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May 15 & 22, 2013

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by Janet Spencer

You see them in backyards everywhere. Join Tidbits as we find out the story behind them! • George Nissen was a three-time National Tumbling Champion for the years 1935–1937. As a young adult he became fascinated watching the acrobats at the circus falling into the nets from the high wire, sometimes doing amazing tricks and twists as they bounced. He also watched vaudeville acts that used springboards in their acts. One actor would pretend to fall into the orchestra pit, only to bounce back up on the stage. And he’d heard that Eskimos stretched walrus skins between stakes in the ground and then bounced up and down on them just for fun. Inspired by a love of gymnastics, Nissen wanted to invent some kind of “jumping table.” • He started work on his invention in 1926 while still in school, scavenging materials from the local dump, and tinkered with the idea for over ten years. Finally, using the rails from a bed, rope, strips of inner tube, and some canvas, Nissen and a local gymnastics coach named Larry Griswold came up with a prototype. They took it to the YMCA where Nissen worked as an instructor to test market it. The kids stood in long lines for a chance to bounce on it. • When Nissen graduated from college in 1938 he set about improving the invention. He called it the “trampoline,” from the Spanish word trampolin which means “diving board.” He began to mass produce them, but couldn’t understand why they weren’t selling. He found that people saw it as something suitable only for the circus or professional performers. So he strapped a trampoline to the top of his car and took off cross-country, giving exhibitions anywhere a crowd was gathered: schools, fairs, playgrounds, and sports events, taking orders on the spot.

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Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly, May 15 & 22 of 2013, For Your Sales & Marketing Needs Call 251-504-0149

• When World War II started, he convinced the Army and the Navy that a trampoline would be a good part of a pilot training program. Pilots training on a trampoline became less fearful of being upside-down. They learned to control the falling and the turning of their bodies, and it helped them hone their balance and body control in mid-air situations. Soldiers who used trampolines in the service ordered them when they went home after the war. Business continued to improve. In 1948, trampolining was included in the NCAA and AAU list of gymnastic events at official competitions. In the 1950s it swept the country as a fad. • Nissen went on to build a very successful sports equipment empire, manufacturing gymnastics equipment and trampolines. George Nissen holds over 30 patents on sports and fitness equipment. At the age of 83, he won the Senior Fitness Award from the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Nissen works to pass on his enthusiasm and love for the sport of gymnastics, which is where the story of the trampoline began: each year the Nissen Award is given to the outstanding collegiate gymnast in the nation. TRAMPOLINE FACTS • As a promotional stunt, Nissen taught a kangaroo to jump on a trampoline and then went to Egypt to bounce on top of a pyramid. He trained the kangaroo using dried apricots as treats and quickly learned that the best way to keep from getting kicked was to hold “hands” with the kangaroo’s front paws. • When officials at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital did a study, they found that four percent of the patients seen in their hospital emergency room over a five-year period in the mid-1990s were there with orthopedic injuries due to accidents on trampolines. About 70% of the accidents were due to more than one child being on the tramp at one time, a definite no-no. • Jeff Schwartz of Illinois bounced on a trampoline for 266 hours, 9 minutes in 1981, setting a world record. (That’s just over 11 days.) He was allowed breaks for eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom. • The record for the most consecutive somersaults on a trampoline is 3,333 and was set by Brian Hudson (UK) at Jumpers Rebound Centre, Gillingham, Kent, UK on September 18, 2003. • A world record was set on July 24, 1999 when a team of 20 members of a trampoline club in West York, UK, did 29,503 somersaults in exactly five hours using two standard trampolines. This averages out at just under 1,500 somersaults per person, or about five somersaults per minute. • In 1986, Cleveland State University’s Delta Epsilon fraternity fielded a six-man team that set the Guinness World Record for continuous bouncing on a trampoline, with 53 days of jumping between six people. President Reagan called the team to congratulate them.

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COMPETITIVE JUMPING • In 1962, West Germany was the first country to host an international trampolining event. • On a modern competitive trampoline, a skilled athlete can bounce to a height of up to 33 feet. • In competitive trampolining, each contestant must perform two sets of maneuvers. In the first set, everyone must complete the same ten basic moves which include the three standard shapes: tucked, piked, and straight. The second set is free-form in which contestants make up their own routines. In all routines, the contestant must begin and end on their feet. • During a competition, a trampolinist is in contact with the trampoline bed for just 0.3 seconds between moves. In 2010, a new “Time of Flight” score was introduced into professional trampolining, which is calculated on how much time the trampolinist is in the air. To measure it, a box is fitted under the trampoline which measures every time the competitor hits the bed. • There are five judges. When a performance is scored, the highest and lowest scores are tossed out and the remaining scores are added together to come up with the final tally. • Nissen always wanted to have trampolining included in the Olympic Games. This finally happened in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. In 2008, Nissen was able to travel to Beijing to watch the trampoline event at the 2008 Summer Olympics. He was given the honor of testing out the Olympic trampoline before the event. • George Nissen died in San Diego, California, on April 7, 2010 at the age of 96 from complications from pneumonia, having seen his dream become a reality.

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Starts @ 9:30am at Advanced Transmission,10670 US Hwy q REGISTRATION: 31, Spanish Fort, AL last bike out 10:30am, with several stops @ Memorial Parks along Beautiful Baldwin County!


