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A schoolteacher asked her class what they were thankful for. “I am thankful,” said one small boy, “That I am not a turkey.”

so why not save money in

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by Janet Spencer The average annual consumption of turkey has increased from 8.3 pounds in 1975 to 18.5 pounds today. Come along with Tidbits as we talk turkey! TASTY TURKEY • Turkey meat is higher in protein and lower in fat and calories than many other meats, averaging 26 percent protein and 11 percent fat. It has 25 percent less fat than roast beef, and 46 percent less than pork loin. Skin accounts for six percent of the bird’s weight. The highest concentrations of fat are found in the skin and the pan drippings, which is why you should avoid both. TURKEY FACTS • The size of an average turkey breast has increased 22 percent since 1979. • A typical turkey will consume 110,000 calories in its lifetime. • It takes 3 lbs of feed to produce one pound of turkey, but it takes 7 lbs of feed to produce one pound of beef. • A typical 15-pound bird will have 70 percent white meat and 30 percent dark meat. • The first meal eaten on the moon by Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin in 1969 consisted of a foil packet full of turkey with trimmings.







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2 pc Sofa & Loveseat - Georgia Multi

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welcoming lobby private reHab entrance new State of tHe art reHab room

dining room 35 private roomS wHirlpool Spa witH tv

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NATURE CENTER HOSTS GUILD’S NATURE’S NOEL Saturday, December 7th from 9 a.m. till Noon Indian Creek Nature Center, 6665 Otis Road SE, CR Spruce up your home for the holidays with fresh greens, gifts and holiday foods at Nature’s Noel. Find decorations made with fresh greens, baked goods, artisan gifts from local vendors, frozen appetizers and tasty frozen soups, even recycled treasures,. But it’s only three hours long, so come early! Presented by the Nature Center Guild, this fundraiser supports programs for adults and children. A Taste in Time Cookbook Sale & Tasting Party Saturday, November 9th, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Center Point Public Library, 720 Main St. Center Point "A Taste in Time" Cookbook sale and tasting party with vintage salt/peppers for sale and aprons on display. Hands on kids' cooking classes at 10 a.m., 11 and noon. Admission- $5, or $4 if you wear an apron. Harmonize the Holidays Saturday December 14, 2:00PM CEDAR SOUNDS SWEET ADELINES and women of the community who meet with the chorus for rehearsals in advance (Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm, 11/12 - 12/10) will perform popular Christmas Carols for the public December 14 at New Bo Market Cedar Rapids. Contact for information on performing with the chorus). The performance is FREE. Four-part harmony, a cappella will be sung. A great way to put yourself in the holiday spirit!

Of Linn County

Helping Hand

TURKEY QUESTIONS ANSWERED • You go to buy a turkey, and wonder how big a bird you should get. An 11 lb. turkey will yield 5 to 6 lbs. of meat. The bigger the bird, the greater the ratio of meat to bones, so the cheaper the serving. You wonder if it would be more economical to get a turkey breast, roast, or roll. Whole turkeys are cheaper per serving. Sometimes turkeys are so cheap that you wonder if you should stock up. A frozen turkey will keep for up to a year if stored at zero degrees . You wonder if you should get a self-basting bird. According to taste tests, there is no reason to choose a selfbasting bird over one that is not selfbasted. Basted birds have more salt. You wonder how long it will take to thaw. It should be thawed in the fridge for 24 hours for each 5 lbs. of weight. You debate between homemade or Stove-Top. Stuff the bird at the very last minute before cooking to cut down on bacteria, or cook it unstuffed. SMOKED TURKEY

• To celebrate the wealth of turkey farms in the area, the town of Frazee, Minnesota erected a gigantic turkey statue. Standing 22 feet tall, it was billed as the world’s largest turkey. On July 1, 1998, city workers wanted to spiff up Big Tom (as he was called) in preparation for the annual Turkey Days Festival. However, they decided to clean the fiberglass and paper maché statue with blow torches. Big Tom caught fire and burned to the ground. But civic pride kicked in and by September, another equally impressive Big Tom was installed in its place. WHITE vs DARK

Coloring Contest

eaturing F Featur ad City Style uad Q Qu a Piz Pizzza

Lower Level Lindale Mall

Color Me!

eaturing F Featur ad City Style uad Q Qu a Piz Pizzza

Then return me to Cranky Hanks

Lower Level Lindale Mall

4444 1st Ave. NE Lindale Mall lower level Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

November 29th -December 31st, 2013 LOWER LEVEL LINDALE MALL

November 26th 2013


Categories Ages 2-5 6-9 10-14 15 and up, no age limit Top three winners of each category receive a free pizza.

1st place is a large pizza 2nd is a small 3rd is a personal size pizza Please stop in and either pick up or bring home to color. For ages 2-14 We have a winter setting page you can color. For 15 and up,

We give you a blank “Canvas” to test your artistic ability.

All entrants receive a personal 1 topping on your next visit with a $10 purchase.

Stop in at Cranky Hanks

for the official entry form to color on.

Top three entrants will be notified so that they can attend the final judging on January 5th at Cranky Hanks Pizza. Prizes not valid on judging day.

4444 1st Ave. NE Lindale Mall lower level Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 319-365-4265

• Myoglobin is the dark-colored protein that stores oxygen in muscles of some animals, just like hemoglobin stores oxygen in red blood cells. The oxygen stored by myoglobin is used for power to drive muscles, and is present in large amounts in muscles that do a lot of work, such as the legs. Muscles that do little work, such as the breast, have less myoglobin.

E A G L E S C L U B F. O . E 22 72 Party Rooms & Hall Rentals Available

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The more who play the more we give away.... Get there early enjoy our food special & buy your tickets- drawing @7:00.

Thursday Night

Wing night & 3 ball pool league! Basket of 8 wings Hot or Mild $4.00

Larryokey Friday nights!! Friday night Larryokey every time you sing means a better chance to win cash!!

SUNday FOOTBALL! enjoy drink specials relax and watch a foot ball game.

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We are “People Helping People”




All types of scrap Metal Auto, Aluminum, Aluminum Cans, Copper and Brass

Large selection of new & used auto parts


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Come to us 1st and last for the best price! If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Changing Hands

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Black Friday & Saturday

We will be closed on Thanksgiving day

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Tools 4 life By DR. Jim coyle “Thankfulness” The Perfect Cure for Venom Thanksgiving week is my favorite week of the year as we purpose in our hearts to be grateful. We have all been bitten throughout life with poisonous venom. The poisonous venom of a snake bite causes blood to clot and can be fatal if not removed quickly. The venom of pain and hurt in relationships can cause the same fatal clots between people if not dealt with. The perfect cure for venom is a grateful heart. If we can learn to fill our veins with gratitude there is no room for poison because we always become a better person through our trials and adversities. Forgive, Forget, and move Forward. Studies have proved that gratitude promotes psychological well-being, healthy living, and pro-social or moral behavior. Studies have also shown that there are higher levels of positive mood and lower levels of negative mood. “So let the peace that comes from Christ control your thoughts. And be grateful.” Colossians 3:15

November 26th 2013

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Join families as we Remember the loss of our children by lighting individual candles in honor of their memory. A memory table will be available to display a picture of your child. If you would like to have your child’s picture shown on an overhead screen, please submit it to Amy Tersinar by 11/30/13 at Location – First United Methodist Church, 8th Ave & 12th Street, Marion Date & Time – Sunday Dec 8that 7:00pm For further information: contact Amy Tersinar, 319-432-1911 or Heidi Benson 319-393-8000

Why do we sing "Take me out to the ball game" when we are already there?

