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Esthetics Day Spa

by Patricia L. Cook

Step 1. Dust Step 1. Dust

WhereStep Your Needs Come First 2. Wash Step 2. Wash Bamboo Fusion Massage


We clean area rugs from around the world

In winter most areas of North America are dealing with cold weather. Some people love it; bamboo pieces are used to provide some hate it. In this Tidbits we will look at ice a Swedish or deep tissue massage. Step 3. Spin 1448 Sutherland Ave. Step 3. Spin 1448 Sutherland Ave. OUT OUR K AB AS (behind Extra Foods) fishing and icebergs, as well as how you can be UP Foods) - Increases circulation - to dry Step 4. Hang (behind Extra EE PICK FR Step 4. Hang to dry RY & DELIVE left “out in the cold,” and that has nothing to do (250) (250) 862-1459 | Maximizes relaxation 862-1459 | 1448 Sutherland Ave. Eases muscle aches & pains with the weather! (behind Extra Foods) Winter Special Winter Special • Cold is defined as “having a relatively low (250) 862-1459 | 10% off 250.681.6276 rs, 20% off Rug Cleaning for Tidbits reade temperature; having little or no warmth.” Also, 20% off Rug Cleaning Winter Special just mention Expires Feb. 28/13. Kelowna ad! Expires Feb. 28/13. in regards to behavior or personality it can be: 104-591 Bernard - Downtown 20% off Rug Cleaning this “lacking in passion, emotion, enthusiasm” or Expires Feb. 28/13. “not affectionate, cordial, or friendly.” Step 2. Wash

Step 3. Spin

Step 4. Hang to dry

• If you’ve ever been in a situation where you were ignored, neglected or forgotten, you probably felt like you were “left out in the cold.” In this situation, the term is used as an idiom. This idiom originated in the 1800s in reference to someone who was left outdoors without shelter. Hopefully this doesn’t happen often!

Mini-Buses For Rent 16, 24, & 30 passenger buses *Birthday Parties *Weddings *Sports Teams *Schools Camps

• Many fishermen (mostly men, but there are women enthusiasts as well) love to drill through deep ice and wait for fish to bite! Ice fishing is a major winter past-time in Canada and northern states in the U.S. that are cold enough for thick ice. Some great advantages of ice fishing: not 26 as many anglers trying to get your spot, fewer insects “bugging” you, and you’re not likely to perspire!

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Across 1 Yawn-inspiring 6 “Arabian Nights” birds 10 Big name in razors 14 Alpaca kin 15 Pop singer Brickell 16 Washerful 17 Word on a French postcard 18 Laura of “Jurassic Park” 19 Forever, so to speak 20 Shareholder’s bonus 23 Dir. from Memphis to Nashville 24 Something to grind 25 Throw easily 26 Phone bk. info 29 Kitchen island material 32 Spinning sound 35 “It’s a Wonderful Life” studio 36 Brief fisticuffs 37 It has lots of slots 38 Invite to one’s penthouse 41 Some necklines 42 Macaroni shape 44 “I could win on my next turn!” 45 Bk. before Job 46 Wrap for leftovers 50 __-Tiki 51 Wimple wearer 52 Window units, briefly 53 Mud bath venue 56 Laundry convenience 60 Empty room sound 62 Roll of fabric 63 Garlicky sauce 64 In __ of: replacing 65 Everyone, to Ernst 66 Stops bleeding 67 Sail support 68 Meg of “Courage Under Fire”

69 Have an inkling Down 1 Little shaver 2 Troublemaking chipmunk 3 Too trusting 4 Madame’s “mine” 5 Two-seated carriage 6 Jeff Foxworthy jokes about them 7 Pigged out (on) 8 Word with sewing or traffic 9 Lisbon mister 10 Actor Baldwin 11 Created a study aid in class 12 Was on the ballot 13 Program breaks 21 One in a crowd scene 22 Goes back to sea? 27 Large wedding band 28 Smidge 29 Witch craft? 30 Balderdash 31 Flat 32 Inflict, as havoc 33 Nametag greeting 34 How grapes grow 39 Remove the chain from, say 40 Doggie 43 Skid row regular 47 Crunchy snack 48 Not at all sacred 49 “Compromising Positions” author Susan 53 Gazpacho eater’s need 54 Furrier’s stock 55 Hop out of bed 57 Boorish sort 58 Jazzy Fitzgerald 59 __ High City: Denver 60 Shade source 61 “The Bourne Identity” org.