Riders $15 (in advance), $20 (day of Poker Run), Passengers $10 (in advance), $15 (day of Poker Run)


Bring at least one quart size bag of aluminum can tops and receive one additional card at registration. (Limit one extra card per person)


James P. Nix Sr. Center Bayou Dr., Fairhope, AL 36532 - From 11:00am to 2:00pm

q CASH PRIZES:will be awarded to the highest Poker Hands

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q GUEST SPEAKER: Dr. Barry L. Booth, D. M. D. q HONORING OF OUR VETERANS: We will be recognizing and pinning the Veterans. The Fairhope Honor Guard will be directing the ceremony with a 21 gun salute, sounding of Taps, and the folding and presentation of the American Flag.

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Cotton Creek

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Lost Key



Gulf Shores Golf Club

Rock Creek

Peninsula Golf & Racquet Club


Locals Only Special Sample some of the Gulf Coast’s finest resort golf courses! This program is only available for residents of Baldwin, AL or Escambia, FL Counties. Proof of residency is required. Quantities are limited so call today!

Cypress Bend

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Local Player’s Pass Includes: • Nine (9) pre-paid rounds of golf! • That’s 1 round of golf, for 1 golfer (cart included) at each of the nine golf courses listed above. Valid June 1st through December 31st, any day, after 10 a.m. • Access to one number to book all nine golf courses or redeem your teetimes online! • E-mail broadcasts of last minute tee time specials and other “Locals only” promotions!

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Rapid Stroke Treatment Saves Brain Cells DEAR DR. DONOHUE: While having dinner with my father, he suddenly had a blank look and stopped eating. He couldn’t speak clearly. My brothers and I got him onto a couch, and he stayed there for about 15 minutes. Finally, someone suggested he might be having a stroke, and we called 911. In the emergency room, the doctor had a CT scan done and then gave him a clot-busting drug. It worked unbelievably. He regained his speech and could move. Is this common? I thought strokes came from bleeding in the brain. What’s going on? -T.M. ANSWER: Strokes come in two varieties. The less-common kind is bleeding from a broken brain artery, often one that has an innate weakness in its wall. That’s an aneurysm. It has an explosive onset and produces a “worst headache ever.” This is a hemorrhagic stroke, accounting for 15 percent of strokes. The more-common kind of stroke is an ischemic (is-KEY-mick) stroke, one that results from a blockage of blood flow through an artery serving the brain. It’s similar to what happens in a heart attack when a heart artery is plugged up. Your dad had this kind of stroke. The CT scan your dad had is one way of differentiating a hemorrhagic stroke from an ischemic one. Signs of both kinds of stroke are a sudden inability to speak, an inability to understand the spoken word, loss of sensations from parts of the body, weakness of a leg or arm and vision changes. Deprived of blood, brain cells and tissues die fairly quickly. As in your father’s case, clot-dissolving drugs can establish circulation to the brain area deprived of blood. If such treatment is given within three to four hours from the onset of symptoms, people can make a complete or near-complete recovery of function. The booklet on strokes provides information on this common and often tragic malady. Readers can obtain a copy by writing: Dr. Donohue -- No. 902W, Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Enclose a check or money order (no cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6 Canada with the recipient’s printed name and address. Please allow four weeks for delivery. *** DEAR DR. DONOHUE: My son is 33. During his last visit, he happened to mention that he had floaters in his eyes, and they drove him crazy. He didn’t go into detail about this, but I would like to know about floaters and their implications. I never had them. -- L.H. ANSWER: Floaters are dark, small spots that dart across a person’s field of vision when the person moves his eyes. They’re deposits of debris in the vitreous, a gellike substance that fills the entire back two-thirds of the eye. Nearsighted people are prone to developing them. I bet your son is nearsighted. There is no treatment for floaters. People learn to deal with them. A sudden onset of a large number of floaters indicates that the retina is tearing away from its attachment to the back of the eye. Detachment of the vitreous can do the same. If such an event takes place, an immediate examination by an ophthalmologist is mandatory.

Pet Insurance for Real? DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I read an online interview that you did with a veterinarian who advocated that all pet owners buy pet insurance. Why are you recommending pet-insurance companies? Aren’t they just a scam? -- Patty in Mobile, Ala. DEAR PATTY: For better or worse, pet insurance is for real. It’s a fast-growing industry, too. Why? Because pet owners are opting for more complex, expensive treatments for their dogs, cats and other pets. In addition, veterinary costs are rising, just as costs for human medical treatment have risen in the past two decades. Vaccinations alone can cost more than $100 per year

in some areas. Pet insurance gives owners who are committed to caring for their pets additional options in paying for their care. However, there are so many different choices in care that it can be difficult to figure out which insurance option is best. Some owners just want their pets covered for serious illnesses; others want routine checkups and vaccinations covered, as well. To figure out if pet insurance is right for you, talk to pet owners who have insurance. Ask about their experience with their insurance company, the type of insurance they purchased and what they think of the quality of coverage. You also can also search online. For example,, a comparison-shopping website focused on pet owners, launched a new tool in April that compares different insurance companies, plans and rates. Hunt around, find the best plan and rate for you and your pet, and be sure to read the fine print before signing up for pet insurance.

est. 1981


The Affordable One-Day Denture Service on the Gulf Coast Dentures and Extractions in One Day! • Same Day Service • On-Site Lab • Sedation Dentistry Available

Dixie Dental Center P.C. William T. Fergus D.D.S., General Dentist Annamalai Nadarajan D.M.D., General Dentist James R. Deatherage, D.M.D., General Dentist

28668 U.S. Hwy 98 • Daphne, AL 36526

251-626-6140 Office Hours By Appointment

Other Services • Cast Metal Partial • Mini Dental Implants • Acrylic Partial

• Reline

• Wisdom Teeth

• Repairs

*Additional fees may be incurred depending on individual cases. We gladly accept Cash, Checks with ID, Visa, Mastercard and Discover as payment for our services.

