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Chocolove Chocolate & Wine Tasting February 13th 5-7 pm

“Home of the Happy Goats” Natures Way Farm Tour —

Coming in March!

Nourishing our Local Community 1

Mission & Vision Statement Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving and connecting our community through a thriving natural foods cooperative business.

ON THE COVER Join us in March for our local Nature’s Way Farm Tour — Home of the Happy Goats! Date to be announced. Look for details coming soon.

Our Vision

To foster and nourish health of the individual, community and planet by offering: ■ High quality natural, organic and

local foods and other environmentally sound products ■ A comfortable, affordable place

to shop and share knowledge

■ Education and training to help

people make informed choices towards well being

■ A sustainable and economical


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model which invests in the local and cooperative communities

Around The Co-op ......................................................... 4-5

7 Cooperative Principles

Co-op Scoops ............................................................... 6-7

1. Voluntary and open membership 2. Democratic member control

Make a Difference ........................................................ 8-9

3. Member economic participation

Look For Local ...............................................................10

4. Autonomy and independence

Natures Way Farm Tour ................................................. 11

5. Education, training, and information 6. Cooperation among cooperatives

Book Review ............................................................. 12-13

7. Concern for the community

Staff Spotlight ................................................................13

“The cooperative business model, with its roots in democracy, is a solution to many of the world’s issues: social conflict, poverty, human rights and environmental issues”

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—Paul Hazen, President and CEO National Cooperative Business Association Advertisements in the Co-op Current are paid for by the advertiser and do not imply endorsement of any product or service by the Tidal Creek Co-op Board, Management or Staff. Advertising space is available. Rates range from $35 to $200, depending on size. Distribution is 4,500. Ad copy must be submitted electronically in camera-ready quality by regular publication deadline. Articles and letters for publication are welcome. Articles must be submitted in digital form and may be edited for length or clarity. If interested, please email

Deadline for the next issue is 2 February March - March1st, 20142014 2 February - March 2014

THE CO-OP CURRENT Published bi-monthly by Tidal Creek Co-op Managing Editor Katie Wright

General Manager Craig Harris

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Perishable Manager Mack Fleming

Board of Directors Joe Kertesz, Anthony Garguilo, Kathryn Waple, Matt Collogan, Ryanna Battiste, Michelle Britt, Evan Folds, Justin Murphy, Danielle Richardet.

Front End Manager Kathryn Waple Wellness Manager Andrea Houlihan Finance Manager Amy Fleming Human Resources Manager Vicki Baty


Board Note

Craig Harris

General Manager

Making a Difference


ften when I am talking with my son, I think about how to teach him the value of making a difference. I am very fortunate to work for an organization that believes in this value.  There are not many businesses that would give up parking spaces to have electric chargers and a biofuel station to provide alternatives to fossil fuels. There are also very few that would build a deck

out of recycled materials and commit to build a rainwater garden to help our local environment. There are even less that choose local options when there might be less expensive options to support the local economy.  I am indeed lucky that I do not have to turn very far to show my son the value of making a difference. So when you go the extra yard to support the Co-op, you are making a difference

MAILBAG I came in earlier today buying up a ton of fresh, local milk, buttermilk, and heavy cream. Pleased to say, my homemade ricotta cheese turned out AMAZINGLY, thanks to these high quality ingredients! Thank you!! - Danielle

Rearrange the front and back of the salad bar to highlight the dine-in plates and silverware. It’s a new year and this is a great first step to help change the way people use things and reduce unnecessary waste! Thank you! - Kelsey Thanks for this great suggestion! We’ve recently added signs and rearranged the salad bar to try make the dine-in plates and silverware more visible. Stay tuned as we continue to work on more ways to offer sustainable options. Comments or Suggestions? Submit them at the Customer Service Desk or email us at


PatVlach Vlach Pat Master Energy Healer

Master Shamanic EnergyHealer Healer

Reiki Master Teacher Reiki MasterThetaHealer Teacher - Shamballa Master Healer • Intuitive - Shamanic Healer ThetaHealer Archangelic Light of -the Divine Feminine ARL & Trinity Practitioner - Intuitive

