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April 24th 2013

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The sports writer was interviewing the coach. “What’s the line-up for this season?” “Well,” replied the coach, “It looks like this: Jones & Jackson will do the razor blade commercials; Smith and Brown will go to deodorants; Taylor and Fitzpatrick will appear for shaving cream; and McGregor is slated for breakfast cereals.”

Life to the fullest. Every day. REM Iowa empowers the people we serve to live, work &participate in their community utilizing all their abilities in the least restrictive setting possible. We are committed to providing responsive and innovative community services in safe and supportive environments, encouraging & protecting individual choice and personal dignity.


w w w. b r i a r wo o d h c c. c o m

by Janet Spencer

For most of our time on earth, humans walked around stinking. Deodorant is a relatively new invention, and Tidbits tells the story. THE ARMPIT • To understand antiperspirant, you must first understand sweat. Sweat does not gush out of the pores. It hangs in the opening like a drop of water in a faucet. What finally pulls the sweat out is an electrical charge. A bead of sweat has a negative electrical charge. The surface of the skin has a positive electrical charge. The positively charged skin yanks the negatively charged sweat out of the pores. Enter antiperspirant. Aluminum chloride is the active ingredient, and it has a negative charge. The negatively charged aluminum shoves the sweat back into the body, just like two negative ends of a magnet move each other around. The sweat is re-absorbed by the body and the skin stays dry. • Deodorant is another story. There are bacteria living in a typical armpit, which is warm and moist. The ammonia waste products produced by the bacteria cause the odor. (Sweat is odorless.) Deodorants contain insecticides and bactericides that wipe out the entire arm pit colony— temporarily, at least. When the anti-microbial agents wear off, the bacteria move in again, journeying from the shirt or other parts of the body. Continued next page

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Vol. 2 Issue #17

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April 24th 2013

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●It was pioneering science-fiction author H.G. Wells who made the following sage observation: “Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.”


● In a match between a 200-pound mountain lion and a 20-pound porcupine, the lion is likely to be the loser -- and will probably die if it tried to take a bite of the desired prey.

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(continued) • The reason we have armpit hair is because the hairs act like wicks, moving moisture away from the skin and keeping it dry. Dry skin is healthier than moist skin. However, hair adds plenty of extra surface area for skin bacteria to cling to. Shaving cuts that area down. • Mankind through history has worked to combat body odor. Early Egyptians applied perfumed oils to the armpit, and regularly removed their underarm hair. The Greeks and the Romans followed suit, but until 1888 the only remedy for B.O. was to mask the odor with perfume and spices. • In 1888, a Philadelphia inventor stumbled on the fact that zinc prevents body odor. Zinc, like aluminum, prevents sweat from coming out of the pores, but it was decades before anyone understood why. He invented a zinc-based cream called Mum, patented it, and sold it widely. Bristol-Myers later bought him out, and Mum is still produced today, being marketed mainly in Britain. In 1902, a new antiperspirant called EverDry hit the market; it was the first to use aluminum chloride. It was followed in 1908 by Hush. Unfortunately all of these early brands of antiperspirant were sticky, slow drying, and irritating to the skin. Ever-Dry was so acidic it would eat right through the fabric of a shirt. • In 1916, an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association discussed a study that showed a 25 percent solution of aluminum chloride in distilled water would reduce excessive sweating if applied to the underarm every two or three days. However, such a solution tended to cause the skin to burn, sting, and itch because aluminum chloride is corrosive, having a very low pH value.

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eW e C h e ri s h Y

r ou


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April 24th 2013

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(continued) • There was a break-through in 1919 with

the unveiling of a brash new antiperspirant called Odo-Ro-No. In ads in newspapers and magazines, Odo-Ro-No proudly declared that it banished “B.O.” B.O., an abbreviation for ‘body odor’, was a scandalous term. Previously, such products had euphemistically claimed that they kept a person “clean, sweet, and dainty” so to admit that people actually sweat— and to further state that sweat smelled bad— made for a shocking advertisement. “Take the Armhole Odor Test!” challenged the ads, hinting at social disasters that might ensue if one failed the test. Sales soared.

• A new product called Arrid Cream was introduced in the 1930s which contained aluminum sulfate instead of aluminum chloride. This was much easier on the skin and the product sold well. The next advancement in deodorant didn’t come along until 1947 when Stoppette Spray Deodorant became the first deodorant that could be applied without the fingers having to contact the solution. It came in a spritzing squeeze tube. In 1952, Bristol-Myers (producers of Mum) came out with the first rollon, invented by a company researcher named Helen Barnett Diserens who was inspired by the newly invented ballpoint pen. They named the product Ban, and it is still one of the top selling deodorants today.

