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January 21 & 28, 2013

Vol. 7, Issue 3 & 4



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Restart Your Credit! TIDBITS® LOOKS AT SECRET CODES World War II

by Janet Spencer

½ Mile North of HWY 90 23771 Hwy. 59 Robertsdale, AL w w w. c a r z o n c r e d i t . c o m

• When Roosevelt and Churchill were scheduled to meet in 1943, they knew the Germans were desperate to find out where the meeting would be. News was leaked that it would be at the place identified in code as Casablanca. The Germans figured that since “casablanca” was Spanish for white house, the meeting would take place at the White House. They sent all their spies to monitor the White House while Roosevelt and Churchill had an uneventful meeting in Casablanca, Morocco. • On December 6, 1941, President Roosevelt sent a message to Emperor Hirohito in Japan pleading for peace. He sent the message by telegraph in a simple code used for every-day transmissions. In Japan, the telegram sat for ten hours unread due to a backlog of messages. Had he sent the message in a top security code, it would have reached the Emperor immediately. But it did not— and the next day, Pearl Harbor was attacked. • Actress Lucille Ball reported that every time she walked near a certain area, she heard Japanese radio broadcasts coming across some lead fillings in her teeth. An investigation revealed a Japanese radio station hidden underground. • On December 6, 1941, Japan was preparing to mount an attack on Pearl Harbor. A Japanese spy in Pearl Harbor walked right up to the telegraph office in town and sent a dispatch to his confederates describing where the warships were located. The telegram cost $6.82 and apparently nobody in the telegraph office thought it was suspicious. Turn to page 3 for more!

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Volume 1 - Issue 3 February 2013

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Page 2 Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly Issues 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013 Avoiding the Flu

Not only has the flu arrived early this season, but it appears to moving quickly. Seniors are at risk of becoming extremely ill from the flu, so it’s up to us to do everything we can to avoid catching it. We say this to little kids all the time: “Keep your hands away from your face.” But it’s true. Granted, the flu is respiratory and is generally spread through someone sneezing or coughing near us, but flu germs can live on surfaces. If transferred to our hands and then our face, we can catch the flu. An important point: People who have the flu can give it to you a whole day before they even know they’re getting sick. Some hints to avoid the flu: --Carry hand wipes when you shop. If the store doesn’t have any near the carts, use yours to wipe down the handle and seat before you touch it. --Use alcohol-based wipes on your phone and doorknobs at home, just in case. --Stock up on hand sanitizer and keep a small bottle with you when you go out. --Stay out of stores after school hours when small children might be with their parents. If you haven’t had a flu shot for some reason, call your doctor and ask if you should have one. Age alone, if you’re over 65, can put you in a high-risk category, and so can any medical condition you might have. If you do get the flu, ask your doctor about a prescription for an antiviral drug. The drugs work best if started within two days of getting sick. They can make the symptoms a little easier to handle, and they can prevent complications like pneumonia.

Peanut Butter Baconwich Update the lunchbox classic with this quick and simple recipe, and your kid’s lunch with be anything but boring! 1/2 cup peanut butter 6 slices (crisp cooked) bacon, crumbled 8 slices white bread, toasted 1 large red apple, cored and thinly sliced 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1. In small bowl, combine peanut butter and bacon; spread mixture on all bread slices. In a separate small bowl, toss apple slices with lemon juice. Top half the bread slices with apple slices; cover with remaining bread slices. Cut in half, if desired. (Alternatively, put some apple slices on all bread slices and serve sandwiches open-faced.) Serves 4. „ Each serving: About 405 calories, 15g total fat (5g saturated), 8mg cholesterol, 573mg sodium, 38g carbohydrate, 4g fiber, 15g protein.

Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013 • On Dec. 6, 1941, a new employee at the Office of Naval Intelligence, Mrs. Dorothy Edgers (who had been employed there only a month), decoded an intercepted Japanese message that indicated Honolulu was to be the target of a Japanese attack. She showed it to her superior officer, who said it needed more work and could wait until Monday. • In May of 1942, the Japanese were preparing to mount a major attack somewhere in the Central Pacific. The U.S. had broken the Japanese code and were aware of the impending attack. However, they didn’t know what the target would be. The Japanese called the target “AF” and the Americans could not figure out what place that denoted. Then they came up with a scheme: they had Midway send an uncoded message saying their water distillation plant had broken down and they were short on drinking water. Then they monitored the Japanese transmissions. Two days later, they intercepted a coded message from Japan reporting that “AF” was short of drinking water. When the Japanese descended on Midway, the American forces were ready and waiting. • When agents stormed the Japanese embassy in Portugal, they seized a Japanese code book, thinking it would be helpful to the Allies. What they didn’t know was that the Allies had already broken the code. Now that Japan knew the code book had been stolen, they changed the code. It took a year before the U.S. could break the new code. • When American decoding experts intercepted and deciphered a message from Germany to Mexico, they found that Germany was offering Mexico a large chunk of the United States if only Mexico would join with them in the war. This message was pivotal in pushing the U.S. into World War I. • Zeppelin L-49 was returning to Germany during World War I after having bombed London. It was over France when it ran out of fuel. There was no way the aircraft was going to make it back to Germany. The captain, knowing they were doomed to be captured, knew it was essential to get rid of the code books. But he couldn’t burn the books because the zeppelin was filled with flammable gas. So he ordered his men to shred the books and toss the pieces of paper over the side. When they were captured, Colonel Richard Williams of the U.S. Army Intelligence was frustrated when he found that the code books had been destroyed. So he sent the troops out to search the ground following the path the airship had taken. By nightfall they had collected 22 sacks full of tiny scraps of paper. Williams set his men to the task of reconstructing the book. By midnight they had put together a complete map of the North Sea showing the call sign positions for a U-boat rendezvous. • William and Elizabeth Friedman were a married team of cryptanalysts who were instrumental in cracking many codes. Once the British sent them some sample messages from a new encoding device they were considering using throughout the British Army. Within three hours of receiving the five messages, the Friedmans had deciphered them. The first message, ironically enough, said, “This cipher is absolutely indecipherable.” • A captured slave was brought to General Lysander, leader of the Spartan forces around 400 B.C. A message the slave was carrying was handed to the General. There were many hostilities going on, so Lysander suspected the message would bear important information. However, it did not. Then he noticed the slave’s belt was decorated with a series of letters that made no sense. He took the belt and wrapped it around a thin rod. There, down the side of the rod, was a perfectly legible message. It said that the Persians— who were supposed to be allies of the Spartans— were planning to take over. Thus forewarned, Lysander rushed his forces back to Sparta and ruined the plot. • Around 300 B.C. Histiaeos was the governor of the ancient Greek city Miletus. He was being held under guard and couldn’t get any messages out— but it was imperative that he inform his people behind enemy lines that he planned to overthrow Darius, the king of Persia. He shaved the head of his servant and tattooed the message on his scalp. After the hair grew back, he sent the servant out on an errand. The message was delivered. • During the Revolutionary War, messages were sent via Anna Strong’s clothesline. She signaled an American spy whenever a boatman was ready to carry secret messages across Long Island Sound. A black petticoat hung out to dry meant that the boatman was waiting. The number of hankies next to it indicated which cove he was hiding in. • Paul Bernard was a French spy in World War I who sent his secret messages home by writing the essential information in the top right-hand corner of postcards, and then putting postage stamps over the writing. • Thomas Jefferson invented a coding instrument called the wheel cipher that is still used by the U.S. Navy today.


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Make a Colorful Sun Catcher Make these colorful window decorations to brighten your child’s bedroom during gloomy winter days. When the glue has dried, these sun catchers will have the look of stained glass. Help your kids create a design of a character or object from their favorite books and stories. You’ll need: --Plastic wrap --Plastic or paper cups --All-purpose, white household glue --Food coloring --Several thick, black pipe cleaners in 12-inch lengths --Ribbon, string or cording Think about what kind of sun catcher you would like to make, such as a star, heart or daisy. For your first project, make it as simple as possible. Use basic drawings from coloring books to get yours started, if you wish. As you get more proficient, make a heart for Valentine’s Day, a shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day or a decorated egg for Easter. Bend and attach pipe cleaners together to get your desired shape, and glue the shape completely flat onto a sheet of plastic wrap. Add details by gluing smaller lengths of pipe cleaner on the inside of the design, like a small circle for the center of a flower. (It is very important that pipe cleaners adhere to the plastic wrap.) Your design should look similar to the outlines on a coloring-book page. Let dry. Now it’s time to add the color. Pour 3-4 tablespoons of glue into a paper cup. Add 5-10 drops of food coloring, and stir. Mix glue and food coloring in additional cups if you wish to have a rainbow of colors. Pour the colored glue inside the pipe-cleaner shape. If you added details, pour different colors in the various sections. Let dry completely. (It usually takes about a day.) When dry, the colored glue will appear translucent. Carefully peel off the plastic wrap from the sun catcher and discard. Hang your beautiful design in a sunny window using cording or ribbon.


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Potty Training a Cat

in Columbus, Ga.

DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I’m going to adopt a cat soon, and I’ve never had a pet. My friend told me that cats aren’t easy to train, so I’m worried. Will it be difficult to train my cat to use a litter box? -- Sara

DEAR SARA: Congratulations on adopting your first pet! Cats can be great companions. While it’s difficult to teach a cat to fetch or roll over like a dog, house training is usually much easier to accomplish. Cats have a natural instinct to cover up their droppings. This hides them from predators. A litter box caters to that instinct. A kitten that is old enough to be adopted (usually 12 weeks) has typically been taught by its mother how and where to poop, how to cover it up, and how to keep itself clean and neat (by washing its fur with its tongue). You can reinforce this: Set up your new cat’s litter box, as well as its bedding, toys, food and water, ahead of time. As soon as you bring your new cat home, take it to the litter box and let the cat check it out. If your cat doesn’t get it the first time, and piddles elsewhere in the house, don’t scold it. Try to catch it as soon it happens, pick the cat up and place it in the litter box. It should connect quickly. What if your cat refuses to use the litter box and goes elsewhere? Move the box to a quieter part of the house. If that doesn’t work, or if the cat appears lethargic or meows a lot, contact the veterinarian right away. Cats that don’t use the litter box often are ill, not stubborn.

Page 4 Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly Issues 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013

1. PERSONALITIES: Who wrote the 1960s book “Unsafe at Any Speed,” which detailed safety shortcomings in the auto industry? 2. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What color is lapis lazuli? 3. GEOGRAPHY: The Falkland Islands lie off the coast of which continent? 4. HOBBIES: What does a spelunker do? 5. U.S. STATES: What is the official nickname of the state of Illinois? 6. LANGUAGE: What does the Latin term “ipso facto” mean? 7. ART: What is chiaroscuro? 8. CARTOONS: What is the name of Porky Pig’s girlfriend? 9. SCIENCE: What kind of gases are neon and helium? 10. MOVIES: Which three comedians starred in the film comedy “ÁThree Amigos!”