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Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly, May 15 & 22 of 2013, For Your Sales & Marketing Needs Call 251-504-0149 1. Who released “Heaven Is a Place On Earth” and when? 2. Name the group that covered the old 1940s standard “Cotton Fields” in 1970. 3. What was the name of the Mar-Keys when they first began? 4. Name the group that released “I Was Made For Lovin’ You.” Bonus for knowing the album name and year. 5. Name the song with this lyric: “You don’t drive a big fast car, no, You don’t look a-like a movie star, And on your money we won’t get far.” Answers 1. Belinda Carlisle, the lead singer of The Go-Go’s, in 1987. The song went to No. 1 in multiple countries, including Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.S. 2. The Beach Boys. They originally recorded the song in 1968 but were unsatisfied with the arrangement. 3. The Royal Spades. Booker T. Jones was a member and eventually formed Booker T. & the MGs. 4. Kiss, in 1979, on their “Dynasty” album. The b-side of the single release was “Hard Times.” 5. “You Got What It Takes,” released in 1959 by Marv Johnson. Nearly every song Johnson released was written by Berry Gordy, Jr., the founder of the legendary Motown record label.

Grilled Sausages Spicy grilled sausages topped with an array of grilled veggies, sauerkraut or relishes are a cookout staple and an easy way to satisfy a crowd. 8 sweet or hot Italian sausage links, or if you prefer, 8 hot dogs, 2 large kielbasa sausage links, or 8 fully cooked bratwurst sausages 8 Italian bread rolls, split, or hot dog buns, if you prefer 1. Prepare outdoor grill for direct grilling on medium. 2. Grill Italian sausages 15 minutes or until browned and cooked through, turning occasionally. (Grill hot dogs 5 minutes, kielbasa 15 minutes or bratwurst 10 minutes, or until browned and heated through, turning occasionally.) 3. Grill rolls or buns 1 to 2 minutes or until toasted. Serve sausages (kielbasa cut into 8 pieces) in toasted bread with choice of topping.

Quick Sauerkraut

Here’s our fast version of the classic hot dog and sausage condiment. 8 cups very thinly sliced cabbage 1 Granny Smith apple, cut into thin matchsticks 1/3 cup unseasoned rice vinegar 1 teaspoon lower-sodium fish sauce 1/2 teaspoon caraway seeds 1 teaspoon salt 1. In large bowl, combine all ingredients. 2. Let stand 3 hours, stirring occasionally. Can be refrigerated, covered, up to 3 days. Makes 6 cups. ¥ Each 1/2-cup serving: About 25 calories, 0g total fat, 0mg cholesterol, 230mg sodium, 6g total carbs, 2g dietary fiber, 1g protein.

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Women Vets Get Their Own Hotline The Department of Veterans Affairs recently opened a hotline for women veterans, their families and caregivers. The hotline is a welcome addition, if only for one reason: Women veterans aren’t as knowledgeable about the benefits, resources and services that are available to

them. According to a news release, women make up 15 percent of active duty and 18 percent of National Guard and Reserve personnel. However, in VA health care, only 6 percent of the patients are women. Since 2000, the number of women using VA health care has doubled, but they can’t use services and benefits they don’t know about. Here are just a few areas where the hotline can help: --Referrals to homeless and mental-health services --Disability compensation --Vet Center information --Information on VA cemeteries and memorial benefits, claims, education and healthcare appointments, including pharmacy --Home loans --Employment assistance The Women Veterans Hotline can be reached at 1-855-829-6636. To reach the Veteran Crisis Line, for urgent needs, call 1-800-273-TALK and Dial 1 for Veterans. Female veterans also can go online to Search the College Navigator, read the Compensation and Benefits Handbook, access the Form 10-EZ Application for Medical Benefits, see the benefits fact sheet, access the veterans job bank and read about federal benefits for veterans, dependents and survivors. Once you’re signed up, manage your health care online at TRICARE Online or My HealtheVet. Consider this column a Clip ‘n’ Save: Hand it off to a female veteran who can use it, perhaps just before this summer’s Stand Down in your area. Stand Downs are a great place for all veterans to connect with benefits and services in a one-stop event.

