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by Janet Spencer Come along with Tidbits as we remember remarkable dog heroes!


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• Irene Hughes of Melbourne, Australia raised collies for a living. She reported to the police that two of her prize-winning dogs had apparently been stolen, as they had disappeared without a trace. Police had no leads. Two weeks later, she saw a third collie heading away from the house, carrying a piece of meat in its mouth. She followed it and was amazed to see him drop the meat down an abandoned mine shaft. Peering to the bottom of a shaft 15 feet deep, she found her two lost dogs, who had been kept alive by their buddy. • Michael Miller was out walking his English setter, Sadie, in Bethpage, Tennessee one day when he suddenly collapsed on the ground with a massive heart attack. He was unconscious, but his hand was still wrapped around Sadie’s leash. Sadie tried to revive him by licking his face. When that failed, the 45-pound dog began pulling her 180-pound master towards home. For an hour and a half the dog labored to pull his body forward, a third of a mile away. Finally reaching the back door, the dog howled until Miller’s wife came out. Michael Miller recovered at a nearby hospital thanks to the heroic action of his dog.

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• Mary Lou Wells was washing dishes at her Kingston, Tennessee farm while her three-year-old daughter Keira played outside in the yard. Suddenly the family’s three collies started barking urgently. Wells looked outside and found that Keira was no longer in the yard. Investigating, she saw her daughter halfway up a hill. Then to her horror she also saw that the four horses normally locked in the paddock were headed at a dead run through the gate which had somehow gotten open. Keira was standing directly in their path. Wells ran outdoors screaming “Whoa!” at the top of her lungs but she knew she would be too late to save her daughter. The lead horse reached the child, kicking her as he passed over with three more horses hot on his heels. Then the three collies leapt into action. Running to Keira’s side, each dog picked a horse and ran at it, snarling and snapping, heading it off and herding it away from the child. Two of the collies then kept the horses at bay while the third returned to the crying child to lick her tears away. Keira made a complete recovery.

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2 • September 1, 2017 •

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Dog Heroes (continued):

• In 1991, 75-year-old Jack Fyfe of Sydney, Australia, was home alone when he suffered a paralyzing stroke which left him unable to move. He lay helpless, waiting for someone to discover him. Day after day he waited in agony until he was in danger of death by dehydration as the temperature outside climbed to 90 degrees (32 C). Fyfe’s dog, a six-year-old mixed breed named Trixie, understood when Fyfe cried out for water. In a brilliant move, she grabbed a towel, soaked it in her own water dish, then laid it across her master’s face so he could suck the moisture from it. She repeated this maneuver every day until her water dish ran dry. Then she took the towel to the toilet. After nine days of helplessness, the man’s daughter stopped by and found him still alive - thanks to his dog Trixie. • It was windy on the day when ten-year-old Penny Grantz of Niles, Ohio, went into the family’s backyard to amuse herself while her father John, a night-worker, slept inside the house. The family dog, a collie named Duke, accompanied her. But when Penny decided to light a fire, burning papers and flying ashes suddenly ignited her flammable skirt. In flames, the horrified girl ran screaming towards the house. Duke, however, intercepted her. Seizing the burning garment in his teeth, he tore it from her body, throwing her to the ground. He barked in alarm, waking John, who rushed Penny to the hospital, where she remained for nine weeks. Duke was treated for burns to his mouth but recovered. • Holden, Washington, was a mining town in 1926 and plenty of ore trains went through town every day. Mrs. Moore lived on the edge of town near a blind curve that

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hid oncoming trains from view. One afternoon her twoyear-old son Richard played in the yard as she hung her laundry. The family dog, a lanky English pointer named Bill, looked on. Hearing a train approaching, Mrs. Moore looked around for her son but couldn’t find him. She continued to search as the train came closer. Suddenly to her horror, she spied him sitting calmly between the rails of the tracks. She began running and screaming but the train was bearing down on the child and she knew she could never reach him in time. The engineer spied the boy and yanked the whistle hoping to frighten the child into moving. He stood up and began to cry, but did not move from the tracks. Then a brown and white streak blazed by Mrs. Moore. It was Bill. Running full tilt, the dog reached the boy scant seconds ahead of the locomotive and delivered a body block that knocked the child off the tracks and into the ditch beyond. As the train rumbled by, Bill sat firmly upon the boy’s back, refusing to let him move until the train had passed and the frantic mother reached them. • When Kendall Plank awoke in the night to the sound of all the neighborhood dogs barking, she knew something was amiss. When she heard someone outside her bedroom window, followed by someone jiggling the locked front doorknob, she dialed 911. She was still on the phone when she heard the bathroom window shatter. Then a man with a machine gun came around the corner, shooting her first in the arm and then in the back. At this point, Kendall’s springer spaniel Brandy went nuts, leaping at the intruder and chasing him throughout the house, ignoring the spray of bullets. The 30-lb. dog was hit five times, but she kept chasing, barking, and nipping until the desperate man jumped out the same bathroom window he’d come in, where police shot him. Kendall Plank recovered from her wounds and so did Brandy. For the next several months, Brandy slept beneath the bathroom window.