Second Annual Holiday Expo

Saturday, December 7 Sokol Hall 5200 18th Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids 9am to 2pm

Featuring VENDORS and CRAFTERS Arbonne-Ace-Avon-BeautiControl-Cleaver Container-Cliffs Creations-Fibi&Clo-Grace Adele Handcrafted by Grant-Inspired by Addi-It Works! Karen’s Creations-Lia Sophia-Lucky’s Paracord Made Just for You-Mary Kay-Millie & June Norwex-Origami Owl-Pampered Chef-Park Lane Passion Parties-Perfectly Posh-Something4You Stanley & Fuller Brush-Tastefully Simple-Thirty One Tupperware-U’ve Been Framed-WoodenThoughts Wine Shop at Home-Your Inspiration at Home The Lighted Bottle People!


• Besides the fleshy wattle that hangs below a turkey’s chin, a male turkey also has a fleshy appendage that hangs over its beak called a snood. The snood indicates virility and stretches to twice its length during the macho strutting preceding mating. The ladies prefer a long snood. The snood also plays an important role in the rivalry between males. Males will access the length of a rival’s snood before engaging in battle. One researcher wanted to find out just how important the snood is. He constructed two turkey decoys and placed them three feet apart in a small arena. Each of the decoys stood next to a pile of birdseed. The decoys were identical except that one had a large snood and the other’s snood was small. One at a time, the researcher placed 28 young male turkeys into the yard and waited to see what would happen. Only four of the 28 turkeys took birdseed from the pile in front of the decoy with a huge snood, while 17 stole seed from the decoy with the smaller snood. Seven of the real turkeys stole birdseed from both decoys. The researcher theorized that the length of the snood may be determined by the bird’s testosterone level. WILD vs DOMESTIC

• One difference between wild and domestic turkeys is that the domestic variety is unable to fly, whereas wild birds are extremely good fliers. They need no runway for takeoff, can climb vertically, are capable of attaining speeds of 40 m.p.h. in the air, and can glide for a mile without fluttering a wing.


Year-Round Location across from Linn-Mar High School at 955 29th Ave. Suite A, Marion Monday-Thursday Sandwich Specials, Combo and Kids Meals Original location since 1962 1936 42nd Street NE, Cedar Rapids Open til Dec., reopening spring 2014 Over 50 Different Shakes and Malts, made the same for Over 50 years! Gourmet Ice Cream Cakes!



our y w o h


ni n u r s ri


ir : 97 e repa v i t o nce 19uth utom ted si

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y this ad hicle Safet n o i t n . e Me fall V l for details e e a fr tion. Cal inspec

Mt. Vernon Road Auto Center, Inc.

4207 Mt. Vernon Rd. SE (319) 365-3937

TURKEY HISTORY • Turkeys originated in Central and North America. Archeologists have found turkey fossils over 10 million years old. They’re the only breed of poultry native to the Western Hemisphere. There are two species of wild turkey: the Yucatan turkey inhabits Central America, and the North American turkey lives in the U.S.

November 20th 5-7 Tenderloin Dinner

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HAIR LOSS? WE CAN rd 23HELP! 5-7 Thanksgiving 245 Classic Car Dinner Ct. SW$9 Suite A th Cedar Rapids, IA 6 52404 319-364-4220 5 - 7 Burgers & Soup night $7 $7 Bingo following dinner


Veterans of Foreign Wars

Post 788 3240 Southgate Place SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

w w w. v f w p o s t 7 8 8 . o r g


November 23rd December 6

5 - 7 Burgers & Soup night $7 Games followng the dinner

December 8th Sunday Brunch All you can eat

Event Hall Available

These events are open to the public.

Line dancing classes 7-9 for only $5.

9am - Noon $9.00 Juices, Coffee, Milk, Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit, Pancakes, Hash Browns, Bacon/Ham, Sausage. Eggs to order, French Toast, Biscuits and Gravy.

December 18th 5-7 Tenderloin Dinner $7 Bingo following dinner

Special events, corporate events, weddings, anniversary

Monday Nights

5-7 Thanksgiving Dinner $9 th


We Proudly present: December 8th Sunday Brunch All you can eat

9am - Noon $9.00 Juices, Coffee, Milk, Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit, Pancakes, Hash Browns, Bacon/Ham, Sausage. Eggs to order, French Toast, Biscuits and Gravy.

We currently have full and part time positions available for Direct Support Professionals in Cedar Rapids, Coralville, Kalona, Washington, and Mount Vernon. Here is your opportunity to make a positive difference and provide support to your area’s family and friends as these adults reach for independence. Qualified applicants will possess: • A genuine desire to help others • High school diploma/equivalent • Valid driver’s license • Successful background clearance • Ability to lift 50 lbs.

Call for Details: 319-364-7752 Come enjoy our new steel tip dart board. AMERICANS HONOR ALL



Look for puzzle answers on page 12.

If you are committed to providing a safe & supportive environment to individuals with developmental disabilities and want to have fun at work; apply online at: EOE/AA

- Please give thanks to the businesses in which you have found this paper available for your enjoyment.-

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CENTER POINT FOODS 800 Ford Lane Center Point, IA 52213

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• No one is sure where the word “turkey” came from. Some claim that when Columbus saw them, he thought they were related to the peacock. Because he thought he was in India, and because the word for peacock in India is “tuka,” he named them thusly. Others say that it got its name because it was imported through the country of Turkey. Still others swear it was because the bird’s head resembles the helmet of Turkish soldiers. Some think it’s because the call of the bird sounds like “turk-turk-turk.”


♦ Accounting ♦ Computer Consulting ♦ Auditing ♦ Tax services ♦ Payroll & bookkeeping ♦ Small Business Services ♦ Employee Benefits Services ♦ Management Advisory Service ♦ Small Business Services ♦ Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor

Jennifer Decker, CPA

366-8267 Ext. 20 2750 First Ave. NE, Suite 150 Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Why did the farmer run a steamroller over his potato field on Thanksgiving Day? He wanted mashed potatoes.

If you’re looking at this space, so are your clients.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Locally Owned and Operated First Issue Linn was February 6th, 2006 First Issue Johnson was January 11th, 2012 Combined readership is over 68,000 Over 950 distribution locations combined Every week new great content Affordable long term marketing Audited, is your publication audited?

November 26th 2013

• Vincent Pilkington of Ireland plucked a turkey bald in one minute, 30 seconds on November 17, 1980, making him the world’s fastest turkey plucker. • One of the world’s largest turkey farms is located in Norfolk, Britain and is owned by Bernard Matthews. Over a million birds per year are raised there. • One of the heaviest turkeys ever raised weighed 86 pounds dressed out, which is about the size of a large German shepherd dog. It won the annual Heaviest Turkey competition in London in 1989.

