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December 4th 2012

Are you paying too much for auto insurance?

American FamilyLooking rates are for a waythan to save? more competitive You need to insure both you might think. your auto and your home,

Dave Braden Agency, Inc. 1715 Johnson Ave NW STE 1 (319) 366-0055 Bus (319) 363-1402 Fax

1715 Johnson from American Family. Ave. NW STE 1 Cedar Rapids, IA 52405-4866 (319) 366-0055 American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiaries American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin Home Office – Madison, WI 53783

American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiaries American Family Insurance Company American Standard Insurance Company of Ohio

Home Office - Madison, WI 53783

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What do you get from sitting on the ice too long? Polaroids!


by Kathy Wolfe Baby, it’s cold outside! As we head into the season of cold temperatures, Tidbits presents some interesting and informative facts about winter. • For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the first day of winter is the day the sun is farthest south, on either December 21 or 22. Also known as the Winter Solstice, it’s the shortest day of the year, with about 9.5 hours of daylight. • A snowflake starts out as an ice crystal that freezes around a tiny piece of dust in the air. It can be just one ice crystal, or as it falls, several crystals can join together. There are always six sides, and although two snowflakes may be very similar, none are exactly the same. The shape and form are dependent on the temperature, water vapor in the air, moisture content of the cloud, the wind, and the length of time it takes to reach the ground. Extremely cold weather produces very fine, powdery snowflakes, while temperatures near the freezing point cause much larger and more complex ones. The average snowflake falls at the rate of about 3.1 mph and it can take several hours for one to make it to the ground.


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• The Guinness World Book of Records cites the world’s largest snowflake ever recorded as one that fell in Fort Keogh, Montana in January of 1887. This giant was 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick. turn the page for more!

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Vol. 7 Issue #49

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Pet Remembrance Tree Honor a beloved present, past, or shelter pet this holiday season. Critter Crusaders is sponsoring a tree at Petco and Woofables Gourmet Dog Bakery (Lindale Mall) Now -Dec 31st. Cost is $5.00 per pet to display a photo with pet name. Further information and Order Forms available at Woofables. 14th Annual Cookie Walk Saturday December 8, 2012 9:30am-12:00pm 1400 Inspiration Place SW Cedar Rapids We are back at the Czech Museum for our special Holiday event. Select from wide variety of holiday favorites. Choose from many holiday cookies and sweets and pay by the pound. Doors open at 9am and Cookie Walk begins at 9:30am. Central City United Church of Christ Central City UCC Holiday Cookie Walk Saturday, December 8th 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. or until cookies are gone. Let us do your Christmas baking. Also includes candy 2790 Highland Circle, Central City Corner of 5th and Main Streets Holiday Open House

Kingston Hill Independent Housing for Seniors

Dec 11th-5:30-7:30; Dec 12 & 13, 2:00-4:00 202 12th St. NW Cedar Rapids Join us for Open Houses featuring Victorian decorated tree tour, refreshments, & music. Free; donations appreciated.

United Methodist Women Annual Cookie Walk with Soup & Sandwiches December 15, 2012, 11:00 AM -2:00 PM 169 Broadway, Springville, Iowa Christmas cookie walk, soup(2 kinds) & sandwiches and crafts. Bring your pails from last year and get a discount. Can buy a bucket and get all the cookies that will fit with putting on the lid. 2nd Annual Cookie Walk & Howliday Bazaar Saturday, December 15 11 AM - 2 PM VFW Post 788 - 3240 Southgate Pl SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 This cookie walk will offer 180+ dozen cookies, candies and bars for only $6 a pound. This is an event to raise money to help animals. Organizations will offer goods for fundraising including gift ideas for pets and pet-lovers. While this event is all about raising money to help animals, there will not be any adoptable animals at this event nor should you bring your pets.

Of Linn County

• The wind chill factor is the temperature felt on exposed skin due to wind. The wind chill index was developed by two Antarctic explorers in the 1940s, who experimented with how fast water froze in differing temps and wind speeds. This was then compared with the rate that the body loses heat. If the temperature is 0° F and the wind is blowing 30 mph, it will feel like the temperature is -26° F . Skin exposed to 0° F and only 15 mph will experience a wind chill of -19° F and can freeze in as little as 30 minutes. A free Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings will again be hosted by St. Paul’s United Methodist Church (1340 3rd Avenue SE) and St. Mark’s United Methodist Church (4700 Johnson Avenue NW) on Christmas Day, December 25. Serving at St. Paul's will be from 1 PM – 3 PM, and at St. Mark's from 12 PM – 2PM. The dinner is open to all who seek food or fellowship. There will be no preaching or religious message, just a time to be together and enjoy a Holiday meal. If you or your family would like a ride to attend either Christmas Dinner or are shut-ins that would like dinner delivered to your home, please contact United Way (739-4211 or 211) Mon-Fri. between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM to make reservations. The deadline is 3 PM Friday, December 21. Reservations are required for transportation to the churches or delivery of meals, and requested but not required for those going to either church personally. The community donates all food and supplies, and volunteers prepare and serve the meals.

Hyperlink Master page What did the biginfurry hat say to the warm woolly scarf? You hang around while I go on ahead.

Thrift Shop

Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm (319) 450-7781

2737 16th Avenue SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

(Next to vacated K-Mart West & Dollar General)

Mondays & Thursdays are Senior Days with everything in store 50% for seniors. All proceeds to benefit Seeds for Seniors.

Nobody sits on the bench in BMX!

New at CR BMX for 2013: Striders!!! If your child can walk, they can race a Strider balance bike! 319-432-1534

Pet’s Playhouse 151 Jacolyn Dr. NW Cedar Rapids 396-0635

There’s something fishy going on around here...

• Largest Selection of Fresh & Marine Fish

It was so cold… when the geese flew off – they took the pond with them.



s ’s Be


t C hee s e ste a


Christmas in the park craft expo December 15th 2012 11:00am to 6:00pm City park Parkersburg crafts,food,games,cake walk,& much more stop and see Santa

• Those folks who are afraid of snow are called chionophobics. Their greatest fear is of being snowbound or stranded. A forecast of a winter storm can bring on cold sweats, racing heartbeat, and panic attacks.

Changing Hands


If your non-profit organization has a fundraising event you would like to have published in the Tidbits® paper, please contact us. Space is limited but we will make every effort to list special events such as fund-raisers for your organization. Use our online form at

• Although you might think every big snowstorm is a blizzard, the National Weather Service has a specific definition of one. The storm must contain “large amounts of snow or blowing snow, with winds in excess of 35 mph and visibilities of less than ¼ mile for at least three hours.”


288A Blairs Ferry NE Cedar Rapids In front of the Blue Lagoon Car Wash Car 7 r 0 7 7 Mon - Fri Lunchyout O 7 nly 37 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM Tue & Fri Dinner 4:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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Proudly presents this weeks sudoku

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Post 788 3240 Southgate Place SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

w w w. v f w p o s t 7 8 8 . o r g

December 5th 5-7 Burgers night $7.00

Bingo following the dinner

December 9th

Event Hall Available

Hawkeye Publishing, L.L.C.

Sunday Brunch All you can eat 9am - Noon $9.00 Juices, Coffee, Milk, Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit, Pancakes, Hash Browns, Bacon/Ham, Sausage. Eggs to order, French Toast, Biscuits & Gravy.

December 19th

Special events, corporate events, weddings, anniversary


December 4th 2012

Read this entire paper online when you do not have access to it during the week:

These events are open to the public.