“Your Title & Payday Source” First 30 Days Title Loans

No Charge !!!! “Restrictions Apply”

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Don’t be Fooled by Fancy Title






*LONGER HAIR EXTRA-EXPIRES MAY 31 2013 New Chromatics Prismatic Permanent Color uses breakthrough Oil Delivery System (ODS2) + Protein Extract Technology to deliver multi-dimensional, 4D color deep into every hair strand. No ammonia, no odor—just stunning, high shine color and hair that’s 2x more fortified*

A recent report to Congress by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau details the many problems seniors have in determining whether financial advisers are genuine. The long title of the report was “Senior Designations for Financial Advisers: Reducing Consumer Confusion and Risks of the Broker or the Investment Adviser.” It focuses on the special credentials that are used to market senior financial services. Here are a few examples: At least 50 different “senior designation” credentials are used to market advisers’ services, all designed to confuse us. Some of those titles and acronyms sound similar to others or imply a legitimacy that isn’t real, such as “Registered Senior Investment Adviser.” The report says that “all too often, these are just clever marketing ploys to bait the hook.” Those senior designation credentials give the impression that advisers have specialized training or expertise in dealing with the finances of seniors. The report notes that there’s a big difference between a college-level course and a weekend seminar. There’s no oversight or enforcement for the use of those designations. Another study showed that, unfortunately, seniors are more likely to rely on someone who uses one of those senior designations. Seniors are the targets of financial marketing, since it’s assumed we have loads of retirement savings, inheritance money and equity. We’re invited to “free lunch” seminars, which are ways to get us in one place to sell us financial products. To get help if you question the “senior designations” you’re shown, call the CFPB at 855-411-2372. To report violators, call the whistleblower line at 855-695-7974, or send an email to The CFPB even has an Office of Financial Protection for Older Americans, so it has our best interests in mind.

Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly, May 15 & 22 of 2013, For Your Sales & Marketing Needs Call 251-504-0149

$408 $458 $508 For Qualifying Individuals

State of the art Salon with ipads on every pedicure chair and complementary beverages!


clear communication with nail technician

Nails Enhancement Solar Nails U.V. Gel Herbal Spa Treatment Pedicure Manicure Waxing Eyelash Extension Full Body Waxing

Appt. & Walk-ins Welcome • Gift Certificates Available Polished Nail Bar appreciates your business! We offer $10 off after 10 visits *see salon for details


2004 U.S. Hwy. 98 Suite A Daphne, AL 36526 1/4 mile North of Target on Hwy 98

To Arms Antiques Buyer and Seller

Military Relics Pre-Civil War to Gulf War! Documents • Books • Letters • Diaries

Stop by and check out our larger inventory of Military Items, Antiques and Collectibles

15296 D Co. Rd. 3 Fairhope, Al. 36532

251-422-9474 Mon-Sat 8:30 - 4:30 After Hours By Appointment Certified Appraiser, James Mitchell Owner, Henry Skinner

1. ANIMAL KINGDOM: By what other name are a cat’s whiskers known? 2. ANCIENT WORLD: Where is the Acropolis? 3. HISTORY: Who was the commanding Union general at the Battle of Gettysburg? 4. MEDICINE: What is scoliosis? 5. GEOGRAPHY: What two countries share Niagara Falls? 6. MOVIES: What was the name of Gary Cooper’s character in “High Noon”? 7. ENTERTAINMENT: What kind of horse was Trigger, Roy Roger’s trusty steed? 8. SCIENCE: What metal is liquid at room temperature? 9. ANATOMY: Where is the medulla oblongata located? 10. LITERATURE: Who created the “Tom Swift” series of novels? Answers 1. Vibrissae, or “tactile hairs” 2. Athens 3. George Meade 4. Curvature of the spine 5. U.S. and Canada 6. Will Kane 7. Palomino 8. Mercury 9. Lower part of the brain stem 10. Edward Stratemeyer

Professional Nail Care for Ladies & Gentlemen

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Tidbits of Baldwin County Distributed Weekly, May 15 & 22 of 2013, For Your Sales & Marketing Needs Call 251-504-0149

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• Home Security Shotguns • Handguns • AR & AK Rifles • Pepper Spray • Tazers • Stun Guns • And More!


life speeds by.”

¥ It was ancient Roman dramatist, philosopher and statesman Seneca the Younger who made the following sage observation: “While we are postponing,

¥ You might be surprised at some of the seemingly innocuous things that arouse passions in a group of people. Take the venerable 1960s television show “Mr. Ed,” for example. Evidently, an evangelist named Jim Brown took issue with the show’s theme song, claiming that when played backward, the tune contains the message “the source is Satan” and “someone sang this song for Satan.” His preaching on the subject was so persuasive that members of a church in Ironton, Ohio, made a bonfire of recordings of the song. ¥ If you’re planning to visit the Hawaiian island of Kauai, you might want to trek up to Mount Waialeale. If you do, though, be sure to take an umbrella, as that mountain holds the distinction of receiving more rainfall than any other place on Earth, with an average of about 40 feet -yes, feet -- of rain annually.

Boone, N.C.

