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HARLEY FACTS by Kathy Wolfe

In honor of the 73rd annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally being held August 5 through 11, Tidbits checks out the facts on Harley-Davidson, founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. • In 1901, 21-year-old William Harley wrapped up a blueprint drawing of a single-cylinder engine designed to be attached to a regular bicycle frame. Two years later, with the help of his childhood friend Arthur Davidson, their first motorcycle rolled out of their first “factory,” a 10’ x 15’ wooden shed. Arthur’s brothers joined the company shortly afterward, boosting 1903’s production to three motorcycles. Eight cycles were sold in 1905, and 50 the following year. While the first Harley was black, customers in 1905 could choose black or the “Silent Grey Fellow,” Each had hand-painted stripes and a hand-lettered “Harley-Davidson Motor Company” on the fuel tank. • Harley-Davidson expanded to a new factory measuring 28’ x 80’ in 1906, and six fulltime employees were on staff. The next year, production increased to 150. Another new factory came along in 1913, boasting 297,110 sq. ft, compared to the 2,240 sq. ft. of the 1906 facility. The larger area enabled the company to produce 12,904 cycles that year.

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• Seventeen years after the first cycle rolled out of that wooden shed, Harley-Davidson was the largest motorcycle company in the world, with dealerships in 67 countries. Over 28,000 motorcycles were produced in 1920. • Of all the country’s motorcycle manufacturers in business in 1929, only Indian and Harley-Davidson were able to weather the stock market crash. Production at H-D dropped from 22,350 bikes to 3,703. Sales to police forces helped them survive the economy’s collapse. • H-D profited greatly from the use of their motorcycles during war time. Over 20,000 Harleys were used during World War I, and nearly 90,000 were put into service during World War II. • In 1946, foreign motorcycles hit the American market and the competition with British and Japanese bikes was fierce. British imports had a sportier appearance and were cheaper and more reliable. Favorable tax laws governing imports made these bikes even more attractive. Although Harley-Davidson introduced the Hydra-Glide with the Panhead engine in an attempt to compete, it was heavy and not as sporty. It didn’t take long for H-D’s market share to shrink to a mere 6% of the market. By 1950, 40% of the motorcycles in the U.S. were foreign-made. • Marlon Brando was 30 years old when he rode a British Triumph in the 1954 movie The Wild One, the story of a motorcycle gang terrorizing a small town. The film’s popularity did nothing to help the sales of Harleys. In an effort to combat the appeal of British bikes, in 1957, H-D introduced the Sportster, considered “father of the superbikes.” • The 1969 cult film Easy Rider featured Peter Fonda as Captain America riding a completely transformed H-D Electra-Glide with a Panhead engine. Four bikes were customized for the making of the film. Three were stolen before the movie was completed, and one burned. Fonda later restored the burned bike and today that chopper can be seen at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa. The Harleys ridden by the main characters in the film were purchased from the Los Angeles Police Department, as Harley-Davidson refused to provide free bikes for the movie. • The 1960s ushered in the customizing trend, but H-D failed to jump on the bandwagon in time. Their earnings faded, and the company was forced to go public, selling shares for the first time in 1965. In 1969, the family

relinquished control of the business they had owned for 66 years, selling out to the American Machine and Foundry Company for $21 million. AMF, famous in the bowling industry, allowed the quality to slip considerably. Sales plummeted and by 1980, there seemed little chance of recovery for the company. In 1981, 13 senior H-D executives banded together and purchased the company from AMF for $80 million and the recovery began. In 1986, two million shares of common stock were offered, returning the company to public ownership. • There have been a number of “glides” throughout Harley history. The HydraGlide was introduced in 1949, with the first hydraulic front forks. This evolved into the Duo-Glide in 1958 with the addition of rear brakes and hydraulic rear suspension. The Electra-Glide came along with its electric starter motor in 1965, and on to the SuperGlide in 1971 and the Wide-Glide in 1980. • Harley has also had a variety of “heads” over the years. First there was the Flathead, dubbed as such because of the shape of the cylinder head cover. Introduced in 1929, it was a 45-cubicinch side-valve engine. The Knucklehead, the first V-Twin model, debuted in 1936 with its cylinder covers shaped like clenched fists. It featured two fuel tanks with the instrument panel positioned between them. It was produced until 1947. Along came the Panhead in 1948 with aluminum cylinder covers resembling upsidedown saucepans. Panheads were around until 1965. The next year brought the Shovelhead, whose cylinder covers looked like the back of a shovel. Compare the Shovelhead’s engine size of 74 cubic inches with that 1903 model’s 25 cubic inches! The year 1984 brought in the Blockhead, an 80-cubic-inch engine. • The 1932 Harley-Davidson could be purchased for around $300. If you’re looking to buy a 2013 Electra-Glide CVO Ultra-Classic 100th Anniversary Edition, better set aside about $38,000. A new Sportster will set you back around $11,000. • For seven days every August, Main Street in Sturgis, South Dakota, population 6,700, is packed with thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts who gather to race and tour. The first rally was held in 1938, drawing nine racers and 200 spectators. The two-day rally offered $500 in prize money. Two years later, 150 racers participated in front of 5,000 onlookers. Close to 450,000 are expected for this year’s rally. • Harley-Davidson expects to ship about 260,000 motorcycles to dealerships during 2013. ■

