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ing each before!! r s i s r t Tidbi than eve ails... s et n d tow for more Page 14 See EE!

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Volume 3, Issue #21

Locally Owned & Operated TIDBITS® LOOKS AT

Terrace East Show Suite



1pm to 3pm at 205 Fairford Street East with your host Lori Benson


Amber Tangjerd E.G. (Bub) Hill Lori Benson 306.681.9424 (306) 631-9966 306.681-8151 324 Main St. N. - Moose Jaw, SK Bus 306.694.4747 Fax. 306.694.6288

A Real Choice In Soft Water

Even a child can feel the difference. Culligan® Soft Water: • Reduces hard water spots on glass, shower doors, and bathroom fixtures. • Reduces corrosive build up on pipes and appliances. • Saves on cleaning costs and makes both skin and laundry feel softer.

270 Caribou St. W. 306-693-0606

W. J. Jones & Son Funeral Home • Crematorium • Family Centre In the Heart of the Community - with a Heart for the Community “For over 40 years I’ve witnessed the peace of mind Preplanning can make for families. I would be honoured to assist you.”

by Kathy Wolfe They creep, they crawl, they scuttle. This week, Tidbits studies up on the good, the bad, and the ugly of creepy crawlies of the world. • What makes a creature an insect? In order to be classified as an insect, it must have three body parts (the head, thorax, and abdomen), six jointed legs, two antennae, and an outside skeleton. That counts out spiders and centipedes! There are 1,017,018 known species of insects in the world, but experts feel there might be another nine million that haven’t yet been discovered. Ninety-five percent of all the animal species on Earth are insects. • Insects are divided into 32 orders, with beetles as the largest order. There are 125 different families of beetles, and half a million different species. Did you know that one out of every four animals on Earth is a beetle? In fact the world’s largest insect is a beetle found in South America, the longhorn beetle measuring 9.85 inches (25 cm). The world’s heaviest insect is also a beetle, the African Goliath beetle, which can weigh up to 3.4 oz. (96 grams). • There’s a difference between an insect and a bug. A bug is actually an insect with characteristics other insects don’t have, such as a stylet mouth (one that is shaped like a straw) that is used to suck plant juices. True Turn the page for more!

Want to run your own business? Publish a paper in your area, and become a part of the family.

Lew Young Funeral Director/PrePlanning Specialist

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106 Athabasca St. E. Customer Service & Business of the Year 2013


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Mystery Man


Tiffany Kober 306-631-2271

C o u p o n

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Join us between 10am-5pm on June 7th & enjoy a FREE HAMBURGER & POP. Many deals in store to show our appreciation.

306.692.4026 •

75 - 3rd Ave - Moose Jaw

Hours: Tues - Sat • 9AM - 6PM • Closed: Sun & Mon

Situated on 1.17 acres is the impressive 3200 Great 4 Level split in the quite town of Square Foot shop with in-floor heat and air- Caronport. Large home with a suite in the conditioning in both the offices and back shop! basement. Beautiful custom hickory cabinets.

The home boasts granite counters throughout. The main floor has a nice open concept encompassing the kitchen, dining area and living room complete with gas fireplace.

If you enjoy country living this property is for you. Only 20 min. from the city of Moose Jaw and close to the major plants in the Belle Plain area.

Amber Tangjerd E.G. (Bub) Hill Derek McRitchie Lori Benson 306.681.9424 306.631.9966 306.631.1161 306.681-8151 324 Main St. N. - Moose Jaw, SK Bus 306.694.4747 Fax. 306.694.6288



Wants to help your team or cause raise BARRELS OF CASH!!



June 7th from 10am-5pm Customer Appreciation Day!

Give us a call & see how we can help!


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BL Software 910 Fairford St. W 306-693-6411

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Q1 – JANUARY – 2014 – CANADA

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CREEPY CRAWLIES (continued): bugs have thickened front wings, which are C lien t: I n ter n atio n al D air y Q u een S p ace/S ize: 4-1/4” x 5-1/4” close Pcolored r o d u ct: $6 Meal Deal Promotion to the body, but clearer P u b s : N ewand s p ap er Fo r u s e b y N M F p ar ticip atin g lo catio n s o n ly. I s s u e: 2014 thinner at the wing’s hind end. Cicadas, aphids, Note: Please delete this information before placement. and stink bugs are truly bugs, but ticks, beetles, and flies are not. • Perhaps one of the most unpopular crawlies is the cockroach. It is one of the most adaptable creatures on Earth, which makes getting rid of them very difficult. There are more than 4,000 species of this pest worldwide. They are coldblooded and can live without food for a month. They can even survive for a week without a head. Because they breathe through little holes in each body segment, they don’t need a mouth or head to breathe. After a week of being unable to drink water, they die of thirst. A cockroach is able to hold its breath for 40 minutes, and can survive being under water for 30 minutes. No wonder they are so hard to get rid of! It doesn’t take long for a cockroach to spread bacteria throughout a home – they can run 3 miles per hour (4.8 kg/hr). Although the average cockroach is ½” to 2” long (1.3 to 5 cm), one South American species is 6” long (15.2 cm) and has a 12” (30.5 cm) wingspan. • In the British Isles, the ladybug is called the ladybird. The ladybug is a type of beetle that can be red, yellow, black, grey, or brown, depending on the species, and might have spots, stripes, or no markings at all. Red and orange ladybugs have seven spots, three on each side and one in the middle. The number Continued on page 6

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Gord Peakman

Gord Peakman

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ARIES (March 21-April 19): Your capacity for forgiveness is at an all-time high this week. Habitual schedules seem unsatisfactory and you may be feeling restless. A lack of money could cramp your style. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Remain skeptical of the advice you receive. You may be able to voice some convictions of your own this week, but arguing over the beliefs held by others could stir up trouble. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You could binge when buying in bulk. You could be convinced that you’re handling your money in a reasonable manner this week, but may overspend because you go to extremes. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Develop insights about business matters by catching up on a backlog of reading. Others may be able to sway your opinions this week with an appeal to your fair and generous nature. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): It might be a very good idea to review the lyrics of the Logical Song to prepare for the week ahead. People may make promises they can’t keep or come to decisions based on scanty facts. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Your enthusiasms are contagious and likely to set off sparks of friendliness with interesting new people this week. Adventures that provide a break from routine are in the stars. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): When something goes wrong, there are those who insist that it’s someone else’s fault, and refuse to take the blame. A lack of responsibility or extravagance could irk you in the upcoming week. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): You could be possessed by a wild urge to do something entirely foolhardy as a spotlight on finances causes friction. Keeping up with the Joneses’ will only cause problems this week. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Your inner wisdom receives an opportunity to grow and flourish in the week ahead. Your belief system may alter as you learn to test your viewpoints. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Thoughts are like bubble gum; you chew them until they lose their flavor and toss them aside. Refine and re-evaluate your views, and remain honest with yourself in the coming week. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Finances may be the focus of your drive and initiative this week, as you weigh the pros and cons of different ways to handle your budget. Take the lead from those you trust. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): A creative idea of yours is worthy of effort. Maintain your serenity, even if others are unreliable or if cash seems to slip through your fingers this week. Kindness and sympathy are assets.