• Elizabeth Wiederhold and her family owned a small island off Maine. Elizabeth spent the summer of 1974 there with her Newfoundland dog named Ursa. At the end of the summer she left her dog on the island and took her motorboat over to the mainland to pick up her family. However, they had been delayed and would not arrive till the next day. Although a heavy fog had moved in, she felt she could make it back to the island, only a mile away. Barely able to see beyond her boat, she eventually realized that the island should have appeared long ago. She was lost. In a panic, she screamed for help. Suddenly there was a bark and Ursa swam up to the boat. Sitting on the shore of the island, the dog recognized the sound of the family motorboat and realized something was wrong when the boat passed the island. She swam out to rescue her mistress. Elizabeth threw a line to the dog, who led her straight to the island’s dock. Elizabeth, who had been contemplating getting rid of the dog because she shed so much, changed her mind.

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* On Sept. 5, 1666, firefighters in London begin blowing up homes in a desperate attempt to halt the spread of a great fire through the city. By the time the fire was finally extinguished the following day, more than 100,000 people had been left homeless. * On Sept. 13, 1814, Francis Scott Key pens a poem that is later set to music and in 1931 becomes America's national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner." The poem, originally titled "The Defence of Fort McHenry," was written after Key witnessed the Maryland fort being bombarded by the British during the War of 1812. * On Sept. 15, 1858, the new Overland Mail Company sends out its first two stages, inaugurating government mail service to the western U.S. In 1857, Congress had authorized a $600,000 yearly subsidy for whatever company could transport the mail twice a week from St. Louis to San Francisco in less than 25 days. * On Sept. 9, 1893, President Grover Cleveland's wife, Frances, gives birth in the White House to the couple's daughter Esther. She remains the only child of a president to be born in the White House. * On Sept. 6, 1915, a prototype tank nicknamed Little Willie rolls off the assembly line in England. Little Willie was far from a success. It weighed 14 tons, overheated, got stuck in trenches and crawled over rough terrain at only 2 mph.

* On Sept. 17, 1923, a fire threatening the University of California at Berkeley kills two people and destroys nearly 1,000 houses, including half of the fraternity and sorority houses. The National Guard was quickly called in to stop the looting. * On Sept. 10, 1940, in light of the destruction and terror inflicted on Londoners by German bombing raids, called "the Blitz," the British War Cabinet instructs British bombers over Germany to drop their bombs "anywhere" if unable to reach their targets. One of them even landed in the garden of Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Party's minister of propaganda. * On Sept. 7, 1950, Julie Kavner, perhaps best known as the voice of Marge Simpson on "The Simpsons," is born in Los Angeles. Before taking on the role of the famously bluehaired housewife, Kavner played Brenda Morgenstern on "Rhoda." * On Sept. 4, 1972, U.S. swimmer Mark Spitz wins his record seventh gold medal at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. The record would stand until Michael Phelps took home eight gold medals at the Beijing Games in 2012. * On Sept. 8, 1986, "The Oprah Winfrey Show" is broadcast nationally for the first time. Her daytime television talk show turned Winfrey into one of the most powerful, wealthiest people in show business. (c) 2017 King Feattures Synd., Inc.

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HOLLYWOOD -- Lady Gaga's name won't be on the screen when the reboot of "A Star Is Born" opens. The film, directed and starring Bradley Cooper, has a leading lady named Stefani Germanotta! If you're a die-hard Gaga fan, you already know that Stefani Germanotta is her real name. Even though she proved she's an excellent actress in "American Horror Story: Hotel," she was billed as Lady Gaga, but this film will make her a legitimate actress and an even bigger star. Produced by Cooper, Clint Eastwood and Jon Peters, among others, the film opens September 2018. Sam Elliott, Andrew Dice Clay and Dave Chappelle also have been cast.

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Lady GaGa in "A Star Is Born" Warner Bros. Pictures

Fox TV is following last year's "Grease Live" with the musical version of the perennial holiday film "The Christmas Story" (1983), which starred Darren McGavin and Peter Billingsley. The first star signed is "SNL" alumn Maya Rudolf, who will play the Melinda Dillon role as Ralphie Parker's mother. It airs Dec. 17.

*** Dwayne Johnson is still the busiest star in Hollywood. His HBO show "Ballers" has been renewed for a third and fourth season. "Baywatch," which he also co- produced, cost $69 million to make and earned $175 million, paving the way for him to produce three more films: "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle," due Dec. 20; the action/thriller monster film "Rampage," with Joe Manganiello and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, arriving April 20; and the action/ adventure film "Skyscraper" (in 3D), with Neve Campbell, which has "The Rock" rescuing his family, trapped in a building in China.


*** Tyler Henry, The E Channel's "Hollywood Medium," has received more than 200,000 requests for readings since his show went on the air. During his downtime, he does as many readings as possible, but he'd have to spend every waking minute to give 200,000 readings!