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For Advertising Call (248) 423-1765 AH-CHOO! We all do it! Sneeze, that is. But why do we do it? These curious facts about this process are nothing to sneeze at! • The official name for sneezing is sternutation. It begins as a nerve transmission and is a signal telling your brain that something in your nose needs to come out. Something tickles the lining of your nose, and the nerves initiate a message to the brain stem, which causes a chain of events throughout the body in the chest, abdomen, face, eyelids, and mucus glands. All the areas work together to expel the irritant by forcing air, saliva, and mucus out of the mouth and nose. Sometimes it takes several sneezes to rid your nose of the irritant. • The most common stimuli are dust, pollen, and pepper, but they’re not the only things that can bring on a sneeze. Powerful aromas can cause you to sneeze, as well as a fluctuation in temperature, especially colder air. Exercise can trigger a sneeze since over-exertion can create drying in your nose and mouth. Plucking your eyebrows can even make you sneeze! It stimulates a facial nerve connected to our nasal passages. Similarly, rubbing your eyes can have the same effect. • Why don’t we sneeze in our sleep? The nerves that send a signal to the brain are also sleeping,

so we don’t sneeze while we rest. • There are a few old wives’ tales about sneezing, including the belief that your heart stops. Although your chest contracts during a sneeze and blood flow is momentarily constricted, the heart does not stop. Its rhythm may be altered slightly for a few seconds, however. Some folks actually believe that your eyeballs can pop out of your head during a sneeze. The slight increase in blood pressure behind the eyes during a sneeze is certainly not enough to dislodge eyeballs from their sockets. • According to folklore, if you sneeze, company is coming over. In Asia, it means someone is talking about you behind your back. Now if

your cat sneezes, it’s going to rain! • There are a number of theories as to why folks say “Bless you” to someone after a sneeze. One is an ancient belief that sneezing is a neardeath experience, and it’s a blessing to have survived. The ancients also believed that the soul sneaks out of the body during a sneeze and that a blessing will prevent this and deter the devil from sneaking in. During the Roman Empire when bubonic plague struck, two of its symptoms were coughing and sneezing. The Pope recommended a blessing to people after a sneeze as protection. • When Donna Griffiths of Worcestershire, England, was 12 years old back in 1981, she sneezed once, then again, then continuously for the next 978 days, the record for the longest sneeze in the world. • No matter how you say it, it’s still a sneeze! In English we say “ah-choo,” but the French say “atchoum,” the Japanese say “hakushon,” while Italians say “hapsu” and Swedes say “atjo.” • How fast does a sneeze travel? A single sneeze can send 100,000 germs into the air at a speed of about 100 mph (161 km/hr). The bacteria from a sneeze can spread up to 150 feet (45.8 m) away. • Although it’s tough to stop a sneeze, you can try breathing through your mouth and pinching the end of your nose. ■

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Smoking Isn’t Only Cause of Emphysema By Paul G. Donohue, M.D.