HOLISTIC HEALING THERAPIES Holistic Healing Therapies for: for: StressRelief Relief • Stress Depression • Depression Pain • Pain • Sleep SleepIssues Issues • Sports SportsInjuries Injuries • Surgery and more Surgery and more Breathing & Meditation Techniques Breathing & Meditation Techniques

Channel for for Healing Channel

4701Wrightsville Wrightsville Ave Bldg 11, • Suite 4701 Ave.• Bldg. SuiteC2 C2 274-1716 Wilmington, NC • (910)NC Wilmington, (910) 274- 1716

The Board of Directors strives to meet the needs of our Owners as set out by our governing policy documents. One of those goals is to “Support locally owned organizations, businesses, farms and cooperatives whose work is in line with Tidal Creek’s mission and vision.” To this end, the Co-op has several ongoing opportunities that work to support other organizations and businesses in town. The Co-op has an interest generating fund that we award on a yearly basis to groups that have similar missions and visions as the Coop. This fund generates $300-$400 dollars a year and has gone to organizations such as Nourish NC, Castle Street Community Gardens, Pender Watch & Conservancy and Feast Down East. 2014 will see the exciting culmination of a years-long project that will have direct impact on the economic and environmental health of our community – the building of an Ocean Friendly Garden on the Tidal Creek green space. The garden is part of a national campaign by the Surfrider Foundation to support the health of oceans, rivers, and waterways by creating rain gardens that meet higher standards than local and state requirements demand. The OFG at Tidal Creek has become a collaborative effort of Cape Fear Surfrider, University of North Carolina Wilmington, NC State, and The City of Wilmington. Tidal Creek Co-op sits on the border of two creeks that drain directly into the intracoastal waterway. By helping to prevent storm water runoff through the building of an ocean friendly garden, we are helping to protect the livelihood of local fisherman, the tourist industry as well as the recreational use of our waterways and beaches. These are only two of the ways that the Co-op works to nourish the local community, and we are always looking for more opportunities!

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Mack Flemming Produce Manager

As we start the slow slide out from the winter blues, we have some bright, shining starts in the Produce department including some new weekly additions.

Citrus is still the darling of the fruit, packing some serious vitamin C to help shake off seasonal ailments, we are starting to see berries return to our Florida farms. Kale, as always, is a local staple but be on the lookout for our local selection to grow as the temperatures climb. We are also going to be rolling out a weekly flyer from the Produce department at the beginning of February. In it you will find our weekly specials, introductions to our local farmers, and recipes featuring produce and local

FeBREWary event and Beer Sale—

meats. It will be available both through email and in the store, and be sure to check out the blog on the website in the coming months for more recipes, health information, and nutritional tips to keep you going strong into Spring!

Saturday February 1st begins a month long promotion of craft and local beers as part of Tidal Creek’s annual FeBREWary event. Come join us from 5 to 7 p.m. on the first Saturday of February for an evening of live music, amazing beer, great appetizers and maybe, just maybe, a visit from Bigfoot.

The Produce Team is committed to providing the healthiest, local, naturally farmed, and organically grown products for our owners, customers, and the community. We make purchasing from local growers and small farms a priority. We bring in the highest quality produce possible.

FeBREWary event and Beer Sale - Saturday February 1st begins a month

long promotion of craft and local beers as part of Tidal Creek’s annual Febrewary event. Come join us from 5 to 7 pm on the first Saturday of February for an evening of live music, amazing beer, great appetizers and maybe, just maybe, a visit

ChocoLove Event/Sale – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Tidal Creek is here to help you with a wine and chocolate tasting. Thursday, February 13th from 5-7 p.m. come taste some exceptional NC wines paired with Chocolove chocolate and take home the fixings for a romantic Valentine’s Day.