Q: Can CFL light bulbs really save money? I’m not convinced. But my electric bill is high enough that I need all the help I can get. -- Carey T.,

A: Depending on the wattage they offset (of old-fashioned light bulbs), compact fluorescent light bulbs can save you some money. Of course, that savings builds up over time -- months and years. They’re best used as part of an overall energy savings plan for your home. You don’t have to outfit your house with a complete solar panel array, wind turbines or other top-line (and top-dollar) gadgets to start cutting your energy bills. Savings can start as easily as turning off unnecessary lights and unplugging electrical or electronic items that don’t see much use: for example, a clock radio in the guest room. Set your summertime thermostat no lower than 68 degrees F. If you have a programmable thermostat, have it shift to a slightly higher temperature, say, 74 F, when no one is at home. And here’s a thermostat fact that not everyone knows: It’s better to simply set the temperature

higher, rather than turn off the air conditioner, during the hottest months. When you get home and want to lower the temperature to a more comfortable level, the air conditioner has much less work to do and will cool the house much more quickly. Another enemy of energy efficiency is dust. Keep the air-conditioning vent covers free of dust, and vacuum the registers monthly. Likewise, change the air conditioner’s filter screen once a month during the cooling season. And, because dust can gunk up a refrigerator’s cooling coils and reduce its efficiency -- as well as its lifespan -clean the coils and vacuum under and behind the fridge every couple of months throughout the year. Weatherstripping around window and door frames, usually a fall-season chore, can reduce the amount of cool air escaping the house. If you really want to tackle the problem, get a home-energy audit -- offered at low or no cost by many utilities -- to locate the areas of greatest air leakage. HOME TIP: My husband likes to watch TV until he falls asleep, but then the TV is on all night, running up the electric bill. I solved the problem by programming the television to turn off at a scheduled time -- a feature found on the menu screen.

“If It SwImS we’ve Got It”

End of County Road 10 on Bon Secour River Supplying Quality Fresh Seafood Since 1975

¥ A recent national survey of adult children with living parents found that a whopping 70 percent of respondents are against the idea of a parent moving in with them. If it became necessary for one parent to move in, though, two-thirds would choose Mom over Dad. ¥ It was noted wit Ambrose Bierce who, in his “Devil’s Dictionary,” defined faith as “Belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel.” ¥ Those who study such things say that an ordinary human being can live four weeks without food, four days without water and four minutes without air. *** Thought for the Day: “Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so.” -- Bertrand Russell

1-888-4BILLYS (424-5597) or 251-949-6288 We ship seafood to your door!

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Now hiring Stylist. Open 7 days a week. Salon Fahren- THE OCEAN Corp. 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, heit Gulf Shores 251-948-7563 Texas 77099. Train for a New Career. *Underwater Welder. Commercial Diver. *NDT/Weld Inspector. Job BODY MAN needed at Pine Forest Automotive Center. Placement Assistance. Financial Aid available for those This is a production position in a busy paint and body who qualify. 1-800-321-0298. shop. Full time with benefits. Please apply in person at 6807 Pine Forest Road Pensacola, FL 32526. HIGH SCHOOL PROFICIENCY DIPLOMA! 4 Week Program. FREE Brochure & Full Information. CALL DRIVER WANTER: Class A CDL. Must have or be NOW! 1-866-562-3650 Ext. 55. www.southeasternhs. willing to get a TWIC. Must have 2 years verifiable com OTR experience Clean MVR!! If interested call the Real Estate office to set up an interview. 251-380-1660 PROPERTY FOR SALE 10 acre farm in Elsanor off Hwy. 87. 47x60 barn, tractor and implements included. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT teams of 2 (two) need- Call 251-284-4101 for more information. ed! Salary, housing, utilities and bonuses. Tools and transportation a must. Willing to relocate. 1-866-553- Let us sell your mobile home. Call Paul for details. 2513613. Call Monday- Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm Central 233-7462 Time. NO WEEKEND CALLS, PLEASE! 16 x 76 nice home, only $18,500. Call Paul for details. Education Enrolling Now for Medical Assisting, Medical Office 251-233-7462 Administration and HVAC & Refrigeration! Call Fortis College Today! 888-203-9276 Real Estate Trade: House on DI, waterfront, owe or visit $240,000.00. Boat lift, 2br, 2ba, LR, Kit, DR & separate pantry, sunroom upstairs. 1/2ba and storage downstairs. For consumer information visit Great view of water. Trade for land in Baldwin County. 251-454-5023


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monthly. 20 years experience, hard working, honest, reliable, References available. Kat (251) 989-2360

1995 MUSTANG Conv 5 sp,6 cyl,fairly new engine, Service Tech Needed - 2 years, or more, expelow miles, good air, good tires,runs good-$2,700-body rience required in pest control field. Great opfair cond 850-324-2384 portunity with established company in Baldwin County. Competitive pay and good benefits. Call CASH FOR CARS. Any make, model and year! Free 251-943-7874. pick-up or tow. Call us at 1-800-318-9942 and get an Housecleaner offer TODAY! Housecleaner Available weekly, bi-weekly, WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI: Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, Z1R, Kawasaki Triples, GT380, GS400, CB750, (1969-75) Cash-Paid, Nationwide-Pickup, 1-800-772-1142, 1-310-721-0726. usa@


PREGNANT? CONDSIDERING ADOPTION? Let us help! Relocation, medical, counseling, financial assistance and more. Call Adoption UnitBoats Boat for Sale 1995 Javelin Bass Boat, ‘95 Evinrude mo- ed 24/7 1-888-617-1470 (void where prohibited) tor and trailer. 2 live wells, new carpet, battery chgr., good condition $3600.00. 251-454-6320 UNPLANNED PREGNANCY? THINKING OF ADOPTION? Open or closed adoption. YOU Boat for Sale Stauter, 14’ Cedar Point Special 1986 & choose the family. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. 1988 40 HP Johnson mtr & new trailer. Wood refinished Abbys One True Gift Adoptions. Call 24/7. 866red/white. Excellent condition $5800.00. 251-454-6320 413-6294. (void where prohibited) or 251-625-4147 Wanted DIABETIC TEST Strips Wanted. Any Type, Attention Polished Nail Bar NOW OPEN in Daphne. Looking Any Brand. Unexpired.Will pay up to $27 a boxfor Cosmotologists, manicurists. Send resume to Pol- &shipping. Call T.S.C. 866-368-2269 or call 608-322-2077.