A Bit of Gun Powder Gun Shop GUNS Collectible and Hard-to-find

AMMO New, Collectible and Hard-to-find Accessories and More FFL Transfers Welcome Orders Welcome 7% Sales Tax


Civil War and Modern

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Owner: Kenny Langley

15296 D Co. Rd. 3 Fairhope, Al. 36532 Tuesday - Saturday 10am to 6pm

Answers 1. Ralph Nader 2. Blue 3. South America 4. Explore caves 5. Land of Lincoln 6. By the fact itself 7. Use of light and shadow in artwork 8. Petunia 9. Noble gases 10. Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short

Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013 Vets Lose a Friend We’ve lost someone who was always in our corner, Sen. Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii. Unlike too many of our elected officials, Sen. Inouye was one of us. In World War II, serving in Italy in 1945, Inouye fought in an action that can only be described as horrific: After being shot in stomach, he continued fighting and leading an assault against a German stronghold. He was holding a primed grenade that he was about to throw when he was shot in that arm, leaving the grenade in his no longer functioning fist. Somehow he managed to grab the grenade with his other hand and toss it into a bunker. With his arm mostly severed, he continued fighting until he was shot in the leg and collapsed. Once in a field hospital, his arm was amputated. For this action he received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart with oak leaf cluster and Distinguished Service Cross. That Cross should have been the Medal of Honor, but wasn’t, likely due to Inouye’s race. Inouye was a Nisei, a Japanese American born in Hawaii to Japanese parents who had immigrated before he was born. It wasn’t until President Bill Clinton upgraded the Cross in 2000 that Inouye received his long-overdue Medal of Honor, along with 19 others on his all-Nisei combat team. Innouye had been a senator since 1963, the second-longest serving senator, and had served in other public positions before then. It’s said that in 58 years, he never lost an election. One bill he reintroduced in the Senate time and time again was to restore Memorial Day to its historical correct date, May 30, instead of the one-size-fits-all last Monday in May. The bill never made it, but he kept trying because he believed in it.

Forget New Mattress, See Doctor Instead DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I have back discomfort upon lying down. It doesn’t matter where I lie or what position I’m in for my back to hurt and often one or both hips. Getting out of bed in the morning is hard and uncomfortable. Once I have had my morning shower and am up and around, I’m fine. We have thought of replacing our mattress, but how do we find something that will help? What would you recommend? -- M.W. ANSWER: I strongly recommend that you see your family doctor before you invest any money in a mattress. Some of what you describe fits the picture of osteoarthritis -stiffness upon wakening, difficulty getting out of bed and relief of symptoms after taking a hot shower. Before you spend a penny on a mattress, have your back examined and the problem diagnosed. The booklet on the different kinds of arthritis explains each and how it is treated. Readers can obtain a copy by writing: Dr. Donohue -- No. 301W, Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Enclose a check or money order (no cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6 Canada with the recipient’s printed name and address. Please allow four weeks for delivery. *** DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I looked in the mirror this morning and couldn’t believe what I saw. My right eye was bright red. It looked like someone had punched me. When my husband saw it, he asked if he had hit me while he was asleep. He didn’t.

Page 5

It doesn’t hurt. My vision is perfect. My eye looks frightful. Do I need to see a doctor? -- Y.T. ANSWER: Your question is asked repeatedly. My long-distance guess is a subconjunctival hemorrhage. The conjunctiva is a cellophane-like covering of the eye. Beneath it is a network of invisible blood vessels. When one of those delicate vessels breaks, blood covers that part of the eye. Coughing, sneezing or straining causes the breakage. Sometimes it happens for no apparent reason. The eye looks awful, but no real harm is done. The blood is absorbed in about a week. You can hurry it up by putting warm compresses over the closed eye. You need to see a doctor if the eye begins to pain you, if the blood stays for longer than a week or if it happens time and again. *** DEAR DR. DONOHUE: How good are prunes for constipation? I am often constipated and have unsuccessfully tried many remedies. They might work for a short while, but then I am constipated again. I’d like to try the prune way, if you say that it works. -- M.A. ANSWER: It works for many, but I can’t give you a guarantee. Five to six prunes twice a day can change your bowel habits in a week or so. Prunes have fiber, one reason why they exert a laxative effect. Fiber keeps food waste moist on its passage out of the body. Prunes also contain sorbitol, a natural laxative. In addition to the laxative action, prunes have antioxidants, substances that counter the bad effects coming from cell chemistry. Prunes have undergone a name change; they are now called dried plums.

