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December 3, 2019

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CHICKENS by Janet Spencer

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There are about 50 billion chickens in the world, making it the most abundant bird on Earth. There are more chickens than any other bird. In North America, there are about 10 billion chickens, compared to about 4 billion wild birds. Come with Tidbits as we consider the chicken!

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• The average American eats about 90 lbs (41 kg) of chicken each year, which equals 23 birds per person. Americans eat about 50 pounds (23 kg) of beef per year and another 50 pounds of pork. • About 5.9 billion pounds of chicken are consumed every hour of every day, with over 8.6 billion chickens eaten in the U.S., and 40 billion eaten worldwide over a single year. There are more chickens in the U.S. than there are cows, pigs, sheep, goats, ducks, rabbits, and turkeys combined. Americans eat one-third of all chickens in the world, consuming more than any other country. The chicken is the most industrialized animal in history. • The chicken originated in Asia, was domesticated, and carried worldwide on ships. Chickens that came with Christopher Columbus were the first in North America. When Columbus tasted roasted iguana in the Bahamas, he may have been the first person to say, “Tastes like chicken.” (cont)

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CHICKENS (cont) • The pilgrims brought chickens with them to Jamestown in 1607, and by 1609 they had a flock of up to 500 birds. • In the 1700s it was illegal for slaves in the U.S. to own livestock including hogs, cattle, or horses, but were allowed. Slaves raised chickens and sold the meat, feathers, and eggs. • In the U.S., the per capita consumption used to be about ten pounds (4.5 kg) per year, until the 20th century. • In 1923, Celia Steele of Oceanview, Maryland, ordered her usual 50 chicks so she could continue her business of selling eggs on the side while her husband served in the coast guard. She was shocked to receive an order of 500 chicks instead, but rather than return them, she built bigger chicken coops, raised the birds, and started selling chicken meat instead of just eggs. She turned such a profit that she doubled the order the following year, ordering 1,000 chicks, and followed that with an order of 10,000 chicks the year after that. • In 1926, her husband Wilmer quit his job at the coast guard because raising chickens was more profitable, and by 1928, they were raising 25,000 chickens every year. Celia Steele ended up inventing the mass-production of chickens as a primary food source, rather than just as a source of eggs. • As more people in the Delaware began raising chickens, their numbers boomed, rising from 50,000 birds in 1925 to over a million just one year later, and 7 million by 1934. By 1936, two-thirds of all chickens raised in the U.S. came from the Delaware area. As a result, chicken consumption began to skyrocket. Not everyone could raise cows or pigs, but chickens were easy to raise. Chicken coops sprouted up in backyards across America alongside Victory Gardens during World War II. The number of chickens in the U.S. grew by 250% over the course of the war. (cont)


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• In the 1930s it was discovered that feeding chickens vitamin B12 would prevent them from suffering pernicious anemia, the same illness that contributed to the deaths of Alexander Graham Bell and Annie Oakley, which is caused a vitamin deficiency. It used to be difficult to keep a flock of chickens alive throughout the winter because the lack of exposure sunlight and subsequent lack of vitamin D caused rickets in the chickens who then became lame. When the role of vitamins was finally understood, it was easy for chicken ranchers to add cod liver oil – a rich source of vitamin D – to the diet of chickens, thus keeping them healthy all year long. • Then it was found that feeding chickens antibiotics helped them grow bigger much faster. Next, mass production of corn and soybeans as feed maximized their growth. Consumption of chicken increased vastly during World War II due to the rationing of pork and beef. By the end of World War II, there was indeed “a chicken in every pot.” • In 2015, almost 60 million tons of chicken meat was consumed worldwide. • It takes 7 pounds (3 kg) of feed for a cow to put on a pound (.45 kg) of beef, but a chicken turns 12 pounds of food into 6 pounds of chicken meat in just seven weeks. If a human grew that fast, a 6.6 pound (3 kg) baby would hit 660 pounds (300 kg) in two months. In the wild, a chicken takes six months to grow to its full weight of about 5 pounds. In factories, they reach their full weight in just five weeks. • A chicken produces about 11 lbs. (5 kg) of manure over the course of its 7-week life, which adds up to about 95 billion pounds of waste each year produced by the chicken industry. • Adjusted for inflation, the price of a pound of chicken has gone up only four cents a pound over the past 50 years. (cont)


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Shingles Vaccine Causes Severe Side Effects ---

DEAR DR. ROACH: I received the first dose of Shingrix this week and had pretty severe side effects, though in the range of what can be expected: high fever (101.5), intense shivering, a severe headache and 12 hours of extreme fatigue. The entire reaction began 11 hours after the shot and ended 18 hours after that. I am 61 and in excellent health, taking only 25 mcg of levothyroxine daily. I have a few questions that I hope you can answer. I've tried looking at the clinical trial results for Shingrix, but I am not qualified to understand the information as presented. 1. Is it likely that I'll have a similar (or worse?) reaction to the second shot? The package insert says one can react to the first, second, neither or both. 2. Are both injections identical? 3. When I had chickenpox as a child, I was way sicker than the average kid. Related? 4. If I get shingles, do I have a higher risk for a severe case? -- J.G.

