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by Janet Spencer Blood is 83% water, and bones are 25% water. Tooth enamel, the hardest substance in the human body, is only 2% water. Come along with Tidbits as we take a look at teeth! FAST FACTS • The most widespread human disease is tooth decay, affecting 98% of Americans. • The enamel on a human tooth is only 1/1,000th of an inch thick. • There are over 100,000 dentists in the U.S., and they see a million patients every day. • Every day, dentists put 80 lbs. (36 kg) of gold in American mouths and fill 1/2 million cavities. 75 tons of gold are used each year for filling people’s teeth, and about 5% of all gold mined is used in dentistry. • For every 100 inductees into the U.S. Army, more than 600 cavities have to be filled; 112 teeth have to be pulled; and 40 bridges, 21 crowns, 18 partial dentures, and one full denture have to be installed. • Sugar does not cause tooth decay. Bacteria feeding on the sugar that remains in the mouth too long is what causes tooth decay. There are between 50 and 100 million bacteria in the average human mouth. • In some countries, most people eat so little sugar that entire cities are cavity-free. (continued next page)

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Tidbits® of CDA TEETH (continued) • Which country has the most cavities per person? The USA, where Americans eat an average of 21 teaspoons of sugar per day. • The type of candy that’s best at promoting cavities in teeth is dark chocolate or fudge. • Chewable vitamin C tablets can erode tooth enamel if used on a long-term basis. DENTAL HISTORY • Archeologists found the remains of an Egyptian man whose perfectly preserved gold bridgework, installed 4,500 years ago, is the oldest known example of restorative dentistry. • The first electric dental drill was patented in 1875. Prior to that, dental drills had been powered by foot treadles. Before foot treadles, cavities were treated by putting a drop of “vitriol” in them. Vitriol is now known as sulfuric acid, and it killed the nerves in the tooth. • In the 1800s false teeth were made from wood or ivory, but they didn’t last long. A revolutionary dentist named Parmly found that when real teeth were used to replace missing teeth, they worked much better. The trouble was where to find real teeth. The war of 1812 was raging at the time, so Parmly solved the problem by visiting the site of the Battle of Bridgewater shortly after the battle ended. With his brother to assist him, he collected thousands of teeth from fallen soldiers. He used them to fashion dentures guaranteed to last a lifetime. • The Florence Manufacturing Company of Massachusetts was one of the first companies to produce toothbrushes in America in 1885. • The natural bristles of early toothbrushes were taken from the necks and shoulders of swine, especially pigs living in colder climates like Siberia and China. The first nylon bristles were introduced in 1938.

From the Publisher’s Desk By : Evelyn Bevacqua

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A “tidbit” is defined as “a tasty morsel to be enjoyed before the meal”. And that’s just what Tidbits® is – a non-controversial, weekly paper dedicated to publishing entertaining morsels for the mind, food for thought as it were: trivia, fun facts, amusing stories and oddities. Tidbits is distributed to over 200 locations throughout the area. Tidbits can be found in restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, offices, banks, libraries, hair salons, auto repair shops, motels, hospitals, medical & dental waiting rooms, retail stores, etc. Our weekly readership is 14,800. If you would like to add your event, stories, ad info or any comments, please feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 208.755.9120.

• “If you have a fish tank, you can use the fishtank water to fertilize your rose bushes. I do this, and it’s rich in minerals that the bushes love!” -- A.U. in Alabama • Make your own bed-buddy hot pad with a long sock and rice. Use a sock that’s knee high, and fill it about two-thirds full with plain, uncooked white rice. Knot it an inch or two from the top of the rice, so it’s nice and loose. Once it’s secure, stick the sock into the microwave for 1-2 minutes. The rice heats up, and the heat is stored in the rice. It’s wonderful for aches and pains -- or just for keeping toes toasty! • Shower caps can be placed over a planter and used to make a kind of greenhouse for planting cuttings. Just water and place it in a sun-filled window. Be sure to check it often, because even though it might be cool out, your little greenhouse can get pretty hot with only a few hours of sun. • “Loosen tight jeans with a cutting board! First, wash in cold water, then button them around something that’s about an inch wider than the waist ... say, a cookie sheet, chair top, cutting board, etc. Air dry. It’s magical.” -- V.L. in New York “When I was a kid, the side of my yard was soft sand, but it’s where my brother and I kept our bikes. I liked my bike to stand up, because it kept the sand out of my gears. The kickstand would sink in the sand, so my dad gave me an old tennis ball that he had poked a hole into. I put it on the kickstand, and from then on, it stayed standing up. Thought I would share.” -- M.N. in Florida Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 328536475 or e-mail JoAnn at (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