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Judge Judy (Sheindlin), 74, who already earns $47 million a year, will add another $200 million to her $290 million net worth after selling her vast "Judge Judy" library to CBS, thus guaranteeing her immortality as they rerun her shows forever. *** Two-time Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman, who took time off from acting in 2012 to direct "Quartet," with Maggie Smith and Tom Courtney, will join Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Emma Thompson and Candice Bergen in "The Meyerowitz Stories," distributed by Netflix. Since it was well-received at the Cannes Film Festival in May, Netflix probably will show it in theaters before releasing the film to its online streaming service. When Netflix went public in 2002 it sold for $9 a share; today it sells for $500 a share. Where is that time machine when I need it most? (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Q: I love the actor who played Oliver on "The Originals" and was sad when his character died. Can you tell me what he's been up to lately? -- Margie F., via email

Chase Coleman Audrey Matos

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2327 N 21st. Ave. Hollywood

A: Chase Coleman's character might be dead, but his career is very much alive -- and churning full speed ahead. Since ending his tenure on the hit supernatural CW series, Chase has worked on a number of projects, including the David Duchovny series "Aquarius" and tons of shorts, movies and miniseries. Those of you who've attended an "Originals" fan convention will know that Chase is a talented musician, and he and his band Mercy Mode are currently touring. Chase's current passion project is "Cypress Bayou," which is being shopped around to various networks. Chase compares the series to "'True Blood' mixed with 'True Detective' mixed with 'The Vampire Diaries.' Maybe even a tad 'Game of Thrones' because it's very character-driven -- there are lots of different families and houses in this small town." Chase can't wait to get this series to the masses, and I can't blame him after he told me what it's about: "I play the leader of the garou, which are werewolves. My family's been cursed to where we would become creatures on the full moon and terrorize the town. But then this family of good witches took pity upon us, and while you can't cure the curse, you can tweak it. Once we were able to control our shifting, we became protectors of the town." Follow the series on Facebook ( and Twitter (, and let the social-media world know that you want to see a network pick up this series STAT. *** Q: Do you have any news about "The X-Files"? -- Marc V. in Georgia

A: This season will have 10 episodes (four more than last season's six), eight of which will be stand-alone supernatural mysteries for Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to solve. I've also learned that the characters of Agents Einstein and Miller will be back (which I am not thrilled about). Fox entertainment chairman David Madden revealed: "You'll be launched into a very urgent adventure that has a lot to do with William -- Mulder and Scully's kid -- so the search for William will be a significant thread through the show. You will see the Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis). You may see the Lone Gunmen somewhere along the line. There will be other characters from the previous mythology who will be reprised." *** Q: Will Amazon's "Bosch" return for a fourth season? -Ray C., Kissimmee, Fla. A: "Bosch" will indeed return for a fourth season, and while an exact date had not been given as of this writing, it most likely will be spring 2018. In the meantime, you can stream seasons one through three on Amazon Prime if you need a refresher, or if you want to see what all the hubbub is about. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803; or e-mail her at letters@ (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.

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1. GAMES: In Monopoly, what color is the property St. James Place? 2. LANGUAGE: What does the expression "carrying coal to Newcastle" mean?

1. "Bluebird" and "Mrs. Vandebilt" were on which Paul McCartney and Wings album?

3. TELEVISION: What was the name of the news director on "WKRP in Cincinnati"?

2. Which group had hits with "Ladies Night" and "Too Hot," and when?

4. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which U.S. president was the target of the ďŹ rst assassination attempt?

3. Name the singer who released "West of the Wall." What is the song about?

5. ANIMAL KINGDOM: In the cat family, what are vibrissae?

4. Who wrote and released "Walking the Dog"? 5. Name the song that contains this lyric: "I'm sittin' in the railway station, Got a ticket for my destination, On a tour of one-night stands, My suitcase and guitar in hand."

6. MEASUREMENTS: How many grams are in a pound? 7. U.S. STATES: What state lies directly to the north of Kansas? 8. MEDICAL: What is happening if you experience borborygmi? 9. FIRSTS: When were the ďŹ rst license plates required for cars? 10. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What does an onomastician study?

Paul McCartney

Answers Andrew Jackson 1. "Band on the Run." Both songs appeared on both the 1973 original and the 1993 reissue. 2. Kool & the Gang, in 1979. "Ladies Night," a play on the bar nights intended to bring in extra ladies, charted in ďŹ ve countries around the world, 3. Toni Fisher, in 1962. The song describes two lovers who were separated by the Berlin Wall, which went up in 1961. 4. Rufus Thomas, in 1963. Astonishingly enough, a dozen others have covered the song. 5. "Homeward Bound," by Simon and Garfunkel, 1966. Paul Simon wrote the song on a piece of paper while sitting, literally, in a railway station in England on his way to London.

Answers 1. Orange 2. Something superuous or unnecessary. Newcastle is a coal-mining city. 3. Les Nessman 4. Andrew Jackson, 1835. The gun misďŹ red. 5. Whiskers 6. 454 7. Nebraska 8. You may be hungry. Borborygmi is stomach growling. 9. 1901, New York state 10. Names (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.