Open AT neW lOcATiOn DecemBer 2nd

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• On the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, dodo birds lived under the calvaria tree. The tree’s seeds were unable to sprout until they had been ground down by the dodo’s digestive tract. The dodo had no natural enemies and therefore had developed no defenses. When man came accompanied by rats, dogs, and guns, the dodo died off, and it looked like the calvaria tree was soon to follow. At one point there were only 13 of the trees left in the world, some of them more than 300 years old. Then a professor from Wisconsin fed the seeds to turkeys, whose gizzards did the job that the dodo used to do. Just in the nick of time, the calvaria tree was saved from the dodo’s fate.

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Money Back"Results" "Results" Guarantee!!! Money Back Guarantee!!!

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(319)270-2307 270-2307 (319)

Why do pilgrims pants keep falling down? Because their belt buckles are on their hats! I wonder if they had problems running from the Indians while holding their pants up?

Readership of free community papers is now higher than paid daily papers and continues to grow. And more than 70 percent of readers make their buying decisions from free paper advertising and editorial. Your free community paper, promoting connections at a local level—right under your nose. Russ, I thought that I would let you know that the weekly drawing that I’m doing with you has been some of the best marketing we have ever done. I find that most people visit us with a spouse or friend which allows us to at least break even with their free sandwich they win. The hardest part to gain new customers is getting them in the door the first time to try us out. This has been a great way to establish new customers as we can always satisfy them to return again and again. Thank you very much for all the help you do for us at the Maid Rite! Jim Hanson, Owner Maid Rite West

The Favorite Feast

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Wa n t t h i s p a p e r e v e r y w e e k ? C h e c k o n - l i n e f o r o t h e r g re a t d i s t r i b u t i o n l o c a t i o n s .

November 26th 2013

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Truck Toppers

Computer services include: • • • • • • • • • •

Virus Removal Upgrades for slow computers Professional internal cleaning of all electronics In-home service calls Pick up and Deliveries Recycling your unwanted electronics Data, picture, music, documents and video retrieval Fix screens on laptop’s Education on virus protection We will match or beat all competitor prices! Mike’s PC Repair Call today for your free estimate 319-533-5617

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Sign-up Today! ostume Emporium

Wrapping for a Cause, sponsored by Veridian Credit Union returns to Lindale Mall for its tenth year.

Locally Owned & Operated Since 2004

Look for puzzle answers on page12

● Costume Rentals ● Make up ●Wigs ● Novelties & Accessories! Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff! 420 2nd Ave. SE Downtown Cedar Rapids (319) 298-9999

Now Taking Holiday Costume Reservations! Hi sweets.

Wrapping for a Cause is looking for volunteers

ns, Etc. & B a l lo o

C T he

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Open Year Round!

Kings & Queens


Visit and sign up today with friends, family or coworkers. Shifts are available from November 30th thru December 24th. Please contact Allison at, or call 319-365-0487, ext. 1024 with any questions.

Buses Run Daily to Meskwaki Casino

Sams East 10:15 AM 5:00 PM K-Mart West

Call 319-364-7161

8:30 AM 10:45 AM 5:30 PM To confirm your seat on the bus Proudly presents King Crossword.

Venue Partner

What's that smell?

BY Jerry Liska 5-30-08 12-4-09

I'm cooking. Have a look in the crock pot.

7 to 10 PM every Saturday on



Jim Hanson & Dick Hogan

Think it’s too late to sign up for BMX? Riders can sign up at any time & your Nope! membership is good for 12 months!

on Cedar Rapids’ only live and local all request 50’s and 60’s radio show

• Ready to feel



Call 363-2273 ON CALL 24 HOURS 399-9121

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• The areas foremost Sports Physician • Most insurances accepted • Emergency Care • Same day appointments

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November 26th 2013

December 22– January 19

Pace yourself, Capricorn. The holiday season is just getting underway. Give too much of yourself now, and you won’t have any to give later.

January 20– February 18

True to form, you’re on top of your game, at home and at work. There is nothing you cannot do this week, Aquarius. A web of deceit begins to unravel.

February 19– March 20

Shape up, or ship out, Pisces. There are many others waiting in the wings, so if your heart is not in it, move aside. Hope blooms at home.

March 21– April 19

Duty calls, Aries. Heed it and give it your all. You will reap more rewards than you know. A task at home must be divided and conquered.

April 20– May 20

Party invites arrive by the handful. Choose the best and leave the rest, Taurus. Financial objectives are met, and you have some to spare.

May 21– June 21 The gift list grows. You better get shopping, Gemini. Start someplace you’ve never been. Décor needs require some thinking out-side of the box.

June 22– July 22

Nothing is etched in stone, Cancer. If you need to make some changes, then do so. Your friends will understand. A financial endeavor pans out.

July 23– August 22 Dreams grow, but resources stay in short supply. No need to worry, Leo. Things will eventually equal out. A deadline is extended just in time.

August 23– September 22 A problem festers. Leave it be, Virgo. It is not your problem to fix. A major renovation at home tests patience but ends well. Invites arrive by the handful.

September 23– October 22

The secret is out, and you are free to speak about the matter. Be open but tactful, Libra. Opportunity rarely knocks more than once. Don’t miss out.

October 23– November 21

You’re not much of a risk-taker, but an offer this week is too good to pass up. Go for it, Scorpio. It’s yours for the taking. A party date is near.

November 22– December 21

Fancy that, Sagittarius. Someone is in dire need, and you come to their rescue. Be careful that you don’t make a habit of it. A card bears good news.

• Annie Jump Cannon was born in 1863 to Elizabeth Jump and Wilson Lee Cannon. Growing up in Delaware, her mother taught her the names of all the constellations in the sky, imbuing her with a lifelong interest in astronomy. Annie excelled in school and was particularly adept at mathematics. • In 1880 she enrolled in Wellesley College in Massachusetts, one of the top schools for women in a day and age when women rarely attended college. Here, a bout with scarlet fever left her nearly deaf, a handicap that barely slowed her pace. • After graduating with a degree in physics in 1884, she returned home to Delaware, where she grew bored. When her mother died in 1894, she knew it was time for a change. She wrote to her former professor at Wellesley to see if there was a job opening at the school. The professor hired her to be an assistant, and the job allowed Annie to take graduate courses at the college. • A new course in astronomy caught her attention, as did a class in spectroscopy, where she learned the science behind the dispersion of light. She was also fanatically interested in photography. Later she enrolled at Radcliffe Women’s College at Harvard in order to gain access to the Harvard College Observatory. There she caught the attention of noted astronomy Edward Pickering. • Pickering hired Annie to be his assistant at the observatory. His project was to map, define, and catalog every possible star in the sky. He paid Annie and a bevy of other astronomically inclined women a wage of 25 cents per hour for their labor, at a time when the secretaries at the college were earning up to a dollar per hour. Soon the work got bogged down because the system used to classify stars was bulky, difficult, and complex.

Classifieds Of EMPLOYMENT


Part-time Janitorial $9.50 an hour


1am-5am Sun-Thur Cleaning after hours Must be detail oriented Intent to hire

Medical Assistant $10.00 to $12.00

Based on experience Front desk duties and medical assisting Able to generate sales Internet and computer skills typing, faxing, email, scheduling, excellent organizational skills Intent to hire

Forklift / Labor $10.00 an hour

8:30am-5:00pm Possible OT Physical labor in a warehouse Also will train to use forklift No experience necessary Intent to hire

Brake Press Operator 1st shift $13-$15/hr to start Experience running brake press or cnc Experience reading blue prints and sheet metal. Basic math and angle concepts.