Tidbits® of CDA GEORGE WASHINGTON’S TEETH George Washington, who lost all of his teeth at an early age, actually had several sets of false teeth. None were made of wood, which is a popular misconception. Two of them were made of hippopotamus ivory and gold, fashioned by Dr. John Greenwood, who was one of the most prominent dentists of the day. They had springs in them which pressed them firmly against the top and bottom of his mouth. Washington had to actively close his mouth to keep his teeth together. One of the denture sets is on display at the Samuel Harris National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore. The other set was donated to the University of Maryland Dental School in Baltimore, which is the oldest dental college in the world. They in turn loaned the dentures to the Smithsonian Institute in 1976 for display at the bicentennial exhibit. They were stolen from the Smithsonian on June 19, 1981, probably for their gold content. The owner of the Carnegie Deli in New York offered a reward of a year’s worth of delicatessen food for their safe return, no questions asked. However, the dentures have never been recovered. FAST FACTS • In 1733, dentures gave rise to an important legal test case. John Zenger, editor of the New York Weekly Journal, said about Governor William Cosby that he had loathsome false teeth and an unclean mouth. The governor sued for libel. Zenger’s lawyer maintained the comments were not libelous unless it could be proven that the comments were wrong. The jury must have agreed that the governor had loathsome false teeth, because they found Zenger not guilty. • Clark Gable had no teeth, but wore dentures. “Gone With the Wind” co-star Vivian Leigh complained that he had terrible breath.


Sept 13 – Oct 5 150th Show with Balazs & McCuddin The Art Spirit Gallery 415 Sherman Ave, CDA, 208-765-6006 Sep 30, 2013 Open Mic Night - Calypsos 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (Performances: Theater, Music, Dance) Oct 1, 2013 Live Soft Blues and Jazz 315 Martinis & Tapas 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Performances: Theater, Music, Dance) Oct 2, 2013 Live After 5 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Performances: Theater, Music, Dance) 6th and Sherman Ave. Oct 5, 2013 Okotberfest in Harrison 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM (Food & Drink) Oct 11, 2013 ArtWalk Coeur d’Alene 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Arts & Crafts & Markets) If you wish to publish your event for free, please e-mail

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® of®Dallas Tidbits County Tidbits of CDA TOOTH FAIRY MUSEUM • When in Deerfield, Illinois, visit the Tooth Fairy Museum to see a Tooth Fairy treasure trove including Tooth Fairies made out of everything from paper mache to clay to fabric. There are tooth fairy angels, pixies, ballerinas, and even a Tooth Fairy bag lady. Of course there are a lot of Tooth Fairy boxes designed for children to put their teeth into in order to receive their money. One is shaped like a set of pink gums and is designed so that each tooth lost is placed in the appropriate slot, reproducing the child’s smile. • Collecting money for lost teeth is an American habit which became popular around 1900. At that time the going rate per tooth was about 12 cents. Now, it’s at least a dollar per tooth lost. YOU BE THE JUDGE • A dental hygienist who happened to be a born-again Christian found that when she had people in the dental chair it was a perfect time to save their souls. Patients resented this; the dentist she worked for forbad it; but she continued the practice anyway. She was fired. She sued, saying she’d only been exercising her right to free speech. If you were the judge, how would you rule? The judge disagreed with the hygienist and supported her dismissal because, “a dentist has the right to expect his hygienist... not to add more discomfort to a patient’s already uncomfortable situation.” ALFRED E. NEUMAN • An ad for a dental clinic in Topeka, Kansas in the 1920’s featured a grinning boy with red hair, freckles and a missing front tooth. The boy was not worried a bit, because his dentist was Painless Romine. The picture of the grinning boy also appeared in ads for shoes and soft drinks. In the 1950’s the boy was adopted by Mad Magazine, and named Alfred E. Neuman. His slogan became, “What, me worry?” In 1956 he was even featured as a write-in candidate for president, but lost.