IN THE COLD! (continued): • Because Canada has long winters, it is no wonder that they have a lot of people who like to ice fish. It is home to the greatest number of participants in the sport. In the year 2000, Canadian anglers spent a combined total of 4,489,296 days ice fishing! • A small fishing village on the south shore of Nova Scotia, West Pubnico, was named for the native Mi’kmaq word, Pombcoup, which means: “a hole that has been cut in the ice for fishing.” • More than 60% of the fish Canadians catch beneath the ice are caught and released. They eat less than one third of their catch. They practice CPR: “catch, photograph, release!” • Minnesota is nicknamed the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” There are actually 11,842 lakes in the state that are 10 acres or larger (4 ha). With so many lakes and cold winters it is no wonder that ice fishing is a popular sport.

Muffins for the morning rush (NC)—Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day. However, a quarter of Canadian moms (26%) feel they are too rushed to prepare breakfast for their children in the morning. As breakfast champions and in honour of World Nutella Day on February 5th Nutella is highlighting the importance of breakfast throughout the month and providing tips and helpful recipes. One strategy to help during the morning rush is to choose a dish that can be created in advance, such as Nutella breakfast muffins. This allows less time to be spent on meal preparation in the morning and more time enjoying breakfast together as a family.

Nutella breakfast muffins

Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 18 to 20 minutes • Minnesota is known for its abundance of ice Makes: 12 muffins shelters set up on the state’s lakes. If you’ve ever flown into or out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport you have probably noticed all of the dots on the lakes! Each year it is estimated that around 150,000 ice fishing shelters are set up. The state’s Department of Natural Resources estimates that about 30% of the fish caught in the state are caught when the lakes are frozen.

• Ice fishing is a risky sport and the depth of the ice is something to be taken very seriously. In 2009, over 100 people were stranded on the Great Lakes. They became stranded when ice broke away where they were fishing. The Coast Guard rescued all, however, one died in route to the hospital due to hypothermia. This life threatening condition occurs when body temperature falls below 95° F (35° C). • It is imperative when ice fishing to get expert advice. Knowing the area and the ice conditions can make the sport fun; not knowing can lead to disaster. It is recommended that ice thickness for someone fishing alone (not really advisable) be almost four inches (10 cm). For groups, where more are standing on the ice, the ice should be about 7.5 inches (18 cm). When vehicles are taken on the ice, which does happen in some cold climates, the ice should be 11-12 inches (28 cm). • Icebergs are much thicker than the ice that freezes over lakes in the winter. Icebergs are chunks of ice that developed on land, then break off and float in a lake or ocean. The word “iceberg” originates from the Dutch “ijsberg”, which means ice mountain. • Icebergs are found in all shapes and sizes, from very small pieces to ice islands that can be the size of a small country. The term “iceberg” actually refers to ice larger than 16 feet (5 m) in diameter. Smaller icebergs are known as growlers and bergy bits. Even though they are smaller, they are harder to IN

Ingredients: 1 cup (500mL) all purpose flour ¾ cup (180mL) whole-wheat flour ¼ cup (60mL) quick cook oats 1 tsp (5mL) baking powder 1 tsp (5mL) baking soda ¾ cup (180mL) Low fat milk (2% or less M.F) ¾ cup (180mL) unsweetened applesauce ¼ cup (60mL) honey 1 egg 1 tsp (5mL) pure vanilla extract 1 cup (250mL) fresh or frozen raspberries ¾ cup Nutella Directions: • Pre-heat oven to 375°F (190°c). • Spray a 12-muffin, non-stick muffin tin with cooking spray. • In a large bowl, whisk together, flours, oats, baking powder and baking soda. In another bowl, whisk together milk, applesauce, honey, egg and vanilla. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix just to combine. Fold in raspberries and spoon batter equally between the 12 muffins. • Bake muffins for 19 to 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the muffin comes out clean. Let muffins cool completely. • Slice the muffin open and spread with 1 tablespoon of Nutella. Great for breakfast on the go. Muffins can be made ahead and frozen. • Pair with a glass of milk and handful of extra berries. For more recipes and to learn about different individuals and organizations who are championing breakfast in Canada, please visit

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Jan. 21: in 1793, King Louis XVI of France was executed on the guillotine by revolutionaries. Before he lost his head, he asked the public for prayers for France. In 1976, the supersonic Concorde passenger jet made its maiden flights from Britain and France.