Production 1st shift $9.00, 2nd & 3rd $9.25

Food production Company has great benefits

Manufacturing Engineer

Experience using CAD and SolidWorks Experience with sheet metal Proficient blue print reading Minimum 2yr technical degree preferred

$50.00 Referral Bonus If you refer someone in That has not applied before, They work 60 days injury free, And you are still on our payroll.

Advance Services, Inc.

• Annie went to work on the problem, and soon devised a simpler system of star classification based on stellar temperatures. The system, called the Harvard Classification Scheme, was so successful that it was adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 1922 as the official system for stellar classification. It is still being used today.

5428 Blairs Forest Way NE Cedar Rapids,

• Annie’s career in astronomy spanned more than forty years. She received a doctorate of astronomy, became the curator of the Harvard Observatory, and was appointed as an official Harvard astronomer. Harvard officials also named her Curator of Astronomical Photographs. She was the first woman ever to receive an honorary degree from Oxford, and the first woman ever elected an officer of the American Astronomical Society. In addition, she received the prestigious Henry Draper Medal from the National Academy of Sciences, one of the highest honors available to any astronomy. Only one other woman has ever won it.

Valid driver’s license,

• The only time her deafness got in the way of her career was when she was nominated for membership in the National Academy of Sciences, but not elected, after a noted biologist made an issue of her deafness. • Over the course of nearly half a century, she classified and cataloged around a quarter of a million stars, causing Time magazine to label her “Census Taker of the Sky.” She also discovered about 300 new stars. In 1923 she was voted one of the twelve greatest living American women by the League of Women Voters. • She died in 1941, having lived long enough to see women win a grudging place in the world of science. In her honor the American Association of University Women presents the Annie J. Cannon Award each year to a woman beginning her astronomical career.

319-393-1200 EOE

WANTED Light Maintenance Auto Technician

F/T, Pay based on


Apply in person,

Mt Vernon Road Auto Center Inc. 4207 Mt. Vernon Road SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

CRESTVIEW ACRES is now accepting applications for: Full and Part time


Full and Part time

C.N.A All shifts available Apply in person at

1485 Grand Ave, Marion IA


Pre-employment drug testing.

is now accepting applications for: Part time

Cook & Dietary Aide Apply in person at

1485 Grand Ave, Marion IA


Pre-employment drug testing.

CRESTVIEW ACRES is now accepting applications for: Full time

Housekeeping Apply in person at

1485 Grand Ave, Marion IA


Pre-employment drug testing. JOB Opportunity Home Health Care and SCL/ Respite Staff, all shift available. For Personal care, Housekeeping, Medication reminder, Mobility Assistance, Meal preparation, Incontinence care, Chores, SCL/ Respite services for people of all ages and races. Contact: All Ages Care Services, LLC, 319-892-0507 or download application at http://www. Member Support Counselor must: 1. Pass Background Check 2. Have Driving License 3. 18 years or Older with 4. High School Diploma or Higher HOME SERVICES ALL DRAINS SNAKED!


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No Extra Charge Sat/Sun/Hol Space available, over 47,000 local readers every week! LAWN & GARDEN GOT MOLES? Mole Trapper

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We buy gold & silver

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snow & Ice scott Akers

storAge Your Clutter is Our Bread & Butter!

We have only a few large units left!

*Fenced & Gated *Security Cameras *Concrete Floors *Two Unit Sizes! 14x48 Storage with Large 12x14 Overhead Doors $200 per month or $180 per month with 12 month lease 10x20 Storage Units $60 per month


1850 Commercial Dr.Walford,IA

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Knife Sharpest A selection of Candles, $3 per knife sharpened Jewelry, Gifts, 319-393-8897 Antiques & more. 4554 MT. Vernon Rd. SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 VILLAGE HAIR DESIGN Haircuts $10/Coloring $30+up 319-362-0565 65 16th Ave SW Czech Village Entrance/Parking 17th Ave 319-241-6277

twin $99 Full $119 Queen $129 King $189

DElivEry& FiNaNciNg availablE

FrEE layaWay

319-531-6363 Austins LeJunque Store

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ar Rap Cemdputer Repidas





Furniture, Tools, Toys, Christmas, Antiques, Collectables, Household Items. CD’s $1, DVD’s 4/$10, Records $1, VHS $1 Clothing $1, Coats $5

Kevin’s A-1 Vacuum If we don’t have it, you’re in trouble. WE REPAIR ALL BRANDS 517 3rd Ave SW Ste B CedarRapids * 319-365-8308

Diagnostic Repair


40% off for one hour 9am -10am Only Friday November 29th ♦Great Values ♦Great Finds ♦Great Inspiration 185 Hwy 965 Liberty Plaza,Suite1 North Liberty, Iowa

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SAVE YOUR MONEY with the same treatment and results. My prices are economical and reasonable. Clients of all ages, including pregnancy and children are welcome. Reflexology sessions available. To schedule your massage, call Alison, Licensed Massage Therapist / Registered Certified Reflexologist at: 390-7820. Cash or checks only.

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Small jobs welcome! Carpentry, Painting, Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures, Drywall Repairs, Sinks & Faucets, Power Washing.

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Your Body is Talking. Are You Listening?

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CALIFORNIA CHRISTIAN WOMAN from big loving family wishes to adopt healthy child, all expenses paid, totally legal. Please call Marie 917-696-2586 (AC)

Commercial & Residential


Shopping at our store See how easy you can lose weight helps provide support to adults with disabilities. We take donations during regular business hours. HEALTH & WELLNESS Mon.-Fri. 10-6 Sat. 10-5 Sun. 12-5




Framing - Siding - Roofing - Drywall Decks - Garages - Remodeling - Cabinets

Holiday items. madE iN amEriCa!


Shane Hanson 319-450-3160


Corridor’s Premier Furniture Resale Store

All drywall needs. Hanging,finishing, patch work on up to large jobs

We buy all flat screen LCD and Plasma TV's that are not working. Don't throw it out! Russ 360-3936

Interior Painting Drywall Repair, Staining, Varnishing 30 Years of Experience References available

AD#024 Clean and cozy NE side one bedroom, keyed entrance, easy access to I-380, close to park, central air, extra storage, and laundry. Starting at $325 Must Qualify. Kelley Property Mgmt. 319-365-3156 No Pets. AD#201 1 & 2 bedroom very spacious, sw wooded area close to I-380 & Kirkwood, two bath, newer carpet, central air, large walk in closet, keyed entrance, dishwasher and garage available. Starting at $345 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 319-365-3156 No Pets. AD#053 1 & 2 bedrooms, wooded area, close to I-380, laundry, eat in kitchen, air, newer carpet and extra storage. Starting at $275 Must Qualify AD#078 SW location close to Kirkwood and I-380, newer carpet, dishwasher, keyed entrance, air, laundry, garages available .Starting at $295 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 319-365-3156 No Pets HOUSE FOR RENT AD#068 3 bedroom ranch in Marion with full basement, central air, detached garage, and close to a park. Starting at $695 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 319-365-3156 No Pets


Electrical work, small jobs welcome, 45yrs Exp, master license, contractor license, bonded & insured.