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Hawaii Land & Sea January 18 – February 1, 2015 (15days)

80 Caribou St. W. 306-693-5117


Airfare included / 6 nights hotel accommodations in Honolulu Pearl Harbor / USS Missouri Memorial Deluxe Little Circle Island Tour / Dole Pineapple Plantation Polynesian Cultural Center including buffet dinner & “HA – The Breath of Life” 7 day cruise aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Pride of America” ship. Ports include Maui, Hilo, Kona & Kauai

Answers on page 15

Answers on page 15

Issue #21

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“The Bone Season” by Samantha Shannon Reviewed by Ealish Waddell Under the regime of Scion, having any psychic ability at all is a crime, but having a rare dreamwalking talent like Paige’s means an even bigger target on your back. Paige scratches out a dangerous living reporting on others for her underworld boss, but after she accidentally kills a Scion guard, that precarious protection is shattered. She is captured and taken away -- but instead of the execution she expects, she finds herself in a secret prison at the heart of a centuries-old conspiracy. It turns out there is an even greater power behind Scion, a godlike race called the Rephaim that wants not to destroy the voyants’ powers, but to control them for their own dark purposes.

of brutality and despair, where beasts lurk beyond the gates and monsters just as frightening hold the keys. Paige tries to look out for her fellow inmates while avoiding the attention of the cruel Rephaites, especially their vicious leader, who wants Paige’s ability for her own, and her inscrutable guardian, whose own motives are dangerously unclear. But Paige is a survivor, which is the power she’ll need most as she tries to get a handle on what exactly she is capable of and how far she is willing to go for her freedom. “The Bone Season” takes place in an alternate timeline that uses a dash of the supernatural to rearrange history into a completely unpredictable future. The story starts weird and just keeps getting weirder, and it requires some patience on the part of the reader to suss out how this world works.

The author claims this is the first in a planned sevenbook series, so there may be a ways to go before all secrets are revealed. But the questions are intriguing enough to suggest that the answers are worth waiting The penal colony is a hole for.

Somedays your the bug, Somedays you`re the windsheild.-Unknown

Moose Jaw`s Only Authorized BEAM CENTRAL VACUUM DEALER See the New Beam Alliance Central Vac Systems

◆We Do Installations, Parts and Services & Accessories ◆High Performance ◆Extremely Quiet ◆15 Year Warranty Come see our fantastic selection. 310 - 9th Ave NW


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Say You Saw It In Tidbits

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Issue #21

News from the Shelter

Moose Jaw Glass Windsheild Replacements

Volunteer at the Moose Jaw Humane Society

Auto Glass Specialists

Rock Chip Repairs SGI Accredited 30 Years Experience

Locally Owned & Operated 909-High Street West Bay #4 306-972-6909

Now that warmer weather is finally here, many people are looking for ways to get out and volunteer in the community, and there is no busier spot than the Moose Jaw Humane Society. Everyone feels the urge to do all they can to help the animals, and without the valuable contribution of our volunteers, the Humane Society simply could not do what we do. Certain jobs are done exclusively by staff, but there are still lots of ways you can help out. Volunteers are asked to fill out a volunteer form and provide a copy of their ID, and must go through a brief volunteer orientation with staff. Devoted to Dogs - Dog walking is the most popular way people choose to volunteer at the Shelter. It is a benefit to both the volunteer by providing exercise with a canine companion, as well as to the dogs through socialization and stimulation outside of the Shelter environment. Volunteers are asked to commit a minimum of 20 minutes for each dog walked. Volunteers must be at least18 years old to participate in the Dog Walking Program. Volunteers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Dog walkers are asked to visit the Shelter during pet viewing hours (noon to 5 p.m.). Cat Cuddlers - Cat cuddlers spend one-on-one time with the kitties at the shelter, either up close within their cages or in an approved shelter area. This program helps to enhance the lives of cats waiting for their forever homes and provides stress relief for longer-term cats by having a chance to stretch their legs and get some extra affection. It also helps socialize cats, which in the end makes them more adoptable. Shelter Helper (AKA “Dirty Jobs”) - Want to pitch in and help even more? Shelter Helpers help to wash and dry pet dishes, wash, dry, fold and put away pet bedding, sort recycling and deliver it to SARCAN. They can also assist with snow shoveling/removal, raking leaves or lawn mowing. The job of a Shelter Helper is much appreciated by the shelter staff, as having volunteers assist with these projects enables them to directly concentrate on animal care. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old or be accompanied by an adult to participate in the Shelter Helpers Program. Fundraising Events - The Shelter holds many special events throughout the year, which are so vital to raising funds to best care for the animals. Fundraising Volunteers help with event set-up, ticket selling, poster distribution, penny parade, book sorting or working in our book sales or Christmas shop. We are always looking for outgoing helpers and organizers. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, or be accompanied by an adult, to participate in Fundraising Events. To everyone who volunteers their time to help out the Humane Society, the staff and animals thank you from the bottom of their hearts!


We would love to share the rest of our lives with just “YOU”

Call 692-1517 for more information

Duke -

2 year old neutered Terrier Husky cross

This handsome man is full of happy vibes and good energy. Duke has won his way into everyone’s heart here at the shelter and we can’t get enough of his kind soul. Duke spends his days bombing around the back yard with his friends as if to remind us that there’s a whole lotta silly in that big heart of his. Great with other social dogs, this boy is calm, gentle and looking for a new family that is just as carefree as he is. Duke remains so focused on discovering new joys we know that this boy will provide some lucky family with a life time worth of adventures! Duke does well with children and other dogs but will have to go to a home with NO cats.


- 1 1/2 year old Shepherd Rottweiler cross Molly is a young girl with a great sense of humor about herself, about people, about life in general. She is one of those dogs that simply loves life and loves to be involved in every aspect of it. Molly is a dog on the go who will need daily exercise to help get rid of her energy. Molly has lived with other dogs and kids. Though she gets excited when you first meet her, Molly does calm nicely and does well in the house. Molly would benefit from continued training to help her polish up on her impulse control when meeting new people. Someone is going to win the jackpot by adopting Molly and receiving her kind of devotion!

Connor -

M e a d ow

Ella - 2 1/2

year old spayed female

Ella’s adoption has been sponsored by a caring member of the community!

Ella just can’t catch a break. This sweet little girl still hasn’t found the right home but she hasn’t given up hoping yet. Ella is a very vulnerable cat, and really needs someone with the patience and love to bring her out of her shell. She is quite shy and scared but if you give her some time and love, she will reward you with her devotion for life! We just wish someone else would come and fall in love with this lovely cat.


- 2 year old spayed Shepherd Rottweiler cross Annie will wiggle his way into your heart with one meeting. She is very playful, fun and affectionate. Annie can’t wait to get her life started with someone who loves discovery and adventure as much as she does. Annie is at the perfect age where she is calm and has great house manners but still loves playtime! Looks aren’t the only thing this beautiful girl has going for her. Eager to please and with great obedience skills this girl would make a wonderful companion and addition to any family. Annie would love a family to include her in all their daily activities and help her regain her womanly figure! If you are looking for a well-mannered soul to join your family Annie is the girl for you. Annie is good with children and other dogs but will have to go to a home with NO cats.

1 year old male Connor is the man with the golden purr. This golden boy is so handsome, and so loving, you will be won over by this guy in a flash. Connor somehow manages to be long and lean and soft and fluffy at the same time! We think he is around a year old, still pretty kittenish but so full of personality that is just bursting to get out of the kennel. Can you make room for this special guy?

Your Weekly Pet Page Sponsored By

FIELD Plumbing & Heating


520 Fairford Street West • 306-693-6671 RESTORE WALK-IN TUB

The Restore minimizes the risk of slipping and falling. The Restore is taller than a standard tub with a water-tight door. Because of its innovative design, even users with limited mobility are able to enter and exit easily.


• Water-tight, inward swinging door with Lifetime Guarantee on the seal gives users with limited mobility a safe and easy entry and exit • Available in Soaker, Whirlpool, Air Bath and Combination Bath • Outstanding Protection - 10 Year Warranty on shell, 5-Year labor warranty on all factory in stalled components, lifetime warranty on the door seal

- 2 year old male This is one hefty cat. Meadow is a quite large black and white male cat with a very distinctive squawky voice that he is not afraid to use in his efforts to persuade someone to adopt him! He’s big, he’s tough, and he’s squawky, and his personality shines through as secretly being just a big squashy baby who would love to curl up on an easy chair with you.

