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Our inherent obligation is to bring the people back to nature, by bringing Tidal Influence is a cause as much as it is nature back to the people. We believe a business. Tidal Influence is an ethic that this is best accomplished through a guides our actions of restoration, education, holistic, balanced approach that aims natural resource management, research and collaboration. Our team is committed to to educate all branches of society’s hierarchies. increasing the influence of our local By engaging each generation ecosystems upon the surrounding communities, increasing the power of Tidal we will fill the gaps created by societal shortcoming and build upon a growing Influence. urban eco-consciousness movement. Our greatest mission is to At the same time, municipalities, inundate urban regions with an researchers, regulatory agencies, awareness and value for southern California’s natural life. Our company’s community advocates, and students alike will profit from our influence. niche is founded upon this dichotomy between urbanization and wilderness.


clients + projects Friends of Colorado Lagoon -Retainer Environmental and Non-profit Growth Consultation - Community-Based Salt Marsh Restoration - Environmental Education Program Development and Coordination - Environmental Communications through Development and Management of Website, Social Media, Graphic Arts, Database Email Lists and Newsletters - Grant Writing and Management - Citizen-Science Research and Monitoring Development and Coordination - Environmental Event Organization Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority - Restoration Feasibility Studies - Land Acquisition Consulting - Land Management - Stewardship Program Development & Coordination - Grant Writing and Management - Public Outreach & Social Networking Media Management - Community-Based Habitat Restoration


Programs - Citizen-Science Research and Monitoring Development and Coordination - Native Plant Nursery Development and Management

Moffatt & Nichol - Habitat Assessment and Special Status Species Report - Public Involvement and Restoration Plan Consensus Building Coordination - Oil Operator and Restoration Project Coordination - Restoration Alternative Development - Stakeholder Email Database Creation - Website Development - Eelgrass Mitigation Bank Study Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust - Los Cerritos Wetlands Public Land Tours - Community Stakeholder Outreach United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Coastal Program - Salt Marsh Birds Beak Outplanting Project City of Long Beach - Management of Colorado Lagoon Education Center

- Grant Writing - Bioswale Restoration

Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation - Environmental Protection Agency Tier 3 Wetlands Study Signal Hill Petroleum - Oil Operation and Natural Resource Consultation City of Newport Beach - Dune Restoration and Study California Department of Fish and Game - Air Quality Due Diligence Restoration Project Pacific Coast Ecosystem Conservancy - Colorado Lagoon Ecosystem Recovery Study California State University, Long Beach - Belding Savannah Sparrow Flight Initiation Distance Study - Environmental Literature Service-Learning Project Development Aquarium of the Pacific - Pacific Green Sea Turtle Study

Tidal Influence was created in 2008 by conservationists Eric Zahn M.S. and Taylor Parker in response to a unique opportunity to positively impact two important southern California restoration and education projects: +Colorado Lagoon and the +Los Cerritos Wetlands. Both of these projects are located in East Long Beach near the Los Angeles and Orange County border. With a creative mixture of restoration, education and scientific backgrounds, Eric and Taylor worked to combine their skills and abilities to share the same passion and inspire an environmental community underserved within the larger urban context. Developing from nothing the community-based restoration and education programs at both the Lagoon and Los Cerritos necessitated coordination amongst diverse partners, grant writing and management, program development and implementation. The distinct skills and original foundation of Tidal Influence has allowed us to support the conservation effort better through increased technical consulting, more robust partnership development, and engagement of a larger audience.

THE Personnel ERIC ZAHN M.S.





