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October 24 - 31, 2012

Vol. 6, Issue 42 & 43


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by Kathy Wolfe It’s a good day for a field trip and Tidbits is off to the zoo! If you’re interested in animal menageries, you’ve come to the right place! • Archaeological excavations have revealed the oldest known zoological collection in Hierakonpolis, Egypt, believed to have been created by Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut around 1500 B.C. The emperor of China Wen Wan established a 1,500-acre zoological garden about 1000 B.C., dubbing it the Garden of Intelligence. • The oldest continuously-operating zoo in the world is Vienna, Austria’s Schonbrunn Zoo, established in 1752, and still receiving more than two million visitors annually. It also holds the honor of being the first place to host the birth of an African elephant in captivity. • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was the site of America’s first attempt to establish a zoo, creating a charter in 1859. However, construction did not begin immediately due to the advent of the Civil War. In the meantime, New York City opened Central Park Zoo in 1864 and grabbed the honor of the first public zoo in the U.S. • Although the word “hippopotamus” translates from the Greek for “river horse,” this herbivorous

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Are You Depressed?

Steak With Relish

Blasted with blazing-high heat and basted in butter, this aged, succulent strip steak brings chophouse authenticity to the table in 15 minutes. 2 tablespoons prepared horseradish, drained 1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon maple syrup Salt and pepper 1 Golden Delicious apple 1 Granny Smith apple 2 (each 12 ounces and 1 1/2-inch thick) strip loin steaks, preferably dry-aged 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 tablespoon butter or margarine 2 sprigs fresh thyme 1. Arrange oven rack in lowest position. Preheat oven to 450 F. 2. In medium bowl, combine horseradish, vinegar, lemon juice, syrup, 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper. Using large holes of box grater, grate apples; discard cores. Immediately stir apples into horseradish mixture. Set relish aside. 3. Heat 12-inch ovenproof skillet on high. Pat steaks dry with paper towels. Sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper to season both sides. Add oil to pan; swirl to coat bottom evenly. When oil shimmers and is almost smoking, add steaks. 4. Cook 2 minutes. With tongs, lift each steak from pan and put back down on same side. Cook 1 minute longer, then turn steaks over. Transfer to lowest rack of oven. Roast 4 minutes. 5. Carefully add butter and thyme to skillet. Baste steak with melted butter. Roast 2 to 3 minutes longer for medium-rare, or until desired doneness. 6. Remove pan from oven and baste again. Transfer steaks to cutting board and let rest 5 minutes. 7. Slice steaks against the grain at an angle. Spoon steak juices on top and serve with apple relish. Serves 4. ¥ Each serving: About 505 calories, 32g total fat (13g saturated), 102mg cholesterol, 585mg sodium, 17g total carbs, 3g dietary fiber, 35g protein.

Depression in seniors is a lot more common than we let on. We point to aging as a reason for how we feel, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are any number of reasons why we might feel depressed: if we’ve recently lost someone in our life, if our health isn’t what it used to be, if we’re taking multiple prescriptions, if we’re alone or if we’ve retired and no longer feel vital. Depression can impact all areas of our lives: our appetite, interest in activities, how we sleep and so much more. The key is to recognize the symptoms and get treated, because depression is treatable. If you can point to at least one item on the following list as being true, it’s time to talk to your doctor. --Having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much. --Losing interest in activities or hobbies you used to enjoy. --Feeling isolated, or excluding yourself from activities with

friends. --Thinking about death. --Skipping your medications, meals or baths. --Feeling anxious, hopeless, guilty or irritable. --Experiencing new aches and pains, or a worsening of existing ones. --Having trouble concentrating. Your doctor might ask a lot of questions and make a number of suggestions. He might recommend (as a place to start) that you get enough sleep or volunteer at a charity agency, make regular visits to friends or visit a nutritionist to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients in your diet. The key might be as simple as scheduling regular exercise and taking your medications on time all the time. If you don’t feel like your normal self, there’s help for you. Please go to your doctor and ask for it.

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For Any and All Distribution Needs or Questions Please Call (251) 229-4519 • October 24 - 31, 2012 mammal is more closely related to the pig. It ranks third in size in land animals, right behind the elephant and rhinoceros. Baby hippos are born underwater and weigh about 100 lbs. (45 kg) at birth. By adulthood, one might weigh as much as 5,800 lbs. (2,631 kg). Hippos eat about 88 lbs. (40 kg) of food daily. At one time, hippos’ ivory canines, which reach 20 inches (51 cm) in length, were used by dentists for artificial teeth because they don’t turn yellow. In a zoo environment, a hippo will live about 50 years. • Even with its enormous bulk, the rhinoceros can trot along at 40 mph (64 km/hr). The word “rhinoceros” translates from the Greek language, rhino meaning “nose” and ceros meaning “horn.” A baby rhino enters the world weighing about 140 lbs. (63.5 kg) and can grow to about 7,000 lbs. (3,500 kg). • You think your blood pressure is high? Consider that of the giraffe, whose pressure is two to three times higher than that of a healthy human. That’s because of that long neck! The heart of a giraffe measures 2 feet (.6 m) long and weighs 25 lbs. (11.3 kg), enabling it to pump blood with enormous force up the neck to the brain. The average giraffe stands about 19 feet (5.8 m) tall, 6 feet (1.8 m) of which are its legs. At birth it was already 6 feet (1.8 m) tall, and had endured a 6-foot drop to the ground head first! The baby calf is up and walking around only one hour after birth. An adult giraffe can weigh up to 3,000 lbs. (1,360 kg) and lives about 20 years. • The sleek cheetah, the world’s fastest mammal, can reach a speed of 45 mph (72 km/hr) in two seconds from a standstill. It then accelerates to its top speed of nearly 65 mph (104 km/hr). Yet just 300 yards farther on, exhaustion sets in, and the animal must slow down. Half of the cheetah’s running time is spent off the ground, and it can even make a turn in mid-air! • An African elephant weighs upwards of 6 tons (5,443 kg), stands 12 feet (4 meters) tall at the shoulder, and has a trunk about 7 feet (2 meters) long. It consumes about 300 lbs. (136 kg) of food in a day, and sucks up about 2 gallons (7.5 liters) of water into its trunk each time it takes a drink. The elephant is second behind human beings in longevity, with many elephants living well past age 70. • A gorilla may look gargantuan, but in truth the average male gorilla stands only about 5”7” (1.7 m) tall. He is a hefty fellow, however, weighing in at 330 lbs. (150 kg). The female is much smaller, averaging 176 lbs. (80 kg). The lifespan of these very peaceful, family-oriented creatures in the wild is about 35 years, but they will live to about age 50 in a zoo.