The Grocery Team is committed to providing the healthiest products for you, your family, pets and our planet. We make purchasing from local growers, producers and small farms a main priority of our daily business. Our Bulk department offers a wide assortment of organic and Fair Trade products as well as providing unique herbs and spices, at affordable prices. Quality beer and wine selections are available from small vineyards and microbreweries with several organic and low sulfite options available. We work to ensure that our products are free of hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives and flavors. We provide you with meats and dairy products that are free of hormones and antibiotics. We will purchase GMO-free products whenever possible. We purchase items from companies with ethics and standards similar to the Co-op’s. 4 February - March 2014


Andrea Houlihan Wellness Manager

Valentine’s Day is upon us again, and Tidal Creek has the perfect gift for your loved one!

AromaMist diffusers have been a very popular addition to our store; we think that pairing one with Aura Cacia’s Love Potion essential oils will ensure that love is in the air this Valentine’s Day! SpaRoom Essential’s ultrasonic diffuser gets the seal of approval from our staff, too. I bought one for myself after Eric raved about his! They retail for $49.99, so you know I used my 5% wild card


Co-op Kitchen Manager

The Co-op kitchen has been an important factor in the growth of the Co-op over the past few years.

One of the most important conversations we have here at the Coop is how we serve and nurture our community. In pondering the question, for this department in particular, a light went on. The deli literally nourishes our community. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We prepare whole foods, mostly organic and local when possible, in a simple straightforward style, letting our ingredients speak for themselves. Our community is diverse with many different food choices. It can be difficult to have something for everyone, everyday, on the hot bar. The most popular meals are our versions of comfort foods. Many enjoy the pans of homemade lasagna on Monday, chicke-fried tofu, gluten-free pan-fried chicken, macaroni and cheese on Thursdays, and meatloaf on Friday. The salad bar is set up daily with fresh whole foods. Salads are made from scratch. We cook the beets ourselves.

discount and $5 reward certificate. This month, we’re especially happy to introduce Moon Valley Organics to our store! Moon Valley Organics grow their own certified organic and sustainably farmed ingredients used to create pure, safe and luxurious personal care products like their Moon Melt Lotion Bar and a truly silky herbal lip balm (I love mine!). Their eco-friendly packaging is lovely, and the gift packs bundled in a natural fiber pouch will undeniably delight the lucky recipient! As we begin the New Year, I’d like to remind you that the Tidal Creek Wellness department is tenacious in our ongoing pursuit of discounts; we pass

those discounts on to you, our customer! In the past couple of months, we’ve secured a number of discounts that you’ll see evident in the lower pricing of some of our top-selling products from MegaFood, Garden of Life, and Klean Kanteen! These companies reward us for our loyalty, and we reward you for yours! Thank you for supporting Tidal Creek Co-op! The Tidal Creek Wellness Department is committed to providing its customers with superior quality supplements and body care products. We select goods from companies who, like Tidal Creek, have policies in place to control the use of unsafe ingredients and ensure that products and processing have the least amount of negative environmental impact. The Wellness staff strives to have reliable information available about the benefits and effectiveness of our products.

Choices on grab-and-go range from blackened tempeh to curry chicken salad, all made right here in your Co-op kitchen. Baked goods are baked fresh in-house with the best whole ingredients. Juices and smoothies are made to order, right in front of you with organic whole foods and the finest supplements. Where else in town can you find all this in one place? We enjoy doing all of this and are gratified by the response we receive. We think of ourselves as being at the heart of what Tidal Creek has become. We plan to continue growing and responding to our customers needs and requests, keeping the store and ourselves at the heart of this community. Thanks as always. The Co-op Kitchen Team is committed to providing the healthiest products for ourselves and our planet. We avoid the use of any products with high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Organic products are central to our department and we weigh carefully the choice between them and conventional products when availability or financial concerns cause us to make this choice. Developing relationships with local food producers and companies that share the Co-op’s vision is also of central importance to us. We understand that our effort to bring well-prepared, fresh foods to our customers contributes to a larger ecological and cultural mission. 5

