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The Morrisonian Club Minutes of The Annual General Meeting Held on Sunday 3 October 2010 In Memorial Hall

Welcome and Apologies David Glen (President) welcomed a large turnout to this special AGM being part of the 150th Weekend Celebrations. The Club received apologies from Iain Barr and Fraser Neil. Matters arising from last year’s AGM

There were no matters arising. President’s Report

The President (David Glen) reported on the weekend of Celebrations beginning with the 1860’s day at the School for all the pupils and teachers dressed in period dress. Friday whole School photograph from the Nursery pupils through to 6th year pupils, Founder’s Day Service followed by prize giving at the Golf Club for a tournament organised by R Gibb and D Phillips. Welcome Reception in Academy Hall which was very well attended with the Hall full of FPs then on to more partying in the Murraypark Hotel and catching up with old friends. Saturday morning Church Service in Crieff Parish Church followed by lunch in Academy Hall for over 400 people. The Catering Staff were thanked for providing all the catering. The Pipe Band Reunion brought a tear to many an eye, as they made their way down to the Square. In the evening it was back to the School for the Decade Reunions followed by the Rock and Reel Ball, it was amazing driving into the School and seeing the front all lit up with the 150th logo. Lots of chat and catching up, then it was on to the Gym Hall which had been transformed and we welcomed the Red Hot Chilli Pipers who played to an excited crowd and lots of dancing followed.The President felt the weekend had exceeded expectations and thanked the School for letting us borrow it for the weekend and all the work that had gone into making it such a success, thanks were extended to the Rector, Bursar, 150th Committee, MAPA, Archive Team, Development Office. It was agreed that The Club would fund a Drinks Reception for School Staff to bring the 150th celebrations to a close before the mid term break. David also showed the sample of the FP Bow Tie and said it would be available on the Web site £10 plus £1.50 postage and packaging. Chairman’s Report

David Glen (Chairman of the Governors) introduced himself as the Chair of the Board of Governors. Treasurer’s Report

Michelle Murchie explained the Accounts and how the Club receives its income from the School with pupils paying life membership. This year there was a surplus of £3806. The 80’s Reunion had been a huge success and the Club continues to give the 6th year leavers a gift. Michelle thanked Tricia Halley for her assistance. Rectors Report

Simon Pengelley explained the story behind the Banners that were hanging in the Memorial Hall and that each pupil was represented by a square these had been made for the 150th celebrations and he said how much the pupils had enjoyed the 1860’s day at the School. The pupils had entered into the spirit of the day which they will remember for many years to come. He went on to explain the reason why the school no longer has Boarders and the School Roll is 530 with pupils coming in from a large catchment area. Interactive White Boards have replaced the traditional Blackboard and computers are in every classroom. The majority of pupils go on to University. Investment is required to keep the School competing with other private schools, and enabling Morrisons to offer Bursaries to pupils. Mr Pengelley gave us a break down of the extra curricular activities which are available to the pupils. Review and Acceptance of revised Morrisonian Constitution

Mrs Flora Sharp reported that a review of the Club’s Constitution had been undertaken by Mrs Lisa Nicholas, Mr David Glen and herself. She stated that it was healthy for organisations to look at themselves at regular intervals and doubtless someone else would again undertake this exercise in the future. The purpose of the review had not been to substantially change the Club’s Constitution but to bring it up to date, reflect current practices and to bring greater clarity. Mrs Sharp gave an overview of these proposed changes, namely: Clarifying that the Club is now funded by annual payments collected by the School from existing Secondary pupils on an annual basis. Altering the financial year end to 31 March to reflect the practice which had been in place for some time now. The Club are now to appoint an independent auditor in place of the existing practice of appointing an FP. Greater clarification of the appointment of Office Bearers and Committee Members with clearly defined terms of office. Removal of the section on Affiliated Branches – as there are currently no active affiliated branches, these are to be replaced by informal social networks and this new arrangement has already begun to be successfully promoted via the Development Office.

Mr Richard Gibb enquired about the London Club and there was general agreement from the floor that no-one could recall when they had last formally met. It was thereafter agreed that the revised Constitution would now be adopted by the Club and come into force with immediate effect. Governor Appointment David Glen nominated Mrs Flora Sharp to run for a further term of office. Russell Hall seconded. Mrs Sharp thanked the Club and stated that this would be her final term of office and therefore suggestions for possible replacements for the Club’s female representative on the School’s Board of Governors should be identified in advance of the end of her period in office. Election of Honorary Club Members

The following members of staff were elected Honorary Members of the Morissonian Club Annie Allan- Assistant Rector - 28.08.89 – 11.04.10, David Allan - Head of Geography 28.08.89 – 11.04.10, Howard Duthie - Director of Music 22.08.01 – 18.08.10, George Dick - School Janitor – 18.08.86 – 18.08.10. Retiral and Election of Office Bearers

David Glen handed over the role of President to Lisa Nicholas, seconded by Landel Johnston. Lisa thanked David for all his hard work and presented him with a gift. Vice Chairman - Landel Johnston, D Glen proposed,seconded by Michelle Murchie. Secretary - Kirsty Macdonald proposed by Flora Sharp seconded by Jenny Lee. Committee Member Dawn Hunter proposed by Michelle Murchie seconded by Landel Johnston. Lisa thanked Pamela Haggart, Flora Sharp and Nadine Leonard for all their assistance with the 150th Celebrations and presented each with a gift. Nadine Leonard thanked the Club and went on to explain her role as Director of Development and that her children went to Morrison’s and how much she enjoyed being at the school. Nadine said there were 3500 FP’s on the database from all over the world and this was growing all the time. Discussion also took place on further reunions, a Golf Tournament at Gleneagles and Reunions in London,Glasgow and Edinburgh.

A.O.B. Discussion took place about the need to be able to contact fellow FP’s and that maybe a form could be produced to allow people to give their permission for their email to be given out, this was often hindering people who were trying to organise events and meetings.The need for Archive material to be digitalised was discussed again this would allow people to access information they wanted. Obituraries - a spelling mistake had been noticed on the website. Further discussion took place on the difference in the curriculum and how technology has taken over. The meeting closed with everyone having had a wonderful weekend sharing memories and renewing friendships.