• An adult male lion eats about 15 lbs. (7 kg.) of meat at a meal, although some might consume as much as 60 lbs. (27 kg) at one sitting! The fullgrown adult male will weigh somewhere between 330 and 550 lbs. (150 – 259 kg) and can run at top speed of 36 mph (58 km/hr), although not for very long. In the wilds, the King of the Jungle isn’t the great hunter you might think he is – he actually leaves more than 90% of the hunting to his female companion. Lions are the only big cats in which the appearance of males and females is distinctly different. The roar of a male can be heard as far as 5 miles (8 km) away. • Bear with us! An American black bear will reach about 660 lbs. (299 kg) at maturity, and a grizzly bear tops out at 860 lbs. (390 kg), but it’s the polar bear that takes the prize, a whopping 1,760 lbs. (798 kg)! It’s the only bear that will actually prey on humans. Humans aren’t their first choice, however. In their natural habitat, they prefer seal pups, and can smell a seal on the ice 20 miles (32 km) away. The bears frequently eat only the seal’s fat just below the skin, ignoring the rest of the carcass, making for an extremely fatty diet. Yet it doesn’t seem to slow them down! A polar bear can sprint along at a speed of 25 mph (40 km/hr) for short distances, as well as jump a 6-ft.-high (1.8-m) pile of snow. • The koala bear isn’t a bear at all, but is actually a member of the marsupial family, joining the kangaroo, wallaby, and opossum. The koala’s diet consists of nothing but eucalyptus leaves, about a pound and a half per day. In fact, the koala would be extinct without the eucalyptus. Sounds like a pretty boring feed, but consider that there are about 600 kinds of eucalyptus trees and to the koala, each one tastes different. If you think your teenager is lazy, consider that the koala sleeps an average of 22 hours per day! There have been koalas at the famous San Diego Zoo since 1925 when the children of Sydney, Australia gifted the zoo with Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I’ve been trying to house train my puppy, “Genie,” but she still leaves puddles around the house in the morning before I wake up. I tried rubbing her nose in the mess, but it doesn’t seem to work. Can you help? -- Claire W., Akron, Ohio DEAR CLAIRE: Some dogs are a bit more difficult to house train than others, but don’t give up. First, however, stop rubbing Genie’s nose in her puddle. Dogs’ attention spans are pretty short, and trying to punish her long after the act won’t help, and in fact can set her training way back. Does Genie make that puddle at roughly the same time each morning? If so, that’s a clear signal that her bladder is full by that time. You need to make an adjustment: wake up earlier, before Genie pees in the house. Take her outside on her leash and encourage her to go, praising her lavishly when she does. Repeat this every morning without fail -- Genie will get it. Now, to get your sleep time back, you need to try and adjust when Genie goes at night. If you’re taking her out at 10 p.m. and she’s wetting the floor at 5 a.m., take her out at 11 p.m. instead. Then take her out at 5:30 a.m. the next morning, and at 6 a.m. the following morning. See if her clock adjusts. If that doesn’t work, remember, Genie is still young and growing. She may be able to hold her urine longer when she gets bigger. So be patient, and keep working with her.

Apple Time Nostalgia Exclusive Area Dealer of the CraigCat® Line of Fun Water Craft Celebrating bountiful fall apple crops is an American tradition we can pass on to our children in lively and creative ways. Share your childhood memories with your kids while you enjoy these old-fashioned apple activities updated with a twist. APPLE TASTE-TESTING Have your family taste-test several varieties of apples, including specialties from your area. First, sort them by color and name, such as Granny Smith, Red Delicious, McIntosh, etc. Help your children pronounce and identify them correctly. Which are sweetest, tartest and juiciest? Which would taste yummy dipped in a caramel sauce or baked in a pie? EDIBLE APPLE ART At mealtime, eat your apple art. For each serving, make an edible apple bowl by cutting the top 1/4 off an apple and scooping out the fruit and core with a grapefruitstyle knife. Make sure there is a 1/4-inch-thick apple shell remaining. For extra fun, etch a funny face or wacky design on the outside using jack-o’-lantern carving tools or a butter knife. Fill with applesauce topped with a sprinkling of cinnamon, or a Waldorf salad composed of apple chunks from the scooped-out fruit, seedless grapes, diced celery, walnuts, a little mayonnaise or vanilla yogurt and a few squeezes of lemon juice. GLOWING APPLE CENTERPIECE Carefully scoop out the top center portion of an apple, leaving enough space for tucking a tea-light candle firmly in place. Arrange several pressed, colorful fall leaves that your children have collected in the middle of the table. Set the apple and its candle on the leaf arrangement. Light the candle at dinnertime. Note: An adult should always be present when burning candles. APPLE STORYTIME John Chapman, known as Johnny Appleseed, was famous for planting apple trees across America. Read the classic tale of Johnny Appleseed at bedtime.

