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by Kathy Wolfe In honor of the 73rd annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally being held August 5 through 11, Tidbits checks out the facts on Harley-Davidson, founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. • In 1901, 21-year-old William Harley wrapped up a blueprint drawing of a single-cylinder engine designed to be attached to a regular bicycle frame. Two years later, with the help of his childhood friend Arthur Davidson, their first motorcycle rolled out of their first “factory,” a 10’ x 15’ wooden shed. Arthur’s brothers joined the company shortly afterward, boosting 1903’s production to three motorcycles. Eight cycles were sold in 1905, and 50 the following year. While the first Harley was black, customers in 1905 could choose black or the “Silent Grey Fellow,” Each had hand-painted stripes and a handlettered “Harley-Davidson Motor Company” on the fuel tank. • Harley-Davidson expanded to a new factory measuring 28’ x 80’ in 1906, and six fulltime employees were on staff. The next year, production increased to 150. Another new factory came along in 1913, boasting 297,110 sq. ft, compared to the 2,240 sq. ft. of the 1906 facility. The larger area enabled the company to produce 12,904 cycles that year. Turn the page for more!

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Tidbits® of CDA HARLEYS (continued): • Seventeen years after the first cycle rolled out of that wooden shed, Harley-Davidson was the largest motorcycle company in the world, with dealerships in 67 countries. Over 28,000 motorcycles were produced in 1920. • Of all the country’s motorcycle manufacturers in business in 1929, only Indian and Harley-Davidson were able to weather the stock market crash. Production at H-D dropped from 22,350 bikes to 3,703. Sales to police forces helped them survive the economy’s collapse. • H-D profited greatly from the use of their motorcycles during war time. Over 20,000 Harleys were used during World War I, and nearly 90,000 were put into service during World War II. • In 1946, foreign motorcycles hit the American market and the competition with British and Japanese bikes was fierce. British imports had a sportier appearance and were cheaper and more reliable. Favorable tax laws governing imports made these bikes even more attractive. Although Harley-Davidson introduced the HydraGlide with the Panhead engine in an attempt to compete, it was heavy and not as sporty. It didn’t take long for H-D’s market share to shrink to a mere 6% of the market. By 1950, 40% of the motorcycles in the U.S. were foreign-made. • Marlon Brando was 30 years old when he rode a British Triumph in the 1954 movie The Wild One, the story of a motorcycle gang terrorizing a small town. The film’s popularity did nothing to help the sales of Harleys. In an effort to combat the appeal of British bikes, in 1957, H-D introduced the Sportster, considered “father of the superbikes.”

From the Publisher’s Desk Evelyn Bevacqua

An INVITATION to Come Together and CONNECT

We are announcing a new network and looking for members who service people in the age group 40 plus. The focus will be to Educate, Support and Expand. We are committed to making a difference, living simply, giving and receiving with care and respect. Rather than a monthly meeting we will come together to help support at least one of our fellow members with a function or event that they may be hosting, especially our not-for-profit members. Coming together in this manner will help us all. A fresh way to network! FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT PAGE 4!

Dear Tidbits, Few months ago I came across an ad that was in the Tidbits for painting. The name of the company is A & T Painting. I called to get some info and see if they could come out and give me an estimate on what it would cost to do some painting in my business that I have. They came out the next day and gave me the estimate that was better then the other 3 estimates I got from other painters. They were very professional, I truly was impressed. They told me it would take a couple of days to do. I picked out the color I wanted they advised me that I should go with another paint company because of the traffic I have in my business that this paint had a better warranty on it. It took them a couple of days to do the job. it looks great what a wonderful job. They left the place so clean I did not have to pickup trash or clean up paint splashes anywhere, they even clean our floors. Thank you, A & T Painting for a job well done. I will calling you for all my painting needs in the future. Sincerely, Tamara Wells, Hayden