Whale Tail $14,000 SCWRP $29,500 USFWS, Coastal Program $74,300 WRASIC $5,000 County LA $8,500 REI $20,000 NOAA/MSRP $18,000 CNPS, South Coast Chapter $8,000 KYL $1,500 LB Art Exchange $1,000 Rivers and mountains conservancy $500,000 POLB Green House Gas $50,000 CA Dept. of Fish and Game, OSPR Small Spills $110,000

SCWRP (LCW Stewards) $28,500 USFWS, Coastal Program (LCWA) $32,000 Whaletail (LCWA) $18,000 CNPS, South Coast Chapter (LCW Land Trust) $6,500

TOTAL $838,900

TOTAL $110,000

GRAND TOTAL: $948,900





Ca State Water Resources Board $3,300,000 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act $3,500,000 Port of Long Beach $1,000,000

Hellman Acquisition $5,000,000 Conceptual Design $500,000

TOTAL $7,800,000

TOTAL $5,500,000


Many of the projects we care about need critical support; support through love, passion, technical skill, hard work and funding. Tidal Influence works hard to bring all of those to our projects but the funding is usually the most challenging to secure. Since our beginning we have been writing grants to allow for the good work we do to succeed to its optimal ability. For some of the projects, Tidal Influence takes the lead on writing those grants. On others, we assist with our technical abilities or partnership coordination. We are proud to say that as grant writers we have been successful ensuring our projects and clients have received the funding and attention needed.


publications + certifications

Publications A.Z Mason, Taylor Parker and Ray Thorn. “Aquatic Toxicology 464/564 and Friends of the Colorado Lagoon - Community based Learning - an educational exercise combining outreach, research and service.” Institute for Integrated Research in Materials, Environments and Societies. IIRMES Annual Report. 2007-2008. Fernández-Juricic, Esteban, Eric Zahn, Taylor Parker, and Theodore Stankowich. “California’s Endangered Belding’s Savannah Sparrow (Passerculus sandwichensis beldingi): Tolerance of Pedestrian Disturbance.” Avian Conservation and Ecology. 4.2 (2009) Restoring the Los Cerritos Wetlands: Assessment of Trace Metal Contamination” and published a manuscript in Geological Society of America Conference May 27- 29, 2010 entitled “Stevens, L.R., Zahn, E.F., Hamilton, A., and Mull, C., (2010)


Certifications United States. Certified Small Business. State of California. Certified Micro-business. City of Long Beach. Certified Small Business. City of Long Beach. Certified Green Business. Wetlands Delineation Certificate

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Urban ecology is a rapidly growing field. As we continue to learn of the floral and faunal populations that have been lost or depleted we are beginning to notice changes in ecological processes. The fragmented habitats that now exist operate very differently and it is our mission to understand these new patterns so that a balance can be found between the needs of the city and the needs of nature.

We work with private and public environmental science research groups to develop focused ecological research projects that will explore all aspects of our urban habitats.The Tidal Influence team is committed to providing the best possible study for our projects, unique to the challenges of each new opportunity while providing the most current scientific approaches and communication tools.

Bolsa Chica Cell 37 Revegetation Project Phase 1 Dust Control Due Diligence

Habitat Assessment Report:

Final Report Compiled for: State Lands Commission July 2010

Habitat Types & Special Status Species


Submitted: March 1st, 2012 Revised: August 31st, 2012


3 OTD Parcel Wetlands Feasibility Study Prepared for:

N. Old San Gabriel Canyon Road Azusa, CA

Prepared by:

-4 E. Florida St. Long Beach, Ca

Eric Forest Zahn, M.S. Co-Principal

Taylor Parker Co-Principal


This report was the first of its kind to comprehensively study the wetlands. The objective was to aid the decision making process of the LCW Conceptual Restoration Plan by determining the existing biological conditions of over 500 acres of coastal open space. This report investigated the habitat types and special status species that are present throughout the study site. It also provided information on the current land uses, invasive species, and wildlife corridors.

For this report, Tidal Influence was hired by the California Department of Fish and Game to perform a Phase 1 due diligence re-vegetation project. TI was to quickly plant, spread and establish native vegetation for fugitive dust areas of Cell 37 and 38 during the late portion of the 2010 planting season to meet the AQMD concerns. The Cell 37 report details the restoration work in the sensitive area of back Bolsa Chica and the the efforts behind this due diligence projects.

The Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority needed help with determining the best land use for one of their currently owned properties. Tidal Influence was brought in to aide LCWA in their decision making process. Tidal Influence was to determe the feasibility of 5 land use alternatives for best utilization of a 5.11 acre parcel owned by the LCWA. This study offers 5 alternatives, provides conceptual-level landscape design, commissioned a property appraisal, listed the floral and faunal species, and provides cost estimates for future restorative work.

The LCWA contracted with Moffatt & Nichol and their team of expert consultants to undertake a broad visioning exercise aimed at determining the potential alternatives for restoring the degraded Los Cerritos Wetlands. This Conceptual Restoration Plan (CRP) explores all the necessary components of wetlands restoration while also involving the general public and interested stakeholders. Tidal Influence developed a creative, educational and collaborative approach to facilitate the community’s shared interest in the future of these wetlands.



1340 E. Florida St. Long Beach, Ca 90802 Eric Forest Zahn, M.S. Co-Principal 858-353-6113 Taylor Parker, Co-Principal 562-331-0226




The Colorado Lagoon has been undergoing restorative activities that Tidal Influence has been intimately involved in with since the beginning, starting in 2006. There have been various designs and plans that have guided the work but never a comprehensive and detailed vision designed to offer a clear understanding of the project to the public, funders and regulatory agencies. In collaboration with the Friends of Colorado Lagoon and the Zell Office of Landscape Architecture, we have developed this vision.



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Tidal Influence aims to develop science-based best management practices for maintaining the variety of natural coastal landscapes alongside urban landscapes. Our focus

is on wetland habitats, both fresh and salt water, but we also design management plans for other coastal habitats including coastal strand, coastal sage scrub, and marine habitats.

Our management plans take into consideration every element of natural ecosystems for primary productivity and edaphic communities to migratory species and special status organisms. We feel that the remaining portions of open space that exist in southern California need to be balanced so that they can offer services for all trophic levels and seasonal patterns. B e y o n d d e v e l o p i n g management plans, the Tidal Influence team also has the ability to perform comprehensive wildlife and vegetation surveys, ecological monitoring, water quality testing, sediment analysis, land maintenance, and stakeholder c o o r d i n a t i o n . Because we come from a background of restoration project design we also create

plant palettes, design planting schemes, and organize plantings. We know that the best work is done with the community and we work well with local non-profits and school groups to provide successful interest group buy-in. Our biggest mission with land management and restoration projects is to get community involvement so that when we are done the public will continue to be stewards for the project. It is important to our company that all the work we are involved with is done solely for the betterment of nature. Tidal Influence will never engage in projects designed to promote the development regardless of mitigation requirements.


With ominous clouds rolling in from the ocean mere steps away, a Tidal Influence Team Member works to remove non-native, invasive Black Mustard from the sensitive habitat at Los Cerritos Wetlands before the storm hits.

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The Tidal Influence team is a team with unique skills. We are scientists, researchers, educators, technicians and proficient managers. We know how to nurture the land we are responsible for and we know how to accomplish projects efficiently and correctly. Tidal Influence works to save our natural resources and we work hard to learn from them at the same time.


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Los Cerritos Wetlands

Colorado Lagoon




zedler marsh, los cerritos wetlands, ca

restoration projects


COLORADO LAGOON The Colorado Lagoon is located in East Long Beach. The Colorado Lagoon is a 18-acre multi-purpose facility that combines recreation and tidal water habitat. This now urban wetland was historically part of the greater Los Cerritos encompassed over 2,400 acres of San Gabriel River delta in East Long Beach. Over the years, the Lagoon’s water has been continually muted as its connection to Alamitos Bay has been narrowed. Currently the only connection to the tides is through a 1000-foot culvert that runs underground between the Lagoon and the Bay. Tidal Influence has been with this project since 2006 and we have developed restoration and education programs to help this wetland survive and thrive.