Dear Dr. Donohue: I work with a woman who claims she has emphysema. She smokes regularly and finds herself out of breath when coming up the stairs. She is 60. She says when she was 9, a local gas station near her home moved and, in the process, pulled up the gas tanks that provide gas to the pumps. The fumes from the move caused her emphysema. She doesn’t know anyone else with the problem, and there are no class-action lawsuits I can find that cite gas fumes from moving gas tanks as causing emphysema. Will you clarify and talk about emphysema? -- E.E. Answer: Emphysema is destruction of the millions of air sacs that fill the lungs. It’s through these sacs that oxygen reaches the blood. One of the chief signs of emphysema is shortness of breath when active, as in climbing stairs. Emphysema is onehalf of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD. The other half is chronic bronchitis, an inflammation and narrowing of the breathing tubes, filled with pus. The inflamed tubes obstruct airflow into the lungs. The chief sign of chronic bronchitis is a never-ending cough. Smoking is the greatest cause of COPD, emphysema and chronic bronchitis, but not the only cause. In past days, workers in mines inhaling the dust were subject to emphysema, as were people who worked in cotton mills. Those who made a living in grain-processing plants also were subject to COPD. Now stringent regulations protect these workers. An inherited condition, called alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, also leads to emphysema. Alpha-1 antitrypsin tells cells that scrub the interior of air sacs to stop scrubbing when the air sacs are clean. Without its signal, scrubbing goes on, and the air sacs are destroyed. I have never heard of emphysema arising in a

situation like your fellow worker describes. She must be happy explaining her condition the way she does. Let her be happy. It’s her way of coping with the illness. She also must be smart enough to know that smoking is harming her greatly, regardless of her emphysema cause. The booklet on COPD explains this common malady in clear terms. Readers can order a copy by writing: Dr. Donohue -- No. 601W, Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Enclose a check or money order (no cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6 Canada with the recipient’s printed name and address. Allow four weeks for delivery. Dear Dr. Donohue: What is the purpose of making all Coumadin users make a separate trip to a nurse for having their blood checked? It’s an additional charge that I cannot afford. Is there any other drug I could use? I am 93. -- R.J.

Answer: I imagine the procedure was instituted so the nurse can change your dose of Coumadin right away if the blood tests indicate that your blood is too thin or too thick. Coumadin is an anticoagulant that stops clots from forming; it really does thin blood. The medicine is prescribed when a person has a condition where clots form and might cause a stroke. Atrial fibrillation is such a condition. You can ask your doctor if you’re a candidate for the new anticoagulant Pradaxa. With it, you don’t need to have the same blood checks. Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his column whenever possible. Readers may write him or request an order form of available health newsletters at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 328536475.yearly in the United States. (c) 2012 North America Synd., Inc., All Rights Reserved

With Tidbits coupon. Expires 8/31/2013.

Ask Your Dentist

Dr. David N. Kam, D.D.S, P.C.

Dear Dr. Kam: What foods are safe for my child’s teeth and what foods should we avoid?

-- Karen D., Plymouth, MI

Answer: We have all been told that candy and junk food is not healthy for your teeth, but there are other foods that can damage your child’s teeth and help protect your teeth. Dairy are a good source of calcium which helps build enamel and protect against build-up. Nuts, fruits, and raw vegetables help stimulate your child’s jaw and gums. Carbonated beverages and candies have obvious sugar effects, and hard candies should be avoided like the plague because they keep that sugar in their mouths for so long. Starchy, highcarb foods convert to sugar in the mouth. Finally raisins may be nature’s candy, but they’re packed with non-soluble cellulose fiber which traps sugar around the teeth. If you are going to give you child any sweets, give them as desserts immediately following the meal. Usually after a meal there is an increased amount of saliva, making it easier to wash food away from teeth. Finding an experienced dentist who will give you the ways to prevent and the ways to help is a big benefit so you will know if you’re doing all you can for your child’s oral health. Canton Lifetime Dental 155 N. Canton Center Rd. Canton MI 48187 (734) 844-1300 Do you have a question that you would like to have answered? Email

SeniorBits by Matilda Charles

Medicare Change Is Hush-Hush It used to be that if seniors received physical therapy, they had to get better or Medicare wouldn’t pay for it. If their condition later got worse, Medicare would jump back in and pay for more treatment. It was the same for coverage of other types of skilled care: rehabilitation, nursing (care that can’t be given by a non-medical person), speech therapy and more. No improvement meant that it wouldn’t be paid for. But some seniors won’t get better. Their improvement reaches a plateau and stops. Or

perhaps they have a chronic disability. They do, however, need care to maintain the levels they currently have. And with home health or outpatient care, they could continue to live at home. There was a lawsuit, and the judge agreed: Getting better isn’t required to keep coverage. This change takes place immediately, and per a Kaiser Health News bulletin, it applies to “care by skilled professionals in outpatient therapy, home health care and nursing homes.” The agreement from the lawsuit, however, doesn’t require that Medicare tell us about the change. Apparently we’re supposed to find out by ourselves. But, from now on, claims filed, even if there hasn’t been any improvement in a senior’s condition, won’t be turned down automatically. At this point, it appears that some doctors and therapists don’t know about this change: If continued treatment is required, even past the standard dollar limit, they can put a code on the claim that states further treatment is medically necessary. According to the lawsuit,