Page 3 HARLEYS (continued): • The 1969 cult film Easy Rider featured Peter Fonda as Captain America riding a completely transformed H-D Electra-Glide with a Panhead engine. Four bikes were customized for the making of the film. Three were stolen before the movie was completed, and one burned. Fonda later restored the burned bike and today that chopper can be seen at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa. The Harleys ridden by the main characters in the film were purchased from the Los Angeles Police Department, as Harley-Davidson refused to provide free bikes for the movie. • The 1960s ushered in the customizing trend, but H-D failed to jump on the bandwagon in time. Their earnings faded, and the company was forced to go public, selling shares for the first time in 1965. In 1969, the family relinquished control of the business they had owned for 66 years, selling out to the American Machine and Foundry Company for $21 million. AMF, famous in the bowling industry, allowed the quality to slip considerably. Sales plummeted and by 1980, there seemed little chance of recovery for the company. In 1981, 13 senior H-D executives banded together and purchased the company from AMF for $80 million and the recovery began. In 1986, two million shares of common stock were offered, returning the company to public ownership. • There have been a number of “glides” throughout Harley history. The Hydra-Glide was introduced in 1949, with the first hydraulic front forks. This evolved into the Duo-Glide in 1958 with the addition of rear brakes and hydraulic rear suspension. The Electra-Glide came along with its electric starter motor in 1965, and on to the Super-Glide in 1971 and the Wide-Glide in 1980.

Tidbits® of CDA


• Vinegar is such a versatile tool. It’s nontoxic, mild and yet a powerful cleaning agent. Plus, it makes a terrific salad dressing! Here’s one of my own vinegar tips: Keep a spray bottle of white vinegar by your washing machine. Spray the armpits of T-shirts before laundering. It helps to remove the residue left behind by antiperspirants. -- JoAnn • Speaking of washing machines, this is from E.W. in Indiana: “To keep your washing machine smelling great, dump a gallon jug of white vinegar into the machine and set to wash and rinse on hot. I use just water and vinegar once every few months, and my clothes never have an old water smell!” • Swimmer’s ear remedy: “Equal parts vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Put a few drops in either ear, and it’ll dry them out.” -- O.I. in Texas • Get hard-water deposits off of showerheads by filling a zipper-style bag with vinegar and securing it to the showerhead using a rubber band. Let it soak overnight, then run hot water through it to clear. Amazing! • “Dampen a piece of bread with vinegar and place it inside a lunchbox overnight. It removes food odors magically.” -- S.B. in Oregon • Pet or smoke odors in your home? Fill a few bowls with plain vinegar. Set them out for several hours to eliminate the smells. Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 328536475 or e-mail JoAnn at (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

Aug 1-10 Festival at Sandpoint Aug 1 Summer concert At Riverstone Aug 2-4 CDA Street Fair, Aug 7 Downtown Farmers Market Aug 8 Summer concert At Riverstone Aug 10 Coeur d’Alene Triathlon Aug 10 Athol Daze Aug 14 Downtown Farmers Market Aug 15 Summer concert At Riverstone Aug 16-17 Wooden Boat Show Aug 17-18 Lake Coeur d’Alene Cardboard Boat Regatta Aug 18 Mountain Man Rendezvous Aug 21 Downtown Farmers Market Aug 21-25 North Idaho Fair & Rodeo Aug 22 Summer concert At Riverstone Aug 28 Downtown Farmers Market Aug 29 Summer concert At Riverstone Aug 30-Sep 1 Art on the Green, Taste of Coeur d’Alene, Street Fair

Page 4 An INVITATION to Come Together and CONNECT Are you community minded, want to make a difference, and are looking for a fresh new way to grow your business and yourself? We are proud to announce the expansion of TIDBITS and a new opportunity for you and your business or service: CONNECT, a bright new inclusive network now forming. We are looking for members who serve the 40 + age group and want to CONNECT and: EDUCATE BE KNOWN AS THE EXPERT YOU ARE AND SHARE THIS KNOWLEDGE. You will be a featured ‘Expert’ once each month, answering questions, sharing information or updates about your business, or announcing an event. SUPPORT MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR BUSINESS AND IN OUR COMMUNITY. Come together to support other members - especially our non-profits, be a part of what is happening in our community, and be of service. As we Give, we Receive! EXPAND GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND GROW YOURSELF! Get affordable exposure to new customers and learn new practices that will keep you and your business fresh and exciting. Many are mightier than one! Join, have fun, and be ready to grow. For CONNECT particulars and how to become a member Contact: Mary Thomas, at or call Mary at: (208) 964-9357

