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• Halloween seems to have its roots in ancient Celtic culture. The Celts were a group of people that lived in what is now Ireland several thousand years ago. They were farmers, and their original Halloween festivals were a celebration of summer harvest and a preparation for the difficult, cold winter ahead.

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• The Celts believed that during this time of year, the division between the known world and the spirit world became very thin, and departed souls might visit them. Huge bonfires were built to scare away any evil spirits. Interestingly, the word “bonfire” comes from the old word “bone-fire,” representing the bodies of sacrificial animals that were thrown into the fire. Special places were set at mealtime in remembrance of deceased relatives and friends. Candles were lit and treats were left along the side of the road to assist their departed loved ones on their journeys. This harvest celebration was called Samhain (pronounced “sow-ween”), which meant “summer’s end.” It was truly a time of magic and superstition. turn the page for more!



t Cl


by Martha Ann Cole

Halloween is an eagerly anticipated holiday for families and retailers in the United States. How did this autumn holiday begin, and what were some of the ancient customs and traditions that have impacted our present day celebrations?

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HALLOWEEN (continued):

• As time went by and Christianity spread throughout Europe, customs evolved, and people in Ireland and other European countries developed their own unique ways of celebrating the end of summer and preparing for winter. Many old traditions focused on matchmaking techniques that were believed to assist eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. • On Halloween in 18th-century Scotland, an unattached young woman was encouraged to write the names of prospective husbands on hazelnuts. She then threw the hazelnuts into a fire. The nuts that b u r n e d rather than popped or exploded identified t h e

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young woman’s husband to be. Wonder what happened if more than one nut burned? • Another matchmaking technique in old Scotland was the eating of a combination of hazelnuts, walnuts and nutmeg before going to bed on Halloween night. It was thought that the young woman who did this would dream of her future mate. Isn’t it interesting that the magical meal consisted primarily of nuts? • A somewhat dangerous practice was to walk backwards down the staircase to the basement of a house while holding a mirror. At the bottom of the stairs the face of their future husband or wife would appear in the mirror. • In old England, men and women in search of a mate would count the number of puffs it took them to blow out a candle while wearing a blindfold. This number foretold the number of years it would be before they were wed. • On Halloween, young women sometimes would peel apples and toss the apple peels over their shoulders while hoping that the fallen peels would form the initials of their husbands-to-be. • When did the custom of trick or treating begin? Trick or Treating is thought to have begun during All Souls’ Day celebrations several hundred years ago in England. All Souls’ Day was a religious holiday in Pre-Reformation England. This holiday honored the lives of those who had died. The poor would go from house to house offering to pray for the dead in exchange for money or “soul cakes,” which were a type of hot cross bun. • When we think of a Jack-O-Lantern today, we usually think of a carved pumpkin. However, hundreds of years ago in Scotland and Ireland, children would make them out of turnips! Turnips were a major food crop in the region. The children would hollow out the vegetables, carve faces on them and place a candle inside. Years later when many Europeans migrated to the United States, they discovered an abundance of pumpkins, and the present day Jack-OLantern was born. Just think of trying to carve a turnip! • Jack of Jack-O-Lantern fame was supposedly a very wicked man named Stingy Jack. This individual was said to be so bad that he was refused entrance to both heaven and hell. The devil didn’t want him but gave him a hollowed out turnip with a lump of glowing coal inside. Jack was doomed to roam the earth for eternity with his turnip to light his way. He was called “Jack of the Lantern.” His name was later shortened to Jack-O-Lantern. • Barnbrack is a kind of Irish fruitcake that is eaten on Halloween today. Small treats are wrapped and placed inside the cake before baking. Finding a ring inside a piece of barnbrack indicates that the person finding it will have a wedding in their future, while finding a straw means that a prosperous year is in store. • Today in Ireland, where the Celts lived and celebrated centuries ago, bonfires are still burned, but now children dress up in costumes and trick or treat, and often attend parties with their families and friends. They play a game called “snap-apple,” which is a kind of bobbing for an apple on a string. An apple is tied to a string hanging from

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IRELAND Birthplace of Halloween • Most people are aware that Ireland is an island in the Atlantic Ocean west of Britain. But did you realize that this “emerald isle” is the home to two separate countries? The Republic of Ireland is an independent country made up of 26 counties and occupies most of the island of Ireland. Northern Ireland is a country comprised of six northern counties that remains part of the United Kingdom. The capital city of the Republic of Ireland is Dublin. Belfast is the capital of the northern region. The entire island is slightly larger than the state of West Virginia. Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and the 26th largest island in the world. • Ireland was home to the Celts several millennia ago and is the supposed birthplace of Halloween. St. Patrick spread Christianity to the island and, according to legend, beat the snakes into surrounding oceans. Today Ireland does not have snakes, but reliable sources say that it never was a home to this reptile. Leprechauns are said to inhabit the island, hiding pots of gold and playing tricks on unwary citizens. • Throughout the years, many people from Ireland have migrated to the United States. When the potato crops were decimated in the potato famine of the 1840s, More than 1.2 million Irish men, women and children left to seek their fortune in Britain or the USA. This pattern of migration continued up until the 1990s. In spite of a recent baby boom and the return of many emigrants, Ireland’s population is still not as large today as it was in 1841, at the beginning of the potato famine. • There are now more cell phones in Ireland than people. Ireland’s average of 102 phones for every 100 people is lower than the European Union average of 107 phones per 100 people. • Today over 40 million Americans claim Irish ancestry! St. Patrick’s Day is a prominent holiday in the United States, celebrated with numerous festivities, parades and merriment. Many famous poets and writers that we enjoy were Irish. William Butler Yeats, James Joyce and George Moore wrote