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Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 6:00 A thrifty chic boutique

Located at Ellis Storage just north of the Foley Beach Express. Furniture, antiques, home décor, shabby chic items, china, vintage glassware and much more. Spring has sprung at Robin’s Nest! Come see our Easter display and get Easter Basket surprises. Planting season is here, and we have garden flowers that never wilt! COMING SOON… BIRDS OF A FEATHER SPECIALTY CONSIGNMENT Indoor and outdoor consignment areas available the 1st of April.


1. ART: Where is the world-famous Prado museum located? 2. ANATOMY: Where are muscles known as triceps found in the body? 3. ADVERTISEMENTS: What breakfast cereal did Sonny the Cuckoo Bird promote? 4. NATURAL WORLD: Where would stalagmites be found in a natural cave formation? 5. GEOGRAPHY: Where was the ancient city of Persepolis located?

6. SCIENCE: What was the first elementary particle to be discovered? 7. MUSIC: What is the national anthem of Canada? 8. COMPUTERS: What does the acronym DOS stand for? 9. FAMOUS QUOTES: Who once said, “I worked my way up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.” 10. LANGUAGE: What is an atelier? Answers 1. Madrid, Spain 2. Upper arm 3. Cocoa Puffs 4. The cone-shaped deposits rise from the floor of a cave 5. Modern-day Iran (formerly Persia) 6. The electron 7. “O Canada” 8. Disk Operating System 9. Groucho Marx 10. Artist’s studio

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Delicious food prepared from scratch daily and made with only the freshest ingredients. Eating at Agave Cocina Mexicana & Tequila Bar is a wonderful experience! With over 20 entrees, there is something for everyone on the dinner menu. Make Agave a part of your day, with a quick but satisfying lunch, a hearty dinner, or a relaxing drink at our unique Tequila Bar. Friendly staff. Superb Customer service. Fresh Margaritas. Signature cocktails made from premium 100% Blue Agave Tequilas.

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The Affordable One-Day Denture Service on the Gulf Coast Dentures and Extractions in One Day!

Claims Backlogs, VRAP and PTSD

The Veterans Benefits Administration processed more than 1 million claims in fiscal year 2012, per a news release on the Department of Veterans Affairs site. This is the third year in a row it has reached that goal. During one recent month, the VBA processed 107,462 claims with 86 percent accuracy, beating a record it set in 2010. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the claims backlog by 2015, and with 98 percent accuracy. It’s being helped by the new paperless system, which all 56 regional offices will have by the end of 2013. In another press release, applications have been approved for all 45,000 openings in the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) for 2012, with benefits to start Oct. 1. That means a lot of veterans are going to have an opportunity to get job training and education. Nearly 60,000 applications were received, so some missed out on that group. Another group, however, this time 54,000 veterans, will have another shot at the program, which runs through March 2014. Veterans must attend school full time, up to 12 months, in a program leading to an approved degree or certificate. For more information, go online to index.htm. On another note, the VA and Department of Defense are set to fund a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and mild Traumatic Brain Injury study to the tune of $100 million. They’re going to concentrate on prevention, diagnosis, intervention and improved treatment options, with early diagnosis and treatment being key. That $100 million is just part of the year’s $1.9 billion for more than 2,300 projects. If you want to read its press releases to keep track of what the VA is doing, take a look at opa/pressrel every few days. While all are (of course) written from the VA point of view, there’s some good information there.





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Sc2400 TL

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• Hydrostatic transmission with selectable 4WD • Exclusive "Shift-On-The-Go" range control

• Hydrostatic transmission with selectable 4WD • Shift-On-The-Go range control





MULTI-PURPOSE SUB-COMPACT TRACTOR • Integrated loader and backhoe • Shift-On-The-Go range control

Includes loader and 60" deck

Includes curved boom loader




















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ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You’re eager to Ram headfirst into that new project. But before you do, find out why some of your colleagues might not appear to be as gung-ho about it as you are. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) All that dedicated hard work you’ve been putting in pays off better than you expected. So go ahead, reward yourself with something befitting a beauty-loving Bovine. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) It’s a good time to take on that new challenge. And if your self-confidence is sagging, instead of telling yourself why you can’t do it, list all the reasons why you can. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) This is one time when you might want to put some distance between you and the job at hand. It will give you a better perspective on what you’ve done and still need to do. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Resist that occasional lapse into Leonine laziness that sometimes overtakes the Big Cat. Don’t cut corners. Do the job right at this time, or you might have to redo it later. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) You know how you like to do things. And that’s fine. But watch that you don’t impose your methods on others. A current financial crunch soon eases. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Someone might try to take advantage of your generosity. But before your sensitivity toward others overwhelms your good sense, check his or her story out carefully. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Your strong Scorpian sense of fairness lets you see all sides of a dispute. Continue to remain impartial as you help each person work through his or her particular grievance. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Trust your keen Sagittarian insight to help you see through an offer that might not be all it claims. A closer look could reveal disturbing elements. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) With the Goat exhibiting a more dominant aspect these days, you could find it easier to make your case in front of even the most skeptical audience. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Take things nice and easy as you continue to build up your energy reserves for a big change that’s coming with the full Hunter’s Moon on Oct. 29. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Recent news from someone you trust could help you make an important decision. Also, be prepared to confront an upcoming change in a personal situation. BORN THIS WEEK: You can be firm in your own views, but also flexible enough to welcome the views of others.