Whoever replaces Inouye in a 2014 special election in Hawaii will have some big shoes to fill.

est. 1981


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Page 6 Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly Issues 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013

Economy Discount Tires





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“If It SwImS we’ve Got It” ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You’re eager to take on that new opportunity opening up as January gives way to February. Now all you need to do is resist quitting too early. Do your best to stay with it. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Doff a bit of that careful, conservative outlook and let your brave Bovine self take a chance on meeting that new challenge. You could be surprised at how well you do. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) You might not want to return to the more serious tasks facing you. But you know it’s what you must do. Cheer up. Something more pleasant soon will occupy your time. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) As you dutifully tidy up your end-of-the-month tasks, your fun self emerges to urge you to do something special: A trip (or a cruise, maybe?) could be just what you need. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Your achievements are admirable as you close out the month with a roar. Now you can treat yourself to some well-earned time off for fun with family or friends. (Or both!) VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Be sure you know the facts before you assume someone is holding back on your project. Try to open your mind before you give someone a piece of it. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) You might feel comfortable in your familiar surroundings, but it might be time to venture into something new. There’s a challenge out there that’s just right for you. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Your love of things that are new gets a big boost as you encounter a situation that opens up new and exciting vistas. How far you go with it depends on you. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) That recent workplace shift might not seem to be paying off as you expected. But be patient. There are changes coming that could make a big difference. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) While few can match the Goat’s fiscal wizardry, you still need to be wary in your dealings. There might be a problem you should know about sooner rather than later. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Easy does it when it comes to love and all the other good things in life. Don’t try to force them to develop on your schedule. Best to let it happen naturally. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) A surprise decision by someone you trust causes some stormy moments. But a frank discussion explains everything, and helps save a cherished relationship. BORN THIS WEEK: Sometimes you forget to take care of yourself, because you’re so busy caring for others. But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

End of County Road 10 on Bon Secour River Supplying Quality Fresh Seafood Since 1975

1-888-4BILLYS (424-5597) or 251-949-6288 We ship seafood to your door!

Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013

Page 7

1. What was the first pop group memorialized in London’s Madame Tussauds Wax Museum? How were they posed? 2. Who sang lead on “My Girl”? Name the group. 3. How did Booker T. & the M.G.’s get their start? 4. Who had a hit with “Harden My Heart,” and when? 5. Name the song with this lyric: “I seen lonely times when I could not find a friend.”

Answers 1. The Beatles, in 1964. They were sprawled on a red couch and playing instruments. 2. David Ruffin, in 1964. He was with The Temptations at the time. Smokey Robinson pulled the song from The Miracles and had Ruffin do lead with The Temptations. 3. They were a house band at Stax Records in Memphis, working behind Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett and others in 1962. 4. Quarterflash, in 1980. The following year, their “Night Shift” was used as theme song in the film of the same name. 5. “Fire and Rain,” by James Taylor in 1970. Rumor and myth surrounding the song are wrong. The “Suzanne” mentioned was someone he met, not his girlfriend who died while flying to see him. The other verses talk of his time in rehab centers, wanting to “make a stand” against drug addiction.

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Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly Issues 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013

Learn to Fly! Skywarrior, Inc. Flight Academy

• Financing Available • Cost as little as $150 a month • All Major Credit Cards Accepted • CATS Testing: Private, Commercial, IFR, Air Traffic Control, and ATP ratings. • Multi-Engine Ratings • High Performance Training • Free Introductory Flight for Persons Who Sign Up for Ground School • Many Colleges Give Credit Hours for Students who complete Flight Training • GI Bill Coming Soon

We Have Aerial Tours of Pensacola Beach, The Cradle of Aviation, Perdido Beach, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and Historic Mobile Bay including Battleship Park!

Learn to fly where Naval Officers start their flight training at Skywarrior. Professional instructions in Cessna and Piper aircraft. Pensacola: 4345 Jerry Maygarden Road, Phone 850-433-6115 Bay Minette: 12301 Airport Road, Phone 251-937-5050

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¥ It was Martin Luther King Jr. who made the following sage observation: “Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.”

Loan Service

¥ Are you a dromomaniac? If you travel compulsively, you are. ¥ The famed statue Venus de Milo was lost to history for nearly 2,000 years. No one knew of its existence until 1820, when a Greek peasant tilling a field on the island of Milos hit stone -- several carved blocks of stone, to be specific. Within a few weeks, archaeologists arrived and took the statue of Aphrodite to France. King Louis XVIII dubbed it the Venus de Milo and donated it to the Louvre, where it remains today. ¥ You might be surprised to learn that Humphrey Bogart wasn’t the producers’ first choice for the role of Rick in “Casablanca.” An actor named George Raft was originally offered the part, but he turned it down because he didn’t like the script. ¥ In 2010, a new species of slug was discovered in the mountains of Borneo. It is distinguished from other species of slug by its novel method of mating: It shoots its mate with a so-called love dart made of calcium carbonate and containing hormones. The researchers nicknamed the gastropods “ninja slugs.”



¥ If you’re traveling to Kansas anytime soon, be sure to remember that it is against the law in that state to catch fish with your bare hands. ¥ During the original run of the classic 1960s TV series “Gilligan’s Island,” some viewers took the show rather too seriously. Several telegrams were sent to the U.S. Coast Guard asking why the poor people hadn’t yet been rescued. *** Thought for the Day: “I want a man who is kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?” -- Zsa Zsa Gabor

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and at

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Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013 Come on over to ELBERTA HARDWARE!

