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TERMITES (continued):

DIFFERENCES: 1. Scarf is different. 2. Boots are higher. 3. Small shed is wider. 4. Puddle near sled is missing. 5. Snow is gone from window ledge. 6. Bush on left has been moved. © 2019 King Features Synd., All rights reserved.

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• Entomologists, those who study insects, estimate there are 1,000 lbs. of termites for every human on Earth. Answer: Dell. • There are three types of NUMBER termites, based on A VERY LARGE their habitat and diet. Dampwood • Edward Kasner was a mathematician.termites, In 1938 found only in coniferous he was asked to come upforests, with afavor namemoist, for a very largewood, number:and the numeral decaying remain one, closefollowed to the by a hundred zeros. He asked young ground. Drywood termites livehisin two hardwood nephews what name they would suggest. forests and don’t require much moisture in the •wood Nine-year-old Milton often suggested name they eat. They’re found ain attics. out of the funnies. A cartoon strip character Although subterranean termites prefer soft named they Barney was very popular. Miltontype chose woods, will invade nearly every of Barney’s last name for the number. wood, and can live nearly everywhere, except •for Kasner announced the new name for the big cold habitats. A termite’s diet isn’t limited number in his next book, altering the spelling. to just wood – they’re also fond of paper, dry•wall, Sixtyand years later, LarryThey Pageget andtheir Sergey Brin even plastic. nutrients developed a new search Other from cellulose, theinternet organic fiberengine. in wood and search engines searched each webpage and plants. ranked them according to how many times a specific termtermites appeared on them, Page • Every year, cause morebut than $5 and bilBrin designed their search engine to search for lion in damages to American homeowners. the specific term and then find out how many A group of about 60,000 of these tiny insects links there were that led back to that page, can eat one foot of a 2x4 beam in about five which resulted in a better search engine. months. Yet ecologically speaking, they have •anThey decided needed decomposition, a name that important rolethey in organic reflected how many websites the search providing to the by engine wasbenefits searching. Theyenvironment took the name breaking down tough plant fibers, and recyof Edward Kasner’s very large number, only cling trees itinto new soil. Their up miles of they dead misspelled slightly, so it ended being tunnel the soil, spellednetworks exactly aerate the same way and the actually cartoon character enrich the Barney soil. spelled his last name. What’s it called? (Answer at bottom of page) • In certain cultures, the termite is considered a COMPUTER FACTSare even used delicacy to eat, and the creatures •inInthe 1981 Bill Gatesofsaid, “640 kb of memory manufacture many medicines, includought to be enough for anybody.” ing those for the treatment of asthma and si•nusitis. Moore’s Law states that computer performance doubles every 18 to 24 months, and ever since 1971, this has been true. • HP, Google, Microsoft, and Apple were all started in garages. Answer: Google, from googol.


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Quiz Answers

1. Montague and Capulet 2. Hamlet 3. Adele 4. India

5. Al, Peggy, Kelly, Bud 6. Stevie Wonder 7. Relief pitcher 8. 3/4 or 38 of 50

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Sports Answers 5. Julius Earving 1. True. 2. Albert Belle 6. Jim Mongomery (Dallas, 49 in 1998 2018), Dave 3. It was 1990 Hakstol (Phila4. 2009. Lost to delphia, 2015) Yankees.



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Tidbits of Grand Forks - March 21, 2019  

"Shakespeare," "Fred Rogers" and "Termites"

Tidbits of Grand Forks - March 21, 2019  

"Shakespeare," "Fred Rogers" and "Termites"