TOP OF THE CHARTS as of Sept. 16, 2013

Top 10 Pop Singles This Week Last Week 1. Katy Perry No. 2 "Roar" 2. Robin Thicke feat. T.I. and Pharrell No. 1 "Blurred Lines" 3. Eminem new entry "Berzerk" 4. Miley Cyrus No. 3 "We Can't Stop" 5. Jay Z feat. Justin Timberlake No. 6 "Holy Grail" 6. Lady Gaga No. 4 "Applause" 7. Avicii No. 7 "Wake Me Up!" 8. Lorde No. 12 "Royals" 9. Imagine Dragons No. 5 "Radioactive" 10. Lana Del Rey & Cedric Gervais No. 9 "Summertime Sadness"

Top 10 Albums 1. Avenged Sevenfold new entry "Hail to the King" 2. Luke Bryan No. 1 "Crash My Party" 3. Big Sean new entry "Hall of Fame" 4. Juicy J new entry "Stay Trippy" 5. Robin Thicke No. 6 "Blurred Lines" 6. Justin Timberlake No. 22 "The 20/20 Experience" 7. John Mayer No. 2 "Paradise Valley" 8. Alabama & Friends new entry "Alabama & Friends" 9. Bruno Mars No. 18 "Orthodox Jukebox" 10. TGT No. 3 "Three Kings"

Top 10 Hot Country Singles 1. Luke Bryan No. 1 "That's My Kind of Night" 2. Florida Georgia Line No. 2 "Cruise" 3. Florida Georgia Line No. 8 "Round Here" 4. Jason Alden No. 4 "Night Train" 5. Thomas Rhett No. 7 "It Goes Like This" 6. Keith Urban No. 6 "Little Bit of Everything" 7. Tyler Farr No. 11 "Redneck Crazy" 8. Brett Eldredge No. 5 "Don't Ya" 9. Luke Bryan No. 9 "Crash My Party" 10. Billy Currington No. 14 "Hey Girl" Source: Billboard (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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By Dr. Holly Carling

A Great Performance - The Endocrine System The allure of a great orchestral performance is the way in which all musicians play beautiful music, harmoniously. There is something quite exquisite about a good performance that penetrates deep into our soul and enriches our lives. In our body, we also have an orchestra that needs to work harmoniously so that our inner beauty, our inner soul, our inner peace is expressed in such a way as to embody the feeling of a good performance. Well, we don't usually feel the performance as it happens, but the essence of it when we feel wonderful! How we think, react to stress, and the energy we have is determined by our endocrine system. It is vital that we do what is necessary to keep that system humming along and finely tuned. Like an orchestra, as long as all the instruments are tuned, and all the musicians are playing the music as directed, it is absolutely lovely to behold. The Endocrine System is a complex system composed of the organs and glands responsible for control and secretion of the many hormones in the body. It has an elaborate bio-feedback mechanism that controls many physiological functions. It is an information system, but works differently than our nervous system. It regulates many functions such as growth and development, tissue function, emotions, digestion, sexual functions, and even our heart. For that system to run in harmony, it has to have all the nutrients necessary for function. In an orchestra, if the brass instruments are missing, the orchestra can still play, but something is missing. In the body, if something is missing, it may still play (function), but not up to par. It doesn't mean it's diseased, but left neglected long enough, disease can result. We're talking about sub-optimal performance. For instance, I play piano. I didn't take my first lesson until I turned 50. Now a number of years later, I can play piano, but put me in an orchestra and the results would be (put mildly) sub-optimal. In order for the endocrine system to work optimally, we need essential fatty acids. The composition of hormones is mostly made from fats. If we eat a fat free diet, we will be deficient. However, eating good fats, not harmful fats, is essential. We also need minerals. The thyroid needs iodine, the pituitary needs manganese, the adrenals need copper, the stomach needs zinc, etc. Minerals are the activators for many functions in the body, especially when it comes to the endocrine system. If we continue to eat a diet devoid of minerals, how do we expect our system to function harmoniously? It's like missing the brass. There is beauty in harmony. All parts are necessary. All parts need to function up to par. Missing elements equates to sub-optimal performance. That is in complete opposition to what we really want - a good performance - vitality! Dr. Holly Carling is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Naturopathy, Clinical Nutritionist and Master Herbologist with over 34 years of experience. Dr. Carling is currently accepting new patients and offers natural health care services and whole food nutritional supplements in her Coeur d’ Alene clinic. Visit Dr. Carling’s website at www. to learn more about Dr. Carling, view a list of upcoming health classes and read other informative articles. Dr. Carling can be reached at 208-765-1994 and would be happy to answer any questions regarding this topic.