Issue #21

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St. E. a b o anit 28 - M ents





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20% OFF C-RAMS PROPANE (306) 691-0930 • 1621 Stadacona St W


Come Early!!

keepsake! Here’s more to get your grilling season started. ¥ “Bring a distinctive towel to a pool party so that you will know where your towel is. You can make an extra-large towel by sewing two smaller towels together, too.” -- U.A. in New York ¥ It’s barbecue time, and here’s a fun, festive idea for your next backyard shindig: For each guest, stuff a mason jar with a clean bandana (for a napkin) and a set of silverware. Write the name on the jar with a silver paint pen made to stick to glassware. Cute, functional and a

May 30th 10pm - Close

draw a thick line of chalk (sidewalk chalk works great!) as a boundary. Ants don’t like to cross a chalk line and will leave your patio party alone.

¥ “Set out wasp attracters at the far reaches of your yard so that the wasps will be busy out there and not attacking your ¥ “For a really fun take on kebabs, use guests.” -- T.C. in South Carolina fruit instead of meat. The kids especially love fruit on a stick. If you have some neat ¥ Use a muffin tin on the table to serve cookie cutters, use them to cut watermelon condiments. For larger portions (like into different shapes.” -- M.M. in Michigan lettuce, onion slices, maybe pickle spears), set a cup down in the muffin well. ¥ To keep ants from invading your patio,

Answer on page 15

Answers on page 15

Nasty Little Boy A policeman caught a nasty little boy with a bb gun in one hand and a snail in the other. “Now Listen here,” the policeman said, “Whatever you do to that poor, defenseless creature I shall personally do to you” “In that case,” said the boy. “I’ll kiss it’s butt and let it go”

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Issue #21


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High in Protein Vitamin K Vitamin D Vitamin A Anti-inflammatory


Every Tuesday at

Fish & Chips 306.692.8999 1711 Main St. N.

of spots has nothing to do with this beetle’s age. The number and placement of spots are determined by its species and are fixed well before the ladybug is born. • Many countries, including Russia, Turkey, and Italy consider the ladybug a sign of good luck and those folks will make a wish when one is sighted. Ladybugs are very useful creatures, as they feed on aphids and other garden pests. • Termites cause nearly $5 billion in damage every year. These wood-destroying insects can destroy a home from the inside out before a homeowner even notices. Add up the weight of all the humans on Earth, and it will be less than the total weight of all the world’s termites! About 10% of the world’s animals are termites. Damp wood is an ideal nesting place for termites. So avoid infestation by dealing with leaking plumbing issues immediately. Be sure water drains away from the house, don’t stack any wood next to your home, and keep an 18” (45 cm) gap between soil and your foundation. Although termites can be extremely destructive, they can be ecologically beneficial. They break down dead and decaying trees in the forest into rich new soil. • Another 10% of the world’s animals are ants, with at least 1.5 million ants for every human being on the planet. There are more than 12,000 species of ants, and they can be found on every continent except Antarctica. One acre of Amazon rainforest is home to up to 3.5 million ants. Ants are hardy creatures, able to survive 24 hours underwater, with many varieties able to swim. They are the longest living of all insects, with a life span of up to 30 years. When seeking food, the colony sends out a scout ant, who wanders about until it finds a food source. After eating some of the food, the ant heads back to the nest in a straight line, leaving a trail of secreted pheromones, a scent that the other ants will be able to follow back to the food. • Massive communities of ants called supercolonies have been discovered stretching for thousands of miles, with the largest ever found over 3,750 miles (6,000 km) wide. Ants are capable of carrying 5 times their body weight with their mandibles. • The 40,000 different species of spiders are arachnids, not insects, since they have eight legs and only two body segments and have no antennae. While birds and bats eat a significant amount of insects, spiders eat more than those combined. • The largest species of tarantulas have a leg span of nearly 10 inches (25.4 cm) and have been known to kill mice, lizards, and birds. When tarantulas feel threatened, they defend themselves by throwing needly, barbed hairs at their attackers. Being hit by one of these causes an irritating rash and sometimes an allergic reaction, but very rarely does it result in death. Tarantulas molt continually, replacing their exoskeletons as they grow. This gives them the ability to even regenerate legs that have been lost. They are very fragile creatures, and a fall from a short height can easily kill them. The female tarantula can live 20 years in captivity and 30 years or longer in the wild. However, males have an average lifespan of between five and ten years.

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Sales • Service • Installation

• We install Wall Mount TV’s • TV Remote Problems - We Solve Them

Accu Installs

306.690.1077 Serving South Central Saskatchewan

Mark Antonichuk - Moose Jaw


Oxygen For Living

Located at 209 Main St. N. Call for Appt: 306.631.2222

Therapeutic Health Treatments


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of moose jaw

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Real estate Page 605A Main St. N., Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0W6


e-mail – web –

Excellent commercial Distinguished living property with access at an affordable price! and exposure to the Close to Sunningdale TransCanada school in Moose Jaw. highway, Moose Jaw. Finished up and Main floor area 17,402 down. The covered sq. ft., plus 5,158 sq. ft. deck opens up to a mezzanine. large yard. Make this For sale or lease. beautiful home yours.


Did you know that famous funny-man Dan Aykroyd hails from Canada? Here’s the scoop on this Ontario-born actor, comedian, and screenwriter. • Aykroyd was born in Ottawa on Canada Day, July 1, 1952. His father, a civil engineer, was a policy advisor to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, while his mother worked as a secretary. Dan was born with two unusual physical characteristics, syndactyly, meaning he has webbed toes, and heterchromia – his right eye is green and his left eye is brown. • It was Aykroyd’s original ambition to become a priest, and he attended Catholic academies until age 17. He switched gears and decided, as the grandson of a Canadian Mountie, to study criminology and sociology at Carleton University, although he dropped out before finishing. For a time, he worked as a mail sorter for the Canadian postal service, as a train brakeman, and as a surveyor. • Aykroyd started out in comedy in assorted Canadian nightclubs. He met John Belushi in Toronto where Belushi was scouting out talent for the National Lampoon series. In 1975, the pair were hired for the new late-night show Saturday Night Live. Aykroyd, hired as a writer and doubling as a cast member, was just 23, the youngest on staff. For the program’s first four

Character home with Modern living with all Excellent property in Historic Elegance! family needs at its the bells and whistles!! town of Coronach!! Lot Modern Restoration! is 157’ x 190’. Beautiful focus!! This property This completely This character home trees surround is located in Moose renovated mobile home has been extensively tastefully decorated Jaw’s Avenues close to in Moose Jaw is being renovated while bungalow plus a large sold with all brand preserving its Heritage schools, parks and all double garage amenities. Featuring 5 new furnishings and all appeal. Located in completely finished bedrooms, 3 bathrooms appliances!! Too many Moose Jaw’s inside. Must be seen!! and lots of updates! updates to list! “Avenues”!

seasons he established himself as a talented impersonator, famously mimicking Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Julie Child, and Rod Serling. He was the well-known father of SNL’s Conehead family and one of the “wild and crazy guys” alongside Steve Martin. Aykroyd received an Emmy Award for his writing in 1977, and four other nominations during his tenure. He and Belushi created the black-suited, sunglasswearing Blues Brothers duo for the show and took it to the big screen in 1980 with a highly successful movie. AYKROYD (continued): • The idea of Ghostbusters came to Aykroyd from his fascination with the paranormal after reading an article about quantum physics. He and fellow actor Harold Ramis wrote the script in a Martha’s Vineyard bomb shelter, tailoring the roles to fit John Belushi, Eddie Murphy, and John Candy. When Belushi died of a drug overdose in 1982 and Murphy and Candy were unavailable, the script was tweaked and Bill Murray, Ramis, and Aykroyd starred in the 1984 smash hit and its 1989 sequel. • In 1989, Aykroyd switched to a dramatic role in the classic Driving Miss Daisy and received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his efforts. • Over the years, he has continued writing and acting, and occasionally appearing on Saturday Night Live. He last appeared as guest host of SNL in 2003. • In keeping with his love of the blues, in 1992,

Aykroyd co-founded a nightclub in Cambridge, Massachusetts called The House of Blues, an operation that has grown into 13 locations. He also owns several wineries in Canada’s Niagara region. • Aykroyd’s wife Donna Dixon, whom he married in 1983, was a former Miss Virginia in 1976 and Miss District of Columbia in 1977. The couple has three children. Although a permanent resident of the United States, he retains his Canadian citizenship and maintains an estate on Ontario’s Loughborough Lake. Every year, he spends his Canada Day birthday performing civil service in Kingston, Ontario, including swearing in new Canadian citizens.

