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TV HOSTS by Kathy Wolfe We’ve invited these people into our living room for decades. This week, Tidbits invites you to examine the details on these television hosts.



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• Dick Clark first gained real fame as the host of “American Bandstand” from 1957 to 1987, where many famous artists, including Prince, Jackson 5, Sonny and Cher, and Aerosmith, got their start. Clark’s first job in the broadcasting industry was at age 16 when he started as a mail clerk at a Rome, New York, radio station owned by his uncle. It didn’t take long for him to move into the relief weatherman slot. During college, Clark worked at a country music station, and after graduation, nabbed his first television host job, that of “Cactus Dick and the Santa Fe Riders,” a country music program. In later years, Clark hosted the game show “Pyramid,” and broadcast “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” live from Times Square from 1973 to 2004, when he suffered a stroke. • “Dancing with the Stars” host Tom Bergeron started out as a disc jockey at a Haverhill, Massachusetts, radio station. After appearing as a regular guest host on “Good Morning, America,” he became the host of “Hollywood Squares” in 1998, and was nominated for five Emmys. He moved on to “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” a position he held for 14 years. He’s been doing the dancing gig since 2005.

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• Nearly everyone recognizes the face of Pat Sajak, “Wheel of Fortune” host since 1983. But Sajak has a long list of other accomplishments. Born Patrick Sajdak, he started as a radio newsman while still in college, along with working as a hotel desk clerk. At 22, he served in the Vietnam War as a disc jockey for the American Forces Vietnam Network. After a few gigs as a broadcaster and weatherman, Sajak took the helm at the “Wheel.” Sajak was a regular substitute host for “Larry King Live” and “Live with Regis and Kelly,” as well as hosting his own short-lived late-night talk show and a program on the Fox News Channel. He also had a stint on the daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” Sajak keeps his radio roots close, hosting a syndicated radio sports talk show, as well as owning a radio station in Maryland.


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TV HOSTS (continued):

• Before there was Pat Sajak, there was Chuck Woolery, who was the first host of “Wheel of Fortune,” beginning in 1975. It wasn’t Woolery’s intention to host TV shows. After a stint in the U.S. Navy and a job as a salesman for Pillsbury, he headed to Nashville to form the rock band Avant Garde. After a Top 40 hit in 1968, the band recorded five records that went nowhere and became “one-hit wonders.” Merv Griffin chose Woolery to host his new game show “Wheel of Fortune,” where Woolery remained for the next six years. When the show’s ratings skyrocketed, Woolery demanded a salary increase from $65,000 a year to $500,000. His contract was not renewed and Sajak replaced him. After a two-year hiatus, Woolery began his 11 years of hosting “Love Connection,” while hosting “Scrabble” at the same time. Woolery claims that during the 2,000 episodes of “Love Connection,” 22,000 couples met, resulting in 29 marriages and 15 children. He moved on to “The Dating Game” in 1997 for three seasons, and “Lingo,” which aired from 2002 to 2007. • Canada-born Alex Trebek has been the face of “Jeopardy” since 1984. After obtaining a degree in philosophy from the University of Ottawa, Trebek set out on a career in broadcasting, starting out with the Canadian Broadcasting Company as a newscaster and sportscaster. In 1973, at age 33, he moved to America and became the host of a new game show “The Wizard of Odds.” He moved on to “High Rollers” and “Battlestars” before the revival of “Jeopardy.” Trebek took on the hosting job of “Classic Concentration” in 1987 and “To Tell the Truth” in 1991, making history as the first person to host three game shows at the same time. Trebek is a renowned philanthropist, having donated $2 million worth of land in north Hollywood to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and $7.5 million to the University of Ottawa. He also funds a Leadership Award at the University to those who demonstrate community leadership. Trebek has participated in 13 USO tours, visiting American troops on several overseas military bases. In 2014, Trebek overtook Bob Barker’s record of the most gameshow episodes hosted on the same program. At that time, Trebek had hosted 6,829 episodes of “Jeopardy.” • Although Alex Trebek has gained fame as the host of “Jeopardy,” he wasn’t the first host. That honor belonged to Arthur Fleming Fazzin, better known as Art Fleming, who hosted the show from 1964 until 1974, and again for five months in 1978. After starring on Cornell University’s football and water polo teams, Fleming served in World War II as the pilot of a bomber for 3 ½ years. He already had a successful television, commercial, and film career by the time he was noticed by Merv Griffin on a television ad for Trans World Airlines. • Before “Jeopardy,” Art Fleming had already had a run in ABC’s series “International Detective,” and an NBC Western “The Californians.” In addition to 5,000 episodes of television programs, Fleming appeared in 48 movies. During his entire run of “Jeopardy,” Fleming never missed a single taping • “You might be a redneck” if you know much about stand-up comedian and host Jeff Foxworthy. This Georgia-born TV personality started out with a degree in com-