ANSWER: Compared with the previous onetime vaccine Zostavax, the new two-dose Shingrix vaccine is much more effective. However, it does have a higher risk of side effects. You have had the most common side effect, though only 10% of people will have symptoms as bad as yours. These symptoms are caused by your body mounting an inflammatory response to the glycoprotein in the vaccine (the new vaccine does not contain a live virus). You clearly have a robust system to fight off infection. To answer your questions in order: You are at higher risk for a similar reaction for the second shot. I would plan your day accordingly, and premedicate with Tylenol (even though it may make the vaccine slightly less effective). The second vaccine is identical to the first. I have read reports that there have been shortages of the vaccine. Chickenpox and shingles can affect you both by the virus attacking you and by an exuberant inflammatory and immune reaction. I would guess that you are at lower risk for viral complications (such as infection of the eye, brain or lungs) but at higher risk for symptoms due to your own system, such as high fever. In many cases, the body's response to infection can be as

damaging as the infection itself. *** DEAR DR. ROACH: Last year I was treated for gout and was prescribed allopurinol (100 mg) once a day. Approximately five to six months after I started taking it, I became lethargic and was not feeling myself (I am a very young 77 years old) and suddenly lost my sense of taste. I was taken off the medicine and still have little taste sensation other than citrus fruits, apples and spices. I was told that this could last for months, years or forever. Do you have any suggestions for me? I am eating as before, hoping that I will recover my taste. -- N.K. ANSWER: I certainly found that allopurinol can cause loss of taste sensation, but the Food and Drug Administration case reports don't say how long it can last. Unfortunately, I can't find any reliable way (or even plausible way) to increase the likelihood of getting your taste sensation back. *** Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but will incorporate them in the column whenever possible. Readers may email questions to (c) 2019 North America Synd., Inc. All Rights Reserved

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• Today, a typical independent chicken farmer produces almost half a million broilers per year, yet it’s estimated that two-thirds of people who raise chickens for a living live below the poverty line. • The difference between white meat and dark Taxes & Accounting Are Not Seasonal, Neither Are We "Call us today to be prepared." meat is the amount of myoglobin in the tissue, a protein used to deliver oxygen to muscles. Kent Pyles, Lisa Johnson The more a muscle is used, the more myogloBusiness Accounting and Tax Services bin it has and the darker the meat. • Chickens in cages are sometimes set out in 811-B Grand Central Ave Vienna (in Front of Walmart) 304-917-3756 Walk-Ins Welcome cages in public parks in order to be bitten by mosquitoes so that their blood can be tested for West Nile virus. • All birds descended from dinosaurs, but genetically speaking, chickens and turkeys are their closest relatives.


• Louis Pasteur was working to cure fowl cholera, an avian disease that killed about 25% of the chickens in France. He started with the head of a chicken that had died from the disease, culturing strains of the pathogen from it, using it to infect other birds, then collecting cultures from those birds so he always had a ready supply of the disease at hand. • In 1879, Pasteur took a break, leaving the cholera-infected chicken heads lying on shelves in his lab, exposed to sunlight and air. When he returned months later, he tried to take cultures from the dried-out heads of dead chickens, but was disappointed to find that the healthy live chickens he tried to infect with cholera would get sick, but wouldn’t die. He had to go out and find freshly dead chickens who had recently been killed by cholera – and then he was even more perplexed when the same group of chickens who had previously refused to die of cholera would fail to even get sick when infected with a fresh virulent strain of the disease. From this discovery, the first vaccines were developed.

RECORD-BREAKING DOGS • World record for greatest number of tennis balls held in the mouth at one time: Augie, a golden retriever, at five tennis balls. • World record for greatest number of balloons popped in the shortest amount of time: Toby, a whippet, with 100 balloons in 28 seconds. • World record for the longest ears: Tigger, a basset hound, at 13.75 inches (34.9 cm). • World record for highest jump: Feather, a greyhound, at 74 inches (188 cm). • World record for running on hind legs only: Jiff, a Pomeranian, at 33 feet (10 m) in six seconds on his hind legs. • World record for running on front legs only: Jiff, the same Pomeranian, 16 feet (5 m) in 7.6 seconds. • World record for travel by scooter, with front paws on the handlebars and one hind leg pushing: Norman, a Briard, 100 feet (30 m) in 21 seconds. • World record for longest, fastest skateboarding: Jumpy, a border collie/blue heeler mix, at 100 meters (109 yards) in 19.65 seconds. • World record for farthest distance travelled on a surf board: Abbie Girl, a kelpie, at 351 feet (107 m). • World record for the tallest dog: Zeus, a great Dane, at 44 inches (112 cm) tall at the head. • World record for heaviest dog: Zorba, an English mastiff, at 343 lbs (156 kg). • World record for smallest dog: Milly, a Chihuahua, at 3.8 inches (10 cm) tall, weight 1 lb (.45 kg). • World record for number of clones made from a dog: Milly, the same Chihuahua, at 49. • World record for largest litter: Tia, a Neapolitan mastiff, at 24 (20 survived). • World record for longest tongue: Brandy, a boxer, at 17 inches (43 cm). . (cont'd pg. 7)