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Tidbits® of Dallas County

The Happy Medium Q: Is everyone intuitive?

THE PINK PARTY Good Food, Good Drink, Good Cause! CONNECT members and friends sampling the wonderful food and wines at The Pink Party held to support Marjorie Valencia's battle through breast cancer. Donations can still be made at :

A:Yes, we just aren't always aware of the connections and how those connections may come through. Some people may feel those connections more then others but with practice, like most things, intuition skills can be enhanced. Heres the range of intuitive skills that can be enhanced. Empathetic: To feel things Precognitive: Knowing the future Clairaudient: To hear Magma: Knowing things having to do with earth such as, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, ect. Clairvoyant: To see Psychometry: The reading of objects

Should I let my cat/dog have a litter before she is spayed? Q:Should I let my cat/dog have a litter before she is spayed? A:Unless you are a professional responsible breeder, there’s no reason for a female cat or dog to have even one litter. It won’t make her a better companion, and it will increase the likelihood that she will develop mammary cancer. You should also know that adequate care for just one litter of kittens or puppies costs more than spaying/neutering. Feeding, worming and first vaccinations can cost $200$300. Are you prepared to pay for additional medical expenses from possible complications with the births? And can you guarantee that all the offspring will have good life-long homes? More than half of them won’t be that lucky. The allure of kittens and puppies often wears off when they become cats and dogs. Even if you find good homes, every home you find for your pet’s offspring takes away a home from a shelter animal.

Spay/Neuter for a Brighter Future For more info visit

Q:My husband's feet sweat and his shoes smell terrible. They smell up our closets and I'm to theUnless pointyou where him to keep are Ia want professional all his shoes outside.breeder, I've tried powders and responsible there’s no sprays but they just mask the problem. Is reason for a female cat or dog there anything can do actually remove to haveIeven onetolitter. It won’t the smell? make her a better companion, A:Yes, there is an easy remedy and one that should keep your hubby's shoes indoors. Take a piece of old newspaper - yes, I said newspaper, and crumple it up and place it in the shoes. The paper will absorb the smell, and you can just toss, or better yet recycle the used newspaper whenever you want. I would have him put in new paper every time he removes his shoes. (You can put a bag of fresh crumpled newspaper nearby and make it really easy for him if he balks at doing it himself.) For seldom worn shoes change out the old paper every so often. If they are really smelly do this a few times. You'll soon be without the offending odor. This also works incredibly well for cabinets, closets, refrigerators - almost anywhere you have bad odors. So, keep the guy and the shoes! And remember - You Dirty It! We Clean It!

The Cleaning Girls Twila Sparti 208-691-0086

Telekinesis: The movement of objects These are just a few of many ways to be intuitive and how connections come through. Just by knowing the different ways there is a greater chance of making an intuitive connection that leads to positive guidance for daily life. The scientific name for intuitive connections is called Quantum Entanglement discovered by Einstein. Quantum Entanglement was one of Einstein's favorite subjects. Some of the uses of Quantum Entanglement, intuition, are police investigations, medical diagnosis, grief counseling, animal communications, afterlife communications, and personal guidance, just to name a few of many. Positive intuitive connections leave you with a feeling of peace and well being.

