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Back Row: A.S. Biggart (1979), S.A. MacNicol (1981), R.A. Christie (1978), W.L. Milroy (1974), S.J. Raith (1975), D.J. West (1973), W.P. Balfour (1971), D.I. Kerr (1980) Third Row: K.A. Scott (1952), J.R. Rennie (1967), R.H.E. Vick (1966), J.C. Donald (1965), A. Ferguson (1964), M.A. White (1963), A.B.E. Hood (1962), T.J. Macaskill (1972) Second Row: R.R. Davidson (1938), J.J.B. Sommerville (1953), A.S. Kinniburgh (1955), H.A. Vick (1939), A.R. Davidson (1940), J Downie (1941), T. Dunsire (1944), I.R. McFadyen (1949), C.H. Parker (1950), I.D. Parkhill (1941)

100th Anniversary Macrosty Medal 1982 The photograph above was taken in 1982 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Macrosty Medal, and is of as many of the surviving medallists that could be gathered at that time.

First Row: W. Williamson (1934), W.H. Bain (1932), T. McNeil (1928), J.H.F. High (1924), H.H.G. MacMillan (1918), A.E.S. Mair (1982), D.R.S. Fisher (1927), I.N. Pattullo (1923), G. Stuart Graham (1931), J.K. Porteous (1933)

OBIT UARIES It is with great sadness that the Morrisonian Club has received news of the following deaths.

Mr William Williamson (Bill) Class of 1934 passed away on the 7 March 2008

Mr Stuart Small who was a pupil in the School from 1942 – 1955 passed away on 3 November 2008

Our thoughts and sympathies go their families:

Mrs Barbara Milham nee Duff who was a pupil in the School from 1947 -1953 died 23 March 2008.

Mr George Haggart Class of 1939 passed away on 10 November 2008.

Mr Ian Fleming Class of 1958 passed away on the 21 November 2007. Mrs Sheila Rutton-Boyce nee McRobbie who was a pupil here from 1945 - 1953 in Benheath boarding house died 24 August 2008. Sheila had attended the 1950s reunion in June 2007.

Mr Peter Bentley who was class of 1954 passed away on the 15 April 2008. Miss Nancy Jack class of 1927 passed away on 10 May 2008 Mr Ian Paterson Class of 1943 passed away on 21 June 2008 Mr Joseph Ednie Class of 1957 passed away on the 9 September 2008. Mr Terry Rollo who was a boarder in Whinmount House from 1953 – 1965 died suddenly on 29 October 2008. Terry had been back at School for the 1960s reunion in June 2008. Mr David Gourlay who was a pupil in the School from 1951 – 1954 died suddenly on 30 October 2008

Mrs Susan MacIntyre who was a teacher at Morrison’s Academy in the 1950s suddenly passed away on the 20 January 2009. Reverend James Porteous who was a pupil here from 1922 – 1933 passed away at the age of 94 on the 2 February 2009. Mr Alexander Stewart Scott, died on 4 March 2008. He was 93 - and he had attended the school from 1927-1932. Mr Campbell ‘Bud’ Dewar Class of 1942 passed away suddenly on 8 March 2009. Mr David Peter McLaren who was a pupil here from 1924 – 1934. He joined the board of Governors in 1972 and was Chairman of the Board of Governors from 1975 to 1984 retiring from the board in 1990 having served the School for 18 years has passed away on the 27 March 2009.


Morrison’s Academy Crieff PH7 3AN 01764 653885 FP: Co-ordinator: Tricia Halley



e l c o m e Morrisonians to the latest news from the world of your FP club.