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about Irish life in works that gained international acclaim. Other distinguished Irish writers include Jonathan Swift, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett. • Ireland is currently the world’s largest exporter of software. That is largely because it’s the place where big American technology companies such as Microsoft and IBM send their software to be routed and exported to the rest of Europe and the Middle East. • One is able to learn a lot about the culture of a people by reading their literature. The following is a random collection of old Irish sayings and proverbs that give much insight into the humor, wisdom and heritage of the Irish men and women of today: There’s no fireside like your own fireside. Never bolt the door with a boiled carrot. Good luck beats early rising. Everyone praises his native land. A lie travels further than the truth. A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. A scholars ink lasts longer than a martyr’s blood. If you want an audience, start a fight. Don’t break your shin on a stool that is not in your way. If you dig a grave for others, you might fall into it yourself.


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HALLOWEEN (continued): a doorframe and youngsters try to take a bite without using their hands. Families play a card game in which cards are placed face down on a table with candy or coins underneath. A child chooses a card and receives the prize. • Many in the United States look forward to Halloween every year. Businesses look forward to the increased sales of candies, costumes and party decorations, and children look forward to transforming themselves into ghosts, goblins, princesses and pirates, or other spooky characters. Families get their supply of goodies ready and prepare for happy cries of “Trick or Treat” as they answer their ringing doorbells. • In the USA, more candy is sold around Halloween than at any other time. Americans purchase large amounts of candy for Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but candy sales at Halloween outnumber these other popular holidays. • Halloween comes in third behind Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the numbers of parties hosted. • More funny greeting cards are sold for Halloween than for any other holiday. Twenty-five million cards are sold annually. • Present day Halloween celebrations are exciting and fun for kids and grownups alike. Have fun, be safe and “Happy Halloween” from Tidbits! We hope you have a special time this year!

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Spooktacular Candles Light Up Halloween Invite a ghost, a monster and a smiling pumpkin into your home this month with this super-easy and, yes, just a little messy, rainy-day craft project that kids and adults of all ages will enjoy. You’ll be repurposing old vases and tossed jars from your recycle bin, cutting up colorful tissue paper and messing around with lots of sticky glue to create spooky “stained-glass look” votive candleholders that will brighten and bring living color to your Halloween decor. When the glue has dried, line ‘em up and light ‘em up to welcome a spooktacular Halloween holiday spirit at your house. Here’s the stuff you’ll need: --Tissue paper in black and in bright, traditional Halloween colors such as orange, lime green and purple. --Empty, medium-size clear glass pasta or pickle jars with labels removed, old wide-mouth vases and even fish bowls that are collecting dust and ready to be repurposed. --Household white glue such as Elmer’s all-purpose white glue. --Small bowl. --Paintbrush and scissors. Here’s the fun:

Squeeze white household glue into the small bowl and dilute with a few drops of water. Brush a light coat of the glue mixture on the outside of the glass container. In an overlapping pattern, apply the tissue shapes over the glue, applying the background colored shapes first. Smooth out each piece with your fingers as you go along. When working with young children, you might want to apply glue to the glass a section at a time, so fingers don’t get too gooey to

• It was British mathematician, historian, logician and philosopher Bertrand Russell who made the following sage observation: “Boredom is a vital problem for the moralist, since at least half of the sins of mankind are caused by the fear of it.” • The next time you’re in South Dakota, you might want to make a side trip to the town of Rosalyn. Visitors there can take a look through the International Vinegar Museum.

• Though coffee has been around for about 700 years, instant coffee was invented just more than 100 years ago, in 1906. By George Washington. Of course not that George Washington. The man who made coffee more convenient was from Belgium. • Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity suggest that the passage of time is affected not only by acceleration (a person traveling at the speed of light, for instance, will age more slowly than someone who is stationary), but also by gravity. Scientists using ultra-precise atomic clocks have proved that people who experience a stronger gravitational pull age more quickly. What does this mean for you? If you spend your life precisely at sea level and your twin lives at 1 foot above sea level, over the course of a 79-year lifespan a difference of 90 billionths of a second will develop between your ages. • The average coffee tree yields only enough beans every year to make one pound of coffee. • You might be surprised to learn that, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the car that was stolen the most in the United States in 2009 was the 1994 Honda Accord.

• Farmers have long dealt with birds invading their fields. Birds would often eat so much of their crops that the farmer’s family would not have enough food to see them through the winter. So, around 3,000 years ago, they came up with a method to solve this problem. They began to make scarecrows. • The River Nile is about 4,160 miles in length (longer than the continental USA is wide) and is the longest river in the world. Twenty-two percent of it runs through Egypt and creates a fertile green valley across this otherwise arid, desert region. The banks of the Nile were the birthplace of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, the Egyptians. • The Nile River valley was (and is) an important area for growing crops. The availability of water and rich soil along

Cut the plain-color tissue paper into 1-inch squares, triangles and rectangles. Older kids and adults may use the black tissue for cutting specific shapes for the features of a Halloween character, such as circles for the eyes and mouth of a white tissue-paper ghost. Or the zigzag mouth and triangle-shape eyes and nose of an orange pumpkin.