• While scientists were trying to figure out how to get a man to the moon, the Gillette corporation was trying to figure out how to get w w w. .com deodorant into a can. It was a tough problem because the spray nozzle kept corroding or the Cave men wife: deodorant would crystallize inside the can. In 'Why don't you forget about trying to invent 1965 they got the formula right and introduced the wheel and invent some deodorant?' Right Guard.


Look for puzzle answers on page 8.

• Right Guard used zirconium salts instead of aluminum salts. Although it was less irritating to the skin, it acted as a deodorant but not as an antiperspirant. Five years later, Arrid Extra Dry provided both an antiperspirant and an anti-microbial deodorant in an aerosol spray. It sold so well that use of roll-ons and creams diminished, and by the mid-1970s the vast majority of deodorants used in the U.S. were aerosols. Then problems with the ozone layer surfaced. The aerosol market plummeted, to be replaced by today’s infinite variety of pump sprays, sticks, and gels. • The FDA classifies deodorants as cosmetics. However, antiperspirants are classified as drugs. Why the difference? Because antiperspirants technically alter the natural functions of your body. • Aluminum chloride discolors clothing and is famous for turning T-shirts yellow. Blame the antiperspirant for the armpit stains, not your sweat. • When rock star Kurt Cobain wrote the lyrics for Nirvana’s breakout song “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” he didn’t know Teen Spirit was actually the name a popular deodorant brand. The Mennen Company, which produced the deodorant, wouldn’t say whether the song caused sales to spike, but six months after the single debuted, Colgate bought the company for $670 million. • In 2008, actor Matthew McConaughey mentioned in an interview that he never uses deodorant or antiperspirant. The next day, he received a year’s supply of deodorant body spray from the Axe Company, along with a note on why he might want to start. • The Service Shirts Corporation once invented a bowling shirt that had deodorant injected

right into the fabric of the shirt.

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'Your mothers bloody type was B, your father's type was O. That's why you have B.O.'

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Back in the good old days, marriages lasted a life time. It was greener on the other persons arm pit that kept marriages lasting a long time. -BO

Best home remedy for BO Soap & Hot Water. Still a problem, Lots of Soap & Hot Water Repeat as necessary!

Ant poison, rat poison, and many other toxins kill some of lifes little creatures every day. But the biggest killer of them all are the use of deodorants that kill underarm colonies of bacteria. Smell your co-worker to see if they are killers.

Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

April 24th 2013


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2012 NAMI WALK Team Matchmaker Compeer and CMHC 19 walkers raised $4,038 Matchmaker Compeer & CMHC 19 walkers raised $4,038 Margalea Warner, Co-Captain


Here Come the Judges! 12 walkers raised $1,440 June Judge, Co-Captain

June Judge

2012 NAMI WALK Team Here Come the Judges! 12 walkers raised $1,440


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UIHC 2012 Super Team Super Team included 10 WALK teams, 135 walkers, and raised $7,350 Super Team Captain: Kendra O’Neal


John Bacon

Principal City High School

Jerry Arganbright Principal West High School

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Principal Elizabeth Tate High School

Kenneth P. Kates, MBA

Associate Vice President, University of Iowa Health Care, and

James B. Potash, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

Professor and Head of Psychiatry, UI Hospitals and Clinics

Glenn Plummer

Principal Regina High School

Walking for Mental Health!

Presenting Sponsor

Saturday, April 27, 2013 Lower City Park, Iowa City 5K WALK (1 mile route also available) Registration/Refreshments/Entertainment: 9:00 a.m. WALK: 10:00 a.m. Register to walk at Call 319-358-8448 or email WALK Manager Della McGrath at for more information.

Why did Iowa get a D on NAMI National’s 2009 Report Card on the States (improved from an F on the 2006 Report Card)? Check it out at, click on “Grading the States”.

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Windmill Manor Proudly Presents Senior News Line by Matilda Charles

My Social Security

Look for puzzle answers on page 8.

There is an easier way to get answers from Social Security than sitting on hold on the phone. Social Security’s website ( has a long list of things you can do online after creating a My Social Security account: get your benefits verification letter, get your statement, apply for retirement or disability benefits, appeal a disability decision, estimate your retirement benefits, check your application status and so much more. The biggest concern, however, is that if you’ve done a Google search about the topic, you easily could end up at a fake website that is not Social Security. For example, replacing your card is free, but if you accidentally wander to a scam site, they’ll want to charge you as much as $50. Not only that, but they’ll have your Social Security number when you type it in. If you marry and want a card in your new name, you’ll need to contact Social Security directly. Don’t fall for an online scam. Even if you haven’t hunted online for information yet you receive what looks like Social Security email, beware. Social Security will never send you email asking for information such as your name or number. Any emails asking for that are from scammers. If you receive that kind of email, call the real Social Security administration immediately at 1-800-772-1213 or the fraud hotine at 1-800-269-0271. Do the same if you receive a phone call from someone pretending to be from Social Security. They might have excuses, such as their computer system went down or they need to verify your banking direct-deposit information. If you sign up online for a genuine My Social Security account, beware. Be sure what webpage you’re on. Remember to look for the “.gov” at the end of the address. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send email to

Look for puzzle answers on page 8.