CO-OP SCOOPS Tidal Creek Partners with Down East Connect to Bring You More Local Produce & Products! Just a reminder that Tidal Creek is now a drop-off location for Down East Connect – a local non-profit that connects small, local farmers with consumers, restaurants, and retailers through a unique twist on the traditional Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) system. Unlike the traditional CSA, Down East Connect allows customers to purchase a variety of goods on a weekly basis. The orders are due on a certain day and are available for pickup once a week. The consumer is not obligated to purchase every week and can purchase any amount during a given week. Most of the produce and goods offered through Down East Connect come from the Columbus County area. Down East Connect decided to focus on that county based on the low economic well-being

of that region. While many producers come from Columbus County, Down East Connect offers products from over 35 farmers, bakers, beekeepers, hog farmers, beef farmers, foodie enthusiasts, and kitchen crafters. Visit their website at, and sign up to pick up your next order at Tidal Creek!

FeBREWary Beer Sale!

What’s to love about food Co-ops? BETTER FOOD STRONGER COMMUNITIES HEALTHIER WORLD 6 February - March 2014

It’s time to celebrate FeBREWary again at Tidal Creek Co-op! This FeBREWary we are pleased to announce the offering of a rotating draft selection in the Co-op Kitchen. That means you’ll be able to enjoy a pint of the featured beer alongside your meal when dining at the Creek. We will also be selling half-gallon growlers that you will be able to fill with our featured beer. With new legislation allowing retailers to fill beer growlers, we’re taking advantage of this opportunity to bring you tasty NC brews with less waste. In addition to fillin’ growlers and pourin’ pints, we will have a generous selection of local beers discounted all month long. Spend time with friends, family, and your local Co-op as we celebrate our state’s emerging beer culture.

REAL CHANGE Donation Program is Making a Difference!

We are so excited to announce that your donations to the Tidal Creek REAL CHANGE “Round up at the Register” Donation Program raised over $500 for Feast Down East – an amazing organization helping small and limited resource farmers gain access to markets such as restaurants, grocers, schools, and hospitals. Your generosity is making a difference in the lives of our local farmers, so thank you so much for shopping at the Co-op and supporting REAL CHANGE. Tidal Creek’s REAL CHANGE program is focused on organizations that share our commitment to a healthy local community. February-June 2014 we invite you to grow the community by donating your extra change to Cape Fear River Watch – a grassroots, environmental nonprofit that works to protect and improve the water quality of the Lower Cape Fear River Basin through education, advocacy, and action.

Free to

explore learn excel

Motivated to

Challenged to

In a vibrant learning community known for its vigorous academics, exceptional teaching, and time-honored Quaker values, students are provided a world of opportunity to discover, learn and grow. Confident, independent thinkers, our graduates are fully prepared to step up to the most ambitious high school setting – and to conquer the world ahead.

Schedule a Tour Today! 18 months – 8th grade An Independent Quaker School 910.791.8221 |

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11/8/13 9:59 AM 7

Make a Difference Enhance the Health, Social, Economic and Environmental Facets of our Community. BY Michelle Britt Co-op Board Member


ften People wonder how they can make a positive difference. There are countless ways to do so and one particularly easy one exists right here in Wilmington, NC ... shopping at Tidal Creek Co-op.

Positive Difference #1

Knowing that what you buy at Tidal Creek is good for you and your family. Established in 1982, Tidal Creek has been at the forefront of serving and connecting our local community and supporting shoppers in healthy alternatives not only in food choices, but also in wellness, cleaning supplies, and pet products. We have countless all-natural products available and if we don’t have what you are looking for we will happily order it for you. Have a question about a product or particular ingredient? We will do our best to find the answer. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to positively help you and your family.

