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March 25th, 2014

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National "Something On A Stick Day" March 28th


319.389.1999 · Cell Phone

by Patricia L. Cook Whether you are dog tired (very tired), living a dog’s life (difficult life), or so busy you feel like you are chasing your own tail (working hard but not seeing progress), this Tidbits should give you a reason to go hog wild (become highly enthusiastic)! • An idiom is “a set expression of two or more words that means something other than the literal meanings of its individual Financing available words.” The idioms we’ll explore in this 303 8th Ave se Cedar Rapids 319-363-5010 Tidbits are those that deal with animals. Aspen sofA & LoveseAt $939.99! • Watch these pages like a hawk (carefully) to see if you recognize these sayings. You may find that many are very familiar to you. You may also find some that are complete hogwash (nonsense). In trying not to beat a dead horse (engage in pointless and repetitive discussion), you may want to read these at a snail’s pace (slowly) so that you can catch the meaning RoCkeR ReCLineR $379.99! of each sentence! now available Gift Cards! • An expression that seems to have disappeared or just never caught on with K ELLE Y current generations is “I’ll swan” or “I’ll swanee!” Mostly used in the south, this is an expression of surprise probably as T PR O PE EN RTY MANAGEM a replacement for “I swear” or a curse Lowest Rents & Best Homes word. If you’ve never heard this one you GUARANTEED probably think it is for the birds (not for If you have a good background check! you.)! After all, birds of a feather flock One Bedrooms Starting at $235 together, (people associate with similar Two Bedrooms Starting at $265 Townhouses starting at $325 folks)! 2 Bedroom duplexes starting at $425 turn the page for more! 3 Bedroom Houses Starting at $595 -No Appointment NecessaryNO PETS! MUST QUALIFY! STOP IN TODAY TO VIEW YOUR NEW HOME

irresistible fudge crunch.

Open 7 Days / Week 2750 1st Ave. NE, Suite 230 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 365-3156

Please give us 24 hour notice for a custom or Blizzard cake

Blue Buffalo, America’s #1 natural, healthy pet food is available at Pet’s Playhouse! Buy 10 products of the same kind and get 1 FREE See Store for details.

We stock all your dog food and pet toy needs.

Blue Buffalo is made with the finest natural ingredients with real meat first, wholesome whole grains, veggies and fruit. What’s more BLUE contains no chicken or poultry by-product meals. So be sure to head over to Pet’s Playhouse and pick up some Blue Buffalo for your furry friend. Your pet will love you for it!

Grooming By Alesha

Love them like family. Feed them like family.®

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If your non-profit organization has a fund-raising event you would like to have published in the Tidbits® paper, please contact us. Space is limited but we will make every effort to list special events such as fund-raisers for your organization. Use our online form at Alice United Methodist Church Alice United Methodist Church Spring Dinner March 29, 2014, 11:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m. 4617 Alice Rd., Center Point, IA Menu: Chicken & Noodles, Potatoes & Gravy, Corn, Squash, Salad, Rolls & Desserts Adults: $7.00; Children 10 & under: $3.00; Preschool: Free Bake Sale, Rag Rugs & Quilts for sale. Alice U.M. Church is located 4 1/2 miles east of Center Point on the Central City Highway Chair Lift Available Animal Resource Foundation and SAINT Rescue Open House Saturday, March 29th, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm 1200 16th Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids Animal Resource Foundation and SAINT Rescue have found a new home and we’re celebrating by having an Open House. The facility will house the Animal Resource Foundation Rescue Bank Pet Food Pantry and the SAINT Rescue Cat Adoption Center. Our open house will feature tours, a silent auction, door prize drawings, refreshments and a bake sale. Coggon Area Betterment Association Sock Hop March 29, 2014, 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM 408 E. Linn St., Coggon Saturday, March 29th; 7:00 – 11:00 PM SOCK HOP at the Coggon Center former Coggon Elementary School) DJ playing hits from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s Admission $3.00 per person or $5.00 per couple Concessions offered. Handicap accessible. Questions? Call Harriet 319-929-2713 Newhall American Legion Newhall American Legion Pancake Breakfast March 30, 2014, 8:00am - 12:30pm 19 First Avenue, Newhall Buffalo United Methodist Church Pancake Breakfast & Bake Sale Saturday, April 5, 2014, 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 1000 30th Street N.E., Cedar Rapids Come and enjoy Pancakes, Eggs, Sausage, Coffee, Juice, Milk BREAKFAST IS FREE Donations will be used for the "IMAGINE NO MALARIA" Project to buy netting to prevent mosquitoes from biting.

Calico Cutups Calico Cutups April meeting April 7, 7 pm - 9 pm 600 E. Main Street, Anamosa, Ia Quilt Club meeting. Visitors welcome

• Many expressions are ingrained in our vocabulary when we are only knee high to a grasshopper (very small.) Some are kept out of earshot of children because they may not be appropriate for young ears! (Those won’t be in Tidbits!) • While little children may be cute as a bug’s ear (the smaller they come, the cuter they are), some are bullheaded (stubborn) and make a beeline (go toward) to trouble. After all, when the cat’s away, the mice will play (people misbehaving without supervision). • Sometimes supervision is in the hands of the biggest frog in the pond (most important person in a group), while at other times it may be given to the leader who is as calm as a toad in the sun (calm and content). Either way, if there is conflict, it may be necessary to separate the sheep from the goats (distinguish the good from the bad). • When conflict arises, there are times when people act like animals. A dumb cluck (person acting stupid) may be pigheaded (stupidly stubborn) and try to find a scapegoat (innocent person who is blamed) when things go wrong. • A bullheaded (obstinate) person may try to butt heads (to argue fiercely) with a sheepish (embarrassed) friend only to find that she will pull the wool over his eyes ( fool him). • It is easy to get fleeced (swindled) if you don’t pay attention to what is happening to you and just ignore obvious problems. If you make yourself a sitting duck (easy target) you may end up in a harebrained scheme (foolish plan). • It is much better to have all your ducks in a row (be organized), than to go down a rabbit hole (enter a fantasy world) when you need to make decisions. 319-432-1534

Think it’s too late to sign up for BMX? Riders can sign up at any time & your Nope! membership is good for 12 months!

Of Linn County

Helping Hand

Q: When do people start using their trampoline? A: Spring-Time

Changing Hands

SALE CLEARANCE on coats Thrift Shop

all pants

Buy 1 Get 1 free (319) 450-7781

Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm 2737 16th Avenue SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Tools 4 life By DR. Jim coyle

Do the Right Thing

Jesus told a parable of the “Good Samaritan” which our country passed a law from.. This parable portrays a modeled behavior pattern that is expected from all of us who desire to do the right thing. There are four things that I can do that will help someone in times of crisis; 1) Allow compassion to govern my heart – keep your antennas up for opportunities to help. 2) Take the time needed out of a busy schedule – sometimes it takes time to do what is necessary. 3) Use my personal resources – cash or usage of personal possessions are a needed asset to help. 4) Get out of the way – let God do His job once you have done yours. If I can incorporate these 4 steps in Jesus’ model of behavior I can love my neighbor the way God designed me to. If I want to make a difference and do the right thing, I must learn to use the head, heart, and hands that Jesus does. May we all be transformed into “Loving God and People More Today than Yesterday.”

One of our favorite days of the year, March 26th, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day is a chance to throw away the rule book and celebrate however you like! Get together with your friends and create your own special holiday, and who knows, if it becomes popular enough, it might end up on our calendar!