(c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Do your planning. Research highlights along the way and decide if you want to stop at every single museum or just cruise right by them. Check restaurants and see what you should expect for pricing. Consider stopping to see friends. If you have a big vehicle and plan to visit large cities, investigate where you can leave the vehicle and take local bus or subway. Learn the different types of RV parks and what they provide. See if it's worth it to join the Kampgrounds of America ( for its reduced rates. Some resorts offer RV parking. Take your AARP card for discounts. Consult AAA for trip planning. Review your medications and be sure to take enough. (Take extra just in case.) And most of all: Take your camera!

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HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS DON'T ALWAYS DELIVER Sometimes we just don't have the appetite we used to, or the taste of foods has changed. To get as much nutrition as possible, many of us have turned to dietary herbal supplements. The problem is that we might not be getting what we expect in those pills. Now the New York State attorney general has gone after companies that don't deliver what they've promised. Cease and desist letters have been sent to four major retailers that sell their own store brand of herbal supplements because either the supplements contained none of the promised ingredients or there were contaminants or fillers. According to the attorney general's website, contaminants and fillers included "rice, beans, pine, citrus, asparagus, primrose, wheat, houseplant, wild carrot and others." Only 21 percent of supplements tested contained any of the herbs they were supposed to have. At one retailer, a mere 4 percent of tested supplements contained the material shown on the label. The attorney general now has asked for information from all four retailers about the processing of these supplements, as well as quality control. What does this mean for those of us who use herbal supplements to try to increase our nutritional intake or to adjust a medical condition? It means we need to be careful. The more drugs we're on, the greater the risk of interactions. For those of us with compromised immune systems, the contaminants in supplements can have adverse effects. Before taking any supplements, ask your doctor for a recommendation. Remember: The Food and Drug Administration doesn't have to approve supplements before they end up on store shelves. (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.

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The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center

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954 463 3725 You too can have a bin like the one above at your apartment complex, government building, or business. You will help make clothing recycling easy, help the environment, reduce homelessness, and fix broken lives all without spending a penny. To make arrangements for your bin, call Jim, Community Outreach Manager at

754 224 2985 or 754 367 4174 PLEASE HELP THE SALVATION ARMY STAY ON THE FRONT LINES OF HURRICANE HARVEY RELIEF EFFORTS! As Hurricane Harvey causes widespread damage across Texas, The Salvation Army is ready to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care to survivors and relief workers. Salvation Army disaster teams from across the country are mobilizing and, even after disaster response efforts are over, The Salvation Army will remain in communities impacted by this terrible storm, supporting long-term disaster recovery efforts and providing ongoing assistance to those in need.

8 • September 1, 2017 •

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Walsh’s Pub

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1. Who was the first Japanese player selected for baseball's All-Star Game? 2. In 2016, Max Kepler set a Minnesota Twins rookie record with seven RBIs in a game. Who had held the mark? 3. Who was the first starter at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys? 4. Name the only Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball player to compile at least 1,500 points and 400 assists during his college career. 5. When was the last time before 2017 that the Ottawa Senators advanced past the first round of the NHL playoffs? 6. Austria's Marcel Hirscher tied a record in 2016 with his fourth giant slalom victory at Alta Badia in Italy. Who also holds the mark? 7. Between the NCAA and Major League Soccer, how many championships has coach Bruce Arena won?

NO MORE EVEL EMPIRE As I sit here burning the retinas out of my eyes trying to see the total eclipse occur (if only that darn cloud would move out of the way), my mind shifts to thoughts of Evel Knievel. Millennials do not know the man, and if any remember some of his cameos on assorted reality TV or talk shows, they saw a hobbling old man with a cane. Well, guess what, kids? That cane was filled with Wild Turkey 101. That's Evel Knievel, a guy who used to fling himself on a motorcycle over stadiums for our amusement. You know ... a real role model. I'm thinking about this as I watch the folks who filled the Southern Illinois Saluki's stadium, with every person rooting for the same thing -- the complete blotting out of the Sun from our skies. It shows us our place in the universe. Well, guess what? Evel was universally beloved, or at least looked upon with a high level of bemusement. The guy would, for little or no apparent reason, jump his motorcycle over long lines of cars and through hoops of fire. He was a true "daredevil" in every sense of the word. Sometimes he would complete the jump, and peo-

But then came Snake Canyon and the "Rocket Cycle." See, he was going to jump a canyon, but what happened was that he flew halfway across said canyon -- clearly not going to make it -- and as luck would have it, his bike "malfunctioned" and shot out his parachutes, and the world watched as Evel floated around the canyon and into obscurity. It was over for him. To this day he doesn't exist in your spell check, which just shows you how fickle fame can be.

Answers 1. Hideo Nomo of the Los Angeles Dodgers, in 1995. 2. Tony Oliva (1964), Oswaldo Arcia (2013) and Miguel Sano (2015). 3. Eddie LeBaron, in 1960. 4. Ed Davender, with 1,637 points and 436 assists (1984-88). 5. It was the 2013 NHL playoffs. 6. Alberto Tomba. 7. Ten (five at the University of Virginia, two with D.C. United and three with the LA Galaxy).

ple would applaud. Most other times, he would crash in spectacular fashion and the crowd would go completely berserk. He is the guy that invented the term "broke every bone in his body."

