this by measuring the width and height of the frame. Then, subtract 1/16 inch from each side -- this will allow a bit of space for the new glass to expand and contract in changing temperatures. When cleaning up the broken glass, did you save the small metal tabs or spring clips that were spaced around the frame? If so, keep them around to reuse; otherwise, you’ll need to buy replacements. The metal tabs are called glazier’s points and are used in wooden frames; the spring clips are used in metal frames. These help hold the windowpane snugly in place. Head for the hardware store with measurements in hand. Most stores will sell precut windowpanes in standard sizes that match or nearly match your measurements; otherwise, they can cut the glass to your specified size. Make sure you have the following on hand for the repair: Window putty (also known as glazier’s putty), a putty knife, glazier’s points or spring clips (for metal frames), a wire brush, steel wool, fine-grit sandpaper and a soft cloth. Remove the cardboard and tape patch and clean up the frame to prepare it for the new pane. Take out any remaining points or clips and carefully scrape away the old window putty. This may be the most time-consuming part, as the putty may have hardened and adhered to the frame. Be patient and work carefully. Once the old putty is removed, wipe the frame clean. Then add a new line of putty by forming a ball in the palm of your hand, then rolling it out into a long, thin line about the width of a pencil. Press this line of putty around the edge of the frame on the side on which the new pane will be attached. Insert the new pane of glass, pressing it against the new putty. Hold it in place with one hand, and with the other hand, insert glazier’s points or clips. Points should be placed every 8 inches around the frame and pressed into the wood using the putty knife or a similar tool. Clips can be placed in existing holes in the metal frame. Use a little more putty to secure the pane on the side closest to you, by dabbing it into areas where the glass touches the frame. Scrape away excess with the putty knife. Clean excess or spilled putty from the window and the frame using the putty knife and a wet cloth. Let the putty dry and cure for about four days before painting. HOME TIP: Wear heavy work gloves to protect your hands when removing or cleaning up pieces of broken glass, especially when prying shards loose.

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DECEMBER 21 - 22 SAT 9-5 • SUN 10-4 ST


Douglas County Fair Grounds • Castle Rock, CO $1 OFF WITH THIS AD


• On Jan. 2, 1811, Timothy Pickering, a Federalist from Massachusetts, becomes the first U.S. senator to be censured when the Senate approves a motion against him. Pickering was accused of violating congressional law by publicly revealing secret documents. • On Dec. 30, 1862, the U.S.S. Monitor sinks in a storm off Cape Hatteras, N.C. Just nine months earlier, the ship had been part of a revolution in naval warfare when the ironclad dueled to a standstill with the C.S.S. Virginia (Merrimack) -- the first time two ironclads faced each other in a naval engagement. • On Jan. 5, 1920, the New York Yankees majorleague baseball club announces its purchase of the heavy-hitting outfielder George Herman “Babe” Ruth from the Boston Red Sox for the sum of $125,000. The deal paid off as Ruth went on to smash his own home run record in 1920, hitting 54 homers. • On Jan. 1, 1946, on the island of Corregidor, in Manila Bay, 20 Japanese soldiers approach a lone soldier -- literally waving a white flag. The soldiers had been living in an underground tunnel and only discovered that the war was over by reading it in the newspaper. • On Jan. 3, 1967, Jack Ruby, the Dallas nightclub owner who killed the alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy, dies of cancer in a Dallas hospital. The Texas Court of Appeals recently had overturned his death sentence for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and was scheduled to grant him a new trial. • On Jan. 4, 1974, President Richard Nixon refuses to hand over tape recordings and documents that had been subpoenaed by the Senate Watergate Committee. Nixon would resign from office in disgrace eight months later. • On Dec. 31, 1984, Bernhard Goetz, the white man dubbed the “subway vigilante” after he shot four young black men on a New York City subway train, turns himself in at a police station in Concord, N.H. Goetz claimed that the men, all of whom had criminal records, were trying to rob him and that he had acted in self-defense.

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New Beginning Community Church 10550 S Progress Way, Suite 100 Parker, CO 80134-4029

Looking for a New Beginning? YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US A Friendly Place to Worship Sunday School for all ages 9:00AM Coffee and Fellowship 10:00AM Praise and Worship 10:30AM Wed Eve Youth Group 7:00PM Small Groups Meeting throughout the week AWANA for the Children during school year E-mail: - Phone (303)495-2919 - Web Site:

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The Nerium Opportunity

Douglas County Sheriff, Dave Weaver, Needs Your Help


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When I began looking for a replacement job, I wanted to be my own boss, call my own hours, and have employees. Sounds crazy right? I wanted to have a REAL opportunity, not one where, I had to spend lots of money in startup fees and or a garage full of expensive inventory that resulted in and little real income. The opportunity had to be offering real products that produced REAL results, not just promises. The company needed to have a management team with extensive experience in relationship marketing; a company that builds strong teammates, with training and motivation to assist brand partners.