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1375 7th Ave. One offer per customer Marion per tax return. Valid thru 4-15-2014 373-7700 FAST, FRIENDLY & ACCURATE Liberty Tax Presents Sudoku

Hyperlink in Master page March 25th, 2014

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Tidbits® - It is OK to take this paper home with you to share with others when there are plenty available-

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Post 788 3240 Southgate Place SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

w w w. v f w p o s t 7 8 8 . o r g

Thursday Nights

March 28

Fish Fry 5-7 $8.00

Every Friday through Lent Baked & Fried Alaskan Pollock Baked Potato, Hash browns, Coleslaw, Rolls nd 5 - 7 Burgers & Soup $7 Bingo following dinner th

April 2

April 4

Fish Fry 5-7 $8.00

Event Hall Available

Wild Bill and the Pony Express 5-9 $1 donation, Short orders available. th

Special events, corporate events, weddings, anniversary

Tuesday Nights

Line dancing classes 7-9 for only $5.

These events are open to the public.

ALL NEW! - Post REHAb AvAiLAbLE • For Advertising E-mail: or Call (319) 360-3936

Every Friday through Lent Baked & Fried Alaskan Pollock Baked Potato, Hash browns, Coleslaw, Rolls

Call for Details: 319-364-7752 Come enjoy our new steel tip dart board. AMERICANS HONOR ALL


Linn County Veterans Affairs (319)892-5160 26th Ave. Ct. X

6th St. SW

1240 26th Ave. Court SW Cedar Rapids,IA 52404

12th St. SW

Contact us for Wilson Ave. SW Veterans benefits Community Services Bldg.

Q. Can February March? A. No, but April May!


MARCH 28th Fish Fry 5:30 pm- 7:30pm $8 MARCH 29th Wild Game Feed 5-8 pm $10 APRIL 4th Fish Fry 5:30 pm- 7:30 pm $8 APRIL 6th Omelet Breakfast 8:30- Noon $8 APRIL 11th Fish Fry 5:30 pm- 7:30pm $8

• Hold on if you think we are barking up the wrong tree (have the wrong idea), fantasy worlds can be fun and engaging. Just remember that it’s a dog-eat-dog world (there is a lot of competition in life) out there and you need to be careful not to be constantly chasing your own tail (working hard but not getting anything done)! • If organizing gives you a burr under your saddle (causes you to be irritated), remember that the early bird gets the worm (start early so that you have the best chance for success).

• Seeing an opportunity to improve your life or your situation, sometimes requires walking on eggshells (being careful not to offend others) or a somewhat opposite situation; taking the bull by the horns (tackling the problem). • You sure don’t need to be told that you are not the sharpest quill on the porcupine (not very smart) if you are having a hard time with an assignment. Most people realize when they struggle and have butterflies in their stomachs (feel nervous) when they have bitten off more than they can chew (taken on too hard or big a task). • Speaking of chewing, when you are hungry as a bear (really hungry), it is usually best to take your time eating anyway. Don’t be silly and wolf down your food (eat too fast) or you may find yourself sick as a horse (very sick)! • Hold your horses (be patient) when you need to wait for your food, whether at your home, someone else’s home or a restaurant. Be a good egg (nice person) not a bad egg (bad person) and avoid fighting like cats and dogs (fierce argument). Don’t bite the hand that feeds you (harm someone who is helping you)!

HAIR LOSS? WE CAN HELP! 245 Classic Car Ct. SW Suite A Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 319-364-4220


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Join OUR Team! C.N.A.’S Full and Part Time Nights Part Time evenings Free membership for all C.N.A.’s to NAHCA (National Assocation of Health Care Assistants)

RN CHARGE NURSE Part Time evenings/Nights iful Beautw Ne ion! Apply in at n Renov perso

DIETARY AIDE Part Time Days/Eves Must be Available both 7am-3pm & 5:15-8:15pm




All Positions Offer: Experience wage factor ● $1,000-$2,000 Anniversary Potential! For all future Employees ● New Vacation Benefit Awarded after 6 months ● Benefit package



Adults - $9.00 Children 5 to 12 - $5 4 & Under FREE

Baked & Hand Battered Fish, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Baked and French Fried Potatoes, Coleslaw, Corn Bread, Fresh Baked Pies Fountain Pop & Coffee 319-247-2000 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS CLUB 5677 MT. VERNON RD. SE & HIGHWAY 13 (BEHIND CASEY’S)

Always March 29th- National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day celebrates small business owners. These individuals spend countless hours nurturing and growing their young enterprises. The workload demands, and lack of a hired staff, often translates into long and late hours, and many missed family and personal events. But, all in all, they love what they do. After all, they are their own boss. Can’t dine in? Try our new drive through service!

Enter the alley off of Sixth Street and follow the signs.

St. Patrick Catholic Church/Parish Center Cedar Rapids.


Caught & processed in the USA

March 7th-April 18th, 5 PM – 7:30 PM. Every Friday Night during Lent (Including Good Friday) Serving: Alaskan Walleye, Cole Slaw, Baked or American Fried Potatoes, Roll & Beverage. Adults - $9, Adults over 65 - $8, Children 5-12 - $5, 4 & Under Free. Mac N Cheese or Grilled Cheese Sandwich (in lieu of fish)-$5

We Proudly present:

1400 Blairs Ferry Rd NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

(319) 395-0109

Now At:

612 8th Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids Computer services include: • • • • • • •

Virus Removal - Education on virus protection Professional internal cleaning of all electronics In-home service calls / Pick up and Deliveries Recycling your unwanted electronics Data, picture, music, documents and video retrieval Upgrades for slow computers Electronic Consignment Call for details Fix screens on laptop’s

Mike’s PC Repair

Call today for your free estimate 319-533-5617

Mention this ad and receive a discount Also all cell phones, I-pads and tablets

- -


The More That Play - the More We Give Away ! Come up EARLY & Enjoy Our Food Specials & Buy Your TICKETS - Drawing @ 7 pm

THURSDAY NIGHT WING NIGHT Basket of 8 WINGS - Hot or Mild - ONLY $4.00

LARRYOKEY FRIDAY NIGHTS Starting at 8 pm - Every Time You SING... YOU Have A Better Chance to WIN CASH !!!


- BBQ RIBS & fixens - $10.00 serving from 5 - 8 pm

* Party Rooms & Hall Rentals Available * 1735 11th St NW - Cedar Rapids - 363-5571

- Please give thanks to the businesses in which you have found this paper available for your enjoyment.-

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CENTER POINT FOODS 800 Ford Lane Center Point, IA 52213

319-849-1665 Full Service Grocery


$4.02 +TAX


March 25th, 2014

Open 7am - 8pm 7 Days a week

♦ Accounting ♦ Computer Consulting ♦ Auditing ♦ Tax services ♦ Payroll & bookkeeping ♦ Small Business Services ♦ Employee Benefits Services ♦ Management Advisory Service ♦ Small Business Services ♦ Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor

Jennifer Decker, CPA

366-8267 Ext. 20 2750 First Ave. NE, Suite 150 Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Buying and selling used toppers.

(319) 294-0900

1465 Blairs Ferry Rd NE Marion, IA 52302 w w w. l i nexo f c e d a r r a p i d s . c o m Smart One-Liners: Red meat is not bad for you. Fuzzy green meat is bad for you. Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else. Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the world. You have the capacity to learn from your mistakes, and you will learn a lot today

• Take the bull by the horns (face difficulty) when you are strong and can rule the roost (be the boss), but don’t get egg on your face (be humiliated) by taking on more than you can handle. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch (don’t plan on having something until you actually get it)! • If things are going well in your family or work life, don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs (don’t destroy the source of your good fortune). Be thankful and don’t ruffle any feathers (don’t upset anyone) or you may find yourself eating crow (having to admit that you are wrong). Remember birds of a feather flock together (similar people stick together). • Don’t be a fraidy cat (a coward) when it comes to trying new things. Carefully weigh the risks and wing it (improvise) as you are learning. If you get sent on a wild goose chase (to be sent searching for something that can’t be found), then learn from your search. • It is better to let the cat have your tongue (be quiet) than to pretend to be a fat cat (rich and powerful person) when you really have nothing to brag about. After all, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray (even careful plans can go wrong). • Many times in our everyday lives the weather can be an influencing factor in our decision making. If it is raining cats and dogs outside (raining hard) then we are likely to be as happy as a clam (contended) staying at home reading a good book or watching a movie. If the sun is shining and it is nice and warm out, we are likely to go out to have a whale of a time (great enjoyment). • See you later, alligator (good-bye for now)! After awhile, crocodile (good-bye to you, too)! Tidbits will be back next week.