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Page 10 Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly Issues 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013

$408 $458 $508 Start Preparing Now for Spring Home Sale If you plan to list your home for sale when spring arrives, it’s to your benefit to use the months until then getting your property in good shape. At the very least, make plans so you can get started immediately in a few months. While it’s generally not safe to paint rooms when the doors and windows are closed, you can make your decorating plans. If you spot the paint on sale (common in the winter), go ahead and buy it now. As long as the cans stay completely sealed (tuck them in a closet so they won’t freeze in your garage), the paint will be good for a long time to come. Before you paint, take the cans back to the store and ask them to run the cans through the shaker again to ensure the paint is thoroughly mixed. Start interviewing potential real-estate agents. Let them come through your home and tell you what items you need to fix or change to get the best sale price. Learn about the agents and

what they offer, but don’t sign any contracts yet. Have a home inspection. The result will be your to-do list over the next few months. At the very least you’ll be warned about those items before a buyer hires his own inspector and notes them in a sales contract as negotiating points. If you have snow on the roof, the inspection will be a bit limited, but the condition of the house and its systems will give you an overall idea. Do interior repairs now. A new toilet and sink in the bathroom, and later, paint, a fresh shower curtain and new towels will add to your potential sales price. If you’re going to have landscaping work done when warm weather comes, get on the schedule now. Talk with a landscape planner at a few home and garden places and nail down what you’ll want. De-clutter. For many homeowners, getting rid of excess clutter is the most time-consuming of all home-sale activities. Start by going through closets and toss clothes you haven’t worn in three years, and also reorganize kitchen cabinets. Depersonalize your home by removing family photos. Look for artwork to go in the blank spots. If you find it on sale and know you won’t change your mind, go ahead and buy now.

Come Enjoy Great Mexican Cuisine! LUNCH MENU 7 DAYS A WEEK • 11 AM - 3 PM



201 McMeans Ave. Bay Minette, AL 36507


For Qualifying Individuals

Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013

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Tidbits of Baldwin County (Big Message Publishing LLC) considers its advertisers reliable and verifies as much data as possible. Consequently, readers using this information do so at their own risk. It is suggested that the investors contact the appropriate consumer agency before sending payment. Although persons and companies mentioned herein are believed to be reputable, neither the Tidbits of Baldwin County nor any of its employees accept any responsibility whatsoever for their actions. For more information about credit card scams and advanced fee loans write: FTS Washington, DC 20580

MAIL IN YOUR AD! The cost is $5.00 for the first 25 words, and 10 cents for each additional word. Be sure to include a check for the total amount. $5.00 rate on personal Items only: pets, appliances, rentals, cars etc. $10.00 rate on commercialclassifieds: retail products, etc. 25 words, 25 cents each additional word. Make all checkspayable to: Big Message Publishing LLC.

MAIL TO:BMP Main Office 3820 South McKenzie Street, Foley Al 36536 or Call (205) 370-7278 Employment

Now hiring Stylist. Open 7 days a week. Salon Fahrenheit Gulf Shores 251-948-7563 Hairstylist Wanted Charisma Hair Studio. Booth open for hairstylist with clientele. Call 251-955-5005

Buy & Sell

Cash or store credit for used video games, game systems, computers, iPods, music, unscratched DVDs, DVDs good for discounts regardless of condition. Action Game and Movie located in Foley on the corner of Hwy. 59 & 98. 251-943-1359 Cash for most used text books 2010 or newer. We also buy some other types of books. Book Exchange in Foley on the corner of Hwy. 59 & 98. 251-943-5044


Classes Forming Now for Medical Assisting, HVAC & Refrigeration and Medical Office Administration! Call Fortis College Today! 888-203-9276 or visit For consumer information visit www. THE OCEAN Corp. 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, Texas 77099. Train for a New Career. *Underwater Welder. Commercial Diver. *NDT/Weld Inspector. Job Placement Assistance. Financial Aid available for those who qualify. 1-800-321-0298.

Membership Opportunity

Lifetime membership for sale - Styx River Resort, Ocean Canyon Resort. Stay 14 days, 2 pools, cafe, playground, arcade, and more. For info call 251-9881071 or 251-747-8165. Or email at


Wanted to buy older mobile home in Baldwin Co., 2br w/ 1 or 2 bath. Can do minor repairs 251-752-4257

Sporting Goods

S&W 629 Classic .44 Magnum model 629-3 6.5” barrel $700.00 OBO 850-607-0831 Brian

Real Estate




FOR SALE - MOBILE HOME QUIET RETIREMENT COMMUNITY - FOLEY, AL 1992 CAVALIER MOBILE HOME 70X14 2BR/2BATH CENTER KITCHEN HOME COMPLETELY FURNISHED ALSO, WASHER DRYER AND DISH WASHER TOTAL ELECTRIC LOT RENT $230/MO INCLUDES TRASH, WATER AND LAWN SCREENED PORCH.....CAR PORT....STORAGE BUILDING OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE W/ DP 770-312-8638 Beautiful Gulf Shores Condo, sleeps six 2 bdrm 2 bath, 1 kng- 2 twins- 1queen slp sofa, Large Beach Front Balcony, New mattresses and furniture. Lot of amenities. Call now for reservations 850-450-9182. www.vrbo. com/450794 * Boat, Car/Truck, ATV, Camper/RV, Motorcyle, or old mobile home…You can now trade for a new mobile home using either of these items as a down payment. 850-474-9973. * SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME?? Need a new home? At least $1200 monthly income will get you a new home. Call to apply! 850-474-9973 GOOD-BAD-OR NO CREDIT RENT TO OWN 3BR,2B D/W 943-4301 * New! 3 bedroom/2 bath mobile home, own it for as low as $295/mth… 850-474-9973. * BUYER BACKOUT….120 payments remain on a Foreclosured Mobile Home. 850-474-9973. RENT ONLY 1 BR,1B APARTMENT $650 (INCLUDES UTILITIES) 943-4301