By Samantha Weaver

• Statistics on sporting events show that 17 of the 20 sporting events with the most attendees every year are NASCAR races.

While driving on a country road, you may have noticed a funny looking object beside a backyard garden. You may have explained to any children riding with you that the strange figure with outstretched arms was a scarecrow. But did you know that scarecrows have been used by farmers for thousands of years?

handle the paper. When the outside of the glass is covered, apply another coating or two of the glue mixture over all of the tissue paper. Let dry for several hours. When dry, the tissue paper will look bright and colorful once again. Set a battery-operated votive candle inside and display on a windowsill or use as a table centerpiece at a Halloween party. Donna Erickson’s award-winning series “Donna’s Day” is airing on public television nationwide. To find more of her creative family recipes and activities, visit and link to the NEW Donna’s Day Facebook fan page. Her latest book is “Donna Erickson’s Fabulous Funstuff for Families.”

the Nile helped to produce lush crops of wheat. Wheat was a major source of food for the early Egyptians. Flocks of quail would raid the crops of these ancient people, so clever farmers came up with a creative solution to the problem. They built wooden frames covered with netting and scattered them throughout the fields. Then farmers hid in the fields and scared the quail into the nets. The captured quail became a tasty meal for the farmers and their families. • In ancient Greece, farmers carved scarecrows out of wood. They made these scarecrows to resemble Priapus, who according to Greek myth, was the son of their god Dionysus and his wife, Aphrodite. It was said that Priapus was very ugly. So ugly in fact, that when the boy played in the vineyards, the birds would flee, leaving the grapes on the vines and assuring a better harvest. The Greeks took it one step further and painted the statues of the unfortunate lad the color purple and carved a club in one of his hands to make him look more dangerous. They gave him a sickle in the other hand to represent the bountiful harvest that they hoped he would provide. • Around 2,500 years ago, the Japanese developed a different kind of scarecrow to protect their rice fields from avian invaders. They hung fish bones, old rags or meat on bamboo poles in the rice paddies and then set them ablaze. These burning scarecrows smelled so awful that the birds stayed away from the fields. “Kakashis,” which means “something that smells badly,” was the name they gave to them. • Nine-year-old boys were often used as live scarecrows in medieval Britain. These boys were called “bird shoo-ers” or “bird scarers” and roamed the fields carrying bags of stones. Upon seeing flocks of crows or starlings, the young boys would wave their arms and throw the stones to scare off the birds. • After the Great Plague, which killed almost half of the people in Britain in 1348, there were not enough young boys left alive to do the job of bird scaring. The farmers began to make an early form of our present day scarecrow. They carved faces in turnips or gourds, or filled sacks with straw and arranged them on poles in their fields.

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pumpkin in a colander. Reserve the liquid to use as a base for soup. Oven Method: Cut pumpkin in half, scraping away stringy mass and seeds. Rinse under cold water. Place pumpkin, cut-side down, on a large cookie sheet. Bake at 350 F for one hour or until fork tender.

Fall In Love With Pumpkins A large pile of bright-orange pumpkins is my visual celebration of fall. References to pumpkins date back many centuries. The name pumpkin originated from the Greek word “pepon,” meaning “large melon.” “Pepon” was nasalized by the French into “pompon.” The English changed “pompon” to “Pumpion.” American colonists changed “pumpion” into “pumpkin.” The origin of pumpkin pie occurred when the colonists sliced off the pumpkin top, removed the seeds, and filled the insides with milk, spices and honey. The pumpkin was then baked in hot ashes. The bright-orange color of pumpkin is a dead giveaway that pumpkin is loaded with an important antioxidant: beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is one of the plant carotenoids converted to vitamin A in the body. In the conversion to vitamin A, beta carotene performs many important functions in overall health. Current research indicates that a diet rich in foods containing beta-carotene may reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer and helps protect against heart disease. Betacarotene offers protection against other diseases, as well as some degenerative aspects of aging. To select a pumpkin, look for one with 1 to 2 inches of stem left. If the stem is cut down too low, the pumpkin will decay quickly or may be decaying at the time of purchase. Avoid pumpkins with blemishes and soft spots. It should be heavy, although shape is unimportant. A lopsided pumpkin is not necessarily a bad pumpkin. Figure one pound of raw, untrimmed pumpkin for each cup finished pumpkin puree. To prepare the pumpkin for cooking, spread newspaper over your work surface. Start by carefully removing the stem with a sharp knife. If you are planning to roast the pumpkin seeds, smash or drop the pumpkin on a hard surface to break it open. In any case, remove the stem and scoop out the seeds and scrape away all of the stringy mass. A messy job, but it will pay off. You can cook the pumpkin by boiling, steaming, roasting or using the microwave to create your own fresh pumpkin puree. Directions for cooking and preparing pumpkin puree are as follows: Boiling/Steaming Method: Cut the pumpkin into rather large chunks. Rinse in cold water. Place pieces in a large pot with about a cup of water. The water does not need to cover the pumpkin pieces. Cover the pot and boil for 20 to 30 minutes or until tender, or steam for 10 to 12 minutes. Check for doneness by poking with a fork. Drain the cooked

Licensed & Insured

Microwave Method: Cut pumpkin in half, place cut-side down on a microwave-safe plate or tray. Microwave on high for 15 minutes, then check for doneness at 1-2 minute intervals until fork tender. Preparing the Puree: Allow cooked pumpkin to cool. Remove the peel using a small sharp knife and your fingers. Place pumpkin in a food processor and puree, or alternately use a food mill, ricer, strainer or potato masher. Freeze and

store in one-cup portions in a small freezer bag for up to one year. These Pumpkin Nut Bars showcase the flavors and nutritional benefits of pumpkins to perfection!