Cedar Rapids An Original Iowa Tradition Since 1927

On Iowa LIVE with special guest Appearances Audience interaction with your questions Every Monday! 6:30-7:30

11 AM - 2 AM EVERYDAY 1140 Blairs Ferry Road NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 • 319-378-6447

Enjoy Broasted Chicken! ● Family Friendly Atmosphere ● Large Lunch And Dinner Menu ● 44 High Definition TVS ● NE Longest HAPPY HOUR 11am - 7 pm

Enjoy all your Hawkeye sports

FULL REHABILITATION SERVICES Occupational, speech & physical therapy Alzheimer’s Dementia secured area. Long and short term private or semi-private accommodations Medicare & Medicaid Certified

1485 Grand Ave,Marion IA






All types of scrap Metal

Large selection of new & used auto parts

7 to 10 PM every Saturday on

400 41st Ave. Dr. S.W., Cedar Rapids, IA

Jim Hanson & Dick Hogan

Auto, Aluminum, Aluminum Cans, Copper and Brass




Come to us 1st and last for the best price!

CAN YOU TRUST YOUR EYES? There are at least 6 differences in drawing details between the top & bottom panels. How quickly can you find them? See answers on page 12

on Cedar Rapids’ only live and local all request 50’s and 60’s radio show

March 25th, 2014

Hawkeye Publishing, L.L.C.

Wa n t t h i s p a p e r e v e r y w e e k ? C h e c k o n - l i n e f o r o t h e r g re a t d i s t r i b u t i o n l o c a t i o n s .

Page 5 For Advertising E-mail: or Call (319) 360-3936 Walk with me . . . . . Register today!

17th Annual Arc March

April 5th, 2014, Lindale Mall Food Court 8:00 - Activities Begin n 9:30 - Walk Begins

Monday - Saturday 7-8 Lunch specials Sunday 7-6 Specialty coffee 319.438.6617 9 South Ave., Central City, IA Drinks & More

Stop in for your Easter Costumes and supplies! Magic & More

Theatrical Supplies Make up

Register online!

Holiday Costume Rentals

w w w. c r b a l l o o n s e t c . c o m

420 2nd Ave SE Downtown Cedar Rapids (319) 298-9999

Celebrating the abilities in all of us!

An Inspirational thought for the week: Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain!!

We guarantee maximum refund Experienced tax preparer Former tax instructor Accurate, educated, competitive rates Small business specialists. Electronic filing.

319-373-8297 4403 First Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

ALBEE Digital Design "In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours." — Mark Twain


Computer Service Most Problems Repaired within 24 hrs

Kings & Queens


Buses Run Daily to Meskwaki Casino

Sams East 10:15 AM 5:00 PM K-Mart West

Call 319-364-7161 To confirm your seat on the bus

Programs Not Loading? Computer Running Slow?

IT MAY BE INFECTED!!! w w w. A L B E E D I G I TA L . c o m

8:30 AM 10:45 AM 5:30 PM Proudly presents King Crossword.

Look for puzzle answer on page 9.





DO NOT PASS UP THIS OPPORTUNITY! We currently have full and part time positions available for Direct Support Professionals in Cedar Rapids, Coralville, Kalona, Washington, and Mount Vernon. Here is your opportunity to make a positive difference and provide support to your area’s family and friends as these adults reach for independence.

Mention this ad to receive $500 OFF for your next new or used equipment purchase.

Qualified applicants will possess: • A genuine desire to help others • High school diploma/equivalent • Valid driver’s license • Successful background clearance • Ability to lift 50 lbs.

SCAN • FAX • IMAGE High-speed ◊ Full color ◊ Wide format 228 Northland Court, Cedar Rapids

105 lbs


If you are committed to providing a safe & supportive environment to individuals with developmental disabilities and want to have fun at work; apply online at: EOE/AA



Letting the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than getting it back in!

105 lbslbs 105 IN 6 MONTHS !!!

I LOST Loney-Cedar Rapids IDoug LOST

• Ready to feel

IN 6 MONTHS !!! Doug Loney-Cedar Rapids Doug Loney-Cedar Rapids



Call 363-2273 ON CALL 24 HOURS 399-9121

• The areas foremost Sports Physician • Most insurances accepted • Emergency Care • Same day appointments

Call now and ask about the 90-Day Call now and ask about the 90-Day CallBack now and ask about theGuarantee!!! 90-Day Money "Results"

Money Back"Results" "Results" Guarantee!!! Money Back Guarantee!!!

(319) 270-2307

Answers on page 12

(319)270-2307 270-2307 (319)

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Call RUSS today for ad rates at 319-360-3936

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Classifieds Of


March 25th 2014

December 22– January 19

Time to move on, Capricorn. You’ve pushed, and pushed, and pushed, and nothing has come of it. Furry friends bring much joy to a senior’s home.

January 20– February 18

Sometimes what you want is not necessarily what you need. Ask yourself, Aquarius, if you really need the item you’re after. A letter answers a question.

February 19– March 20

Fitness is a work in progress, constantly evolving to meet demand. Don’t be afraid to switch up your routine in order to reach your goals, Pisces.

March 21– April 19

Doggone it, Aries. The scope of a project at work continues to change. Perhaps it’s time for a meeting. A friend makes their opinion known.

April 20– May 20

A memo is clear as mud, Taurus. Ask around and find out what is going on behind the scenes before you take action. A wish is granted.

May 21– June 21 Grandiose measures are not required, Gemini. Take the simple route to make the impression you seek. The pieces to a puzzle at work begin to come together.

June 22– July 22

Your moment to shine has come. Don’t disappoint, Cancer. A mystery at home begins to unravel. You’ll never guess what happens next.

July 23– August 22 You’re a class act, Leo. Your coworkers admire that and will look to you to lead the way in a precarious situation. Harmony reigns at home once more.

August 23– September 22 Little by little, Virgo. That is the approach you will have to take if you want to succeed. Patience is key. A childhood pal pops up just in time.

September 23– October 22

A loved one is feeling blue. Be there for them, Libra. One small act of kindness can do a world of good. An organization calls on you. Give what you can.

October 23– November 21

Actions speak louder than words, Scorpio. Keep that in mind with young ones this week. A surprise gift opens the door to bigger, better relationships.

November 22– December 21

The workload triples, and you must learn to delegate. Be savvy in your assignments, Sagittarius. The turnout at an event is more than expected.