Real Estate

FAIRHOPE, AL - FSBO - Nice level lot, end of culde-sac, back and one side fenced, near everything, possible terms. $42,500.00 OBO 251-923-6149 RENT TO OWN Handyman special with land in Loxley, AL Call Ted @205-239-2804 LAND HOME PACKAGE available in nice subdivison in Loxley, AL for Mfg/Mobile home. Call Ted @205-239-2804. CREDIT PROBLEMS you may qualify for a repo or foreclosed Mfg/mobile Home. Call Ted @205-2392804 YOUR LAND is your down payment on a Mfg/Mobile Home. Call Ted @ 205-239-2804 FHA LOANS AVAILBLE on a Mfg/Mobile Homes Low interest rates. Call Ted @ 205-239-5397 LAND HOME FINANCING on Mfg/Mobile Homes. Land available. Call Ted @ 205-239-2804 NEW 3 BEDROOM 2 BATH $29900 Low monthly payment Low down payment Call Ted @ 205-339-5397 Fairhope, Al New custom Craftsman style homes in Old Battles Village just minutes to downtown and the Bay starting from the low $200’s. Jeanne Nemeth Bellator Real Estate 251-753-8322

For Sale

BUSINESS FOR SALE Kona Ice of Baldwin County. Exclusive rights to Baldwin County with established customer base. Great business with high profit margins. Everyone loves Kona Ice! 251-751-4744 Masterbuilt electric cheese display cabinet. 115 volt, 4 ft. wide, 3 tiers. Paid $3,000.00 new. Make Offer 251981-4745 FOR SALE 5th Wheel RV 2010 Cedar Creek Custom, 3 slides,electric awnings and jacks, awnings also over slideout windows. Asking price $60,000.00. Call 251591-5587 FOR SALE U-shaped computer desk, grey and black, ideal for home office. Lots of storage and in excellent condition. Approx. 52” wide x 76” long. Call 251-9471155 METAL BUILDING, 10’x16’, Wind pkg rated for 150 mph winds; 5x10 treated front deck and lattice skirting incl. Bought new in 2012 for temporary business location, $2,250.00. 251422-5672 or 251-979-2684


6 MNTH old fm Great Dane, AKC, microchipped, spayed,shots UTD & trifexis. Kennel and potty trained. included kennel,training collar,leash, bowls and food. Asking $500 She does not like car rides. She is shy! Loves to walk, sits, & stays. She does sneak on the couch sometimes! She is a great dog. 850-221-3903


Keisha’s Cleaning Service, 10 years experience, excellent references, free estimates, bonded and insured. We clean to please. Call anytime 251-284-1635 HOUSECLEANER w/ 20 yrs. exp., hard worker, honest, reliable! Call for free estimate. Kat 251-989-2360 Debbie’s Cleaning homes & condos, general & deep cleans. 20 yrs experience, references upon request. Call 850-602-6466 or 850-982-5229 A Lady’s Helping Hand for general and deep cleans of residential, offices, RVs, etc. Reasonable rates! Call 251-300-1286 for FREE estimate


Polished Nail Bar NOW OPEN in Daphne. Looking for Cosmotologists, manicurists. Send resume to or call 608-3222077.

Service Tech Needed

DIVorce $


Money Back Guarantee Covers Children, Etc. Only One Signature Required *excludes gov’t fees!



Established 1977

Service Tech Needed - 2 years, or more, experience required in pest control field. Great opportunity with established company in Baldwin County. Competitive pay and good benefits. Call 251-943-7874.


2012 TRACKER Pro Guide V-16C BOAT. This boat has never been in the water. 16’, Deep V Aluminum Hull, 60 hp Mercury, ELPT 4 Stroke, Minn Kota trolling motor, Lowrance Fish Finder, 3 swiveling seats 6 locations, with matching trailer $11,500. Serious inquires only. (850)6980771

Page 12 Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly Issues 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013 Golf Injuries: Keeping Safe on the Green

By: Matthew Hick

If you enjoy playing lots of golf, chances are that in your lifetime you will have the unfortunate instance of having a golf injury. This article was written with the intent of helping you avoid such an injury, as well as to assist you with the correct information of how to handle what happens when you do get hurt. Let’s start out with the basics. Typically, golf injuries tend to happen in your lower back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands. After all, these are the joint and muscle groups that you use the most when playing the sport. In sports, there are two types of injuries that can happen: cumulative and acute. Cumulative injuries are injuries that you get when you play too much of a sport like golf. Over time, repetitive motions end up hurting your joints and muscles. Then, if you don’t take care of yourself, you one day find yourself with an injury and unable to play at all. On the other hand, an acute injury is a more sudden injury. Perhaps you swing at the ball and your shoulder pops out of place, or your back is thrown out. There are certain things you can do to avoid both cumulative and acute golf injuries. To avoid cumulative injuries, it is important that you stretch out before even stepping out on the green. Make sure that you relax and loosen up all of your muscles and joints. Take at least ten minutes before your golf game to do some basic, easy stretching exercises. It is even a good idea to stretch out after your golf game as well. This will ensure that your muscles and joints have a chance to relax again. Stretching a second time will also help to prevent you from becoming sore in certain areas in the days to come. If you find yourself having a tiny bit of pain in a certain area, but it is not bad enough to stop you from playing, realize that you may have the beginnings of a cumulative injury. It is highly important that you do not ever ignore joint pain or tenderness, any type of swelling, numbness, or a reduced range of motion. If any of these things occur - even in small amounts - it is vital that you see a doctor. Ignoring the situation and continuing to play golf will make a small injury into a large one. If you get an acute injury while playing golf, you must seek immediate attention as well. First, stop what you are doing right away, and then wrap your injured area in a bandage that is tight enough to induce pressure. If necessary, put a bag of crushed ice (or a cold compress) on the injury for no more than fifteen minutes at a time, making sure the area has a chance to warm up before you freeze it again. Finally, get yourself to a doctor who can better help your injury to heal. Both cumulative and acute injuries can be extremely painful. And, they can put an end to your golf game if you don’t allow them time to heal properly. So take some time off if you have a golf injury... you will be all the better rested and ready to get out again soon!