Medicare has until next January to notify employees who staff the 800-MEDICARE information line, doctors and other healthcare providers. If your providers say your coverage will come to an end, be sure to tell them about this important change. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Dear Robert: What is Title Insurance? -- MaryAnn J., Novi, MI

Dear Varsity Lincoln: With gas prices reaching a record high this summer what are some ways I can save money on gas with my current vehicle? -Sharon J. Farmington Hills, MI

Answer: According to our resources at Title One, Inc. an agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company,its purpose was well stated in the first advertisement for title insurance back in the late 1800s: “This company insures the purchaser’s of real estate and mortgages against loss from defective titles, liens, and encumbrances. Through these facilities [the] transfer of real estate and real estate securities can be made more speedily and with greater security than heretobefore.” [circa 1876] In essence, protecting purchasers against loss is accomplished by the issuance of a title insurance policy, which states that if the status of the title to a parcel of real property is other than as represented, and if the insured suffers a loss as a result of title defect, the insurer will reimburse the insured for that loss and any related legal expenses, up to the face amount of the policy. To achieve this goal, title insurers perform an extensive search of the public records to determine whether there are any adverse claims to the subject real estate. Those claims are either eliminated prior to the issuance of a title policy or their existence is “excepted” from coverage. If you are thinking about selling and have more questions, please call US today! Bob Curran is the President and CEO of Century 21 Curran & Christie, ranked the #1 Century 21 Office in the Great Lakes Region and #7 in the USA in 2011. (248) 264-1700 or (800) 621-2021 Visit us on the web: Do you have a question that you would like to have answered? Email

Mike Kerr

Answer: Gas prices are stampeding toward $5 per gallon at an alarming pace, leaving many drivers regretting that they didn’t give fuel economy more consideration when choosing their everyday ride. Well, we say forget the regrets. There are 4 driving techniques that can help stretch times between fill- ups.

© 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Answer on page 3

1. Lose the Lead Foot. Throttle manipulation is a key factor in stretching your car’s fuel reserves: You should use light, smooth throttle inputs, not deep throttle blips and full-throttle antics. 2. Resist Riding the Brake. Keep your eyes down the road. When you see traffic congestion, do not jump on the brake pedal right away. Take your foot off the accelerator and coast until you need to use the brake. If you can avoid impeding the vehicles momentum, you will save money in the long run. 3. Control Your Speed. This one is all about aerodynamics. Wind resistance increases greatly between 55 and 75 mph, so keep your cruising speed reasonable and you will stretch your fuel dollars. In fact, according to the Energy Department, every 5mph increase in speed over 60 mph is equal to paying an additional 30 cents per gallon. Tip: on long road trips, engage your cruise control. 4. Plan Your Day Wisely. You can bundle your insurance coverage, and you can bundle your cable TV, phone and Internet, so why not bundle your errands? Plan your daily to-do list so you can make as many stops as possible in one trip. Also, consider the time of day to avoid stop-and-go traffic. Idling can burn a quarterto a half-gallon of gas each hour. That’s money wasted. There are also 3 maintenance musts that can improve your mileage. Stop by or call the Varsity Lincoln Service Department. We would be happy to inform you what we can do to help save you money!

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Dear John: The exterior of my house looks so dated compared to my neighbor’s. How can I give it more curb appeal? -- Laura H., Answer: If you are looking for ways to spruce up your home vinyl siding, trim or new gutters just may be one of the thing you are looking for. Vinyl siding and trim is virtually maintenance free, looks great and is fairly inexpensive. Vinyl siding will also give your home that extra layer of protection from the weather. A house wrap and/or insulation

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should be installed prior to the siding to ensure a water tight seal to prevent leaks. Trim and soffit will also give your house that finished look and extra protection. Gutters are important, they should be seamless and pitched properly for correct water flow and drainage away from your home. No matter which one of these options you choose you should always make sure your installer is experienced and knowledgeable. Always make sure your contractor/installer is licensed, insured and provide warranties. Canton Construction 5914 N. Lotz Rd Canton, MI (734) 844-8420

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Saving Money on Car Maintenance By David Uffington