Born into a musically gifted family, Celine Dion is the youngest of 14 children. Her parents were both musicians and raised their children to be involved with music as well. • Celine Marie Claudette Dion was born on March 30, 1968, in the rural French Canadian town of Charlemagne, Quebec, about 30 miles east of Montreal. Celine’s parents were the operators of a small club where the entire family performed on weekends. • Celine composed a French song, along with her mother and one of her brothers, when she was only twelve. When the demo tape with that song wound up in the hands of René Angélil, a personal manager, the course of Celine’s life was forever changed. • Amazed by Dion’s voice, Angélil was intent on making Celine famous in January, 1981. He mortgaged his own home to finance the recording of Celine Dion’s debut album! (She was only 13!) • By 1982, Dion was receiving international attention. She won the Gold Medal at the Yamaha World Song Festival in Tokyo in 1982. In 1983, she was the first Canadian to ever receive a Gold Record in France. • By the age of 18, Dion had nine French albums recorded and many awards. Her first English language album was recorded in 1990, containing the hit single, Where Does My Heart Beat Now. • The real breakthrough album that propelled Dion to international stardom was her second English album, recorded in 1992, The album, Celine Dion, featured the theme song for Disney’s animated hit, Beauty and the Beast. She and Peabo Bryson, chosen to sing the duet, were rewarded with the hit reaching worldwide audiences. • Celine Dion, became Dion’s first gold record in the U.S. and more than 12 million copies were sold internationally. She has earned awards from all over the world: Juno and Felix Awards in Canada, Grammys in the U.S., and many more. • Dion announced at a New Years’ Eve 1999 concert that she would be taking some time off to start a family. She and husband, René, welcomed a baby boy, René-Charles Angélil, into their lives on January 25, 2001. After a two-year absence, Celine released a new album, “A New Day Has Come” in March, 2002. • Dion began a three-year contract to appear at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in March, 2003. Her commitment was to appear five nights a week in The Colosseum, built especially for her and her show, “A New Day.” The 90-minute show was a “fusion of song, performance art, theatrical innovation and state-of-the-art technology.” The theater cost approximately $95 million! • On October 23, 2010, Dion gave birth to twin boys, Nelson and Eddy. The mother of 3 boys returned to the stage in Las Vegas on March 15, 2011. • Her new show features her biggest hits as well as classics from other artists. There is a full orchestra and band and 31 other musicians are featured in the 4,300 seat venue. Within a month of her return to Caesars Palace, the new show climbed to the #1 spot on Billboard’s Boxscore chart, which lists the top grossing concerts in North America. • Dion released her first English album in six years, Loved Me Back to Life, on November 5, 2013. Celine is the bestselling Canadian artist of all time and the second bestselling female artist in the United States.



Medical Assistant Pay based on experience


Front desk duties and medical assisting Able to generate sales Internet and computer skills Typing, faxing, email, scheduling Excellent organizational skills / Intent to hire

Janitorial $9.00 an hour

Part time hours 1pm-6pm Mon-Fri Dusting, sanitizing restrooms, vacuuming, wiping tables, taking out desk trash, sweeping, mopping Must be able to use a 12lb backpack vacuum Intent to hire

Production Assistant $10.00 an hour

Assemble filter products Quality check labels Package product into boxes Assist loading and unloading trucks Must be flexible to work OT Intent to hire

Production / Welder $12.50 an hour

Produce filters and fabricate metal parts Use small machine saw, weld and drill press to fabricate product Must be flexible to work OT Intent to hire

Product Finisher $11.00 an hour

2nd and 3rd shift / Intent to hire

Floral Designer/Sales Associate $11.50-$12.50 an hr Full or Part time Experience required Design everyday corsages and other floral designs Customer service and sales

Advance Services, Inc.

5428 Blairs Forest Way NE Cedar Rapids,

319-393-1200 EOE

Now taking applications. Apply in person for servers and Hosting positions Cedar Rapids

1140 Blairs Ferry Road NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

CRESTVIEW ACRES EOC is now accepting applications for:

is now accepting applications for: Full and Part time


Full and Part time


All shifts available Apply in person at

1485 Grand Ave, Marion IA


Pre-employment drug testing. JOB Opportunity Home Health Care and SCL/ Respite Staff, all shift available. For Personal care, Housekeeping, Medication reminder, Mobility Assistance, Meal preparation, Incontinence care, Chores, SCL/ Respite services for people of all ages and races. Contact: All Ages Care Services, LLC, 319-892-0507 or download application at http://www. Member Support Counselor must: 1. Pass Background Check 2. Have Driving License 3. 18 years or Older 4. High School Diploma or Higher 5. Good Communication. CLASS A Drivers Local, Line Haul,O/O and OTR Days & night positions M-FMin 2 yrs experience Tractor/trailer. Good MVR& Hazmat required. Call 608-486-1608 ext 249 Or email

Space available, over 47,000 local readers every week! MASSAGE THERAPY


SAVE YOUR MONEY with the same treatment and results. My prices are economical and reasonable. Clients of all ages, including pregnancy and children are welcome. Reflexology sessions available. To schedule your massage, call Alison, Licensed Massage Therapist / Registered Certified Reflexologist at: 390-7820. Cash or checks only. ADOPTION ADOPTING A baby is our greatest wish. We'll cherish your newborn, giving secure endless love. Jamie & Jim 1-888-481-1797 Exp. Pd UNPLANNED PREGNANCY? THINKING OF ADOPTION? Open or closed adoption. You choose the family. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Abbys One True Gift Adoptions. Call 24/7. 1-866-413-6294. CARS / TRUCKS / VANS

Social Services/ Admissions Coordinator

2005 Saturn Vue, V-6 Auto Front wheel drive, Great gas mileage, Exceptionally clean 86,700 miles, $6,000 319-350-5698 or 319-363-6299

1485 Grand Ave, Marion IA


Apply in person at


Pre-employment drug testing. $500 HIRING Bonus! MARQUARDT SKYWAY Trans, CDL-ADrivers. Flatbed/Reefer. Lease or Company 2 years experience required. Theresa 800-234-4949 or866-534-7722,

NEED 18-24 energetic people to travel with young successful business group. Paid travel. No experience necessary $500-$750 weekly. 480-718-9540 Space available, over 47,000 local readers every week!

WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI: Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, Z1R, Kawasaki Triples, GT380, GS400, CB750, (1969-75) Cash-Paid, Nationwide-Pickup, 1-800-7721142, 1-310-721-0726. usa@ (AC) EDUCATION THE OCEAN Corp. 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, Texas 77099. Train for a New Career. *Underwater Welder. Commercial Diver. *NDT/Weld Inspector. Job Placement Assistance. Financial Aid available for those who qualify. 1-800-321-0298.

March 25th, 2014

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A selection of Candles, Jewelry, Gifts, Antiques & more. 4554 MT. Vernon Rd. SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 319-362-0565

NEW MattrEss sEts twin $99 Full $119 Queen $129 King $189

DElivEry& FiNaNciNg availablE

FrEE layaWay

319-531-6363 THRIFT STORE

POTENTIALLY YOURS Thrift Store of Iowa City. We carry clothing, housewares, furniture, collectibles and now

Holiday items.

Shopping at our store helps provide support to adults with disabilities. We take donations during regular business hours. Mon.-Fri. 10-6 Sat. 10-5 Sun. 12-5 1705 S. 1st Ave. Iowa City 319-512-7593 STORAGE





Your Clutter is Our Bread & Butter! *Fenced & Gated *Security Cameras *Concrete Floors *Two Unit Sizes! 14x48 Storage with Large 12x14 Overhead Doors $200 per month or $180 per month with 12 month lease 10x20 Storage Units $65 per month

319-360-0962 1850 Commercial Dr.Walford,IA COMPUTER REPAIR

ar Rapi Cedputer R ds epa m i Co


New and Used





10% Military Discount SALES

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Place your classifieds online at or call Russ @ 319-360-3936

April 6th, Vining, IA Advertising Memorabilia, old stock RR certificates, jewelry, more. Bring this entire paper for a discount. 99 county courthouse poster $5. 319-573-7673

Perfect Edge Bert Carmer

Knife Sharpest $3 per knife sharpened 319-393-8897 Financial Counseling Center Experienced tax preparer (30 Yrs) and former tax instructor. Accurate, educated, competitive rates. We guarantee maximum refund. Small business specialists. Electronic filing. Call for appointment 319/373-8297 MOVING? Get the best for less! Local - Long Distance Porter Moving Company 319-560-5050 LANDSCAPING


Lawn Mowing Landscaping Gutter Clean Gutter Repair Power Washing Paint/Staining Carpentry/Siding Business/Residential



Space available, over 47,000 local readers every week! SANDBLASTING

can help by restoring one or all of your trailers in your fleet, getting you back on the road with minimal down time, saving you money. We can tackle more than vehicle restoration. We also specialize in food grade framing, factory weldments, signage and large industrial equipment. Call Van Smiley (319) 362-0568 MANUFACTURED HOUSING


Affordable Lease Payments

Please call (319) 393-1312 to schedule an appointment to see homes and complete residency application. Mobile home for sale by owner. Everything is brand new inside. 3 bedroom 2bath Squaw Creek Village Marion You can call or text Jaime. # 319 651 9617 . Central air, new windows, stove, cabinets, carpet, shower, light fixtures, vinyl, heat tape, skirting. Asking for 21,000 or OBO. Ready by March 1st.