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Jan. 22: in 1968, the comedy show “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” premiered on NBC-TV. In 1973, the U.S. TEA CUPS Supreme Court handed down its Roe vs. Wade decision, While many China cabinets and hutches contain which legalized abortion using a trimester approach. tea cup collections in the homes of wealthy and Jan. 23: in 1973, President Nixon announced an accord not-so-wealthy North Americans, these fine to end American involvement in the Vietnam War. In 1968, North Korea seized the U.S. Navy ship Pueblo, breakables are not just for special occasions. charging its crew with being on a spying mission. (The Many homes around the world use their tea sets on a regular basis. crew was released 11 months later.) • The reason most tea cups are considered Jan. 24: in 1848, sawmill builder James Wilson “China,” is that they originated in that country. Marshall’s find of gold in a branch of the Sacramento The first tea cups did not have handles and River near Coloma, Calif., set off the California Gold were called tea bowls. Some of the early tea Rush. In 1965, Sir Winston Churchill died at age 90. bowls used in Europe were more like deep saucers and were used so that the tea cooled Jan. 25: in 1533, England’s King Henry VIII and Anne quicker. Boleyn were married. She was the second of his six wives and the mother of the future Queen Elizabeth I. • Saucers, as we know them, to accompany tea In 1971, cult leader Charles Manson and three female cups did not appear until 1700. Tea cups with followers were found guilty of murder and conspiracy handles were not seen until Robert Adams in the 1969 slayings of seven people. came up with the idea in about 1750.

Jan. 26: in 1788, the first European settlers in Australia, • The English embraced Mr. Adams designs. led by Captain Arthur Phillip, landed in present-day They thought tea bowls were messy and Sydney. In 1962, the dance craze known as the Twist people often burned their hands on them. was banned in Catholic schools. Robert Adams designed cups that were taller and wider than the base and the saucers he Jan. 27: in 1880, Thomas Edison patented the electric introduced, more flat like small plates, were incandescent lamp. In 1913, American athlete Jim welcomed as a place to let a hot cup rest. His Thorpe was stripped of his 1912 Olympic gold medals designs quickly became the standard for what because he had briefly played professional baseball. The medals were restored posthumously nearly 60 became known as the “English Tea Service years later. Set.”

• Chinese purple clay cups are thicker than most pottery and without handles. The thicker pottery protects hands from burns that are This week’s question: What future president of the • Since the English started the tradition of putting possible with thinner China cups. cream and sugar in their tea, Mr. Adams also United States became director of Central Intelligence started designing tea pots, sugar holders, • Japanese tea drinkers also use handle-less in 1976? cream/milk containers, and even matching tea pottery or sometimes ceramic cups. They spoons. His sets were made from porcelain that usually have hand painted designs with poems, was strong but looked beautiful and delicate. flowers or even geisha girls. Some Japanese tea English porcelain tea cups have a translucent ware is made with innovative lids and strainers look when held up to a light. built into the cups. • The Chinese still prefer to drink tea from • Middle Eastern countries enjoy tea in tea pottery-ware. They use what is known as bowls or glasses. Tea glasses are preferred in “purple clay” from the Yixing, Jianqsu, and Morocco. They are usually very festive and Jinqdezhen regions of China. decorated with colorful artistic details.

Tidbits Kelowna- Serving Westbank, West Kelowna, Kelowna, Winfield & Lake Country

With 2 successful years in the Shuswap and Vernon, Tidbits has expanded to Kelowna (and Kamloops). One of 250+ Tidbits Franchises in Canada and the USA, Tidbits Kelowna aims to entertain wherever people wait – coffee shops, doctors’ offices, auto & tire shops, restaurants, hair salons, malls, etc. The family-friendly, free, weekly, “good news” paper makes waiting time a better time. Look forward to fresh, entertainment every week. Tidbits helps grow local businesses by working closely with business owners to market their products & services through customized & affordable advertising packages. Weekly distribution is 5000 copies to 200+ locations in Lake Country, Winfield, Kelowna, West Kelowna and Westbank. For more information about Tidbits advertising call Jack, Jane, Anna-Lisa or Kevin today...

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Mel’s fun sTuff

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n - ever!! required

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www.MelsCarandTruCkrenTals.CoM THE COLD! (continued):

spot and therefore very dangerous for ships. • Even though most icebergs are found floating in oceans of salt water they are made of pure fresh water. Most of the icebergs on earth are found in the frigid waters surrounding Antarctica and in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Most icebergs originate near the west coast of Greenland.

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• “Iceberg Alley” is the name given to an area from Baffin Bay, off the west coast of Greenland where many massive icebergs break into the water, to the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador on the east coast of Canada. The Newfoundland and Labrador area is known as the Iceberg Capital of the World.

