E version tidal basin review, winter 2015

Page 59

STATE PARK Randy Parker C.C.C. 1-2-3 heave 4 Do-re-mi Into flapjacket mornings Into Woody spaces Bark bard mountain pen Nib of self Write me wild trails In stone Younger hungerer Coniferous piner Take me where I long To shadow go Tend the gardens Guard the tendrils Show us what endowment Remind us what government Stack me a fireplace that becomes you He Ear Art Hear Earth Heart Hearth Show me your Lady Caress her skirtlike Flirtlike into A rustic dream Follow the unraveling Of her colorful sweater The delicate arc of her vertebrae Express the breasts of this canyon You sing, a cascade I cling, a lichen We all rise whenever One of us douses the fire.