APARTMENTS AD#024 Clean and cozy NE side one bedroom, keyed entrance, easy access to I-380, close to park, central air, extra storage, and laundry. Starting at $325 Must Qualify. Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets. AD#201 1 & 2 bedroom very spacious, sw wooded area close to I-380 & Kirkwood, two bath, newer carpet, central air, large walk in closet, keyed entrance, dishwasher and garage available. Starting at $345 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets. AD#053 1 & 2 bedrooms, wooded area, close to I-380, laundry, eat in kitchen, air, newer carpet and extra storage. Starting at $285.00 Must Qualify AD#078 SW location close to Kirkwood and I-380, newer carpet, dishwasher, keyed entrance, air, laundry, garages available Starting at $295 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets For Rent: Nice, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in College Community School District near bus route. On site playground and community room. All major appliances in each unit including washer/dryer. Utilities furnished – Heat/A/C, Electric, Water, Garbage and Sewer. Leased Housing accepted. Rental assistance to qualified applicants. 2 Bedroom $603 3 Bedroom $716. Deposit equal to one month rent. For more information contact Brenda at (319) 363-3985. The Way Home 5480 Kirkwood Blvd. SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404. HOUSE FOR RENT AD#068 3 bedroom ranch in Marion with full basement, central air, detached garage, and close to a park. Starting at $595 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets DUPLEX FOR RENT AD#062 2 bedroom side by side, tri-level with cathedral ceiling, newer carpet, laundry hook ups, patio, central air, and garage. Starting at $595 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets AD#070 Two bedroom lower level duplex with security system, attached garage, and central air in a park-like area starting at $425. Must qualify. Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets DUPLEX FOR SALE

Duplex 851 Oakland Rd NE 2-2 Bedroom Units Central Air, Garages $75,950 319-310-8751 COINS / JEWELRY

We buy gold & silver

Coins , Jewelry, US & Foreign Paper Money & Dental Gold VAN’S JEWELRY



Licensed & Insured

Framing - Siding - Roofing - Drywall Decks - Garages - Remodeling - Cabinets CONSTRUCTION

All drywall needs. Hanging,finishing, patch work on up to large jobs Shane Hanson 319-450-3160


D. R. Hall

Exterior Painting Decks, Barns, Siding, Doors, Windows 30 Years of Experience References available

319-362-1411 J.B. Painting, Inc.

Residential and Light Commercial Painting Great References Free Estimates Call Jeff at 319-329-6747

MEDICAL & HEALTH Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 75 percent on all your medication needs. Call today 1-800-3570686 for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping.

MISCELLANEOUS PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Call Us First! Living expenses, Housing, Medical and continued support afterwards. Choose Adoptive Family of Your Choice. Call 24/7. ADOPT CONNECT 1-866-743-9212 (MCN) WANTED: POLICE OFFICER. The City of Tama Police Department is currently accepting applications for 1 full-time police officer. Must be able to meet minimum hiring standards set forth by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. State certified preferred. EMS background helpful. Lateral entry allowed. Send for information packet along with your resume to Tama Police Chief Filloon, 305 Siegel St., Tama, IA 52339. Position open until filled. The City of Tama is an equal opportunity employer. (MCN) $$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT Cash Now!! Injury Lawsuit Dragging? Need fast $500-$500,000? Rates as low as 1/2% month. Call Now! 1-800-568-8321. www.lawcapital. com (MCN) PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Call Us First! Living expenses, Housing, Medical and continued support afterwards. Choose Adoptive Family of Your Choice. Call 24/7. ADOPT CONNECT 1-866-951-1860 (MCN) ADOPT Caring, nurturing home awaits your precious baby. Beautiful life for your baby, secure future. Expenses paid. Legal, confidential. Married couple, Walt/Gina: 1-800-315-6957 (MCN)

WANTS TO purchase minerals and other oil & gas interests. Send details P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co 80201



Survival Land, Sedona, Arizona. Warm Climate & Safety; Includes Organic Topsoil, Excellent Water Sources: Well, Creek & Irrigation Canal. Huge Root Cellar. Other Unique Homes - Sedona, Tubac, and Tucson, Arizona. 1-928-3005701. (MCN)

MINNESOTA’S BEST FISHING located on Lake Osakis. Choose from 8 Family Friendly Resorts. Over 6,200 acres of water enjoyment. Check out www., 1-800-4220785, “Explore Minnesota” (MCN)

DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR BOAT TO HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. Free 3 Day Vacation, Tax Deductible, Free Towing, All Paperwork Taken Care Of. 1-800283-0205 (MCN) CASH FOR CARS: All Cars/ Trucks Wanted. Running or Not! Top Dollar Paid. We Come To You! Any Make/Model. Call For Instant Offer: 1-888-417-1382 (MCN)

GET CASH NOW for your Annuity or Structured Settlement. Top Dollars Paid. Fast, No Hassle Service! Call: 1-866-951-9586 (Mon-Fri - 9am-6pm CT) (MCN) We BUY used Manufactured Homes, Single and Double Wides. Call 641-672-2344 (MCN)

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CLOSE-OUT SALE on all Aluma trailers. Utility, ATV/UTV, Motorcycle & car hauler trailers. Dump trailers 10’, 12’ & 14’ 10k & 14K. Free Tarp. New 6’x12’ Cargo $2,249.00; 100’s of trailer parts. Trailer Repairs, brakes, wiring, wheels, & more. 515-972-4554 (MCN) A UNIQUE ADOPTIONS, LET US HELP! Personalized Adoption Plans. Financial Assistance, Housing, Relocation and More. Giving the Gift of Life? You Deserve the Best. Call Us First! 1-888-6378200. 24HR Hotline. (MCN) TRUCK DRIVERS WANTED - Up to $7,500.00 Sign-on Bonus! Top 100 Companies! Great Pay, Home Time and Benefits! Choose the Best Job! Apply at: www. (MCN) MACHINERY CONSIGNMENT SALE: MON., APR. 7, 2014 at 9:00 A.M. Consign early by Mar. 24, 2014 for complete advertising. No Small Items, Tires or Pallet Items Accepted After Friday, Mar. 28. Gilbert’s Sale Yard, LLC, 641-398-2218. 2 Mi. N. of Floyd, IA On Hwy. 218. Tractor House Internet Bidding Available. www. (MCN) OUR SPORTSMEN WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR to hunt your land. Call for a free Base Camp Leasing Info Packet & Quote. 866-3091507 (MCN) JACOBSON TRANSPORTATION, Now Leasing On Owner Operators. $3500 Sign On Bonus! We Run Mid-West Freight and No North-East! Steady Weekly Miles, Consistent Home Time. Call Today 877-236-9989 or Online www. (MCN) DISH NETWORK - $19 Special, includes FREE Premium Movie Channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz) and Blockbuster at home for 3 months. Free installation and equipment. Call NOW! 1-866-820-4030(MCN) WE’RE GROWING! McFarland Truck Lines. We need Class A company/drivers and owner/ operators. Great pay/benefits package. Stay in the Midwest; be home on weekends. www.mcfgtl. com. Call Scott 507-437-9905 (MCN)