® of®Dallas Tidbits County Tidbits of CDA HARLEYS (continued): • Harley has also had a variety of “heads” over the years. First there was the Flathead, dubbed as such because of the shape of the cylinder head cover. Introduced in 1929, it was a 45cubic-inch side-valve engine. The Knucklehead, the first V-Twin model, debuted in 1936 with its cylinder covers shaped like clenched fists. It featured two fuel tanks with the instrument panel positioned between them. It was produced until 1947. Along came the Panhead in 1948 with aluminum cylinder covers resembling upside-down saucepans. Panheads were around until 1965. The next year brought the Shovelhead, whose cylinder covers looked like the back of a shovel. Compare the Shovelhead’s engine size of 74 cubic inches with that 1903 model’s 25 cubic inches! The year 1984 brought in the Blockhead, an 80-cubic-inch engine. • The 1932 Harley-Davidson could be purchased for around $300. If you’re looking to buy a 2013 Electra-Glide CVO Ultra-Classic 100th Anniversary Edition, better set aside about $38,000. A new Sportster will set you back around $11,000. • For seven days every August, Main Street in Sturgis, South Dakota, population 6,700, is packed with thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts who gather to race and tour. The first rally was held in 1938, drawing nine racers and 200 spectators. The two-day rally offered $500 in prize money. Two years later, 150 racers participated in front of 5,000 onlookers. Close to 450,000 are expected for this year’s rally. • Harley-Davidson expects to ship about 260,000 motorcycles to dealerships during 2013.

SENIOR NEWS LINE by Matilda Charles

Medicare Change Is HushHush

It used to be that if seniors received physical therapy, they had to get better or Medicare wouldn’t pay for it. If their condition later got worse, Medicare would jump back in and pay for more treatment. It was the same for coverage of other types of skilled care: rehabilitation, nursing (care that can’t be given by a non-medical person), speech therapy and more. No improvement meant that it wouldn’t be paid for. But some seniors won’t get better. Their improvement reaches a plateau and stops. Or perhaps they have a chronic disability. They do, however, need care to maintain the levels they currently have. And with home health or outpatient care, they could continue to live at home. There was a lawsuit, and the judge agreed: Getting better isn’t required to keep coverage. This change takes place immediately, and per a Kaiser Health News bulletin, it applies to “care by skilled professionals in outpatient therapy, home health care and nursing homes.” The agreement from the lawsuit, however, doesn’t require that Medicare tell us about the change. Apparently we’re supposed to find out by ourselves. But, from now on, claims filed, even if there hasn’t been any improvement in a senior’s condition, won’t be turned down automatically. At this point, it appears that some doctors and therapists don’t know about this change: If continued treatment is required, even past the standard dollar limit, they can put a code on the claim that states further treatment is medically necessary. According to the lawsuit, Medicare has until next January to notify employees who staff the 800-MEDICARE information line, doctors and other health-care providers. If your providers say your coverage will come to an end, be sure to tell them about this important change. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Send email to

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By Dr. Holly Carling

Whole Food Supplements and Cars?