(c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.

Back in Atlantic City, New Jersey, I find the city under siege in the form of an "annual air show." Wave after wave of fighter planes fly sorties over the boardwalk, and PTSD-inducing jets are buzzing the famed resort's tall buildings. Throngs of people are looking up in awe, some in fear. I scan the crowd. Some look like they're having an adrenaline rush because they keep saying how dangerous every maneuver was, as if they wanted to see an air disaster. (Others contend it was Donald Trump's show of force to this former rebel enclave, perhaps a message to the Seminoles who were dismantling the Trump Taj Mahal.) Some fans attend baseball games hoping to see nobody do anything, because that's "perfect." And then there are those who go to see hockey players fight, race-car drivers crash, quarterbacks get their legs cracked in half, and motorcyclists plunge into deep ravines filled with sharks. As for me, I prefer the sun to not be blocked by the moon, that our Air Force stays strong, motorcyclists to obey the rules of the road, but more than anything, hope to see most of next year's battles on the field of play only. Mark Vasto is a veteran sportswriter who lives in New Jersey. (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Kittens within this feral family learn to socialize with other cats, and the most important period of socialization takes place as they are being weaned, at about 7 to 9 weeks of age, the Merck post explains. Because they're not exposed to humans (and are protected from exposure to other animals), feral kittens socialize differently from domestic kittens and will avoid contact with humans.

FERAL CATS' BEHAVIOR DEAR PAW'S CORNER: I've heard many times that feral cats are territorial and can't be trained to live with humans. But we have a feral cat colony in an old orange grove behind our neighborhood, and I've occasionally seen them lounging around in small groups. Some do come into neighbors' yards to eat food set out for them. Do you think the prevailing wisdom about feral cats is wrong? -- Carl in Gainesville, Florida DEAR CARL: Cats tend to be very social animals, but how they relate to other cats versus how they relate to humans is very different. A post in the Merck Veterinary Manual gives insight into the differences in the way cats socialize depending on how they were raised. While most cats are indeed solitary hunters, and feral cats tend to be territorial, those feral cats also have a social group. The cats you saw hanging out are probably a family unit, with several females living together for protection and communal raising of their litters.

From your description, it sounds as if some of the adult cats are less fearful of humans, or have at least learned that some homes have free food outside and no predators. Their kittens are observing this, and learning the same things. So you may be seeing that particular colony reducing its fear of humans over a few generations of cats, rather than its older cats being tamed.

ANXIOUS DOG NEEDS SOCIALIZING DEAR PAW'S CORNER: No matter what I do, I can't get my 1-year-old shorthaired pointer, "Blue," to act appropriately around other dogs. I tried taking him to the dog park a few times since adopting him, but he becomes hard to control after seeing dogs on the other side of the fence. How can I socialize my dog? -- Frustrated in Cincinnati DEAR FRUSTRATED: At the risk of being blunt, forget about the dog park for a while. Blue needs to be able to respond to basic commands like "sit" and "stay," and he needs to remain calm in situations with other dogs. Neither of these things is happening when you take him to the dog park. Blue's behavior suggests he's worried about the situation that you're taking him into. Who are those dogs?

LIcense AR 52543 MV 95328

What is this place? Is it safe? He doesn't know, and he doesn't know what to do, and he's acting up. You must find what Blue's anxiety triggers are. Chances are he is getting stressed well before he reaches the park. How do you do this? Teach Blue a basic command, like "sit" or "lie down," until you are confident Blue will do it immediately. Later, on your walks, give him this command. If he responds well, he's probably calm and focused, which is good. If his response falters or he doesn't obey at all, something is up -- he's getting distracted or stressed. Blue needs to develop confidence that he will be OK in unfamiliar situations. There are a number of methods to do this, and you can learn how by working with a trainer on ways to ease him into new environments. Send your questions, comments and tips to ask@ (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.

10 • September 1, 2017 •

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Q: I have some Santa Clara Indian pots that date from the teens and 1920s. I would like to have them appraised, but the professionals I contacted charge a great deal for this service. Is it possible to find someone who can help me who is more affordable? -- Sue, New Mexico

Q: I have an old frame that has rounded glass and wonder if it has any value. -- Mary, Minnesota A: I examined the picture you sent me, and I think your frame was made during the 1930s and is probably worth about $50. Since you didn't send measurements, it could be worth a little more or a little less, depending on size.

A: As I often have written in this column, a free or cheap appraisal is generally worthless. Your pots are probably valuable, and you need a competent appraiser to determine just how valuable. If you can't afford to hire a professional, then simply enjoy your pots for their beauty.

Q: I have a child's book, "Mickey Mouse in the Wild West," published by Walt Disney. It is in fairly good condition. What can you tell me about it? -- Mark, Missouri


Q: At an estate sale, I purchased a set of salt and pepper shakers. What attracted me to them is the fact they are only 2 inches high. The shakers are in the design of a boot with spurs. I paid $5 for them and hope I got a good deal. -- Cindy, Lakewood, Colorado


A: Your book was published in 1973 and is worth about $6.