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Making a mountain out of a molehill meansPage to exaggerate a problem to seem 8 Enter the weekly drawings at w w w. t i d b i t papers. c o m for a chance to win free gift certificates! much larger than it really is. This saying Hawkeye Publishing, L.L.C. For Advertising E-mail: or Call Chaka Khan 3/23/1953 has been found in writings as far back as Peyton Manning 3/24/1976 the year 1600. Moles are strong diggers Aretha Franklin 3/25/1942 that kick up dirt into volcano-shaped hills 1. England. John Stockton 3/26/1962 as they dig underground tunnels. They are 2. Heavy rains would result in homeless dogs Mariah Carey 3/27/1970 drowning. insectivores, not rodents, related to shrews Reba McEntire 3/28/1955 3. “Be Kind to your5 Web-Footed Friends.”80 The Amana Colonies are located miles north of Interstate and bats. Their burrowing can cause Earl Campbell 3/29/1955 on Iowa Highways 151, 6 and 220. The Colonies are 20 miles 4. John Philip Sousa. significant damage to lawns and flower southwest of Cedar Rapids, and 17 miles west of Iowa City. 5. Platypus. beds.

March 25th, 2014

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220th Trail




220th Trail

Av e



nu Ave


45th Avenue

44th Avenue



3/23 3/24 3/25 3/26 3/27 3/28 3/29 Day


46th Avenue


Aman ← to Middle

Hwy 151 / 42nd Avenue

38th Avenue


Rapids → To Cedar

April 19 Amana Heritage National Chip and Dip Day Museum Easter Egg Hunt Kids 12 & National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day under enjoy a traditional hunt. 1st Quarter 2014 Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, Pecan AprilDay 26 Homestead Progressive Dinner Travel to Historic Sites created a living roof on its Dearborn Truck Plant Week 13 Creamery Theatre Company Make Up evening Your Own Holiday stories. Day for this of Amana 1 Old 39 38th in 2003. When the roof was built there were Ave. 1-800-35-amana See page 9 National “Joe” Day fewer than 50 similar types of “living roofs” in Something on a Stick Day Little Red Wagon See this page 6 the United States. Now there are2about4417 10,000, National Mom and Pop Business Owners’ 220th Trail 319-622-3822 including the Javits Convention CenterAmana and the General Store See this page 3 headquarters Empire State Building in New York, 4423 of Nintendo in Redmond, Washington, and220th a Trail 319-622-7650 Artistic Barn Quilts Amana Coffee & Tea Co. See this page 4 Airport. sizes 16” X 16” up to 8’FedEx X 8’ building at Chicago International4423 220th Trail 622-6598 The Ronneburg Restaurant The roofs help to save on roofi ng material Customized with family initials. 5 4408costs 220th Trail 319-622-3641 See page 9 as well as electrical costs. They also help address ancient Romans. 1500s. 4536 220th Trail • Amana,water IA runoff 52203 and other ecological Lehm Books & Gifts1. The See this page 6 319-622-6447 (319) 622-6447 • (800) concerns. 840-2387 2. The hottest days of summer. 4536 220th Trail • 800-840-2387

Amana Business Directory

Lehm Books & Gifts

w w w. l e h m b o o k s a n d g i f t s . c o m 2 3



“Stars and Stripes Forever” was named the National March of the United States of America through an act of Congress in 1987. It was written in 1896 by John Philip Sousa, who was conductor of the U.S. Marine Corp Band for twelve years. The funny song, “Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends,” uses the Sousa tune.

Production Team Members Looking for a great place to work?

Whirlpool Corporation-Amana Operations is currently taking applications for factory assembly production associates. Starting pay for these positions is $13/hr + shift premiums.

As the leading global home appliance manufacturer, Whirlpool offers an excellent benefits package, continued educational and career advancement opportunities, all in a friendly work environment where you can take pride in being part of a team that is committed to delivering world-class products to its customers. Successful applicants must be at least 18 years old, prefer a High School Degree, be able to perform general production assembly work and be able to work any shift as well as any scheduled overtime. Stop in to Apply! Whirlpool CorporationAmana Operations 2800 220th Trail Amana, IA 52204 An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V. Pre-employment drug test is required.

● On March 28, 1814, the funeral of Guillotin, namesake of the infamous execution device, takes place outside of Paris. When first used, the crowds seemed to miss the gallows, but the guillotine quickly caught on. The device symbolized equality, as it was used on both commoners and the nobility alike. 2014 King Features Synd., Inc.

● On March 26, 1920, “This Side of Paradise” is published, immediately launching 23-year-old F. Scott Fitzgerald to fame and fortune. While in Europe, Fitzgerald finished his masterpiece “The Great Gatsby” (1925). He also published dozens of short stories in his lifetime. ● On March 24, 1958, Elvis Presley is inducted into the U.S. Army after being granted a two-month deferment to finish his third movie, “King Creole.” While stationed in Germany, Presley met his future wife, 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu.


A-1 Home Healthcare Proudly Presents

Senior News Line by Matilda Charles

Don’t Just Sit There There’s some grim news for those of us who aren’t active. A study out of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago found that if we’re over the age of 60, every hour in a day that we sit increases our risk of becoming disabled -- by 46 percent. But it gets worse. Even if we’re active at other times, it doesn’t completely offset the results of ... sitting. No, the study didn’t say that we definitely will become disabled if we spend too much time sitting (that’s a topic for other studies), but clearly the odds aren’t in our favor. For the purposes of the study, researchers defined “disabled” as not being able to take care of our needs -- the activities of daily living, such as getting dressed. Most of the participants spent about nine hours a day sitting. The study looked at the level of moderate to vigorous activity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, moderate exercise is effort rated as a 5 or 6 on a scale of 0 to 10. Vigorous exercise is a 7 or 8 on that scale. One minute of vigorous activity equals two minutes of moderate activity. The study found that exercising for even 10 minutes at a time, for a total of 150 minutes a week, as well as doing muscle-strengthening exercises two days a week, brings benefits. For even greater health benefits, researchers suggest upping the 2 1/2 hours a week to 5 hours. Muscle strengthening can include working with resistance bands, yoga and weight lifting. While those hours don’t use up all the “sitting” time we also engage in, it does help to even the risk score with less sitting and more moving. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Send email to (c) 2014 King Features Synd., Inc.

Tire Mechanic Position Position Requires: Tire Maintenance for Tractor and Trailer Identifies trend in tire failure Ability to keep work are neat Ability to function safely Interested Applicants can email or 888-323-6115



STEAMBOATS (continued): 1802, at the urging of Robert Livingston,Page U.S.9 We have over 600 distributionlocations, find a conveinent location online •atIn minister to France, Fulton turned his attention Hawkeye Publishing, L.L.C. For Advertising E-mail: or Call (319) 360-3936 to steamboats. After two steamboat trials in France, one a failure and one a success, Fulton returned to America in 1806 and proceeded to build his famed steamboat the Clermont that successfully plied the Hudson River in New York. The Clermont’s first significant trip Click on this starburst on our homepage. was from New York to Albany, a distance of approximately 150 miles. The Clermont left New York on August 17, 1807, and completed the voyage in 30 hours, including an overnight stop.

March 25th, 2014

Up to 13 chances EACH WEEK to WIN at! Over $60,000

in winnings have been awarded in the weekly drawings since we began in 2006! Winners are not required to purchase anything in order to redeem their winnings.


