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UNIFORM POLICY Secondary School Issued: June 2009

Boys and Girls Morrison's Academy Blazer d Morrison's Academy Tie d Morrison’s Academy tie worn tucked in at the waist and with a normal tie knot Dark navy V-necked pullover School bag (strong and weatherproof) School hymn book c Girls Morrison's Academy kilted tartan skirt d White fitted shirt or white shirt with long sleeves and regulation collar. Both should be worn tucked in at the waist and with the top button fastened Black or dark navy plain tights Dark navy ankle socks (April till October break only) Black leather school shoes - no platform soles or heels over 1¼”

Boys Black regulation trousers (not denim) White shirt with long sleeves and regulation collar worn tucked in at the waist and with the top button fastened. Black or dark navy socks Black leather school shoes without buckles (not boots or training shoes)

Optional items Morrison's Academy scarf, including the blue pashmina with the Morrison’s name on it d (no other scarf is permitted) Navy Cagoule Black or navy collapsible umbrella

For PE and Swimming – Boys and Girls Pupils in Secondary 4-6 inclusive should acquire correct clothing and equipment only after choosing their Games options at the start of the session.

Boys and Girls Morrison's Academy sweatshirt c Morrison’s Academy zipped tracksuit trousers c Morrison’s Academy polo shirt c House polo shirt c Plain navy Rugby shirt d White ankle socks White gym shoes (non-marking and non-coloured soles) Outdoor training shoes Garters Mouth guard Towel

Girls Swimming costume (one piece) Swimming cap Morrison’s Academy navy games skirt d Navy athletics shorts d Navy gym pants d Maroon games socks d Shin pads Black football boots Hockey stick

Boys Swimming Trunks Plain red Rugby shirt d Heavy navy cotton rugby shorts d Red games socks d Black rugby boots (studs conforming to BS6366 1983 - i.e. kite marked safety studs) White athletics shorts d Morrison’s Academy athletics vest d

SUMMER TERM ONLY Boys and Girls:

Tennis racquet

TEAM PLAYERS ONLY Girls: White tennis skirt (tennis) Boys: S3 – S6 Team Rugby shirt c White pullover (cricket)

GUIDELINES FOR WEARING THE UNIFORM The proper wearing of and caring for the uniform is expected at all times since it reflects on the individual and the School community, as well as on the home. Only regulation uniform items should be worn. Eccentric alterations will not be tolerated. All items should be clearly marked with the pupil's name. The soles of white gym shoes must be indoor clean - i.e. without stones or abrasive materials which could damage the expensive gym or games hall floors. If the shoes might cause damage, pupils will be asked to remove them for the lesson, and ensure they are cleaned for the next teaching session. Girls in S3 to S6 may wear discrete make up to include only the following: black or brown mascara, black or brown eyeliner, and foundation or concealer chosen to match

the natural skin colour. Varnish to match the natural nail colour may also be worn. No other make-up is allowed. S1 and S2 girls may wear make-up but only with the express permission of their parents and it must conform to the requirements given above. No jewellery may be worn with the exception of: school badges a single pair of stud ear-rings (girls only) one plain ring, worn on a finger, which must be removed or taped over for Games or PE. A watch, but no other adornment, on the wrist. It is not sensible for any of the above items to be expensive.

In addition Ties should be worn with the knot covering the top button of the shirt. Top buttons of shirts should be fastened. Tie knots should be a regular size and not overly large, with the tie at a normal length. Shirts should be fully tucked in and not just at the front. Blazers should be worn at all times until otherwise directed. Permission to remove a blazer for the duration of a lesson should be sought from the subject teacher Boys should be clean shaven. There should be no extremes of hairstyle.

PROPERTY All personal property must be clearly marked with the pupil’s name. Money or valuable items must never be left in locker rooms/changing rooms, desks or bags. It is inadvisable for pupils to carry money beyond daily subsistence needs. Pupils are discouraged from bringing personal property not required for daily lessons. Pupils should hand over valuable personal items/money to staff for safe keeping at games or PE lessons. School books must be protected with brown paper covers and clearly marked with the pupil’s name. Books not returned at the end of the session, or books returned in a badly damaged condition, will be paid for in full.

SUPPLIERS All items marked c are to be obtained from School Reception. All items marked d are to be obtained from the suppliers listed below or from the School Nearly New Shop. Valentines of Crieff Ltd, West High Street, Crieff Aitken & Niven, 21-23 High Street, Perth  

Secondary School Issued: June 2009 Morrison's Academy scarf, including the blue pashmina with the Morrison’s name on it (no other scarf is...