It would be nice if we could just get in the car and go, but the truth is that cars need maintaining, and the more diligent you are about tackling car maintenance up front, the less it will cost you down the road. Here a few suggestions that will curb your maintenance costs over the long haul: • Oil changes -- The 3,000-mile oil change is history for newer cars. You’ll save money by changing it every 7,500 to 10,000 miles (check your owner’s manual). Use an independent garage, since dealers tend to be expensive. If you’re not sure you’re going to a reputable one, mark your old oil filter and check to be sure it has been changed. • Change the fuel filter every two years, or according to the manufacturer’s schedule. You’ll spend a lot more getting it replaced once it becomes clogged with grit. • Replace the air filter and wiper blades yourself. You can buy them a lot cheaper at an auto-parts store. Replacement is simple for

either part, and it should take no more than five minutes to do. Replace air filters at least once every 20,000 miles and wipers at least once a year. • Keep your tires properly inflated. Check them once a month; otherwise, you’re wasting gasoline or risking a blowout. Improper inflation also wears out tires faster, and buying new ones is expensive. • Rotate and realign your tires regularly. If your tires are wearing unevenly, your car may be out of alignment or your shocks or struts worn out. This can drastically reduce the life of your tires. • Follow the factory maintenance schedule. Your dealer may want you to have a major tune-up every 30,000 miles, but you can stick to the manufacturer’s schedule unless your car is not running well. As with oil changes, independent shops can do this work much cheaper. Dealers may tell you using outside garages violates the car’s warranty, but this is

not true. • Change your antifreeze every two years. Also check for drips under the car and dried/cracked belts and hoses. • Have your brakes checked once a year. It’s much cheaper to adjust than replace them. • Use the right gas. Your owner’s manual might say you should buy premium, but that isn’t necessarily true. Go for the cheapest gasoline that doesn’t make your car engine knock; all octane does is prevent knock. A higher-grade gasoline isn’t necessarily better for your car, just more expensive. David Uffington regrets that he cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into his column whenever possible. Write to him in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Q: I’ve been rewatching one of my favorite shows, Masterpiece Mystery’s “Sherlock,” and I’m hoping you’ll tell me that it’ll be back for a third series. With Benedict Cumberbatch’s and Martin Freeman’s big-screen careers really taking off, I’m worried they won’t have time for this delightful PBS show. --Darlene W.,

saving, alien-battling show feel the same way you do. The Noah Wyle-starring series, which wraps up its third season Aug. 4, has been renewed for a 10-episode fourth season to air summer 2014.

READERS: For most of us, this summer has been a scorcher! And I can tell you that my list of via e-mail summertime books to read is even hotter than my summer has been. A: Benedict and Martin are both on While I can go on and on about my board for the third installment of favorite beach reads this year -- the the hit British mystery series -- as list is long and distinguished -- there Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, is one that is head and shoulders respectively -- with “Sherlock” above the rest: Rainbow Rowell’s scheduled to begin airing new “Eleanor & Park.” episodes in early 2014. You also can see them both together on the I’ve been following Rainbow since big screen (again) in the second and her debut novel, “Attachments,” third installments of “The Hobbit” made me late to work a few mornings Benedict Cumberbatch trilogy -- as the Necromancer and because I was up too late reading Bilbo Baggins, respectively -- when the night before, and her sophomore effort is no “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” hits different. “Eleanor & Park,” which is set in 1986, theaters on Dec. 13, 2013, and “The Hobbit: There is a beautiful story of discovery and first love. (Go and Back Again” on Dec. 17, 2014. to Q: Is it true that a new “Chucky” horror movie to read my review of the book.) is going to be made? --Freddie H. in Idaho One of my lucky readers will have a chance to win A: “The Curse of Chucky,” which premiered at an autographed copy of this book, so you can fall Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival in love for the first time all over again. Entering earlier this month, will be heading to DVD on Oct. the contest is simple: Email me at letters@ 8. Brad Dourif once again provides the voice for the and tell me which book(s) made homicidal doll, while his real-life daughter, Fiona, you fall in love with reading. You also can send me a snail-mail letter -- ATTN: Cindy Elavsky, KFWS, stars in this sixth movie of the horror franchise. Q: “Falling Skies” is really outdoing itself this P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Entries season. Please tell me that it will return next must be received by Aug. 31. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, summer with a new season. -- Gary T., via e-mail Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or e-mail her at A: TNT’s execs and fans of the apocalyptic Earth(c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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