Bonnie Whiting Psychic Readings and Investigations 208-667-1423

EDUCATE BE KNOWN AS THE EXPERTFor YOUAdvertising ARE AND SHARE THIS(334) KNOWLEDGE. Call 505-0674 You will be a featured ‘Expert’ once each month, answering questions, sharing information or updates about your business, or announcing an event. SUPPORT MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR BUSINESS AND IN OUR COMMUNITY. Come together to support other members - especially our non-profits, be a part of what is happening in our community, and be of service. As we Give, we Receive! EXPAND GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND GROW YOURSELF! Get affordable exposure to new customers and learn new practices that will keep you and yourbusiness fresh and exciting. Many are mightier than one! Join, have fun, and be ready to grow.

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Contractors working again

August real estate market figures show a 20 percent increase over last year in the sale of newly constructed homes. Just take a drive through any of the area's subdivisions and you will see houses in various stages of completion everywhere. The commercial market is moving again too with construction apparent on many of the City's arterials. Of course Winco Foods is nearly done, Peak Fitness has a new tennis facility underway and the foundation is poured for the new market at the old Elmer's restaurant location. Elmer's of course has moved into the former Perkin's on Appleway. Recent reports that unemployment is down in Kootenai County is certainly welcome and building contractors are part of the reason. Kim Cooper is a Coeur d'Alene real estate broker and owner of Select Brokers. He may be reached by phone at 208-818-3939 or by email;

Radar is an adorable rescue dog looking for a forever home. His a 2 year old neutered male. Very calm and loves to cuddle. Please contact Alternative Pet Rescue C.D.A. Id. Facebook or call 208-661-2286

PETS CORNER When considering purchasing a pet please check your local shelters, and petfinder. com 90% of pets in shelters are there due to lack of education on the breeds temperament and matching that to their personal household. Most people choose a dog based on looks alone and not behavioral characteristics. Breed Facts : Maltese: The name is derived from the Island of Malta. The Maltese have no undercoat and are considered hypoallergenic. With this breed regular grooming once a month is required. Basenji: The Basenji was bred for hunting and originated in Central Africa. The Basenji has no bark but does produce an unusual yodel type sound, commonly called “barroo”. This gives them the nick-name “The Bark-less Dog”. Top 10 Dogs in America 1. Labrador Retriever 2. German Shepherd 3. Golden Retriever 4. Beagle 5. Bulldog 6. Yorkshire Terrier 7. Boxer 8. Poodle 9. Rottweiler 10. Dachshunds Bonnie Whiting is a professional animal trainer, behavioralist and communicator. Whiting is also founder of Alternative Pet Rescue and Adoptions Whiting offers a variety of animal related services such as training, adoptions, rescues, intuitive communications, service and therapy pets, natural remedies and much more. For more info on adoptions, rescues, training and animal communications or to make a donation go to Our Facebook fan page Alternative Pet Rescue Coeur d’ Alene, Id. or call 208661-2286

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Helping Homeless Vets

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Obamacare Scams -- Just Hang Up

Feel that chill in the air? Tens of thousands of homeless veterans feel it, too. A joint program between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is working to get veterans into stable, permanent housing, with a goal of ending veteran homelessness by 2015. They’re making progress, but have a long way to go. An interactive map at shows the good and bad news when it comes to the numbers of homeless veterans. Some one-year stats: A suburb of Washington, D.C. shows a 41 percent increase in the number of homeless veterans. A county outside the Beltway shows a 12 percent increase. Another nearby county shows a whopping 85 percent increase. A town in North Carolina shows a 157 percent increase. Other nearby sites show decreases ... but it begs the question: Did those homeless veterans just change locations? Veterans service organizations that are ready to step up to combat veterans homelessness can help by getting out information about available services. Go online to and get busy printing out information. The site offers brochures, fact sheets, posters, videos and Web ads. The videos have information for legal professionals, social workers and first responders about inquiring if someone is a veteran. Read the fine print about how you can work with existing groups to fill in the gaps that always exist. If your organization has a website, look for the coding and graphics you can put on your site to lead veterans to information they need. At the very least, print out the wallet cards and hand them out to all your members to carry. The cards have the toll-free number for homeless veterans to get help: 877-4AID-VET (424-3838)