Bama-Fla Discount Golf

Luther & Carol Pratt

3884 South McKenzie Street (HWY 59) Foley, Alabama

They have been in the golf business for 40 years and have been at their present location for 10 years. Specializing in new and used custom brand name clubs. Repair & regripping is also available as well as good golf advice!


Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013

¥ On Feb. 1, 1884, the first portion of the Oxford English Dictionary is published. In 1857, members of London’s Philological Society decided to produce a dictionary that would cover all vocabulary from 1150 A.D. to the present. It took more than 40 years to complete. ¥ On Jan. 28, 1915, the captain of a German cruiser orders the destruction of the William P. Frye, an American merchant ship off the Brazilian coast. He had ordered the Frye to jettison its cargo as contraband, but the ship’s crew refused. It was the first American merchant vessel lost to Germany’s aggression during World War I. ¥ On Jan. 29, 1922, in the middle of a film, the Knickerbocker Theatre in Washington, D.C., collapses, killing 108 people and sending another 133 to the hospital. Accumulated snowfall from a blizzard collapsed the theater’s roof, which fell down on top of theatergoers. ¥ On Jan. 30, 1933, President Paul von Hindenburg names Adolf Hitler -- fuhrer (leader) of the National Socialist German Workers Party (or Nazi Party) -- as chancellor of Germany. Hitler’s meteoric rise to prominence in Germany was spurred largely by the German people’s frustration with dismal economic conditions.

1. Name the last pair of A.L. teammates before Boston’s Adrian Gonzalez (213) and Jacoby Ellsbury (212) in 2011 to each have more than 210 hits in the same season. 2. Four players who started their major-league careers in the 1970s played in four decades. Name two of them. 3. Name the only Michigan State player to be taken No. 1 overall in the NFL draft. 4. Between 1956 and 2000, only one player 6 feet 3 inches or shorter won an NBA Most Valuable Player Award. Name him. 5. Name the NHL team that allowed the fewest goals in an 82-game season. 6. Of the nine NASCAR Chase for the Cup playoffs through 2012, how many drivers have made at least eight of them? 7. In 2012, Serena Williams became the second woman to have won all four of tennis’ Grand Slam titles along with Olympic singles gold. Who was the first?

Answers 1. Jimmie Foxx (213) and Al Simmons (216) did it for the 1932 Philadelphia A’s. 2. Rickey Henderson, Mike Morgan, Jesse Orosco and Tim Raines. 3. Defensive end Bubba Smith, in 1967. 4. Bob Cousy, in 1957. 5. New Jersey allowed 164 goals in 2003-04. 6. Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth and Tony Stewart. 7. Steffi Graf completed her “Golden Slam” in 1988.

¥ On Jan. 31, 1606, in London, Guy Fawkes, a chief conspirator in the plot to blow up the British Parliament building, jumps to his death moments before his execution for treason. He had been found lurking in a cellar of the Parliament building with 2 tons of gunpowder.

Page 13

$14 Golf + tax

¥ On Feb. 3, 1950, Klaus Fuchs, a German-born British scientist who helped developed the atomic bomb, is arrested in Great Britain for passing top-secret information about the bomb to the Soviet Union. The arrest of Fuchs led authorities to several other individuals, including Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in the U.S.

• Unlimited Rounds per day

• Affordable Fun for Everyone

Convenient Location Beautiful Grounds Quiet & Friendly Play Golf Onsite

• Kids 9 & Under Play Free with paying adult

• 840 yard 9 hole par 3

¥ On Feb. 2, 1991, Hurley Haywood begins his quest for his fifth win at the 24 Hours of Daytona. In 2008, Haywood retired from full-time racing with more endurance victories (10) than any other driver.

• Pull Cart included

Charisma Hair Studio

RV Hideaway Campground

• No Tee Times Required

Walk-Ins Welcome Hours

Monday - Friday 8 am - 5:30 pm Saturday 10 am - 2 pm


Insert Itex Bug Here

201 E. Michigan Ave. Suite 104 Foley, Alabama 36535



(Next To Blockbuster/Winn-Dixie)

Look for our Coupon in Local Bits!

10831 Magnolia Springs Hwy. Magnolia Springs, AL 36530 30°22’53” 87°46’3” (deg.min.sec.) 30.38.100 87.76.800 (decimal)

Open Tuesday Thru Saturday


LOXLEY HWY 59 (North of I-10) (251) 964-4568

FOLEY 204 EAST MICHIGAN AVE. (251) 943-7284


Page 14 Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly Issues 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013

“We can build your plan; help design a custom home; or choose from our many plans. Building cost as low as $59 per square foot. Build on your land or let us assist you in finding the perfect home site. All upgrades available!”

