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Up-cycle Week We will take everyday items from our recycling area and find new uses for them from pen pots to puppets, masks to models and fancy flags to fabulous frames. Nothing will be too whacky to try. Session/Day 1

Monday 4th August

Tuesday 5th August

Wednesday 6th August

Thursday 7th August

Friday 8th August

Desk tidy & Pen Pots

Model-making 1

Mask Mania

Fancy Flags Flying

Fabulous Frames

Parachute Games

Football Antics

Wet Sponge Target games

Treasure Hunt

Sack Races

Obstacle Course

Treasure Hunt

Egg & Spoon Races

Parachute Games

Team Adventures

Puppets Galore

Fabulous Framing

Plant Pot Painting

Model-making 2

Masks & Puppets


2 10:45-12:00 3 1:30-2:45 4 3:15-4:30

Children are not limited to just these activities. There will be games, dressing-up, computers, action games, small world play, music as well as activities in the garden on offer each day. We hope children will try new things but we are well aware that they are often creatures of habit so we are prepared to tailor the day to meet their needs.

Upcycle week holiday club