PUMPKIN NUT BARS 1 cup cooked pumpkin puree, fresh or canned 1/2 cup whipped butter 2 egg whites, slightly beaten 2 cups oats 1 cup brown sugar, packed 1/2 cup sweetened, shredded coconut, toasted (*see note below) 1/2 cup wheat germ 1 cup chopped walnuts or almonds 1. Preheat oven to 350 F. 2. In a large bowl, beat egg whites slightly; add pumpkin and melted butter or margarine beat until smooth. In another bowl, combine oats, brown sugar, coconut, wheat germ and nuts. Fold oat mixture into pumpkin mixture to form stiff dough. 3. Press dough into a lightly greased 15 1/2 by 10 1/2-inch jelly roll pan. Bake 40 to 45 minutes or until golden brown. While still warm, cut into 2 by 3 inch bars. Serve warm or cool completely. Makes about 30 bars. *To toast the coconut, place it on a sheet pan in an even layer and put it in a 350 degree oven. Stir after 3 minutes and continue to stir every 5 minutes until lightly browned on the edges. Takes about 10 minutes cooking time. (Information for this article and a version of this recipe were provided courtesy of the University of Illinois Extension Service.) *** Angela Shelf Medearis is an award-winning children’s author, culinary historian and the author of six cookbooks. Her latest cookbook is “The New African-American Kitchen.” She is known as The Kitchen Diva and is the executive producer and host of “The Kitchen Diva!” cooking show on Visit her Web site at

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tUeSdaY: Hot turkey Special

HeRO $7.00

ROLL $5.50



eVeRYdaY: John’s Signature Hot Roast Beef $7.50 $5.75 w/Mutz & Gravy Plate $7.00 FRidaY: Shrimp Parmigiana Shrimp Parmigiana Plate calamari Parmigiana calamari Parmigiana Plate combo Filet of Sole

$7.50 $5.50 Plate $8.50 $7.00 $5.00 Plate $7.00 $9.00 $5.75 $6.75 $5.00


Veal Parmigiana chicken Parmigiana Meatball Parmigiana eggplant Parmigiana eggplant & tomato Salad Potato & egg Peppers & eggs Sausage & Peppers Grilled chicken

HeRO $7.25 $7.00 $6.50 $6.50 $6.50 $5.50 $5.50 $6.75 $7.00


40% OFF

more!bArtsPark located at US1 and A1A.v(954) 921-3404

City of Aventura Aventura Whole Foods Market Silent Pumpkin Auction: Accepts silent bids on team members’ handpainted pumpkins. Those who submit the winning bid can take home the pumpkins and display them on Halloween. Auction proceeds benefit Whole Planet Foundation, which raises awareness about the power of microcredit to help people lift themselves out of poverty. Winners announced at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, through Oct. 30; Whole Foods MarketAventura, 21105 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura. 305-933-1543 or Aventura’s Halloween Harvest: Offers maze, bounce house, carnival games, trick or treat trail, arts and crafts and costume parade. Must come in costume; 1-4:30 p.m. Saturday; Aventura Community Recreation Center, 3375 NE 188th St., Aventura; free. 305-466-3883 or www.

City of Hollywood Funtastic Fridays for Kids: Friday, October 15 & October 22 • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Family social event featuring a bounce house, face painting, balloon twisters &

ROLL $6.25 $5.50 $5.25 $5.25 $5.25 $4.25 $4.25 $5.00 $5.50

Broadwalk Friday Fest: Friday, October 15 & October 22 • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM. Experience this oceanside cultural arts performance series at the outdoor Hollywood Beach Theater, then savor waterfront dining at its best along the oceanfront Broadwalk or Intracoastal Waterway. In addition to the Friday Fest special entertainment offerings, beachgoers can experience the picturesque Broadwalk’s charming mix of shops and dining options, from casual to sophisticated, in an inviting and relaxed, pedestrian-friendly seaside setting. There is no charge for admission to Broadwalk Friday Fest, which is presented by the Hollywood Beach Community Redevelopment Agency every Friday along the Broadwalk, just east of State Road A1A at Johnson Street. Paid festival parking is available at the Johnson Street municipal garage and surface lots at Michigan and Garfield streets, and at the Oceanwalk Mall next to the Ramada Inn Hollywood Beach Resort at Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood Beach Theatre (Johnson Street and the Broadwalk) Dancing in the Park After Dark: Saturday, October 16 & October 23. 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM. Dancing in the Plaza featuring a DJ and Disco dancing. ArtsPark located at Young Circle and Hollywood Blvd. (954) 921-3500 Music and Dancing Under the Stars: Monday, October 18 / Tuesday, October 19 / Wednesday, October 20 Monday, October 25 / Tuesday, October 26 / Wednesday, October 27 • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM. Dance on the Broadwalk or just enjoy the music. Year-round series features music ranging from easy listening to line dancing to blues, R & B and Rock & Roll to special theme nights. Hollywood Beach Theater (Johnston Street and Broadwalk). (954) 921-3404 Hollywood Movie Night: Friday, October 22. 8:00 PM 10:00 PM. Enjoy a movie under the stars at the ArtsPark