• Approximately 90% of the icebergs that are in the waters near Newfoundland and Labrador originated from the glaciers of western Greenland. They are among the fastest Corporation, based in St. John’s Newfoundland, moving icebergs in the world. Even so, by produces spirits “made from naturally pure most standards, the four miles (7 km) per year 12,000-year-old icebergs harvested off the that they tend to move seems slow. It takes an coast of Newfoundland.” They use Ontarioestimated two to three years for the massive KELOWNA grown sweet corn in making their beverages icebergs to cover theCrossing 1600 nautical miles (2963 Brandt’s Creek as well. They also make Iceberg Rum and 1966 Kane Rd • 250-860-8853 km) and reach the coast of Newfoundland and Iceberg Gin. Orchard Plaza • 1876 Cooper Rd Labrador. If icebergs reach the Atlantic Ocean Haircuts at a very KELOWNA (Next to Save On Foods) • 250-763-1229 before melting, they melt rather quickly in the • The largest iceberg ever recorded was found Brandt’s Creek Crossing KELOWNA comfortable price. 1966 Kane Rd • 250-860-8853 The Best Brandt’s Value in Creek haircuts Crossing for over 30 years. Friendly, VERNON near Baffin Island in 1882. Eight miles long warm waters. Orchard Plaza • 1876 Cooper Rd Great Clips stylists always give you a quality Shops at Polson Park • 2306 Hwy 6 experienced 1966 Kane Rd • 250-860-8853 and three miles wide (13 km long/6 km wide), (Next to Save On Foods) • 250-763-1229 haircut. Guaranteed. • After the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, near (Across from Cooper's Foods) • 250-503-1229 VERNON Orchard Plaza • 1876 Cooper Rd its height above water was 65 feet (20 m). Shops at Polson Park • 2306 Hwy 6 Newfoundland, the United States, Canada, and s at a very KELOWNA (Next to Save On Foods) • 250-763-1229 (Across from Cooper's Foods) • 250-503-1229 Brandt’s Creek Crossing eleven other countries formed the International able price. 1966 Kane Rd • 250-860-8853 VERNON Ice Patrol. The patrol uses airplanes and radar Shops at Polson Park • 2306 Hwy 6 For over 30 years we’ve Orchard Plaza • 1876 Cooper Rd For over 30 years we’ve haircutthat kids/senior haircut adult haircut been the best value in been the best value in (Next to Save On Foods) • 250-763-1229 $ $ make theirkids/senior $ $ (Across from Cooper's Foods) • 250-503-1229 icebergs way haircut into the .99 .99 to track adult haircuts. The friendly and haircuts. The friendly and experienced stylists at Great VERNON experienced stylists at Great major shipping lanes. The U.S. National Ice Clips will always give you theShops quality haircutat you Polson want. Park • 2306 Hwy 6 Clips will always give you Center monitors icebergs larger than 5,400 Guaranteed. (Across from Cooper's Foods) • 250-503-1229 the quality haircut you want. Guaranteed. square feet (500 sq/m) near Antarctica using s we’ve kids/senior haircut adult haircut $ ue in $ satellite data. Icebergs are not just studied and dly and For over 30 years we’ve ts at Great to protect ships, scientists use them been the best value in $ .99 adult haircut $ .99 kids/senior haircut watched ve you haircuts. The friendly and as tools for studying ocean processes and you want. experienced stylists at Great Clips will always give you climate. the quality haircut you want.

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• A way that some inventive Canadians have chosen to use the abundance of icebergs floating in their waters is in creating vodka and other alcoholic spirits. The Iceberg Vodka KELOWNA Brandt’s Creek Crossing 1966 Kane Rd • 250-860-8853

KELOWNA Brandt’s Creek Crossing 1966 Kane Rd • 250-860-8853

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for over 30 years. Friendly, VERNON Brandt’s Creek Crossing Orchard Plaza • 1876 Cooper Rd Great Clips stylists always give you a quality Shops at Polson Park • 2306 Hwy 6 experienced 1966 Kane Rd • 250-860-8853 (Next to Save On Foods) • 250-763-1229 haircut. Guaranteed. (Across from Cooper's Foods) • 250-503-1229 VERNON Orchard Plaza • 1876 Cooper Rd Shops at Polson Park • 2306 Hwy 6 KELOWNA (Next to Save On Foods) • 250-763-1229 (Across from Cooper's Foods) • 250-503-1229