Q: I have a paperweight made by Michael O'Keefe. Is it worth keeping? -- Ben, Chesterfield, Missouri

Write to Larry Cox in care of KFWS, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803.

A: Miniature salt and pepper shakers have become quite popular with collectors. I contacted a collector, who believes the set you bought could be worth about $25. You also might get a copy of the "Antique Trader Salt and Pepper Price Guide," by Mark Moran and published by Krause Books.

A: Michael O'Keefe, a glass artist based in Seattle, is best known for his three-dimensional paperweights featuring soft, subtle colors. His work is easy to identify, since each piece is signed and dated on the bottom. O'Keefe's paperweights are quite collectible, but only you can determine if the one you have is worth keeping.

FAREWELL Although I have researched and written about antiques and collectibles for more than 35 years, my first column for King Features appeared in January of 2003. That first column was a short one and answered three questions, one about tobacco pipes, a second requesting the value of an old Kodak camera and a final one concerning the rarity of amber jewelry. In the more than 14 years that followed, I received several thousand letters and emails from throughout the United States and Canada. This column has been fun, and I probably learned as much writing it as others did reading it. Even though I tried, I was never able to answer every single question. In fact, I am still searching for a home for a collection of 300 false teeth owned by a woman in Ohio. This is my final column for King Features. About a year ago I was diagnosed with cancer, and this has been a challenging time for me. I came to a decision several weeks ago that my energy should be used to fight this disease. I can't do that and still produce a weekly column. Jim Clarke has been with me from the beginning, and he has become more than an editor, he is friend. I thank him for his help and guidance. I also will remember my readers with a special affection. I hope you will wish me well and remember me in your prayers. (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.

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1 tablespoon red wine vinegar Juice of one lemon Salt and pepper to taste Let your child mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Refrigerate for at least two hours to chill and enhance the flavor. Scoop into a serving bowl and top with shaped croutons.

SHAPED CROUTONS 1 loaf French bread sliced lengthwise with crust removed


3 tablespoons margarine or olive oil 1 garlic clove, pressed Salt and pepper to taste

Stir up a no-cook meal for your family on a hot summer day. Just spin the globe until your finger lands on Spain, and think Gazpacho! The season's freshest tomatoes, cukes, peppers and onions come together in this satisfying and zesty cold Spanish soup. Let your kids harvest some of the ingredients from your family garden, or choose them in peak condition at a farmer's market. Teach your school-age children basic cutting and chopping techniques. They'll have lots of practice with this recipe!


1. Make shapes from bread with favorite mini cookie cutters. 2. Combine melted butter or olive oil with garlic and salt and pepper. Brush on top of cutouts. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese (optional).

Donna Erickson's award-winning series "Donna's Day" is airing on public television nationwide. To find more of her creative family recipes and activities, visit and link to the NEW Donna's Day Facebook fan page. Her latest book is "Donna Erickson's Fabulous Funstuff for Families."

3. Bake in 350 F oven for 10 minutes. (c) 2017 Donna Erickson

Tip: Put freezer-safe serving bowls for gazpacho in freezer before serving.

If you don't mind turning on your oven for a few minutes, top off the soup with whimsical kid-made croutons in fun shapes. Serve it in the fancy bowl that you use for special occasions.

Distributed by King Features Synd.

What’s in Season Now? Look for these “Fresh From Florida” items in your grocery store during

For 4-6 servings, here's what you'll need:


GAZPACHO 2 cups seeded, finely diced plum tomatoes 1 cup cored, seeded, finely diced yellow bell pepper 1/2 cup peeled, seeded, finely diced cucumbers 1/4 to 1/2 cup finely diced celery









1/4 cup minced carrots 1/4 cup minced celery leaves 1/4 cup minced yellow onion 2 cups tomato vegetable juice (such as V8) 1/2 cup clam juice (optional) 2 tablespoons minced chives 2 tablespoons olive oil

12 • September 1, 2017 •

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favorite essential oil. Stir in 1/2 cup vinegar and allow it to settle. Then scoop it into an ice-cube tray and pack tightly. Let it dry overnight, then pop your pods out into an airtight baggie or jar. Label and store in a cool place. Use one per washing cycle. * To get paint splatter off your hands after painting, try this old kitchen trick: Wet hands and then pour sugar or salt into palms. Use it as an abrasive to scrub paint away. * Waxed paper can shine a kitchen or bathroom faucet. Simply use it to buff away the marks. No spray cleaner necessary. * Here's a great recipe for DIY dishwasher pods for use in your automatic dishwasher: Mix 2 cups of baking soda, 2 cups of borax, a half cup of salt and 10-15 drops of your

* "If you have dirty blinds, keep in mind that spraying them with a liquid is going to turn the dust to muck. Always dry dust first, then use a barely damp microfiber

peanut butter. A Canadian named Marcellus Gilmore Edson patented the product in 1884, but it didn't become popular in the United States until 1898. That was when John Harvey Kellogg's Western Health Reform Institute began selling it at expensive health care institutions. It seems that protein-packed peanut butter was perfect for elderly patients who had trouble chewing. * Rats tend to be right-handed, too. Or, rather, "rightpawed."