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puter technology and a job at IBM. Making people laugh became more important than the job, and he turned in his resignation. His hosting duties have included “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”, “The American Bible Challenge,” and “The American Baking Competition.” He’s the largest-selling comedy recording artist in history as well as the author of 26 books. Yet he takes time out each week to lead a Bible study with homeless men, a group that started out with 15 members, and has grown to more than 100. • Can you name all six of the hosts of the game show “Family Feud”? The program debuted in 1976 with Richard Dawson at the helm, where he remained until 1985. After a three-year hiatus, Ray Combs stepped in as host in 1988, and remained until 1994. Dawson then came back for a single season. Tragically, Combs committed suicide in 1996, in the process of being treated for depression. After another pause in production, comedian Louie Anderson took over, hosting from 1999 until 2002, when “Home Improvement” star Richard Karn replaced Anderson. John O’Hurley was next in line when Karn departed in 2006. O’Hurley hosted until 2010 when current host Steve Harvey joined the show. Since Harvey took over, ratings have increased dramatically, moving the show into the top five most popular syndicated TV shows in America.

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* On May 26, 1897, the first copies of the classic vampire novel "Dracula," by Irish writer Bram Stoker, appear in London bookshops. In 1890, Stoker published his first novel, "The Snake's Pass." He would go on to publish 17 novels in all, but it was "Dracula" that eventually earned him literary fame. * On May 21, 1927, American pilot Charles A. Lindbergh lands at Le Bourget Field in Paris, successfully completing the first solo, nonstop trans-Atlantic flight. The flight of the Spirit of St. Louis between New York and Paris took 33-1/2 hours. Six men had died attempting the same flight. * On May 23, 1934, famed fugitives Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker are killed when police ambush their car near Sailes, Louisiana. They died in a two-minute fusillade of 167 bullets. * On May 25, 1935, at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, Babe Ruth hits his 714th home run, a record for career home runs that would stand for almost 40 years. * On May 28, 1937, Volkswagen is founded in Wolfsburg, Germany. Adolf Hitler's pet project was the mass production of an affordable vehicle that could sell for less than 1,000 Reich marks (about $140 at the time). The "People's Car" was based on Austrian automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche's design. * On May 20, 1956, the United States conducts the first airborne test of an improved hydrogen bomb, dropping it from a plane over the tiny island of Namu in the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. * On June 3, 1956, authorities in Santa Cruz, California, announce a total

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ban on rock and roll at public gatherings, calling the music "detrimental to both the health and morals of our youth." A crowded dance party attended by 200 teenagers the previous evening led to the decision. * On May 22, 1958, American singer Jerry Lee Lewis arrives in England as a newly married man, with his pretty young wife in tow. Within days, it was revealed that his new wife, Myra Gail Lewis, was actually only 13 years old and was his first cousin once-removed. * On May 16, 1964, Mary Wells gives Motown Records its first No. 1 hit with "My Guy." It would go on to release 32 more No. 1 hits in the next 10 years. * On May 27, 1972, Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev and U.S. President Richard Nixon, meeting in Moscow, sign the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) agreements. At the time, these agreements were the most far-reaching attempts ever to control nuclear weapons. * On May 17, 1973, in Washington, D.C., a Senate committee begins televised hearings on the escalating Watergate scandal. Former White House legal counsel John Dean testified that President Richard Nixon had been aware of the cover-up of the Watergate break-in. * On May 24, 1991, the critically acclaimed road movie "Thelma and Louise" debuts in theaters, stunning audiences with a climactic scene in which its two heroines drive off a cliff into the Grand Canyon in a vintage 1966 Ford Thunderbird convertible. (c) 2018 Hearst Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved


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HOLLYWOOD -- Ryan Gosling has chosen his next film. While "La La Land" (2016) grossed $446 million, his follow-up films didn't do so well. "Song to Song" (2017), with Michael Fassbender, Natalie Portman and Rooney Mara, tanked; and "Blade Runner 2049" made only $260 million (on Harrison Ford's draw), barely covering expenses. Gosling next will play astronaut Neil Armstrong from 1961 to his 1969 mission to land on the moon. "First Man" co-stars Kyle Chandler and opens Oct. 12. *** When "Murphy Brown" returns to CBS next season, it will reunite the cast for the first time. Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown), now 71, has made 13 films, including "Sex & the City" (2008), "The Women" (2008) and "Bride Wars" (2009), and costarred in the ABC series "Boston Legal" (2005-2008). She starred with Reese Witherspoon in "Home Again" (2017) and is top billed in "Book Club," with Oscar winners Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton and Mary Steenburgen, opening May 18. Faith Ford (Corky Sherwood), now 53, made six films, most notably "The Pacifier" (2005), with Vin Diesel and Lauren Graham; and the TV series "Hope & Faith" (20032006), with Kelly Ripa. Grant Shaud (Miles Silverberg), now 57, made six films, including "The Crow: Salvation" (2000), with Kristen Dunst and "Ugly Betty's" Eric Mabius. Joe Regalbuto (Frank Fontana), now 68, did a bunch of episodic TV, including five episodes of "Side Order of Life" (2007). Charles Kimbrough (Jim Dial), now 81, also did a lot of episodic TV, plus "The Wedding Planner" (2001), with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey. It'll be interesting to see how they explain the cast's advanced age and the missing Eldin Bernecky (Robert Pa-