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Tidbits of Kelowna

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Tip Week Time Management

Our lives are so filled with tasks and time-saving gadgets these days and yet it seems like we never have enough time to do everything we want to. Some are busy earning a living while others are busy making our churches, nonprofits, and community charities the best they can be. Still others are busy entertaining themselves nearly to death(!!). The point is - no matter what camp you find yourself in (perhaps it’s none of the above as I simply chose 3 broad categories...) - busyness is a near universal problem. Many of us are counting on retirement for enough time to do all the things we’ve not yet had time for because we were simply too busy. For many, the unfortunate reality is that they won’t make it to retirement or, if they do, they’ll not have the energy or health to really enjoy it. It’s sad, but retirement is neither a promise nor a guarantee; we must live each day as if it could be our last... not fearfully, but with a healthy contentment that we’re living our best life now. What I want to encourage is for you to ensure you have some ‘margin’ in your life. Just as a piece of paper has margins around it (for unexpected notes, or just for

doodling), so our lives need margins to help us deal with the unexpected or to simply doodle and have some fun. If we are so busy all the time, our lives will feel and look as cluttered as a piece of paper without any margins, with writing everywhere and no apparent order to any of it. If you know me well, you’ll know that I have a long way to go myself in putting intentional margins into my life. But it’s coming. And I’ve been blessed every single time I’ve been able to add a little more margin to the pages that make up the story of my life. So that’s my Tip of the Week - add some margin to your life, and be blessed!

Helpful Tips

Trevor Cairns is publisher of Tidbits Vernon & Tidbits Kelowna, has lived & done business in the Okanagan for almost 10 years and calls Vernon home. Tip of the Week contains practical tips and little tidbits (pardon the pun) of information that Trevor has personally found helpful. Some tips you’ll like, some you may not; agree or disagree; but please take what you will and consider it a gift from Tidbits – The Neatest little Paper Ever Read® Has this Tip of the Week been helpful to you? Trevor would love to hear from you! Email him at trevor@

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QUEEN VICTORIA Queen Victoria holds the title of the longest reigning monarch in the United Kingdom. She ruled from 1837-1901; for 63 years and 7 months. The current queen, Queen Elizabeth II, has been in power for almost 61 years. • Born on May 24, 1819, at Kensington Palace in London, Victoria was the only child of Prince Edward (Duke of Kent) and Princess Victoria Mary Louisa of Saxe-CoburgSaalfeld. Christened “Alexandrina Victoria” and called “Drina” by her family, the future queen’s formal name from birth was Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria of Kent. • Queen Victoria’s father died when she was only eight months old. Her mother was very protective and she was taught at home. Her first language was German but she was taught to speak French and English when she was only three years old. (Later in life she also learned to speak Hindustani since she became ruler of India.) She studied history, geography and the Bible and was taught to play the piano and to paint. • Victoria was the granddaughter of George III and inherited

the throne from her uncle William IV. Her father was one of four sons of George III but since none of his brothers had legitimate children in line for the throne, she became William IV’s successor. Victoria was elevated to the throne at the young age of 18, with her coronation held a year later on June 28, 1838. • When Queen Victoria was 21 years old she married German Prince Albert, who was her cousin. In her first years as queen her main advisers were her Prime Minister Lord Melbourne and her uncle, King Leopold of Belgium. • After marrying Prince Albert, he became her major confidant and advisor. He helped her learn to rule in the constitutional role where the monarchy had much influence but the powers were mostly with Parliament. • The British Empire became very powerful during Queen Victoria’s reign. She ruled about one quarter of the world’s landmass and approximately one quarter of the world’s population; about 450 million people. The land under British rule was so large that many said “the sun never set on the British Empire.”

Community Events Badminton Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 7:00pm to 9:00pm at 200 Mallach Road, Kelowna Adult recreational badminton. Easy going group. We play for fun. Come out and join us! Contact us for more information - sonja7999@ ecotone Sat, Feb 2nd, 2013 at 4:00pm - 2:00am Rotary Center for the Arts, 421 Cawston Ave, Kelowna 6th annual Local, Organic, Zero Waste, Art, Music, Craft and Activism community conduit collective gathering by the people for the people. Over 100 local artists, musicians, community activists, poets and crafters there to share inspiration, and innovation. Organic and local fair, beer and wine. Cost: General $15, Students $10, Kids 12 and under and alternator member $5 minimum donation. Contact: Noises Off Wed, Feb 6th, 2013 - Sat, Feb 23rd, 2013 at 8:00pm at Kelowna Actors Studio, 1379 Ellis Street, Kelowna. Noises Off, a comic masterpiece is a multi-award winning backstage extravaganza. It’s not one play, but two: the hilariously horrible, British farce, Nothing On, and the comedic nightmare that ensues backstage. The under-rehearsed actors and technicians desperately try to perform even as their rapidly deteriorating relationships cause mass hysteria and make for some hysterical comedy both off-stage and