LOS CERRITOS WETLANDS The Los Cerritos Wetlands is located in an urban setting and falls within the Cities of Long Beach and Seal Beach, in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. The site supports a complex of wetlands with some tidal connections to Alamitos Bay, just west of Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge in Anaheim Bay. The majority of the study site was coastal salt marsh fed by tidal marine water. The Tidal Influence team has been working in the Los Cerritos Wetlands since 2004 and have come to understand how special this land, the floral and faunal species and the people who value them are to the larger California ecosystem and to the culture’s interaction with nature.

“What can I do to help? What can one person do?” A lot; and Tidal Influence will give you the tools. Service-learning is our primary method of engaging the public to care for the wetlands. This strategy of of teaching while doing empowers others while accomplishing tangible results. At both work sites we have developed community-based, service-learning restoration programs that support our local community. The Tidal Influence team has a unique skill set of being restoration technicians and educators, mentors and team members. Developing a safe working environment is key to this strategy but creating opportunities for education, growth and wonder are equally important. For this we have utilized a number of creative techniques including developing a growing space plant propagation area; maintaining education centers; creating teambuilding materials such

as logos and t-shirts (as shown in the photo to the right); developing education materials; providing necessary tool training and safety and site orientations; and encouraging independent restoration projects. Through this strategy, the Tidal Influence team is responsible for facilitating the removal of hundreds of tons of non-native invasive plants and debris and planting thousands of native plants for the creation and improvement of habitat. Additionally, we include activities appropriate to different age and social groups including native seed collection, ‘mud-balling’ (spreading seeds in mudpies and throwing them into the habitat), plant propagation, and watering. Our team has experience working a variety of people old and young with all sorts of cultural and social backgrounds. The Tidal Influence team works to provide an experience where all participants walk away feeling as if they contributed to the larger conservation effort in a meaningful way.



We build home. Home for plants, home for animals, home for those plants and animals threatened with extinction. We build home by building a place for people to care and express their concern by learning from on another and sharing their passion together.



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Education is a core value for the Tidal Influence team. Both Eric and Taylor are educators, with Eric teaching at California State University, Long Beach since 2006 and Taylor holding the position of Education Director with

the Friends of Colorado Lagoon since 2007. We believe that the best way to learn is to do and to be outside as much as possible. We have built two robust environmental education programs that are comprehensive and continuously growing.

Education in our local wetlands has been occurring for centuries, if not millennia. The historic Los Cerritos Wetlands, which once encompassed over 2400 acres and included the Colorado Lagoon and many adjacent coastal habitats, was undoubtedly a place of exploration for our local Native Peoples, the Tongva. In more recent times, modern Long Beachians have been utilizing Alamitos Bay and specifically the Colorado Lagoon as a place for recreation and leisure. Tidal Influence believes that education should be fun while utilizing the natural resources of our local wetlands facilitates that enjoyment.

Friends of Colorado Lagoon

All events begin at the Wetland and Marine Science Education Center (the WAMSEC) located at Appian Way and E. Colorado Street in Long Beach. Service learning credits available. For more information or questions, please contact


Habitat Restoration

Salt Marsh Mondays Monday, July 9th – 3-5pm Every Monday from 10am-2pm Help restore the newly Saturday, July 14th – 10am – 12pm Help FOCL naturalists restore the re-contoured and dredged Monday, July 23rd – 3-5pm Lagoonʼs Salt Marsh Habitat and keep Colorado Lagoon Saturday, August 11th – 10am - 12pm the ecosystem clean and healthy! A Monday, August 13th – 3-5pm great opportunity to get service hours! Western Arm Monday, August 27th – 3-5pm Habitat Reserve, Saturday, September 8th – 10am -12pm while learning about the local Monday, September 10th – 3-5pm coastal ecology. Each event is Monday, September 24th – 3-5pm Explore the wonders of the led by FOCL naturalists and all Monday, October 8th – 3-5pm Lagoon and volunteer in necessary tools are provided. Saturday, October 13th – 10am - 12pm unique activities every This is a service-learning credit Monday, October 22nd – 3-5pm Second Saturday of Each opportunity. Wear appropriate Saturday, November 10th – 10am - 12pm Month @ 8am-10am shoes and sun protection. Monday, November 12th – 3-5pm Monday, November 26th – 3-5pm Saturday, December 8th – 10am - 12pm Monday, December 10th – 3-5pm