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Phone: 306 631 5283 306 690 9282 Fax: 306 693 2792 email:


Schedule your FREE In-Home Consultation today or stop by our showroom to see our newest roller shades & INSPIRED DRAPES collection!

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Tasty extra virgin olive oils & balsamic vinegars More Spring and Summer Yummy Ideas from Oliv Tasting Room All around us the signs of the warm weather are awakening our senses. Barbeques are firing up in backyards, lawnmowers are roaring to life again, the chatter of friends and family out for a visit on decks and patios can be heard almost every night, and the laughter of children out with their bikes, sidewalk chalk and games are music to our ears.

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by Samantha Weaver

¥ It was beloved “Peanuts” cartoonist Charles Schulz who made the following sage observation: “Life is like a 10-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use.”

¥ If you’re like the average American, you will consume 22 pounds of lettuce this year. ¥ You might be surprised to learn that some fish can hibernate. During the long, dark winters, the Antarctic cod will burrow under the seabed and stay there for days at a time, cutting its metabolism by two-thirds. ¥ The name of the state of Wyoming comes from the Algonquian word chwewamink, which translates as “at the big river flat.” ¥ If you pay attention to politics at all, you’ve almost certainly heard the term “gerrymander” used to describe the practice of carving

Issue #21

up electoral districts in such a way that one party has an advantage. You probably don’t know, though, how that term entered the lexicon. In 1812, a new district in Essex County, Massachusetts, was created, and a journalist thought the twisting boundaries caused the district to resemble a salamander. A cartoon highlighting the resemblance was created, and because the party that did the redistricting was led by Gov. Elbridge Gerry, the practice was dubbed “gerrymandering.” ¥ Even the world’s best high jumper is unable to stay in the air for more than a single second. ¥ Before he became a comedian and actor, Bob Newhart worked as an accountant at the Illinois State Unemployment Office. ¥ Those who keep track of such things say that Elvis Presley had 18 TVs at Graceland. One of them was installed in the ceiling over his bed. *** Thought for the Day: “It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” -- Carl Sagan

So when those little ones, warm from all their endless playing, come in from outside they will be thirsty and looking for a refreshing, cold drink. Instead of handing them a sugar can of pop, or a juice box try this wonderful drink recipe which is not only healthy,but is sure to please even the youngest of palates.

r e m m u Oli v’s S ine Sunsh de a n o m le You will need the following simple ingredients… *1 cup of lemon juice *1 cup of cranberry juice *Oliv’s Grapefruit White Balsamic Vinegar *water To make simply combine the lemon juice and cranberry juice in a pitcher, then fill the pitcher with water and drizzle in Oliv’s Grapefruit White Balsamic Vinegar to taste! Then serve and enjoy. This delightful lemonade is sure to satisfy both the young and young at heart! For extra excitement try out any of Oliv’s White Balsamic Vinegar line including store favorites Tropical Passion and Pineapple! So get outside to finally enjoy the warm weather, and know that when you have a pitcher of Oliv’s Summer Sunshine Lemonade waiting for you inside you certainly have a treat to quench your thirst and make you smile. ~Sunshine and Smiles from the Oliv Tasting Room Moose Jaw team~


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Free tastings daily!

OLiV Tasting Room, Grant Hall, Moose Jaw 401 Main Street N Tel: + 1 (306) 972 3545 Store Hours: Mon - Sat: 10am - 6pm NOW OPEN: Sunday: 1pm - 5pm

Canadian Tid-bits

▶What Canadian hockey player is the only professional hockey player to have a career that spanned five decades? Gordy Howe, who played from 1946 – 1980. Gordy was ambidextrous, able to shoot equally well either left or right-handed. ▶One brother was a champion center, and another brother was a renowned goalie, and both brothers are in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Who are they? Phil and Tony Esposito. In 1998, Tony was ranked number 79 on The Hockey News list of the 100 Greatest Hockey Players, 61 places behind his brother Phil, who ranked number 18. ▶Hockey pucks are usually placed in a freezer for ten days prior to NHL games, because frozen hockey pucks bounce less and slide better. ▶Soucy Baron in Quebec produces the official hockey pucks used by the NHL. It is one of only a few hockey puck factories in the world. They produce about 5 million pucks each year. ▶When Fox television network held the NHL broadcasting rights for the U.S., they developed the “smart puck” which held integrated circuits which allowed television viewers to track its position on screen. The system debuted with much publicity in the All Star game at the Boston Fleet Center on January 20, 1996, but the system was shelved when Fox Sports lost the NHL broadcast rights three years later. ▶The all-time speed records for a hockey puck are held by Zdeno Chara who holds the NHL record of slapping a puck at 108.8 mph (175 km/hr), and Denis Kulyash who holds the world record when, during an All Star Game in Russia in 2011, he smacked the puck 110.3 mph (177.58 km/hr) ▶The gravestone for Thomas Thompson says, “Please walk on the grass.” Thompson was Toronto’s first parks commissioner. ▶Jimmy Claxton, the first black player to be depicted on a baseball card, was born in B.C. in 1892

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What do you call a wasp? A wanna-bee! What do fireflies eat? Light snacks!

D. & D. Quality Care

- Compression Stockings - Mastectomey Supplies - Specialized Bra Fittings - Sport Braces/Supports - Ankle, Knee, Back, Wrist & Elbow Braces - Bathroom Safety Supplies - Breast Feeding Supplies - Sheepskin - Custom Orders - And Much More!

Cher Duckworth Owner

Supplementary Health, DVA, WCB, and SGI Approved


After hour appointments available - call to book yours 11 Hochelaga St W. Moose Jaw

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Locations in

Moose Jaw • 1650 Stadacona St W 693-4334 Regina - 359-1964 • Warman - 934-3880



Paramedic Services Week

May 25-31, 2014 “Our Family Caring for Yours”


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24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year… PARAMEDICS are there when you need them!

Paramedic Services Week is a time to take a moment to acknowledge the dedication and commitment paramedic professionals deliver to the public as a part of the healthcare team; there when you need them and there to help!