General Nutrition Center Friendly Knowledgeable STAFF

Se Habla Español

Two Convenient Locations To Serve You

Oakwood Plaza Sheridan Plaza

4021 Oakwood Blvd Hollywood/Dania Beach (I-95 & Stirling Rd)

5431 Sheridan St. Hollywood (Near Publix)

954-921-5158 954-965-7077 Mon-Sat 9am-9pm Sun 10am-6pm

Mon-Sat 10am-8pm Sun 10am-5pm

(Regular Retail Price) With this coupon. Valid at Oakwood Plaza & Sheridan Plaza GNC. Not valid with other offers, discounts or prior purchase. Expires 10/30/10. Tidbits

1000 OFF


ANY PURCHASE OF $50 OR MORE Oakwood/Sheridan With this coupon. Valid at Oakwood Plaza & Sheridan Plaza GNC. Not valid with other offers, discounts or prior purchase. Expires 10/30/10. Tidbits

at Young Circle. Bring lawn chairs or blanket and picnic basket. (954) 921-3500 ARK BOO BASH: Oct. 30th. Enjoy safe Halloween fun for children of all ages at the ArtsPark at Young Circle. Children’s activities and Candy. 7-10 pm. ArtsPark is located and US1 and Hollywood Blvd. FREE. For more information call 954-921-3500 SELF MOTIVATED AND DRIVEN TO SUCCEED? GOT A LITTLE EXTRA TIME ON YOUR HANDS? TURN IT INTO INCOME. Tidbits of Greater Fort Lauderdale is always looking for ADVERTISING SALES PEOPLE who excel at public relations and would like to help business owners market their businesses. As an independent contractor, you set your own hours and are in direct control of how much you earn. This position is quite satisfying, interesting, and profitable. Sales experience is preferred. Call 954.667.3237

10 • October 17, 2010

TIDBITS® of Greater Fort Lauderdale - NE Miami-Dade/SE Broward Edition

Get Rid of Your Pains the Natural Way No Surgery • No Drugs

• Spinal Specialist • Back Pain • Infertility • Improve your overall health • Natural Treatment to avoid surgery without drugs • 20 Years of Natural Healing & Changing People’s Lives

Dr. Tsai with the Dalai Lama

Most Insurances Accepted • Workers Comp • PIP Auto



2000 OFF Treatment Price With Coupon • Tidbits

Advanced Chinese Acupuncture and Massage Therapy Dr. Jason Tsai, O.M.D., A.P.

3301 Johnson Street Hollywood, Florida 33021 (One block east of Memorial Hospital)


6609 Boynton Beach Boulevard Boynton Beach, Florida 33437 (NW corner of Jog Rd and Boynton Beach Blvd.)


Authentic Cuban Cuisine Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner In the Heart of Hollywood

Daily Specials - Sandwiches - Cuban Coffee - Catering

FREE DELIVERY On orders over $25*

$3.00 Flat Fee On Orders Less Than $25* *Some restrictions apply.

Over 100 Beers From Around the World Sun-Thurs 9 am - 10 pm • Fri-Sat 9 am - Midnight 2723 Hollywood Boulevard • Hollywood FL 954-921-9990



$350 A MONTH $250 A MONTH

New Evening Classes Begin Every Monday Only $200 per Month

Miami Heat 2010 - 11 Season Preview

The Miami Heat kick off their 23rd season of NBA basketball on October 26th when they face off against the Boston Celtics. This will easily be their most widely anticipated season ever after Heat president Pat Riley assembled three of the top ten players in the league this offseason to join together for a run at winning multiple championships. Dwyane Wade, arguably the greatest Heat player ever, agreed to return to the team but now has some superstar help with two-time reigning NBA MVP LeBron James and Olympic gold winner and All-Star Chris Bosh. Miami native Udonis Haslem also returns for the Heat where he hopes to win another ring for his hometown as he did alongside Wade in 2006. Not only did these three superstars unite together to play for the Heat, the team also has a fresh crop of wellestablished veterans that were excited about the possibility of playing with the Heat’s new star trio. They signed University of Florida star Mike Miller who is a deadly shooter, creative playmaker and was the Rookie of the Year for the 2000-01 season and the Sixth Man of the Year for the 2005-06 season. Miller is also good friends with LeBron and was Haslem’s former college roommate when they both played for the Gators. Lithuanian center Zydrunas Ilgauskas is another new Heat player who is a former All-Star and teammate of LeBron when both played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Eddie House also signed onboard and should be a familiar face for longtime Heat fans as he was drafted by the Heat in 2000 and was one of the more popular players on the team in his first stint that ended seven years ago. Erik Spoelstra enters his third season as the head coach of the Miami Heat after Riley stepped down to concentrate on fulfilling his duties as the President of the franchise. Both began working for the franchise in 1995, the same year that owner Micky Arison assumed control of the organization after his father, Ted, brought the NBA franchise to South Florida in 1988. Since then, the Heat have enjoyed many years of success but this season may prove to be the most special one ever. In Wade and LeBron, the team now has two of the game’s most athletic and prolific scorers together which will prove to be a nightmare matchup to their opponents for many years to come. Chris Bosh was one of the most coveted free agents this summer after several years as the leader of the Toronto Raptors. All three superstars are the all-time leaders in scoring for the teams they have played for and bringing them together has instantly taken the Heat to the top of the NBA without having even played a regular season game yet. In addition, the Heat have a promising young core of players including newly drafted University of West Virginia forward Da’Sean Butler and University of Texas center Dexter Pittman that the team have high hopes that they will be emerging contributors in years to come.