on. A Laugh Riot! Cost: call for details. Contact: Kelowna Actors Studio Box Office, 250-8622867, Email: Open Mic - Bring Your Music & Poetry Fri, Feb 8th, 2013 at 7:00pm - 9:00pm at Streaming Café, 596 Leon Ave., Kelowna Bring your instrument, songs and poems. 6:30pm sign-up for performance slot (first come basis). 2 songs or 10min max. Live streamed & recorded (watch it back after!) Cost: Free. Contact: A Night to Remember - Canadian Cancer Society Fundraiser Fri, Feb 8th, 2013 at 8:00pm - 1:00am at Laurel Packing House, 1304 Ellis Street Kelowna Step into Hollywood and walk the red carpet for a great cause! It’s a great excuse to wear your grad attire again. All proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society so it’s a great opportunity to dance the night away for a good cause! Ages 19+. This night includes: DJ John Tweeddale from Dusk, Till Dawn Entertainment, Dancing, Tons of Door Prizes, A 50/50 Draw, Photo Booth, Concession, & Refreshments available. Spread the word ,invite your friends. Questions? Want to volunteer? Want to donate door prizes? Write on our wall or email anighttoremember2013@ Tickets: Avalon Event Rentals, Solid Gold Collision(cash only). Cost: $15 presale and $20 at the door. www.facebook. com/events/404971522904276/ email:

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Pet Bits Q: I’m considering a new pet, however my business travel takes me away from home two to four nights a week. Do you think I should get a cat? Or would two cats be a better choice? Any other ideas? “HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA”: Where do monsters go to get rest and relaxation? Check the title again, since this animated comedyfantasy finds Dracula (voice of Adam Sandler) operating the site. With his daughter (voice of Selena Gomez) celebrating her birthday, he’s happy to have such fearsome friends as Frankenstein and the Invisible Man (voices of Kevin James and David Spade) visiting ... but the joyous occasion is threatened when a human (voice of Andy Samberg) crashes the party. Steve Buscemi, Fran Drescher, Molly Shannon and Cee Lo Green also are in the voice cast. DVD extras: audio commentary by director Genndy Tartakovsky, producer Michelle Murdocca and visual effects supervisor Daniel Kramer; deleted scenes; “Goodnight Mr. Fool” minimovie; music video. ***

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“PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4”: Get out the video cameras to monitor evil again. Another family experiences supernatural terror in this installment of the cost-effective franchise, which moves forward in time from the initial tale but still retains familiar elements for those familiar with the preceding films. Original co-star Katie Featherston appears again as a linking factor between the stories, and Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (“Catfish”) return from the series’ third film as directors. *** “DOWNTON ABBEY: SEASON 3”: Since the newest episodes of creator-writer Julian Fellowes’ internationally popular drama are airing currently on PBS’ “Masterpiece Classic,” there’s a bonus for those who buy this set upon release, as they’ll be able to see the remaining stories before they’re televised in the States. Oscar winner Shirley MacLaine is a highly notable cast addition as the mother of Lady Grantham (Elizabeth McGovern), and she wastes no time colliding with Lady Violet (Emmy winner Maggie Smith). Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, Dan Stevens, Penelope Wilton and Joanne Froggatt are among other continuing cast members. **** “THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY”: If your father is played by Bruce Willis, and he’s supposedly a worker drone, chances are good he’s keeping some big secrets. That’s what the character played by the screen’s soon-to-be Superman, Henry Cavill, finds out in this well-cast but too-familiar melodrama. During a vacation in Spain, the Wall Street employee played by Cavill is distraught when relatives are kidnapped, forcing him to turn to his father for any possible help. And Dad turns out to be much more resourceful than expected. Sigourney Weaver and Caroline Goodall (“Schindler’s List”) also appear. ** “SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS”: One psychopath usually is enough for any movie, and it’s actually a budding screenplay within the film that inspires the title of this offbeat action-comedy. Along with two friends (Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken), the aspiring writer (Colin Farrell) makes ends meet by kidnapping dogs ... but when the trio preys upon the pet of a mobster (Woody Harrelson), there may be a lot more to add to the script than was intended. Abbie Cornish, Harry Dean Stanton, Gabourey Sidibe and Olga Kurylenko (“Quantum of Solace”) also appear. DVD extras: six “making-of ” documentaries. *** “AGATHA CHRISTIE’S POIROT & MARPLE FAN FAVORITES COLLECTION”: Anyone who even remotely knows literary mysteries should have no question which characters are referenced by the name of this newly gathered set. In 11 productions originally televised on the PBS “Masterpiece Mystery!” anthology, David Suchet - whom many contend is the screen’s best Hercule Poirot ever - has that role, while Geraldine McEwan and Julia McKenzie split the part of Miss Jane Marple. Guests include Barbara Hershey and a prestardom Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty”). ***