(1) RATE INFORMATION DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN OFFER OR EXTENSION OF CREDIT. ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CREDIT APPROVAL AND SUCH OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS WE MAY REQUIRE IN OUR SOLE DISCRETION. ALL RATES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE BY AGRICREDIT ACCEPTANCE, LLC WITHOUT NOTICE. RATES APPLICABLE TO NEW YANMAR COMPACT TRACTOR EQUIPMENT. MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN BASED ON A RATE OF 0% FOR 60 MONTHS. ACTUAL RETAIL PRICES ARE SET BY DEALER AND MAY VARY. TAXES, FREIGHT, SETUP AND HANDLING CHARGES MAY BE ADDITIONAL AND MAY VARY. MODELS SUBJECT TO LIMITED AVAILABILITY. OFFER ENDS 6/30/12. NOT AVAILABLE WITH ANY OTHER OFFER. * Actual retail prices are set by dealer and may vary. Taxes, freight, setup and handling charges may be additional and may vary. Models subject to limited availability. **See your local dealer for limited warranty details and information. Certain restrictions apply. The 2012 Yanmar 30-Day Buy-Back Program applies to products purchased between 11/1/11 and 12/31/12 and is subject to certain conditions and limitations. For complete details on complimentary maintenance package, visit a dealer near you. † as rated by engine manufacturer Specifications and programs are subject to change without notice. Images may not reflect dealer inventory and/or unit specifications. © 2012 Yanmar YA_YB_VARIABLE_Q

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1. Which group had their biggest success with “I Can See for Miles”? 2. Name the group that had hits with “Sloop John B,” “Fun, Fun, Fun” and “In My Room.” 3. Eric Clapton, The Strangeloves, Cliff Richard, George Thorogood and The Grateful Dead have all covered this 1958 hit. Name the song. 4. “We Just Disagree” was popularized by what artist? 5. Name the two duos, 15 years apart, who released “If This World Were Mine.” 6. Finish this lyric and identify the song: “At first I was afraid I was petrified ...”

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Answers 1. The Who, in 1967. It was an international effort with portions recorded in London, New York and Los Angeles. 2. The Beach Boys. 3. “Willie and the Hand Jive.” The song is a dance with specific hand clapping and arm movements. 4. Singer-guitarist Dave Mason, in 1977. He was backed up by writer Jim “Bruiser” Krueger on 12-string guitar. Kreuger, a prolific songwriter, left a wealth of music at his death in 1993. 5. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, in 1967. Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn, in 1982. 6. “... Kept thinkin’ I could never live without you by my side.” “I Will Survive,” by Gloria Gaynor, 1979.

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For Your Sales & Marketing Needs Call Tidbits® of Baldwin County (251) 229-4519 • October 24 - 31, 2012


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BCS Rankings: Week 9

Drawings & Prizes Every Quarter During NCAA Games on Saturdays and get $2 OFF any Appetizer with this ad!

1. Alabama 2. Florida 3. Kansas State 4. Oregon 5. Notre Dame 6. LSU 7. Oregon State 8. Oklahoma 9. USC 10. Georgia 11. Mississippi State 12. Florida State 13. South Carolina 14. Texas Tech 15. Rutgers 16. Louisville 17. Stanford 18. Clemson 19. West Virginia 20. Texas A&M 21. Boise State 22. Michigan 23. Texas 24. Ohio 25. Wisconsin

Game Day Photos

Football Specials Wings, Potato Skins, Roast Beef Sandwich Check out 7 Flat Screen TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket & College Game Plan!


Game Day Recipe

Lunch Menu 7 Days A Week 11 AM - 3 PM

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Dine-In or Carry-Out

Blend two prepared sauces and tender shredded chicken for this flavorful filling.

Happy Hour MONDAY - SATURDAY 2 PM - 8 PM

Prep Time 20 Minutes Total Time 7:20 Hrs:Mins Makes 8 sandwiches

201 McMeans Ave. Bay Minette, AL 36507

2lb boneless skinless chicken thighs 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup buffalo wing sauce (from 12-oz jar) 3/4 cup ranch or Blue Cheese dressing 1 package (11.5 oz) Old El Paso® flour tortillas for burritos (8 tortillas) 3 cups shredded lettuce


The Freshest Salad Bar in Gulf Shores! 3800 Gulf Shores Parkway Suite 104 Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542

In 1 1/2-quart slow cooker, place chicken; sprinkle with salt. Cover; cook 6 to 7 hours (if slow cooker has heat settings, use Low). With slotted spoon, remove chicken from slow cooker and place on cutting board; discard liquid in slow cooker. In slow cooker, mix buffalo wing sauce and 1/4 cup of the dressing. With 2 forks, shred chicken. Return chicken to slow cooker; stir gently to mix with sauce. To serve, spread each tortilla with 1 tablespoon remaining dressing; top each with about 1/2 cup chicken mixture and about 1/3 cup lettuce. Roll up tortilla; secure with toothpicks.

