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Laugh-A-Bit with Tidbits Diner: Is this milk fresh? Waiter: Fresh? Why, three hours ago, it was grass!


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May 9, 2014

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Stop scanning the help wanted section for a better job. Check out what we can offer you! Applying with LC Staffing is easy, our service is free and we have relationships with many of Missoula’s most reputable businesses. Think of us as your foot in the door. See current positions and apply on-line in the comfort of your own home. So relax this Sunday, and let us find you a better job.

May 9, 2014

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Shelters Aren’t Only Place to Volunteer DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I want to volunteer somehow to help pets in my area, but can’t really find any opportunities. I called the local shelter, and they said they aren’t accepting volunteers right now. Why not? I thought shelters were desperate for help. Where else can I look? -- Tanya J., via email DEAR TANYA: While some shelters accept any help that is offered, many have implemented more controlled volunteer programs. This allows them to have a better handle on which volunteers are available at certain times, who has more experience working with animals and who has less, and so on. A better question to ask your local shelter

is whether it has any volunteer programs available, now or in the near future, or any other opportunities to help. If not, you can ask if it is affiliated with a larger organization, such as the ASPCA, and find a contact there who has information about volunteer opportunities. Many shelters offer fundraising events that are more fun and less work. If you’re not able to give money to the cause, you could offer to help at these events. Or, you can participate in charity walks -- either by yourself or by rounding up a group of friends -- and raise money that way. Check your local newspaper for event listings and news from the local shelter. Many newspapers have an online component, and could have a lot more information on their website in a section reserved for the local shelters. Visit the veterinarian and look for a bulletin board in the waiting room. If there is one, there likely are notices posted about events and volunteer opportunities. Or you can talk to the vet or an assistant during your pet’s checkup about your interest in volunteering somewhere, somehow. Send your questions or comments to © 2014 King Features Synd., Inc.




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May 9, 2014

May 9, 2014

Tidbits of Missoula - - 406-546-2705

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Put Closet Doors Back on Track

Q: My apartment has closet doors that fold open on sliding tracks. Over the past month, the doors have started sticking and one is completely off the track and just swinging open. Is this hard to fix? Our maintenance guys aren’t so reliable. -- Mindy H., Atlanta A: If the slider attachment at the top of the door isn’t damaged, you should be able to easily put the bifold door back on its track. Reach up to the top of the detached door -- or climb onto a sturdy stepladder or footstool so you can reach -- and feel along the top near the front edge of the door. You should feel a round disc, or wheel, sticking up. Place your finger on top of the wheel and push down. If it’s springloaded, the disc will depress down and then spring back up. Check the bottom of the door as well. If the door opens along a top and bottom track, a similar wheel, or a simple metal pin called a pivot, will be located in the same position near the front of the door. It may or may not have a spring. If both wheels are in good shape, great. If either one is broken or missing, contact apartment main-

tenance to have them repair the door. Or, if they don’t respond, contact management and ask if they can either speed up the repair, or if you can do the repair yourself and have them take the difference off the bill (you’ll need to give them a receipt for parts and labor). Let’s start from the premise that both wheels are all right. It’s a pretty easy fix, made easier if a friend helps steady the door. If one of the wheels isn’t spring-loaded, carefully ease that rigid wheel into the corresponding track. Then reach up (or down) to the spring-loaded disc, depress it with one finger, and guide that part of the door back into its corresponding track, sliding your finger out of the way until the disc pops up into the track. Move the door back and forth a couple times to test it. What if the door doesn’t seem be straight? That can cause the wheels to stick in or jump out of the tracks. You can adjust the door in a number of ways: The Family Handyman website ( has a step-by-step description of how to do it. HOME TIP: To smooth a sliding door’s path, put a thin coat of wax or silicone spray on the wheels. Send your questions or home tips to ask@

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May 9, 2014

Tidbits of Missoula - - 406-546-2705

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is pleased to help these worthy causes

Tennessee Walking Horse Exhibitors Association of Montana

TWHEAM Sponsored Trail & Obstacle Challenge May 17 - May 18, 2014 11:00 am - 5:00 pm Daily Dunrovin Ranch, Lolo, Montana

EVENT NARRATIVE: The public is invited to come and watch a spectacular show of horsemanship. Tennessee Walking Horses are truly a breed apart and a memorable experience for all to see. For the rider and horse -- Challenge yourself and your horse to some classic and new obstacles designed for fun and for building a solid partnership with your horse. There will be a JACKPOT at the end of each day for those who really want to show off what they’ve got. You and your horse have the opportunity to win money! Tell your friends and be sure to sign up early as entries are limited, $60.00 per entry. Admittance to the general public is free so come early and enjoy great performances by each horse and rider. For additional information entrants may contact: Lisa and Jack Emory 406-961-1363. Please visit our website at Directions to the Dunrovin Ranch - From US-93 south bound turn left onto Lewis Clark Dr/Farm Lane (Just before the US-93/12 stoplight) -- Stay straight on Farm Lane and enter at the gate just past the church. North bound, just after the US-93/12 stoplight turn right on Lewis Clark/Farm Lane. Follow the signs.