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Established 1977

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Summer Childcare

¥ “For a small splinter that is buried, try this trick before you go digging around with tweezers or a sterilized needle. Lay a piece of banana peel pulpside down over the splinter and cover it with a bandage. Leave it on overnight if possible. It has something to do with the enzymes in the peel as it ripens, but it will help draw out the splinter. The peel needs to be nice and ripe, and it might take a couple of tries.” -- D.M.

sticky note and attach them to the kitchen counter. Then we all get together and decide who will do what. We end up with our stack of sticky notes and can complete the chores in an organized fashion.” -- R.E. in Alabama

¥ Need a substitution for buttermilk? Use an equal amount of plain, unflavored yogurt, or for each cup, add a teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice to a cup of milk.

¥ Parents of twins (or other multiples): It makes a big difference when you join a multiples club or keep in touch with an organization for that purpose. Most do clothing swaps or sales fairly often, and the money you’ll save on clothing the first year is well worth it.

¥ “On chore days, I write each chore or step of a chore on a

¥ Keep a lint roller by the sewing machine to quickly swipe up those tiny bits of thread. It’ll keep your sewing area from getting messy. ¥ Sharpen scissors by cutting through a piece of aluminum foil that has been folded over several times. It really does work!



exclusions apply. Visit our website at for complete details. Greg Rice - Owner/Operator - License # - AL01243 ©2012 Clockwork IP, LLC


Come Enjoy Great Mexican Cuisine! LUNCH MENU 7 DAYS A WEEK • 11 AM - 3 PM



201 McMeans Ave. Bay Minette, AL 36507


If your financial situation at home has changed, this could be the first summer where both you and a spouse are working. The question now might be what to do with schoolage children while you’re at work. While summer camps for kids often are filled early, not all of them are. If you can find one, it’s likely to be expensive. Here are some that might be more realistic about their costs: --YMCA: You might even find a summer-long day-camper program where your child will go every day during the week. --Local churches: Call all of them and ask what type of programs they have, and if any of their members watch children over the summer. You could find the perfect situation with an at-home parent who’ll take on extra children for a small fee. (Beware any local requirements for daycare status and licensing when there are more than six children.) --College students: If you live near a college, count yourself lucky. Go early to the campus job center and inquire about a summer sitter, perhaps one with an early childhood major. Not all students go home for the summer. Even a mature highschool student might be perfect. --Flex Time: Inquire at work about flex time. Taking off even one afternoon each week can make a difference. Can you telecommute some of the days? Work a condensed week, with more hours on the days you go to work, giving you a day off? Can your spouse do the same? --Service Programs: Check whether your area has a Summer of Service program for “tweens,” children who are too old for a sitter and not old enough to be left alone. They’ll spend the summer under supervision doing a variety of volunteer tasks in the community. Aim for variety week by week. Perhaps grandparents will come visit (and child sit) for two weeks. Alternate between YMCA programs, church programs, recreation department day camps, your vacation days and a hired college student. If you interview prospective sitters, check their credentials. Passing a safety course should be minimum. Sitter courses are even better. In the case of high-school students still at home, contact the parents and verify what their own vacation plans might be. The U.S. Census Bureau has issued a report called “Who’s Minding the Kids?” To read the statistics about what other parents are doing, go online to and put p70135 in the search box.

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ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Lots of possibilities begin to open up by midweek. Some seem more appealing than others. But wait for more facts to emerge later on before you consider which to choose. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Bravo to the determined Bovine. While others might give up, you continue to search for answers. Expect your Taurean tenacity to begin paying off by week’s end. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) You might want to consider stepping back from the task at hand for a while. This could help you get a better perspective on what you’ve done and what still needs to be done. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Your keen Cancerian insight should help you determine whether a new offer is solid or just more fluff ‘n’ stuff. The clues are all there waiting for you to find them. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Being ignored is difficult for any proud Leo or Leona. But pushing yourself back into the spotlight might be unwise. Instead, let things work themselves out at their own pace. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Trying to uncover a colleague’s secret under the pretext of showing concern is ill-advised. Control your curiosity to avoid raising resentment in the workplace. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Expect to hear good news about a loved one. Also, be prepared for some changes in several family relationships that could develop from this lucky turn of events. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Some surprises are expected to accompany a number of changes that will continue through part of next week. At least one could involve a romantic situation. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) You might be upset by some of your critics. But most of your associates continue to have faith in your ability to get the job done, and done well. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) A workplace goal that suddenly seems out of reach is no problem for the sure-footed Goat, who moves steadily forward despite any obstacles placed in his or her way. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Uncertainty about who is right and who isn’t might keep you from making a clear-cut decision. Wait until you know more about what you’re being asked to decide. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Be careful to keep your emotions in check when dealing with a demanding personal situation. You need to set an example of strength for others to follow. BORN THIS WEEK: You have an extraordinary ability to rally people to do their best. You would be a treasure as a teacher.