PRESSURE WASHERS 4930707/033011

STARTING THIS WEEK: “ENDLESS LOVE’’: Also the source of a 1981 Brooke Shields movie that yielded a classic title song (no trace of which is found here), Scott Spencer’s novel also is the basis of this passable update starring Alex Pettyfer (“Magic Mike’’) as a young man whose involvement with a former classmate (Gabriella Wilde, “Carrie’’) leads her to change her plans for her future ... which makes her father (Bruce Greenwood) determined to break them up, with unforeseen results. Joely Richardson and Robert Patrick also star. DVD extra: “making-of ’’ documentary. *** (PG-13: AS, N, P) (Also on Blu-ray and On Demand) “STALINGRAD’’: Originally shown in 3-D and IMAX, this drama by renowned director Fedor Bondarchuk (son of iconic filmmaker Sergei Bondarchuk) examines the World War II invasion of the title city from several perspectives ... those of the Russian soldiers trying to protect it, a civilian who remains there and the German military men determined to overtake the locale. The highest-grossing movie in its native country to date, the film includes Thomas Kretschmann (“King Kong,’’ TV’s “Dracula’’) in its cast. DVD extra: “makingof ’’ documentary. *** (R: V) (Also on Blu-ray) “THE BOB NEWHART SHOW: THE COMPLETE SERIES’’: In one of the classic sitcoms of the 1970s - back in the days when Saturday nights were a television powerhouse - famously low-key comic Newhart transfers his persona onto the role of Dr. Bob Hartley, a Chicago psychologist. He has a level-headed schoolteacher wife (Suzanne Pleshette), an airline pilot neighbor (Bill Daily), a dentist (Peter Bonerz) sharing his office suite, and a wisecracking receptionist (Marcia Wallace). Jack Riley and John Fiedler also gets considerable laughs as a couple of Hartley’s patients. Still funny after all these years, the show is bound to stir nostalgic feelings for more than a few viewers. *** (Not rated: AS) “CIMARRON STRIP: THE COMPLETE SERIES’’: It lasted only one season on CBS (1967-68), but this Western was distinctive for several reasons ... one evident in the opening credits, a theme by celebrated movie composer Maurice Jarre (“Doctor Zhivago’’). Also, it was one of the rare 90-minute series, and star Stuart Whitman was among its producers. He plays Marshal Jim Crown, who tries to keep residents of the Kansas frontier region safe. Jon Voight, Robert Duvall and Telly Savalas are among the many guest stars. DVD extra: interview with Whitman. *** (Not rated: AS, V) “THE KENNEDYS: TRIUMPH AND TRAGEDY’’: Two programs related to the legendary political family are compiled in this box set, along with memorabilia connected to the JFK assassination. “The Kennedys’’ is a two-part documentary that uses the lives of John, Robert and Edward (aka Ted) as springboards to profile the entire clan, while “Oswald’s Ghost’’ uses interviews - with Dan Rather and author Norman Mailer, among others - to reconstruct that fateful day in Dallas in November 1963. *** (Not rated) “PIONEERS OF TELEVISION: SEASON 4’’: Shown recently by PBS, the fourth of the miniseries detailing home-screen history starts with a look at stand-up comics who transitioned to sitcom success, such as Jerry Seinfeld, Roseanne Barr and Bob Newhart. Other episodes consider medical shows (with actor Chad Everett’s final interview included), the TV styles of such comedians as Robin Williams and Tina Fey, and the racial barrier breakthroughs made by such stars as Desi Arnaz and Bill Cosby. *** (Not rated)

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Paramedic professionals are well trained with specialized skills to bring healthcare outside the hospital environment to YOU, where ever you might be! Local paramedics are dedicated to serving the city of Moose Jaw, town of Central Butte and surrounding communities in providing the best public safety and medical assistance anytime, anywhere! With over 25 paramedics on staff, 125+ volunteer first responders, support services of the Moose Jaw Fire Department and Police Services, and with over 4500 calls for service every year, Moose Jaw & District EMS strives to deliver the highest caliber of emergency medical service to the communities and residents it serves when called. This year, Moose Jaw and District EMS is delivering a number of community events in the city of Moose Jaw and town of Central Butte to recognize the week long recognition of Paramedics!


Monday May-26-14 • 9am-12pm Free Blood Pressure and Glucose (Sugar) Check at Timothy Eatons Center Tuesday May-27-14 • Elementary School Presentations delivered by duty Paramedics Thursday May-29-14 • Teddy Bear Clinics at several local daycare centers • Children will be able to bring their favorite teddy bear to get a “check-up” Friday May-30-14 • 11:30am-1pm EMS BBQ (Co-Op Grocery Store) • $5.00/lunch (hamburger/hot dog and drink) • All proceeds going to the Moose Jaw and District Senior’s Center


Monday May 26-14/Tuesday May 27-14 Teddy Bear Clinics Children will be able to bring their favorite teddy bear to get a “check-up” Wednesday May-28-14 • Paramedics serving lunch in Central Butte at Iver Main Place Thursday May-29-14 • Paramedics providing and cooking lunch to residents of Regency Manor • •

Follow us on Twitter for more information on events of the week! @MJparamedics and @moosejawEMS Brought To You By:

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“Recycle Today For A Better Tomorrow!”

“Your Recycling Headquarters for ALL your scrap metal” FREE DROP OFF BIN LOCATED AT:

8TH & High St. W. •Easy Unloading Bin •Open 24/7 •Clean & Convenient Access •No Drop Off Charge •Conveniently Located In The Centre Of The City

WE ACCEPT: •Bikes •Brass •Radiators •Appliances •Barbeques •Pots & Pans •Machinery •Batteries •Vehicles •Taps & Sinks •Aluminum •Eavestroughing •Lawn Mowers •Copper Pipe ALL METAL PRODUCTS

Supporting Our Community Canadians throw out enough recyclable glass bottles every month to fill up a giant skyscraper. The recycling of just one glass bottle results in enough energy savings to run a 100-watt light bulb for four hours. It takes about 4,000 years for a glass bottle to completely decompose.

You were such a great companion, constant, loyal and true. My heart will always wear, the pawprints left by you.

Moose Jaw Humane Society Pet Cremation Services Professional Pet Cremation, With Dignity And Compassion

Advance Planning Available • Affordable Payment Options 1755 Stadacona Street West


Soap Review

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: After showing Brooke the revealing “selfie” of Bill and Quinn, Ridge punched Bill in order to leave the Middle East with Brooke, but his actions had horrifying repercussions. Brooke looked on as a terrible “accident” occurred over the Persian Gulf. As Bill phoned Liam to let him know about Ridge, Brooke relayed the life-changing news to Katie, who put all the blame on Quinn. Meanwhile, the manipulator of the plan and his pilot discussed their role in the accident. Hope saw a violent side of Wyatt when he punched Liam, who stood by his comments regarding Quinn. The confrontation prompted Hope to make an important decision about her love life. Quinn vowed to Wyatt that she won’t let him be punished for her actions. Coming: Katie demands answers. DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Revelation of the truth about Nick’s murder forever changed several people’s lives. As Nick’s killer prepared to spend life in prison, the person made one last shocking confession. Faced with Eric, who was furious over her deception, Nicole pleaded for his forgiveness. Brady lost control when John attempted to come between him and Theresa. As the fight escalated, Theresa watched the fireworks. Marlena learned a startling secret about a family member. Acting protective of Rafe, Sami lashed out at a stunned Jordan. Ben became alarmed when Paige recognized him. Emotionally overwhelmed by recent events, Hope broke down in Aiden’s arms. Coming: Life in Salem has been changed forever. DEVIOUS MAIDS: Nicholas asked Marisol an unexpected question. As all her secrets lay on the verge of exposure, Opal appealed to Ethan for help. Valentina was caught in the middle when Evelyn and Adrian tried to outsmart each other, pursuing their own agendas. Carmen and Spence had to deal with Ty’s misbehavior. Lucinda and Rosie argued about her behavior. Awkward was the word of the day when Genevieve invited Zoila and Javier to dinner. Coming: Ty’s interest in Carmen spins out of control. GENERAL HOSPITAL: While Sam and Silas reached a new level of intimacy, Nathan was torn over sharing his news about Nina with Silas. After Sonny demanded that Ava prove her claim, she and Carly got into a fiery battle, prompting Sonny to intervene and lay down the law to Ava. Nathan offered moral support at Maxie’s custody meeting with the judge. Later, as Maxie and Nathan shared a close moment, they were interrupted. Sonny begged Morgan to forgive him for sleeping with Ava, leading Morgan to share his torn feelings with Kiki. Alexis brought difficult news to Molly about Ric. Julian promised to protect Lucas, while Molly grew suspicious of Julian. Coming: Silas and Sam face unexpected obstacles to happiness. MISTRESSES: On the season premiere, Savi, Karen, April and Joss welcomed change following the events that had altered their lives. Eight months after having cheated death,