* It was pioneering Mexican-American musician Carlos Santana who made the following sage observation: "The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace." * Those who study such things say that men who tend to be womanizers when they're single are more likely to be jealous husbands once they're married. * The beginning of a new school year seems a good time to note the origin of that lunchtime favorite,

* Standing desks, stand ready: There's a new trend in workspaces. It seems that standing up while working isn't enough to counteract the detrimental health effects of sitting in an office chair all day. Enter Fluidstance, a company that wants to help you surf your way through the workday. Their balance boards, designed to be used with standing desks, reportedly increase heart rate and improve range of motion, allowing users to burn calories while burning their way through the mundane tasks of office life. * Driving isn't the only activity that is dangerous to mix with alcohol. Statistics show that 40 percent of skiers who get injured in the French Alps are legally drunk.

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cloth to remove spots. (This is for hard material blinds, not for fabric blinds.)" -- L.G. in Kansas * Sticky irons can ruin fabric. Never fear, though, because cleaning one is a cinch. Heat your iron to its hottest setting, no steam. Sprinkle about a tablespoon of salt onto a piece of newspaper. Iron over it, rubbing vigorously. Finish with a pass or two over a plain paper towel. * Track tools in a workshop by hanging them from a wall. Trace around the tools with chalk, and you can tell quickly what goes where when it's time to clean up. Send your tips to Now Here's a Tip, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803. (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.

*** Thought for the Day: "Many people consider the things government does for them to be social progress but they regard the things government does for others as socialism." -- Earl Warren (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.

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ANSWER: A study published recently ago in BMJ, a prestigious medical journal, showed a clear association between benzodiazepines -- a class of medications that includes diazepam (Valium), clonazepam (Klonopin), alprazolam (Xanax) and lorazepam (Ativan), among many others -- and Alzheimer's disease. The association was stronger for long-term use than for short, as you correctly point out. Further, the risk was higher for long-acting drugs (like Valium or Librium) than for short (like Xanax). However, the type of study done cannot claim that taking the medication caused the increased risk of Alzheimer's. The authors themselves point out that it is possible that early Alzheimer's disease causes anxiety that is subsequently treated with prescription anti-anxiety medications, and that there is no causal relationship. It is also possible to see this result from chance, although the authors found less than 0.1 percent likelihood this result is due to chance alone. Finally, it's possible that there is both a direct, causal link between taking benzodiazepine drugs and developing Alzheimer's disease and that early Alzheimer's causes some people enough anxiety that they are prescribed these anti-anxiety medications. That implies that the risk is less than the numbers from the study. A different study design may reveal the truth. There are many good reasons not to use benzodiazepine medications, and I never prescribe them for long-term use. Increased risk of both falls and automobile collisions are two that most concern me. (Multiple studies have confirmed this risk, so it is likely that these drugs do cause some people to fall and to have auto accidents.) These are also potentially habit-forming medications, and sometimes it becomes very difficult to sleep without them once they are started. Because all medications have some risk, I recommend nondrug strategies for anxiety reduction. Meditation, mindfulness and imaging exercises, yoga and even regular exercise all have been shown to reduce anxiety without medication. Counseling and cognitive-behavioral therapies also are effective. If medications are needed, then SSRI medications such as sertraline (Zoloft) have lower risks than benzodiazepines. Just a cup of hot chamomile tea might help you get through stressful times. *** DEAR DR. ROACH: I offer my experience with a prostate treatment not covered in your article. I had no symptoms. A routine annual test revealed that my PSA had risen rapidly to 5.1. At the recommendation of my urologist, I had a biopsy (actually, 13 individual biopsies). My Gleason score of 7/8 predicted a painful death from prostate cancer if left untreated. My options were surgery or radiation therapy. I chose radiation, which consisted of nine weeks (45 treatments) of one or two minutes of actual radiation. Extreme caution was taken to avoid damage to other organs. I had no side effects during or after treatment. Two years later, my PSA is 0.04, and I expect to continue an active lifestyle at 82 years of age. -- J.A.G.