All You Can Eat Wing Special $8.99 During televised football games with purchase of two drinks 1 AYCE order per customer, no sharing

Valid for dine-in only, cannot be combined with any other coupons, discounts or Sassy Bass Bucks

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Page 10 For Your Sales & Marketing Needs Call Tidbits® of Baldwin County (251) 229-4519 • October 24 - 31, 2012 Jeff Driskel (4 TDs), No. 2 Florida clobber No. 7 South Carolina

It also was a sign of things to come for the Gamecocks, who had trouble holding onto Florida went 0-for-October last season, with humbling losses to Alabama, LSU, Auburn the ball all afternoon. and Georgia. Ace Sanders fumbled on a punt return that led to Driskel’s second TD pass. He found Quinton Dunbar for a 13-yard score. Dunbar spun out of DeVonte Holloman’s grasp It bothered coaches and players for a year. before coasting across the goal line. It motivated them, too. A year later, the Gators have a chance to end the month with a division title. On the ensuing kickoff, Solomon Patton forced Damiere Byrd to fumble. Chris Johnson “I like this better,” coach Will Muschamp said. “So does everybody else.” picked it up and nearly scored. He was stopped at the 1, setting up Driskel’s third TD Jeff Driskel threw four touchdown passes -- three of them after turnovers -- and the pass to Reed. Driskel faked a handoff and found Reed alone in the back of the end zone, Gators (No. 2 BCS, No. 3 AP) matched their win total from 2011 with a 44-11 drubbing which made it 21-3. of South Carolina (No. 7 BCS, No. 9 AP) on Saturday. “I’d rather have 1 yard in front of me than 75,” Driskel said. The Gators avenged consecutive losses to the Gamecocks, including one a couple of years ago that ended with Steve Spurrier and his players celebrating a division title South Carolina failed to generate much offense. In fact, the Gamecocks managed two field goals in the first half thanks to penalties and returned a blocked extra point for in The Swamp. two points in the third quarter. “We remember the feeling, how bad it hurt,” center Jon Harrison said. “We even had guys getting emotional over it. We just used that as pure motivation to come out here Shaw completed 9-of-20 passes for 72 yards. He was benched in the second half, replaced by Dylan Thompson. Thompson completed 8-of-20 passes for 83 yards, with and completely dominate this team.” an interception. Florida’s latest whatever-it-takes win kept Muschamp’s team undefeated and put it on the cusp of the Southeastern Conference’s Eastern Division title. The Gators (7-0, 6-0 “Coach Spurrier told me at halftime we were going to make the change,” Shaw said. “He SEC) can clinch a spot in the league’s championship game by beating No. 13 Georgia told me I wasn’t getting the job done. I was completely supportive of him. Bottom line today, we just didn’t execute.” next week in nearby Jacksonville. Florida won this one with turnovers, stellar defense and more halftime adjustments The Gators put the game away by scoring on all three possessions in the third quarter, -- the kind of successful tweaks that are making Muschamp and his staff seem like the getting a 6-yard TD run by Omarius Hines, a field goal and a 6-yard pass from Driskel to Frankie Hammond Jr. right fit in Gainesville. The Gators finished 7-6 last season, barely avoiding the program’s first losing season They made South Carolina’s defensive front, which dominated in the first half, look since 1979. The struggles had outsiders questioning whether Muschamp could get suspect. They also better controlled standout end pass-rusher Jadeveon Clowney, who gave them fits early. And they kept South Carolina off balance with creative playFlorida back to national prominence. calling that included tight end Trey Burton in the Wildcat. The Gators managed just 29 yards and two first downs in the first half against South “It was embarrassing for us, very embarrassing to lose,” Spurrier said. “We’ve got to Carolina (6-2, 4-2). But they led 21-6 thanks to three turnovers. Loucheiz Purifoy knocked the ball out of Connor Shaw’s hands on the first play. Leren- reevaluate a lot of our personnel and get players out there who really want to play for tee McCray recovered, giving Florida the ball at the 2-yard line. Driskel hooked up with South Carolina. Two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought this. We had a bad one today. LSU was bad (last week). This one was worse. We’ve got to regroup somehow.” Jordan Reed on third down, putting the Gators up early.

Call Us For A FREE Estimate

251.943.7663 / 251.269.8440 8300 HWY 59 • FOLEY, AL WWW.ISLANDGRANITEONLINE.COM “I’m Not




Open Tuesday Thru Saturday 9AM - 5PM

LOXLEY HWY 59 (North of I-10) (251) 964-4568

9AM - 6PM

FOLEY 204 EAST MICHIGAN AVE. (251) 943-7284

For Any and All Distribution Needs or Questions Please Call (251) 229-4519 • October 24 - 31, 2012

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Junior Golf Instruction - How To Start Your Child By: Max Johnson

Your kids are getting to the age that they would like to start to play golf and you are wondering when to start a junior golf instruction program. Knowing when to start and how to find the right junior golf lessons for a child are crucial components to building an environment for your child to enjoy and succeed in the game of golf.