I have been asked to elaborate on whole food supplements versus mega dose vitamins. To me, it’s like comparing an egg to a golf ball. They are both white and somewhat round, but that’s where the similarities end. First, I have to ask one thing: “Why do we take vitamins?” It is to supplement the nutrients that are not in the foods that we eat. So it stands to reason that the supplement should be made from food. But why food? Because it contains many more nutrients than man has been able to isolate and stick in a bottle. A carrot, for example, contains over 200 nutrients, an apple contains 397! Of those, only 39 have ever been isolated and put into a supplement. The typical multi-vitamin contains between 13 and 20 isolated components. “Oh, but there is MORE in a multiple vitamin”. More does not mean better. Quality is more important than quantity. Nutrients are never found alone in nature, nor do they work in the body as isolated components. They have synergistic actions that make a tremendous difference in bioavailability and function. For instance, calcium doesn’t just jump into the bones. First, it needs to be digestible; it needs to combine with phosphorus; vitamin D and essential fatty acids are necessary for absorption; and magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin C are needed for bone strength. Calcium doesn’t work alone. Neither do the other nutrients. Have you ever wondered how many parts it takes to build your car? I checked. It takes 15,000 to 20,000. It takes 4 bolts to hold an engine on its mount. What would happen if one bolt was missing? Perhaps nothing for awhile, but eventually, you could lose your engine. That’s why we supplement, to make sure we’re not missing any needed “nuts and bolts”. Let’s say you take the usual mega-dose synthetic vitamin. They usually contain significantly more of the RDA’s than necessary. Your BVitamins are typically 3,333% of the RDA’s. That’s like getting 3,333 bolts for an engine that needs 4. You can’t use them all and they now become a hazard. If you take a synthetic vitamin, it would be like getting 3,333 bolts, 400 windshields, 833 brakes, 150 tires, 500 capacitors, 1,666 wheels, 333 cotter pins, 20 engines, 90 crankshafts, 800 batteries and 127 seats and calling it a car. I don’t know of anyone that can make that go! With synthetics, it’s also like getting 3,333 bolts that are plastic! The quality is so poor, that if you can utilize it, it won’t hold up to the job. Nutrients are designed to work together. We can’t possibly guess how many of each micro nutrient we need. Sometimes the smallest nutrient is the most powerful in its affect on health. So the next time you look at a label and you are only looking at how MUCH of a nutrient is in that product, think about how well your “car” will drive with a few different components, in huge amounts! Dr. Holly Carling is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Naturopathy, Clinical Nutritionist and Master Herbologist with over 34 years of experience. Dr. Carling is currently accepting new patients and offers natural health care services and whole food nutritional supplements in her Coeur d’ Alene clinic. Visit Dr. Carling’s website at www.vitalhealthandfitness. com to learn more about Dr. Carling, view a list of upcoming health classes and read other informative articles. Dr. Carling can be reached at 208-765-1994 and would be happy to answer any questions regarding this topic.

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Tidbits® of Dallas County

CONNECT and others helping to make St. Vincent de Paul Steak Fry a success!

Q: Does It Pay To Advertise During A Recessionary Period? A: Fact: In a Research analysis of 600 different companies: Business to business firms that maintained or increased their advertising expenditures during the 1981-82 recession averaged significantly higher sales growth, both during the recession and for the following three years, than those that eliminated or decreased advertising. 3-years after the recession, advertisers had risen 256% over those that didn’t keep up their advertising. Fact: Advertising can give a company a stable image in a chaotic environment. The more familiar people become with a brand, the more favorable they feel toward it, and the more likely they are to buy it. People don’t like doing business with strangers. For more info call Evelyn at 208-755-9120

Q: Do’s and Don’ts for your dishwasher A: Do use only the recommended amount of detergent. Too much can leave behind a residue and too little can result in dirty dishes. Do run only full loads. If the dishwasher is partially full, use the Rinse-Hold cycle to remove odor-causing foods. This is more economical then rinsing dishes by hand which can waste up to 20 gallons of water per load or 6,500 gallons per household each year. Do use a rinse aid. Helps prevent spots. Do dry dishes on the lowest temperature settings. Hotter temps can leave spots. Don’t put the following into a dishwasher: acrylic, adhesive-joined pieces, all aluminum antiques, blown glass, bronze, cast iron, china with metallic decorations, crustal, disposable plastic not labeled “dishwasher safe” flatware with bone, plastic or wood inlays or handles, gold plated flatware, iron, knives, non-stick pots and pans Don’t load too many pieces into the silverware basket. Call Twila at 208-691-0086