3113 SOUTH MCKENZIE ST. FOLEY, AL 36535 (We are right next door to Five Guys)


Please come and visit us to experience a clean, great atmosphere, friendly staff and great service guaranteed! We only use brand name products (OPI, ESSIE, CND, GELISH).

Open on Sundays!

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¥ On May 30, 1431, in Normandy, Joan of Arc, the peasant girl who became the savior of France, is burned at the stake for heresy. Her most serious crime, according to the tribunal, was her rejection of church authority in favor of direct inspiration from God. She was 19 years old. ¥ On May 31, 1889, the South Fork Dam in Johnstown, Pa., collapses, causing a flood that kills more than 2,200 people. It was the largest earthen dam (made of dirt and rock, rather than steel and concrete) in the United States. Reportedly, a baby survived on the floor of a house as it floated 75 miles from Johnstown. ¥ On May 29, 1914, heavy fog on the St. Lawrence River in Canada causes a collision of boats -- the Empress of Ireland and the Storstad -- that kills 1,073 people. Caused by a horrible series of blunders, it was one of the worst maritime disasters in history.

1. Who was the first second baseman to win back-to-back National League MVP Awards? 2. Name the catcher who holds the modern major-league record for most passed balls in a season. 3. In 2012, Steve Weatherford of the New York Giants became the third punter in NFL history to receive a franchise-player tag. Name the other two. 4. Who was the first player in NCAA men’s basketball history to have a quadruple-double in a game? 5. In 2013, Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos became the fourth-youngest player to score 200 career goals (age 23). Who did it at a younger age? 6. Who was the last U.S. man before David Boudia in 2012 to win a gold medal in Olympic diving? 7. In 2013, Tiger Woods tied the mark for most career victories at one PGA event (eight). Who else holds the record?

Answers 1. Joe Morgan of the Cincinnati Reds, 1975-76. 2. Texas’ Geno Petralli, with 35 in 1987. 3. Todd Sauerbrun (2003 with Carolina) and Michael Koenen (2009, Atlanta). 4. Tennessee-Martin’s Lester Hudson, in 2007 (25 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 steals). 5. Wayne Gretzky (age 21), Mario Lemieux (22) and Dale Hawerchuk (22). 6. Mark Lenzi, in 1992. 7. Sam Snead.

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¥ On June 2, 1924, with Congress’ passage of the Indian Citizenship Act, the government of the United States confers citizenship on all Native Americans born within the territorial limits of the country. Before the Civil War, citizenship often was limited to Native Americans of one-half or less Indian blood. ¥ On May 27, 1937, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge opens to the public after five years of construction. On opening day -- “Pedestrian Day” -- some 200,000 walkers crossed the bridge, which spans the Golden Gate Strait at the entrance to San Francisco Bay and connects San Francisco and Marin County. ¥ On May 28, 1957, National League owners vote unanimously to allow the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers to move to San Francisco and Los Angeles, respectively, at the mid-season owner’s meeting in Chicago. ¥ On June 1, 1980, CNN (Cable News Network), the world’s first 24-hour television news network, makes its debut. Today, CNN is seen in more than 89 million American households and more than 160 million homes internationally. In its first years of operation, CNN lost money and was ridiculed as the Chicken Noodle Network.

$14 Golf + tax

• Unlimited Rounds per day

RV Hideaway Campground

• Affordable Fun for Everyone

Convenient Location Beautiful Grounds Quiet & Friendly Play Golf Onsite

• Kids 9 & Under Play Free with paying adult

• 840 yard 9 hole par 3 • Pull Cart included

• No Tee Times Required


EST. 1921 Insert Itex Bug Here 251-980-1023


10831 Magnolia Springs Hwy. Magnolia Springs, AL 36530 30°22’53” 87°46’3” (deg.min.sec.) 30.38.100 87.76.800 (decimal)

$1.00 A Pound OFF All Shrimp ( Up to 10 lbs.) • $1.00 A Pound OFF All Fish Fillets We Pack To Travel ( FREE of Charge)

251-943-6461 321 S.McKenzie St.• Foley

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“We can build your plan; help design a custom home; or choose from our many plans. Building cost as low as $59 per square foot. Build on your land or let us assist you in finding the perfect home site. All upgrades available!”

Learn More About Us At


Wolf Bay is the destination for your perfect coastal getaway, as the only waterfront condo in Foley. Allow us the opportunity to host your business function, family reunion, church retreat or special celebration. Our property offers a serene setting for your next golf outing, girls’ getaway or guy’s fishing trip. Among our amenities, Wolf Bay features 3 piers for docking boats, fishing and catching crabs, outdoor pool, clubroom with fitness equipment and pool table. We also have canoes, kayaks, bass skiffs and bicycles on site for rental. Every unit has 300 sf balconies to take in the spectacular sunrise and relax while watching for birds and dolphins. We invite you to visit Wolf Bay for a beautiful, memorable Gulf Coast experience … close to everything, yet worlds apart!