Positive Difference #2

Shopping at a local business reinvests your money back in our local economy. A large portion of each dollar you spend at Tidal Creek positively makes its way back into our community. We are membership owned and therefore don’t have to answer to the typical “stockholder” on Wall Street and beyond. Feel good knowing the salad fixings for your salad are supporting a local farmer, the goat’s milk soap is helping out a local handcrafter, and the honey you sweeten your tea with aids our local beekeepers in “being” productive. While not every product we carry is local, your purchases at the Co-op can still have an impact on the local. We have awesome programs such as Round up at the Register, which allows you to round your purchase total to the next dollar. The donation helps support local nonprofits in our area. From 8 February - March 2014

Shopping at a local business reinvests your money back in our local economy. A large portion of each dollar you spend at Tidal Creek positively makes its way back into our community. September until January proceeds went to Feast Down East and February-June proceeds will go to Cape Fear River Watch. There are many ways to be a positive part of Wilmington and the surrounding areas by the time you are done with your shopping!

Positive Difference #3

Being an owner and shopping at the Coop includes a plethora of savings for you and your family. In addition to bi-monthly 5% off coupons, we send out a variety of other coupons to help you save even more. Don’t miss Owner Appreciation Weekend March 29-30 when all active owners

receive 10% off everything they buy. It is a wonderful time to stock up and take advantage of some of the bigger purchases you may have been considering such as water filters and rain barrels. Have an item you always buy and can’t live without? Buy a case and save even more! Customer service is more than happy to do this for you. We also have an amazing selection of bulk products ranging from shea butter, lentils, peanuts, and dog and cat food. Bring your own containers and not only are you saving via buying in bulk, you are reducing the use of plastic containers and bags. You are positively saving!

Positive Difference #4

Your health is your wealth, and when you order food or drink a smoothie from our Co-op kitchen know that our stellar staff has your health in mind. We use allnatural ingredients and cater to a variety of dietary needs including vegan, gluten/ soy-free, and vegetarian. Our salad bar always has the freshest ingredients, and our hot bar is prepared fresh daily. You can also order a variety of sandwiches and juices, and our homemade muffins and desserts are the best in town. Every time you eat something prepared by our kitchen you are positively nourishing your body.

Positive Difference #5

When you shop at Tidal Creek you are not only supporting your health and wellbeing you are supporting the betterment of our community. From programs such as Down East Connect which allows you to order online an incredible array of products from farmers throughout SE North Carolina and pick it up at our store on Thursdays, to a series of free lectures on healthy living and eating, to a variety of events such as Surfalourous and Creek to Campus 5K, we strive to be a place where people can come together and have positive interactions. Our deck space is an awesome place to sit and enjoy the sunshine, converse, and eat good food. It is also a great place to host an event to bring people together. If you have an idea or would like to host an event on our deck please visit our webpage or customer service and fill out a “request for venue” form. Shopping at Tidal Creek allows you to positively connect and interact with a plethora of people who also strive to make a difference. When you shop at Tidal Creek Cooperative you are simultaneously enhancing the health, social, economic, and environmental facets of our community. You are making a difference. Thank you so much for being a positive part of Tidal Creek.

Stay Connected

Nourish your Community, and Yourself BY Dr. Amy Hawkins Doctorate Naturopathic Medicine


n this issue of the Co-op news, we’re focusing on the ways in which we nourish our local community. Of course, we all know that supporting local business, volunteering and helping those in need builds a strong community. But did you know that by nourishing your local community, you also nourish yourself? This goes way beyond the satisfaction of simply “doing good.” Research in the emerging field of positive psychology demonstrates that individuals who connect with other people locally are significantly happier, healthier and live longer. Your health, happiness and longevity are absolutely intertwined with the health of your local community. volunteering. Achieving these Achieving these benefits for yourself Do what you benefits for yourself and your community doesn’t have to can and enjoy and your community the rewards. be complicated or time-consuming. doesn’t have to be For more complicated or timeinformation consuming. Again, multiple studies have on positive psychology, the scientific shown that the best place to start is in your study of the strengths and virtues that own neighborhood. Say hello. Welcome enable individuals and communities to thrive, newcomers. Sit on your front porch and check out the book Authentic Happiness by talk with your neighbors regularly. Watch psychologist Martin Seligman, the father of each other’s kids. Offer a kind word or a positive psychology. You can also visit www. helping hand. to learn more about the As you expand to your larger Action for Happiness movement for positive community, you can still keep it simple. Be social change. an active participant in organizations that Remember that true holistic health matter to you. Your Co-op, your child’s addresses the body, mind, spirit and school, environmental organizations, environment. Nourishing your community is a senior centers and shelters are all places huge part of achieving this ideal. Be the change where you can make a difference. you wish to see in the world…and then be Small, unplanned acts of giving are amazed at how the world changes you. just as powerful and healing as regular Love and light from my family to yours.