I am pleased to see that the level of communication from FPs to the school is on the increase, particularly through the website, and you will find a number of the items we have received contained within this newsletter. London Gathering Over the past year, as well as the 1960s decade reunion, about which you can read more elsewhere, we also held a gathering of Morrisonians in London, hosted by my brother Douglas in the luxurious surroundings of The Landmark Hotel at Marylebone, which he manages. Very generously the forty or so of us who attended were able to sample what seemed like the entire contents of The Landmark’s wine cellars, so as you might imagine a fabulous time was had by all – as far as we can remember! I was particularly encouraged to see a number of our younger members attending including Amy Little (1999), Lisa Howie (1999) and Stuart Godfrey (2002). 150th Celebrations 1st – 3rd October 2010 I announced last year that we will be holding a series of events over the weekend of 1st – 3rd October 2010 to mark the school’s 150th Anniversary. I am aware that a number of you have taken steps to get yourselves organised for this weekend, so much so that I hear the Murraypark is already close to being fully booked. Flora Sharp, Pamela Haggart and Jim McGregor have been beavering away this past twelve months pulling this

event together and we can announce the latest outline of events as follows: Friday 1st DAY Arrival in Crieff Registration Academy Hall EVENING Informal meet and greet (with bar) – Academy Hall Saturday 2nd MORNING Founder’s Day service for FPs – Crieff Parish Church School Open Lunch – Academy Hall AFTERNOON Pipe Band Reunion and march to James Square School Open EVENING The Grand Rock ‘n’ Reel Ball – Marquee Academy Park Sunday 3rd At leisure in Crieff; School Open, including the swimming baths! Final gathering in Memorial Hall and departure. The Grand Ball, will be a black tie affair and will be hosted by Fred MacAulay the broadcaster and comedian. We have also secured the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Tickets and price information to follow. AGM – Saturday 20th June 2009 I would also like to serve notice that this year’s AGM will be held on the morning of Saturday 20th June 2009 at 11am in Memorial Hall, coffee from 10.30am in the staff room. As usual, this is Sports Day Saturday, so why not come along and make a weekend of it by joining us at Dallerie in the afternoon. WELCOME TO NADINE LEONARD Director of Development and Alumni Relations The Morrisonian Club is delighted to welcome Nadine Leonard to Morrison’s Academy. She will be tasked with raising funds for the school and for connecting with and engaging former pupils, parents and staff.

Nadine has over twenty years of experience as a professional fundraiser and has worked in the arts and education sectors, most recently at Loretto School in east Lothian and the Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools in Edinburgh. Nadine is married and has three children, aged 4, 7, and 10 all of whom have now started at the School.

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY 13 June 2009 1980s Decade Reunion 16-18 June 2009 “Oklahoma” – School production 20 June 2009 Morrisonian Club AGM -10.30am Art Exhibition Sports Day – Band leaves school for Dallerie at 1.15pm Sports start at 2.15pm 21 June 2009 Tennis – Morrisonians vs The School at 11am Refreshments in refectory afterwards Golf – Morrisonian vs The school at 10.15am Refreshments in refectory afterwards 22 June 2009 Cricket – Morrisonians vs the school 1pm Tea at Dallerie after the match. 26 June 2009 Speech day – Crieff Parish Church 1-3 October 2010 150th Anniversary Reunion Remember to check the website

EXPERIENCING THE 1960’S DECADE REUNION – JUNE 2008. For a former pupil who has not been around the alma mater for at least 3 decades this was a mind blowing event! With the passing years, many changes have taken place but it was gratifying to see and feel the Morrison’s Academy tradition that I remember. It was especially gratifying to renew old acquaintances, especially with John Grimson (also by way of Nigeria). As a former pipe band member, listening to the current band was a joy. What a wonderful day it was on the Saturday, the day of the main events. From the meet and greet in the school, to Pimms on the lawn, lunch, and the evening event at the Dallerie Sports Pavilion. The different venues allowed us to mix with many and share our fond memories (and some not so fond!!) of our schooldays. I was a boarder in Academy House and the reunion evoked many memories such as sneaking down to Papa Grillies. (My wife and I had lunch there on the Friday and the old menu was still in print.) The scarecrow in the stocks that used to be where the flower bed is outside what is now the information centre. The memory of the hospitality of the Morgan and MacGregor families. And let’s not forget the Sunday walks to the “Knock.” My wife, Carol, also managed to have a mini reunion with her friend Eveline Banks who went to Morrison’s girls school. She and Eveline trained together as nurses at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Congratulations and praise to the organising committee for putting on such a glorious day (including the weather). Respectfully submitted Ron Ross Peterborough, Ontario CANADA.