Compassionate, Caring & Professional Veterinary Medicine

The Animal Medical Center & Bird Clinic of Hollywood

10% OFF

Your First Visit*

*Offer excludes grooming, food, products & wellness clinic

Office Hours by Appointment Walk-ins Welcome Robert D. Schachner, DVM

Se Habla Español

521 North Federal Highway. Hollywood, Florida 33020

(954) 920-2400

Visit us at Companion Animals & Exotic Pets

Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt? DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I have three rescued dogs that each dig a small hole, usually with their teeth, and proceed to eat the dirt. I feed them quality food, so I don’t know what they’re after. Is this typical behavior or are they lacking a mineral that the dirt is providing? I’m also not real happy about the holes in the lawn. I’ll bet I am not the only one with this issue. -- Jeannette V., Billings Mont. DEAR JEANNETTE: You’re right, this behavior is actually fairly common and a source of distress for a lot of dog owners. Termed “pica” -- defined by the Angell Memorial Hospital’s Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs as “an abnormal desire to eat things that are indigestible” -this behavior includes eating dirt and rocks. Some dogs will eat sticks, socks or whatever is handy. A common form of pica is coprophagia, a fancy term for “eating poop,” which many dog owners also deal with. Pica is a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder, although a nutritional deficiency also can be a cause. So the first thing to do is consult the dogs’ veterinarian. The vet may ask you to bring in samples of the dogs’ stool to check for worms or other problems. (Separate each dog’s sample in plastic baggies labeled with their names.) Even if the vet doesn’t find a physical cause, he or she may recommend you add a vitamin supplement to their diets. You’ll also need to address the obsessive-compulsive component. This means going outside with the dogs (or taking them out one by one for awhile). When they start digging or chewing at the ground, distract them immediately and call them over for a short spell of basic obedience training, rewarding them with either treats or praise depending on your training style. You also must fill in and re-sod the small holes in the lawn. Send your pet questions to, or write to Paw’s Corner, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Find more resources at

Make sure to follow my Heat blog over at where I’ll be providing coverage during the season with exclusive player interviews, game recaps and much more. Go Heat! Surya Fernandez can be reached at and @ miamiheattweet on Twitter.

LC Auto Finish COLLISION Marine Repair SPECIALISTS & Restoration Paint & Body Shop

Custom Body Work on Antiques & Collectibles Our Specialty! Car Wash with any service • Towing Tire Rotation with any maintenance

For Advertising Information Call 954-667-3237

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Oil & Filter Change $ 95*


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Timing Belt from




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Complete Axel from $ 95*


Most cars and up installed Expires 10/30/10 • Tidbits

Expert Boat Restoration

• Vintage Boats • Jet Ski Repairs • Fiberglass Repairs

10% OFF

Any Restoration With this ad • Tidbits

Bring any estimate & we will beat it!

954-458-3553 801 North Dixie Highway Hallandale, Florida 33009 License #MV-43193 *Some restrictions and waste fees apply

For Advertising Information Call 954-667-3237

TIDBITS® of Greater Fort Lauderdale - NE Miami-Dade/SE Broward Edition

Mike’s Quality Auto

Vital Body Massage

Sales & Service

American & Foreign Cars

4 Wheel Alignment • Brakes Balancing • Engine Overhaul Tune-Ups • Tires ALIGNMENT SPECIAL 2 Wheel Alignment



Full European Services:

Regularly $10995

FREE A/C Diagnostic & Inspection Regularly $10995 with coupon • Tidbits


Engine Diagnostic



Your Pathway to Wellness

• Help recover from muscle injury • Reduce Stress • Relieve muscular and joint pain • Improve range of motion • Improve sleep • Increases circulation • Assists lymphatic system • Supports immune system • Reduce anxiety Deep Tissue • Swedish • Sports Massage Harry Rivera LMT - Massage Therapist Licensed in Florida. LIC # MA57549/ MM 25340

1620 S. Dixie Hwy, Hollywood, Fl 33020


$10 OFF


2100 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard (Second Floor • Suite 209) Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009

With ad • Tidbits


DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Five years ago, my left breast was removed because of cancer. Some lymph nodes also were removed. The surgeon told me never to have blood pressure taken in my left arm. I haven’t. Sometimes I get a funny look, but I will not allow my left arm to be used. Someone asked why I can’t have my pressure taken there. I was abashed. I’m not sure why. Please tell me. -- R.M

Torn Rotator Cuff Causes Shoulder Pain DEAR DR. DONOHUE: For quite some time, my right shoulder has hurt. I saw an orthopedic doctor, who says I have a tear of my rotator cuff. He suggested surgery. What do you think of surgery for this? I am scared that I could be worse off after the operation than I am now. I am only 44 and am quite active. -- K.M. ANSWER: The rotator cuff is a band made up of the tendons of four back muscles. The tendons wrap around the topmost part of the upper arm bone, the humerus, to keep the bone in the shoulder socket. Tears of the rotator cuff are a common problem and one of the principal causes of shoulder pain. Small tears can heal on their own. Larger tears almost always require surgical correction. All surgical procedures demand respect. Something can always go wrong. Most people who have had surgery to correct a rotator cuff tear are glad they had it. By most, I mean more than 95 percent. I would not hesitate to have this surgery.