Tidal Creek co-op


Tidal Creek co-op 9

LOOK FOR LOCAL BY Bridget Callahan Customer Service


alentine’s Day can be hard for anyone trying to eat vegan or raw, or for those avoiding dairy and cane sugar. Luckily, at Tidal Creek, we’ve got an assortment of delicious candies and treats so nobody’s valentine needs to feel left out. Out of Asheville, NC, Santosha Chocolate was recently nominated for a Best of Raw Foods Award for “Best Chocolate Bar.” It would be easier to talk about all the things NOT in this high quality raw chocolate. Their chocolate is nut, soy, GMO, gluten, and dairy free. Their heirloom, stoneground cacao beans are sweetened with organic, low-glycemic, coconut palm sugar, and packed full of

wild-harvested herbs and super foods, like Goji berries, Rhodiola root, and Maca, making this vegan bar delicious and sustainable. Santosha prides itself on making chocolate that is both good for its customers and good for the environment. And it’s a perfect Valentine’s gift for any conscientious boys and girls who are trying to bring more raw foods into their diet. Is your valentine not a chocolate lover? Yawp Bars, out of Morrisville, NC, are a nutrient-dense, and delightfully different kind of treat. Originally designed to fit

within a paleo lifestyle, each bar is grain free and vegan, packed full of almonds, dates, and seed. These bars are flavored with Himalayan salt and organic spices. Each batch is dehydrated to make it crunchier than most raw bars, with no additives or preservatives. This year, show your Valentine that caring about them also means caring about your community and environment by shopping local!

We Believe every child is special. We Believe in treating the whole child by addressing their physical, emotional, social and environmental needs. We Believe in addressing the root cause of illness. We Believe the integrative approach, combining western medicine & evidence-based complementary healing modalities with an emphasis on functional medicine, as the best way to heal & prevent illness. We Believe in a parent’s right to vaccine education and informed consent. We Believe in partnering with parents, to create a living legacy of vibrant health for future generations.

Tidal Creek Co-op is dedicated to serving and connecting our community through a thriving natural foods cooperative business. Thanks for all you do to support the Co-op and help us fulfill that mission.

10 February - March 2014

The Return of Spring

And Happy Goats at the Nature’s Way Annual Farm Tour


pring is just around the corner. At the Co-op, springtime means baby goats! We’ll soon be heading out to the Nature’s Way Farm & Seafood for our Annual Farm Tour. Each year since 2008, Tidal Creek has had the pleasure of partnering with Bill & Tina Moller of Nature’s Way to organize a tour of their local farm for the Co-op community. Bill Moller has been a commercial fisherman for over 40 years. His wife, Tina, began raising sheep and goats years ago. With the extra milk, she taught herself how to make cheese. Tina soon became a certified goat cheese maker and has won a number of awards in the American Dairy Goat Association’s National Cheese Competition. In order to maintain the quality of products they are known for, the Mollers choose to keep their operation small. For Bill and Tina, “their secret ingredient is love.”

the tour at Tidal Creek Co-op. Event info will be posted on our website: and on the Tidal Creek Facebook page. Please call or visit our Customer Service desk with any questions.