1960’S DECADE REUNION So, there we were – with beads, bangles, platform soles, flares and flowers in our hair, dreaming of love in San Francisco - and that was just the boys! Well, all right, but it was a good memory from the 60’sthose years when the ‘baby boomers’ felt the world was their oyster, Gerry ferried us across the Mersey, JFK was assassinated and Martin Luther King had his dream. There were many good memories for the 200 or so FP’s who attended the 1960’s Decade Reunion at Morrison’s Academy on Saturday 14th June 2008. Some of the ‘girls’ from the class of ’68 set the ball rolling, and enjoyed dinner at Crieff Hydro on the Friday evening. Reunion day itself, began with coffee in Memorial Hall and a warm welcome from David Glen with a special mention for FP’s who had travelled thousands of miles to make it a memorable day. For the majority of ‘girls’, Memorial Hall was new territory - it was in the Boys School! In the 60’s the two schools were separate. It seemed amazing that the building now referred to as ‘Ferntower’ was the Girls’ School in those days. Ferntower Hall, now used for staff meetings, pipe band

ANOTHER BUSY YEAR OF SPORT IN THE SCHOOL HAS NEARLY BEEN COMPLETED. THE SCHOOL Hockey & Rugby In the traditional Winter sports of rugby and hockey there have been success stories. Both the Primary teams had very successful seasons with the rugby team playing some very attractive expansive rugby. The team was ably led by Henry Morshead who shows immense promise for the future. The S1 rugby team continued to build on their previous season and held their own in most matches only struggling against the bigger schools that have far bigger pools to choose from. Their hockey counterparts are an enthusiastic team who will improve as they gain more experience of the game. The S2 hockey team like the S1 boys were a match for any school of a similar size but again were up against it with the larger schools. The S3 team produced some good results but a small player pool meant they were not always competitive. The S2 rugby improved considerably over the course of the season and can look forward to a good year as Colts. At the senior end of the school a very successful tour to Italy took place over the October half term week. The boys’ team won both their matches against mixed ability opposition, but had their

eyes opened by the standard of facilities available to some clubs in Italy. The girls drew one and lost one game very narrowly and learned from the experience of playing against older skilful players who have known nothing but astro turf hockey. We desperately require a similar facility to give our girls the opportunity to compete with our opposition here. The two senior hockey teams had good seasons and produced hockey of a good standard. Both senior rugby teams suffered from a lack of games and never fully realised their potential. It wasn’t just the weather this year - too many times the opposition cried off from games leaving us with no game. However both teams were successful it is just a pity they were not seen more frequently. Catherine Lovegrove and Madeline Riddell were selected to play for the Midlands indoor team which won the inter district championship. Ross Johnston played for the Caledonia under 16 in the inter district championship and cross border matches. Other Sports Individual success has been recorded by Lauren Strickland who won the Scottish under 12 canoe slalom championship, Duncan Bennett who won two bronze medals at the Scottish karate championships,

FP NEWS IN BRIEF Thank you to all those who sent in their stories; full details and more contributions can be read at:

practice and seminars, was the assembly hall, gym hall, and drama venue! For some of the ‘boys’ it was the first time in over 40 years they had managed to get into the Girls’ School and expressed delight in doing so. Back in Memorial Hall, the chatter level was high. There was an air of anticipation and even trepidation as the video loop rolled out black and white pictures of sports days, CCF camps, drama productions, class photos, friendship groups, former teachers and boarding housemates. A comprehensive archive display attracted FP’s and the room was soon filled with laughter, exclamations of joy- or otherwise- and some quieter observations about the passing of time. It was noted that there were some magnifying glasses to hand! For many, listening to the Pipe Band playing outside on the lawn was very emotional. It is hard to beat the stirring sounds of a pipe band in full flow at the best of times, and that day, there were moist eyes as Highland Cathedral swelled the air and not a few hearts. The Pipe Band led the procession (which by this time had developed a street party feel) to lunch in Academy Hall. The tables were decorated with helium balloons and personalised scrolls tied in ribbons of school colours – even the wine bottle labels were of appropriate Morrisonian vintage! A delicious in-house buffet was enjoyed by everyone. Submitted by Maureen Anderson Iain Paterson who represented Scotland at equestrian endurance and Fiona Scott represented Scotland at table tennis. Former Pupils Our former pupils continue to shine. Eve Muirhead uniquely won both the Junior and Senior Scottish curling titles and then followed that up with her third World Junior championship. Maybe by this time next year she will be our next Olympian. In rugby Simon Taylor played for Scotland throughout the six nations’ championship and Jason Hill represented Scotland at under 19 level. Sophie Readman has been climbing the world rankings in skiing and has an outside chance of making the team for Vancouver in 2010. Fiona Pennie represented Team GB at the Beijing Olympics. morrisonians