15 mile radius for free estimates. Call: 319-622-3238 WANTED

WANTS TO purchase minerals and other oil & gas interests. Send details P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co 80201


can help by restoring one or all of your trailers in your fleet, getting you back on the road with minimal down time, saving you money. We can tackle more than vehicle restoration. We also specialize in food grade framing, factory weldments, signage and large industrial equipment. Call Van Smiley (319) 362-0568 CARS / TRUCKS / VANS

2004 Olds Alero, White with Grey cloth interior. 110k miles, AC, 2.2L/4 cyclinder Automatic, Clean Nor Rust, fully loaded $4,695. 319-350-5183

2005 Saturn Vue, V-6 Auto Front wheel drive, Great gas mileage, Exceptionally clean 86,700 miles, $6,000 319-350-5698 or 319-363-6299 MOTORCYCLES / 4x4 WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI: Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, Z1R, Kawasaki Triples, GT380, GS400, CB750, (1969-75) Cash-Paid, Nationwide-Pickup, 1-800-7721142, 1-310-721-0726. usa@ (AC) FINANCING DO YOU have $15,000 + in Unsecured Debt?? We HELP with Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Repo's, Medical Bills etc. Call 877578-1113 for a FREE Consultation. (AC) TELEVISION / PHONE

DUPLEX FOR RENT AD#083 2 bedroom duplex, side by side, laundry hook-ups, air, 1 stall garage, and close to park. Starting at $445 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 319-365-3156 No Pets AD#077 New duplex, central air, deck and detached garage. Starting at $435 Must Qualify. Kelley Property Mgmt. 319-365-3156 No Pets COMMERCIAL LEASE

Retail or Office Space

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319-362-1411 J.B. Painting, Inc.

Residential and Light Commercial Painting Great References Free Estimates Call Jeff at 319-329-6747



in newer strip mall across from WalMart in Marion. 1500 sq. ft. @$9.95/sq. ft. High traffic area w/signage available 319.363.3292






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MISCELLANEOUS THE OCEAN Corp. 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, Texas 77099. Train for a New Career. *Underwater Welder. Commercial Diver. *NDT/Weld Inspector. Job Placement Assistance. Financial Aid available for those who qualify. 1-800-321-0298. (AC) WE’RE GROWING! McFarland Truck Lines, Inc. We need company/drivers and owner/ operators. Great pay and benefits package. Stay in the Midwest and be home on weekends. www. Call Scott 800-5330564 ext. 205 Scott.Wermager@ (MCN) Space available, over 47,000 local readers every week!


Kirkwood Estates

“lease to Own” Mobile Homes. LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Contact Cheryl at:


Community Building Outside Swimming Pool Storm Shelter Garages Playground Basketball Court Baseball Field Gated RV/Boat Storage Security Staff 24 hours

615 Miller Ave. Dr. SW

METOYER CHESS Tournament Omaha 2014 . Sunday 23rd March . Culprit Cafe 16th & Farnam . $1,000.00 1st Place Prize ... RICH'S CHESS TOURNAMENTS OMAHA PREVIOUS SPONSORS : Dr Shabazz Dr Siddique Gregory Hayze Rhodes DaveEWalker. com Wildemar II ... RICH'S CHESS TOURNAMENTS OMAHA for any Players 18 or older . No USCF membership required . Downtown with convenient parking and close to lots of bus lines ! Text 402.955.9144 RCTOus/mctowepay (AC) OWNER OPERATORS, Dedicated lanes, Off weekends, 60% drop and hook, No touch freight, Midwest, Florida, Texas Plates, Earn over $4500.00 weekly, We finance trucks! 1-877-290-9492 (MCN) SOCIAL MEDIA JOBS Available (Facebook/Twitter) NOW. $25 per hour. Training available. Full-Time/Part-Time. Visit: www. or call 1-800-977-0150 (MCN) WORK AND TRAVEL***6 Openings Now, Full Time Travel, Paid Training, Transportation Provided. Must be 18+. **BBB rated Company – Apply Online or www. 1-916-273-2879 Extremely Fun Job! (MCN) TRAILER SALE! New 6’x12’ cargo $2,249.00; 6’x12’x72” V-nose, ramp door, $2,649.00; 7’x16’ V-nose, ramp door $4,030.00; Skidloader trailers, Gooseneck trailers; Hi-deck bumper pull trailers; Snowmobile trailers: 515-972-4554 or www. (MCN) DO YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR CREDIT? Are your scores too low to rent an apartment, buy a home or get a car? Call Mr. Kaplan and The Credit Pros now for a FREE credit consultation at 1-877686-6440 (MCN) CASH FOR CARS: Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not Sell your Car or Truck TODAY Free Towing! Instant Offer: 1-888-420-3805 (MCN) CASH FOR CARS: All Cars/ Trucks Wanted. Running or Not! Top Dollar Paid. We Come To You! Any Make/Model. Call For Instant Offer: 1-888-417-1382 (MCN) $$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT Cash Now!! Injury Lawsuit Dragging? Need fast $500-$500,000? Rates as low as 1/2% month. Call Now! 1-800-568-8321. www.lawcapital. com (MCN) LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! Learn the key to enjoying fulfilling relationships and achieving lasting happiness. Buy, read and use Dianetics today! 1-800-722-1733 or (MCN) BUYING ROYALTIES & MINERAL RIGHTS To Properties. If you are tired of receiving small monthly checks if at all, Call 1-408-2029307 www.TheMineralbuyer@aol. com (MCN) COULD YOU USE SOME EXTRA MONEY? You Could?! Great! Earn an Extra Income, And All You’ll Need to Spend is a Couple of Hours at Your Home Computer. Visit Now: go.php?hop=natchez8 (MCN) FREE PRODUCTS!!! Strapped for $$$ This Holiday? Stock Up Lavish Gifts for FREE From Garcinia Cambogia, Lift Vapor. 100% FREE. Pay Only $2.97 Shipping. Save $$. Limited Time Offer! 1-480-525-3379. www. (MCN) $14.99 SATELLITE TV. Includes free installation. High speed internet for less than $.50 a day. Low cost guarantee. Ask about our FREE IPAD with Dish Network. Call today 1-855-331-6646 (MCN)


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Nov 28th-Dec 22nd Tannenbaum Forest A forest of decorated trees, Nativity, Santa & his reindeer. December 6th-7th A Glimpse of Amana’s Christmas Past Stories of old at the Heritage Museum.