BOATS / RECREATION VEHICLES Houseboat for sale. 36’ x 80’, hot tub on deck, one bedroom, full bath, kitchen, living room, wrap-around deck, well maintained. Located on Flathead Lake near Polson, MT. $125,000 or for rent @ $1,000/ week. Work 406-890-5510 or 406-309-5510. (5/2-4wk)

WANTED Used Queen Size Mattress - 406-745-2040 MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE: 2003, 883 Harley Sportster, 100 Year Edition, $4500.00 Obo, 406-240-1011, After 2:00 pm FOR SALE: 2009 HARLEY SPORTSTER. 1200CC Fuel Injected 4900 miles Orange AND Black $10,950 CALL ANTHONY @ 406-871-4585 OR RICK @ 406-261-8140

CARS & TRUCKS 1985 Ford C-600 Cabover, 372 cu. in. full propane engine, 18’ Flatbed/stake. Runs great, very well maintained, exceptionally clean, excellent brakes, radial tires w/lots of tread. Great hay hauler with heavy duty hitch. 406-873-4780 or C406-450-4760, Cut Bank, MT



2001 Chevy S-10 Pickup, Automatic w/4.3 engine, 3 doors, Tonneau Cover, Nice Stereo/CD, Everything works and it runs perfectly, Looks nice, Good tires, $3500.00 Cash Only, Superior, MT. 406-822-0138.

2008 SUZUKI BOULEVARDE C90 TRIKE - 1500CC, MIDNIGHT BLUE AND SILVER, 5600 MILES, $15,950, CALL ANTHONY @ 406-871-4585 OR RICK @ 406-261-8140

72 Chevrolet Blazer K-10 Converted to a High Boy - 383 STROKER MOTOR, 38” Mickey Thompsons, 8inch lift, built for sand racing, CALL ANTHONY @ 406871-4585 OR RICK @ 406-261-8140


1967 Chevrolet SS Camaro Convertible - Hurst Pistol Shifter, L78 396 engine, red with black stripes, All original, CALL ANTHONY @ 406-871-4585 OR RICK @ 406-261-8140

.308 Sako Forester Rifle, New in the box, Never fired, Split ring scope mounts. $1400. 406-546-2705.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere 1 - 440 with 6pack bored .030 Engine, Cheetah SCS Race Shifter connected to a Torque Flight 727 Transmission, All original drag car, CALL ANTHONY @ 406-871-4585 OR RICK @ 406-261-8140


1974 VW 4DR Convertible “The Thing”, yellow, new tires, excellent condition. $12,888.00, CALL ANTHONY @ 406871-4585 OR RICK @ 406-261-8140 1979 VW Pop-up Camper Van All original, in great shape. $13,888.00, CALL ANTHONY @ 406-871-4585 OR RICK @ 406-261-8140

.375 H&H Sako Finnbear Rifle, Never fired, Split ring scope mounts. $1700. 406-546-2705 BRIGGS WEE-LOADS ------- Small loads, up to 4 tons/3 yards per load, for delivery of Topsoil, Sand, Rock, Gravel, Compost, Landscape material. E.L. Briggs Enterprise, LLC 406-546-6262 or 273-2433 or LAWN & GARDEN Composting Red Worms, $25.00/lb plus shipping & handling. Worm tea $10.00/gl. Worm castings $1.00/ lb. For your garden or house plants, this is an Ecofriendly, inexpensive and oh so easy way to convert your yard and kitchen scraps into one of natures righest and finest natural fertilizers. A Grandmother and Grandson enterprise. Lolo, MT. 406-240-4753 (Worm tea & castings sold onsite only).

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Call for Information 406-546-2705

At click on the tab “Non Profit Events” Complete the application for your event. Events meeting the guidelines are listed for FREE


May 9, 2014


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RV Style Imagine hitting the open road by day and camping out under the stars by night, all within the comforts of home. That‘s traveling RV style, and for some, there‘s just no other way to go. With over 15,000 campgrounds in the United States, RV trips have become the way to travel for many, the baby boomers in particular. If you are considering joining them this year, here are some tips. Plan your route While seasoned travelers might choose to go wherever the road takes them, beginners should have some idea of where they are going to ensure a pleasant trip. Get out the road maps and travel guides. Check out the Internet listings and tourism boards. Find out where everyone wants to go and the best way to get there by RV. Don‘t forget about setting up camp for the night. Know where the best campgrounds are, pack the right road maps and make sure you have a GPS device. Select the right RV If you already own an RV, then you can skip this tip. If you don‘t, read on. Whether you‘re buying or selling, you will need an RV that can accommodate your needs. Think about the number of people you plan to take on the trip and future trips if you are buying, and select an RV that can accommodate them. There is nothing worse than being

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squished into a small RV on a super long road trip. Be aware that the larger RV you get, the more you will have to pay for it and the fuel to run it. You might want to also keep in mind that not every campground can accommodate a rather large RV. Renting also eliminates the dilemma of what to do with the dress after the wedding. You simply return it to the store. You don’t have to worry about finding a place to store your dress or coming up with the funds to have it preserved. No, you won’t be able to take it out of your closet and look at it lovingly from time to time, but that’s what wedding photos are for. When you feel like reminiscing, you can get out your wedding photo book and finger through the pages. You won’t be able to pass on your wedding dress either, but come on, how many daughters, nieces and granddaughters want to wear an out-of-style wedding dress? Do you? Pack for all scenarios RVs do break down, so make sure you have a roadside emergency kit complete with a fully charged cell phone and the number of a roadside service provider. Have a first aid kit as well and apparel for the weather. That‘s right. You‘ll want to check the forecast for your destination and make sure everyone brings the right apparel for the weather as well as the activities planned. You‘ll also want to make sure you have everything needed to break camp, along with personal items like CDs, DVDs and books.


Tidbits of Missoula - - 406-546-2705

May 9, 2014

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