Issue #21

Savi made the most of her second chance. Karen struggled to rebound from personal and professional losses. Joss tried her hand at a new job, planning parties for wealth residents of Los Angeles. April’s life became interesting when her old friend Mickey returned to town and pushed her into making several changes. Coming: Joss’ job brings her challenging situations. THE NIGHT SHIFT: TC intended to do whatever it took to save the life of a sheriff ’s deputy, bringing in a specialist over Ragosa’s objections. Kenny dealt with an injured groom who has been hiding a secret from his bride. Faced with a boy showing suspicious injuries, Dew and Landry suspected the mother of being responsible, but the truth turned out to be more complicated. Jordan had her hands full keeping peace in the ER. Coming: Ragosa has an ugly confrontation with his staff. THE ORIGINALS: On a rebroadcast, Klaus and his sister Rebekah joined forces attempting to unravel Marcel’s empire from within, despite Elijah’s concerns. To that end, they enlisted help from Sophie, who was reluctant to get involved and incur the wrath of Marcel’s secret weapon, the powerful young witch Davina. Rebekah provoked Marcel’s anger when she deliberately invited an oblivious Cami to a huge vampire party being thrown by Marcel. Hayley learned from the witch Sabine that the potential existence of a hybrid baby is causing huge reactions among the city’s supernatural inhabitants. Coming: Davina refuses to remain being kept under lock and key. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, Damon enlisted Sheriff Forbes to help him find Stefan, without telling Elena that his brother is missing. Elena and Caroline tried to discover who is covering up a campus murder. Elena learned intriguing information about Professor Wes Maxfield, who will come to play a very important role in the lives of her and those she loves. As Jeremy struggled to return to his old life, he tried in vain to convince Bonnie to allow him to reveal that she had sacrificed her life for his. With Silas searching for Katherine, despite Damon, Matt and Jeremy’s efforts to keep her hidden, things quickly spun out of control. Coming: Katherine has only begun to create problems. YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Stitch decided that it’s time Victoria knows about his past. Meanwhile, Billy asked Chelsea to get Stitch out of Victoria’s life, once and for all. Tyler deleted a text message from Mariah saying that she needs him. As Tyler attempted to win Abby back with a kiss, she remained unsure about being able to trust him. Cautioned by Avery not to get involved with Austin, Summer ignored the warning and met up with him, resulting in things heating up between them. Avery confronted Ian Ward. Jill and Colin sought information about Katherine’s necklace, but Colin’s plan went awry. Devon was stunned to overhear Hilary tell Neil that she’s ready to move in with him. Following an emotional kiss, Victor asked Nikki to move back to the ranch. Coming: Sharon gets closer to uncovering her secret.

Issue #21

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For Advertising Call (306) 693-1269 Issue #21 Pack a Week’s ✴ General Accounting Worth of ng ✴ Income Tax Services i t n u Salad-In-ao cc A Jar Call rch u Food is a real and 306-691-6633 Ch

delicious way for people to share themselves and engage with each other and a greater cause, as my neighbor, Emily Torgrimson, has found.

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There were two flies on a windsheild. One fly said to the other, ``I don`t have enough guts to do that again!`` Where’s the best place to buy bugs? A flea market! Why don’t vampires like mosquitoes? Too much competition!

b Bo

16-Lancaster Road Moose Jaw, Sask.

She is co-founder and executive director of Eat for Equity, a nonprofit that builds a culture of generosity through sustainable community feasts ( By inviting people to gather to eat and give what they can, the organization raises thousands of dollars for local and international nonprofit causes.

lunches, or use a large quart-size jar for a last-minute complement to an evening meal. Gather the ingredients and get layering. You’ll have salads for the week, with only a meal’s worth of clean-up and dishes.

No wonder I was eager to join her on a recent Sunday afternoon to prepare a week’s worth of “salad-in-a-jar.” Improvising with the resources at hand, she scanned the refrigerator for the forgotten carrot, leftover black beans and other fresh odds and ends of inspiration. She lined up a row of sparkling pint and quart size canning jars and together, we packed them to the brim. The carrot went into an Asian salad with sesame dressing, tofu, oranges, spring onions and spinach. The beans became a Southwestern salad with roasted poblano dressing, corn, tomatoes, cilantro and greens. The result was a rainbow shelf of grab-and-go meals.

the jar. 2. Layer small handfuls of your favorite raw vegetables such as grated carrots, chopped celery, sweet peppers, scallions and cucumbers on top of the dressing. 3. Add softer ingredients such as cubed tofu, pasta, grains, grated cheese, beans, cooked vegetables, tomatoes, citrus, berries and dried fruit. 4. Pack the remaining space with salad greens or spinach. Screw the lid on and refrigerate upright for up to 5 days. 5. To serve, shake the salad into a bowl. Add croutons and nuts, if you wish.

SALAD-IN-A-JAR BASICS For one salad, use a wide-mouth pint-size jar such as a Emily’s creative approach to cooking features flavorful and canning jar with tight-fitting lid. simple recipes for busy families and her own household, Here’s the hands-on fun: developed by cooking for hundreds of people in home kitchens. 1. Pour 1-2 tablespoons of salad dressing into the bottom of

NOTE: If you desire a salad with meat, fish or hardboiled Make salad-in-jar with your kids for healthy portable eggs, add it to the jar the same day you eat the salad.

History of the World By Mark Andrews

May 26: ON THIS DATE in 1896, Dow Jones established an index of 12 industrial stocks. In 1977, the blockbuster movie “Star Wars” debuted. May 27: ON THIS DATE in 1941, Britain’s Royal Navy sunk the German battleship Bismarck. In 1977, two Boeing 747s (flown by Pan Am and KLM Airlines) collided in the Canary Islands, killing 582 people. May 28: ON THIS DATE in 1934, the Dionne quintuplets were born in Ontario, Canada. In 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was opened to vehicular traffic. May 29: ON THIS DATE in 1919, Albert Einstein’s theory that gravity bends light was confirmed during the observation of a solar eclipse. In 1953, Mount Everest was first climbed by Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Sherpa guide Tenzing

Norgay of Nepal. May 30: ON THIS DATE in 1431, Joan of Arc, the teenage French war heroine condemned by the British as a heretic, was burned at the stake in Rouen, France. In 1889, the brassiere was invented. In 1922, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington was dedicated in a ceremony attended by the late president’s son Robert Todd Lincoln. May 31: ON THIS DATE in 1962, former Gestapo official Adolf Eichmann was hanged in Israel for his role in the Nazi Holocaust. In 1994, the United States announced it was no longer aiming nuclear missiles at targets in the former Soviet Union. June 1: ON THIS DATE in 1813, the U.S. Navy gained its motto when Capt. James Lawrence, commander of the frigate Chesapeake, said, “Don’t give up the ship” during a losing battle with a British frigate in the War of 1812. In 1980, Cable News Network made its debut.