Ryan Gosling Depositphotos

storelli, who died of a morphine overdose in 2004) and bartender Phil (Pat Corley, who died in 2006 from heart failure). Hopefully, "Murphy Brown" isn't old news. *** Because Debbie Reynolds' movie memorabilia auction was such a success (earning an estimated $20 million), Liza Minnelli is having an auction of more than 2,000 items associated with her and her mother, Judy Garland. Among her treasures are the Ruby Slippers she wore when she wed Jack Haley, Jr. (the son of Garland's "Tinman," Jack Haley), the costume she wore for "Mein Herr" in her Oscar-winning "Cabaret" role, love letters from her mother (including one with her lipstick-kiss print) and rare photos of her taken by superstar photographers Andy Warhol, Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz. Why sell her treasures? Part of the proceeds will help fund singer Michael Feinstein's Great American Songbook Foundation. The June auction, in Calabasas, California, will be handled by the same people who helped Debbie Reynolds auction become a success. If there's one thing Liza knows, it's that "Money Makes the World Go 'Round." (c) 2018 King Features Synd., Inc.

Q: There was a show I got into that starred Adam Brody and Martin Freeman, and I can't find it anywhere. Is it still on? And can you refresh my memory of what it's called and where I can see it? -- Paul T., via Facebook A: You are referring to "StartUp," a drama series on Crackle (which is a free online streaming network, for those unfamiliar with it). It follows "the emergence of GenCoin, a brilliant yet controversial tech idea centered on digital currency -- an idea that gets incubated on the wrong side of the tracks by three strangers who don't necessarily fit the mold of 'tech entrepreneurs.'" The show has been renewed for a 10-episode third season, which should premiere this September. Eric Berger, GM of Crackle and chief digital officer at Sony Pictures Television Networks, said in a statement: "Thanks to (series creator) Ben Ketai for his vision and to our stellar ensemble cast. ... We are excited to continue the story in season three, and expect that Ben and company will take us on another entertaining and wild ride."

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*** Q: Can you tell me what Jeremy Sisto is up to? I loved him way back when in "Clueless" and have been following his career since. The latest show I can remember seeing him in regularly is "Law and Order." Does he have another show on the horizon? -- Janet Y., via email A: Jeremy has a new show premiering this fall on CBS called "F.B.I.," which explores the inner workings of the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The series comes from Dick Wolf, the man behind "Law and Order." "F.B.I" was immediately picked up for a full season (I mean, who can blame CBS? Mr. Wolf has the procedural magic touch). Missy Peregrym and Zeeko Zaki also star. ***

Jeremy Sisto Depositphotos

Q: I am finally caught up on FX's dark comedy "You're the Worst." Will it be back for another season? -- Ginger F., Tulsa, Oklahoma A: "You're the Worst" has been renewed for a fifth and final season, which should premiere this fall. Hopefully we'll find out if Gretchen and Jimmy can finally make it work, or if they'll sabotage their happiness, again, and each end up alone. With this comedy-drama, it's hard to know which way the winds will blow, but I'm rooting for the dysfunctional couple. *** Q: Can you tell me what John Walsh has been doing? I used to religiously watch "America's Most Wanted," and I wondered if he was still out there, helping to catch criminals. -- Jack W., via email A: You can catch John next on Investigation Discovery in "In Pursuit With John Walsh." Slated to premiere in the first quarter of 2019, this real-time investigation series showcases time-sensitive, unsolved cases in desperate need of attention, mobilizing ID's audience to actively engage in the pursuit of justice. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803; or e-mail her at letters@ (c) 2018 King Features Synd., Inc.

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1. INVENTION: When was the nylon-bristle toothbrush invented?

(Across from Downtown Post Office)

2. HISTORY: By what other name was the French military leader Joan of Arc known?

1. How many No. 1 hit singles did the Small Faces have over the years?

3. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What color is the famous Hope Diamond?

2. What happened to the song "Cheater"? 3. Did Roxy Music ever have a No. 1 hit?

4. U.S. STATES: What is the capital of Kansas? 4. Who originally released "No Milk Today"? 5. TELEVISION: What was the theme song to the 1970s cop show "Baretta"? 6. BIBLE: Who are the only two angels to be directly named in the Bible?

5. Name the song that contains this lyric: "Once you told me long ago, To the prom with me you'd go, Now you've changed your mind, it seems, Someone else will hold my dreams."


Limited time offer. © 2018 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the Globe logo, DIRECTV and all other DIRECTV marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. IV Technologies Inc.