1 2


Lehm Books & Gifts Featuring Heart of Christmas Figurines & Department 56

3 4 5

4536 220th Trail • Amana, IA 52203 (319) 622-6447 • (800) 840-2387 w w w. l e h m b o o k s a n d g i f t s . c o m

6 7

220th Trail




220th Trail


Av e



Amana Business Directory Old Creamery Theatre Company 39 38th Ave. 1-800-35-amana See page 6 Little Red Wagon See this page 4417 220th Trail 319-622-3822 Amana General Store See this page 4423 220th Trail 319-622-7650 Amana Coffee & Tea Co. See this page 4423 220th Trail 622-6598 The Ronneburg Restaurant 4408 220th Trail 319-622-3641 See page 6 Lehm Books & Gifts See this page 319-622-6447 4536 220th Trail • 800-840-2387 Iowa Theatre Artists Company 4709 220th Trail 319-622-3222




nu Ave


MOMENTS IN TIME The History Channel ● On Nov. 30, 1886, the Folies Bergere in Paris introduces an elaborate revue featuring women in sensational costumes. The highly popular “Place aux Jeunes” established the Folies as the premier nightspot in Paris. The Folies followed the Parisian taste for striptease and quickly gained a reputation for its spectacular nude shows. ● On Dec. 1, 1913, Henry Ford installs the first moving assembly line for the mass production of an entire automobile. His innovation reduced the time it took to build a car from more than 12 hours to 2 1/2 hours. ● On Nov. 28, 1925, the “Grand Ole Opry,” one of the longest-lived and most popular showcases for country music, begins broadcasting live from Nashville, Tenn. The showcase was originally named the “Barn Dance.” ) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

A-1 Home Healthcare Proudly Presents

Senior News Line



45th Avenue

44th Avenue


The Amana Colonies are located 5 miles north of Interstate 80 on Iowa Highways 151, 6 and 220. The Colonies are 20 miles southwest of Cedar Rapids, and 17 miles west of Iowa City.

46th Avenue


Aman ← to Middle

Hwy 151 / 42nd Avenue

38th Avenue


Rapids → To Cedar

Stop in at our New Location

830 4th Ave. SE * Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 Phone: 319-362-8976 * Fax: 319-298-1669

“Because Your Family’s Health Comes First”

● Free Delivery of your medications to your home or office. ● Free Mail out Medication Service. ● Nebulizers to buy or rent. ● Monthly billing with approved payee service OR credit. ● Approved In-Network Unity Point Pharmacy.

by Matilda Charles

Winter Workouts at Home

I recently purchased a small, inexpensive manual treadmill. Unlike the electric ones, this one doesn’t need to be within cord distance of a wall plug, and it’s not so heavy that I can’t move it. It goes at the speed I set with my own legs. And it didn’t cost the many hundreds of dollars that an electric treadmill does. If you’re in good health (and your doctor approves), with only a few pieces of equipment, you can get in mild workouts this winter without having to go to the gym when it’s cold or wet outside. Consider acquiring a few of these: --Hand weights: Start small, unless you’ve already been working out at the gym on a regular basis. A 3-pound or 5-pound weight might be all you need to get started. --”For seniors” workout videos: If you’re not sure about a treadmill, look for a workout video that emphasizes walking in place. --If you have room, think about a sitdown pedaler like a recumbent bicycle instead of a treadmill. They even make these with only the pedal part, which you use while sitting in a chair. Some of them can even be used for your arms, with the peddler put on a chair in front of you. --Squeeze balls for hand and finger strength. --Wrist or ankle weights. (Hint: get the kind with the removable weights so you can adjust for your own comfort.) Shop first at Goodwill or the Salvation Army, or local ads in your area. Next look in the big-box stores to fill in what you can’t find elsewhere. Search online for “seniors home-workout equipment” for ideas, but try to buy in person locally. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Hair Mechanix & Heavenly Cuts Barber/Beauty Shop

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i n d i a n c r e e k a r t .com

601 7th Ave. Marion (319) 377-5739

Tues-Fri 8am-5pm Sat 8am-12pm

Deb Breeden Barber/Stylist

Hair Cuts $12

Perms $40 & up


Business 319-261-7777 Cell 319- 241-5850 1738 B Ave NW, Cedar Rapids

Handicap Accessible Welcome! Free gift with each cut!

November 26th 2013

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Some restrictions apply • No purchase necessary • Not redeemable for cash


$10.00 Gift Certificate

220th Trail Ronneburg 4408 Amana, IA 52203 319-622-3641 Restaurant On the main street of Historic Amana

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Enter for a chance to a $10.00 Gift Certificate WIN Some restrictions apply • No purchase necessary • Not redeemable for cash


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Cedar Rapids An Original Iowa Tradition Since 1927

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2210 Edgewood Rd SW Suite 600 Cedar Rapids Some restrictions apply • No purchase necessary • Not redeemable for cash

If your desire has always been to visit Mexico but have never been able to, NOW YOU CAN! Or at least, something so close to Mexico itself it is unbelievable. The best part is, it’s right in Cedar Rapids.

On Iowa LIVE with special guest Appearances Audience interaction with your questions Every Monday! 6:30-7:30

11 AM - 2 AM EVERYDAY 1140 Blairs Ferry Road NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 • 319-378-6447

Enjoy Broasted Chicken! ● Family Friendly Atmosphere ● Large Lunch And Dinner Menu ● 44 High Definition TVS ● NE Longest HAPPY HOUR 11am - 7 pm

Enjoy all your Hawkeye sports


Ask to reserve our free party room for your upcoming events!

Proud owner Diego Ramirez invites you to come experience the ambiance of true Mexican cuisine in an atmosphere where Mexico abounds in the furnishings as well as your dining and drinking pleasure. Canutillo Lindo located at: 2210 Edgewood Rd. S.W. in Cedar Rapids opened their doors to the Steak Ala American public August 8th of this year. As well as an extensive menu, Canutillo Lindo offers many specials throughout the week. Here are four of their popular Choripollo items. They have a large menu of selections to choose from. You can enter online to try and win the Fajitas Fiesta that they are offering to a weekly winner.

Book Your Holiday Party Now! Bachelor Bachelorette Parties Grooms Dinner Special Events? Check Us Out!


You can also stop in for one of their quick lunch specials Mon.-Fri. 11-3. We have a Full Bar with Daily drink Specials.

New Name Same great service

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1 Full Service car wash Valued at $11.99

1317 First Ave. SE Cedar Rapids, IA


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Tatyana’s Coffee Shop & Café

1725 Boyson Rd., Hiawatha * 319-393-2500 * Serving Breakfast & Lunch Valued Monday - Friday 7 AM - 2 PM

up to $8.25 Enter for a Chance to WIN one daily lunch special Does not include beverage.

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successfully plied the Hudson River in New York. The Clermont’s first significant trip was from New York to Albany, a distance of approximately 150 miles. The Clermont left T a k e t h i s i s s u e o f Tidbits® h o m e w i t h y o u t o s h a r e w i t h yNew o u r York f a m i on l y ! August 17, 1807, November 26th 2013 and completed For Distribution E-mail: or Call (319) an 360-3936 the voyage in 30 hours, including overnight stop.

