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• In 1964 both Kellogg's and Post introduced cereal that had freeze-dried fruit in it. The theory was that the freeze-dried fruit would absorb moisture from the milk and be reconstituted in the bowl. Unfortunately it took so long for the fruit to rehydrate that the cereal was hopelessly soggy by the time the fruit was edible. • After winning the Olympic decathlon in 1976, Bruce Jenner was signed up to sell Wheaties. On the air, Jenner claimed he had eaten Wheaties all his life. The assistant district attorney in San Francisco brought suit against General Mills, claiming consumer fraud. They felt that Jenner hadn't really eaten Wheaties all his life. Jenner challenged the DA to ask his mother. The suit was dropped. • In ads, the Trix rabbit is always trying to sneak a bowl of Trix cereal, but the kids constantly take it away from him, saying "Trix is for kids!" During the 1976 presidential elections, General Mills worried that this might be teaching kids a bad thing: try as you might, you'll never reach your goal. So they put it to the vote. By sending in box-top ballots, kids were asked to vote on whether or not the rabbit would get his Trix. 99% voted yes. Amidst great fanfare, the rabbit got to eat a whole bowl on the next commercial. Then, like Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, he held out his empty bowl and asked for more— only to be told he had to wait for the next election. • In 1972, General Mills introduced a new cereal called Franken Berry with pink cereal ‘berries’ in it. Unfortunately the food dye they initially used to turn the cereal pink was not absorbed by the digestive system, so parents were alarmed to find their kids having pink bowel movements, fearing internal bleeding. The formula was quickly changed and a different dye was used. • Cheerios were originally called Cheerioats. The name was changed in 1945.

DAILY SPECIALS 6:00 pm - Midnight


$2 Domestic Bottles • $2 Morgans $3: 12” Cheesy Bread






BLUE LINE CLUB • bingo • blackjack • Pull Tabs • pigwheel • lottery BINGO HOTLINE: 775-6174

$2 Sailor Jerry • $2 Bicardi $2 Fireball • $5 Spec. Pizza/Lavosh WEDNESDAYS: $3: 32 oz. Teas • $3 Bomb Shots 1/2 OFF any Lavosh


$2 Windsors • $2 Fireball 75¢ Sloppy Tacos


$3 Teas • $3 Jack • $3 Stoli $2.50 Queso SATURDAYS: $2.50 Morgans • $4 Single Item Pizza


$4 Domestic Pitchers • $2 Fireball $4 Grinders

FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS 10pm-12am 1/2-price Apps, Pizza & Lavosh

or see Website below for details: 1210 S. Washington St. • Grand Forks • 757-2030 Located in the strip mall just north of Mexican Village restaurant

Zion United Methodist Church

1001 24th Ave. S. • Grand Forks, ND • 701-772-1893


Sunday Worship Service: 10:30 am



after mail-in-rebate

When You Drop, Swap & Go! 20# Propane Exchange

$18.99 before mail-in-rebate

20# Cylinder Filled *Answer located on Inside Back Page

$47.99 before mail-in-rebate

Hwy. 81 North • Grand Forks, ND • Hours: M-F 8-8 • Sat. 8-6 • Sun. 12-6

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Tidbits Grand Forks - June 9, 2016  

"Cereal," "Bird Brains" and "Oatmeal"

Tidbits Grand Forks - June 9, 2016  

"Cereal," "Bird Brains" and "Oatmeal"