8. MEDICAL: What area of the body is affected by bursitis?

NRO PD T 0118 5323 E

9. LANGUAGE: What is an elision? 10. ENTERTAINERS: For what crime was actress Sophia Loren jailed in 1982?

Roxy Music

Answers 1. Two. One in the U.K. ("All or Nothing") and one in Canada ("Itchycoo Park.") 2. Michael Jackson co-wrote the song for his seventh album in 1987, but it was yanked for reasons unknown. Eventually, in 2004, it was put on the "Ultimate Collection" album. 3. Yes, once, with "Jealous Guy" in 1981. Roxy Music did net two No. 2s, however, "Dance Away" (1979) and "Love Is the Drug" (1975). 4. Herman's Hermits, 1967. Back in the day, milkmen delivered to the house. The song talks about delivering less because the lover has moved out. 5. "A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation," by Marty Robbin, in 1957. Robbins said he wrote the song in about 20 minutes while riding in a car and passing a school where students were all dressed up for their prom.


(c) 2018 King Features Synd., Inc.

1. 1938, by Dupont 2. The Maid of Orleans 3. Blue 4. Topeka 5. "Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow" 6. Michael and Gabriel 7. The Himalayas 8. The joints 9. Omission of a sound or syllable 10. Tax evasion (c) 2018 King Features Synd., Inc.



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7. GEOGRAPHY: What is the name of the main mountain range where Mount Everest is located?

Sophia Loren

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but it seems that they're fairly popular throughout the world. For instance, museums dedicated to coffee and/ or tea can be found in London, Moscow, Paris, Sao Paolo, Zurich and Kyoto, as well as in China, South Korea, Colombia and Angola. Germany has three of them. Coffee and tea must be quite popular in the Netherlands; museums dedicated to the beverages can be found there in five different cities.

* It was noted Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel who made the following sage observation: "Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese." * You might be surprised to learn that we call coffee beans aren't actually beans -- they're the pits of the coffee beans. * Would you believe me if I told you that there were parachutists (better known now as skydivers) before there were airplanes? Yep, it's true! In Paris in the year 1900, a man leaped from the Eiffel Tower and made a safe descent using a parachute. It wasn't until December 17, 1903, that the Wright Brothers made the first controlled, sustained powered flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. * According to statisticians, about 200 people a year die while watching -- not playing -- football.

* Presidential security was not always as formidable as it is today. In 1913, former President Theodore Roosevelt was walking down a Milwaukee street, heading to a speech he was scheduled to give. A man named John Schrank pulled out a gun and shot toward Roosevelt, who staggered but did not fall. There was no blood evident, and Roosevelt, who was campaigning for a second term, insisted on delivering his speech. When he pulled from a coat pocket the 100 pages on which his speech was written, he saw a bullet hole through the sheets of paper. Still determined to carry on, he gave his speech before going to the hospital, where it was discovered that the bullet had penetrated four inches into his body. After the perpetrator was arrested, it became evident that Schrank was insane; he claimed that President William McKinley had revealed to him in a dream that Roosevelt was responsible for McKinley's assassination. Schrank spent the next 32 years in an insane asylum. * If you see a group of flamingoes together in one place, it might be handy to know that the appropriate collective noun is a "flamboyance."

* Of all the stamps that have been used by the U.S. Postal Service, more have featured George Washington than any other person; so far there have been 305 with the likeness of the nation's first president.

* The instruments used by professional flute players are usually made from precious metals -- either sterling silver, 14-carat gold or platinum.

* If you ever make a trip to Alaska, you might want to keep in mind the fact that it is illegal there to wake a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking its picture.

*** Thought for the Day: "Testing can show the presence of errors, but not their absence." -- Edsger Wybe Dijkstra

* We don't often associate museums with beverages,

(c) 2018 King Features Synd., Inc.

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piece of aluminum foil; sprinkle in some salt -- I use sea salt, but any kind will do -- then add an equal amount of baking soda, and fill the container with boiling water. Put your silver, including jewelry, into the mix -- it cleans instantly! Of course, you'll have to turn the larger pieces, so be careful not to burn yourself." -- L.N. in B.C., Canada

* Take a picture of the size of your air filter and keep it on your phone. No guessing when you get to the store and all those numbers start sounding the same. * Recipe Substitutions: If you need 1 cup of corn syrup, dissolve 1 cup white sugar in 1/4 cup of hot water. * "My husband plays golf a lot, and he's always got a stock of little pencils from the club. The kids made a photo frame for him for Father's Day by gluing many of these pencils together in a pattern rectangle. It's so creative and we printed a photo of him and the kids to go in it." -- J.G. in Florida * Protect your razor and your fingers in your shower kit with this neat trick. Clip an extra-large binder over the razor head. Fold the prongs along the razor handle and secure with an elastic hair tie. * "Here's an awesome way to clean silver. Take an aluminum foil pan -- the disposable kind -- and line it with a