THIS IS A HAMMER By Samantha Mazzotta

DIY Furnace Maintenance Q: Can I do some furnace maintenance myself? I don’t want to pay for a contractor to come every year just to tell me the furnace is fine. -- Clive T., Minneapolis

STRANGE BUT TRUE by Samantha Weaver

● It seems that having blond hair was popular in ancient Rome, too. Those not naturally blessed with golden hair, though, had to go through a bit of an ordeal to change their natural color. The treatment of choice was pigeon droppings. Messy, perhaps, but effective. ● Those who study such things say that dung beetles use the Milky Way as a navigational aid. ● In June 2009, the town of Cave Creek, Ariz., was faced with an electoral tie in the race for a city council seat: Each candidate received exactly 660 votes. According to the state constitution, such ties can be broken by a game of chance. After some discussion, the candidates agreed that they would each pull a card at random out of a deck, and the one with the highest card would be declared the winner of the election. Thomas McGuire drew the six of hearts, then waited while his opponent, Adam Trenk, took his turn. Trenk pulled the king of hearts, securing his city council victory. ● You may be surprised to learn that clams can live to be 200 years old. ● If you’re of a morbid inclination and have some time to kill in Chicago, head to that city’s Graceland Cemetery. Find the monument known as “Eternal Silence” -- a tall figure in robes -- and look into the statue’s eyes. It’s said that if you do that, you’ll have a vision of your own death. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

A: While it’s important to have a heating professional check your system at the start of fall or winter, you can handle some maintenance tasks in between that will keep your system in good shape and reduce the number of more expensive repairs you may need later. First, make sure the air filter is changed monthly during heating season. To improve air intake further, vacuum away dust from the outer cabinet door. Vacuum the air registers in the house to remove dust and make sure nothing is blocking them, like furniture or dropped items. Within the unit, clean the blower or fan inside by turning off the heating system completely. Access the fan compartment and clean either the blower or fan blades (depending on your system) with a bottle brush. Using a vacuum with a hose attachment makes picking up the dust bunnies easier. Beyond the heating unit, visually inspect the air ducts and make sure they’re in good shape, not damaged or loose. If a duct is loose where two of them meet, reattach snugly using sheet metal screws. Seal the seam with aluminized tape, pressing out air bubbles, so that air flows smoothly through the duct without leaking.

• The first voyage by the Clermont was met by the public with suspicion. Many referred to the boat as “Fulton’s Folly” due to its unusually long length and the smoke and fire associated with the vessel’s newfangled steam engine. Many thought it would blow up or sink on its first voyage; they were wrong! In fact, because Fulton wisely paid attention to passenger comfort, the Clermont became a very profitable vessel for transporting passengers to destinations on the Hudson River. Fulton MORE THAN subsequently formed and a company 50led YEARS IN RAPIDS offering services major rivers and the SINCE I889 on six CEDAR Chesapeake Bay. Mention this ad to • COPIERS Following Fulton’s steamboats & success, receive $500 OFF became a prime transporter of passengers and PRINTERS for your next new goodsLANIER across the country. For example, in the or used equipment steamboat port of New Orleans, 20 steamboat OKIDATA purchase. arrivals in 1814 increased to a whopping 1,200 CANNON arrivals by 1834. SCAN • FAX • IMAGE • High-speed The steamboat era color in the United States ◊ Full ◊ Wide format continued until the 1870s, when railroads 228 Northland Court, Cedar Rapids started supplanting the steamboat as the preferred transporter of passengers and goods.




What is a turkey’s favorite dessert? Peach gobbler! FOR ALL YOUR COMMERCIAL OR INDUSTRIAL PAINTING & COATING NEEDS 4003 J Street SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 E-mail: 319-399-1735

HOME TIP: To add warmth and humidity to your home in winter, leave water in the tub after a bath until it has completely cooled, then drain. HOME TIP: Some professionals recommend coating new washers with a heatproof grease to prevent them from cracking, while others say it doesn’t matter. Use your own judgment. Send your questions or comments to, or write This Is a Hammer, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

D AClimate controlled and

traditional self-storage units Cedar Rapids 364-7400 • Resident manager 5315 J Street SW, • Residential and commercial Just off I-380 &•Hwy 30 will sign for deliveries Office • Fenced facility with computermonitored entrance gate • Video monitoring • Individual unit alarms • On-site Penske truck rental and packing supplies • Month-to-month or long-term rentals

The Perfect Christmas Present You’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be to give a lifespan closet. It’s unbelievably simple to install and looks great. It’s adaptability makes it a perfect gift for everyone.

Cedar Rapids 364-740 5315 J Street SW Just off I-380 and Hwy 30 NEW LOCATION

Marion 377-800 550 Lindale Drive


10% off a Lifespan Purchase

Through Jan 31,2014

For ideas visit 240 Classic Car Ct. SW● CR, Ia 52404 ●319.866.9816

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• manager • On-site Penske truck rental & packing supplies • Individual unit alarms • Fenced facility with computer-monitored • Month-to-month or entrance gate long-term rentals

Marion 377-8000

550 Lindale Drive Just off Blairs Ferry Road

Wa n t t h i s p a p e r e v e r y w e e k ? C h e c k o n - l i n e f o r o t h e r g re a t d i s t r i b u t i o n l o c a t i o n s .

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1. How many people live in the Arctic regions?

Find Local Multiple Window 2. How much precipitation does the Arctic get


in an average year?

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● “Ounce marks come standard on most baby bottles, but they can be hard to see. Use a permanent marker to make the lines stand out, especially the one you are most likely to want to see in the middle of the night!” -- R.G. in Indiana ● “Before you set your new can of shaving cream on the sink edge, take this man tip from me: Borrow a bottle of clear nail polish and paint the bottom rim, extending up a quarter inch. It won’t leave rust rings. I’ve been doing for years.” -- M.W. indo New York waters 1. this At what temperature Arctic

freeze? 2. How many species of flowering plants live in the Arctic? ● Cut the top off of a 2-liter soda bottle to use 3. The slowest growing plant on the planet may a lichen thatare grows the Arctic as be a funnel. They veryineasy to cut,on and rocks that get colder than 90 below zero in the winter . Aa lichen inch you in diameter you’ll have funnel one whenever need one! may be how many years old? 4. How many days does the midnight sun last at the North Pole? “Save isand clean the yourNorth prescription bottles; 5. ● Which colder: Pole, or the South theyPole? make really great containers for bobbins.

I take a spare piece of thread, ball it up a bit and tape it to the top of the container, too. Then I sit them all in a shoebox. I can see just from the tops which color I need to use.” “Polar exploration is at once the cleanest -- L.K. in Alabama and most isolated way of having a bad time which has yet been devised.” –Cherry-Garrard

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The foggiest place in the world is off the coast✔ ofEASY! Newfoundland, Call and tell us about where warm moist air traveling Gulf Stream encounters cold yourwith projectthe and get connected Arctic currents. It was to guaranteed home pros inin this fog bank that the Titanic your crashed into an iceberg and sank in area. 1912.

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People transferred to the perpetual servicewho and youare are under no night ofobligation the Arctic to hire. Circle tend to sleep about an hour longer each night. YOUR JOB


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● If you use condiment bottles with a squeeze top, start saving them for snow season! Clean and fill with water, then add a few drops of food coloring. Make several of different Patrick colors. You can teachDuffy the 3/17/1949 children how to Bonnie Blair 3/18/1964 make differentGlenn shades by mixing the drops. Close 3/19/1947 Hollythem Hunter The kids can take all3/20/1948 out in the snow Matthew Broderick 3/21/1962 to “paint.” Be Andrew sure toLloyd takeWebber photos of your temporary art. 3/22/1948 Joan Crawford


● Use a piece of plastic mesh as a sink liner. Dishes set in the sink won’t slide, but the water can still drip away down the drain. Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 or e-mail JoAnn at .c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc Americans use 100 million tin and steel cans every day. Every minute, more than 9,000 tin Pet’s Playhouse cans are recovered from theJacolyn trash withDr. magnets. 151 NW Every day, Americans useRapids enough396-0635 steel and Cedar tin cans to make a steel pipe running from Los There’s fishy going Angeles to New York andsomething back again. During theon around here... last decade, world steel makers recycled almost Largest Selection of Fresh & Marine 2.5 billion tons• of steel. Americans throw away Fish enough steel every year to build all the new cars made in America For every pound of steel that is recycled, enough energy is saved to light a 60-watt bulb for more than a day.