A: Get a fish. I’m only half kidding. Some kinds of lizards, snakes, or fish might be better options than a cat, but I understand that it’s not easy to cuddle a reptile or a fish. If you’re determined to get a cat, you should. Even better, two cats will keep one another company. Most shelters have cats that, in fact, have lived in pairs and the agency prefers to adopt them out this way. If you want only one pet, a slightly older cat makes the most sense, since you don’t want to leave a rambunctious kitty home alone too long. Actually, I don’t like the idea of leaving any cat alone for two to four days without some human companionship. Of course, that’s what pet sitters, dog walkers and litter box scoopers are for!

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Classifieds go in all four papers: Vernon, Shuswap, Kamloops & Kelowna To Place A Classified Ad: 250-300-4073 Up to 30 words. 1 week $10 4 weeks $30


Keith’s Door Service & Minor Reno’s: Specializing in the installation of Doors and Windows, locks, deadbolts, and weather stripping. No job is too small! (Vernon) Call Keith anytime 250.260.7878

Wanted Buying Unwanted Guns 250 832-2982 WANTED: shop or barn space in Vernon/ Armstrong area large enough to get a school bus in. Needs to have a min 10 foot high door, and must be at least 36 feet in length. 250 550 4272 Wanted: Purchasing old Canadian & American coin collections & accumulations. Old gold & sterling! Private, Prompt & Confidential. Shuswap 250-548-3670 Unwanted Firearms Do you have unwanted firearms? Safe and secure removal. Have proper license to handle firearms. Will pickup at your convenience. Call 250870-6672 (Kelowna).

For Sale Used mobility scooter like new! Asking $200 Call 250-832-7321 (salmon arm)

For Sale

Cable chains for tires 14/15/16 inches $15. 4 foot van ladder, like new $20. (250) 4918264 (Kelowna) Maple table, leaf, 4 chairs $250. Oak table double pedestal $150. 50” Hitachi rear projection $150. Technics receiver, cassette, audio research speakers $150. VHS & over 300 movies $150. Call 250-828-0931 (Kamloops) Jumper cables 3 sets heavy gauge $40 each, two way 4x4 radios (midland, maxon, vertex) $200 ea., snowshoes metal frame & plastic $60 & $80, come-a-long cables $40 each, Acton outdoor rubber boots size 10 no liner $40, size 10 w/ liner & corks $55, size 9 corks $40, size 11 w/ liners $50, Large dog kennel $60 Call 250833-0318 (S. Arm) Beautiful purple grad dress. Approx size is 7-9 (fits 29” waist) Two tone purple with a corset back, jewelled front. Has bling throughout the dress. Paid $500, asking $325 obo for more info and pictures call Brenda at 250-8362997 (shuswap) Craig’s Bakery is now supplying DeMille’s with a full line of fresh breads including 3 for $5 (20oz loaves)

For Sale

Invacare hosp. bed with remote $150 ,Walker w/brakes $40, Shower bench $20, side bed pole $? Various country western LP’s & 8 tracks. 1982 Honda 80 5 spd off-road bike $300. Wanted old wooden alarm or other clocks working or not, Bob- 250 549-7015.

For Sale

Full size Master Chef electric balcony BBQ (110 watt) $50. Man’s black, knee length, leather coat, medium (size 38), made by Coronet Leather of Montréal, $50. Two speakers, PSB 2.8, 250 watt tall black $50. PlayStation 2.8 with all games and accessories $50. Call Peter (250) 763-1276 (Kelowna). Ready to go! 12ft Mirro Aluminum Boat. 6 Hp 2 stroke Yamaha motor (appox 50Hrs). Loaded on EZ loader trailer with oil bath bearings.