Nature’s Way has been providing Tidal Creek’s customers with their delicious artisan cheeses and all natural goats’ milk soaps for many years. In addition to Tidal Creek Co-op, Nature’s Way products are available at the Riverfront and Poplar Grove Farmers’ Markets and at their retail store located right on the farm in Hampstead. Bill and Tina are doing what they love and enjoy sharing that with other people. On the farm tour, we have a chance to explore the milking room, check out the cheese-making process with Tina, learn about local seafood with Mr. Bill, feet the goats, and everyone’s favorite stop on the tour – playing with the baby goats! You and your family can join Tidal Creek as we visit the farm and see where the magic happens. This year’s Nature’s Way Farm Tour will take place in March. Look for more information about 11


Creativity for Your Juicer BY JoAnn L. Fogler


atalie Savona is one of Britain’s leading nutritionists. She is the author of six books including The Kitchen Shrink. Ms Savona trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London. Also, she has presented two TV series for the BBC. When you read this book and try some of the mouth-watering juices and smoothies, you will at once know that they contain a magical quality. You will taste (almost by just reading the recipe) the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables that are filled with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other ingredients that gives one a boost in energy, help ward off illness, and keep our bodies’ cleansing processes working optimally. Using this book is easy. It is organized into chapters of juices, smoothies and quenchers, each with its own colored thumb tab for quick and easy reference. This handy tabbing system will allow you to choose recipes with ease, according to preference or what is in your refrigerator. For further information on their specific health benefits, the recipes also list the main vitamins, minerals, and other key nutrients in each drink. At the end of this informative book, there is an ailment chart and a list of fruits and vegetables and the nutrients in them. The only criticism I find in the recipes is that they do not tell the amount of servings the juice or smoothie contains. Perhaps the experienced person can determine that by the recipe amounts. However, the recipe does contain what each recipe will do such as energy booster, immune system, digestion or skin. This may be very helpful if you are looking for something specific to help for yourself. Juice, according to Savona, is a drink

12 February - March 2014

made using a special juice juice extractor and a citrus extractor or citrus press. press or blender. Start out The definition of smoothie with the lower price range is a drink made by mixing of equipment until you are whole ingredients into a sure of your experience pulp in a blender. This book with making a juice. The divides smoothies into two essential piece of a smoothie basic categories, fruity and tool is a blender. Of course, creamy. Creamy smoothies use the best ingredients have a richer, creamier possible. Organic is the texture owing to the addition preference for any food, of yogurt to the mix. A fruits and veggies are great “The Big Book of Juices quencher is frozen fruit with organic or local. Tidal Creek and Smoothies; 365 ice, and sparkling water may Natural Blends for Health has the best selection for be added for extra chilled, your smoothies. It even has and Vitality Every Day” by Natalie Savona refreshing taste. All of this smoothies that the staff is covered very nicely in makes at the café that are this book. There are a few great while you are doing illustrations on very colorful pages, but your shopping! the recipe tells it all. This very informative book has tips for What is necessary for all these juicing and smoothies. healthful, joyous drinks? Savona says a For instance, when juicing, choose

Juicing Recipes DOUBLE APPLE 2 apples, 1/3 pineapple, 1 small bunch of fresh mint. Mix into your blender. This will give you energy, and it is also good for digestion. ORANGE MORNING 2 grapefruit, 3 carrots, ½ inch ginger root. This, of course, this is loaded with beta-carotene, folic acid, vitamin C and many other nutrients. Great for energy and immune system. SMOOTHIES Banana Nectar 2 bananas, 4 apricots 10 Tbsp. of apricot or apple juice. Gets a gold star for energy and immunity.