* "With summer storms and hurricane season right around the corner, power outages are a very real possibility. Whenever I have any extra room in my freezer, I fill some containers with water and freeze them. If the power were to go out, it'll keep my frozen foods good longer, or become water to drink if needed. And it's no waste, since if I need the room, I can just take one out." -- W.J. in Texas * Bread can be frozen and reheated in the oven after a quick spritz of water. Sliced bread can be defrosted on the counter as needed. There's really no excuse to have bread go bad. * Kids running around the house? To make sure they don't run into the sliding glass door, hang something at eye level. It could be as simple as a sticker, or a cute suncatcher. Nobody likes to go face first into a glass door that's closed. * "I have a lovely painted mailbox. The house number is painted on, but it never occurred to me that it's not very visible in the dark. We had a heart scare recently that involved an ambulance being called. They did make it to our place, but standing in the driveway as they left, I realized that we needed something more obvious. I have a solar-powered lamp light up house numbers now." -A.O. in Idaho

Send your tips to Now Here's a Tip, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803. (c) 2018 King Features Synd., Inc.

Find All the Fun and Games Answers on Page 14! doubles and triples in 1970. Hint: He played for the Minnesota Twins. 3. Who was the last running back before Matt Dayes in 2016 to rush for at least 1,000 yards in a season for North Carolina State? 4. Which was the last NBA team before Golden State in 2016 to have 47 assists in a game? 5. Who was the first American woman inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame? 6. Name the last woman before Evgenia Medvedeva in 2017 to win back-to-back world figure skating singles titles.

1. Who was the first player to hit his 499th and 500th career home runs in the same game?

7. Entering 2018, when was the last U.S. Open playoffs for men's golf?

2. Name the player who led the American League in both

(c) 2018 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

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Hey fellow SOFLA painters!! We are doing this pic at WALSH'S on Thursday, May 24th at 7:00 pm!! $35 Sign Up with your bartender. Gonna be a GREAT PIC and a GOOD TIME!! SEE you all there! • May 18, 2018 • 9 Answers 1. Albert Pujols did it with the Angels in 2014. 2. Cesar Tovar had 36 doubles and 13 triples that season. 3. T.A. McLendon, in 2002. 4. The Phoenix Suns, in 1991. 5. Cammi Granato, who was captain of the U.S. women's hockey team that won Olympic gold in 1998. 6. Michelle Kwan, in 2000-01. 7. It was 2008, when Tiger Woods beat Rocco Mediate.

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My vegetable bin often contains what I call "sad" vegetables. Perhaps the cucumbers or the celery aren't as crisp, or there's one or two unloved radishes or carrots left over. Brining the vegetables gives them a savory flavor, a vibrant color and preserves them. My slightly wrinkled mushrooms, squash or eggplants, the neglected broccoli or cauliflower or that bunch of limp herbs is rejuvenated in this zesty brine. It also provides me with a new way to present a colorful array of vegetables at the dinner table. I love the way that brining with salt and spices seasons vegetables. Photograph by Romulo Yanes

SEXY SALT Salt has been used since ancient times and in many ways, from a condiment and a preservative to a valuable form of currency. Roman soldiers were paid in salt. The English word for salary is derived from the Latin word "salarium," which means "payment in salt." Salt was once so difficult to obtain that it was the catalyst for several wars.

The combination of salt, black pepper and sugar provides a spicy, sultry burst of flavor that tickles your tongue. If you're a foodie, salt is sexy.

1. Boil water, sugar, garlic, peppercorns and 3 tablespoons salt in a 4-quart pot, uncovered, for 10 minutes.


2. While brine is boiling, halve cucumbers lengthwise and cut crosswise into 1/3-inch-thick slices.

6 cups water 1 teaspoon sugar

Now everything old is new again, and salt is no exception. Sea salt, which is, well, as old as the sea, has become a fashionable, trendy ingredient. It's the reigning queen of the culinary world, and that popularity has increased its price. Sea salt is imported from around the world and comes in a flavorful assortment of vibrant colors, including French gray, Peruvian pink, Hawaiian red and Indian black.

4 large garlic cloves, crushed 1/4 teaspoon black peppercorns

3. Remove brine from heat and add cucumbers and radishes. Let stand, uncovered, 10 minutes, then drain in a colander, discarding garlic and peppercorns. Transfer cucumbers and radishes to a bowl of ice and cold water to cool, then drain well in colander.

3 tablespoons plus 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

4. Toss cucumbers and radishes with parsley, oil and remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt in a large bowl and chill, uncovered, about 20 minutes. Makes 4 servings.

1 pound Kirby cucumbers

5. The salad can be made ahead and refrigerated.

Combining salt with water and spices to make a brining solution is a delicious way to add flavor to your meal preparation.