It’s one thing to read about how good scammers can be -- and quite another to experience it yourself. I recently received a phone call trying to get me to divulge personal information to sign up for Obamacare. After I got over my shock that scammers were actually calling me, I decided to play along for a few minutes. First, they knew my name. That wasn’t too surprising, but when they told me I only had a short time to get signed up for Obamacare or I’d lose my Medicare, I realized how dangerous these people are. The trick they were pulling was to combine the new Obamacare signups with Medicare’s open enrollment, as through the two have anything to do with each other. Yes, they both start in October, but that’s all they have in common. Specifically, I was told that if I signed up with them, I would receive my new insurance card for a small fee. They asked if I have a credit card. I said yes. They asked for the number, talking very rapidly, not even listening to my questions. Their main goal was to intimidate me into giving my credit-card number. When I refused, they said my Medicare was going to be canceled for not signing up for Obamacare, and I could go to jail. It was a bit intimidating, even though I knew what they were doing, and I realized how skilled they were. I f you get a similar call, hang up. Don’t even listen. No one from the government is going to call you about signing up for Obamacare or the Medicare open enrollment. If you get a call like this, call the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-382-4357 and file a complaint.

Freddy Groves regrets that he cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into his column whenever possible. Send email to

Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Send email to

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by Samantha Weaver • the following sage observation: “A consensus means that everyone agrees to say collectively what no one believes individually.” • Moose are so nearsighted that they have been known to try to mate with cars. • According to tradition, a bride whose dress is made of silk will have good fortune in her marriage. A woman who wears velvet to her wedding will face poverty, and a satin wedding gown will bring bad luck. • On average, there are 50,000 earthquakes around the world every year. • Beloved composer Frederic Chopin died in 1849 in France. He was terrified of being buried alive, so at his request, after his death his heart was removed, preserved in alcohol and returned to his native country, Poland. Once in Warsaw, the urn containing his heart was sealed into a pillar of the Holy Cross Church with the inscription, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” • Spanish explorers named California after a mythical island of Amazon women ruled by a warrior queen named Califa. • An assemblyman in Alaska once wrote and tried to pass legislation mandating a $100 fine for “public flatulence, crepitation, gaseous emission and miasmic effluence.” • In 1903, a now-unknown inventor (and breeder of chickens, one might venture to guess) submitted a request to patent eyeglasses for chickens, designed to prevent injury due to pecking by other chickens. The request was refused. • The Sphinx in Egypt is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence. Thought for the Day: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” -- Albert Einstein (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

For 505-0674 For Advertising Advertising Call (334) 208-755-9120 Cancer -Fighting secrets your doctor isn’t telling you: Part 4 of 4 by: Susan Ashley MD

All patients with cancer or who have undergone chemotherapy are toxic. Because chemotherapy drugs are so powerful, they damage the liver cells as well as other cells in the body. The liver is the organ that does the most work in detoxification. The liver's detoxification system is divided into 2 major systems, phase one and phase two. Both systems can be enhanced with supplements such as milk thistle, indole 3-carbinol, MSM, carotenoids, astaxanthin, curcumin and eating a diet high in cruciferous vegetables. Grapefruit affects phase one enzymes and can help prevent environmental chemicals from converting into weak carcinogens. Modified citrus pectin is a powerful detoxifier and helps to clear heavy metals and other environmental toxins. Some people are born with an impaired ability to detoxify drugs and toxins, which can lead to an increased risk of cancer. These people are very sensitive to many drugs, often requiring doses much lower than normal, and/or often have multiple drug allergies. People with poor methylation, which can be checked easily in the blood, have impaired detoxification. The intestines contain powerful detoxification enzymes, which are severely damaged during chemo and abdominal radiation treatments. The beneficial bacteria are often killed as well during these treatments, leading to an overgrowth of pathogenic, or bad, bacteria. They in turn release powerful toxins into the circulation, which strains the liver's detoxification system. It is important to take probiotics daily to enhance immunity. 3 species of medicinal mushrooms are potent for immune stimulation: maitake, shiitake, and reishi. They help to stimulate the body's natural killer cells and other cytotoxic T cells. It is important to start a serious detoxification program early. This can involve IV nutritionals, far infrared sauna, colonics, modified citrus pectin, and supplements for liver detoxification. And of course, changing the diet is important. A high fiber diet is also critical to help remove any ingested pesticide and herbicide residues found in foods. Speak with a qualified health care professional before starting any detox program. While no one can guarantee you success in your battle against cancer, you will have a much better outcome than if you ignore the importance of nutrition in your treatment. The vast majority of patients treated with nutrition feel better and have far fewer complications than those who do not. You can choose to stand up to cancer instead of letting it beat you down. Susan Ashley MD is the owner of Family Medicine Liberty Lake, and is board certified in both Family Medicine and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She can be reached at 509-928-6700