BLUE HEALER A handful of blueberries, blackberries, and black currents. One banana, 10 tbsp. of apple juice. Named after a boisterous breed of dog in Australia, this is a rich mix. Another gold star for energy and skin. CREAMY PURE BANANA 2 bananas, 5 tbsp. yogurt, 10 tbsp. of pineapple juice. Probably one of the original smoothies—bananas are just made to be a thick, creamy blend like this. Full of vitamin B1 and B3, B6 and C and many other nutrients. Great for energy and digestion.

fruits that are not quite ripe, as these tend to yield the maximum amount of juice as well as the best taste from your juicer. Always get into the habit of washing the juicer right away so it is easier to clean. Also, it is best to drink the juice or smoothie right away to get all its marvelous benefit. You can store them, but there can be a difference in taste. Here are some additions for smoothies only: wheat germ, flaxseeds, tahini, and blackstrap molasses are just a few of the many additions you can add to your smoothies. When you add ground flax seeds, you are adding one of the richest vegetarian sources of essential fatty acids possible, as well as vitamins and minerals. Loads of recipes on easy-to-read colored pages fill this “big” book. I have chosen only a few that seem quick (although not many take time) and sound luscious to me. This book, plus most ingredients, can be found at our cooperative Tidal Creek Natural Foods.


Mindy Campos Customer Service Aficionado Hi! I’m Mindy, and I check you out. I have been at Customer Service for just about four years, and it’s passed by in a blink of an eye. The best thing about working here is that I am constantly surrounded by the most amazing people in town. I love my co-workers dearly, and I don’t think we could have better customers. I look forward to every day here and strive to bring more joy and happiness to Wilmington with all the knowledge, products, and fun personality the Co-op has to offer. For over 30 years, we have pioneered and nourished this community toward healthier lifestyles, and I am so proud to be a part of my

sweet Co-op family. The deli makes delicious everything, and not to mention, we pretty much have the BEST, most lively customer service ever! 13


FeBREWary Beer Tasting Come on out to celebrate the BREW and kick off our FeBREWary BEER SALE at Tidal Creek Co-op’s Beer Tasting Event. Sample regional brews and amazing snacks made fresh in the Co-op Kitchen + free samples of RealSticks natural beef jerky! Live music by local musicians Mark Herbert & Perry Smith.


Choco-Love: Chocolate & Wine Tasting Join us for one of our favorite events of the year! Sample a variety of delicious chocolates paired with a lovely assortment of wines, just in time for Valentine’s Day! While you’re here, pick up a yummy gift and a local greeting card for your special Valentine. Fresh flowers will be available, too!


We love our owners at Tidal Creek. Join us for our Owner Appreciation Weekend of March 29th and 30th!

GRUB’s Nourishing Pantry at the Co-op Join GRUB for this class held at Tidal Creek Co-op Cafe. Get the scoop on the basic ingredients a Real Food pantry needs in order to create wholesome, nourishing meals. Discuss salts, sweeteners, oils, grains, dried goods and more, as well as resources for buying and storing these amazing foods. Suggested $10 donation. Register at or by calling 910.632.0464


Tidal Creek Co-op Board of Directors Meeting All owners are welcome to attend monthly meetings held in the Co-op Café.


14 February - March 2014

Upcoming Events FEBRUARY - MARCH SAT., MARCH 1ST 10 AM

North Carolina Coastal Federation Southeast Oyster Shellabration Join us for an inaugural Oyster Shellebration, featuring an oyster roast, live music, and fun activities. The event will be held at Tidal Creek. Tickets for the Shellebration will include a traditional oyster roast, chili, cornbread, live music, family fun, a silent auction, games, and beverages. All proceeds will benefit the federation’s environmental education programs. The event will be held outdoors, rain or shine, so bring your family and friends out to help us get more children connected to the coast. The price is $35 for NC Coastal Federation members and $45 for non-members. Tickets available at www.


Customer Apprciation Weekend. Co-op Owners save 10% on purchases all weekend long!

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GRUB’s Real Food for a Real Budget Class Join GRUB for this class at Tidal Creek Co-op Café. Get the scoop on how to stock your kitchen with nourishing foods without breaking the bank. Discuss bulk bin buying, produce, and purchasing strategies. Improve your well-being with nourishing food while sticking to your budget. Suggested $10 donation. Register at or by calling 910.632.0464


Tidal Creek Co-op Board of Directors Meeting All owners are welcome to attend monthly meetings held in the Co-op Café. 15


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