1/2 pound radishes, trimmed and quartered

Recipe courtesy of

1 cup loosely packed flat-leaf parsley leaves

Brining is as a preservative for a variety of vegetables.

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

*** Angela Shelf Medearis is an award-winning children's author, culinary historian and the author of seven cookbooks. Her new cookbook is "The Kitchen Diva's Diabetic Cookbook." Her website is To see how-to videos, recipes and much, much more, Like Angela Shelf Medearis, The Kitchen Diva! on Facebook. Recipes may not be reprinted without permission from Angela Shelf Medearis.

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(c) 2018 King Features Synd., Inc., and Angela Shelf Medearis

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EASY PICKLED JALAPENO PEPPERS Imagine taking a hungry bite into a warm grilled-cheese sandwich. Yum -- good comfort food, right? Now imagine eating that same sandwich, but this time there are crispy pickled jalapeno pepper rounds tucked inside. Now that's a crunchy bite, and a tasty transformation. Peter Piper, who picked a peck of pickled peppers from Mother Goose fame, knew what he was picking. My family likes to add these kicky pepper rounds to just about anything, whether they top nachos, fish or beef tacos, enchiladas and tortillas, or they're tucked in a bun with a brat when we gather with friends for a picnic at the baseball park. Instead of spooning a jar of commercially processed, store-bought jalapeno sliced peppers into or on top of your dishes, make 2 pints of these fresh and yummy pickled jalapeno peppers in minutes in your kitchen with your preteen. Discover the big difference in texture and flavor. Toss the easy-to-prep and peppy-to-eat crunch on your favorite South of the Border recipe and say, "Ole!"

2 cloves garlic, sliced in half

4. Keep refrigerated and serve with favorite dishes for up to one month. Makes about 2 pints

1 tablespoon salt 7 fresh jalapeno peppers (from the produce area of your market), thinly sliced 2 fresh red or yellow mini sweet peppers, thinly sliced 2 pint-size glass jars

PLEASE NOTE: The oils in fresh jalapeno peppers can irritate skin and be painful if you touch your eyes. You may wish to wear deli or rubber gloves when slicing the peppers. Wash your hands well with soap and water afterward.

1 cup water

2. Add sliced jalapeno and sweet peppers, stir, turn off heat and let sit for 10 minutes.

*** Donna Erickson's award-winning series "Donna's Day" is airing on public television nationwide. To find more of her creative family recipes and activities, visit and link to the NEW Donna's Day Facebook fan page. Her latest book is "Donna Erickson's Fabulous Funstuff for Families."

4 tablespoons sugar, or more to taste (adding more sugar turns down the heat)

3. Remove peppers with a slotted spoon to jars, then fill to the top with remaining liquid. Cool.

(c) 2018 Donna Erickson Distributed by King Features Synd.


1. Stir together the vinegar, water, sugar, garlic and salt in a cooking pot and bring to a boil.

1 cup white vinegar

12 • May 18, 2018 •

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PerFit, Personal Fitness Center

TURNOUT IS FAIR GAME It's not something he does very often, but this time President Donald Trump was telling the truth when, in his rambles before the gun nuts -- aka the National Rifle Association Convention in Dallas -- he pointed out that the upcoming midterms will be determined by voter turnout. Turnout is always the be-all and end-all when it comes to any election, but it's particularly vital in this one. The Democrats will get the chance to demonstrate whether they can abandon their usual backbiting and lethargy, and instead channel all the anti-Trump horror into crowds at polling places. Donald Trump is not even on the 2018 ballot. It's a race to control Congress, but he recognizes that if Dems take over the GOP-majority Senate or House, his presidency is in deep doo-doo. The opposition will be empowered to constantly harass him and even impeach him if the stars align. He is well-aware that he needs to create more passion on the right, even for those in the party who are less than enthusiastic about him. They are even less enthusiastic about the Democrats, who are doing everything they can to overcome the divisions that invariably define them. Already, the D's are bickering over whether they'll stick with Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House if they take over. The R's demonize her nonstop, so many candidates in her party are running away from Pelosi as hard as they're running for their congressional seat. If they can't channel their anti-Trump frenzy into voter turnout, then in the words of Rep. Jim Clyburn, a member of Pelosi's leadership team, "If we're still in the minority, all of us have got to go." It is not overstating it to argue that this election, as much as any in our history, will define the United States of America. Even though he's not on the ballot, his fellow countrymen and women will be deciding whether to reject or accept Donald Trump's record as president after nearly two years of racism, misogyny, outright stupidity and autocratic tendencies, as well as his constant lying. Is such a person the one who should continue to lead this country? It's the first chance since Trump had his election handed to him by the feckless opposition, with a little help from his friend Vladimir Putin, for the citizens of the United States to make it clear what we stand for.