Begin by asking yourself, not your junior, some questions about what your motivation might be for getting their junior golf lessons. Four reasons that parents want junior golf lessons for their young child (under eleven) typically are the following: Because of golf’s reputation for rules, fair play and self-policing, the parents have a genuine interest in seeing their children attempt to play the game. A babysitting service, parents get a time out from their kids for a while. Parents want to spend more time with their child and have decided that golf will be the vehicle to do this. As so many do, parents feel that their children must be in as many activities as possible. Whatever your reasons are for wanting your child to begin to play the game of golf, the important thing is to ensure the kids have fun and enjoy themselves. Golf is a great game that can teach your child many life skills and is a game they can play the rest of their life. The most important thing to do is ask your child if playing golf is something that they would like to do. If the answer is no, do not push them to play. You do need to make sure that they understand the option is always open for them to play. It make take you asking multiple times and giving them the information they need to feel comfortable to begin playing the game. Once your child decides that they do want to play golf here are some steps to take to get them started and to keep the game fun for them: Begin with a real junior set of clubs. Many people think that by making a club shorter it will fit a junior golfer. This is NOT true. You need to find a company that specially and properly weights their junior golf clubs depending on the size of your child. In addition, you do not need to buy a whole set. Most companies will allow you to purchase junior clubs one at a time. Find a qualified junior golf instructor. You can contact your local PGA Section or a local club or golf course either by phone or online. If a Certified PGA Professional is available in your area, he or she would be a good place to start. Make sure that your series of junior golf lessons include sessions on the rules of golf as well as golf etiquette. Depending on their age, the rules and etiquette situations do not need to be deep in the heart of the rule book. It has always amazed me on what a child at any age can retain when they want to learn. Your junior does not have to play a “real golf hole” to have fun. Make the putting green the goal. This is a good way for the younger junior golfers to get started and as it reads only count the shots that it takes to get to the green to determine a score. The hole does not need to be the end of the hole. What does this mean? Some smaller juniors find it more fun to hit it into a bunker than onto a green. This may seem counter-intuitive to many golf purists however, once you think about it, typically the bunkers are smaller than the putting greens. This can only make them better later. In addition, they LOVE to climb into the bunkers and this gives us a chance to teach bunker etiquette.

Bama-Fla Discount Golf

Luther & Carol Pratt

3884 South McKenzie Street (HWY 59) Foley, Alabama

They have been in the golf business for 40 years and have been at their present location for 10 years. Specializing in new and used custom brand name clubs. Repair & regripping is also available as well as good golf advice!


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s d e i f i s s a l C Employment

Real Estate

Now hiring Massage Therapist for on call basis. Now hiring Stylist. Open 7 days a week. Salon Fahrenheit Gulf Shores 251-948-7563

GULF SHORES custom built home 2650 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 3 bath, library, bonus room, screened porch. $270,000. 251-968-1887

Cash or store credit for used video games, game systems, computers, iPods, music, unscratched DVDs, DVDs good for discounts regardless of condition. Action Game and Movie located in Foley on the corner of Hwy. 59 & 98. 251-943-1359

GULF SHORES Beach House across from public beach, wonderful view 2 bedroom, 2 bath. $390,000. 251-968-1887

Buy & Sell

Cash for most used text books 2010 or newer. We also buy some other types of books. Book Exchange in Foley on the corner of Hwy. 59 & 98. 251-943-5044


Get on the Career Track with Medical Office Training! Train for Medical Office Assistant Today! Call Fortis Today! (888) 203-9276 For consumer info. visit www. HIGH SCHOOL PROFICIENCY DIPLOMA! 4 Week Program. FREE Brochure & Full Information. CALL NOW! 1-866-562-3650 Ext. 55. www.southeasternhs. com THE OCEAN Corp. 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, Texas 77099. Train for a New Career. *Underwater Welder. Commercial Diver. *NDT/Weld Inspector. Job Placement Assistance. Financial Aid available for those who qualify. 1-800-321-0298.

CREDIT PROBLEMS you may qualify for a repo or foreclosed Mfg/mobile Home. Call Ted @205-2392804 YOUR LAND is your down payment on a Mfg/Mobile Home. Call Ted @ 205-239-2804 FHA LOANS AVAILBLE on a Mfg/Mobile Homes Low interest rates. Call Ted @ 205-239-5397 LAND HOME FINANCING on Mfg/Mobile Homes. Land available. Call Ted @ 205-239-2804 NEW 3 BEDROOM 2 BATH $29900 Low monthly payment Low down payment Call Ted @ 205-339-5397 Fairhope, Al New custom Craftsman style homes in Old Battles Village just minutes to downtown and the Bay starting from the low $200’s. Jeanne Nemeth Bellator Real Estate 251-753-8322

Membership Opportunity

FOR SALE brick home (2005), Hwy. 59 S to Hwy. 104 Silverhill Ave in Robertsdale AL - L to 104 to Errybane Sub., L to stop sign, R 19770 O’Grady Ave., home on R. 3br 2ba w/ 2 car garage, sunroom, storage bldg., 1719 sq. ft. $118,000.00. Call 251-947-3691

Yard Sale/Flea Mkt/Antique Event

RAINBOW SE,with attatchments and power nozzle, refurbished and in excellent condition! Works great! Only $475. For info call 251-586-3935.


Sporting Goods

FOR SALE 1988 27 ft. Chieftain motorhome 454. Sleeps 6, needs some repair, not major. Runs good, cold AC. Purchased a new unit and must sell $2,000.00. Located in RV park. Will deliver in area 251-504-5478.