Wolf Bay Landing Condominiums 8900 Toler Lane, Foley, Alabama 36535 251.943.4265 or 251.421.1965

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$44.99 Anytime Play Must Present coupon at Time of Check in Expires 5/28/13

Bama-Fla Discount Golf

Top 7 Tips For The Golf Swing

By: David Nevogt When it comes to the golf swing, no other sports motion has been more analyzed and studied for perfection. There are countless tips, golf swing instruction books, and videos out there to help improve your golf swing. Each of these teaching methods usually comes with their own gimmicks or drills, but I have always found that the best swing tips for golf never change. The following seven swing tips for the golf swing were given to me when I was a young boy. They laid the groundwork for my fundamentals. Golf swing tip #1. Be Smooth. Good tempo is the key for having a good golf swing, and it applies to all aspects of the game, even putting. Watch Fred Couples swing, he is a master at having good tempo. Practice hitting mid irons, like a five iron only 100-120 yards with a full swing. The only way to hit the ball properly and get the ball in the air is to have perfect tempo that is still accelerating as you hit the ball. Be patient as this swing tip drill is difficult if you are a high handicapper. This is the exact golf drill that Fred Couples uses to work on his tempo.

Luther & Carol Pratt

3884 South McKenzie Street (HWY 59) Foley, Alabama

They have been in the golf business for 40 years and have been at their present location for 10 years. Specializing in new and used custom brand name clubs. Repair & regripping is also available as well as good golf advice!


Golf swing tip #2. Have a balanced posture. If you are unbalanced at address your swing will be off balance from the get-go and you won’t hit consistent golf shots. To practice having good balance practice swinging on the driving range with your feet together. This will force you to swing on balance or you will fall over. Also make sure that you have the proper bend in your knees. When you stand over the ball your shoulders should be right over your knees, and your knees should be bent at an angle similar to you going to sit down in a chair. Golf swing tip #3. Have the right grip. There are many golf instruction aids out there that can show you diagrams of the perfect grip etc., but in my opinion the best way for you to grip a golf club is to pick up a yard stick and naturally grip it. Your hands should be touching with right pinky overlapping your left index finger. Having the proper grip is a very important component of the golf swing as not many great golfers have had unorthodox grips. Golf swing tip #4. Keep your left arm straight throughout the golf swing. I am not saying to keep it tight and rigid, I mean that it should be straight, but loose without anything but a very slight bend in the left elbow. Watch any pro hit the ball on TV and you will see what I mean, all of them keep their left arm straight. It will bring the club back and through in the perfect position. Golf swing tip #5. Proper weight shift. Not having one is a mistake I see a lot of amateur golfers make. In order for you to make good contact and to hit the ball far your weight needs to shift to your right leg on the backswing, but then as the club starts down your weight should shift to your left leg. When you finish your swing, most of your weight is still on your left leg. If you do the reverse, what a lot of golfers do, you will slice the ball. Remember that as the club starts down and your right elbow returns to your side your weight should shift onto your left foot. This will give you balance and power. Golf swing tip #6. Keep your head still. During the golf swing your head should remain absolutely still. Again, watch the pros, their heads never move during their swing. I can’t overemphasize this enough. In my opinion this is the most important fundamental in golf. Most amateur will sway their head back with their takeaway or they will pick their head up too quickly to see where they hit the shot. Whenever you move your head, your body follows with it, so if you pick your head up, your body lifts up and you will hit the golf ball off center. If you sway your head back your body will sway back and you will be off balance and not come through the ball with good timing. Remember to keep your head still during the golf swing. Golf swing tip #7. Visualize each shot. Every good golfer knows that golf is at least 80% mental. I know that this is not technical, mechanical swing advice, but in order to hit good golf shots you need to put yourself in the frame of mind to. Before each shot stand behind the ball and picture exactly how you want the shot to turn out. It won’t happen that way every time, but I bet you will hit better shots more often just by following this one tip for your golf swing. Follow these seven tips for your golf swing and I bet that you can lower your handicap in the next few weeks. As with anything else, however, good golf swings are produced through practice. No one can do it for you so if you want to learn tips for your golf swing then you need to be able to practice those tips to get better. Just reading golf instruction will do nothing for your swing.

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CUT & STYLE INCLUDES New Chromatics Prismatic Permanent Color uses breakthrough Oil Delivery System LADIES SHORT HAIR HIGHLIGHTS-LOWLIGHTS (ODS2) + Protein Extract Technology to deliver multi-dimensional, 4D color deep CUT-COLOR-STYLE into every hair No ammonia, no odor—just stunning, high shine $75 color and & strand. OMBRES EXPIRES JUNE 30, 2013 hair that’s 2x more fortified* EXPIRES JUNE 30, 2013

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Serving Baldwin County Since 1989

Satellite & Electronics


Senior Citizen Discounts 947-7759 • 1-866-947-7759


Carry Out Special 18” One Topping Pizza $11.99

19981 HWY 59 • SUMMERDALE • dishdoctor

New Chromatics Prismatic Permanent Color uses breakthrough Oil Delivery System LADIES SHORT HAIR HIGHLIGHTS-LOWLIGHTS (ODS2) + Protein Extract Technology to deliver multi-dimensional, 4D color deep CUT-COLOR-STYLE $75 and into every hair No ammonia, no odor—just stunning, high shine color &strand. OMBRES EXPIRES JUNE 30, 2013 that’s 2x more fortified* EXPIRES JUNE 30,hair 2013

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Home Of The “Dish Doctor”

May 28, 2013

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Pirates Cove 6664 County Road 95 Elberta, AL

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Strickler Imports Sales & Service 251-626-8830 29753 Frederick Blvd. Daphne, AL 36526

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A/C Service

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