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380 9th Avenue, Moose Jaw, Sk, S6H 4H4 Phone: (306) 692-6765 , Fax: (306) 691-6614 SNAILS

Since May 24 is National Escargot Day, let’s take a look at another creepy crawly, the snail. • Snails aren’t insects, but rather are gastropods, a member of the Mollusks phylum along with slugs and conches. Their one-piece shell is coiled or spiraled. Gastropods rank second behind insects in the number of named species. Snails are triploblastic protostomes, which is a fancy way of saying they are made up of three parts – one foot, a head, and an unsegmented body. • The thousands of snail species include land snails, sea snails, and freshwater snails. The French delicacy escargot is simply cooked garden snails. (The name escargot is the French word for snail.) They are prepared by removing the snails from their shells and cooking in garlic butter, chicken stock, wine, and thyme or parsley. The snails are then placed back into their shells and served with the sauce. • That little garden snail has 14,000 teeth, all of which are on its tongue. It hibernates during the winter while living on its stored fat. Although most ground snails are passive little

The Bebe Bump Maternity Boutique Your baby Harley-Davidson Supplier

We do custom maternity jeans! 305 Fairford ST. W (2 blocks west from safeway) 306-693-6632

vegetarians, sea snails are predators with a sharp tongue resembling a harpoon that injects a deadly venom into their victims. The poison of certain cone snails can kill a human. • Since a snail could never hope to escape a predator, if danger is nearby, snails can withdraw completely into their shells. A flat plate on the back of their foot called the operculum seals up the opening. • How can you tell a male snail from a female snail? The answer is…you can’t! A snail is actually both, as they are hermaphrodites, which means their reproductive organs enable them to both lay eggs like a female and fertilize them like a male. • Snails produce a thick slime as they move which protects them as they travel across any kind of terrain. They can even crawl across the edge of a razor and come out uninjured, due to this shielding lubricant. The slime also creates a suction that enables them to crawl upside down. • Everybody knows that snails are slow movers, but just how slow are they? The average adult moves along at about 0.04 inches (1 mm)

per second. Some travel at 0.0004 miles per hour. If those snails could circumnavigate the Earth, it would take upwards of 7,000 years. The speckled garden snail is the fastest, able to navigate at speeds up to 55 yards per hour (50.3 m), compared to just 23 inches per hour (54.4 cm) for most land snails. • Snails have very poor eyesight and cannot hear, so their senses of touch and smell are very important in the task of finding food. • The world’s largest snail is the Australian trumpet, a sea snail found on that continent’s northern and western shores. Its shell is as large as 30 inches (77.2 cm) in length, and the flesh can weigh as much as 40 lbs. (18 kg). The length of most species of snails ranges in size from a fraction of an inch to 12 inches (30.5 cm).

3 J’s Sprayfoam Insulation Harley Johnson t 306 630 2335 f 306 624 0843

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Bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of. These hardy pests can live for a year or more without eating and can withstand temperatures from nearly freezing to 122 degrees F (50 C). And they`re not just found in beds, they burrow in chair cushions, behind electrical outlets, in cracks around baseboards, and behind picture frames.

HAS EXPANDED!! “The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read”, is locally owned and operated. We believe “Service, Hard Work and Good Relations” with our customers and distribution areas are the KEY to the successful growth and readership of the paper and now we reach more towns that ever before! can now be found in the following towns: Ardill, Assiniboia, Avonlea, Brownlee, Central Butte, Courval, Drinkwater, Eyebrow, Keeler, Lafleche, Limerick, Marquis, Mazenod, Mortlach, Mossbank and Tuxford.


Individual & Family Counselling

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Lafleche Lions Fishing Derby

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Your Weekly Sudoku Sponsored By:

Taco Thursday

Dine In Only

REGISTRATION Adult Entry Fee: $25 At the Gazebo by the concession Junior Pool (16 & under) Saturday, June 14, 7-9pm Entry Fee: $15 Sunday, June 15, 7-9am

Pike Perch

Sunday, June 15/2014 7am - 3pm at Thompson Lake All saskatchewan fisheries regulations must be followed. TAGGED FISH EVENT

$40 Per Team - (Max of 4 per team) 1st - $2,500 • 2nd - $1,500 • 3rd - $1,000 PLUS - 7 fish guaranteed at $50 each. JUNIOR PRIZE ADULT PRIZE Top weight wins: Top weight wins: A TABLET 50/50 CASH PRIZE (depending on amount of entries)

For more information or to register call: or Justin Jason 306.472.7663


Do The Jokes ``Bug`` You ?

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Where do most ants live? In Antlantic City!

When do spiders go on their honeymoon? After their ‘webbing’ day!

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~ Community Events ~ MONDAY, MAY 26 TEEN WELLNESS CLINIC Public Health Services (107-110 Ominica Street West, Moose Jaw) Open Monday 2-5pm and Tuesday-Friday 2-4pm. Closed on Holidays. TUESDAY, MAY 27 TEEN WELLNESS CLINIC Public Health Services, 107-110 Ominica Street West from 2-4pm. Closed on Holidays. TAPS TOASTMASTER MEETING Join us from 7-8:30pm for a friendly cheerful way to get used to speaking and writing speeches. Also, as a result, your self esteem as well as public speaking will improve. Located in the SIAST Board Room. Contact Cathy Morrell at 306-630-7015. WEDNESDAY, MAY 28 USED BOOK & JIGSAW PUZZLE SALE The Moose Jaw Union Hospital Auxiliary will be holding a Used Book & Jigsaw Puzzle Sale and Penny Parade 8am to 8pm in the hospital lobby. Proceeds from this fundraising event will go toward the Auxiliary’s $250,000 pledge to purchase equipment for your new hospital. Books & jigsaw puzzles that are in good shape may be dropped off at the Hospital Gift Shop or arrangements can be made for pick-up by calling the Gift Shop at 306-694-0355. UNPLANNED PREGNANCY COUNSELLING Join us at the Informed Choices Pregnancy Center located at 251A High St. for a non judgemental unplanned pregnancy options counselling. For more information text Laurie at 306-690-8462 of email STEAK NIGHT Steak night at the Eagles Hall to raise fund for the upcoming Pow Wow being held June 14 at the skating oval put on by WACA (Wakamow Aboriginal Community Association) tickets by calling 306-693-0424. BIG COUNTRY TOASTMASTERS CLUB Toastmasters is an organization that encourages personal growth through public speaking and leadership. Located in the SIAST Board Room from 7–8:30pm. For more information contact Gisele Perrault at 306-681-3937. TEEN WELLNESS CLINIC Public Health Services, 107-110 Ominica Street West from 2-4pm. Closed on Holidays. CHURCH AT NEW LIFE CENTER We are a family focused church hoping to be an encouragement to all who desire to follow Jesus. Let us walk with you from 7-8pm. (916 Brown St.)TOPS – (TAKE OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY) TOPS Club, Inc. is the original, nonprofit, weight-loss support and wellness education organization. Our program is scientifically proven and has helped millions over the last 60+ years. This event repeats every Wednesday. Please email Carla at THURSDAY, MAY 29 USED BOOK & JIGSAW PUZZLE SALE The Moose Jaw Union Hospital Auxiliary will be holding a Used Book & Jigsaw Puzzle Sale and Penny Parade 8am to 8pm in the hospital lobby. Proceeds from this fundraising event will go toward the Auxiliary’s $250,000 pledge to purchase equipment for your new hospital. Books & jigsaw puzzles that are in good shape may be dropped off at the Hospital Gift Shop or arrangements can be made for pick-up by calling the Gift Shop at 306-694-0355. UNPLANNED PREGNANCY COUNSELLING Join us at the Informed Choices Pregnancy Center located at 251A High St. for a non judgemental unplanned pregnancy options counselling. For more information text Laurie at 306-690-8462 of email ZION’S SPRING GARAGE SALE You don’t want to miss this, something for everyone, lots of good stuff!!