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5-7 Tenderloin Dinner $7.00 Bingo following the dinner st New Year’s Eve Dinner Dance $30 per couple $15 per person Dinner 5pm Dance 8:30 pm- 12:30 am Music by the Schmidt Family Band

December 31

These events are open to the public. Call for Details: 319-364-7752 AMERICANS HONOR ALL



vas pictures, wall clings), stenciling, painting, c you include a logo? Authorized dealers for Br figurines If possible, could you put the billboard picture looks like one picture? Page 3 Tidbits® - It is OK to take this paper home with you to share with others when there are plenty available-

December 4th 2012

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Attention Families in need

H.D. Youth Center

Annual Christmas Dinner and Donated Gift Exchange

Please join us for a free traditional Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings. After dinner you can pick out donated items for your family which we will wrap for you. This years event will be held at:

Metro High School

1212 7th Street SE, Cedar Rapids Saturday, December 22nd 11 AM - 2 PM

To Volunteer or Donate to the Gift Exchange or Dinner Contact: Henry Davison 319-329-8841 Winter is nature’s way of saying, “Up yours.” Robert Byrne

3rd Annual Country Christmas Walk Dec. 8, 2012 - 9 am to 2 pm Downtown Shellsburg, IA

● 40 + Crafters/Vendors ● Auld’s Lluminous Llamas ● Farm House Wine Tasting ● Santa Claus at Fire Station

• Hypothermia is a very real danger in many parts of the country this time of year. This condition occurs when the body’s temperature drops below 95° F. As the temperature decreases, the body automatically directs blood away from the skin, increasing flow to the vital organs. Since the heart and brain are the most sensitive to cold, a slowdown occurs in their electrical activity. Thinking and reasoning are affected, and the person has the desire to sleep as delirium sets in. When the body’s temperature reaches about 82° F, the heart rate substantially slows down, and if the temperature reaches 68° F brain function stops. About half of all hypothermia deaths are people over 60 years old, with 75% of these occurring in men. • It’s been a long time since the record for a single day’s snowfall was set in the United States. Back in December of 1913, Georgetown, Colorado received 63 inches in one day. Canada’s record is much newer – 57 inches fell in Tahtsa Lake West, British Columbia in 1999. January of 1911 was a record-setting month in Tamarack, California – 390 inches of snow in a single month! Valdez, Alaska is the snowiest place in the U.S., averaging 326 inches a year. • Bethel, Maine’s claim to fame is tall snow creatures! In 1999, the community planned for five months and labored 15 days to create Angus, a 113’ 7” tall snowman, the world’s tallest, overtaking the previous record set by the citizens of Yamagata, Japan, of 96’ 7”. Nine years later, Bethel rivaled their own record with the world’s tallest snow woman, a 122’ 1” creation named Olympia. Olympia sported eyelashes made from skis and lips fashioned from bright red painted tires. Her arms were crafted from pine trees.

5475 Dyer Ave. Marion, IA

“YOUR” place for personalized, unique gifts & home decor!!

Monday-Tuesday closed Wednesday-Friday 10-6 Saturday 9-5 Sunday 12-5

Handmade wood items, stenciling, painting, graphic art (several forms), crafts.



Join families as we Remember the loss of our children by lighting individual candles in honor of their memory. A memory table will be available to display a picture of your child. If you would like to have your child’s picture shown on an overhead screen, please submit it to Amy Tersinar by 11/30/12 at Location – First United Methodist Church, 8th Ave & 12th Street, Marion Date & Time – Sunday Dec 9that 7:00pm For further information: contact Dana Renken, 319-396-6204

It's been less than a month since Hostess stopped filling the shelves with their Twinkees and Ho Ho's and already Americans have lost over 46 million pounds.

For Details and a map visit:

All Proceeds will be donated to Memorial Park Fund


1202 A Dina Ct., Hiawatha 319-364-4220


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319-849-1665 Full Service Grocery


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Kevin L, Ballard, CPA

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• Canadians are experts at making snow angels. In 2004, students, parents, and teachers from 60 schools in the London, Ontario district hit the ground to create 15,851 snow angels simultaneously. In 2011, 22,022 folks in 130 separate locations in Nova Scotia produced the most angels in multiple locations.

• Chamonix, France hosted the first Winter Olympics for 11 days in early 1924. Sixteen nations sent a total of 258 athletes to “The International Winter Sports Week” to participate in 16 different events. Finland and Norway took the majority of the 43 medals, Norway with 17 and Finland, 11. The United States took home four medals, and Canada took home one, the gold for hockey, the first of a streak. Out of the first seven Olympic winter games, Canada took the gold medal in hockey six times. • Squaw Valley, California was the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics, and the skiers were more than a little nervous as the competition approached. The reason? There was no snow! A local Native American tribe, the Piute, were recruited to do a “snow dance,” and a miraculous storm produced the snow needed to save the Games. • More than 150 people are killed in the world’s avalanches each year. Although many are small slides of dry powdery snow that don’t create much damage, when large slabs of snow loosen from a mountainside, they can advance down a slope at speeds of 80 mph within five seconds. About 93% of those caught in an avalanche can survive if rescued within 15 minutes. Just 30 minutes later, that survival rate drops to 20%-30%. After two hours, the rate is almost nil.


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Our Assisted Living program features two floor plans which include 576 square feet one bedroom 760 square feet one bedroom deluxe. All apartments are private and come with a kitchen and a full bathroom. Our deluxe units also include a spacious sun porch, and the bathrooms include double vanity.

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Garnett Place

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Dropping the weight has never been easier! I can help you keep those Holiday pounds off while reducing previous years weight gain. It’s easy and you can eat with the family and friends the same meal they do!

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Your favorites from the 50’s & 60’s are playing every Saturday evening from 7 to 10pm with hosts Jim Hanson and Dick Hogan. nly apids o Cedar R d local live an est” “by requ Show o R ll Rock ‘n on only

ons, Etc. & Ballsotu me Emp

T he



Locally Owned & Operated Since 2004

● Costume Rentals ● Make up ●Wigs ● Novelties & Accessories! Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff! 420 2nd Ave. SE Downtown Cedar Rapids (319) 298-9999

Now Taking Holiday Costume Reservations!

Open Yea

STEAMBOATS (continued):

3rd Quarter 2012

• In 1802, at ththe urging of Robert Livingston, U.S. Page 5 December 4 2012 P L E A S E C A L L 3 6 0 - 3 9 3 6 Week F O R 34 THE BEST LOW COST ADVERTISING IN LINN COUNTY minister to France, Fulton turned his attention Hawkeye Publishing, L.L.C. For Advertising E-mail: or Call (319) 360-3936 to steamboats. After two steamboat trials in August 19 -25 France, one a failure and one a success, Fulton Page 8 returned to America in 1806 and proceeded to 431 5th Ave. SW Cedar Rapids, IA build his famed steamboat the Clermont that 319-550-8330 successfully plied the Hudson River in New Large selection of vehicles under $4,000.00! We service all makes and models of York. The Clermont’s first significant trip Motorhomes and trailers. was from New York to Albany, a distance of approximately 150 miles. The Clermont left Ready for winter. AWD, New York on August 17, 1807, and completed Power windows & locks Sunroof, CD, , cruise,2.5 liter, the voyage in 30 hours, including an overnight 5 speed, Alloy wheels $4995. stop. Christmas trivia:



1999 Subaru Legacy GT

Is your RV ready for Winter?