Linda Donaldson nee Copeland 1964 Trained as a nurse in Dundee. Married, three daughters. Studied at university for an MBA. Eventually appointed as MD of a civil engineering consultancy. Now working as a non executive director of same company

Sam Kynock class of 2004 graduated from Glasgow University with Lib Honours 1st class degree

Ian “Stoddy” Watson 1955 Now managing director of own air ambulance company in New Zealand.

Henry Leung class of 2003 graduated in 2008 from Robert Gordon University and awarded BSC (Hons) Computer Science Lorna Brown (nee Halley) a boarder here in Croftweit from 1987-1995 wrote to tell us she recently ran the World’s Longest Beach Run! Maggie Tang class of 1995 and Jim Liu class of 2004 were both boarders and recently tied the knot at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong

Lorna Ramsasy nee Townson 1965 Married twice, had three children, taught in schools and univ., now own and run own international business teaching accident investigation in high hazard industries Euan Ferguson 1983 Edinburgh Uni, 5 years in London with Fujitsu then transferred to Japan. Later moved to investment banking and consulting. Speak fluent Japanese and run my own company here Linda Pursley nee Jones 1961 Married at 19 to US Navy Serviceman. Emigrated to US in 1964. 4 children- 3 girls, 1 boy. Now have 10 grandchildren. Returned to UK in 1971.

Pauline Fairbairn nee Carney (1993) gained a BSc hons in Biomedical Science, then went on to study nursing. Pauline now lives in Sydney Amanda Brock 1987 Studied law in Glasgow, New York and London and has worked in business for the last 10 years Jane Edgeler nee Edwards 1969 I went to Domestic Science College in Glasgow to study Institutional Management, then I worked for my father in his business, then I worked at Clydesdale Bank. I moved to USA at 23 years old after marrying Mitchell Craig who was in Glenearn

David Young 1985 Served in the RAF for 10 years, now doing underwater acoustics near Isle of Skye Lyndsay MacDonald 2002 I left school in 2002 and spent a fantastic year in Australia working in a girls boarding school teaching sport. When I came back I studied an LLB (Hons) at Lancaster University, however after I graduated I decided this wasn’t for me! I am now just going into third year at Glasgow University studying medicine and loving it! Mark Stirling 1986 Medicine-GP until 2002. Since then have been working in Christian ministry. Recently completed Masters in theology (lived in St Louis for 2 years)

and now am a student again(!!) doing a PhD in theology at St Andrews Allison Martin 1983 Began working for Manitoba Lotteries in 1985. Primary focus was Bank area within casino. Moved to Sault Ste Marie in 1999. Now with corporate offices of Ontario Lottery & Gaming in the Treasury Department Allan Mattheson 1975 Worked my way up through the ranks in the Merchant Navy becoming Captain in 1998. Mainly focussed on the offshore deepwater exploration specialist ships in the last 20 years Nigel Dunkely 1974 Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, joined the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Foreign and Commonwealth Office/British Embassy Bonn and Berlin, VP of a German company Laura Halley and Fiona Oswald (both class of 2007) Were in Guyana August 2008 AND met Morrisonian Alan Harley who was a boarder in Ogilvie House from 1964 to 1969. Such a small world Alan actually lived on the same estate as Catherine’s family (Laura’s mum also a Morrisonian) did and travelled to school with Catherine’s brothers and sister in the 1960s. Alan’s parents are Guyanese and he was sent as a boarder along with the Ryder family. He was amazed at meeting the girls. Here is a photo of the three of them.

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