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In which we learn a great object lesson on the value of honesty among thieves. • Eleven crooks spent months studying the Brinks trucks in Boston, memorizing their routes, their shipment schedules, their personnel, and their check-in times. They broke into the Brinks terminal many times in order to find out the floor plan, learn the location of the safe, make extra keys for all strategic locks, and practice disabling the alarm system. On January 17, 1950, at 7:00 p.m., seven robbers pulled off their burglary, walking into the terminal wearing Halloween masks, tying up five surprised employees, and walking out with over a million dollars in cash and a million and a half in checks and securities in less than 30 minutes. At the time, it was the biggest heist in U.S. history. • Knowing that it would be folly to start spending the money while the cops were on their tail, the gang agreed to lay low and hang onto the money until the statute of limitations ran out in six years. Because he had to serve a prison sentence for another crime, Joseph ‘Specs’ O’Keefe turned most of his money over to gang member ‘Big Joe’ McGinnes and asked him to hide it until the heat died down. • Most of the gang members lived quietly while waiting. But some of them continued their life of crime, including O’Keefe, who was caught while holding up an Army-Navy store in Pittsburgh. He was given three years on a gun charge, which was to be followed by a trial on a robbery charge. By the time he was finishing up his first sentence, O’Keefe felt he would die if he had to spend any more time in jail. Paroled three months early, he went to Boston with the thought in mind of hiring the best possible lawyer to defend him in the robbery trial. But lawyers cost money. • O’Keefe went to McGinnes to ask for the money he needed. McGinnes turned him down and then hired a thug to kill him. Three different murder attempts failed, but the third attempt left O’Keefe with gunshot wounds in the wrist and chest. • O’Keefe went to the cops and fingered the hit man. The very next day, Boston police arrested Elmer ‘Trigger’ Burke and charged him with possession of a machine gun. Subsequently, this machine gun was identified as having been used in the attempt on O’Keefe’s life. • O’Keefe was arrested for violating his probation by carrying a concealed weapon. Back in jail, O’Keefe had a lot of time to think about things- particularly the fact he could either live a long life in prison or a short life as a free man. • To get even, O’Keefe spilled the beans to the cops five days before the statute of limitations ran out in 1956. The entire gang was behind bars in a matter of days. All were tried, found guilty, and sentenced to life. Some of the money was recovered from a picnic cooler hidden in a wall of an office that had been remodeled. • Eight of the gang members received maximum sentences of life imprisonment; except for McGinnis, who died in prison, all were paroled by 1971. O’Keefe received only four years and was released in 1960. Only $58,000 of the $2.7 million was ever recovered. • They had stolen about $2.5 million in cash and securities. The government spent $29 million trying to catch them. Revenge and resentment accomplished the job for them— no charge.

April 24th 2013

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April 24th 2013

Hawkeye Publishing, L.L.C.

es have out-

ow much can

tional TV adhigher? ut 40% more For Distribution E-mail: or Call (319) 360-3936

724 3rd St. S.E. Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 The sports writer was interviewing the coach. “What’s the line-up for this season?” “Well,” replied the coach, “It looks like this: Jones and Jackson will do the razor blade commercials; Smith and Brown will go to deodorants; Taylor and Fitzpatrick will appear for shaving cream; and McGregor is slated for breakfast cereals.”

oes a normal


Page 8

-Tidbits® The paper that readers of all ages can enjoy-


Tables Tops only $10 Tables starting At $49.99 5pc table Sets starting At $149.99

NNNMOIAC This word means: Ancient Egyptians rubbed this spice under their armpits for odor control.

2 shops 1 stop

303 8th Ave S.E.

Don’t forget our Furniture store : 21/1951 4/22/1935 4/23/1960 d 4/24/1942 It was a really hot day the office.Some There were libraries about 1.atTrue: have outlawed offensive body odor, /1940 twenty people insometimes close quarters and everyone as a was method of controlling homeless people. All of a sudden, A on. person canpeople sweat up to three gallons in a day. 4/26/1936 sweating, even with2.a fan started to wrinkle their noses at an odor passing through 3. Food and cars rank higheravailable than toiletries in terms of Flexible financing 4/27/1959 1. True or False: Some libraries have outthe air. One man said,national “Uh oh, someone’s isn’t TVdeodorant advertising. The sports writer was interviewing the coach. working.” The guy4.fromTRUE: the distant corner replied, “It about lawed40% offensive bodythan odor. women. Men sweat more “What’s the line-up for this season?” “Well,” can’t be me. I’m not wearing any.”

Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 319-363-5010

2. Insweat extremeabout circumstances, how much can 5. An average person will 278 gallons a year.

replied the coach, “It looks like this: Jones and MOMENTS INinTIME a human sweat 24 hours? Jackson will do the razor blade commercials; The History Channel 3. Toiletry items rank third in national TV ad- Smith and Brown will go to deodorants; Taylor vertising. What two items rank into higher? a ● On April 28, 1789, three weeks ● OnwillApril 26, cream; 1937, during the Spanish and Fitzpatrick appear for shaving False: Men sweat about 40% more and McGregor is slated for breakfast cereals.” journey from Tahiti4. True to orthe West Indies, Civil War, the German military tests its women. in a mutiny led the HMS Bounty isthanseized powerful new air force -- the Luftwaffe 5. How many of sweat does mate. a normal by Fletcher Christian, thegallons master’s -- on the Basque town of Guernica in person sweat each18 year? of his loyal Captain William Bligh and 1. Why is supporters the phrase “sweating like awere pig” set adrift in a small, open northern Spain. One-third of Guernica’s completeboat. nonsense? Bligh and his men reached Timor in 5,000 inhabitants were killed or wounded, uses 85.5 the East Indies in June, after a voyage of and fires engulfed the city and burned for we recycle 2. What color is a hippo’s3,600 sweat? miles. about days. 1st Quarter 2013 e remaining 70% or 46 ● On April 24, 1800, Week 17 President John Adams ● On April 23, 1954, Hank Aaron hits the n tons could approves legislation to appropriate $5,000 to first home run of his Major League Baseestablish the Library of Congress. first “Winning is the bestThe deodorant.” library catalog, dated 1802, listed 964 volball career. Twenty years later, Aaron –John Madden umes and nine maps. Twelve years later, the became baseball’s new home-run king British army invaded the city of Washington This word means: Ancient when heEgyptians broke Babe Ruth’s long-standing and burned the Capitol, including the then rubbedrecord this spice underof their armpits 714 career homers. 3,000-volume Library of Congress. for odor control.



A model in an evening gown appeared on the cover of a Harper’s Bazaar magazine Tony Danza 4/21/1951 in 1915. The photo was scandalous for Glen Campbell 4/22/1935 many reasons: she wasn’t wearing a corset, like a pig”Valerie is Bertinelli 4/23/1960 her skirts were above her ankle,1.and“Sweating the Barbara Streisand 4/24/1942 nonsense because pigs don’t back of the dress was low. But thehave most sweat glands. Al Pacino 4/25/1940 scandalous thing was that she was 2. shown Hippo sweat is red. Carol Burnett 4/26/1936 without any armpit hair. The Wilkenson Sheena Easton 4/27/1959 Sword razor blade company jumped right on the bandwagon and fiercely pushed the idea of women’s underarm hair as unfeminine and unhealthy. They subsequently a lot of blades. gardens helps keepsolddeer away, protecting their crops from the


4/22 4/23 4/24 4/25 4/26 4/27

Teach Kids to Save Day Feast of Saint George Astronomy Day Earth Day Chernobyl Meltdown anniversary Babe Ruth Day

● On April 22, 1970, Earth Day, an event to increase public awareness of the world’s environmental problems, is celebrated in the United States for the first time. Millions of Americans participated in rallies, marches and educational programs. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

1. True: Some libraries have outlawed offensive body odor, sometimes as a method of controlling homeless people. 2. A person can sweat up to three gallons in a day. 3. Food and cars rank higher than toiletries in terms of national TV advertising. 4. TRUE: Men sweat about 40% more than women. 5. An average person will sweat about 278 gallons a year.


TEXT : 319-530-36948 Each year, the United States FOR uses 85.5CURRENT DEALS! million tons of paper, of which we recycle 4/21 National Kindergarten Day 22%, or 19 million tons. Of the remaining paper, we could recycle up to 70% or 46 million tons. And those 46 million tons could save 782 million trees.

● On April 27, 1963, Margaret Annemarie Battavio’s very first single, “I Will Follow Him,” reaches No. 1 on the U.S. pop charts. At age 15, the singer better known as Little Peggy March became the youngest female performer ever to top the Billboard Hot 100.

1st Quarter 2013 Week 17

Use your phone as your remote! “unlimited range”

Tidbits of Northern Johnson County, Ia  

April 24th 2013

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