Real Estate

1999 FORD Taurus. 173,122 miles. $2000. Runs great. Working A/C. 251-581-4576

Lifetime membership for sale - Styx River Resort, Ocean Canyon Resort. Stay 14 days, 2 pools, cafe, playground, arcade, and more. For info call 251-9881071 or 251-747-8165. Or email at First Fri and Sat of each month (mark your calendar). Hwy 225 @ I-65 Exit 31 251-577-1235 ALSO daylily garden opens May 1st. Wanted to buy older mobile home in Baldwin Co., 2br w/ 1 or 2 bath. Can do minor repairs 251-752-4257 S&W 629 Classic .44 Magnum model 629-3 6.5” barrel $700.00 OBO 850-607-0831 Brian GOOD-BAD-OR NO CREDIT OWN,4BR,2B D/W 943-4301



* Boat, Car/Truck, ATV, Camper/RV, Motorcyle, or old mobile home…You can now trade for a new mobile home using either of these items as a down payment. 850-474-9973. * SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME?? Need a new home? At least $1200 monthly income will get you a new home. Call to apply! 850-474-9973 GOOD-BAD-OR NO CREDIT RENT TO OWN 3BR,2B D/W 943-4301 * New! 3 bedroom/2 bath mobile home, own it for as low as $295/mth… 850-474-9973. * BUYER BACKOUT….120 payments remain on a Foreclosured Mobile Home. 850-474-9973. RENT ONLY 1 BR,1B APARTMENT $650 (INCLUDES UTILITIES) 943-4301 FAIRHOPE, AL - FSBO - Nice level lot, end of culde-sac, back and one side fenced, near everything, possible terms. $42,500.00 OBO 251-923-6149 RENT TO OWN Handyman special with land in Loxley, AL Call Ted @205-239-2804 LAND HOME PACKAGE available in nice subdivison in Loxley, AL for Mfg/Mobile home. Call Ted @205-239-2804.

For Sale Cars


DACHSHUNDS-CKC-MALES AND FEMALESSHOTS AND WORMED. 6 WEEKS TO 12 WEEKS. REDS, B&Ts, DAPPLES, CHOCOLATES DARK REDS. LONG EARS, LONG BACKS AND LARGE FEET. I HAVE ALL PARENTS. 40 YEARS BREEDING EXPERIENCE. $200 TO $500 251-609-6602 DACHSHUNDS M&F Reds,B&Ts(40yrs Breeding Experience) $250 251-609-6602 6 MNTH old fm Great Dane, AKC, microchipped, spayed,shots UTD & trifexis. Kennel and potty trained. included kennel,training collar,leash, bowls and food. Asking $500 She does not like car rides. She is shy! Loves to walk, sits, & stays. She does sneak on the couch sometimes! She is a great dog. 850-221-3903


HOUSECLEANER w/ 20 yrs. exp., hard worker, honest, reliable! Call for free estimate. Kat 251-989-2360


LOST Red eyeglasses lost (prescription) near the church or Jesse’s in Magnolia Springs about three months ago. Maybe lost in Fairhope? Please, please call Elizabeth 850 450-5050.


Polished Nail Bar opening November 1, in Daphne. Looking for Cosmotologists, manicurists. Send resume to or call 608-322-2077.

Service Tech Needed

Service Tech Needed - 2 years, or more, experience required in pest control field. Great opportunity with established company in Baldwin County. Competitive pay and good benefits. Call 251-943-7874.

DIVorce $


Money Back Guarantee Covers Children, Etc. Only One Signature Required *excludes gov’t fees!



Established 1977

Tidbits of Baldwin County (Big Message Publishing LLC) considers its advertisers reliable and verifies as much data as possible. Consequently, readers using this information do so at their own risk. It is suggested that the investors contact the appropriate consumer agency before sending payment. Although persons and companies mentioned herein are believed to be reputable, neither the Tidbits of Baldwin County nor any of its employees accept any responsibility whatsoever for their actions. For more information about credit card scams and advanced fee loans write: FTS Washington, DC 20580 MAIL IN YOUR AD! The cost is $5.00 for the first 25 words, and 10 cents for each additional word. Be sure to include a check for the total amount. $5.00 rate on personal Items only: pets, appliances, rentals, cars etc. $10.00 rate on commercialclassifieds: retail products, etc. 25 words, 25 cents each additional word. Make all checkspayable to: Big Message Publishing LLC.

MAIL TO:BMP Main Office 3820 South McKenzie Street, Foley Al 36536 or Call (205) 370-7278

For Any and All Distribution Needs or Questions Please Call (251) 229-4519 • October 24 - 31, 2012


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Any 3 Rooms and a FREE Hall Carpet Cleaned Traffic Areas

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

$89 Special


L Shaped, Combo rooms and rooms larger then 15*15 count as 2 rooms. Residential Customers only. High rise cleaning extra. Present Coupon at the time of cleaning Expires: 10-31-12

Up to 200 sq ft ~ Traffic Areas ~ Residential Customer only. High rise cleaning extra. Present Coupon at the time of the cleaning. Expires: 10-31-12

Let Us Help You Grow Your Business! Opening November 1, in Daphne. Call Today To Looking for Cosmotologists, Manicurists. Learn How! Send resume to or call 608-322-2077 251-504-0149

1. Name the last time teams with the best-regular season records in each league met in the World Series. 2. When Al Lopez was manager of the White Sox between 1957 and 1965, how many seasons did Chicago win at least 90 games? 3. In 2010, Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson set the record for rushing yards for a quarterback (1,702). Who had held the mark? 4. Name the last NBA rookie before John Wall in 2010 to have at least seven assists in each of his first five games. 5. In 2012, the Los Angeles Kings set a record with 10 consecutive road playoff victories in the same year. Who had held the mark? 6. Who was the only player to record a hat trick (three goals) in a men’s World Cup soccer final? 7. How many Olympic gold medals did Cuban heavyweight boxer Teofilo Stevenson win?