Who was the first to sing white Christmas? Who wrote a Christmas Carol? Call in & you will win a prize 550-8330

• The first voyage by the Clermont was met by CALL NOW to schedule an appointment. the public with suspicion. Many referred to the Check with us about weekly boat asPARTS “Fulton’s Folly” due to its unusually and SERVICE SPECIALS long length and the smoke and fire associated 6115 Street newfangled SW ● Cedar Rapids with 7th the vessel’s steam engine. Many thought it would blow up or sink on its first voyage; they were wrong! In fact, because Fulton wisely paid attention to passenger comfort, the Clermont became a very profitable vessel for transporting passengers to destinations on the Hudson River. Fulton subsequently formed and led a company offering services on six major rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. • Following steamboats became a prime transporter of passengers and ◊ Weddings ◊ For Birthdays goods across the country. example, in the steamboat port of New Orleans, 20 steamboat ◊ Corporate parties. arrivals in 1814 increased to a whopping 1,200 arrivals by 1834. also available. Catering

• The steamboat era in the United States 1735 11TH St. NW Cedar Rapids 319-363-5571 continued until the 1870s, when railroads started supplanting the steamboat as the We are “PeopleofHelping People” preferred transporter passengers and goods.


All types of scrap Metal

EAGLES CLUB Party Rooms Hall Rentals Fulton’s success, Available



(319) 377-7933

Auto, Aluminum, Aluminum Cans, Copper and Brass

Large selection of new & used auto parts Look for puzzle answers on back page.

It was so cold… we huddled in the freezer to warm up.

Kings & Queens


Buses Run Daily to Meskwaki Casino


400 41st Ave. Dr. S.W., Cedar Rapids, IA


Come to us 1st and last for the best price!

K-Mart West

8:30 AM 10:45 AM 5:30 PM

Sams East

10:15 AM 5:00 PM

Call 319-364-7161

To confirm your seat on the bus Proudly presents King Crossword.

Schedule thru December 24th

Bulk Foods

Mon thru Sat • 11 am - 8 pm Sundays • 11 am - 5 pm Christmas Eve • 9 am - 3 pm

Homemade noodles Canned goods Pasta Flour Gluten free Mixes Cakes Pudding Candy Rice Spices Mixes Oatmeal for baking, Soups soups & meals Jell-O Sugar free Snacks Freeze dried Items

Holiday Gift Wrapping Take the hassle out of your holiday wrapping. The Arc of East Central Iowa is Wrapping for a Cause at Lindale Mall. Visit our booth located in the food court where you will find a large selection of gift wrap for that someone special on your list.



Monday-Friday 9-6 Saturday 9-4 Sunday 11-4 319-393-4404 1850 Blairs Ferry Rd NE Cedar Rapids,IA 52402

Venue Partner

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Enter the weekly drawings at w w w. t i d b i t papers. c o m for a chance to win free gift certificates!

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Lehm Books & Gifts


1 2 3






Av e



4536 220th Trail • Amana, IA 52203 (319) 622-6447 • (800) 840-2387 w w w. l e h m b o o k s a n d g i f t s . c o m

We repair all types of clocks Free estimates ● We make house calls. 724 48th Ave., Amana, IA ● (800) 247-5088

by Matilda Charles

220th Trail


Picabo Street (the US Olympian) apparently came into a lot of money because of her Olympic performance. Rather than spend it on herself, she showed a lot of character by donating it to a local hospital. The primary facility the hospital needed was a retrofit of the Intensive Care Unit, so in her honor, the hospital board is going to name the new unit, "Peekaboo, I.C.U."

Senior News Line


8 9

ue Aven h t 8 4


A-1 Home Healthcare Proudly Presents 46th Avenue


220th Trail


9/28/2010 10:41:02 PM

Nov. 30th-Dec. 2nd Prelude to Christmas A celebration of the holiday season.

44th Avenue

id To Cedar Rap

Nov. 23rd-Dec. 16th Tannenbaum Forest A forest of decorated trees, Nativity, Santa & his reindeer. 45th Avenue

← to Middle Amana

Hwy 151 / 42nd Avenue


38th Avenue


Amana Colonies


Amana Business Directory

Old Creamery Theatre Company 39 38th Ave. 1-800-35-amana See page 14 Amana Heritage Museum 705 44th Ave. 319-622-3567 w w w. a m a n a h e r i t a g e . o r g The Ronneburg Restaurant See page 14 4408 220th Trail 319-622-3641 Little Red Wagon See this page 4417 220th Trail 319-622-3822 Amana General Store See this page 4423 220th Trail 319-622-7650 Amana Coffee & Tea Co. See this page 4423 220th Trail 622-6598 Lehm Books & Gifts See this page 319-622-6447 4536 220th Trail • 800-840-2387 Iowa Theatre Artists Company 4709 220th Trail 319-622-3222 Amana Furniture & Clock Shop 724 48th Ave. See this page


It was so cold… kids were telling lies – hoping their pants might catch on fire. APARTMENTS FOR RENT  1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments On-Site Laundry  Maintenance Free Living Community Room  Rental Assistance Available Water, Garbage & Sewer Provided 62 & older or those with disabilities regardless of age

Delay Claiming Social Security

If you take your Social Security benefits early, you’ll be reducing by a significant margin the total amount you could receive. --The BMO Retirement Institute has produced a report, “Retirees Not Maximizing Social Security Retirement Benefits,” that outlines some of the facts: --For 60 percent of seniors, Social Security will provide the majority of income they’ll have during retirement. --If you take your benefits early, you’ll receive a reduced amount each month. For example, if you claim at age 62, you might receive $1,500. Wait until age 66 and that amount becomes $2,000. At age 70, it would calculate as $2,640. --If you claim early, that lesser amount stays with you for the rest of your life. (There is a 12-month period when you can pay back all the money you’ve received and start collecting again later, at a higher rate. But if you don’t act within that window of time, you can’t change your mind.) --If you’re married and die first, your spouse will receive a lesser amount each month if you’ve claimed early. While you’re living, your spouse will receive up to 50 percent of the benefit, which will be smaller because you’ve claimed early. --When it comes to asking for advice before collecting Social Security, 62 percent of seniors haven’t done that. --While it’s possible to receive Social Security at age 62, the qualifying age for Medicare is still age 65. You could be stuck trying to pay for expensive health insurance with a reduced Social Security check. Before you apply for Social Security, get advice. Call and ask that the numbers be run for you showing how much you’ll receive at age 62 as opposed to later. You’ll be surprised at the difference. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to columnreply@

‘This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.’

Belle Plaine Village Apartments

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December 4th 2012


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December 4th 2012

December 22– January 19 Complacence will get you nowhere, Capricorn. Look to the past to recover your enthusiasm. Headway is made on a long overdue report.

January 20– February 18

Gratitude comes easily to you, especially this week when so many favors are returned, Aquarius. Periodic financial reviews will keep you on budget permanently.

February 19– March 20

You manage the lion’s share of the work and deserve a little reward for your efforts. Spare no expense, Pisces. It’s time you treated yourself.

March 21– April 19

The gift list grows by the day. Careful shopping will uncover many great finds for far less than expected, Aries. A young friend sends cheer your way.

April 20– May 20

You’re given credit where credit is due. Be sure to return the favor over the course of the week, Taurus. An unusual gift makes for much laughter.

May 21– June 21

Invitations arrive by the handful. Pick the best and leave the rest. A meal shared among friends proves very enlightening. Who knew, Gemini?