Ok Guys your Turn, Come train with us TEAM Training Workouts (Together Everyone Achieves More) 3-5 people per Team

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And it's not just one campaign, it's 470 for Congress alone -- all 435 House seats are up for grabs and 35 in the Senate. That probably will make it difficult for the Russians to steal all of them. But those other adversaries of U.S. democracy, the big-money contributors, will be spreading their financial poison over most of the races. Already they are dumping huge amounts. Through hook and crook -- mainly crook -- they can pay for misleading ads that smear anyone they decide they need to oppose. Still, the wild card is the wild man. Donald Trump is impervious to scandal with those in his base. If the opposition can't match their turnout, it will be the scandal that indelibly stains the nation. Bob Franken is an Emmy Award-winning reporter who covered Washington, D.C., for more than 20 years. (c) 2018 Bob Franken Distributed by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

for older people. And since it can enhance balance and coordination, those who are trained in the practice may find themselves less likely to experience falling. Tai chi movements help strengthen and tone the muscles in the lower body, and also promote better posture, which aligns the spine, neck and head, relieving pressure on the lower back. A study in "Annals of Behavioral Medicine" indicates that older people who benefit from these strengthening exercises say they feel less limited in their physical abilities, which gives them a renewed sense of self-confidence.

THE GRACEFUL EXERCISE Tai chi, an exercise regimen from China, has been found to be an effective technique for relaxation and a generally safe method to encourage older people to get up and move around. But before I list the possible benefits you may derive from tai chi, let me remind you to check with your doctor before you begin any type of exercise program. According to a number of studies, tai chi's choreographed exercises promote flexibility. It may help promote recovery from falls, an all-too-common problem

Tai chi's adherents claim the slow, gentle dancelike movements make it as effective as yoga in helping them to relax, especially when they feel anxious or tense about a situation in their lives. There is also some evidence that when used in combination with diet and medication, tai chi may enhance blood pressure control. To do tai chi correctly, you should find a class that offers it. Check with your local Y or senior center. Videos may be helpful, too. Be patient. It takes time to develop expertise, but you should have a good grasp of the movements within a few weeks. (c) 2018 King Features Synd., Inc.

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HOW LOW IS TOO-LOW BLOOD PRESSURE? DEAR DR. ROACH: You have written many articles about high blood pressure, but I want to know about low blood pressure. What is normal? What is low, and what is dangerously low? I have a heart issue for which I take medication. I want to know if my blood pressure is too low. -- Anon. ANSWER: Among young adults, only 5 percent of men will have a blood pressure below 110/60 or so, and for young women, it's 90/46. Blood pressure tends to go up with age, so low blood pressure numbers are higher for older adults. For people with healthy hearts, the only time we worry about low blood pressure is if there are symptoms, and the most common symptoms are lightheadedness and fainting. In people with congestive heart failure, low blood pressure usually is not concerning in itself, but because it might indicate that the heart is getting weaker. However, many of the medications used for CHF reduce blood pressure, which can even limit the amount of medication that can be used. In people with blockages in their arteries, too low a blood pressure can cause inadequate blood flow to parts of the heart and cause angina symptoms. The blood pressure is dangerously low when a disease process is causing the low blood pressure. In extreme cases, low blood pressure is one of the most dangerous signs of shock. But in general, for healthy people, low blood pressures are not worrisome. *** DR. ROACH WRITES: I have received more letters about hearing loss than I would have believed possible. Most of the advice was consistent, so let me review what both professionals and people who have been through the process of getting hearing aids have advised.

PURE STUDY RESULTS IGNORE IMPACT OF POVERTY The results of the PURE study ignore the role of poverty in improving health, according to a letter to the editor published in The Lancet. The recently published PURE study argued that high carbohydrate consumption increased mortality risk. The letter argues that these results ignore socioeconomic factors associated with poor health outcomes, including pollution and health care, and that it is misleading to condemn foods such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes. The authors suggest that revised global dietary guidelines focus on efforts to relieve poverty and increase access to healthful foods and health care to improve mortality rates.

First, have realistic expectations about what a hearing aid can do. It does not make your hearing what it was 50 years ago. Loud noises can be painfully overamplified. Second, find someone who really knows what he or she is doing. The people whose technicians spent a lot of time teaching, discussing the different options and adjusting them after purchase were the most satisfied. (The adjustment period can take weeks.) A referral from a satisfied friend could be a good place to start. Several professionals recommended that your audiologist be certified by the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association. Third, be prepared to spend some money. Good hearing aids are expensive. More expensive doesn't always mean better, but most of my readers felt that the money they spent on hearing aids was well worth it. I'm sure there are some great ones, and some not as great. Many veterans wrote me to tell me about their (mostly) good experiences at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Fourth, try many models. Some people prefer in-the-ear, some over-the-ear. Because it takes a long time to get used to them, you need to wear them pretty much constantly. Both your ears and your brain need time to adjust, so be patient. Finally, several people and one chapter president wrote to me about the Hearing Loss Association of America ( and the benefit they gained from visiting their local chapter and sharing their experiences. *** Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but will incorporate them in the column whenever possible. Readers may email questions to To view and order health pamphlets, visit, or write to Good Health, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803. (c) 2018 North America Synd., Inc. All Rights Reserved



Soy products and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and Brussels sprouts reduce treatment-related side effects among breast cancer survivors, according to research published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. Researchers followed 365 cancer survivors and compared symptoms such as hot flashes, joint pain, fatigue, and memory issues with soy and cruciferous vegetable consumption. Higher intakes of these foods lowered the odds of these symptoms, compared with women who consumed little or no soy or cruciferous vegetables. Researchers attribute the reduced risk to better regulation of estrogens, reduced inflammation, and increased intake of phytochemicals found in these foods.