Learn More About Us At


Wolf Bay is the destination for your perfect coastal getaway, as the only waterfront condo in Foley. Allow us the opportunity to host your business function, family reunion, church retreat or special celebration. Our property offers a serene setting for your next golf outing, girls’ getaway or guy’s fishing trip. Among our amenities, Wolf Bay features 3 piers for docking boats, fishing and catching crabs, outdoor pool, clubroom with fitness equipment and pool table. We also have canoes, kayaks, bass skiffs and bicycles on site for rental. Every unit has 300 sf balconies to take in the spectacular sunrise and relax while watching for birds and dolphins. We invite you to visit Wolf Bay for a beautiful, memorable Gulf Coast experience … close to everything, yet worlds apart!

Wolf Bay Landing Condominiums 8900 Toler Lane, Foley, Alabama 36535 251.943.4265 or 251.421.1965

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Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013

50¢ OFF Per Pound on All Fish Fillets

Expires: 2-28-13

100 OFF Any Cart $

TAPMoney Insulation Don’t Just Throw at Your Pest Problems Call Bubba Today!

$200 OFF

TAP Installation One Coupon Per Installation

Expires: 2-28-13

Must Present Coupon

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Liquidation Outlet Foley

204 East Michigan Ave.

25% OFF Total Purchase Excludes Motorized Vehicles Expires 2-28-13

10% Off Total Purchase Coupon must be Present. 1 Coupon Per Purchase. OfferExpires:2-28-13 Expires: 12/31/11

Carry Out Special 18” One Topping Pizza $11.99 Must bring Coupon Expires 2/28/13

Charisma Hair Studio Winter Guest Special $3.00 off mens and $5.00 off ladies haircuts 201 E. Michigan Ave. Suite 104 • Foley, AL 36535 Expires February 28, 2013

one coupon per person per visit. Offer Expires: 2/28/13

Professional Nail Care for Ladies & Gentlemen

$30 OFF

Herbal Spa Pedicure Must Present this Coupon.

251-626-6878 2004 U.S. Hwy. 98 Suite A Daphne, AL 36526 (between Randall Ave. and Daphne Ave.)

One Coupon Per Person, Per Visit. Expiration Date: 2-28-13

Salon Hours: Mon - Sat: 9:30 am - 7:00 pm Sun: Closed

Free 20oz drink with sandwich or plate purchase. No other coupon applies.

Expires: 2-28-13

Free Mirror With Purchase of Any Cart Must Present Coupon

Expires: 2-28-13


Satellite & Electronics


Serving Baldwin County Since 1989


Senior Citizen Discounts 947-7759 • 1-866-947-7759 19981 HWY 59 • SUMMERDALE • dishdoctor

Home Of The “Dish Doctor”

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

23450 State Hwy. 59, Robertsdale, AL


Open Monday - Saturday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

$19.95 Oil Change

Up to 5 Quarts Oil and Filter


one coupon per person per visit Expires 2-28-13

Sunday Special Fajitas $6.75

Snowbird Special Expires 2-28-13

29753 Frederick Blvd. Daphne, AL 36526

Reg $24.99 w/coupon $14.99

* Most makes & Models Up to 5 quarts non synthetic oil Expires 2-28-13

Buy 1 Lunch Buffet Get 1 Free with purchase of 2 Drinks Must bring Coupon Expires 2-28-13

Strickler Imports Sales & Service 251-626-8830

$10 OFF Oil Change

(251) 971-2005 • 10062 Tony Drive, Foley, AL 36535

Economy Discount Tires

Customized Home Design with this coupon

Must present coupon. One per person per purchase. Expires 2/28/13

STORE HOURS: Mon-Sat 9:00am-5:30pm Closed on Sundays

More Channels... More Choices. TM


(regular price $9.99)

10% Off

Must Present Coupon. One Coupon Per Person Per Purchase

160 Cotton Creek Dr Suite 205, Gulf Shores, AL 36542, 251-968-8893

15% OFF Purchase of $30 or More (Food Only) OR 20% OFF Purchase of $50 or More Must present coupon, one coupon per table. Expires 2-28-13

Page 16 Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly Issues 3/4 January 21 & 28 of 2013

The only pest control that pays you back! You earn money within the first year by putting money back in your pocket after having tap installed.


T•A•P saves money! When added to existing insulation or installed on its own, T•A•P helps keep comfortable air in the living area of your home. This reduces the required energy needed to heat or cool your home and, in turn, reduces your heating and cooling bills. T•A•P reduces noise! T•A•P reduces unwelcome noise from outside and helps create a peaceful environment inside the home. Insulated interior walls reduce annoying noises (such as toilets flushing and appliances running) inside a house. T•A•P controls pests! In addition to conserving energy and reducing unwanted sound, T•A•P also responsibly eliminates many common household pests. T•A•P is Green! With so many products claiming to be “green” these days, it is often difficult to discern which products truly are environmentally responsible. When viewed in the context of the entire product life-cycle (from production to operation to disposal), cellulose insulation is one of the greenest building products in the world. Cellulose insulation takes less energy to make than other insulation products, is made from 80%+ recycled paper, reduces a home’s carbon footprint by saving energy, and provides no postinstallation waste. T•A•P is the only product labeled by EPA to control insects that also bears an Energy Star label!


CK - The Villas at Glenlakes I just wanted you to know how very pleased I am with your service. At the time you quoted my job, new insulation, you advised that I would see a reduction in my power bill. You were absolutely right. It has indeed been reduced.

Eastern Shore

251-928-7874 South Baldwin


6 MONTHS FREE PEST CONTROL with Qualifying Purchase of any T•A•P Project

Limit One Per Customer Per Project

Like us on Facebook!

Eastern Shore


South Baldwin


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