June 22– July 22

Your work ethic is put to the test with a multistep assignment, and you pass with flying colors. Hooray, Cancer! A tradeoff at home brings piece to your world.

July 23– August 22

Fun abounds this week, Leo. Time to let your hair down and cut loose. A principle is challenged. Don’t back down. Organizational needs are clear.

August 23– September 22

Promises are broken, but for good reason, Virgo. Recognize that and the disappointment will fade. The unusual is requested, and you must take the unusual route to find it.

September 23– October 22

Travel plans hit a major snag, but all is not lost, Libra. A new invitation will arrive, and it will be far better than you imagined.

October 23– November 21

The wishing well is alive and well, and the one thing you’ve had your eye on will be yours if you let it, Scorpio. A legend drops by with a surprise.

November 22– December 21

Boy, oh boy, Sagittarius, are you in demand this week. Try not to spread yourself too thin. A treasure of memories revives traditions lost.

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is home to the ancient ruins of the most famous Mayan city, Chichen Itza. Here are some enlightening facts about this site, named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. • One of the largest Mayan cities, Chichen Itza covered an area of at least 1.9 square miles. It was an active urban center of the Mayan empire from 750 to 1200 A.D. • The ancient Mayan civilization displayed brilliant mathematical and astronomical skills. They were keen observers of the sun, moon, planets, and stars, even predicting solar eclipses from their state-of-the-art observatory, El Caracol, which still stands at the site today. • The most familiar structure at Chichen Itza is the Kukulkan Pyramid, also known as El Castillo. This 98-foot tall ceremonial temple is a specimen of this civilization’s development of the 365-day calendar. It has 365 steps rising to the top, with each of its four sides containing 91 steps and the top platform making the 365th. Enormous sculptures of a serpents’ heads are at the base of the pyramid on the northern staircase, the principal sacred path to the top. The temple is geographically positioned so that twice a year, on the spring and autumn equinoxes, at sunset, a shadow falls on the pyramid that makes it appear that the serpent Kukulkan is making its way down the stairway. Seven interlocking triangles form a serrated line that resembles the serpent’s tail. • El Castillo was not the first temple to occupy the site. Built sometime between 1000 and 1200 A.D., it was constructed on the foundation of previous temples. Archaeological digs in the 1930s uncovered another staircase under the north side of the pyramid, and continuing the dig, found another temple buried below. • Near the pyramid is a large ball court, 554 feet long and 231 feet wide. It was here that Mayan men played pok ta pok, a game in which players hit or threw a 12-lb. rubber ball through a hoop mounted high on the wall, 23 feet above the ground. Archaeologists believe the losers were put to death. • Nearly everyone has heard the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world occurring in December of 2012. The prediction is that the great warrior serpent Kukulkan will rise from the ground under the ball court and end the world on the 22nd of the month. • Very large gatherings were held at the Temple of the Warriors, an enormous complex with a large stepped pyramid, four platforms, and 200 carved columns. Thousands of artifacts have been recovered from the area, including gold, carved jade, pottery, obsidian, rubber, flint, and human skeletons. • It’s evident that human sacrifices were part of the culture. Chichen Itza, which translates “mouth of the well,” was settled around two wells, one a sacred place, and the other for everyday use. Large quantities of bones and ceremonial objects have been recovered from the sacred well during excavation. • About 1.2 million tourists visit Chichen Itza every year. Until 2006, visitors were allowed to walk through the buildings’ ruins and climb the pyramids. However, after a woman fell to her death from El Castillo that year, people are no longer permitted on the structures.

Downtown An Original Iowa Tradition Since 1927

Were bringing downtown Iowa City to downtown Cedar Rapids Thursday - Saturday 8 PM - CLOSE 411 1st Street SE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 • 319-362-0310

● C/R’s only dance bar ● Home of 2 for 1’s EVERY NIGHT 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1!

Cedar Rapids An Original Iowa Tradition Since 1927

On Iowa LIVE with special guest Appearances Audience interaction with your questions Every Monday! 6:30-7:30

11 AM - 2 AM EVERYDAY 1140 Blairs Ferry Road NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 • 319-378-6447

Enjoy Broasted Chicken! ● Family Friendly Atmosphere ● 44 High Definition TVS ● NE Longest HAPPY HOUR 11am - 7 pm ● Wednesday, 1/2 Off 9” 1 Topping Pizza ● Sunday & Tuesday, Kids eat free* * One kids meal per one adult meal

North Liberty An Original Iowa Tradition Since 1927

245 Beaver Kreek Center North Liberty, IA 52317 319-665-2525

Iowa City An Original Iowa Tradition Since 1927

118 S. Dubuqe St Iowa City, IA 52240 319-341-5872

Open 8 AM Everyday

$2.00 Tallboys ALL DAY M-F Daily Lunch Specials M-F Sunday, Happy Hour all day and night Watch the Hawkeye’s on Saturday


DUGOUT 3325 Center Point Road


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David Pitts


Broker/Owner, Listing Specialist, HUD Specialist


New Listing

New Listing

By Samantha Mazzotta

319-981-DAVE (3283) Many upgrades 4BR/3BA 09’ ranch over 2200 sq. ft. granite, tile, vaulted, 3 car, $239K

Great Value! 4BD 2.5BA 2 story, 3 car, Ceramic tile, Giant Windows, fence, $293,500

December 4th 2012

T a k e t h i s i s s u e o f Tidbits® h o m e w i t h y o u t o s h a r e w i t h y o u r f a m i l y !

New Listing

New Listing

Meticulous 3BD/2.5BA with over 2232 sq. ft. Top quality throughout. Must See! $199k Renovated home shows like NEW!! 2-3BD/1BA 1.5 Story. Priced to sell fast at $68,680.

STRANGE BUT TRUE by Samantha Weaver

● It was revered civil-rights leader Mohandas Gandhi who made the following sage observation: “Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err.” ● If you’re afraid of rats and mice, you might not want to read the following tidbit: Those who study such things say that 60 percent of all the mammals on earth are rodents. ● It’s been reported that Albert Einstein did not like to wear socks. ● George W. Church, the founder of Church’s Fried Chicken, didn’t actually enter the restaurant business until after he retired. In his first career, Church ran a chicken hatchery and sold incubators.

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Gifts For All Occasions


Westdale Mall near Chick-fil-A 319-261-1091

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Q: What’s linseed oil, and how do I use it on my gardening tools? Can I use it to lubricate the metal parts of my lawnmower? -- Jerry in Canton, Ohio A: Linseed oil is a natural oil made from flaxseed that has long been used as a wood preservative and protectant (along with other uses such as an additive to paint). While other treatments are available to protect your garden and lawn tools’ wooden handles, it’s good to know about this treatment and how you should use it. First and foremost, know that there are two types of linseed oil for DIY applications: raw and boiled. Raw linseed oil has been pressed from the flax seeds and left untreated -- not heated or had any chemicals added to it. Boiled linseed oil has either been heat-treated (not boiled, despite its name) or had chemicals added to it for specific reasons. Raw linseed oil is very slow drying (we’re talking weeks or months here) and can stay tacky for a long time. That makes it great for certain applications where slow drying is preferable. For tool handles, that’s not preferable (or enjoyable). Boiled linseed oil dries faster, but keep in mind that most brands are treated with certain chemicals to get it to do so. If you’re determined to use an “all-natural” product to treat wood handles, be aware of this when purchasing this type of linseed oil. An important caveat when using linseed oil, either raw or boiled, is that it is considered a fire hazard. Because oxidation is what causes the oil to dry, in certain circumstances -- like piling together a bunch of linseed oil-soaked rags -- the oil can ignite. Don’t put oil-soaked cloth through the washer and dryer cycle at all: hand-wash them with soap and water and hang them up to dry, and don’t discard several rags at once. To treat wooden handles, apply a single very light coat of boiled linseed oil. Don’t apply linseed oil to the metal parts. To protect those, you can apply a light coat of all-purpose oil. For metal parts that contact the wooden handles, use a protectant that won’t damage wood. If your hardware store doesn’t have a product for this, look for a woodworking store in your area or online. Store your wooden-handled tools in a dry location, protected from sunlight and temperature extremes. Don’t pile them together. Ideally, hang them up on a pegboard or place on a shelf side by side so that each tool gets even airflow and moisture doesn’t build up between them. HOME TIP: Sharpen tool blades and treat with a protectant prior to storing, so they’ll be ready to use immediately when spring comes around.