Located in the Zion gym. Contact Jeannette for more information at 306-692-3842. TEEN WELLNESS CLINIC Public Health Services, 107-110 Ominica Street West from 2-4pm. Closed on Holidays. ROYAL CANADIAN ARMY CADETS This event is for 12 - 18 year old youth male and female, who are looking for new adventures. We work on skills such as teamwork, leadership and citizenship. Come check us out on Thursday evenings at the Moose Jaw Armouries or contact the Moose Jaw Armouries at 306-692-0551. COSMO BBQ First BBQ of the year from 5 – 7pm. Cost is $8 per person. Contact 306-692-6072 for more information. BEGINNERS CLASS OF SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING This class is at the Timothy Eaton Garden from 7-9pm and repeats until Thursday, Jun 5. FRIDAY, MAY 30 USED BOOK & JIGSAW PUZZLE SALE The Moose Jaw Union Hospital Auxiliary will be holding a Used Book & Jigsaw Puzzle Sale and Penny Parade 8am to 8pm in the hospital lobby. Proceeds from this fundraising event will go toward the Auxiliary’s $250,000 pledge to purchase equipment for your new hospital. Books & jigsaw puzzles that are in good shape may be dropped off at the Hospital Gift Shop or arrangements can be made for pick-up by calling the Gift Shop at 306-694-0355. UNPLANNED PREGNANCY COUNSELLING Join us at the Informed Choices Pregnancy Center located at 251A High St. for a non judgemental unplanned pregnancy options counselling. For more information text Laurie at 306-690-8462 of email TEEN WELLNESS CLINIC Public Health Services, 107-110 Ominica Street West from 2-4pm. Closed on Holidays. SPRING FASHION SHOW The spring fashion show will be from 1 – 3:45pm, tickets are $5. For more information please call 306-694-4223 or buy tickets at front desk (510 Main Street North) or email EARLY SAFETY TRAINING GOLF CLASSIC We are pleased to announce the first annual Early Safety Training Golf Classic for Prairie South Schools # 210 (PSSD) Boot Camps and Bursaries! The Early Safety Training Program assists youth in developing safety skills and attitudes that they can apply their entire lifetime, both on and off the job. Proceeds from the 2014 tournament will fund a special project with PSSD to provide Early Safety Training (First Aid, CPR, WHIMIS, and an elective) to approx. 100 local youth at no cost to the students. Please show your support for this project by participating in the 2014 Early Safety Training Golf Classic, to be held on Friday, May 30 at the Hillcrest Golf Course in Moose Jaw. Registration is from 11 - 12:30pm. Texas Scramble format, 1pm shotgun start. The entry fee of $125 per golfer includes 18 holes of golf, power cart rental, steak supper and tournament gift. Deadline to register is Monday, May 19 ZION’S SPRING GARAGE SALE You don’t want to miss this, something for everyone, lots of good stuff!! Located in the Zion gym from 10am – 12pm. Contact Jeannette for more information at 306-692-3842. SATURDAY, MAY 31 MOOSE JAW RIGHT TO LIFE’S ANNUAL WALK FOR LIFE Registration starts at 9:45am. Walk starts at 10:30am. Walk for Life is a great way to show support for the unborn. You can participate, volunteer, pledge and or donate. The Walk starts at Victory Church, goes to Manitoba Street then back to Victory Church, where lunch will be served and prizes given out. Contact Jean for more information at

306-694-0512. MAXI CRIBBAGE TOURNAMENT Registration is at 9:30am, games begin at: 10am. Cost is $10 per person and includes lunch. Located at the Cosmo Centre. ITALIAN – CENTER SUPPER Italian center supper doors open at 5:30am, supper at 6pm at the Timothy Eaton Garden. Tickets are $13 per adults. BRIDGE TOURNAMENT Bridge tournament from 9:30 – 3:30pm. Please register by Friday, May 30th, 2014 at 3pm. Cost is $12.50 per person and Includes muffins in the am and a hot lunch. Everyone welcome. For more information, please call 306-694-4223. SUNDAY, JUNE 1 SALVATION ARMY CHURCH SERVICE Please join us from 11am to 12:15pm as we meet together to sing, pray, and learn in worship. We also offer an evening service between 6:30 to 7:30pm as we sing, pray, and learn together in worship! This is a classic “hymn sing” style get together that meets in the basement of the Salvation Army Thrift Store. All are welcome! Wheelchair accessible. Please call by 5pm on Friday if you would like a ride to the service. CENTRAL LUTHERAN CHURCH 10:30am worship service. 10:30am Sunday School. YMCA HEALTHY KIDS DAY! Fun & Educational activities, healthy snacks, heart-pumping entertainment…FREE and open to all located at Elgin Park from 1 to 4pm. TREVOR BAKER IN CONCERT Country Gospel Music Singer/Songwriter,Trevor Baker, Chaplin Lutheran Church at 11am. Pancakes & Sausages served before service from 9am to 10:30am. Adults are $5 and children are $3. All are welcome to attend!! UPCOMING EVENTS REGISTRATION FOR LAFLECHE LIONS FISHING DERBY –SATURDAY, JUNE 14 & SUNDAY, JUNE 15 Registration at Gazebo by concession Saturday June 14, 7-9p.m. & Sunday June 15, 7-9am. Derby - 7am- 3pm at Thompson Lake, Sunday, June 15. LIBRARY BOOK CLUB MEETING – TUESDAY, JUNE 3 Moose Jaw Public Library is hosting the Library Book Club Meeting at 7:30pm at the Public Library. The featured book this month is A Train in Winter: An Extraordinary story of women, friendship and survival in World War II by Caroline Moorehead. “Compelling – Even history’s darkest moments can be illuminated by courage.” Copies of the book are available on a first-come-first-served basis from the Library for anyone wanting to take part in the discussion. Admission is free. Everyone is welcome. For further information please contact Donna at 306-692-2787. JUICING VS. BLENDING - THURSDAY, JUNE 5 Moose Jaw Public Library invites you to attend a program on Juicing VS. Blending with Lynne McNabb, Registered Nurse. The program will take place on from 2:30-3:30pm at the Public Library. Which is better: juicing or blending? Does one offer more health benefits than the other? Lynne McNabb, a Registered Nurse, will cover the benefits of each as both juicing and blending are very beneficial, but in different ways. Admission is free. Everyone is welcome. For more information please contact Donna or Karon at 306-692-2787. WRITER’S CIRCLE – WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4 Moose Jaw Public Library invites youth ages 10-18 for Writer’s Circle! Calling all burgeoning writers! Come on Wednesday, June 4th at 6.30pm at the Public Library for a night of reading, writing, and critique. Also, feel free to bring a piece of your own writing. No registration required. Admission is free. Refreshments will be served. For further information please contact Hannah at 306-692-2787.

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2006 TAHOE $12,758 2006 GMC ENVOY SLE $12,300 2006 JEEP LIBERTY SPORT $11,642 2006 PONTIAC MONTANA SV6 $8,995 2007 CADILLAC ESCALADES ESV $25,995 2007 GMC ADADIA SLT2 $18,148 2008 CHEVROLET HHR LT $12,127 $12,995 2009 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER LT1 2009 CHEVROLET UPLANDER $12,330 2009 GMC ENVOY SLT-1 $14,287 2010 BUICK ENCLAVE CXL $26,995 2010 CADILLAC SRX V6 $39,995 2010 HYUNDAI TUCSON GL $17,995 2011 CHEVROLET EQUINOX LS $21,481 2011 CHEVROLET EQUINOX 1LT $18,276 2011 CHEVROLET EQUINOX 1LT $23,039 2011 CHEVROLET TRAVERSE LS $21,295 2011 FORD FLEX SEL $18,995 2011 HYUNDAI TUCSON GLS $19,995 2011 MERCEDES BENZ GLK-CLASS $36,995 2012 Honda CRV $28,995 2012 LINCOLN MKX $33,995 2013 CHEVROLET EQUINOX LS $23,495 2013 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN 1500 LT $44,995 2013 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY $24,995 2013 GMC TERRIAN SLE 1 $25,131

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