Estuary Explorations

For groups interested in special event opportunities, email us at

Exploration and activity are guiding principles for the development of our education programs. We encourage immersion in the environment and provide exciting opportunities to learn for the sake of wonder and building technical skills.

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eric zahn; colorado lagoon, long beach


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Public Involvement Program

We know that everyone cares about making a healthy home that is shared by all. This is an environmental message communicated by TIdal Influence. Environmental Communications is new and so requires flexibility and a keen eye for design to share the appropriate message. The Tidal Influence team is a source of dynamic engagement with many stories to tell through with fun and professional methods. We talk with people and relate on a personal level. We develop plans of engaging a diverse array of interest groups and

stakeholders. We speak in the language needed to get the message across. In a fast-paced society, the conservation effort needs the kind of support that can compete with these distractions to keep our attention focused on what matters: a healthy home. Tidal Influence believes that creative use of social media sites, content providers such as YouTube and Flikr, and static sources like website and email outreach is the way to keep the people who care current and the people who wouldn’t concern themselves otherwise curious.

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websites, newsletters, social media and email



Los Cerritos Wetlands

Colorado Lagoon


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As passionate naturalists, we love to celebrate the seasons and share our projects creatively with a larger audience. Throughout the year, the Tidal Influence team develops several environmental event in appreciation of the seasonal changes. We regularly facilitate and host Earth Day events, Art Galleries, Coastal Cleanup Day, Internationals

Migratory Bird Day, outdoor presentations, beach cleanups, large plantings, nature walks and much more. The local wetlands are dynamic habitats changing constantly and we work to show the exciting mission of our clients, the wonder of our natural world and the encouraging actions of our volunteers through these events. 31 32 33

california buckwheat: los cerritos lagoon, ca


saltmarsh birds beak: newport back bay, ca



The Tidal Influence team understands that an ecosystem can always teach us something new. We strive to develop and participate in research projects that encompass the whole system while focusing on particular indicators. At heart, we are botanists and plants guide our approach to ecology. Floral projects we have experience with include:

- LCW Growing Space Development - Wetland Delineations - CA Rapid Assessment Methods - Floral Database Compilation - Salt Marsh Birds Beak Outplanting

It is easy to see why animals capture the imagination with their discrete actions inviting explanation. We know that a complete understanding is not possible without studying them. Faunal projects we have experience with include:

- Colorado Lagoon Ecosystem Recovery Study measuring fish cortisol and blood contamination - Green Sea Turtle population survey - Belding’s Savannah Sparrow Flight Initiation Distance study - Eyes on the Colony Least Tern Surveys - Light-footed Clapper Rail population surveys -Surveys of round sting rays and other elasmobranchs

sea turtle: san gabrielle river, ca



dr. joy zedler: los cerritos



Human interaction with natural places is a valuable study to help us determine appropriate methods for restoration planning, site access, habitat management, and appropriate education. Combining human interest and ecosystem function offers myriad challenges and understanding that intersection is critical for sustainable habitats.

Cultural studies we have experience with include: -Colorado Lagoon Demographic Study -Colorado Lagoon Economic Impact Study -Los Cerritos Public Involvement Survey -Debris Management surveys -Volunteer database management -Recreational Fishing Surveys -Community-Based Learning Surveys

1340 east florida st. long beach, ca 90802

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