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of Life Hospice ofLife Life Hospice of Hospice your choice! yourchoice! choice! your

Providing hospice services wherever you call home. (Nursing Facilities, Assisted or Private Homes) Providing hospiceservices servicesLiving, wherever youcall call home. Providing hospice wherever you home. (Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, Private Homes) (Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, Private Essence of Life Hospice isoror the only Homes) Essence ofand Life operated Hospice services locally owned hospice! Essence Life Hospice the only Essence ofofLife isisthe only Iowa, Johnson, LinnHospice & surrounding counties locally owned and operated hospice! Visit locally for information on Hospice owned and operated hospice! “Taking ofby our community” servicescare provided Essence of Life Hospice

“Taking care of our community” Serving Iowa, Benton, Linn and Johnson Counties “Taking care of our community” Serving Iowa, Benton, Linn and Johnson Counties Serving Iowa, Benton, Linn and3207 Johnson Counties 220th Trail,

Amana 3207 220th Trail, Amana 1-877-622-3195 3207 220th Trail, Amana 1-877-622-3195 1-877-622-3195

OMEGA PAINTING Interior Paint Specialist

Interior Crack Repair, Texturing, Basement patching, Mildew Treatment


Fully Insured.

Fully Licensed

25 years Experience

ALBEE 319.366.1845

Digital Design

Computer Service Most Problems Repaired within 24 Hours

Is Your Computer Running Slow? COMMUNITY FEATURES Are Your Programs Not Loading?

● Historians say that Russia’s Peter the Great was nearly 7 feet tall. *** Thought for the Day: “Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.” -- Katharine Hepburn

L ife is about LLchoices ife ifeisisabout about ... choices...... choices M Essence Make akeEssence Essence M ake

Here’s How to Store Tools for Winter

Monthly Resident Giveaways Monthly Resident Events Newly Remodeled Clubhouse On-Site Laundry Facility Pet Friendly FREE Tanning New Game Room 24 Hour Maintenance Staff Uniformed Courtesy Officer FREE Financial Aid Deferment


w w w. A L B E E D I G I TA L . c o m

Getting a job in the Arctic in the winter is great! APARTMENT FEATURES Why? Great Floor Plans! When the days get short, you only have to Spacious Apartments! work a 30 minute work week. FREE Cable FREE Internet Dishwasher & Disposal Included

We Offer All Inclusive

HO HO Hold on to your wallet for the Holiday Season! Move in before December 15th & pay $0Living to moveAt in!* Student Its Best! 319.364.5379 6610 College Park Court SW #1 Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

With 13 month lease.* 6610 College Park Ct. Cedar Rapids, IA ● 1- 866-979-9862.

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Wa n t t h i s p a p e r e v e r y w e e k ? C h e c k o n - l i n e f o r o t h e r g re a t d i s t r i b u t i o n l o c a t i o n s .

December 4th 2012

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NOW HERE’S A TIP By JoAnn Derson

● Don’t throw away that damaged garden hose. Here are three great ideas: 1) Use as a weatherstrip along the bottom of your garage door. 2) Use sections to protect the blades on your ice skates. 3) Use as a safety edge on your saws in the shop. Cut to fit, and slip it over the blade. ● “If a small screw keeps coming loose on something, remove it, paint it with clear nail polish and quickly rescrew it. This often does the trick. Makes it more grippy.” -- I.W. in Minnesota

www.d i a m o n d v o g e l .com

● Doggie has a greasy coat, but it’s too cold for a bath? Liberally sprinkle your pup with baking soda or cornstarch. Rub into coat and brush out.

FOR ALL YOUR COMMERCIAL OR INDUSTRIAL PAINTING & COATING NEEDS 4003 J Street SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 E-mail: 319-399-1735

● “Those soft cardboard sleeves that light bulbs come in are really great for mailing photos. If you fold them flat, you can slip your pics inside, and it will go right into an envelope. They’ll be nice and protected.” -- D.L. in Georgia

725 North Center Point Rd., Hiawatha, IA 319-365-6901

● “If your curling broom is losing its spring, try trimming the bristles a little bit. This worked for me.” -- R.D. in Canada (Tipsters: Curling is an ice sport.) ● Defog your mirror with shaving cream. Smear it over the entire surface, and then wipe away with a clean towel. Keep cleaning until clear. It works for at least two weeks -- NO FOG!




MORE THAN 50 YEARS IN CEDAR RAPIDS Mention this ad to receive $500 OFF for your next new or used equipment purchase.

SCAN • FAX • IMAGE High-speed ◊ Full color ◊ Wide format 228 Northland Court, Cedar Rapids


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The History Channel ● On Dec. 9, 1950, Harry Gold -- who had confessed to serving as a courier of top-secret information on the atomic bomb -- is sentenced to 30 years in jail for his crime. Gold implicated his brother-inlaw and sister, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were later convicted and executed for espionage. ● On Dec. 5, 1964, the first Medal of Honor awarded for action in Vietnam is presented to Army Special Forces Capt. Roger Donlon of New York for his heroic action at Nam Dong. Donlon was shot in the stomach during an attack by hordes of Viet Cong. He stuffed a handkerchief into the wound, cinched up his belt and kept fighting.

Why do seals swim in salt water? Because pepper water makes them sneeze! Climate controlled and traditional self-storage units Cedar Rapids 364-7400 • Resident manager 5315 J Street SW, • Residential and commercial Just off I-380 &•Hwy 30 will sign for deliveries Office • Fenced facility with computermonitored entrance gate • Video monitoring • Individual unit alarms • On-site Penske truck rental and packing supplies • Month-to-month or long-term rentals

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TOOLS 4 LIFE BY DR. JIM COYLE Holiday Choice Test

The average person makes 10,000 choices a day. The choices we make today have an impact on the decisions Marion 377-8000 we will be making tomorrow. They establish a pattern and 550 Lindale Drive a foundation for our life. Consider shopping. The average TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED AND Just off Blairs Ferry Road American supermarket carries around 36,000 items for sale. Crest offers 36 variations of its toothpaste in the choice of TRADITIONAL SELF-STORAGE UNITS size, shape and flavor. Revlon has 158 different colors of lipstick and there are 200 new magazines which hit the 2 LOCATIONS market each year. As we are barraged with suggestive marketing to buy, buy, and buy more, here are a few tips to pass the choice test. NEW LOCATION