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Q: Why are bad school grades HAPPY THANKSGIVING shipwreck in the Arctic Ocean?



A: They’re both below C level!


We service all makes & models of Motorhomes & trailers.


Complete RVAnParts Accessory Store This word means: English & corruption of a French corruption of a Cree Indian word meaning “eaters of raw flesh” denoting the natives of the Arctic regions.

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Many styles & options to choose from 1. Arctic waters freeze at 30 degrees instead of 32 degrees Check with us about weekly because of the high salt content. 2. Over 900 speciesand of flowering plants live in the Arctic. PARTS SERVICE SPECIALS 3. A lichen one inch in diameter may be 1,000 years old. 4. The midnight sun lasts 73 days at the North Pole, April 19 – Aug. 23. 5. The South Pole is colder than the North Pole because it’s a continent instead of a point in the ocean.

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99 lb


Sold in the bag

e meat

or dark

ing? average in the




Ginger Evans Crescent Rolls 8 oz

Tip Roast

chosen y…. able ve of


Home Churned Spread 45 oz


A old man whose eyesight was failing loved to go turkey hunting each fall. On one trip his hunting guide as a joke wore on his back a large sign which read, “I AM NOT A TURKEY.” Later in the day, the gun fired and a curse came from the guide, who had been peppered with the misdirected shot. “Didn’t you see this sign on Boneless my back?” he asked. The rich oldFresh man squinted at the sign and then apologized,Beef saying, “I beg Sirloin your pardon. I thought it said, ‘I AM A TURKEY’.”


UIEEINGNSS This word means: Turkeys are one of the few species where the female turkey is perfectly capable of producing fertile eggs without benefit of a male turkey, called this by biologists.




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Large Celery



Mrs. Smith’s Classic Pies 27 oz, Apple, Cherry or Pumpkin


2 Liter Pepsi Products Assorted Varieties, Plus Deposit







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24/1925 1. They have much more white meat these days. 60 2. Dark meat has twice the calories as white A schoolteacher asked herCOMFORT class what they meat. 938 FOODS MADE 3.for. Yes, Canadian were thankful “I am thankful,” said Thanksgiving is the second 1964 Monday in October. HEALTHY! 1. Preheat oven to 350 F. Spray a 9-inch deep-dish one small boy, “That I am notFAST a turkey.” AND 1. Do modern birds have more white meat 962 4. Alabama has the most wild turkeys per acre on A old man whose eyesight was failing loved than they used to, or less? By Healthy Exchanges piehunting plate with butter-flavored cooking spray. average. to go turkey each fall. On one trip his /1955 Which has more calories: or dark 5. North Carolina and 2.Minnesota raise thewhite most hunting guide as a joke wore on his back a large Impossible 29, In“I a bowl, meat?Pumpkin Pie domestic turkeys. sign which AM small NOT A TURKEY.” Latercombine baking mix, sugar sub3. Do Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving? in the day, the gun fi red and a curse came from 1/2 cup reduced-fat biscuit baking mix the guide,stitute and pumpkin pie spice. In a large bowl, 4. Name the state with the largest average who had been peppered with the population 3/4 of wild cup turkeys in the misdirected shot. “Didn’t you see milk this sign powder on Sugar substitute per toacreequal sugar, combine dry and water. Stir in vanilla my back?” he asked. The rich old man squinted U.S. suitable for baking5. Name the state with the most domestic at the signextract, soursaying, cream, and then apologized, “I beg eggs and pumpkin. Add baking your pardon. I thought it said, ‘I AM A Mix TURKEY’.” turkeys. pie spice 2 teaspoons pumpkin mix mixture. well to combine. Fold in pecans. 1. How fast can wild turkey run? 1 a1/3 cups

nonfat dry milk powder

3. Spread mixture evenly into prepared pie plate. Bake for 50 to 55 minutes or until a knife inserted near center comes out clean. Place pie plate on wire rack and let sit for 30 minutes. Refrigerate at least 2 hours.

1 Only cup 2. True or False: male water turkeys gobble.

rosion es can takes e the

1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1st Quarter 2013 2 tablespoons no-fat sour cream Week 48 2 eggs or equivalent in egg substitute 1 (15-ounce) can solid-packed pumpkin 1/4 cup chopped pecans “I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen 1/2 cup reduced-calorie as thewhipped representative of our topping country…. The turkey is a much more respectable bird, and withal a true original native of America.” -Ben Franklin

When serving, top each piece with 1 tablespoon U4. I EEINGNSS whipped topping. Makes 8 servings.

This word means: Turkeys are one of the few species where the female turkey is perfectly capable of producing fertile eggs without benefit of a male turkey, called this by biologists.

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It’s Caramel Apple Season! Les s Tur key ! M or e Candy !

Chocolate Turkeys Christmas countdown Advent calendars Unique holiday gifts.

For All Ages Place Group & special orders now 1 2 9 3 r d Ave . SE Cedar Rapids

Corner of 2nd St. & 3rd Ave. Downtown



The wattles on the chin of a turkey change color to indicate mood, especially in mating season, ranging in color from blue to red. 1. A wild 25 mph In the country of Turkey, turkey’s don’t turkey can run up toWilliam F. Buckley 11/24/1925 (40“glu km/hr). “gobble gobble gobble.” Instead, they Amy Grant 11/25/1960 glu glu.” The word for turkey 2. in Portugese True: Only males gobble. Females Tina Turner 11/26/1938 is “peru” possibly because the bird make was verya clicking sound. popular in Peru. Robin Givens 11/27/1964 Jon Stewart 11/28/1962 The world’s first TV dinner was Swanson’s Howie Mandel 11/29/1955 turkey, mashed potatoes, and peas, and Dick Clark 11/30/1929 appeared in 1953. Frozen stuffed turkeys ready to cook were first introduced in 1955.


1. They have much more white meat these days. 2. Dark meat has twice the calories as white meat. 3. Yes, Canadian Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October. 4. Alabama has the most wild turkeys per acre on average. 5. North Carolina and Minnesota raise the most domestic turkeys.

white man went hunting together and the white man told the u may take the buzzard.” The Indian replied, “You never

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D.B. Cooper Hijacking Anniversary Saint Catherine’s Day Buy Nothing Day International Aura Awareness Day Republic Day in Chad Electronic Greetings Day Five Seasons Tire Computer Security 2804 1stDayAve NE

Artificial reefs, breakwaters and erosion control barriers made with whole tires can preserve precious natural habitats. It takes a barrelowned of crude oiland to produce the ishalf locally operated. rubber in just 1641 one truckEdgewood tire. RD SW

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When you purchase a set of 4 select Goodyear or Dunlop tires on the Goodyear Credit Card 1. A wild turkey can run up to 25 mph (40 km/hr). 2. True: Only males gobble. Females make a clicking sound.

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11 26 13 tidbits v8 issue 48 online  

Tidbits of Linn County issue 48