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You might need to get more facts to help you work out those problems with your new project. As always, a friendly approach shows the charming Arian at his or her persuasive best. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Information is what energizes ambition, and this is a good time for the ambitious Bovine to expand his or her range of knowledge and to be ready for the challenges that lie ahead. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) This is a good time to consider making some long-overdue decorating changes at home or in your workplace. A splash of color can help raise spirits, even on the grayest day. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Learn more. Earn more. That’s the formula for Moon Children looking to expand their career horizons. Investigate the best places to get those training courses you’ll need. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Your creative side helps gain attention for many of your ideas. But don’t neglect the practical aspects involved in implementing their move from paper to production. Good luck. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) A health problem should not be ignored. The sooner you check it out, the sooner you can deal with it and then move on. Some job advice comes from an unlikely source. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A relationship takes an unexpected shift that could leave you puzzled and hurt. Asking for an explanation could help uncover the reason for this sudden turn of events. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Your busy schedule has drawn down much of your energy levels. Restore them by spending a wellearned time out enjoying the arts -- perhaps with that special someone. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Make that presentation with confidence. Remember: When you show you believe in yourself, it helps persuade others that you truly know what you’re doing. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Although you usually prefer doing things on your own, a group effort might be advisable at this time. Try to keep an open mind about suggestions from colleagues. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) This could be a good time to reassess some of your recent decisions and see if any adjustments should be made based on facts that you might have just uncovered. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) An emotionally charged situation creates uncertainty about the future of your relationship. Best advice: Talk things out while there’s still time to reach a new understanding. BORN THIS WEEK: You tend to act on matters of principle despite what others might advise. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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MOMENTS IN TIME The History Channel • On Oct. 6, 1683, encouraged by William Penn’s offer of 5,000 acres of land in the colony of Pennsylvania and the freedom to practice their religion, the first Mennonites arrive in America aboard the Concord. The German Mennonites were founded in Europe by Menno Simons in the 16th century. • On Oct. 2, 1780, British Major John Andre, an accomplice of Benedict Arnold, is hanged as a spy by U.S. military forces in Tappan, N.Y. Andre wrote a letter to Gen. George Washington asking that he be executed by firing squad, that being a more “gentlemanly” death than hanging. • On Oct. 4, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln observes a balloon demonstration near Washington, D.C. Both Confederate and Union armies experimented with using balloons to gather military intelligence in the early stages of the war, but the balloons proved to be dangerous and impractical for most situations. • On Oct. 1, 1908, the first production Model T Ford is completed in Detroit. The cheapest one initially cost $825, or about $18,000 in today’s dollars. It had a 22-horsepower, four-cylinder engine that could run on gasoline or hempbased fuel. • On Sept. 30, 1954, the USS Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear submarine, is commissioned by the U.S. Navy. In August 1958, Nautilus accomplished the first voyage under the geographic North Pole. After a career spanning 25 years and almost 500,000 miles steamed, Nautilus was decommissioned in 1980. • On Oct. 3, 1967, writer, singer and folk icon Woody Guthrie dies in New York. Guthrie, originally from Oklahoma, introduced a form of music called protest folk. Most famous was “This Land Is Your Land,” written in 1940 and first recorded in 1944. • On Oct. 5, 1978, Isaac Bashevis Singer wins the Nobel Prize for literature. Singer wrote in Yiddish about Jewish life in Poland and the United States, and translations of his work became popular in mainstream America as well as Jewish circles. One of his stories, Yentl, was made into a movie directed by and starring Barbra Streisand in 1983. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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FLASHBACK By Mick Harper