• Resident manager • On-site Penske truck rental & packing supplies • Individual unit alarms • Fenced facility with computer-monitored • Month-to-month or entrance gate long-term rentals

Marion 377-8000

550 Lindale Drive Just off Blairs Ferry Road

FLOOR SHOP Carpet • Vinyl • Ceramic Hardwood Floors



3909 Center Point Rd NE Cedar Rapids • (319) 832-1937 Steven Vogt Owner

OME REPAIR TOM’SNoHjob too small Roof Repair Painting Drywall Carpentry

35 years Experience

Insured Registered Contractor

E E R F ! T A ESTIM ES Tom Trachta

319-395-0296 Which side of an Arctic Tern has the most feathers? The outside! Ron Brecht owner


Specializing in roofing, gutters, siding, windows and remodeling. Free Estimates ● Fully Insured

Finished and Unfinished Special builds (319) 294-4805

Cedar Rapids 364-7400 5315 J Street SW Just off I-380 and Hwy 30



Main Floor In Westdale Mall 2600 Edgewood Rd Cedar Rapids, Iowa

December 4th 2012

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The first week of December has been a significant one over the years. Take a look at some of the events that have impacted history. • December 2, 1939 marked the opening day of New York City’s La Guardia Airport. Prior to being converted to an airfield, the land was the site of the Gala Amusement Park, owned by the Steinway piano family. The airport’s first title was the Glenn H. Curtiss airport, named for an early aviation pioneer, and didn’t become La Guardia until 1953, when the name was changed to honor former New York City mayor Fiorello La Guardia. The site is 680 acres and sits on the shores of Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay in Queens. It employs about 8,000 and serviced about 25 million travelers last year.

Over $50,000

in winnings have been awarded in the weekly drawings since we began in 2006! Winners are not required to purchase anything in order to redeem their winnings.

CLICK HERE to ENTER New Name Same great service

Enter for a Chance to Win 1 Full Service car wash Valued at $11.99

1317 First Ave. SE Cedar Rapids, IA

• Cape Town, South Africa’s Groote Schuur Hospital was the site of a groundbreaking procedure on December 3, 1967. It was here that Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the first successful human heart transplant. Dr. Barnard had experimented for many years with animal heart transplants. The 45-year-old surgeon, assisted by his heart surgeon brother Marius and a team of 30 people, transplanted the heart of a 25-year-old woman into Louis Washkansky over a nine-hour period. Washkansky perished 18 days later, not from the malfunction of the heart, but rather from pneumonia brought on by reduced immunity. The recipient of a heart in Barnard’s second transplant, just one month later, survived for 19 months.


Some restrictions apply • No Purchase necessary • Not redeemable for cash


2 show tickets for an upcoming event. 800-35-AMANA 2 6 2 6 2 Value up to $53 39 38th Ave. Amana, IA 52203

15'-4 1/4"

1'-4 3/8" 11 7/8"


8 5/8"


Some restrictions apply • No Purchase necessary • Not redeemable for cash


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Call RUSS today for ad rates at 319-360-3936

Johnny Boy's

FACE CUT SIZE 42 1/8"H x 15'-3 3/4"W





$10.00 Gift Certificate

220th Trail Ronneburg 4408 Amana, IA 52203 319-622-3641 Restaurant On the main street of Historic Amana

w w w. r o n n e b u r g r e s t a u r a n t . c o m

Enter for a chance to a $10.00 Gift Certificate WIN Some restrictions apply • No Purchase necessary • Not redeemable for cash


New name, same great service. Johnny Boy's WASH Located at CAR 1317 First Ave. SE, across from Wendy’s. This landmark car wash offers an oldfashioned car wash for under $12. Drive in and you will be greeted by a friendly person who will help you select the right wash for you. This old-fashioned car wash offers amenities such as window cleaning, dash wipe down, floor mat cleaning, vacuuming and exterior wipe down. Ask about our detail services to meet your car needs. FULL SERVICE

108.5 sq. ft.

BLACK 7725-12 SILVER GREY 3630-51

• The world’s first Burger King opened in Miami, Florida on December 4, 1954. However, the “King” wasn’t their trademark figure until the following year, 1/2and the Whopper sandwich wasn’t introduced until 1957. Today, more than 11 million people dine at the 12,400 Burger Kings located in 73 countries around the world.


1/2" = 1'-0" 02.24.11 26405-01-0 JOHNNY BOY'S CAR WASH 1317 1ST AVE SE, CEDAR RAPIDS, IA


250 ft.



Enter for a chance to WIN a $10.00 Gift Certificate Sun. Noon - 8pm Mon.-Sat. 11am - 9pm

Lindale Mall lower level 365-4265 Not valid with any other offer or specials • No Purchase necessary • No cash value

Enter for a chance to win 2 concert tickets!

2012-2013 season

Clarinet Swing Kings 319-540-2301

The Hornheads Home Free Vocal Band Abrams Brothers Jeri Sager

A $50.00 Value www.crcommunityconcer

04.06.11 JW




8 AM – 6 PM Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM Saturday 9 AM – 4PM Sunday ( when the weather is nice.)

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350 Commercial Drive, Walford ● 846-4476

ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A Pork Loin Basket meal. Value up to $779

319-364-4415 621 1st Ave. SW Cedar Rapids, IA

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• December 5 is International Ninja Day, a time set aside to celebrate martial arts skills. This is just the tenth year it has been recognized, as the holiday was created in 2003 in conjunction with the December 5th opening date of Tom Cruise’s film The Last Samurai, which featured a battle scene between samurai and ninja. Those observing the holiday are encouraged to dress like ninjas. • Europeans and Scandinavians celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6, and in many countries, it is the primary occasion for gift-giving during the holiday season. It commemorates the feast day of this 4th-century Greek Bishop of Myra who had a reputation of giving gifts in secret, tucking sweets and coins in shoes and boots left on the front doorstep. The Bishop was the inspiration for the North Americans’ Santa Claus and the British Father Christmas. • More than 2,300 Americans were killed when Japanese planes attacked the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the “date which will live in infamy.” Twelve ships sank or were beached, including the U.S.S. Oklahoma, which capsized, and the U.S.S. Arizona, which was completely destroyed with a death toll of 1,177. In addition, more than 160 aircraft were demolished, with another 150 damaged. Six Japanese aircraft carriers launched 353 fighters, bombers, and torpedo planes in an attack that began at 7:48 AM and ended 90 minutes later. The United States entered World War II on December 8, when Congress declared war against Japan. Soon afterward, Japan’s allies, Germany and Italy, declared war on the U.S.