Q: What can you tell me about the AquaLiv Water System? A: My husband recently spent several nights at our local hospital. We’re talking AFIB, severe gout, flu, dehydration. After mega-tests I decided to get up off my butt, do some research, and look at the diagnoses and our lifestyle. We sparingly enjoy red meat. We moderately exercise. We are caregivers – we have stress. We enjoy a glass of good beer and wine. (OK, so sometimes too many.) We raise fresh vegetables. We thought we were doing pretty well. Guess not. After monster hours of research one of our first purchases was an alkaline water system. We chose AquaLiv Water Systems out of Seattle, WA. It’s made in the USA! (Tell them I sent you.) Do your own research – or call us. We’ll share with you what we’ve learned and why we chose an AquaLive Water System – oh, and a sample taste if you want. Don’t mean to preach, but if your water isn’t helping it’s harming! Be Healthy, Be Wealthy, Be Happy! Call Me: Marye Thomas A CREATIVE LIFE 208.964.9357

Q. My kids keep asking me to paint their faces however I am so busy . Is there a location anywhere near CDA where I can take them to get their faces painted for a reasonable cost? A. Yes, everyone is welcome to come to the New Post Falls Local Market in front of Post Falls City Hall in Post Falls!! Come join us for ton's of fun, live music, over 32 booth's of homemade goodies every Thursday (closed July 4th) 4:00 - 7:30 through Mid-October. Find us online for more information. Hope to see you there! Call or Text Debi 949-444-3121

For more on CONNECT call Mary at: 208-964-9357

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EDUCATE BE KNOWN AS THE EXPERT YOU ARE AND SHARE THIS KNOWLEDGE. You will be a featured ‘Expert’ once each month, answering questions, sharing information or updates about your business, or announcing an event. SUPPORT MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR BUSINESS AND IN OUR COMMUNITY. Come together to support other members - especially our non-profits, be a part of what is happening in our community, and be of service. As we Give, we Receive! EXPAND GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND GROW YOURSELF! Get affordable exposure to new customers and learn new practices that will keep you and yourbusiness fresh and exciting. Many are mightier than one! Join, have fun, and be ready to grow.

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® of®Dallas Tidbits County Tidbits of CDA

Omega-3’s and Prostate Cancer

by: Susan Ashley MD Most of us have probably heard the newest study that stated men with higher levels of omega 3’s, as found in fish oil, have a higher risk of prostate cancer. Do you believe it? Let’s look more closely at this study. Only one measurement of blood levels of omega 3’s was done, and all the levels were shown to be low. The levels were so low that the participants could not have been on any fish oil. The patients with the slightly higher low levels showed a higher risk of prostate cancer, but the less aggressive type. There are many, many studies showing that higher levels of omega 3’s help prevent prostate cancer, in addition to many other positive health effects. For example: a Harvard study in February of this year found that higher omega 3’s was associated with a lower risk of fatal prostate cancer and if you already had prostate cancer, it helped increase survival; a Danish study found the same. A Wake Forrest lab study showed that the DHA component of fish oil actually killed off prostate cancer cells. A 2011 study showed that in men with prostate cancer, fish oil supplements reduce tumor size; in 2006, a JAMA study reviewed 38 other studies, concluding “A large body of literature spanning numerous cohorts from many countries and with different demographic characteristics does not provide evidence to suggest a significant association between omega-3 fatty acids and cancer incidence”. If anything, this most recent study provides more evidence that low omega 3’s contribute to increased incidence of prostate cancer. So continue your fish oil, and take a minimum of 2400 mg daily for heart disease and stroke prevention. Make sure it is purified and mercury free, as the majority of fish oil out there is not. And remember, it is not in the interest of drug companies or the government to endorse vitamins and fish oil, as this would decrease disease and increase longevity! Susan Ashley MD is the owner of Family Medicine Liberty Lake, and is board certified in both Family Medicine and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She can be reached at 509-928-6700