1. What was the original title for the disco hit “Get Down Tonight”? 2. Who had a hit with “Mad World”? 3. Name the artist who wrote and recorded “It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin’.” 4. Which group released “Pinball Wizard”? 5. Name the song with this lyric: “We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon, And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.” Answers 1. “What You Want Is What You Get,” released in 1975 by KC and the Sunshine Band. The song has been used in multiple films, such as “Forrest Gump” and “Arlington Road.” 2. Tears for Fears, in 1982. The song was intended to be a b-side for “Pale Shelter,” but the group held “Mad World” back until it could have an a-side slot. 3. Johnny Tillotson, in 1962. 4. The Who, in 1969. The song was featured on their 1969 rock opera album “Tommy.” 5. “Woodstock,” written by Joni Mitchell in 1969. She wrote it based on what her boyfriend, Graham Nash, told her about Woodstock. She didn’t go because her manager said it would be more beneficial to her career to appear on “The Dick Cavett Show” instead. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.


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TOP TEN MOVIES 1. Riddick (R) Vin Diesel, Karl Urban 2. Lee Daniels’ The Butler (PG-13) Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey 3. Instructions Not Included (PG-13) Guillermo Rios, Leticia Lopez Margalli 4. We’re the Millers (R) Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis 5. Planes (PG) animated 6. One Direction: This Is Us (PG) Liam Payne, Harry Styles 7. Elysium (R) Matt Damon, Jodie Foster 8. Blue Jasmine (PG-13) Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin 9. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (PG) Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario 10. The World’s End (R) Simon Pegg, Nick Frost (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

TOP TEN VIDEO, DVD Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray Rentals 1. Pain and Gain (R) Mark Wahlberg 2. Olympus Has Fallen (R) Gerald Butler 3. 42 (PG-13) Chadwick Boseman 4. Mud (PG-13) Matthew McConaughey 5. The Big Wedding (R) Robert DeNiro 6. Scary Movie V (PG-13) Simon Rex 7. GI Joe: Retaliation (PG-13) Dwayne Johnson 8. Admission (PG-13) Tina Fey 9. Killing Season (R) Robert De Niro 10. Identity Thief (R) Jason Bateman Source: Rentrak Corp. (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

Dear Auntie M.,

My ex-husband is getting married - again! This will be number 4. This one is even younger than the last two. Our oldest son, who is a year older than his new step-mother to be, is infuriated. My daughter told me my son dated this woman in college, and they even lived together for a short time. (Unbeknownst to me.) It turns out that this woman and my ex ‘got together’ when my son took her on a Christmas ski trip - that’s how they met! When I told my ex that Matt was upset he said that he should just ‘get over it.’ My son feels betrayed and I don’t know what to do. Any advice on what to tell my son? Hate to See Him Hurt in Hayden Lake

Dear Hate to See Him Hurt, Geeesh. Your son got beat out by his own father? That would hurt. Betrayal? Perhaps. It sounds like she and Matt broke up before it got serious with Dad. If they ‘hooked up’ on the ski trip then shame on them. What bothers me most is Dad saying ‘get over it.’ Really? Is he that egotistical and shallow? It’s too late now for a prior ‘man-to-man’ but your ex needs to meet with your son and explain what happened. What do you tell your son? Be a Man! And, a bigger and better man than his Dad. He can choose not to attend the wedding or be a part of their life. He is young enough to ‘get over it’, but in a positive way. Maturity will give him perspective. And my guess is this marriage won’t last either! Please send your questions or comments to I shall be frank and honest with my response and provide resources where appropriate.

Sweet Potato Quinoa Recipe:

Recipe: 1/2 cup quinoa 1 medium peeled cubed sweet potato 1 1/2 cups chicken broth 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon honey Put quinoa and chopped sweet potato in a pot add chicken broth until covered. Bring to boil and cook until quinoa is sprouted and sweet potato is soft about 15 to 20 minutes. Drizzle with honey and cinnamon to taste. Serve hot. Happy Eating, Bretta Provost 208-964-4420 ITEX Accepted Here!

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