Researchers attribute rising global death rates from heart disease to Westernized diets and lack of nutrition counseling, according to an article in the American Journal of Medicine. The authors cite many factors in the 41 percent rise in heart disease deaths from 1990-2013 including diets with more processed foods, more animal-based foods, such as red meat and dairy products, and fewer servings of fruits and vegetables. The authors reviewed evidence that suggests plant-based diets reduce the risk for heart disease. Results from a survey of cardiologists showed limited knowledge of diet for disease treatment and prevention. The authors suggest improved nutrition training among physicians throughout medical education to curb this disease burden. Subscribe to the Physicians Committee’s Breaking Medical News. Breaking Medical News is a service of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine 5100 Wisconsin Ave. Suite 400 Washington, DC 20016 202-686-2210 Join the Physicians Committee and receive the quarterly magazine, Good Medicine.

14 • May 18, 2018 •

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DENTAL Insurance Physicians Mutual Insurance Company A less expensive way to help get the dental care you deserve

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some missing paint sold at Bertoia Auctions in New Jersey for $23,600. *** Q: I have my mother's antique satin wedding dress from 1931. It's in perfect condition. I would like to know if it's worth anything or if anyone would want it.

ALPHABET MAN Every child has to learn the alphabet before learning to read, so some toys for those under 5 years old have been "teaching toys." Blocks were the first. The oldest mention of alphabet blocks was in 1693 in England. But blocks with letters and pictures were not available for most families until 1820 when large numbers of sets were made in a factory. Well-to-do young girls educated in the 18th century learned the alphabet while sewing samplers. They had to be able to stitch identification on all the family linens when they married. Most toys were made to teach religion, like a carved wooden Noah's ark, or to teach a skill like cooking using a toy stove, pots and pans. Toy makers created a few teaching toys, cards with letters and cloth alphabet books.

A: Yes, there is interest in old wedding dresses and gowns. You could donate it to a local historical museum or an organization that will resell it for a charitable cause. You could sell it to a vintage clothing store. Or it could be turned into something else. Old wedding dresses can be used to make christening gowns or bride or princess outfits for small children who like to play dress-up. The fabric can be repurposed to make pillows or enclosed in a locket, frame or Christmas ornament. It also can be used to make scarves, decorate baby blankets, bassinet skirts or wedding or baby photograph albums. *** CURRENT PRICES Record, Dick Todd, Rainbow Records, Red Apple Cheeks, Daddy's Little Boy, 78 RPM, 9 3/4 inches, $15. Kewpie figurine, bride and groom huggers, bisque, c. 1920s, 3 1/2 inches, $175. Decanter, Bohemian glass, paint, winged creatures, swags, faceted stopper, c. 1900, 10 inches, pair, $365.

A rare, famous teaching toy is the Incense burner, "Alphabet Man" or sterling silver, double "Yankee Schoolmaster." gourd, handles, birds, reThe 10-inch-tall iron figpousse design, tripod foot, ure of a man had an arm c. 1890, 13 x 9 inches, $950. that moved when a lever was pushed. The man blinked his *** eyes, raised his left arm and pointed TIP: To remove white rings -- usually to a hole high on his chest. A letter apmade by damp glasses or hot cups of cofpeared and the student had to name fee -- from wooden tabletops, rub the The iron man is pointing to it. The man is dressed like a schoolspot with a mixture of mayonnaise a letter of the alphabet to help a master and looks like a stern teacher. child learn letters. The toy brought and toothpaste. Wipe, then polish. No one knows who made this compli$23,600 in a 2016 sale. cated toy that was patented in 1884. For more collecting news, tips and reOr why his right arm is held behind his back and his sources, visit index finger is pointing to the side. Several of the men have sold in the past decade. The pictured toy with (c) 2018 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

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Tidbits of Greater Ft. Lauderdale & Aventura - Vol 9, Issue 10  

Welcome to another edition of Tidbits® A “tidbit” is defined as “a tasty morsel to be devoured before the meal,” and that’s what Tidbits is....

Tidbits of Greater Ft. Lauderdale & Aventura - Vol 9, Issue 10  

Welcome to another edition of Tidbits® A “tidbit” is defined as “a tasty morsel to be devoured before the meal,” and that’s what Tidbits is....