¥ On Oct. 27, 1659, William Robinson and Marmaduke Stevenson, two Quakers who came from England in 1656 to escape religious persecution, are executed in the Massachusetts Bay Colony for their religious beliefs. The Massachusetts General Court had banned Quakers from the colony under penalty of death. ¥ On Oct. 26, 1825, the Erie Canal opens, connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean via the Hudson River. Teams of oxen plowed the ground, but for the most part the work was done by Irish diggers who had to rely on primitive tools. ¥ On Oct. 24, 1861, workers of the Western Union Telegraph Company link the eastern and western telegraph networks of the nation at Salt Lake City, Utah, completing a transcontinental line that for the first time allows instantaneous communication between Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. ¥ On Oct. 28, 1919, Congress passes the Volstead Act, providing for the enforcement of the 18th Amendment, which banned the “manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors for beverage purposes.” Despite a vigorous effort by law-enforcement, the Volstead Act failed to prevent the large-scale distribution of alcoholic beverages. ¥ On Oct. 25, 1929, during the Teapot Dome scandal, Albert B. Fall, secretary of the interior, is found guilty of accepting a bribe while in office. Fall was the first individual to be convicted of a crime committed while a presidential cabinet member. The Teapot Dome was a naval oil reserve in Wyoming. ¥ On Oct. 23, 1942, Michael Crichton is born in Chicago. During his final year of medical school, the 6-foot, 9-inch Crichton published “The Andromeda Strain” (1969) and decided to write full time instead of practicing medicine. ¥ On Oct. 22, 1975, Air Force Sgt. Leonard Matlovich, a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, is given a “general” discharge by the Air Force after publicly declaring his homosexuality. His tombstone reads, “A gay Vietnam Veteran. When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.”

Answers 1. It was 1999 (New York Yankees vs. Atlanta). 2. Five times (1957, 1959, 1963-65). 3. Air Force’s Beau Morgan rushed for 1,494 yards in 1996. 4. Oscar Robertson, with the Cincinnati Royals in 1960. 5. The 2009-10 Chicago Blackhawks, with seven. 6. England’s Geoff Hurst, versus West Germany in 1966. 7. Three -- 1972, 1976 and 1980.

Page 14 For Your Sales & Marketing Needs Call Tidbits® of Baldwin County (251) 229-4519 • October 24 - 31, 2012

“We can build your plan; help design a custom home; or choose from our many plans. Building cost as low as $59 per square foot. Build on your land or let us assist you in finding the perfect home site. All upgrades available!”

Learn More About Us At


Wolf Bay is the destination for your perfect coastal getaway, as the only waterfront condo in Foley. Allow us the opportunity to host your business function, family reunion, church retreat or special celebration. Our property offers a serene setting for your next golf outing, girls’ getaway or guy’s fishing trip. Among our amenities, Wolf Bay features 3 piers for docking boats, fishing and catching crabs, outdoor pool, clubroom with fitness equipment and pool table. We also have canoes, kayaks, bass skiffs and bicycles on site for rental. Every unit has 300 sf balconies to take in the spectacular sunrise and relax while watching for birds and dolphins. We invite you to visit Wolf Bay for a beautiful, memorable Gulf Coast experience … close to everything, yet worlds apart! Daily, Weekly & Monthly Rentals!

Wolf Bay Landing Condominiums 8900 Toler Lane, Foley, Alabama 36535 251.943.4265 or 251.421.1965

For Any and All Distribution Needs or Questions Please Call (251) 229-4519 • October 24 - 31, 2012

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Cut,Color & Partial Highlights $99

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50¢ OFF Per Pound on All Fish Fillets

Long Hair Extra.

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TAPMoney Insulation Don’t Just Throw at Your Pest Problems Call Bubba Today!

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½ Off Chemical Peel

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Wood Attachments ( $100.00 off on any implement plus 0%-24 months 19425 State Hwy 59 Summerdale, Alabama 36580

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(251) 971-2005 • 10062 Tony Drive, Foley, AL 36535

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23450 State Hwy. 59 Robertsdale, AL

Customized Home Design with this coupon

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The Local Company You Can Trust With Your Home

T•A•P Pest Control Insulation The founders of T•A•P Pest Control Insulation designed the product with two main principles in mind: concern for people, and concern for the environment. Principally made from recycled paper, T•A•P uses borates as the active pest control ingredient. Borates are mineral salts mined from the earth and are commonly used in many consumer products such as contact lens solution and anti-fungal creams. Borates are deadly to insects yet have extremely low toxicity to mammals and thus pose a minimal risk to people and pets. Unlike most traditional pesticide chemicals, T•A•P is applied behind walls and in attics where exposure to people and pets is extremely limited. T•A•P Pest Control Insulation is one the best performing insulations on the market. T•A•P outperforms traditional fiberglass insulation by 32% and, as a denser, loose-fill insulation, T•A•P fills in all of the nooks and crannies traditional insulation rolls do not. The science tells the story, but simply put, T•A•P just works better. Not only does cellulose insulation outperform other insulation from a thermal and acoustical standpoint, it takes less energy to make it! Only T•A•P Pest Control Insulation, however, gives you the triple benefit of 32% greater efficiency when compared to traditional insulation, superior acoustical benefits, and the added value of pest control! T•A•P is an EPA labeled pesticide and must be installed by a licensed Pest Control Operator. Household Termite & Pest Control has all the equipment and knowledge to perform the installation. Segment 2 of 3. From

Eastern Shore


South Baldwin