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CATCHING TRAIN Curtis L. Crisler …. We three stepped back on train platform as the wildness in the red-haired drunk man wanted our audience. His woman, appalled, opposite platform, facing us, showed how fear played with death on her face, when love sat there a minute before— tenor sax riff. Sparks were expected. Talk of a third rail jumps out a child‘s mouth, small boy who never knew stupidity had red-hair, freckles—flat piano chords. Danger arched our minds like 3-D streamers in a hot Chinese New Year celebration. But no flashes. Mr. Freckles stumbled before all waiting for DC‘s red-line to screech over his woman‘s loud embarrassment. That fast—danger evaporated. What‘s hot transformed to something cold. The train swallowed us. Lodged in its teeth, we held on to leather tonsils. Were we Jonahs or were we Pinocchios looking for how to make inanimate a human touch? Death shrank from big to small, and the air burnt stale with a light halitosis of mixed breathing, streaks strident down hot rails, the night‘s blue. A woman tasting tears on platform. ….


Tidal Basin Review, Summer 2011  

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