2 tickets for an upcoming show. Value up to $56


39 38th Ave. Amana, IA 52203



$10.00 Gift Certificate

220th Trail Ronneburg 4408 Amana, IA 52203 319-622-3641 Restaurant On the main street of Historic Amana

w w w. r o n n e b u r g r e s t a u r a n t . c o m



Enter for a chance to win 2 concert tickets!

2013-2014 season 1 remaining show


“Rodney Mack Philadelphia Big Brass”




Enter for a chance to win! Choice of any of our omelets!* Served all day. Valued up to $10.49

3130 16th Ave SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 (319) 261-1249 *Does not include beverage.*Order cannot be split for two. 6RPHUHVWULFWLRQVDSSO\‡1RSXUFKDVHQHFHVVDU\‡1RWUHGHHPDEOHIRUFDVK

ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A Pork Loin Basket meal. Value up to $819

319-364-4415 621 1st Ave. SW Cedar Rapids, IA


If your desire has always been to visit Mexico but have never been able to, NOW YOU CAN! Or at least, something so close to Mexico itself it is unbelievable. The best part is, it’s right in Cedar Rapids. Proud owner Diego Ramirez invites you to come experience the ambiance of true Mexican cuisine in an atmosphere where Mexico abounds in the furnishings as well as your dining and drinking pleasure. Canutillo Lindo located at: 2210 Edgewood Rd. S.W. in Cedar Rapids opened their doors to the Steak Ala American public August 8th of this yyear. As well as an extensive menu, Canutillo Lindo offers many specials throughout the week. Here are four of their popular Choripollo items. They have a large menu of selections to choose from. You can enter online to try and win the Fajitas Fiesta that they are offering to a weekly winner.


You can also stop in for one of their quick lunch specials Mon.-Fri. 11-3. We have a Full Bar with Daily drink Specials.

• The first voyage by the Clermont was met by the public with suspicion. Many referred to the boat as “Fulton’s Folly” due to its unusually long length and the smoke and fire associated with the vessel’s newfangled steam engine. Many thought it would blow up or sink on its first voyage; they were wrong! In fact, because Fulton wisely paid attention to passenger comfort, the Clermont became a very profitable vessel for transporting passengers to destinations on the Hudson River. Fulton subsequently formed and led a company offering services on six major rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. • Following Fulton’s success, steamboats became a prime transporter of passengers and goods across the country. For example, in the steamboat port of New Orleans, 20 steamboat arrivals in 1814 increased to a whopping 1,200 Answer for Tidbits Word Power Puzzle below: arrivals by 1834. • The steamboat era in the United States continued until the 1870s, when railroads started supplanting the steamboat as the preferred transporter of passengers and goods.


← ← ← ← ← ← ←



from any of our

7 different Fajitas Fiesta’s




Enter for a Choice of 1 chance to win Fajitas Fiesta

New Name Same great service

Enter for a Chance to Win Molcajete


1 Full Service car wash Valued at $11.99

1317 First Ave. SE Cedar Rapids, IA




Tatyana’s Coffee Shop & Café

1725 Boyson Rd., Hiawatha * 319-393-2500 * 6HUYLQJ%UHDNIDVW /XQFK Valued Monday - Friday 7 AM - 2 PM

up to $8.25 Enter for a Chance to WIN one daily lunch special Does not include beverage.




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T a k e t h i s i s s u e o f Tidbits® h o m e w i t h y o u t o s h a r e w i t h y o u r f a m i l y !

March 25th, 2014 For Advertising E-mail: Climate or Call (319) 360-3936 controlled and traditional self-storage units Cedar Rapids 364-7400 • Resident manager 5315 J Street SW, • Residential and commercial Just off I-380 &•Hwy 30 will sign for deliveries Office


David Pitts


319-981-DAVE (3283)

Get Ready for Spring

Broker/Owner, Listing Specialist, HUD Specialist


New Listing

3bed/2bath w/o Ranch w/ 2100 sq. ft., garage, Whirlpool tub, large lot, deck, more! $127,000

New Listing

Updated bar w/ 3 rentals that almost PAY the payment. BAR is FREE! SHOWS great! $139k



By Samantha Mazzotta

3 BR 1716 sq ft sprawling ranch completely updated on large Wooded lot w/2 car. This is a steal! $107k 4bed/2ba 1.75 story, CONTRACT TERMS, 2 car, vinyl siding, new windows, $99k.

STRANGE BUT TRUE by Samantha Weaver

● It was President John F. Kennedy who made the following sage observation: “Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” ● If you’re planning a trip to Kentucky anytime soon, you’d better keep a close rein on your interactions with strangers. It seems that flirting there is illegal and could get you 30 days in jail. ● Those who study such things claim that more Jell-O is eaten in Utah than anywhere else in the world. ● According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 21 percent of all people living in America speak a language other than English at home. While Spanish is the most frequently spoken after English, several Chinese languages, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese and German are each spoken in more than a million households across the country. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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1.800.991.8670 Mon-Sat 9am–9pm EST. Closed Su.

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We’re finally into March, and for most of the country, that means the start of a welcome change from a cold and difficult winter. As the snow melts and the temperature warms, it’s time to start getting ready for the growing season that’s about to begin. In the northern part of the country, it’s unlikely that the lawn is ready for mowing. But homeowners here need to start unpacking and preparing lawncare equipment for use. This is a good time to bring the hedge trimmers, saws, rakes and other tools down from their pegs. Wipe off excess oil and dust from the handles and clean dirt or rust spots from the metal blades or tines. Sharpen trimmer and lawnmower blades using a metal rasp, or take them to a hardware store or service that will sharpen them for you. Bring out the lawnmower and prepare it for its first use. In the fall, you should have removed or emptied the gas tank, removed the spark plug, and removed the mower blades for cleaning and storage; now it’s time to put those back on. Start by installing the blades and brushing away old grass cuttings and dirt from the underside of the mower, then turn the mower upright and fill the tank with fresh gasoline or the correct gas-oil mixture. Install the spark plug. Roll the mower outside, prime the motor (either using a priming button if it has one, or by tugging the starter cord twice), and start the lawnmower. Run it for a few minutes, testing the throttle and other settings, then shut it down and store it in an accessible place, ready to mow the lawn. In more southerly states, new grass should already be visible, if not yet ready to mow. Now is the time to de-thatch the lawn, if needed, to allow that new growth more air and light. Any bare spots should be re-sodded, sprigged or de-thatched and re-seeded. Protect newly seeded areas from birds by setting low stakes around the spot and crisscrossing the area with string, or tying strips of cloth to the stakes to keep them away. Once the danger of hard frost has passed, shrubs and small trees that were wrapped in burlap over the winter can be unwrapped. Any bulbs that were planted or went dormant in the fall, such as tulips, will begin showing green shoots soon. Trees are beginning to bud and bloom, so avoid pruning them until the leaves are fully open. Spring can be an incredibly busy time for homeowners, so prepare your lawncare tools now in order to hit the ground running. Send your questions or home tips to

Cedar Rapids 364-74 5315 J Street SW Just off I-380 and Hwy 30

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TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED AND Just off Blairs Ferry Road TRADITIONAL SELF-STORAGE UNITS 2 LOCATIONS • manager • On-site Penske truck rental & packing supplies • Individual unit alarms • Fenced facility with computer-monitored • Month-to-month or entrance gate long-term rentals

Marion 377-8000

550 Lindale Drive Just off Blairs Ferry Road

HOME TIP: Lost your lawnmower guide or operating manual? These are usually available online at the manufacturer’s website and can be downloaded for free.







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March 25th, 2014

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By JoAnn Derson

Carpet • Vinyl • Ceramic Hardwood Floors

● Have your carpets cleaned. High-traffic areas may require cleaning as often as every three or four months, but bedrooms can go as long as 18 months. Use runners and area rugs to safeguard spots that may be vulnerable, like under a vanity or by your sofas.