Classes for Women & Girls all Ages & Levels Belly Dance * Flamenco * African Bollywood * Fitness * Yoga • Kids & Teen Summer Camp

(Dance & Art)

ANSWER: The “pneumonia” shot is for one kind of pneumonia, pneumococcal (NEW-moe-KOK-ul), the most common bacterial pneumonia, one that can be quite life threatening for older people. The current recommendations



2017 Harrison Street • Hollywood, Florida 33020 954.929.2369 •

Sale HouSe Boutique of SummEr SalE!!!

Accessories Starting at $999

1940 Harrison Street, Suite 100a Hollywood, Florida 33020 954-793-2589

20% Off Entire Store with Coupon


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Store Hours: Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm • Sat 9am - 2pm


Fast In & Out • FREE Parking in Back

(new students only)


ANSWER: Removal of the breast and lymph nodes often disturbs lymph drainage in the involved arm. Lymph is fluid that comes from the blood and circulates around tissues and cells to nourish and protect them. It makes its way back to the circulation through vessels called lymphatics. Removal of lymphatics can produce swelling of the arm, as the fluid cannot find its way back to the circulation. Pressure from the blood pressure cuff could add to the disruption of fluid return to the circulation. The booklet on breast cancer presents the details of its recognition and treatment. To order a copy, write: Dr. Donohue -- No. 1101W, Box 536475, Orlando, FL 328536475. Enclose a check or money order (no cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6 Canada with the recipient’s printed name and address. Please allow four weeks for delivery. *** DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I just survived pneumonia. I was told by the lung specialist that I should get the pneumonia vaccine every year. I am 66. My sister-in-law told me that her doctor said pneumonia shots are not needed after age 65. Who is correct? -- D.T.

on all orders over $100

• Mommy & Me Dance Program • 10 Classes for $100

Hollywood ’s Secret Is Out!!!

Massage Therapy offers many benefits.

Regularly $9900 We back our auto repairs with a comprehensive nationwide parts and labor warranty.

October 17, 2010 • 11


501 South 21st Avenue in Hollywood (Corner of Monroe Street & Dixie Highway)

Any Key with Coupon

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Consignment • Antique Furniture • Art Custom Made Furniture & Interior Design • Art Classes In House Professional Artist - Murals, Portraits, Original Art • Spiritual Guidance • Tarot & Angel Card Readings Complimentary 1-Hour Design Consultation With Purchase

Check Out Our Specials

“Happy Shopping Hour” Friday • 5-7 P.M.

Come In & Browse You Will Not Leave Empty Handed!!! 2115 Hollywood Boulevard



Palm Reading Crystal Reading Psychic Reading Reveals Past, Present & Future. Help & Guidance in ALL Areas of Life Available for Parties & Events




Call for Information

call for a single shot of the vaccine for those over 65. If the vaccine was given before age 65, a second dose should be administered five years later. If people have any illness that weakens their immune system, they, too, need a booster shot of the vaccine. *** Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his column whenever possible. Readers may write him or request an order form of available health newsletters at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475.

Please Show Your Support for Tidbits. Tell our advertisers you found them in Tidbits.

A Bed for Any Budget Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm • Saturday: 10am - 5pm 526 N Dixie Highway, Hollywood, Fl 33020 (Just South of Johnson Street on West Side)


Professional Consultant

Good old Fashioned CleaninG at Great rates • Commercial & Residential Cleaning Service • Move Outs, One Time• Weekly & Monthly • Trash Removal • 24 Hour Emergency Service • Recycling • Numerous Referrals • Licensed & Insured “No Job Too Big or Small”


Tells you past, present and future

Readings by Natasha On Pembroke Road West of I-95 in Hallandale

I am a born gifted clairvoyant and have over 20 years of experience in palm, tarot and psychic readings. Throughout the years of my psychic ability, I’ve helped many people through aspects of life by spiritual cleaning the mind, body and soul as well as balancing chakrus and brightening their auras. I’ve reunited lovers and brought peace back into the lives and homes of many. I hope to do the same for you ! Call me today and find out what reading applies to you.

305-434-6151 By appointment

12 • October 17, 2010

TIDBITS® of Greater Fort Lauderdale - NE Miami-Dade/SE Broward Edition

Na i l s B y Lucky

1420 S Federal Hwy. Dania, FL 33004 (NW Corner of Sheridan & US1)


Don’t Let Others Have a Gold Buying Party With Your Gold...


Specializing in Acrylic Nails!

Manicures • Spa Pedicures Pink & Whites • Acrylic • Waxing

Monday-Sunday 10am-8pm


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Redeemable for 30 days from 10/3/10 • Must Present Ad

Acrylics Full Set

Pink & White

Gels Full Set

$8 Reg. $10


Reg. $20

Fills $12 Reg. $14 Must Bring Coupon Not valid with other offers. Exp: 10/31/10 • Tidbits

Spa Pedicure Manicure & Spa



Reg. $20


Full Set


Reg. $45

Pink & White Fills $30 Pink Fills $18 Must Bring Coupon Exp: 10/31/10 • Tidbits

Mother & Daughter Special Purchase 1 Service Get the 2nd Service 1/2 OFF*

10% OFF

Reg. $28

Any Purchase

Reg. $30

Apples…………….……...$0.69 LB Eggplant Italian……...$0.99 LB

Pears…………….………..$0.69 LB Eggplant Cal…………...$0.99 LB

A uthentic h omemAde A rgentineAn F ood

Dine In • Pick-up • Delivery

Must Bring Coupon Not valid with other offers. Exp: 10/31/10 • Tidbits

Lemons……………..……3 x $1.00 Bell Pepper…………….$0.99 LB Limes……………………..8 x $1.00 Bell Red………………….$1.49 LB