The company needed to be in a growth cycle, at their peak NOW and not years in the past. COMPUTER REPAIR TIPS: Nerium International meets all of these requirements and is making record sales of Nerium AD in their two Recovery and restore are two methods to put your years of business. The results are proven with third computer back into working condition software wise party testing and 100’s of before and after pictures of when you have a disaster. There are major differences real clients. between the two, and to add to the confusion there are different types of recoveries. The anti-aging industry is booming with $80 billion in the US alone, and expecting grow to $114 billion in 3 A system restore resets the operating system and soft- years. Nerium is offering ground oor opportunities in ware to a speciďŹ c point in time when the restore point this vast and expanding market. was created undoing any updates afterwards. It will not restore any deleted ďŹ le and may or may not undo Visit my website to check out this opportunity, or for a viruses. Restore points may be created automatically free trial of the product. No strings attached: by the operating system or applications, but to be on or call Joan at 303-882-7626. the safe side it is good to create them manually prior to installing new programs or updates. Keep in mind Please see our ad on page 1 of Tidbits! that restore points take up space on your hard drive so Before After delete older ones to save drive space.

System recoveries come in two basic avors initial and ongoing. Because new computers may not come with system disks the initial recovery point should be created right after you purchase your computer. Doing this will enable you to roll the system back to its original factory condition in case you want to sell the machine or just want to wipe it clean to give it to someone. You will need to purchase some DVD's to do this and some computer manufacturers can be fussy about the brand of DVD you can use. Just search recovery disk creation and follow the directions remembering to label the disks as they are burned. The recovery points created down the road, also called disk images, should be made periodically and prior to installing new software or making major changes to the computer so you can put the computer back the way it was prior to the changes. A disk image creates an exact image of your hard drive: applications, data, malware, viruses, etc. in other words EVERYTHING. If disaster strikes and the hard drive crashes you can buy a new hard drive, load the disk image, and be on your way. To do this you will need to purchase an external hard drive with a capacity at least the size of the one on your computer. Free software is available on the web for doing this task. One more thing, there is a very nasty virus out there that encrypts all of your data ďŹ les. A good antivirus application should catch it and once its done its dirty work you have to pay to unencrypt your ďŹ le. Be careful opening emails and attachments from unknown sources, and disconnect your backup drive between backups. Brought to you by: Ted Coker Computer Repair 303-841-5690

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Millions of Americans will not have to pay their full health insurance premiums in 2014. How much they'll have to pay depends on their income. Many low to moderate income individuals and families will qualify for a subsidy to assist in paying for their health insurance they obtain through their exchange. Here in Colorado, that exchange is Connect For Health Colorado. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that 48% of Americans who buy individual or family health insurance today would be eligible for subsidies. They would receive an average of $5,548, which would cover 66% of the price. Here's How You Qualify: Anyone earning up to 400% of the Federal Poverty Line ($15,000) will be eligible for a subsidy. That range is up to $45,960 for an individual and $94,200 for a family of four. The lower your income, the larger your subsidy. For instance, those making $17,235 a year will pay no more than 4% of income, or $57 a month, while those with incomes between $34,470 and $45,960 will pay a maximum of 9.5% of income, or $364 a month. The federal government will cover the rest. Anyone earning more than $45,960 would be responsible for the entire tab on the ObamaCare health plan of his/her choice. In addition to premium subsidies, those making less than 250% of the poverty line, or $28,725 for a single person and $58,875 for a family of four, are eligible for extra subsidies to defray out-ofpocket costs, such as deductibles and co-payments. When signing up for Obamacare, enrollees can apply for an advanced subsidy by estimating their income. Payments go directly to the insurer. Their subsidy level is then adjusted once they file a tax return with their actual income for the year. In some cases they may have to repay some of the subsidy if they underestimated or get a refund if they thought they'd earn more than they actually did. Enrollees can also opt to pay the entire premium up front and get a refund at tax time. To learn more about whether you may or may not qualify for a subsidy, contact Don Meyer at Associates Health Group, LLC 303794-9101 or Please see our ad on page 4 of Tidbits!


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STRANGE BUT TRUE by Samantha Weaver • It was beloved American pianist and comedian Jimmy Durante who made the following sage observation: “Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down.” • Famed markswoman and exhibition shooter Annie Oakley was born the daughter of Quakers, who gave her the name Phoebe Ann Moses. • It was in July 1911 when daredevil Bobby Leach became the second person (and the first man) to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. His daring came at a cost, though; he spent six months in a hospital, recovering from injuries due to his feat. He later went on publicity tours, recounting his experience and posing with the barrel that took him over the falls. He was on one such tour in New Zealand in 1926 when he slipped on an orange peel, injuring his leg slightly. The leg became infected, necessitating an amputation -- which still didn’t save him. He died two months later, the daredevil felled by a citrus rind. • Those who study such things say that fully 10 percent of the country’s total income is due to organized crime. • You might be surprised to learn that only two out of every 10 ears of corn grown in the United States actually ends up being eaten by people. The other eight are destined to feed animals and to be made into ethanol gasoline.