Ship Shape Shelter Indoor Boat & RV Storage

Call Gary or Michele at 250-835-4224 or

email for rates

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John Deere 855 4x4 compact tractor. Front end loader, 47” snow blower, 7’ rear blade, roof canopy, 24 HP. Mint condition. Only 363 hrs. Always garaged. Mobility Scooters year $17,500. 250-454-6756 end clearance sale. New (West Kelowna) lg size 1200 w/1 year 3 ton international w/ warranty. Walkers, air heavy duty 10’ snow cushions, wheelchair blade. 10,000 lb elec rentals. All types of winch c/w chains. scooters on our website $2000 obo Call For Sale by owner. Call 250-675-2365 250-832-7321, 250-804Attractive 2 bdrm 0113 (Shuswap) (shuswap) condo in Victoria BC Global Hydronics (45+ living). Asking 55 Buick Special. 4 dr Stove. capacity 4000$219,900. For more info hrdtop. Red & black. 5000 sq feet. Great for Rebuilt motor w/264 call Ed 250-679-2129 shops, buildings, ect... engine nail head. $2000.00 or best offer. 5 bdrm, 2 storey home $10,000 in chroming. Call John at 250-540in W Kelowna for sale. 2475 (Vernon) Includes accessories. Ross Rd. Lg fam rm. Snap-On collector’s What a deal! $2595. 2 full bth + 1.5 bth. edition calendar 1991 Dble attached garage (250) 766-0686 & 1992, never used, $25 + sgl detached garage 5,000 miles in last 12 (Winfield). each. Excalibur 6 games w/wkshp (wired 220). years. Red/black cloth in 1 pack, brand new, Hot Wheels singles Deck w/canopy. New & leather seats. Asking $10. Reader’s Digest in package $1 each or windows + furnace. $23,000. Call Ron 250528 pg Complete Guide single cases of 72 for 250-769-7559. (W. Kelowna) 765-0112 Kelowna. To Sewing, brand new $65 each with other Tenancy sought in 2008 Chev truck tow $5. (250) 542-6142 die casts and old Dinky K e l o w n a / Ve r n o n / Toys sell or trade. 250mirrors $25, 2008 (Vernon). Shuswap on quiet 253-1375 (Shuswap) Chev Uplander Van NEW Small Faux property or rural tow mirrors $25, 2007 Leather or Microfiber NEW Queen Bedroom acreage for garden use GMC truck tow mirrors Set. Queen bed, 9 Sectional Sofa w/ / animal care. 250-575$25, 2007 Tonneau ottoman. 5 colors drawer dresser, n/s, 5376 (PM). (Kelowna) landscape mirror. Solid Cover for GMC truck available. $469 (Kamloops) Wood. $679! $500. Automotive only!(250) 434-2337 (250)434-2337 Call Cliff at (Kamloops) 1990 Jeep YJ. 4 cylinder, 250-542-1449 Oak dining room Rental/Real Estate 5 spd, standard, soft top table w/6 chairs $350, Mobile home in seniors roof, good condition. 1999 Arctic Cat 580 oak china cabinet w/ park cache creek New brakes, completely Powder Special Snow hutch $350, office area.14 x 66 plus 12 x everything, complete Machine. $2195 obo. desk (cherry wood) 66 addition. 4 bdrm, 2 new exhaust system, 2 bdrm mobile hm in $200, older 20” tv $40, bath, 4 appliances, soft good tires (new new), West Kelowna Trail childrens oak dresser water system, osmosis new windshield and Park Mobile Villas. w/bookcase $80, Fax/ system, 12 x 12 shed, rear window. Asking $24,900 obo. Copy machine $40. garden area and NEW $3895 Please call Steve (250) 768-2269 Call 250-833-0318 hot tub. $96,500 obo. 250-308-7795 OR 250(Westbank). (Salmon Arm) Call 250-457-9631 542-3911 (Vernon) One bedroom apartment. Washer/ d r y e r / d i s h w a s h e r. Elevator in building near Coopers in Brockahurst and other sevices. Strata only $105. Rental allowed. Owner will consider to own with down payment. Only serious inquiry price is firm $117,900. 250-819-5149 (Kamloops)

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Amerigo’s Nuraghe Ristorante Italiano Bring This Tidbits Ad And Get

Any pasta for



Monday to Thursday Pasta Nights Dine In Only

2470 Main Street Westbank, BC

250-768-7983 3.62" x 6.25" GET



Easy Quick Affordable

Book Printing & Binding Colour or B/W

I can help with layout & cover design Perfect Book Binding Coil Binding Stapled Booklets

Art Biography Business Childrens Comic Cookbooks Fiction Health History Hobby Photography Poetry Romance Science Fiction Self Help Year Books

Annual Reports Brochures Calendars Flyers

Manuals Memo Pads Menu’s Newsletters

Postcards Rack Cards Raffle Tickets Invoice Books

500 Full Colour Business Cards 1 side $45.00 - 2 sided $65.00

Signs - Decals - Banners - Posters 250-260-1970

4215 A 25th Ave. Vernon, B.C. V1T 7G9


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