Apple Banana…………$0.69 LB

Kiwis……………….…….$0.99 LB

Corn……………………….3x$1.00 Avocado Hass……..….$1.39 LB

Senior Citizen Day 10% Off All

Tomatoes…………..…..$0.99 LB

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Plums…………….……....$0.69 LB Garlic……………………..5 X $1.29

Bananas…………………$0.49 LB Bell Yellow……………..$1.49 LB


*For Equal or lesser value. Must Bring Coupon. Not valid with other offers. Exp: 10/31/10 • Tidbits


Peaches……………….....$0.69 LB Eggplant…………….…..$0.99 LB

Fills $18 Reg. $20

First Saturday of Each Month

F resh F ruits & V egetables

From the Fields Directly to You!



For Advertising Information Call 954-667-3237

Persimmon…….……...$0.99 LB

Onions……………….…..$0.79 LB Pomegranate…………$1.49 LB

• Steak • Parrilla • Pasta • Calzone • Pizza • Empanadas • Sandwiches • Salads • Breakfast

New Far mer’s Mar ket 2102 North Federal Highway Hollywood, Florida

Argentinean Restaurant Parrilla & Pizzeria


9am-11pm • Open Everyday • 954.925.1662 2652 Hollywood Boulevard • Hollywood, FL

The French Door Salon

Family Vacations • Disney Vacations • Cruises • For All Your Travel Needs •

Welcome to the New You!



Payment Plans Available!

Haircut & Blow Dry Regularly $40

Kendra Serrano

Mar Bay Hotel 26 Diplomat Parkway Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Owner / Agent





- (os4h) direct ocean view. South exposure

- (os8n) View of Miami, ocean and bay. Tiled floor $174,500

- (bn7a) Beautiful remodeled studio, Granite,Wood Kit, $105,000

• IMPERIAL TOWERS 1/1 #222 • $1,200 pm • HEMISPHERES 1/1 #4B • $2,400 pm • BAYVIEW PALMS 1/1 #327 • $950 pm • THE WAVE 1/1 #428 • $1,500 pm • HEMISPHERES 1/1 #4M • $1,000 pm

- (phl) Ocean North with South Exposure. Most desirable view.

Trump Hollywood 3/3 - Turnberry amenities

• THE WAVE 1/1 #633 • $1,300 pm • THE WAVE 1/1 #917 • $1,650 pm • HEMISPHERES 1/1 #5C • $1,100 pm • HEMISPHERES 1/1 #14A • $1,100 pm



Hemispheres Condominium 1980 South Ocean Drive Hallandale, Florida 33009

Hemispheres 1-1.5 16 C under $240,000 south view

- (bsphh) For rent or sale 2/2 conversion including a great room. Completely renovated $275,000.00 sale / $1,500.00 rental

- (os16h) 2/2 Beautiful North View, Move in ready $275,000

The Wave Condominium 2501 South Ocean Drive Hollywood, Florida

• THE WAVE 1/1 #1515 • $1,750 pm • HEMISPHERES 2/2 #3H • $3,300 pm • HEMISPHERES 2/2 #12P • $3,600 pm • LAKE VIEW OF THE CALIFORNIA 2/2 #301-6 $1,150 pm • SAN SEBASTIAN 2/2 #3-20 • $1,450 pm • HEMISPHERES 2/2 #8G • $1,700 pm

Hemispheres ocn north 10c 1-1.5 so vu w tenant $195K

- (os16h) 2/2 Beautiful North View, Move in ready $275,000

Hemisphere BS,7M facing north Stunning! Completely updated $200k • 757-724-5212

• OAKBRIDGE 2/2 TOWNHOUSE $1,300 pm • HEMISPHERES hi flr ice ocean view turnkey mid $200’s • 786-277-8866 hemispheres bn 15j studio unf $950 annual great intra and ocn view on phl $2400 for season

Lisa Halprin, PA Licensed Real Estate Broker


We do annual and seasonal rentals too!!!

Hemispheres BN17B incredible VIEW!!! New paint & carpet $165 • 954-817-4919

The Wave unit 1417 1-1.5 gorgeous so view hi $200’s • 754-581-2104 Call to list your unit for the season we are swamped with inquiries!!

Listings For Rent: HEMISPHERES on 6g 2/2 best view siouth of pool and aocean 1950 mth HEMISPHERES Bay south phb 1-1.5 lg balcony $1050Listings • HEMISPHERES 1/1 #4M • $1,000 pm • SEA AIR TOWERS 1/1 #709 • $1,400 pm

oceanview towers east view middle bldg 1-1.5 furn unf ann/seas $1300/$2000 hemispheres bs 7j 2/2 unf upgrdaed long term or annual $1300’s hemispheres annual/seas bn 11c furn /unf $1175 bs phh lg 1bdrm conv was 2 bdrm completely remodeled granite wood gorgeous $1500/annual furn/ unf or seas

Tidbits of Greater Fort Lauderdale #17  

Welcome to our Halloween issue! Tidbits of Greater Fort Lauderdale is a free publication serving the Southeast Broward and Northeast Miami-D...

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