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by Samantha Weaver • It was President Abraham Lincoln who made the following sage observation: “The man who is incapable of making a mistake is incapable of anything.” • Researchers at Harvard University once decided to test several varieties of Coca-Cola to determine their effectiveness, if any, as a spermicide. The results? Diet Coke was the most effective, while New Coke was the least. Upon hearing of the tests, a representative for the company issued the following statement: “We do not promote Coca-Cola for medical purposes. It is a soft drink.” • The minnow has teeth, but they’re not in its mouth; they’re found in the throat. • Ever wonder where we get the term “blurb” to indicate a short summary or promotional piece accompanying a creative work? At a trade association dinner in 1907, author Gelett Burgess presented attendees with a limited edition of one of his books. It was customary to have a brief summary included on the dust jacket of such books, along with a picture of an attractive woman. Burgess followed this custom Ð with a twist. On the cover of his piece was an image of a woman with her hand held to her mouth, as if shouting. The caption for this image was “Belinda Blurb, in the act of blurbing,” and bold letters at the top of the dust jacket declared, “Yes, this is a Blurb!” The name stuck. • On an average day in the United States, there will be 10 reported UFO sightings. • It seems that artist Leonardo da Vinci pioneered the paint-by-numbers style of art. He would sketch a piece, then number certain sections for his assistants to paint. Thought for the Day: “People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid.” -- Soren Kierkegaard (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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® of Dallas ® of CDA Tidbits County Tidbits Dear Auntie M.,

by Freddy Groves

Gaming the Government Contracts System

If you really want to defraud the government, it helps to have friends in high places. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform recently reviewed a situation wherein a man who never served in the military was given lucrative contracts with the IRS. Here are some facts that were revealed in the Committee’s report: The man (let’s call him X) sought a contract to provide information technology (IT) to the IRS through its contract acquisitions arm. He had a close relationship with the IRS deputy directory for IT Acquisition, and therefore got privileged information. Within six months he had a dozen contracts with the IRS, worth more than $500 million. The contracts X applied for were for small businesses: 1) owned by service-disabled veterans, and 2) in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods (called HUBZones). The report says X was able to “game the system” and get certification for both categories. How did X pull this off? He bought a small company that already had a top-secret security clearance. He rented an office in a Washington, D.C. HUBZone, even though he lived in a wealthy Virginia neighborhood. To cover the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business angle, X turned to an incident that happened 27 years ago: While a student at the U.S. Military Academy Prep School, he’d twisted his ankle playing football. It couldn’t have been too bad because the next year he went off to college and played football. Because of a glitch in the rules, he was able to do two things: 1) Get the Department of Veterans Affairs to start giving him benefits for servicerelated injury, and 2) parlay that twisted ankle into a lucrative government contract as a servicedisabled veteran. And he had lots of help from the IRS to get his contracts. To read the 157-page report, go to http:// and search for Questionable Acquisitions: Problematic IT Contracting at the IRS. Freddy Groves regrets that he cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into his column whenever possible. Send email to columnreply2@ 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

My mother passed away last year in a nursing home in another state. She hated being there and was extremely angry and negative. I wanted her to move to a facility here but she refused. I called her once a week but only saw her once a year. Last week I received a picture of her gravestone. I feel so bad. What could I have done differently? Grieving in CdA Dear Grieving, Please accept my condolences. My heart tells me that because of the distance and circumstances seeing mom’s gravestone has given her death a finality that may have been missing for you. You say you feel bad. Is this due to regret or guilt? Regret is about something you wish you had done, while guilt is for something that you wish you hadn’t done. It is normal to have regrets when we lose a loved one. Unless you purposely and repeatedly hurt her you have no reason to feel guilty. And, it was not your job to make her happy – we cannot ‘make’ another person happy; happiness is an inside job. My guess is your mother would want you to find peace and heal your hurt and pain. Invoke forgiveness for her and yourself for real and imagined wrongs. Do not dwell in the barren land of ‘what if’ and ‘if only’. Honor and bless you mother’s life, the decisions made, and the lessons learned. Think of her with love. There are no mistakes. Auntie M. Serious questions welcomed. I shall be frank and honest with my response and provide resources where appropriate. Send your request to:

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