● “One of the things I do each spring (and fall) is to go through my makeup and toss the old items. I also restock my firstaid kit and get new bottles of sunscreen and bug spray to keep in my car kit, so I will always have it around.” -- E.A. in California ● Be sure you use a trivet or other protectant when placing flowerpots on wood floors. Also, purchase felt pads for the bottoms of furniture. This will eliminate divots or other kinds of depressions or scratches in the floor. ● “Tiny tears in your window screen can be secured with clear nail polish. I dab the spot, then use tweezers to line up the tiny wires, then dab again. Just make sure the window is open, or the screen might stick to the windowpane.” -- T.T. in Indiana

HAWKS! 3909 Center Point Rd NE Cedar Rapids

(319) 832-1937 Steven Vogt Owner

“We Gotcha Covered”


KEVIN’S A-1 VACUUM 901 Oakland Rd NE 319-365-8308

Q: What did the window say to the door? A: What are you squeaking about? I'm the one with the pane!

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● “I had some residue on my bathroom ceiling from hard water condensation. I happened to have a set of crutches lying around. I used a hair elastic to secure a hand towel to the arm rest of one crutch. Then I sprayed it with water and used it to scrub the ceiling. It worked really well. I was done in no time.” -- A.A. in Florida ● A baking soda and water mix is great for tile floors if you want a quick mop up. If a lot of your floors are tile, do yourself a favor and invest in a steam mop. They clean and sanitize, leaving your floors brilliant.


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BY Jerry Liska 1-11-09

Is that guys grave covered in bills?

It say's here he was buried in debt.


March 25th, 2014

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aining cats and



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Once upon a time there was a ferry that carried birds across a river. The chickens were the early birds (arise e above phrase? Jiffy early) and scurried on board. The owl was grumpy ng to the tuneSo-Cheezy of because he was a night owl (stayed up most ofCorn the Mac & Cheese night)! The blue bird conversations were like water Muffin c for “Stars and 7.25 oz off a duck’s back (forgotten quickly). The ferry8.5 full oz bbed feet, has of birdbrains (silly or stupid) didn’t last very long! e a mix of duck,







Totino’s up to us. CatsParty Pizza This word means: Used in or s treat us as 9.8-10.7 oz, Pepperoni, characteristic of familiar and informal conversation. Churchill Combination or Cheese ea hear about the great new restaurant on the moon?




Coburn Farms Yogurt 6 oz, Assorted Varieties




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1. Where did the phraseMADE “raining cats and ood is excellent, but there’s no COMFORT FOODS dogs” originate? atmosphere.

Once upon a time there was a ferry that carried birds across a river. chickens were the early birds (arise 1.ThePreheat oven to 350 F. Spray an 8-byearly) and scurried on board. The owl was grumpy 3/23/1953 8-inch baking dish with butter-flavored because he was a night owl (stayed up most of the “Stars and Stripes Forever?” ning 3/24/1976 cooking spray. Layer green beans and night)! The blue bird conversations were like water 4. Who composed the music for “Stars and klin 3/25/1942 in prepared off a duck’stuna back (forgotten quickly). The ferry fullbaking dish. 1. England. Stripes Forever” on 3/26/1962 In the scheme of things ininthe fooddogs world, canned 2. Heavy rains5.would homeless Whatresult animal, with webbed feet, has of birdbrains or stupid) last very long! 2.(sillyIn a didn’t small bowl, combine Thousand y 3/27/1970tuna is considered the bargain basement of drowning. features that make it look like a mix of duck, Island dressing, sour cream and onion re 3/28/1955 seafood. But, oh, what a smile canned tuna puts 3. “Be Kind tobeaver, your Web-Footed and otter? Friends.”

FAST 2. WhatAND causedHEALTHY! the use of the above phrase? What children’s song is sung to the tune of By3. Healthy Exchanges

Tuna Isle Feast

ell 3/29/1955

John Philip Sousa.those enjoying it in delicious on the4.faces of both 5. Platypus. recipes and those paying for the groceries!

1days (15-ounce) ned the term “dog of ?”“When? and drained

can cut green beans, rinsed

es the term mean? 2

flakes. Evenly spoon mixture over tuna. Sprinkle cracker crumbs evenly over top. Lightly spray tops with butter-flavored cooking spray. 3. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes. Place baking dish on a wire rack and let set for 5 minutes. Makes 6 servings. Freezes well.

(6-ounce) cans white tuna, packed in water, drained and flaked 3/4 cup fat-free Thousand Island dressing 162 calories, 2g fat, Q●15g O Each L Lprotein, L Userving C O I21g A equals: 1/4 cup no-fat1st sour cream Quarter 2014 carb., 803mg sodium, 2g “I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats born, Michigan, This wordfiber; means: Used in or Diabetic 2 teaspoons dried onion flakes Pigs treat us as born Truck Plant Weeklook 13down on us. characteristic of familiar and informal Exchanges: 2 Meat, 1 Starch, 1 conversation. Vegetable. equals.” -- Winston Churchill made built there were 14 small fat-free saltine crackers, living roofs” in Copyright King Features Synd., Inc. into fine crumbs e about 10,000,


Center and the rk, headquarters a mountain out of a molehill shington, a o exaggerateand a problem to seem national ger than itAirport. really is. This saying gfound material costsas far back as in writings lso help address 1600. Moles are strong diggers ical

up dirt into volcano-shaped hills ig underground tunnels. They are res, not rodents, related to shrews s. Their burrowing can cause nt damage to lawns and flower

Chaka Khan 3/23/1953 Peyton Manning 3/24/1976 1. The ancient Romans. 1500s. Aretha Franklin 3/25/1942 Stockton 3/26/1962 2. The hottest days ofJohn summer. Mariah Carey 3/27/1970 Reba McEntire 3/28/1955 Earl Campbell 3/29/1955


PREMIERE CHOCOLATIER GIFT & CANDY SHOP Our famous Pop Rock Bunnies are back! Cheesecake Chicks, Chocolate Bunnies Truffle & Buttercream Eggs 129 3rd Ave SE Cedar Rapids Corner of 2nd St. & 3rd Ave. Downtown


1. England. 2. Heavy rains would result in homeless dogs drowning. 3. “Be Kind to your Web-Footed Friends.” 4. John Philip Sousa. 5. Platypus.

Differences: 1. Poster is missing. 2. Holster is reversed. 3. Bullet belt is missing. 4. Gun is moved. 5. Star is missing. 6. Rope is missing.

es of America through an act of Congress in 1987. It was written in d for twelve years. The funny song, “Be Kind to Your Web-Footed

onal Chip and Dip Day onal Chocolate Covered Raisin Day an Day e Up Your Own Holiday Day onal “Joe” Day mething on a Stick Day onal Mom and Pop Five BusinessSeasons Owners’

Change your worn shocks every 50,000 miles

1st Quarter 2014

Get up to $120 Visa prepaid gift card Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, (See store for details) created a living roof on its Dearborn Truck Plant Week 13 in 2003. When the roof was built there were Get Rebates up to $120. fewer than 50 similar types of “living roofs” in When you purchase a set of 4 select Goodyear or Dunlop Tire is locally owned operated. the United States. Now there are and about 10,000, on the Goodyear Credit Card. See store for details. 1641 Edgewood 2804 1st Ave NE including the Javits Convention Center and theRD SW State Building in New York, headquartersIA 52404 Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids, Empire IA 52402 UP TO of Nintendo in Redmond, Washington, and a $80.00 Visa Prepaid Card FedEx building at Chicago International Airport. See store for details. HOURS Both Locations: The roofs help to Mon.-Fri. save on roofing8-6; materialSat. costs 9-3 as well as electrical costs. They also help address 1. The ancient Romans. 1500s. water runoff and other ecological concerns. 2. The hottest days of summer.


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