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Simmered Steaks --You may have doubts when you start stirring orange marmalade into the sauce, but trust us, it all works out perfectly in the end. 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 4 (4-ounce) lean minute or cube steaks 1 cup unsweetened orange juice 1 cup (two 2.5-ounce jars) sliced mushrooms, drained 2 tablespoons reduced-sodium ketchup 2 tablespoons orange marmalade spreadable fruit 1 tablespoon dried onion flakes 1 teaspoon dried parsley flakes 1. Place flour in a shallow dish and coat steaks on both sides in flour. Reserve any leftover flour. Evenly arrange coated steaks in a large skillet sprayed with butter-flavored cooking spray and brown for about 3 minutes on each side. 2. In a medium bowl, combine orange juice, mushrooms, ketchup, spreadable fruit, onion flakes, parsley flakes and any remaining flour. Spoon sauce mixture evenly over steaks. Lower heat, cover and simmer for 15 minutes or until steaks are tender. 3. When serving, evenly spoon sauce mixture over top of steaks. Serves 4. Freezes well. * Each serving: About 218 calories, 6g fat, 23g protein, 18g carb., 359mg sodium, 1g fiber; Diabetic Exchanges: 3 Meat, 1 Fruit, 1/2 Vegetable (c) 2019 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

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--DEAR PAW'S CORNER: I'm invited to a Yankee swap party with friends I met at the dog park over the past year. The theme is not presents for humans, but for our dogs. I don't want to get a gift that everyone else is buying, so what are the most popular pet items right now? That way I can hopefully avoid a duplicate gift. -- Cheri in Somerville, Massachusetts

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RECORD-BREAKING DOGS (cont) • World record for longest tail: Keon, an Irish wolf hound, at 30.2 inches (76.2 cm) • World record for oldest dog: Bluey, an Australian shepherd, at 29 years. • World record for longest eyelashes: Ranmaru, a labradoodle, at 6.7 inches (17 cm). • World record for most Frisbees caught and held in the mouth without dropping any: Rose, a lab/border collie mix, at 7. • World record for fastest walking with a soda can balanced on the nose: Sweet Pea, a shepherd/border collie mix, at 100 m (107 yards) in 2 minutes, 55 seconds. • World record for most expensive dog: Big Splash, Tibetan mastiff, $1.5 million. • World record for the largest number of dogs attending an obedience class: 390. • World record for greatest number of dog biscuits balanced on the nose at one time: Monkey, a mutt, with 26 biscuits. • World record for the greatest number of dogs simultaneously balancing a single biscuit on their nose: 109. • World record for biggest dog biscuit: Hampshire Pet Products, 617 pounds (280 kg), 19 feet long (5.8 m). • World record for greatest number of people saved from drowning: Swansea Jack, a black lab, at 27. • World record for richest dog: Gunther, a German shepherd, who inherited $106 million when his owner Countess Karlotta Liebenstein died in 1992. • World record for longest distance travelled by a lost dog to get home: Bobbie, a collieshepherd mix, at 2,551 miles (4,100 km) from Indiana to Oregon after getting lost on a family trip. • World record for most fan mail: Eddie, Jack Russel terrier, “Frasier.”

EVERYTHING MUST GO! # 7477 502 Pike St Marietta

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DEAR CHERI: If the item really is popular, I bet people won't mind duplicate gifts -dog booties come to mind as items that wear out quickly in the winter and are expensive to replace. For those not in the know, a Yankee swap (known as a Santa swap in other parts of the country) is a group gift-giving event where participants each bring a gift, then draw numbers to take turns picking a gift from somebody else -- or opt to swap their gift for another gift. Things can get a bit wild, I know, but that's how we party in the Northeast. The gifts are usually inexpensive -- less than $50. Concentrate on buying a practical gift that will make a dog more comfortable or happy. A box of treats, a raincoat or sweater, spare booties, a collar and leash, a chew toy or feeding bowl, or a stylish item like a bandanna or a bow tie. If your dog likes or needs something, then your friends' dogs are almost certain to like or need the same thing. And, since people rarely end up with exactly what they want at a Yankee swap, save a few dollars to buy something you think your dog will really like after the party.


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