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ANSWER: I appreciate you writing in to share your story. Most men I hear from have accepted surgery in your situation; however, many experts feel that radiation treatment offers a better balance of effectiveness and side effects than surgery. I did know an oncologist in a situation almost exactly like yours who also decided on radiation and had excellent results. I do want to caution that a perfect outcome like yours is not guaranteed. I occasionally see men who, despite abundant caution, have developed radiation damage to the rectum or bladder. However, the risks with modern radiation therapy are low. READERS: The new booklet on the prostate gland discusses cancer, enlargement, infections and erectile dysfunction in detail. Readers can obtain a copy by writing: Dr. Roach -- No. 1001W, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803. Enclose a check or money order (no cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6 Canada with the recipient's printed name and address. Please allow up to four weeks for delivery. *** DEAR DR. ROACH: I am plagued with canker sores. I get four to five outbreaks a year. The products that are sold to heal them do not help much. Do you know of a mouthwash that could be used to prevent or maybe reduce the severity of canker sores, and what would you recommend for use on canker sores? What, in your opinion, causes them? -- J.H. ANSWER: Canker sores, also called aphthous ulcers, are painful sores that are located in the mouth. When they keep coming back, as in your case, it is called recurrent aphthous stomatitis ("stoma" is the Greek word for "mouth," and is sometimes used for surgically created openings). While it isn't clear why they occur, there have been studies that show there may be a defect in immune function in people with RAS, making it similar to Behcet's syndrome. It may be associated with celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease, and it can be triggered by many things, including stress, food and drug hypersensitivity and trauma. The most common effective treatment I know of is a medium- or high-potency topical steroid. It can be prepared specifically for use on aphthous ulcers, such as Kenalog in Orabase, and this can speed up healing, especially when applied early. Some people swear by vitamins, but they were not found to be effective in a study. Thalidomide, a potentially dangerous medication that has extremely high risk for birth defects, can be used in severe cases.

*** DEAR DR. ROACH: My husband has heart disease. He's tried every statin drug to lower his cholesterol. He cannot tolerate any of them. The muscle pain and weakness caused by these drugs is severe. His cholesterol remains high, even with proper diet and exercise. I've heard that CoQ10 works well for lowering cholesterol. Is there any validity to this? -- Anon. ANSWER: CoQ10 (ubiquinone) does not affect cholesterol itself. It does allow some people tolerate statins who otherwise wouldn't. I think it is worth a try, especially for someone like your husband, who has coronary heart disease and who would get much benefit from a statin. *** Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but will incorporate them in the column whenever possible. Readers may email questions to To view and order health pamphlets, visit, or write to Good Health, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803. (c) 2017 North America Synd., Inc. All Rights Reserved

14 • September 1, 2017 •

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BAMBOO • Bamboo is one of the most remarkable plants on the planet. Bamboo is not actually a tree; it is instead a member of the grass family. • There are nearly 1,500 different species of bamboo found throughout the warm tropical regions of Asia, Australia, North and South America, and Africa. • Species range from just a few inches tall to the giant bamboo which can reach a height of 164 feet (54 m) making it the tallest grass on Earth. • Bamboo is also the fastest-growing plants on Earth. Under ideal conditions, certain species can grow up to three feet in 24 hours. That works out to an inch and a half per hour (3.8 cm) making it the only plant that you can actually see grow. • Most woody trees take decades to reach maturity, but bamboo reaches maturity after only 1 to 5 years. This makes it a valuable commodity for a variety of uses, because it’s the only woody plant that grows fast enough to keep up with human consumption and deforestation. When it’s cut down, it regrows from the roots that remain in the soil, which prevents erosion. New crops don’t have to be replanted year after year. Bamboo requires no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers as other crops do because it manufactures a natural antibacterial agent called bamboo kun which kills over 70% of the bacteria that land on it. This bamboo kun is often used in folk remedies to treat infections. • Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere than other plants of comparable size, while also absorbing more carbon dioxide, cutting down on greenhouse gasses and cleaning the air. • The strength of bamboo is another remarkable feature.

Find All the Fun and Games Answers on Page 14! The tensile strength of steel is 24,000 PSI. The tensile strength of bamboo is 28,000 PSI. Bamboo has been used as a construction material for thousands of years. When an earthquake devastated Costa Rica in 1992, the houses that best withstood the shaking were the ones made of bamboo. • After nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan in 1945, bamboo was one of the first plants to repopulate the area. • Another intriguing aspect of the plant is a phenomenon called gregarious flowering. Some species of bamboo flower once a year; other species flower whenever they reach maturity; but certain types of bamboo only flower once every 60 to 130 years, depending on the particular species. The strangest thing about this unusual pattern is that every single member of that particular species will flower at the exact same time, no matter where it is located: bamboo in Asia flowers at the same time the same species flowers on the other side of the planet in South America. After flowering, each individual plant drops a huge load of seeds. Because the plant has expended so much energy in flowering and going to seed, it then dies. New bamboo plants grow up from the seeds, and the cycle repeats its long genetically-imprinted pattern. • Bamboo shoots are edible and packed with fiber, forming an important part of Asian cuisine. However, the shoots contain a toxin called taxiphyllin harmful to humans. Because of that, bamboo needs to be cooked in order to destroy the toxin before eating. Many animals such as pandas, gorillas, and lemurs depend on bamboo as a primary food source. • Bamboo can be used in any application that uses wood: floors, furniture, even bike frames etc. It’s used as concrete reinforcement. The leaves make excellent livestock feed, and the fibers can be turned into cloth and insulation.

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Tidbits of Greater Ft. Lauderdale & Aventura - Vol 8, Issue 17  

Tidbits of Southeast Florida is published on the first and third Friday of each month, 24 times a year. Our newspaper is distributed at over...

Tidbits of Greater Ft. Lauderdale & Aventura - Vol 8, Issue 17  

Tidbits of Southeast Florida is published on the first and third Friday of each month, 24 times a year. Our newspaper is distributed at over...