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DIFFERENCES: 1. Bench is missing. 2. Cap is different. 3. Scarf end is missing. 4. Stick is shorter. 5. Glove is different. 6. Skates are different. © 2015 King Features Synd., All rights reserved.

JEOPARDY! (continued):

See if you can answer some Jeopardy-style questions about this popular trivia show! Answer: Answer:“What’s Dell. the Question?” Question: AWhat was the name originally proVERY LARGE NUMBER posed for the Jeopardy show? • Edward Kasner was a mathematician. In 1938 A: he 1964. Whattoyear first debut, wasQ: asked comedidupJeopardy with a name for a veryArt large number: with Fleming as the the numeral host? one, followed by a hundred zeros. He asked his two young A: 1984. Q: What year did Alex Trebek take over nephews what name they would suggest. as host of the “All-New Jeopardy”? • Nine-year-old Milton suggested a name A: out 2016ofQ: yearAis cartoon Alex Trebek theWhat funnies. strip scheduled character tonamed retire?Barney was very popular. Milton chose lastHow namemany for the number. A: Barney’s 100,000 Q: people apply to be on •Jeopardy Kasner announced the new name for the big each year? number in his next book, altering the spelling. A: 0.04% Q: What is the acceptance rate of peo•ple Sixty later, Larry Page and Sergey Brin whoyears apply to appear on Jeopardy? developed a new internet search engine. Other A: search $1 Q: What’s lowest amount that ever and won enginesthesearched each webpage the game? ranked them according to how many times a term appeared them, but Page anda A: specific $3.4 million Q: What’sonthe highest amount Brin designed their search engine to search for contestant hasterm everand won? the specific then find out how many there were that ledthe back to that page, A: links $2.5 million Q: What’s amount Jeopardy which resulted in a betterwon? search engine. contestant Ken Jennings • They decided needed a Jennings name that A: 74 Q: How manythey shows did Ken apreflected how many websites the search pear on? engine was searching. They took the name A: of $556,400 What isvery the maximum winnable EdwardQ: Kasner’s large number, only sum a single game if a contestant the theyinmisspelled it slightly, so it endedsweeps up being spelledbets exactly the and same way everything the cartoonin boards, the max, wagers character Barney spelled his last name. What’s Final Jeopardy? it called? (Answer at bottom of page) A: 30 seconds Q: How many seconds does a conCOMPUTER FACTS testant have to write down their answer in Final •Jeopardy? In 1981 Bill Gates said, “640 kb of memory ought to be enough for anybody.” A: 30 seconds Q: How long did it take show de• Moore’s Law states that computer performance veloper the Jeopardy doublesMerv everyGriffin 18 to to 24write months, and ever theme since song? 1971, this has been true. A: How muchand did Merv • $70 HP, million Google,Q:Microsoft, AppleGriffin were earn all instarted royalties from the Jeopardy theme song? in garages. Answer: Google, from googol.has the show won? A: 30 Q: How many Emmys

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1. “Born in the USA” in 1984. 2. About 18 hours. 3. The Bronx. The rest are islands. 4. Wilson Rawls 5. Bedford Falls

6. Where Everybody Knows Your Name 7. Montague & Capulet 8. 1963

Sports Answers 5. Norway (329) 1. 1985 6. Mickey Lolich 2. Brett, 201 (2,679), Jack Rose, 198 Morris (1,980) 3. Ben Hogan, & J. Velander Jack Nicklaus (1,943) Arnold Palmer 7. James Harden Craig Wood, with 2,981 Tiger Woods minutes 4. Mike Cammalleri (27) Professional Home Inspection Service






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Tidbits Grand Forks - January 7, 2016  

"National Trivia Day," Cows by the Numbers" and "Trivia About Trivia"

Tidbits Grand Forks - January 7, 2016  

"National Trivia Day," Cows by the Numbers" and "Trivia About Trivia"