December 4th


See what we can do for you at w w w. t i d b i t papers. c o m

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Classifieds Of Linn County EMPLOYMENT


Driver Recruiter


Pay up to $15.00 an hour Depending on experience Salary position if hired on Recruitment & interviewing of qualified drivers Undergraduate degree preferred experience in safety and/or recruiting preferred


Pay up to $17.00 an hour Depending on experience Preventive maintenance General repair on tractors/ trailers Tire repair/replacement

Fleet Manager

Pay up to $17.00 an hour Primary Manager Manage performance of 30-40 fleet drivers Logistics training preferred

Area Planner

Pay up to $17.00 an hour Salary position if hired on Responsible for finding freight For certain regions and Planning drivers on return loads Customer Service Will work rotating Saturdays

Tagging and Bagging $8.50 an hour 1st shift 50 hours a week Temporary

Warehouse/Delivery Driver Pay $12.00/hr. Pay increase upon hire Fork lift/Chauffer license preferred Pull product for client pick up Deliver products to on site locations Excellent Customer Service 1st Shift M-Fri 30-40hrs week Intent to hire for full time

Machine Operator $9.00/1st shift $9.50/3rd shift 4-10 hour shifts Mandatory overtime Intent to hire

Advance Services, Inc. 4330 Czech Lane NE #7 Cedar Rapids, 319-393-1200 EOE Boubin Tire & Automotive

has an opening for a Automotive Technician and Service Technician at our Coralville location. Must have a good driving record with a valid driver’s license, own tools, with the desire to put the customer first. Competitive wage, with benefits, health insurance, paid vacation and holidays, 401k, uniform allowance, and tool insurance. For more information call store manager Shari Klindt at (319) 337-7539

SAVE YOUR MONEY with the same treatment and results. My prices are economical and reasonable. Clients of any age, including pregnancy are welcome. To schedule your massage, call Alison, Licensed Massage Therapist at 390-7820. Cash or checks only. Gift certificates available. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES



for a personal visit from Santa. 641-919-2042

Free session

Space available, over 43,000 local readers every week!

CLASSIFIEDS WORK! Contractors, this is a great place to list your service.

Call for more information about placing your ad.



Becks Used Cars Vehicles for everyone. 431 5th Ave. SW

EAGLE HOME CONSTRUCTION New Home Construction & Remodeling Basements, Kitchens, Baths, Sunrooms, Etc. Locally owned for over 14 years Licensed & Insured

Cedar Rapids, IA Cars starting at $995 Trucks starting at $895 Vans starting at $1,495 4x4 1997 GMC with snow blade only $3995 319-550-8330

experience in the field



Knutson Metal Co

100 pounds lost! Allow me to find your ideal calorie & protein needs, share tips, NO obligation. FREE snack pack to new clients. 319-551-9607 ADOPTION

Austins Treasures 431 5th Ave. SW Cedar Rapids

319-550-8330 1,000’s of DVD’s, VHS, CD’s Records, Jewelry, Post cards, Gifts, Small items etc. Some furniture, new stuff daily! RETAIL SPACE NEEDED Need to rent small space in highly visible retail area. We sell antiques, jewelry (antique/vintage) Nippon, Collectibles. Willing to work for space. 319-573-7673 JEWELRY WONDERFUL NEW line of jewelry..Origami Owl Living Lockets-the gift that tells your unique story! Shop now for the holidays! www.baseballmom. WANT TO BUY CASH PAID for diabetic test strips. Top $$, Super Fast Payment! (866)800-1923 for quote.

CLASSIFIED ADS .25 per word! $5.00 Minimum. Post on-line

has moved to: 1243 Rockford Rd. SW (across from the CR Ice Arena) 319-366-3581 MISCELLANEOUS DIVORCE $99.00 Covers Children, Custody, Property & Debts. Uncontested. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Unlimited Customer Support. Call 24/hrs. Free Information! 1-800-250-8142. Buried in Credit Card Debt? Over $10,000? We can get you out of debt quickly and save you thousands of dollars! Call CREDIT CARD RELIEF for your free consultation 1-877-880-8757

DIVORCE WITH or without children(Limited Time Only $79.95). Includes marital property settlement, child custody, name change. Call 888.366.2024 THE OCEAN Corp. 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, Texas 77099. Train for a New Career. *Underwater Welder. Commercial Diver. *NDT/Weld Inspector. Job Placement Assistance. Financial Aid available for those who qualify. 1-800-321-0298.

WANTS TO purchase minerals and other oil & gas interests. Send details P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co 80201 PROFLOWERS. Send Flowers for Every Occasion! Anniversary, Birthday, Just Because. Starting at just $19.99. Go to www. to receive an extra 20 percent off any order over $29.99 or Call 1-888-483-7528

FIREWOOD FOR sale. Seasoned Split Oak. 1 cord $125.00. 20+ Cords stacked available. East Texas Hwy 20 area. Semi trucks welcome. Thomas 903-833-2188

You can send your resume to: Boubin Tire & Automotive Service Att: Shari 55 Second St., Coralville, IA 52241 or email to: NEED 18-24 fun energetic people to travel with a young, successful business group. Paid travel expenses. No Experience Necessary. 1-877-646-5050


MOTORCYCLES / 4x4 WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI: Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, Z1R, Kawasaki Triples, GT380, GS400, CB750, (1969-75) Cash-Paid, Nationwide-Pickup, 1-800-7721142, 1-310-721-0726. usa@

in-person for women with dating problems Low rates, Over 25 years “Ask Elenutė” Relationship coach 319-364-0843 askelenute@gmailcom

PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Let us help! Immediate financial assistance available. Housing, relocation, medical, counseling and more. Call Adoption United 24/7 1-888-617-1470. (void where prohibited)

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Gold and Silver Can Protect Your Hard Earned Dollars Learn how by calling Freedom Gold Group for your free educational guide. 866-989-0107 READERS & MUSIC LOVERS. 100 Greatest Novels (audio books) ONLY $99.00 (plus s h.) Includes MP3 Player & Accessories. BONUS: 50 Classical Music Works & Money Back Guarantee. Call Today! 1-877-365-9369 Call 319-573-6636

Absolute Painting & Construction Inc. All Aspects of Remodeling for your Home Vinyl Window from 199.00 installed Painting, doors, siding decks, cement work Call Scott 319-521-6181

All drywall needs. Hanging,finishing, patch work on up to large jobs Shane Hanson 319-450-3160 HOME REPAIR

Licensed & Insured

Framing - Siding - Roofing - Drywall Decks - Garages - Remodeling - Cabinets ROOFING

O’Neal & Sons Roofing

Residential, Low Rates, FREE ESTIMATES



J.B. Painting, Inc.

Residential and Light Commercial Painting Great References Free Estimates Call Jeff at 319-329-6747 D. R. Hall

Exterior Painting Decks, Barns, Siding, Doors, Windows 30 Years of Experience References available

319-362-1411 TRAVEL Driver available to take you on vacation. Fee; Per Diem; Plus expenses. Your vehicle. References. I can also do your Christmas shopping and wrapping. Save this local number: 319-573-7673

We do accept classified’s by US mail and phone. Send your content and payment to: Hawkeye Publishing L.L.C. 162 Collins Rd. NE PMB 321 Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 For more info, call Russ 319-360-3936

APARTMENTS AD#024 Clean and cozy NE side one bedroom, keyed entrance, easy access to I-380, close to park, central air, extra storage, and laundry. Starting at $335 Kelley Property Mgmt. 319-365-3156 AD#025 NE brick one bedroom, awesome location, perfect for first time renter, newer carpet, air, keyed and laundry. Starting at $215 Kelley Property Mgmt. 319-365-3156 AD#201 1 & 2 bedroom very spacious, sw wooded area close to I-380 & Kirkwood, two bath, newer carpet, central air, large walk in closet, keyed entrance, dishwasher and garage available. Starting at $325 Kelley Property Mgmt. 319-365-3156

-0- DEPOSIT!! 1,2,3 BR. Luxury Apts! Call us today


Located at 6610 College Park Ct. SW

Cedar Rapids-close to I-380! *All Utilities included* Free Internet & Cable! www.C o l l e g e p a r k a p t .Com

AD#053 1 & 2 bedrooms, wooded area, close to I-380, laundry, eat in kitchen, air, newer carpet and extra storage. Starting at $225 AD#078 SW location close to Kirkwood and I-380, newer carpet, dishwasher, keyed entrance, air, laundry, garages available .Starting at $295 Kelley Property Mgmt. 319-365-3156 DUPLEX FOR RENT Ad #035 2 bedroom duplex, new carpet, security system, attached garage, park-like area and central air. Starting at $485. Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 HOMES FOR SALE

Great HOLIDAY deals! own your home now! Incentives for cash sales or affordable lease to own payment options! Contact Tower Terrace business office at : 319-393-1312 to set up appointment and pick up your application to be approved. Home must remain in the park.