December 31, 2013

• If you’re like more than half of all Americans, you’d be willing to live in a haunted house -- provided you didn’t have to pay rent. • There are those who say that actor Johnny Depp is afraid of clowns. *** Thought for the Day: “This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer.” -- Will Rogers


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Brad @ 303-814-1400 SPORTS QUIZ By Chris Richcreek 1. Three Dodgers pitchers since 1916 have struck out at least five batters in each of their first five major-league starts. Name two of them. 2. Who has the most managerial wins in Kansas City Royals history? 3. When was the last time before 2012 that Northwestern’s football team won a bowl game? 4. How many championships did the Los Angeles Lakers win under the ownership of Dr. Jerry Buss? 5. When was the last time before 2013 (Chicago and Boston) that two of the Original Six NHL franchises met in the Stanley Cup finals? 6. Who was the first NASCAR driver to be featured on a box of Wheaties cereal? 7. When was the last time before 2013 that no American male tennis player was in the top 10 of the ATP rankings? Answers 1. Hyun-jin Ryu, Hideo Nomo and Kaz Ishii. 2. Whitey Herzog won 410 games between 1975 and 1979. 3. It was the Rose Bowl after the 1948 season. 4. Ten titles. 5. It was 1979 (Montreal and the New York Rangers). 6. Dale Earnhardt. 7. It had never happened before in the rankings, which began in 1973. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Assumptions Can Be Dangerous to Investors


Every day of our lives, we make assumptions. We assume that the people we encounter regularly will behave in the manner to which we are accustomed. We assume that if we take care of our cars, they will get us to where we want to go. In fact, we need to Cindy Rose make assumptions to bring order to our world. But in some parts of our life — such as investing — assumptions can prove dangerous. Of course, not all investment-related assumptions are bad. But here are a few that, at the least, may prove to be counter-productive:

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Cindy Rose, Financial Advisor 2195 N Highway 83 #23 - Franktown, CO 80116 303.688-2127 Member SIPC


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“Real estate will always increase in value.” Up until the 2008 financial crisis, which was caused, at least partially, by the “housing bubble,” most people would probably have said that real estate is always a good investment. But since then, we’re all more painfully aware that housing prices can rise and fall. That isn’t to say that real estate is always a bad investment — as a relatively small part of a diversified portfolio, it can be appropriate, depending on your goals and risk tolerance. But don’t expect endless gains, with no setbacks. “Gold will always glitter.” During periods of market volatility, investors often flee to gold, thereby driving its price up. But gold prices will fluctuate, sometimes greatly, and there are risks in all types of gold ownership, whether you’re investing in actual bars of gold or gold “futures” or the stocks of gold-mining companies. “I can avoid all risks by sticking with CDs.” It’s true that Certificates of Deposit (CDs) offer a degree of preservation of principal. But they’re not risk-free; their rates of return may be so low that they don’t even keep up with inflation, which means you could incur purchasing-power risk. Again, having CDs in your portfolio is not a bad thing, but you’ll only want to own those amounts that are suitable for your objectives. "The price of my investment has gone up — I must have made the right decision.” This assumption could also be made in reverse — that is, you might think that, since the price of your investment has dropped, you must have made the wrong choice. This type of thinking causes investors to hold on to some investments too long, in the hopes of recapturing early gains, or selling promising investments too soon, just to “cut their losses.” Don’t judge investments based on short-term performance; instead, look at fundamentals and long-term potential. “If I need long-term care, Medicare will cover it.” You may never need any type of long-term care, but if you do, be prepared for some big expenses. The national average per year for a private room in a nursing home is nearly $84,000, according to a recent survey by Genworth, a financial security company. This cost, repeated over a period of years, could prove catastrophic to your financial security during your retirement. And, contrary to many people’s assumptions, Medicare may only pay a small percentage of long-term care costs. You can help yourself by consulting with a financial professional, who can provide you with strategies designed to help cope with long-term care costs. You can’t avoid all assumptions when you’re investing. But by staying away from questionable ones, you may avoid being tripped up on the road toward your financial goals.


Mc Donalds

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HOURS: Monday through Sunday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Holiday Fun Weekend Dec 14 & 15

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Open Nov 29th - Dec 24th 10am - 7pm Daily.

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Laugh Lines

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NLY O s ’ r h e Parkwery wit ! Bre p room a ta

V “Be oted Pa by P st of rker’ arke the B s r Ch est” ron icle!


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Issue 850  

Tidbits of Douglas & Elbert Counties

Issue 850  

Tidbits of Douglas & Elbert Counties