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December 4th 2012

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Call Russ today for ad rates at 319-360-3936 For Distribution E-mail: or Call (319) 360-3936


1625 J Street SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 319-369-9903 Monday - Saturday



Fresh Beef T-Bone Steaks

8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sunday 10: AM - 6:00 PM

All prices effective

Tuesday, November 27th to Saturday, December 15th

ded by

Hungry-Man Dinners 16 oz, Turkey Breast, Salisbury Steak or Meatloaf


There’s one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbor’s. Fresh

w melts


Bone-In Split Chicken Breast

ature ever

es cross manship?

99 99 1

¢ lb

Ginger Evans Granulated Sugar 4 lb bag

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Sugardale Shank Portion Ham


45 oz







Value Size

Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Potatoes 10.23-10.52 oz, Assorted Varieties



Wesson This word means: Commemoration, Vegetable Oilof honoring the tribute; the act


Q: What do you get from sitting on the ice too long?

General Mills Bugles 14.5 oz



Butt Portion....$1.19 lb

Idaho Russet Potatoes



Blue Bonnet

48 oz memory of a person or event

2/2/78 12/3/60 4/73 12/5/85 12/6/57 /56 2/8/53

Totino’s Pizza Rolls 40 ct, 19.8 oz, Cheese, Pepperoni or Combo

Banquet Family Size Entrées 26-28 oz, Asst. Varieties







Kraft Deluxe Mac or Velveeta Shells & Cheese 9.4-14 oz, Assorted Varieties Ragú Old World Style Pasta Sauce 23.9-24 oz, Asst. Varieties



1. Frosty the Snowman 10 lb bag A: Polaroids! 2. 1 inch (2.54 cm) 1. What wintry song was recorded by There’s one2012good thing about © December Moran Foods, LLC. snow, All rightsit reserved. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Ad valid only at stores listed on back. Not all items available in all stores. Not responsible for typographical errors. Gene Autry in 1950? 3. 70% makes your lawn look as nice as your 2. 10 inches (25.4 cm) of snow melts COMFORT FAST ANDneighbor’s. 4. 129 F (-89.4 FOODS C) atdown Vostok Station, to howMADE much water?Antarctica 3. What percent of winter storm-related HEALTHY! 5. The biathlon 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray a deaths occur in automobiles? By Healthy Exchanges 9-by-5-inch loaf pan with butter-flavored 4. What is the coldest temperature ever recorded? PREMIERE CHOCOLATIER GIFT & CANDY SHOPPE cooking spray. 5. What Olympic event combines cross Specializing in Holiday Corporate Gifts country skiing and rifle marksmanship? 2. In a large bowl, combine spinach,

Simply Divine

Special Meatloaf

1 cup fresh shredded spinach leaves, stems carrots, bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, 1. What is the condition known as photokeratitis? removed and discarded

egg, 1/4 cup tomato soup, Worcestershire 1 cup shredded carrots sauce and black pepper. Add meat. Mix se about2. What 2.5 year was snowboarding added to the 6 tablespoons dried fine bread crumbs es from Winter the Olympics? well to combine. Pat mixture into prepared 1/4 cup grated Parmesan 4threduced-fat Quarter 2012 tion of 182 loaf pan. Spoon remaining tomato soup cheese , 104 gallons Week 49 “The trouble in with weather is ater. The next over top. 1 egg beaten, or equivalent egg forecasting substitute that it’s right too often for us to ignore it lastic bottles, 1 (10 3/4-ounce) can reduced-fat tomato soup 3. Bake for 55 to 60 minutes. Place loaf pan be made into and wrong too oftensauce for us to rely on it.” 2 teaspoons Worcestershire on a wire rack and let set for 5 minutes. al for outdoor ~ Patrick Young This word means: Commemoration, 1/8 teaspoon black pepper andfill space tribute; theDivide act of honoring the into 6 servings. Freezes well. 1 pound extra-lean ground turkey or beefmemory of a person or event f plastic.


(c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.


The first patent for a snowmobile was issued in 1927 to a Wisconsin inventor named Carl Eliason, who called his invention a “snow machine.” 1. Snow blindness Thirteen more patents were granted over the next 35 years. 2.Joseph 1998 Bombardier was the designer of the modern snowmobile, the first to successfully market snowmobiles with the Ski-Doo in 1959.

Nelly Furtado 12/2/78 Daryl Hannah 12/3/60 Tyra Banks 12/4/73 Frankie Muniz 12/5/85 Andrew Cuomo 12/6/57 Larry Bird 12/7/56 Kim Basinger 12/8/53


Client, Employee & Personal Gifts

Starting December 1st New Holiday Hours Monday- Saturday 9-6 Other hours by appointment Place Group & special orders now 1 2 9 3 r d Ave . SE Cedar Rapids

Corner of 2nd St. & 3rd Ave. Downtown


1. Frosty the Snowman 2. 1 inch (2.54 cm) 3. 70% 4. 129 F (-89.4 C) at Vostok Station, Antarctica 5. The biathlon

s a type of depression tied to the changes in the amount of sunlight. ealth. Geographical locations that are dark or cloudy during the nce, while New Hampshire has a 9.7% incidence.

30th Anniversary


12/2 12/3 12/4 12/5 12/6 12/7 12/8

Every single hour, Americans use about 2.5 million plastic bottles. This comes from the International Day for Abolition of Slavery Five Seasons Tire is locally and operated. average family’sowned annual consumption of 182 International2804 Day of Disabled Persons 1641 Edgewood RD SW 1st Ave NE gallons of soda, 29 gallons of juice, 104 gallons National Cookie Day Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 of milk, and 26 gallons of bottled water. The next International Ninja Day 319-396-7463 319-366-7683 St. Nicholas Day time you startMon.-Fri. to throw away your plasticSat. bottles,9-3 HOURS Both Locations: 8-6; Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day remember that recycled ones can be made into Day of the Horse fleece jackets, carpeting, and material for outdoor decking. About 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space can be saved by recycling one ton of plastic.

Enter to Win Grand Prize Set of 4 Cooper Tires* 4th Quarter 2012 2nd Prize Week 49 Playstation 3 Limit 1 entry per household * Value not to exceed $600.00 Ends December 7th.

Get Rebates up to $160. When you purchase a set of 4 select Goodyear or Dunlop tires on the Goodyear Credit Card

Our Services include: • Computerized Wheel Alignment • Brakes, • Front End Component Replacement • Coil Springs, • Shocks and Struts • CV Joints and Boots, • Oil Changes

No hidden charges! No Surprises! √ INCLUDES Mounting √ INCLUDES Computer Balancing √ INCLUDES Road Hazard Warranty √ INCLUDES Lifetime Rotation √ INCLUDES Free Tire Disposal √ INCLUDES Lifetime Pressure Check √ INCLUDES Free Rubber Valve Stem

Tidbits of Linn County, Ia  

December 4, 2012

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